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 will be considered for grading.

Quizzes/ Graded Discussion Boards (GDBs) Assignments/Presentations/term papers/short projects, etc.

10-20 % marks

Mid Semester Examination

20-30 % marks

60 % marks

100 % marks

NOTE:   Do c heck your Course Announcement Section in VULMS for any updated information regarding paper pattern.

vu mid term paper pattern

Published On:  Wednesday, February 15, 2023

 will be considered for grading.











NOTE: You must regularly check your Course Announcement Section for any updated information regarding paper pattern.

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vu mid term paper pattern

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vu mid term paper pattern

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[Solved] PHY101 Midterm Past Papers


In this post topic, we have phy101 midterm past papers that cover MCQs, important topics, and QnA that are mostly asked in your paper and it will be very helpful in midterm exams.

The main objective of providing this phy101 solved midterm paper is to support students in their VU exams and test preparation.

PHY101 Midterm Solved MCQs

PHY101 Past Papers MIDTERM

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VU Mid Term Past Papers

Welcome to VUExamGuide, Download all VU Mid Term Past Papers. Remember that you may easily study offline by downloading all of the Virtual University midterm old papers. Having these papers at your fingertips can be a game-changer, regardless of whether you prefer to study offline or while traveling. Explore our extensive library and have access to priceless materials at any time or location. Together, let’s make studying for the midterm a breeze!

Note: You can also download all Subject of Virtual University Final Term Past Papers by  Moaaz  and  Waqar Siddhu .

Download All Mid Term Past Papers

Phy301 – circuit theory | mid term past paper by moaaz | virtual university | vu exam guide, welcome to cs604 – operating system, cs507 information retrieval | mid term past paper | vu exam guide, cs506 – web design and development | mid term past paper | vu exam guide, cs504 – software engineering | vu exam guide, cs502 – fundamentals of algorithms | vu exam guide, cs501 – advance computer architecture | vu exam guide, cs410 – visual programming | vu exam guide, cs408 – human-computer interaction | vu exam guide, cs403 – database management systems | vu exam guide, cs402 – theory of automata | vu exam guide, cs401 – computer architecture and assembly language | mid term past paper | virtual university | vu exam guide.

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Download the Latest VU Mid-Term Solved Past Papers

Now that the midterm is over, here are some past papers of VU for you to practice on. These solved past papers will help you understand your mistakes and what areas to focus on to do better in your exams next term. Download these solved mid-term papers by clicking below.

Table of Contents

VU Mid-Term  Solved Past Papers

Here is the list of all subjects VU midterm past papers. To download these past papers, click on the download button.

Past papers  of computer science (CS)

Fundamentals of auditing and business finance (acc), economics (eco), english (eng), financial statement analysis (fin), human resource management (hrm), islamiyat (isl), information technology (it), mass communication (mcm), management skills (mgmt), principle of management (mgt), international marketing (mkt), pak study (pak), physics (phy), social psychology (psy), introduction to sociology (soc), statistics and probability(sta), how to prepare for vu midterm exams.

Midterms are the most important papers to get good grades in the final term and move on. They are worth the most out of any other test and comprise 40% of your final mark. Here’s why you should be well-prepared for these exams.

The midterm exam is at the halfway point of the VU final term exams. No matter what subject you are studying, you need to take the tests & answer important questions. You should work hard to do well on the midterm.

1. The first step to Watch Videos for Midterms

Watch video lectures to help you prepare for your midterm papers! By paying close attention, it will be easy to learn more. If there’s something unclear, re-watch the lecture or ask a tutor online via chat. Similar, the first 22 video lectures include in midterm exams.

2. Get exclusive access to handouts of every subject

You can download handouts for your course from the Go Study Material . They are perfect reading material because they cover every topic in detail. It is also easy to read and memorize. Printing them out makes studying easier too!

3. Solved Past Papers for Mid Term Exams

One of the best ways to prepare for midterm exams is by reviewing past papers. You can download them from your Website. Look at some old midterm papers to get an idea of how the papers will look. In most cases, you’ll get similar questions in exams as you did in past exams. These questions will help you to get better grades.

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PHY101 Past Solved Papers | Midterm & Final term

PHY101 Past Solved Papers | Midterm & Final term

Are you looking for PHY101 VU past papers? Here you’ll find the solved solutions to all your problems. Get access to a wide range of mid-term and final-term solved papers, as well as exam questions so that you can study and prepare for exams with ease! PHY101 Midterm Past Papers: PHY101 Final Term Past Papers…

CS615 Mid term & Final term Solved Past Papers

CS615 Mid term & Final term Solved Past Papers

The midterm and final term solved past papers for CS615 are available. The midterm exam is worth 50% of your final grade, so make sure you do well on it! There’s no excuse not to get a perfect score if you’re willing to put in the effort. This blog post will give you access to…

MGT502 Mid term & Final term Solved Past Papers

MGT502 Mid term & Final term Solved Past Papers

In this blog post, you will find the MGT502 Mid-term and Final Term solved past papers, along with a brief explanation of each paper. This blog post is for students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree in business and management at Virtual University. The upcoming exams for this course are coming up so…

PSY408 Past Solved Papers | Midterm & Final term

PSY408 Past Solved Papers | Midterm & Final term

PSY408 VU Mid-term & Final term Solved Past Papers are designed to help you learn the content of this course by providing past examination papers. The mid-term and final examinations will be similar in format, but the questions on the exams may vary from those found in these past papers. PSY408 Midterm Past Papers: PSY408…

CS601 Solved Past Papers | Mid & Final term

CS601 Solved Past Papers | Mid & Final term

This blog post is for CS 601 students who are looking for past papers that have been solved. It includes the midterm and final term examinations, as well as a solution to each problem set. This will be beneficial in order to study for your upcoming exams! CS601 Midterm Past Papers: CS601 Finalterm Past Papers…

CS408 Solved Past Papers | Mid-Term & Final-Term

CS408 Solved Past Papers | Mid-Term & Final-Term

If you are looking for CS408 past papers and want to know how to study them, this blog post is perfect for you! After reading this article, I hope that you will be able to learn the most important points about final-term mid-term papers. If you would like more information leave a comment or contact…

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vu mid term paper pattern

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vu mid term paper pattern

Virtual University Past Papers

Vu subject wise solved past papers , virtual university bsc computer science past papers.

  • CS101-Introduction to Computing
  • CS201-Introduction to Programming
  • CS301-Data Structures
  • CS302-Digital Logic Design
  • CS304-Object Oriented Programming
  • CS401-Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
  • CS403-Database Management Systems
  • CS504-Software Engineering-1
  • CS601-Data Communication
  • CS610-Computer Network
  • ECO401-Economics
  • ENG101-English Comprehension
  • ENG201-Business and Technical English Writing
  • ISL201-Islamic Studies
  • MGT101-Financial Accounting
  • MGT301-Principles of Marketing
  • MTH101-Calculus And Analytical Geometry
  • MTH202-Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH301-Calculus II
  • MTH401-Differential Equations
  • MTH501-Linear Algebra
  • PAK301-Pakistan Studies
  • PHY301-Circuit Theory
  • STA301-Statistics and Probability

Virtual University BS Software Engineering Past Papers 

  • CS402-Theory of Automata
  • CS408-Human Computer Interaction
  • CS502-Fundamentals of Algorithms
  • CS506-Web Design and Development
  • CS508-Modern Programming Languages
  • CS604-Operating Systems
  • CS605-Software Engineering 2
  • CS607-Artificial Intelligence
  • CS614-Data Warehousing
  • CS615-Software Project Management
  • MCM301-Communication Skills
  • MGT201-Financial Management
  • MGT211-Introduction To Business
  • MGT501-Human Resource Management
  • MTH601-Operations Research
  • MTH603-Numerical Analysis
  • PSY101-Introduction to Psychology

Virtual University BS Information Technology Past Papers 

  • CS501-Advance Computer Architecture
  • CS602-Computer Graphics
  • MGT301-Principles of Marketing/a>

Virtual University Associate Deree In computer Networking Past Papers

Virtual university associate degree in database management system past papers , virtual university associate degree in web design & development past papers .

  • IT430-E-Commerce

Virtual University Associate Degree In Education Past Papers 

Virtual university ba mass communication past papers.

  • MCM401-Fundamentals of Public Relations
  • SOC101-Introduction to Sociology

Virtual University BA Psychology Past Papers

  • MGMT611-Human Relations
  • MTH302-Business Mathematics & Statisticshics
  • PSY502-History & Systems of Psychology
  • SOC401-Cultural Anthropology
  • STA630-Resarch Methods

Virtual University BBIT Past Papers 

  • ECO402-Microeconomics
  • ENG301-Business Communication
  • MGT402-Cost and Management Accounting
  • MTH302-Business Mathematics & Statistics
  • SOC101-Introduction to Sociologying

Virtual University B.Com Past Papers 

  • ACC311-Fundamentals of Auditing
  • ACC501-Business Finance
  • ECO403-Macroeconomics
  • ENG201-Business and Technical English Writing/a>
  • FIN623-Taxation Management
  • MGT401-Financial Accounting 2
  • MGT411-Money and Banking

Virtual University BS Commerce Past Papers

  • MGT111-Introduction to Public Administration
  • MGT411-Money and Banking/a>

Virtual University BS Accounting and Finance Past Papers 

  • FIN622-Corporate Finance
  • SOC101-Introduction to Sociology 2
  • STA630-Research Methods

Virtual University BS Banking and Finance Past Papers

  • MGT101-Financial Accounting/a>

Virtual University BS Marketing Past Papers 

  • MTH302-Business Mathematics & Statistics/a>

Virtual University BS Mass Communication Past Papers 

  • CS101-Introduction to Computing/a>
  • MGT501-Human Resource Management/a>
  • PAK301-Pakistan Studies/a>
  • SOC101-Introduction to Sociology/a>
  • SOC401-Cultural Anthropology/a>

Virtual University BS Public Administration Past Papers

  • MGMT623-Leadership and Team Management

Virtual University BSc Economics Past Papers 

Virtual university bsc mathematics past papers , virtual university bsc statistics past papers (2004-2019), virtual university bs bioinformatics past papers, virtual university bs biotechnology past papers , virtual university bs psychology past papers .

vu mid term paper pattern

Past papers are of great use for students. By studying past papers students come across the important parts of their subjects and syllabus. To understand the format, and the way the questions are asked, past papers are a very important part of the revising process. They help you with both your problem solving, and also test your knowledge and understanding.

Past papers are very much helpful for students as by going through past papers they come to know what to prepare the most and also students get idea of questions and how to solve them in an effective manner. Students get the idea of paper and the time management skills.

Bachelors Past papers of University of the Punjab are available on ilmkidunya. Students of Punjab University either students of arts and science, commerce and law can get access to all kind of past papers under all the courses and subjects.

Past papers related to bachelor and master level for all study programs are available here.

ilmkidunya has given this facility to the students that they can visit the website and can come across the past papers of Punjab University.

Most importantly all the students studying from PU have this benefit that they can get access to past papers related to their field of study easily by visiting past papers section on the website.

Past papers of every subject are available for students, by studying those past papers you can achieve better grades and can solve the paper in its particular given time.

vu mid term paper pattern

Virtual University Bio 101 Final Term 2021 Subjective solved Past Papers

Institute : Virtual University

  • Subject : Biology
  • Qualification : BS Bioinformatics

vu mid term paper pattern

Virtual University MGT 501 Human Resource Management 2014 Final Term Subjective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : MGT501-Human Resource Management
  • Qualification : BS Software Engineering

Virtual University MCM301 Communication Skills Mid Term 2013 Subjective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : MCM301-Communication Skills
  • Qualification : BS Commerce
  • Qualification : BS Marketing
  • Qualification : BCom

Virtual University MTH501 Linear algebra Mid Term 2013 Objective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : MTH501-Linear Algebra
  • Qualification : BS Computer Science

Virtual University CS602 Computer Graphics Mid Term 2013 Subjective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : CS602-Computer Graphics
  • Qualification : BS Information Technology

Virtual University MCM301 Communication Skills Mid Term 2013 Objective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Qualification : BS Banking and Finance
  • Qualification : BSc Economics

Virtual University CS609 System Programming Final Term 2012 Subjective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : CS609-System Programming

vu mid term paper pattern

CS401 2012 Final term Subjective

  • Subject : CS401-Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
  • Qualification : BSc Computer Science

Virtual University STA301 Statistics and Probability Final Term 2012 Objective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : STA301-Statistics and Probability

Virtual University STA301 Statistics and Probability Final Term 2012 Subjective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

Virtual university eng101 english final term 2021objective solved past papers.

  • Subject : ENG101-English Comprehension

Virtual University CS408 Human Computer Interaction Final Term 2015 Objective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : CS408-Human Computer Interaction

vu mid term paper pattern

Virtual University Bio 101 Final Term 2021 Objective solved Past Papers

Virtual university cs408 human computer interaction final term 2014 objective solved past papers by moaaz, virtual university cs610 computer network final term 2012 subjective solved past papers by moaaz.

  • Subject : CS610-Computer Network

Virtual University ISL201 Islamic Studies Final Term 2014 Objective solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : ISL201-Islamic Studies

Virtual University MTH 501 Linear Algebra 2013 Mid Term Subjective Solved Past Papers

Virtual university mgt 101 financial accounting final term 2014 objective solved past papers by moaaz.

  • Subject : MGT101-Financial Accounting

ACC501 Current 11 Solved Final term Papers

  • Subject : ACC311-Fundamentals of Auditing
  • Qualification : BA/BSc (Combine)

Virtual University ACC501 Auditing & Business Final Term 2021 Objective solved Past Papers

  • Subject : ACC501-Business Finance

Virtual University PHY301 Circuit Theory 2013 Mid Term Subjective Solved Past Papers

  • Subject : PHY301-Circuit Theory
  • Qualification : BS Management

Virtual University CS 411 Visual Programming Final Term 2014 Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : CS411-Visual Programming

Virtual University MGT 101 Financial Accounting Final Term 2013 Objective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

Virtual university cs508 modern programming languages final term 2013 objective solved past papers by moaaz.

  • Subject : CS508-Modern Programming Languages
  • Qualification : BSc Statistics
  • Qualification : BEd Hons Elementary
  • Qualification : BSc Mathematics
  • Qualification : BS Mass Communication

Virtual University CS607 Artificial Intelligence Final Term 2012 Subjective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : CS607-Artificial Intelligence

Virtual University MGT 211 Introduction to Business Final Term 2013 Objective Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

  • Subject : MGT211-Introduction To Business

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  • BISE Lahore
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  • BISE Multan
  • BISE Faisalabad
  • BISE Sahiwal
  • BISE Sargodha
  • BISE Rawalpinidi
  • BISE Bahawalpur
  • BISE DG Khan
  • BISE Federal

KPK Educational Boards Past Papers:

  • BISE Peshawar
  • BISE Mardan
  • BISE Malakand
  • BISE Abbottabad
  • BISE DI Khan

Sindh Educational Boards Past Papers:

  • BISE Karachi
  • BISE Sukkur
  • BISE Hyderabad
  • BISE Larkana
  • Mirpurkhas Board

Balochistan Educational Boards Past Papers:

  • BISE Quetta

BISE AJK Educational Boards Past Papers:

  • Bahauddin Zakariya University
  • Sargodha University
  • University of Health Sciences
  • University of Balochistan

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  • Punjab Board
  • Sindh Board

Punjab Examination Commission Past Papers

Cambridge & edexcel past papers.

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Please upload the past papers of msc psychology at vu y at vu

Tahira Saleem

plz upload past papers of Ma english language teaching of virtual uni

Shaista Siddique

i want to past paper m.a eng of vu uni

Iman Fatima


please upload sindh university ma english past papers pleaseee

vu mid term paper pattern

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vu mid term paper pattern

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vu mid term paper pattern

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vu mid term paper pattern

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