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How to get free market research reports 

Anmol Sachdeva

  • May 29, 2023

free market research reports pdf

Market research reports give you a perspective on your target customer’s mind and help you move on the right path. But most market research platforms and reports are costly. So, how to get free market research reports to get first-hand insights? 

This article will share valuable sources, and places to access free market research reports for your business. But before we begin, let us quickly refresh the basics. 

What are market research reports?

Market research reports offer insights, data, and information about a particular market, region, industry, or demography. Research firms prepare these reports by conducting market research surveys , interviews, statistical analysis, and compiling data from different resources. 

These reports contain information about market size, growth trends, consumer behavior patterns, interests, competitive landscape, target market, and more. 

A business can derive meaningful insights from a market research report to make data-driven marketing, positioning, pricing, or product development decisions. Market research reports can particularly help in the following: 

  • Gaining a deep understanding of the target audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviors; 
  • Make customer-centric product decisions to achieve product-market fit faster; 
  • Standing out in a competitive market by beating the competition; 
  • Pivot or adapt to changing customer demands and usage patterns; 
  • Discover market opportunities and patterns to expand a business. 

Read More: Why market research is important

Reliable market research sources (with free access).   

Market research is traditionally seen as an expensive process. Fundamentally because there is a lot of legwork and effort involved in doing one-on-one interviews, creating focus groups, deriving data insights, and more. 

Remote work culture, artificial intelligence, and technology have made things more accessible (and affordable). However, sometimes, a business owner still lacks access (or resources) to conduct primary market research. In that case, here are four sources to access reliable market research reports for free: 

Government sources. 

The government collects data from different industries, businesses, and markets annually. Many agencies, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census, regularly publish data pertaining to consumer spending, economic trends, demographics, and more. You can use their official portals to access these reports, like:

  • U.S. Census Bureau:  
  • U.S. Small Business Administration:
  • National Bureau of Economic Research:
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis:
  • National Science Foundation:
  • U.S. Energy Information Administration:
  • National Agricultural Statistics Service:
  • National Center for Health Statistics:
  • National Center for Education Statistics:
  • Federal Reserve Board:
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:
  • U.S. International Trade Commission:
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory:

Academic institutions. 

Universities, colleges, and academic departments often conduct research as a part of their regular programs and initiatives. 

They are known to publish these research findings in the form of market research reports. Usually, these reports are free for any business owner or individual. 

You can search for business schools like Harvard to access free market research reports by the institution. Here are some more academic sources for free market research reports: 

  • Harvard Business School Working Knowledge  
  • Wharton Research Data Services
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Columbia Business School
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Michigan Ross School of Business
  • University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business
  • New York University Stern School of Business

Industry associations. 

Industry associations are one of the best free sources for market research reports. These associations have real-world industry data, including trends, purchasing behaviors, spending patterns, and more, which can be a goldmine for business owners. 

free market research reports pdf

If you are a part of any industry association, there is a high possibility that you will get access to detailed market research reports as a perk. Even if you are not, almost all associations periodically publish free market research reports. You can check their websites to find a relevant report. Here are some prominent industry associations and research data links: 

  • National Restaurant Association
  • National Retail Federation
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • National Association of Convenience Stores
  • National Automobile Dealers Association
  • National Sporting Goods Association
  • American Bankers Association
  • National Coffee Association
  • National Association of Realtors
  • National Beer Wholesalers Association

Market research firms. 

These firms specialize in conducting market research and mostly publish paid reports/ conduct research on demand. But many firms upload insightful market research reports and trend patterns periodically as a lead-generation tactic. 

You can access these free market research reports by visiting their website. Google the names of market research firms and check their download sections for the latest reports on various industries and market segments. Some major market research firms which publish free reports include: 

  • Euromonitor International
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Forrester Research
  • Frost & Sullivan  

More sources to get free market research reports. 

Here are some final resources for finding free market research reports:

  • Online Database and Platforms: Lots of online platforms and websites offer free reports that can be used for market research. Some of the most credible ones include Statista, Pew Research, ProQuest, etc. You can also use Google Trends to extract trends and insights around any topic. 
  • Public Libraries: If you have access to any public library in your town or community, search for market research reports in the business sections. Libraries have active subscriptions to trade publications that regularly publish many market reports. Most libraries can access the Business and Company Resource (BCRC) database with several market research reports. 
  • Trade Shows and Conferences: Trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences are a great source of real-time market research reports. Most exhibitors and publishers offer free access to reports, whitepapers, and case studies that can serve as a foundation for your market research initiatives. 

Top up market research reports with real-time insights using GapScout. 

Market research reports are a good starting point for conducting market research. However, use the data within free reports cautiously, as it can be obsolete.

Gapscout can help you vet your market research assumptions and data by scanning online reviews in real-time and offer actual consumer insights. So, why not upgrade your research game by harnessing the power of AI using GapScout ?

  • How to use AI for market research?
  • 5 examples of market research branding done right

Ready to Automate Your Market Research? Get exclusive access to GapScout prior to release!

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free market research reports pdf

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free market research reports pdf

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free market research reports pdf

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Crayon Competitive Intelligence blog

The 8 free market research tools and resources you need to know.

Picture of

With over 400,000 new businesses opening in the United States each month, the need for individual companies to conduct their own market research has never been more urgent.  However, conducting market research isn’t an easy task — it presents challenges to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With that being said, those with large budgets do enjoy certain advantages. When you have access to an endless array of top-tier tools and resources, you can uncover strategy-changing insights with relative ease.

Does that mean businesses with small (or non-existent) budgets are out of luck? Absolutely not.

Nowadays, free market research tools and resources are abundant — and you’ll be familiar with eight of our favorites by the time you’re done reading this blog post.

free market research reports pdf

But first, some housekeeping:

What is market research?

Market research is the process of gathering and analyzing information about your customers — both current and prospective — with the intent of optimizing your business strategy.

Customer-related information that you may want to gather includes (but is not limited to):

  • The goals they want to achieve
  • The pain points they want to alleviate
  • The income or budget that constrains them
  • The products and/or services they use (a.k.a. your competitors)
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the products and/or services they use

Why is market research important?

Market research is important because — if you’re thorough and open-minded — it dramatically improves your chances of long-term success. Only through market research can you uncover the insights you need to develop a product or service that (1) satisfies the demands of your prospects and (2) stands out from the competition.

For a complete overview of how conducting market research can benefit your business, here’s Market Research Defined and How to Get Started .

Cool? Cool. Let’s dive into the good stuff.

Top 4 Free Market Research Tools

For clarity, we will define a free market research tool as any tool that:

  • Costs nothing, and
  • Helps with the collection and/or analysis of customer-related information

Keep in mind that “customer-related information” encompasses everything from a pain point to a weakness of one of your competitors’ products.

1. Google Trends

If you want to get a sense of the level of interest in a particular product or service — as well as how that interest fluctuates over time and across regions — Google Trends is an excellent tool.

All you need to do is enter a search query and toggle with the filters. As an example, take a look at the level of interest in “office supplies'' in the U.S. over the past five years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, interest peaked in February 2020 — at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic:


Plus, you can explore variations in interest across the 50 states, as well as related topics and queries that are surging in popularity:


The “interest by subregion” data is powerful. In Wyoming, searches for “office supplies” account for a greater percentage of all search queries than in any other state. Your average resident of Wyoming, in other words, is more interested in searching for office supplies than is your average resident of, say, Louisiana — a valuable insight for anyone who sells office supplies online.

Equally valuable is the insight that searches for “where to buy office supplies in bulk” are on the rise — potentially indicative of an emerging pain point.

2. SurveyMonkey

As some of you already know, one of the best ways to conduct market research is to ask your customers a handful of open-ended questions. You can do this for free with SurveyMonkey .

Specifically, with a free SurveyMonkey account, you can ask up to 10 questions and field up to 40 responses with each of your surveys.


Open-ended questions you may ask your customers include (but are not limited to):

  • Why did you buy our product?
  • What has our product helped you accomplish?
  • How does our product compare to others that you’ve used in the past?

With just three questions — well under the limit of a free survey — you can learn quite a bit about your target market. If, for example, the majority of respondents say they bought your product because they were struggling to do their jobs in a cost-effective manner, that gives you a clearer picture of your prospects’ pain points and your competitors’ weaknesses .

3. Make My Persona

As you collect and analyze customer-related information, it’s a good idea to create or tweak your buyer personas : detailed profiles of the semi-fictional people for whom your product or service is designed. In the context of market research, personas are useful because they help you synthesize and comprehend the information you’re gathering.

Thanks to our friends at HubSpot, you can use a wonderful free tool called Make My Persona .


Intuitive and fun, Make My Persona is a seven-step process that walks you through the essential components of your target customer: demographic information, firmographic information, job title, pain points, and so on. And if you want to go beyond the bare essentials, you can add as many extra sections of information as you like.

Important note: Your personas should be dynamic. As you conduct further market research and learn more about your target customers, your personas should evolve accordingly.

4. WordSift

Make My Persona is appealing, in part, because it enables you to make sense of raw data — to separate the signal from the noise. The same can be said about WordSift , the final free tool we’ll be discussing today.

Built to help teachers with the instruction of vocabulary and reading comprehension, WordSift allows you to generate word clouds: images that represent the frequency with which certain words are used in a given body of text. Look what happens when I copy the introduction to this blog post and paste it into WordSift:


Instantaneously — and unsurprisingly — I can conclude that “business,” “market,” and “research” are among the most frequently used words in the introduction to this post.

What does this have to do with market research? Well, let’s say you’ve been using SurveyMonkey to ask your customers about their reasons for buying your product. One by one, if you were to copy their responses and paste them into WordSift, you’d be able to see which words your customers use most often. That’s a market research gold mine!

Top 4 Free Market Research Resources

Again, for clarity, we will define a free market research resource as any resource that:

  • Helps with the collection of customer-related information

The scope of “customer-related information" remains the same  —  encompassing everything from a pain point to a weakness of one of your competitors’ products.

5. Bureau of Labor Statistics

A government organization that “measures labor market activity, working conditions, price changes, and productivity in the U.S. economy to support public and private decision-making,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a wealth of information.

Because this is a blog post about market research — not an economics class — we’ll focus on BLS’ industry- and region-specific information. If you’re on the homepage and you hover over the Data Tools drop-down menu, you’ll see a hyperlink to something titled “Industry at a Glance.” Click on that, find your industry of interest, and explore the dozens of statistics that BLS has aggregated.


If, for example, you’re interested in the apparel manufacturing industry — either because you’re in the industry or you sell into it — you can see how earnings, prices, and productivity figures are changing over time.

Head back to the homepage, hover over the Subjects drop-down menu, and you’ll see a section labeled Geographic Information:


Select your region of interest, filter by state or metropolitan area (if necessary), and take a tour of BLS’ enormous library of area-specific data.

6. U.S. Census Bureau

On a mission to “serve as the [United States’] leading provider of quality data about its people and economy,” the U.S. Census Bureau is another terrific resource that costs nothing to use.

Just as we did with the BLS, we’ll focus on industry- and region-specific information. Admittedly, using the Census website to find industry-specific information is slightly more complicated than it is when using the BLS website. If you’re on the homepage and you hover over the Explore Data drop-down menu, you’ll see a hyperlink titled “Explore Data Main.”


Click on that, and you’ll be brought to the Census’ search engine. Then, click inside the search bar and select “Advanced Search.”


Underneath “Find A Filter,” type in the name of the industry you’re interested in researching. Once the search suggestions load, simply check the appropriate box and click “Search.”


From there, you’ll be able to explore thousands of data tables, maps, and whitepapers — many of them chock-full of industry-specific information that you can use to your advantage.

Finding region-specific information is a bit more straightforward. Head back to the Advanced Search engine, select “Geography” from underneath Browse Filters, and go from there:


7. Pew Research Center

A nonprofit dedicated to “inform[ing] the public about the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the world,” the Pew Research Center is one of the most authoritative sources of information for anyone striving to make better business decisions.

Whereas the BLS and the Census are (among other things) aggregators of economic data, the Pew Research Center is a “fact tank” — an organization focused on public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis, and other forms of social science inquiry. 

So, although you can’t necessarily use Pew to uncover hyper-specific insights related to your industry or region, you can use it to learn more about your target audience. The best way to do this is through the Topics section of the Pew website.


Clicking that hyperlink brings you to an index of dozens of topics, ranging from Online Video to Homeownership to Democracy. Selecting any of these topics will bring you to a list of relevant content — reports, fact tanks, transcripts, and other forms of media that can date back as far as the early 1980s.


As an example, let’s say you’re developing a product or service that targets new homeowners. If you were to click on the Homeownership topic, you’d land on a list of reports like this one:


If I were you, that’s not a report I’d want to overlook!

We’ll wrap up today’s guide with a free resource specifically for those of you in the software world. Designed to help buyers determine which products are best suited to their needs, G2 is the leading source of validated, unbiased software reviews.

G2 is, in other words, an excellent way to find out what your target customers are saying about your competitors’ products. Do a quick search for the type of software you’re developing and you’re in business.


If you were developing a sales compensation software product and you searched this keyword, you’d be brought to the page you see below. To learn more about Spiff — one of your top-rated industry competitors — all you’d need to do is click “Read Spiff Reviews.”


If you want to get granular, you can filter reviews in a number of different ways. As an example, let’s say you’re developing a sales compensation software product specifically for small businesses. G2 has the filter you’re looking for:


And just like that, you’ve got access to dozens of valuable insights like this one:


Start using market research tools today!

If you try to bring a product or service to market without an understanding of your target customers, your chances of success are slim. According to the most recent State of Competitive Intelligence Report , 84% of businesses say their industry has gotten more competitive in the last three years. With the range of choices at your prospects’ fingertips growing by the day, the need for a thorough market research strategy only intensifies.

We hope you find these free market research tools and resources useful. And if you decide to make the leap to a paid solution, make sure to request a demo of Crayon — the competitive intelligence platform that enables you to track, analyze, and act on everything happening outside your businesses’ four walls.

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Below are free industry market research reports on a myriad of industries and sectors.

The free industry market research reports are utilized for a range of strategic purposes, including benchmarking, due diligence, cost cutting, planning, evaluating opportunities, forecasting, streamlining, and gap analysis.

Each free industry market research report includes over 100 free market research data sets, such as historical and forecasted industry sales, operating expense details, product line breakdown, financial ratios, benchmarks, wages, profitability, organizational analysis, revenue per employee, state statistics, price inflation, consolidation analysis, firm dynamics, pay ranges for different roles, firm size data, employment, and much more. While, each free global market size includes free market data on historical revenues, regional share, growth, and forecasts across 216 countries.

The free industry market research reports are based on comprehensive business and industry surveys, in-depth research, and advanced analytics, forecasting, and econometrics.

Access all market research reports or click on the below report category.


Free Services Reports


Health Clubs 24Report


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

What do clients use the reports for?

Our clients utilize the reports for a variety of strategic and market research needs including strategic planning, market, and industry analysis, benchmarking, valuations, cost reduction, growth analysis, sales & marketing initiatives, operational benchmarking, and other analyses.

Who are your clients?

We have relationships with most of the major banks, consulting firms, accounting firms, and private equity firms, and then many company executives utilize our reports for their market research needs.

What are the data sources for the reports?

The core data for each market research report is derived from the largest set of business surveys conducted on US businesses by various government and private entities. Our global market size & growth reports utilize the core survey data and then model it with other global data sets on industry statistics and trends and macroeconomics by country.

How are the forecasts created?

Our analysts utilize econometric models on macro trends, industry dynamics, and economic forecasts utilized to create forecasts for the various data sets in each industry and product line.

How often are the reports updated?

Each industry market research report is updated quarterly with the most recent business survey data and forecasts.

Where can I find all of the 3,700 reports?

Use the search box or browse through our entire report catalog .

How do you have the lowest-priced research reports in the industry?

Our analysts focus on providing the most comprehensive data and timely forecasts on each industry, but we don't cover industry commentary or competitive analysis, which is where most of the time and resources are spent on more expensive reports. Our clients often know the industry dynamics and main competitors and are more concerned about the data driving the industry dynamics.

How does the 100% MoneyBack Guarantee work?

We have the only no-hassle 100% MoneyBack Guarantee in the industry. If you don't find $295 worth of value in a report, just let us know what it was lacking, and we'll refund your purchase. The guarantee only applies to reports purchased on and not reports purchased on our partner sites.

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  • Cycling & Bicycles
  • Department Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Digital Banking
  • DIY & Tools
  • eCigarettes
  • Estate Agents
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Greeting Cards
  • Hifi & Audio
  • High Street Fashion
  • Holiday Rentals
  • Home Appliances
  • Home Furnishings
  • Hotel Bookings
  • HR Services
  • Kids Toys & Games
  • LED & Lighting
  • Lifestyle Magazines
  • Live Trading Platforms
  • Log Burners
  • Male Grooming
  • Meal Delivery
  • Men's Clothing
  • Music Retailers
  • Office Furniture
  • Online Education
  • Outdoor Clothing
  • Paint & Wallpaper
  • Pet Supplies
  • Plants & Nurseries
  • Printing Services
  • Private Healthcare
  • Project Management SAAS
  • Recipe Boxes
  • Safari Travel
  • Snack Subscription
  • Sofas & Chairs
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sportswear & Activewear
  • Stationery & Office Supplies
  • Student Accommodation
  • Tool & Plant Hire
  • Travel Booking
  • Women's Clothing

Market Report FAQs

What are salience market reports.

Salience market reports are free downloadable PDFs packed with market research, industry analysis and digital trends across over 50 different market verticals, mostly within retail and finance.

Each market report considers the top 30-80 brands within the target industry and looks specifically at the online performance of those brands. This includes:

  • Organic visibility
  • Brand recall
  • Social media following and engagement
  • YoY industry growth or decline
  • High competition and opportunity niches within the market at a keyword level
  • Winners & Losers
  • Backlink metrics vs site authority
  • Technical website metrics

How are your reports different to Mintel, Statista & similar?

Our market research reports are slightly different from the other big names in the market intelligence space.

Firstly, and the one we’re most proud of, our reports are completely free.

As for contents, our reports focus specifically on brands within the space, rather than the market in an abstract sense. Each report covers between 30-100 of the biggest brands within the industry, and highlights opportunities within organic & paid search, social media & overall brand strength.

Is Salience a reliable source for market data?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: we spend tens of thousands of pounds on search monitoring software to supply accurate data for our reports and our search marketing clients. If we’re not confident in the data, you won’t find it in our reports.

So, what do Salience actually do?

As much as we love providing free market research across several industry verticals, it’s not our day job.

Salience is a search marketing agency who deliver agile SEO , PPC and Content Marketing campaigns to our clients across retail, finance and charity. The market reports we create are our way of introducing ourselves to new brands across the world.

Can you compare me to a specific competitor?

If whole market data isn’t your thing and you’d like to see how your brand stacks up against a specific competitor, get in touch and we’ll see what can be done.

Not Seeing Your industry?

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We love a good chinwag.

Privacy Overview

  • Business Templates
  • Sample Reports

FREE 9+ Market Research Report Samples in PDF | MS Word

Sample Market Research Report Templates

What is market research ? Market research is an important component of a business strategy  that involves gathering of information about customers’ needs or references when it comes to the products and services that they want and need to use. Market research can be done in a number of ways that are applicable to the product or the service being dealt with. The right approach ensures accurate and useful results. The entire market research process, including the results or outcome of the research, are recorded and presented through a market research report. Here are sample reports that will help and guide you on how you can create your own market research report.

Market Research Report Samples

1. market research report template, 2. industry market research report template, 3. standard market research report template, 4. market research report template, 5. simple market research report template, 6. sample social media market research report template, 7. usaid summary market research report template, 8. illegal filesharing market research report template, 9. sample fillable market research report template, 10. marketing and advertising research report template.

market research report template

  • Google Docs

industry market research report sample

Size: 694 KB

Conducting a market research on a specific industry? Then you will need all the help that you can get to make the task easy for you to do. Here is an industry market research report sample that you can use to guide you with writing your report. This sample provides notes and instructions on how you can go about putting the contents of your report. It is also pleasant to the eyes with its light color scheme and includes illustrations that represent data.

This market research report sample focuses on the environment, specifically on the monitoring and software use by palm oil growers. This is a detailed and comprehensive market research report that consist of 24 pages in total and includes details like an executive summary , introduction, situational analysis, methodology, results, etc. The sample is also packed with bar graphs and charts to present data in an easier and more understandable manner.

standard market reserach report template

Size: 732 KB

In every report, a set of standards is often followed. These standards then become the basis of a report document that is used as a model that guides the making of all other types of report. One such document is this standard market research report template. With the use of this template, you will be able to produce a thoroughly written market research report that is based on the certain standards. Use it like you would other reports, like company monthly management report , which also follows a certain set of standards.

sample market research report template

Size: 14 KB

A report template will make your task easier and more convenient to do because it already lays out or provides an sample outline of what must be included in your report. What is left for you to do is supplying the required information and detailing the methods used in the report as well as the results of the report. If you ever need one, you can always download this sample and breeze through your report. Just make sure that you have it proofread before you actually have it presented.

simple market research report template

Reports can either be simple or complicated. You will always have a choice on the type of report that you want to make regardless if they are financial reports , business reports , or daily reports . In market research, you can make it a complicated report or a simple one just like the sample shown above. Check out the sample and get ideas on how you can make our report simpler but better. Bright ideas always come to those who explore new things.

sample market research proposal for lychee 13

This sample is a group market research on social media, specifically on the effects or attractiveness of Facebook as a medium used in advertising and how it can increase sales and profit. The sample makes a good sample reference for conducting a market research on other social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Etsy, etc. It’s a lengthy report, but every page is worth it. If you need to make something similar, then we recommend that you use this sample as reference.

usaid summary market research report sample 01

Use this sample marketing research report as your guide or reference if you need to write a report about nutritious food. This sample is taken from the United States Agency for International Development and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition Diary . This ensures that you get a reliable source of information that you can use on your own report. This detailed and comprehensive report consist of 44 pages in total, and the different sections are written in bold.

fillable market research report template 1

Size: 161 KB

This market research report sample is presentable and includes a title page, background, objectives, summary of sample recommendations , detailed assessment of pilot study, specific results and analyses, etc. If you need a report sample that you can use as a reference or study material, then this sample should be one of the many samples you must check. You will surely be able to create a presentable and well-written market research report.

fillable market research report template

Size: 152 KB

Fillable market research report templates are very easy to use. They work like online sample forms where you fill out the details that make up your report and save the changes that you have made once you are done or modify it whenever you need to. Enough spaces are provided for you to write the details on. The template is also well-organized allowing you to easily find the different parts of the report on the different pages. It is also print-ready so you can print a copy of it anytime you want and need.

marketing and advertising research report sample

Want a professional-looking and well-written report sample? Then why not check out this sample above. This sample does not only looks professional but it also looks very neat and reliable. A profile summary of the responses of the participants of the research is also provided. This will give you an idea on how you should present the data gathered aside from using bar graphs or charts.

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Competitive Intelligence Blog

Post Image

Complete List of Free Market Research Tools & Resources

Looking for a comprehensive list of free market research tools and resources? You’ve come to the right place! To help you improve your market research process, we've provided a handy list featuring some of the free public sites that our  smart technology  uses to curate gold nuggets of intelligence on your market and competitors.

Don't have time to scour all of these resources daily to uncover key competitor insights? Click here  to learn more about how we use these and thousands of other online sources to curate actionable intelligence briefings for companies just like yours every single day. 

American FactFinder

List of Free Market Research Tools and Resources

Cori Contract Library

Cori Library

CORI is a digital library of contract information that contains over 690,000 contract items. Their results contain both executed contracts and contract forms for specific industries. Registration is required, but the service is free.

Free Patents Online (FPO)

Free Patents Online

Google Trends

Google Trend Insights

Compare search volume patterns for various keywords and filter results by date, categories, and regions to view trending data. Google Trends also displays key headlines as points of reference on the trending graph.

Nielsen - MyBestSegments

Free Market Research Tools

Pew Research Center

Market Research Tools

The Pew Research Center has several free resources with advanced search filters that market researchers can use to better understand target markets. They provide invaluable consumer insights on everything from political sentiments and economics, to social media trends and more. 

Market Research Tools

A question and answer website where market researchers can go to gather real-time data on general consumer needs, market trends, target audience insights and competitors. 

SEC Public Filings

SEC Filings

Seeking Alpha

Market Research Tools

  • Market News
  • Stock Ideas
  • Investment News
  • Marketing Forecasts
  • Financial Reports


A statistics website that offers free and paid access to more than 60k topics from 21 market segments. Statista provides insights on business, media, financials, consumer behavior and more. 

Think with Google

Think with Google

In addition to monitoring search trends, Google also provides a free marketing resource with consumer insight reports, marketing trend data, emerging technology, advertising campaigns and more. 

Thomas Net

Database of industrial manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. View product catalogs, related white papers, and recent web results for product/service categories. ThomasNet also provides free RFP and Contract Manager tools.



Trend reports on emerging consumer trends occurring around the globe. Releases monthly briefings based on data collected by a global network of hundreds of individual spotters for accurate trend forecasting. Paid subscriptions available.

US Copyright Catalog

Copyright Catalog

Search copyright documents pertaining to books, music, art, periodicals, and any other works published since 1978. Tools are available to determine the copyright status of existing works and obtain copies of copyright documents. Copyright data regarding works published prior to 1978 are also available through this office, but not online.

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine

WayBack Machine allows you to view the changes made to a website over time. Its archive contains 150 billion webpages that date back to 1996. Helps identify trends and patterns evidenced by the evolution of your competitor's websites.

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free market research reports pdf

Home Tools Customer Interview Questions to Conduct Market Research (Download PDF)

Customer Interview Questions to Conduct Market Research (Download PDF)

February 22, 2022

How do you determine if you have customers who will positively impact your product, relationships, and overall growth?

Do you know the people who are actually valuable to your brand?

2022 consumers face thousands of daily choices every single day. New products, new features, more bang for your buck…making each of those decisions takes its toll. This intensely competitive market justifies why tech companies are often too involved in investing in new technologies, products, and services.

While adding value to the consumer and aiming to capture a bigger market share isn’t a bad idea, risking missing out on the consumer journey, their needs, and wants can result in big opportunities being wasted.

Jump to the market research template.

Why Conduct Market Research?

There are three core stages critical to tech providers’ success – acquiring customers, retaining customers, and monetizing customers.

Companies who can determine:

  • The most compelling reasons why their buyers decided to invest in their solution.
  • The results they expect to achieve.
  • The risks involved they understand with achieving the results.
  • The concerns that cause your buyer to believe that your solution is not their best option.
  • The surrounding influences to make a decision, as buyers rarely make them in isolation.
  • The emotions and motivations behind making the buying decision.

Can create experience-driven marketing associated with guaranteed customer success.

You want to hear your buyer’s story and get into their heads. It clearly reveals the decision you need to influence showing you exactly how, when and why buyers engage to choose your solution, your competitors’, or stick with what they have.

The better the market research, the more dramatic the insights, and the more laser-focused targeting messaging, positioning, and value proposition are.

The Four Common Types of Market Research

There are multiple ways to conduct market research and collect customer data, test products, and do brand research, but the four most common are:

  • Focus groups
  • Observation

A form of qualitative research with open or closed-ended questions.

2- Focus groups

These offer deeper insight into the products’ customer experience and what marketing messages really resonate with them.

3- Observation

It has no predefined set of questions, so the challenge here is that you can’t get direct feedback from the user. It’s best when combined with interviews, surveys, and/or focus groups.

4- Interviews

Interviews allow for face-to-face discussions (in-person/ virtual), an excellent way for more natural conversations and deeper insights.

It is no secret that the deeper you dive into the problem, the clearer the solution becomes. But what better way to get into your ideal customer’s head, understand their pain points and needs, get inspiration for product development , learn their vocabulary, and even identify new target audiences than a one-on-one, real-time conversation with them!

You might not be able to directly tune into your customer’s brains. But with the right kind of interview, you can get the next best thing.

What is a Market Research Template?

To build a great product, you have to understand the market you’re targeting deeply. Otherwise, you could end up with a brilliant product that nobody wants. That’s where the market research template comes in, also known as a market study template. It can be a market research report template, market research survey template, market research excel template, or even a customer interview checklist.

It is a pre-built set of questions that will help you identify exactly who your buyers are, what they want, where they usually look for products, and how much they are willing to pay. Learn how you can get the market research template in action with our guide to B2B market research .

Market Research Template for Beginners

To help remove the complexity of the task and empower you to get more from your data, we’ve created a Customer Interview Questions Checklist.

Get started on your market research journey with our free interview tool with 21 open-ended questions so you can make the most of customer interviews. The meaty responses that these questions can provide will help you identify what is and is not working with your product for future improvements.

Download The Customer Interview Questions Checklist for Conducting Market Research

Related Content

free market research reports pdf

17+ SAMPLE Market Research Report in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs | Apple Pages

Market research report | ms word | google docs | apple pages, 17+ sample market research report , what is a market research report, benefits of market research report, basic methods of market research, how to create a market research report, what is the format of a report, what exactly is primary research, and how do i begin, what is the difference between primary and secondary data.

Market Research Report Template

Market Research Report Template

Market Research Report Template

Market Research Report of Traditional Medicine Conference

Global Market Research Report

Global Market Research Report

Market Research Final Report

Market Research Final Report

Market Research Survey Report

Market Research Survey Report

Basic Market Research Report

Basic Market Research Report

Sample Innovation Market Research Report

Sample Innovation Market Research Report

Market Research Report and Analysis

Market Research Report and Analysis

Market Research Report in PDF

Market Research Report in PDF

Application Services Market Research Report

Application Services Market Research Report

Industry Market Research Report

Industry Market Research Report

Standard Market Research Report

Standard Market Research Report

Market Research Report Format

Market Research Report Format

Marketplace Research Report

Marketplace Research Report

Market Research Progress Report

Market Research Progress Report

Market Research Report in DOC

Market Research Report in DOC

Marketing Annual Research Activity Report

Marketing Annual Research Activity Report

  • One-on-one interviews-   These are conducted in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls during in-person surveys. They allow you to hand out product samples, packaging, or advertising to consumers and get rapid feedback. In-person surveys can provide response rates of over 90%, but they are expensive. An in-person survey might cost up to $100 per interview due to the time and work needed.
  • Telephone surveys-   This is cheaper than in-person surveys, but they are more costly than surveys sent by mail. However, consumers’ aversion to constant telemarketing and persuading consumers to engage in phone polls has become more challenging. Response rates to telephone surveys are typically in the 50 %to 60 % range.
  • Mail surveys-   This is a low-cost technique to reach a large number of people. They’re a lot less expensive than in-person or phone surveys, but they only get 3 to 15% of people to respond. Mail surveys, despite their low return, are still a cost-effective option for small enterprises.

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How To Present Your Market Research Results And Reports In An Efficient Way

Market research reports blog by datapine

Table of Contents

1) What Is A Market Research Report?

2) Market Research Reports Examples

3) Why Do You Need Market Research Reports

4) How To Make A Market Research Report?

5) Types Of Market Research Reports

6) Challenges & Mistakes Market Research Reports

Market research analyses are the go-to solution for many professionals, and for good reason: they save time, offer fresh insights, and provide clarity on your business. In turn, market research reports will help you to refine and polish your strategy. Plus, a well-crafted report will give your work more credibility while adding weight to any marketing recommendations you offer a client or executive.

But, while this is the case, today’s business world still lacks a way to present market-based research results efficiently. The static, antiquated nature of PowerPoint makes it a bad choice for presenting research discoveries, yet it is still widely used to present results. 

Fortunately, things are moving in the right direction. There are online data visualization tools that make it easy and fast to build powerful market research dashboards. They come in handy to manage the outcomes, but also the most important aspect of any analysis: the presentation of said outcomes, without which it becomes hard to make accurate, sound decisions. 

Here, we consider the benefits of conducting research analyses while looking at how to write and present market research reports, exploring their value, and, ultimately, getting the very most from your research results by using professional market research software .

Let’s get started.

What Is a Market Research Report?

A market research report is an online reporting tool used to analyze the public perception or viability of a company, product, or service. These reports contain valuable and digestible information like customer survey responses and social, economic, and geographical insights.

On a typical market research results example, you can interact with valuable trends and gain insight into consumer behavior and visualizations that will empower you to conduct effective competitor analysis. Rather than adding streams of tenuous data to a static spreadsheet, a full market research report template brings the outcomes of market-driven research to life, giving users a data analysis tool to create actionable strategies from a range of consumer-driven insights.

With digital market analysis reports, you can make your business more intelligent more efficient, and, ultimately, meet the needs of your target audience head-on. This, in turn, will accelerate your commercial success significantly.

Your Chance: Want to test a market research reporting software? Explore our 14-day free trial & benefit from interactive research reports!

How To Present Your Results: 4 Essential Market Research Report Templates

When it comes to sharing rafts of invaluable information, research dashboards are invaluable.

Any market analysis report example worth its salt will allow everyone to get a firm grip on their results and discoveries on a single page with ease. These dynamic online dashboards also boast interactive features that empower the user to drill down deep into specific pockets of information while changing demographic parameters, including gender, age, and region, filtering the results swiftly to focus on the most relevant insights for the task at hand.

These four market research report examples are different but equally essential and cover key elements required for market survey report success. You can also modify each and use it as a client dashboard .

While there are numerous types of dashboards that you can choose from to adjust and optimize your results, we have selected the top 3 that will tell you more about the story behind them. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Market Research Report: Brand Analysis

Our first example shares the results of a brand study. To do so, a survey has been performed on a sample of 1333 people, information that we can see in detail on the left side of the board, summarizing the gender, age groups, and geolocation.

Market research report on a brand analysis showing the sample information, brand awareness, top 5 branding themes, etc.

**click to enlarge**

At the dashboard's center, we can see the market-driven research discoveries concerning first brand awareness with and without help, as well as themes and celebrity suggestions, to know which image the audience associates with the brand.

Such dashboards are extremely convenient to share the most important information in a snapshot. Besides being interactive (but it cannot be seen on an image), it is even easier to filter the results according to certain criteria without producing dozens of PowerPoint slides. For instance, I could easily filter the report by choosing only the female answers, only the people aged between 25 and 34, or only the 25-34 males if that is my target audience.

Primary KPIs:

a) Unaided Brand Awareness

The first market research KPI in this most powerful report example comes in the form of unaided brand awareness. Presented in a logical line-style chart, this particular market study report sample KPI is invaluable, as it will give you a clear-cut insight into how people affiliate your brand within their niche.

Unaided brand awareness answering the question: When you think about outdoor gear products - what brands come to your mind? The depicted sample size is 1333.

As you can see from our example, based on a specific survey question, you can see how your brand stacks up against your competitors regarding awareness. Based on these outcomes, you can formulate strategies to help you stand out more in your sector and, ultimately, expand your audience.

b) Aided Brand Awareness

This market survey report sample KPI focuses on aided brand awareness. A visualization that offers a great deal of insight into which brands come to mind in certain niches or categories, here, you will find out which campaigns and messaging your target consumers are paying attention to and engaging with.

Aided brand awareness answering the question: Have you heard of the following brands? - The sample size is 1333 people.

By gaining access to this level of insight, you can conduct effective competitor research and gain valuable inspiration for your products, promotional campaigns, and marketing messages.

c) Brand image

Market research results on the brand image and categorized into 5 different levels of answering: totally agree, agree, maybe, disagree, and totally disagree.

When it comes to research reporting, understanding how others perceive your brand is one of the most golden pieces of information you could acquire. If you know how people feel about your brand image, you can take informed and very specific actions that will enhance the way people view and interact with your business.

By asking a focused question, this visual of KPIs will give you a definitive idea of whether respondents agree, disagree, or are undecided on particular descriptions or perceptions related to your brand image. If you’re looking to present yourself and your message in a certain way (reliable, charming, spirited, etc.), you can see how you stack up against the competition and find out if you need to tweak your imagery or tone of voice - invaluable information for any modern business.

d) Celebrity analysis

Market research report example of a celebrity analysis for a brand

This indicator is a powerful part of our research KPI dashboard on top, as it will give you a direct insight into the celebrities, influencers, or public figures that your most valued consumers consider when thinking about (or interacting with) your brand.

Displayed in a digestible bar chart-style format, this useful metric will not only give you a solid idea of how your brand messaging is perceived by consumers (depending on the type of celebrity they associate with your brand) but also guide you on which celebrities or influencers you should contact.

By working with the right influencers in your niche, you will boost the impact and reach of your marketing campaigns significantly, improving your commercial awareness in the process. And this is the KPI that will make it happen.

2. Market Research Results On Customer Satisfaction

Here, we have some of the most important data a company should care about: their already-existing customers and their perception of their relationship with the brand. It is crucial when we know that it is five times more expensive to acquire a new consumer than to retain one.

Market research report example on customers' satisfaction with a brand

This is why tracking metrics like the customer effort score or the net promoter score (how likely consumers are to recommend your products and services) is essential, especially over time. You need to improve these scores to have happy customers who will always have a much bigger impact on their friends and relatives than any of your amazing ad campaigns. Looking at other satisfaction indicators like the quality, pricing, and design, or the service they received is also a best practice: you want a global view of your performance regarding customer satisfaction metrics .

Such research results reports are a great tool for managers who do not have much time and hence need to use them effectively. Thanks to these dashboards, they can control data for long-running projects anytime.

Primary KPIs :

a) Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Another pivotal part of any informative research presentation is your NPS score, which will tell you how likely a customer is to recommend your brand to their peers.

The net promoter score is shown on a gauge chart by asking the question: on a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that you would recommend our service to a friend?

Centered on overall customer satisfaction, your NPS Score can cover the functions and output of many departments, including marketing, sales, and customer service, but also serve as a building block for a call center dashboard . When you’re considering how to present your research effectively, this balanced KPI offers a masterclass. It’s logical, it has a cohesive color scheme, and it offers access to vital information at a swift glance. With an NPS Score, customers are split into three categories: promoters (those scoring your service 9 or 10), passives (those scoring your service 7 or 8), and detractors (those scoring your service 0 to 6). The aim of the game is to gain more promoters. By gaining an accurate snapshot of your NPS Score, you can create intelligent strategies that will boost your results over time.

b) Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

The next in our examples of market research reports KPIs comes in the form of the CSAT. The vast majority of consumers that have a bad experience will not return. Honing in on your CSAT is essential if you want to keep your audience happy and encourage long-term consumer loyalty.

Visual representation of a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) metric

This magnificent, full report KPI will show how satisfied customers are with specific elements of your products or services. Getting to grips with these scores will allow you to pinpoint very specific issues while capitalizing on your existing strengths. As a result, you can take measures to improve your CSAT score while sharing positive testimonials on your social media platforms and website to build trust.

c) Customer Effort Score (CES)

When it comes to presenting research findings, keeping track of your CES Score is essential. The CES Score KPI will give you instant access to information on how easy or difficult your audience can interact with or discover your company based on a simple scale of one to ten.

The customer effort score (CES) helps you in figuring out how easy and fast it is to make business with your company according to your customers

By getting a clear-cut gauge of how your customers find engagement with your brand, you can iron out any weaknesses in your user experience (UX) offerings while spotting any friction, bottlenecks, or misleading messaging. In doing so, you can boost your CES score, satisfy your audience, and boost your bottom line.

3. Market Research Results On Product Innovation

This final market-driven research example report focuses on the product itself and its innovation. It is a useful report for future product development and market potential, as well as pricing decisions.

Market research results report on product innovation, useful for product development and pricing decisions

Using the same sample of surveyed people as for the first market-focused analytical report , they answer questions about their potential usage and purchase of the said product. It is good primary feedback on how the market would receive the new product you would launch. Then comes the willingness to pay, which helps set a price range that will not be too cheap to be trusted nor too expensive for what it is. That will be the main information for your pricing strategy.

a) Usage Intention

The first of our product innovation KPI-based examples comes in the form of usage intention. When you’re considering how to write a market research report, including metrics centered on consumer intent is critical.

This market analysis report shows the usage intention that resulted in 41% of a target group would use a product of the newest generation in comparison to competing or older products

This simple yet effective visualization will allow you to understand not only how users see your product but also whether they prefer previous models or competitor versions . While you shouldn’t base all of your product-based research on this KPI, it is very valuable, and you should use it to your advantage frequently.

b) Purchase Intention

Another aspect to consider when looking at how to present market research data is your audience’s willingness or motivation to purchase your product. Offering percentage-based information, this effective KPI provides a wealth of at-a-glance information to help you make accurate forecasts centered on your product and service offerings.

The purchase intention is showing the likelihood of buying a product in  percentage

Analyzing this information regularly will give you the confidence and direction to develop strategies that will steer you to a more prosperous future, meeting the ever-changing needs of your audience on an ongoing basis.

c) Willingness To Pay (WPS)

Willingness to pay is depicted on a pie chart with additional explanations of the results

Our final market research example KPI is based on how willing customers are to pay for a particular service or product based on a specific set of parameters. This dynamic visualization, represented in an easy-to-follow pie chart, will allow you to realign the value of your product (USPs, functions, etc.) while setting price points that are most likely to result in conversions. This is a market research presentation template that every modern organization should use to its advantage.

4. Market Research Report On Customer Demographics 

This particular example of market research report, generated with a modern dashboard creator , is a powerful tool, as it displays a cohesive mix of key demographic information in one intuitive space.

Market research reports example for a customer demographics study

By breaking down these deep pockets of consumer-centric information, you can gain the power to develop more impactful customer communications while personalizing every aspect of your target audience’s journey across every channel or touchpoint. As a result, you can transform theoretical insights into actionable strategies that will result in significant commercial growth. 

Every section of this responsive marketing research report works in unison to build a profile of your core audience in a way that will guide your company’s consumer-facing strategies with confidence. With in-depth visuals based on gender, education level, and tech adoption, you have everything you need to speak directly to your audience at your fingertips.

Let’s look at the key performance indicators (KPIs) of this invaluable market research report example in more detail.

a) Customer By Gender

Straightforward market research reports showing the number of customers by gender

This KPI is highly visual and offers a clear-cut representation of your company’s gender share over time. By gaining access to this vital information, you can deliver a more personalized experience to specific audience segments while ensuring your messaging is fair, engaging, and inclusive.

b) Customers by education level

Number of customers by education level as an example of a market research report metric

The next market analysis report template is a KPI that provides a logical breakdown of your customers’ level of education. By using this as a demographic marker, you can refine your products to suit the needs of your audience while crafting your content in a way that truly resonates with different customer groups.

c) Customers by technology adoption

Market research report template showing customers technology adoption for the past 5 years

Particularly valuable if you’re a company that sells tech goods or services, this linear KPI will show you where your customers are in terms of technological know-how or usage. By getting to grips with this information over time, you can develop your products or services in a way that offers direct value to your consumers while making your launches or promotions as successful as possible.

d) Customer age groups

Number of customers by age group as a key demographic metric of a market research report

By understanding your customers’ age distribution in detail, you can gain a deep understanding of their preferences. And that’s exactly what this market research report sample KPI does. Presented in a bar chart format, this KPI will give you a full breakdown of your customers’ age ranges, allowing you to build detailed buyer personas and segment your audience effectively.

Why Do You Need Market Research Reports?

As the adage goes, “Look before you leap“ – which is exactly what a research report is here for. As the headlights of a car, they will show you the pitfalls and fast lanes on your road to success: likes and dislikes of a specific market segment in a certain geographical area, their expectations, and readiness. Among other things, a research report will let you:

  • Get a holistic view of the market : learn more about the target market and understand the various factors involved in the buying decisions. A broader view of the market lets you benchmark other companies you do not focus on. This, in turn, will empower you to gather the industry data that counts most. This brings us to our next point.
  • Curate industry information with momentum: Whether you’re looking to rebrand, improve on an existing service, or launch a new product, time is of the essence. By working with the best market research reports created with modern BI reporting tools , you can visualize your discoveries and data, formatting them in a way that not only unearths hidden insights but also tells a story - a narrative that will gain a deeper level of understanding into your niche or industry. The features and functionality of a market analysis report will help you grasp the information that is most valuable to your organization, pushing you ahead of the pack in the process.
  • Validate internal research: Doing the internal analysis is one thing, but double-checking with a third party also greatly helps avoid getting blinded by your own data.
  • Use actionable data and make informed decisions: Once you understand consumer behavior as well as the market, your competitors, and the issues that will affect the industry in the future, you are better armed to position your brand. Combining all of it with the quantitative data collected will allow you to more successful product development. To learn more about different methods, we suggest you read our guide on data analysis techniques .
  • Strategic planning: When you want to map out big-picture organizational goals, launch a new product development, plan a geographic market expansion, or even a merger and acquisition – all of this strategic thinking needs solid foundations to fulfill the variety of challenges that come along.
  • Consistency across the board: Collecting, presenting, and analyzing your results in a way that’s smarter, more interactive, and more cohesive will ensure your customer communications, marketing campaigns, user journey, and offerings meet your audience’s needs consistently across the board. The result? Faster growth, increased customer loyalty, and more profit.
  • Better communication: The right market research analysis template (or templates) will empower everyone in the company with access to valuable information - the kind that is relevant and comprehensible. When everyone is moving to the beat of the same drum, they will collaborate more effectively and, ultimately, push the venture forward thanks to powerful online data analysis techniques.
  • Centralization: Building on the last point, using a powerful market research report template in the form of a business intelligence dashboard will make presenting your findings to external stakeholders and clients far more effective, as you can showcase a wealth of metrics, information, insights, and invaluable feedback from one centralized, highly visual interactive screen. 
  • Brand reputation: In the digital age, brand reputation is everything. By making vital improvements in all of the key areas above, you will meet your customers’ needs head-on with consistency while finding innovative ways to stand out from your competitors. These are the key ingredients of long-term success.

How To Present Market Research Analysis Results?

15 best practices and tips on how to present market research analysis results

Here we look at how you should present your research reports, considering the steps it takes to connect with the outcomes you need to succeed:

  • Collect your data 

As with any reporting process, you first and foremost need to collect the data you’ll use to conduct your studies. Businesses conduct research studies to analyze their brand awareness, identity, and influence in the market. For product development and pricing decisions, among many others. That said, there are many ways to collect information for a market research report. Among some of the most popular ones, we find: 

  • Surveys: Probably the most common way to collect research data, surveys can come in the form of open or closed questions that can be answered anonymously. They are the cheapest and fastest way to collect insights about your customers and business. 
  • Interviews : These are face-to-face discussions that allow the researcher to analyze responses as well as the body language of the interviewees. This method is often used to define buyer personas by analyzing the subject's budget, job title, lifestyle, wants, and needs, among other things. 
  • Focus groups : This method involves a group of people discussing a topic with a mediator. It is often used to evaluate a new product or new feature or to answer a specific question that the researcher might have. 
  • Observation-based research : In this type of research, the researcher or business sits back and watches customers interact with the product without any instructions or help. It allows us to identify pain points as well as strong features. 
  • Market segmentation : This study allows you to identify and analyze potential market segments to target. Businesses use it to expand into new markets and audiences. 

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can gather your information. The important point is to keep the research objective as straightforward as possible. Supporting yourself with professional BI solutions to clean, manage, and present your insights is probably the smartest choice.

2. Hone in on your research:

When looking at how to source consumer research in a presentation, you should focus on two areas: primary and secondary research. Primary research comes from your internal data, monitoring existing organizational practices, the effectiveness of sales, and the tools used for communication, for instance. Primary research also assesses market competition by evaluating the company plans of the competitors. Secondary research focuses on existing data collected by a third party, information used to perform benchmarking and market analysis. Such metrics help in deciding which market segments are the ones the company should focus its efforts on or where the brand is standing in the minds of consumers. Before you start the reporting process, you should set your goals, segmenting your research into primary and secondary segments to get to grips with the kind of information you need to work with to achieve effective results.

3. Segment your customers:

To give your market research efforts more context, you should segment your customers into different groups according to the preferences outlined in the survey or feedback results or by examining behavioral or demographic data.

If you segment your customers, you can tailor your market research and analysis reports to display only the information, charts, or graphics that will provide actionable insights into their wants, needs, or industry-based pain points. 

  • Identify your stakeholders:

Once you’ve drilled down into your results and segmented your consumer groups, it’s important to consider the key stakeholders within the organization that will benefit from your information the most. 

By looking at both internal and external stakeholders, you will give your results a path to effective presentation, gaining the tools to understand which areas of feedback or data are most valuable, as well as most redundant. As a consequence, you will ensure your results are concise and meet the exact information needs of every stakeholder involved in the process.

  • Set your KPIs:

First, remember that your reports should be concise and accurate - straight to the point without omitting any essential information. Work to ensure your insights are clean and organized, with participants grouped into relevant categories (demographics, profession, industry, education, etc.). Once you’ve organized your research, set your goals, and cleaned your data, you should set your KPIs to ensure your report is populated with the right visualizations to get the job done. Explore our full library of interactive KPI examples for inspiration.

  • Include competitor’s analysis 

Whether you are doing product innovation research, customer demographics, pricing, or any other, including some level of insights about competitors in your reports is always recommended as it can help your business or client better understand where they stand in the market. That being said, competitor analysis is not as easy as picking a list of companies in the same industry and listing them. Your main competitor can be just a company's division in an entirely different industry. For example, Apple Music competes with Spotify even though Apple is a technology company. Therefore, it is important to carefully analyze competitors from a general but detailed level. 

Providing this kind of information in your reports can also help you find areas that competitors are not exploiting or that are weaker and use them to your advantage to become a market leader. 

  • Produce your summary:

To complement your previous efforts, writing an executive summary of one or two pages that will explain the general idea of the report is advisable. Then come the usual body parts:

  • An introduction providing background information, target audience, and objectives;
  • The qualitative research describes the participants in the research and why they are relevant to the business;
  • The survey research outlines the questions asked and answered;
  • A summary of the insights and metrics used to draw the conclusions, the research methods chosen, and why;
  • A presentation of the findings based on your research and an in-depth explanation of these conclusions.
  • Use a mix of visualizations:

When presenting your results and discoveries, you should aim to use a balanced mix of text, graphs, charts, and interactive visualizations.

Using your summary as a guide, you should decide which type of visualization will present each specific piece of market research data most effectively (often, the easier to understand and more accessible, the better).

Doing so will allow you to create a story that will put your research information into a living, breathing context, providing a level of insight you need to transform industry, competitor, or consumer info or feedback into actionable strategies and initiatives.

  • Be careful not to mislead 

Expanding on the point above, using a mix of visuals can prove highly valuable in presenting your results in an engaging and understandable way. That being said, when not used correctly, graphs and charts can also become misleading. This is a popular practice in the media, news, and politics, where designers tweak the visuals to manipulate the masses into believing a certain conclusion. This is a very unethical practice that can also happen by mistake when you don’t pick the right chart or are not using it in the correct way. Therefore, it is important to outline the message you are trying to convey and pick the chart type that will best suit those needs. 

Additionally, you should also be careful with the data you choose to display, as it can also become misleading. This can happen if you, for example, cherry-pick data, which means only showing insights that prove a conclusion instead of the bigger picture. Or confusing correlation with causation, which means assuming that because two events happened simultaneously, one caused the other. 

Being aware of these practices is of utmost importance as objectivity is crucial when it comes to dealing with data analytics, especially if you are presenting results to clients. Our guides on misleading statistics and misleading data visualizations can help you learn more about this important topic. 

  • Use professional dashboards:

To optimize your market research discoveries, you must work with a dynamic business dashboard . Not only are modern dashboards presentable and customizable, but they will offer you past, predictive, and real-time insights that are accurate, interactive, and yield long-lasting results.

All market research reports companies or businesses gathering industry or consumer-based information will benefit from professional dashboards, as they offer a highly powerful means of presenting your data in a way everyone can understand. And when that happens, everyone wins.

Did you know? The interactive nature of modern dashboards like datapine also offers the ability to quickly filter specific pockets of information with ease, offering swift access to invaluable insights.

  • Prioritize interactivity 

The times when reports were static are long gone. Today, to extract the maximum value out of your research data, you need to be able to explore the information and answer any critical questions that arise during the presentation of results. To do so, modern reporting tools provide multiple interactivity features to help you bring your research results to life. 

For instance, a drill-down filter lets you go into lower levels of hierarchical data without generating another graph. For example, imagine you surveyed customers from 10 different countries. In your report, you have a chart displaying the number of customers by country, but you want to analyze a specific country in detail. A drill down filter would enable you to click on a specific country and display data by city on that same chart. Even better, a global filter would allow you to filter the entire report to show only results for that specific country. 

Through the use of interactive filters, such as the one we just mentioned, you’ll not only make the presentation of results more efficient and profound, but you’ll also avoid generating pages-long reports to display static results. All your information will be displayed in a single interactive page that can be filtered and explored upon need.  

  • Customize the reports 

This is a tip that is valuable for any kind of research report, especially when it comes to agencies that are reporting to external clients. Customizing the report to match your client’s colors, logo, font, and overall branding will help them grasp the data better, thanks to a familiar environment. This is an invaluable tip as often your audience will not feel comfortable dealing with data and might find it hard to understand or intimidating. Therefore, providing a familiar look that is also interactive and easier to understand will keep them engaged and collaborative throughout the process. 

Plus, customizing the overall appearance of the report will also make your agency look more professional, adding extra value to your service. 

  • Know your design essentials 

When you’re presenting your market research reports sample to internal or external stakeholders, having a firm grasp on fundamental design principles will make your metrics and insights far more persuasive and compelling.

By arranging your metrics in a balanced and logical format, you can guide users toward key pockets of information exactly when needed. In turn, this will improve decision-making and navigation, making your reports as impactful as possible.

For essential tips, read our 23 dashboard design principles & best practices to enhance your analytics process.

  • Think of security and privacy 

Cyberattacks are increasing at a concerning pace, making security a huge priority for organizations of all sizes today. The costs of having your sensitive information leaked are not only financial but also reputational, as customers might not trust you again if their data ends up in the wrong hands. Given that market research analysis is often performed by agencies that handle data from clients, security and privacy should be a top priority.  

To ensure the required security and privacy, it is necessary to invest in the right tools to present your research results. For instance, tools such as datapine offer enterprise-level security protocols that ensure your information is encrypted and protected at all times. Plus, the tool also offers additional security features, such as being able to share your reports through a password-protected URL or to set viewer rights to ensure only the right people can access and manipulate the data. 

  • Keep on improving & evolving

Each time you gather or gain new marketing research reports or market research analysis report intel, you should aim to refine your existing dashboards to reflect the ever-changing landscape around you.

If you update your reports and dashboards according to the new research you conduct and new insights you connect with, you will squeeze maximum value from your metrics, enjoying consistent development in the process.

Types of Market Research Reports: Primary & Secondary Research

With so many market research examples and such little time, knowing how to best present your insights under pressure can prove tricky.

To squeeze every last drop of value from your market research efforts and empower everyone with access to the right information, you should arrange your information into two main groups: primary research and secondary research.

A. Primary research

Primary research is based on acquiring direct or first-hand information related to your industry or sector and the customers linked to it.

Exploratory primary research is an initial form of information collection where your team might set out to identify potential issues, opportunities, and pain points related to your business or industry. This type of research is usually carried out in the form of general surveys or open-ended consumer Q&As, which nowadays are often performed online rather than offline . 

Specific primary research is definitive, with information gathered based on the issues, information, opportunities, or pain points your business has already uncovered. When doing this kind of research, you can drill down into a specific segment of your customers and seek answers to the opportunities, issues, or pain points in question.

When you’re conducting primary research to feed into your market research reporting efforts, it’s important to find reliable information sources. The most effective primary research sources include:

  • Consumer-based statistical data
  • Social media content
  • Polls and Q&A
  • Trend-based insights
  • Competitor research
  • First-hand interviews

B. Secondary research

Secondary research refers to every strand of relevant data or public records you have to gain a deeper insight into your market and target consumers. These sources include trend reports, market stats, industry-centric content, and sales insights you have at your disposal.  Secondary research is an effective way of gathering valuable intelligence about your competitors. 

You can gather very precise, insightful secondary market research insights from:

  • Public records and resources like Census data, governmental reports, or labor stats
  • Commercial resources like Gartner, Statista, or Forrester
  • Articles, documentaries, and interview transcripts

Another essential branch of both primary and secondary research is internal intelligence. When it comes to efficient market research reporting examples that will benefit your organization, looking inward is a powerful move. 

Existing sales, demographic, or marketing performance insights will lead you to valuable conclusions. Curating internal information will ensure your market research discoveries are well-rounded while helping you connect with the information that will ultimately give you a panoramic view of your target market. 

By understanding both types of research and how they can offer value to your business, you can carefully choose the right informational sources, gather a wide range of intelligence related to your specific niche, and, ultimately, choose the right market research report sample for your specific needs.

If you tailor your market research report format to the type of research you conduct, you will present your visualizations in a way that provides the right people with the right insights, rather than throwing bundles of facts and figures on the wall, hoping that some of them stick.

Taking ample time to explore a range of primary and secondary sources will give your discoveries genuine context. By doing so, you will have a wealth of actionable consumer and competitor insights at your disposal at every stage of your organization’s development (a priceless weapon in an increasingly competitive digital age). 

Dynamic market research is the cornerstone of business development, and a dashboard builder is the vessel that brings these all-important insights to life. Once you get into that mindset, you will ensure that your research results always deliver maximum value.

Common Challenges & Mistakes Of Market Research Reporting & Analysis

We’ve explored different types of market research analysis examples and considered how to conduct effective research. Now, it’s time to look at the key mistakes of market research reporting.  Let’s start with the mistakes.

The mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes that stunt the success of a company’s market research efforts is strategy. Without taking the time to gather an adequate mix of insights from various sources and define your key aims or goals, your processes will become disjointed. You will also suffer from a severe lack of organizational vision.

For your market research-centric strategy to work, everyone within the company must be on the same page. Your core aims and objectives must align throughout the business, and everyone must be clear on their specific role. If you try to craft a collaborative strategy and decide on your informational sources from the very start of your journey, your strategy will deliver true growth and intelligence.

  • Measurement

Another classic market research mistake is measurement – or, more accurately, a lack of precise measurement. When embarking on market intelligence gathering processes, many companies fail to select the right KPIs and set the correct benchmarks for the task at hand. Without clearly defined goals, many organizations end up with a market analysis report format that offers little or no value in terms of decision-making or market insights.

To drive growth with your market research efforts, you must set clearly defined KPIs that align with your specific goals, aims, and desired outcomes.

  • Competition

A common mistake among many new or scaling companies is failing to explore and examine the competition. This will leave you with gaping informational blindspots. To truly benefit from market research, you must gather valuable nuggets of information from every key source available. Rather than solely looking at your consumers and the wider market (which is incredibly important), you should take the time to see what approach your direct competitors have adopted while getting to grips with the content and communications.

One of the most effective ways of doing so (and avoiding such a monumental market research mistake) is by signing up for your competitors’ mailing lists, downloading their apps, and examining their social media content. This will give you inspiration for your own efforts while allowing you to exploit any gaps in the market that your competitors are failing to fill.

The challenges

  • Informational quality

We may have an almost infinite wealth of informational insights at our fingertips, but when it comes to market research, knowing which information to trust can prove an uphill struggle.

When working with metrics, many companies risk connecting with inaccurate insights or leading to a fruitless informational rabbit hole, wasting valuable time and resources in the process. To avoid such a mishap, working with a trusted modern market research and analysis sample is the only way forward.

  • Senior buy-in

Another pressing market research challenge that stunts organizational growth is the simple case of senior buy-in. While almost every senior decision-maker knows that market research is an essential component of a successful commercial strategy, many are reluctant to invest an ample amount of time or money in the pursuit.

The best way to overcome such a challenge is by building a case that defines exactly how your market research strategies will offer a healthy ROI to every key aspect of the organization, from marketing and sales to customer experience (CX) and beyond.

  • Response rates

Low interview, focus group, or poll response rates can have a serious impact on the success and value of your market research strategy. Even with adequate senior buy-in, you can’t always guarantee that you will get enough responses from early-round interviews or poll requests. If you don’t, your market research discoveries run the risk of being shallow or offering little in the way of actionable insight.

To overcome this common challenge, you can improve the incentive you offer your market research prospects while networking across various platforms to discover new contact opportunities. Changing the tone of voice of your ads or emails will also help boost your consumer or client response rates.

Bringing Your Reports a Step Further

Even if it is still widespread for market-style research results presentation, using PowerPoint at this stage is a hassle and presents many downsides and complications. When busy managers or short-on-time top executives grab a report, they want a quick overview that gives them an idea of the results and the big picture that addresses the objectives: they need a dashboard. This can be applied to all areas of a business that need fast and interactive data visualizations to support their decision-making.

We all know that a picture conveys more information than simple text or figures, so managing to bring it all together on an actionable dashboard will convey your message more efficiently. Besides, market research dashboards have the incredible advantage of always being up-to-date since they work with real-time insights: the synchronization/updating nightmare of dozens of PowerPoint slides doesn’t exist for you anymore. This is particularly helpful for tracking studies performed over time that recurrently need their data to be updated with more recent ones.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies must identify and grab new opportunities as they arise while staying away from threats and adapting quickly. In order to always be a step further and make the right decisions, it is critical to perform market research studies to get the information needed and make important decisions with confidence.

We’ve asked the question, “What is a market research report?”, and examined the dynamics of a modern market research report example, and one thing’s for sure: a visual market research report is the best way to understand your customer and thus increase their satisfaction by meeting their expectations head-on. 

From looking at a sample of a market research report, it’s also clear that modern dashboards help you see what is influencing your business with clarity, understand where your brand is situated in the market, and gauge the temperature of your niche or industry before a product or service launch. Once all the studies are done, you must present them efficiently to ensure everyone in the business can make the right decisions that result in real progress. Market research reports are your key allies in the matter.

To start presenting your results with efficient, interactive, dynamic research reports and win on tomorrow’s commercial battlefield, try our dashboard reporting software and test every feature with our 14-day free trial !

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What's Inside Your Market Research Kit?

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Need help planning your next round of market research?

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The most effective ways to learn more about your customers, industry, and competition is to do thorough market research – diligent research to help you develop pricing strategies, understand your target market, and strengthen a business. 

In this kit, we'll equip you with the necessary templates to conduct market research at every turn – from competitive analysis to understanding your prospective buyers. Whether you're an emerging business or an existing one, this kit is for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a market research analysis.

Market research analysis is the process of collecting and examining the data to decide whether there is a viable business opportunity with a certain product or service. To get started on market research analysis, download HubSpot's Free Market Research Kit.

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How do you write a market research document?

A market research report often includes a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis and Porter's Five Forces Industry Analysis. By using HubSpot's Five Forces Industry Analysis Template you can describe your buyers, suppliers, competitors, future competitors, and industry substitutes in your market research report. The SWOT analysis highlights how your business can compete in the market.

Is this really free?


Just sharing some free knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have marketing questions!

What should be included in market research?

Market research should at a minimum address several factors:

  • Industry & Market Factors. Find out the market size and trends, the regulations, gaps in the market, market demographics, etc.
  • Buyer Profile. This will include age, gender, race, income level, lifestyle trends, needs, and attitudes.
  • Competitor Research. Look at pricing structures, market share, marketing & branding. HubSpot's Free Market Research Kit includes an Industry Analysis template to kickstart your market research.

What are the 4 types of market research?

  • Surveys. These may be brand awareness surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, product market research surveys, or competition research surveys
  • Focus groups. Great for uncovering qualitative market research data.
  • Polls. Polls are great for sentiment and engagement, but may lack scientific rigor.
  • Interviews add a lot of depth to your market research.

What are the 7 steps in marketing research?

  • Define the problem
  • State your goals
  • Plan the research
  • Collect the data (using HubSpot's Market Research Kit)
  • Analyze the data
  • Formulate the results
  • Prepare and format the report

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Market Research Report

Report generator.

free market research reports pdf

Market research equips a company or businessperson the information from their past or current undertaking and analyzes these details to anticipate and plan for the future. This process may not be actually done by all, but it really is a game changer. To present these data, reports are used.

Since these gathered pieces of information are vital for the company’s growth and success,  reports should be comprehensible and organized. Though a researcher already obtained a set of useful data, if he/she can’t relay this to the panel well, it all goes to waste. Hence, the presence of a  market research report is really critical.

Market Research Report Examples & Templates

Feeling anxious about how to channel these pieces of information to the panel neatly and properly? Let us help you with that! This composition will give you ideas on how to present your market research report professionally with these templates and examples.

1. Editable Market Research Report

Editable Market Research Report

  • Google Docs
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4 & US Letter Size

As a market researcher , the data that you have gathered is very crucial. Thinking about the complexity of this information, it could be very difficult to present it in a simple and understandable manner. If it’s an arduous job that keeps you from being productive, give this template a try. This editable market research report is very light to edit so you can make one on your own.

2. Environmental Monitoring Market Research Report

Environmental Monitoring Market Research Report

Size: 503 KB

Being one of the forces that affect a business, the environment should be studied. In this market research report, the present critique of the media and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) who assert the requirements of membership reporting are inadequate. This well-designed report helps the company to know and assess the occurring challenges. If you’re into a similar task, take time reading this sample.

3. Sample Market Research Report

Sample Market Research Report

Size: 151 KB

If creating a market research report is new to you, refer to simple samples first. This comprehensible paper from Advanced Products Inc. provides you a report tackling the hardwood manufacturers in the U.S. Furthermore, this report wants to identify the potentials and the market segment, examine the company’s capability, etc.

4. MSI Data Market Research Report

MSI Data Market Research Report

Size: 688 KB

Market research can be done in-house, by the company itself, or by a third-party company that has expertise in this field. This sample falls on the latter which is conducted by MSI Market Research for Industry, an independent company emerged in 1980. This report talks about contaminated land assessment and remediation in the UK market. Is your topic related? Consider seeing this sample.

5. Agricultural Market Research Report

Agricultural Market Research Report

Size: 730 KB

Along with mining and forestry, agriculture is the source of the common raw materials in several types of business. Therefore, it should be studied well to know what are the different aspects or factors affecting agricultural sustainability. This market research report discusses the community attitudes toward Australian fisheries management and provided their findings well.

6. Sales and Marketing Research Report

Sales and Marketing Research Report

Sales and marketing research is also vital to identify issues and generate solutions for each of the issues. This sample from RSM McClure Watters aims to investigate and assess the supply of skills for the current exportation as well as the marketing forecast, gaps, provisions, and recommendations to address any identified issues. If you are going to write one, this sample is recommendable to read.

7. DOI Market Research Report

DOI Market Research Report

Size: 160 KB

DOI or digital object identifier is a distinct alphanumeric string that is uniquely given by an agency to provide a continuous link and distinguish the content to its location on the Internet. Interestingly, this sample from mEDRA helps them to determine the application status of the DOI in which countries and in which sectors it is being used. If you see this sample as relatable, you may consider this as your guide.

8. Benchmarking Market Research Report

Benchmarking Market Research Report

Size: 620 KB

Benchmarking is a process to measure the quality of the services, products, strategies, etc. of an organization in comparison to the measurement of fellow. A sample market research report is written to present the marketing mix model potential in deriving a consensus ranking for benchmarking on selected retail stores in Malaysia. Taking into consideration, before writing one, read a sample like this first.

9. Market Research Project Report

Market Research Project Report

Size: 348 KB

The market research also helps to identify a certain approach or intervention’s feasibility . It also oversees if an advertisement is considered impactful or not. Likewise, this study from the School of Business-University of Nairobi aims to examine the effectiveness of Internet advertising on consumer behavior. Be guided in writing one with this simple market research project report .

10. Fashion Market Research Report

Fashion Market Research Report

Trends in fashion changes rapidly; thus, it is very vital to learn whether a certain style would capture the consumer’s taste. This sample market research report from the Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company provides them a forecast of the expected growth across regions and see the massive transformation in the fashion industry. Spare some time for this sample but learn more.

11. Content Marketing Research Report

Content Marketing Research Report

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Content marketing is a merchandising tactic that focused on attractive contents to lure and keep the target market. This content marketing report shows various data from the North American B2B content marketers regarding the different issues they have encountered. Moreover, the way information is presented here is well done and highly readable. Learning this vibrant sample could really help you a lot.

Having a market research report is a good way to take into consideration the overall picture of the business. Creating one may be intimidating, especially if you are new to this field. Anyway, you can always seek for guides to help you achieve your goals. These samples and templates are just a few of them. Seeking for more? Our website will always be glad to support you.


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Generate a report on the impact of technology in the classroom on student learning outcomes

Prepare a report analyzing the trends in student participation in sports and arts programs over the last five years at your school.

Free Market Research Resources

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Researching Industries

Industry research: canada, industry research: united states.

  • Researching Consumers
  • Researching Companies
  • First Nation Resources: Canada
  • Plans and Case Studies
  • Business Databases on Campus

Researching your industry and market is integral to successful business plan research. Industry & market research reports found on commercial databases give insight into:


To learn more, check out the  Getting To Know Your Industry  video tutorial on the  Small Business Accelerator.  The purpose of the tutorial is to interactively help you become familiar with market research basics and guide you to find credible sources to inform your industry analysis.

  • BC Businesses & Employment by Industry By BC Stats
  • BC Industry Sectors Includes economic profiles of BC regions, information about doing business in BC and brief summaries of industry sectors.
  • BC Municipal Websites Content varies, but the websites may have local info on economic development, demographics, profiles, etc., for their municipality.
  • BC Small Business Profile Report, 2019 This report profiles the impact and current state of the small business sector in the B.C. economy. It presents year over year changes and multi-year trends, as well as comparisons with Canadian provinces.
  • Canadian Industry Statistics Industry Canada's reports and data on Canadian Industries.
  • Financial Performance Data Financial Performance Data provides access to more than 1000 industries across Canada, including more than 30 performance benchmarks to help small businesses determine how they measure up to their competitors.
  • RBC Economics Research Economic indicators, current analysis reports.

free market research reports pdf

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis Source of accurate and objective data about the US economy that includes: GDP, foreign trade, investment and industry data.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics on Employment Provides statistics on subjects such as occupational employment and wages, labor demand and turnover, and the dynamic state of the labor market.
  • Consumer Price Index Measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by U.S. urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services
  • County Business Patterns Annual series that provides subnational economic data by industry. This series includes the number of establishments, employment during the week of March 12, first quarter payroll, and annual payroll. This data is useful for studying the economic activity of small areas; analyzing economic changes over time; and as a benchmark for other statistical series, surveys, and databases between economic censuses.
  • Millie A structured series of industry-specific dashboards, making it easy to find useful information in a self-service environment. Industries covered by Millie include information technology, life sciences, healthcare, financial services, energy, agribusiness, chemical, and food and beverage.
  • North American Industry Classification System Access to the latest manual which explains the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.
  • SBA Office of Entrepreneurship Education Resources Contains a variety of market research analysis tools, resources, and reports that provide information useful for learning about customer statistics, product production, economic factors, and data.
  • U.S. Census Data Tools Tools and free industry research reports that help you gain insight into demographics and geographic locations of populations of your target market
  • USA Trade® Online Dynamic data tool that gives users access to current and cumulative U.S. export and import data. Manufacturers and other businesses wishing to expand their business globally can utilize USA Trade® Online to identify new markets, evaluate existing markets, and perform other market research tasks. Requires signing up for a free account.
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15+ Market Research Books for Free! [PDF]

Market Research Books in PDF

Consumers ‘ consumption patterns and interests change over time. It is the responsibility of companies to keep abreast of these changes and orient their sales efforts towards them. This can best be achieved by consulting reliable sources such as our selection of market research books in PDF format , where you will find the perfect guide.

Market research is the process of collecting data that companies do to better understand their consumers and direct efforts in the right direction to offer them what they need. Market research can answer questions such as: What leads consumers to take certain types of actions? What conditions are the choice of one product or another?

Here is our complete selection of Market Research Books:

Market Research

Barry J. Babin, Steven D'Alessandro and others

The Role of Marketing Research


The Importance of Market Research (Article)

All Nations Trust Co

Alla Starostina, Volodymyr Kravchenko and Mykola Petrovsky

Research in marketing strategy

Neil A. Morgan, Kimberly A. Whitler, Hui Feng and Simos Chari

Pondicherry University

Do it Yourself Marketing Research And Data Analysis (Presentation)

Market Analysis Framework

Parco de’ Medici

Nicole Danilova and Yuliia Kuznetsova

Market Assessment and Analysis: Learner’s Notes

EU and the Food and Agriculture ONU

| Accounting Books

| Books about Corporate Image

| Books about Teamwork

| Business Plan Books

| Cryptocurrency Books

| Finances Books

| Hospitality Industry Books

| Investment Books

| Negotiation Books

| Public Relations Books

| Six Sigma Books


Mystery and Thriller

Portuguese Books

Short Stories


The Ultimate Guide to Market Research [+Free Templates]

A comprehensive guide on Market Research with tools, examples of brands winning with research, and templates for surveys, focus groups + presentation template.

Rakefet Yacoby From

Rakefet is the CMO at Mayple. She manages all things marketing and leads our community of experts through live events, workshops, and expert interviews. MBA, 1 dog + 2 cats, and has an extensive collection of Chinese teas.

Learn about our

Natalie Stenge

Natalie is a content writer and manager who is passionate about using her craft to empower others. She thrives on team dynamic, great coffee, and excellent content. One of these days, she might even get to her own content ideas.

Updated February 26, 2024.

The Ultimate Guide to Market Research [+Free Templates] main image

Before you do anything in business you have to have a good grasp of the market. What’s the market like? Who are your competitors? And what are the pain points and challenges of your ideal customer? And how can you solve them? Once you have the answers to those questions then you are ready to move forward with a marketing plan and/or hire a digital marketing agency to execute it.

In this guide we break down what market research is, the different types of market research, and provide you with some of the best templates, tools, and examples, to help you execute it on your own.

Excited to learn?

Let’s dive in.

What is market research?

Market research is the process of gathering information about your target market and customers to determine the success of your product or service, make changes to your existing product, or understand the perception of your brand in the market.

“Research is formalized curiosity, it is poking and prying with a purpose.” - Zora Neale Hurston

We hear the phrase "product-market fit" all the time and that just means that a product solves a customer's need in the market. And it's very hard to get there without proper market research. Now, I know what you're going to say. Why not get actionable insights from your existing customers? Why not do some customer research?

The problem with customer research is two-fold:

  • You have a very limited amount of data as your current customers don't represent the entire market.
  • Customer research can introduce a lot of bias into the process.

So the real way to solve these issues is by going broader and conducting some market research.

Why do market research?

There are many benefits of doing market research for your company. Here are a few of them:

  • Understand how much demand exists in the market, the market size
  • Discover who your competitors are and where they are falling short.
  • Better understand the needs of your target customers and the problems and pain points your product solves.
  • Learn what your potential customers feel about your brand.
  • Identify potential partners and new markets and opportunities.
  • Determine which product features you should develop next.
  • Find out what your ideal customer is thinking and feeling.
  • Use these findings to improve your brand strategy and marketing campaigns.

“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight.” - Carly Fiorina

Market research allows you to make better business decisions at every stage of your business and helps you launch better products and services for your customers.

Primary vs secondary research

There are two main types of market research - primary and secondary research.


Primary research

Primary market research is when researchers collect information directly, instead of relying on outside sources of information. It could be done through interviews, online surveys, or focus groups and the advantage here is that the company owns that information. The disadvantage of using primary sources of information is that it's usually more expensive and time-consuming than secondary market research.

Secondary research

Secondary market research involves using existing data that is summarized and collected by third parties. Secondary sources could be commercial sources or public sources like libraries, other websites, blogs , government agencies, and existing surveys. It's data that's more readily available and it's usually much cheaper than conducting primary research.

Qualitative vs quantitative research

Qualitative research is about gathering qualitative data like the market sentiment about the products currently available on the market (read: words and meanings). Quantitative research deals with numbers and statistics. It's data that is numbers-based, countable, and measurable.

Types of market research

1. competitive analysis.

Every business needs to know its own strengths and weaknesses and how they compare with its largest competitors in the market. It helps brands identify gaps in the market, develop new products and services, uncover market trends, improve brand positioning , and increase their market share. A SWOT analysis is a good framework to use for this type of research.


2. Consumer insights

It's also equally important to know what consumers are thinking, what the most common problems are and what products they are purchasing. Consumer research can be done through social listening which involves tracking consumer conversations on social media. It could also include analyzing audiences of brands , online communities, and influencers, and analyzing trends in the market.

3. Brand awareness research

Brand awareness is a super important metric for understanding how well your target audience knows your brand. It's used to assess brand performance and the marketing effectiveness of a brand. It tells you about the associations consumers make when they think of your brand and what they believe you're all about.


4. Customer satisfaction research

 Customer satisfaction and loyalty are two really important levers for any business and you don't have to conduct in-depth interviews to get that information. There is a wide range of automated methods to get that kind of data including customer surveys such as NPS surveys, customer effort score (CES) surveys, and regularly asking your customers about their experience with your brand.

5. Customer segmentation research

 Customer segmentation research involves figuring out what buckets consumers fall into based on common characteristics such as - demographics, interests, purchasing behavior, and more. Market segmentation is super helpful for advertising campaigns, product launches, and customer journey mapping.


6. Interviews

Customer interviews are one of the most effective market research methods out there. It's a great way for business owners to get first-party data from their customers and get insights into how they are doing in real time.

7. Focus groups

Focus groups are a great way to get data on a specific demographic. It's one of the most well-known data collection methods and it involves taking a sample size of people and asking them some open-ended questions. It's a great way to get actionable insights from your target market.

8. Pricing research

 Pricing strategy has a huge influence on business growth and it's critical for any business to know how they compare with the leading brands in their niche. It can help you understand what your target customer is willing to pay for your product and at what price you should be selling it.

To start, get automated software to track your competitors' pricing . Then, summarize your research into a report and group the results based on product attributes and other factors. You can use quadrants to make it easier to read visually.

9. Campaign research

It's also important for a brand to research its past marketing campaigns to determine the results and analyze their success. It takes a lot of experimentation to nail the various aspects of a campaign and it's crucial for business leaders to continuously analyze and iterate.

10. Product/service use research

Product or user research gives you an idea of why and how an audience uses a product and gives you data about specific features. Studies show that usability testing is ranked among the most useful ways to discover user insights (8.7 out of 10), above digital analytics and user surveys. So it's a very effective way to measure the usability of a product.

Now that you know the different types of market research let's go through a step-by-step process of setting up your study.

How to conduct a market research study

Looking for your next business idea? Want to check which niche markets are going to be best for it? if it's going to Here's a pretty simple process for conducting

1. Define your buyer persona

The first step in market research is to understand who your buyers are. For that, you need a buyer persona (sometimes called a marketing persona) which is a fictional generalized description of your target customer. You could (and should) have several buyer personas to work with.


Key characteristics to include in your buyer personas are:

  • Job title(s)
  • Family size
  • Major challenges

Now that you've got your customer personas it's time to decide who to work with for your research.

2. Identify the right people to engage with

It's critical that you pick the right group of people to research. This could make or break your market research study. It's important to pick a representative sample that most closely resembles your target customer. That way you'll be able to identify their actual characteristics, challenges, pain points, and buying behavior.

Here are a few strategies that will help you pick the right people:

  • Select people who have recently interacted with you
  • Pull a list of participants who made a recent purchase
  • Call for participants on social media
  • Leverage your own network
  • Gather a mix of participants
  • Offer an incentive (gift card, product access, content upgrades)

3. Pick your data collection method(s)

Here's a quick breakdown of all the different ways you could collect data for your market research study.

Surveys are by far the fastest method of gathering data. You could launch them on your site or send them in an email and automate the whole process. Regular surveys can also help brands improve their customer service so they help kill two birds with one stone.


Interviews take a little longer and require a detailed set of interview questions. Never go into an interview without a clear idea of what you're going to be asking. It's also a little more difficult to schedule time and to get your potential or current customers on the phone or on Zoom.

Focus group

Focus groups are controlled interviews with groups of people led by facilitators. Participants in focus groups are selected based on a set of predetermined criteria such as location, age, social status, income, and more.


Online tracking

Online tracking is done through digital analytics tools like HotJar or Google Analytics. Tracking user behavior on your site gets you an accurate analysis of who your demographic is and what are the types of products or content that they engage with.

The problem here is that you never get to find out the 'why' - the reason behind their behavior - and that's why you need to combine digital analytics with other data collection methods like surveys and usability/product testing.

Marketing analysis

Another great way to collect data is to analyze your marketing campaigns which gives you a great idea of who clicked on your ads, how often, and which device they used. It's a more focused way of using tracking to zero in on a specific marketing campaign.

Social media monitoring

We've talked about this one before. Social monitoring or listening is when you track online conversations on social media platforms. You can use a simple social listening tool to get all the data you need by searching for specific keywords, hashtags, or topics.


Subscription and registration data

Another great way to collect data is to look at your existing audience. That might include your email list, rewards program, or existing customers. Depending on the size of your list, it could give you some broad insights into the type of customers/users you have and what they are most interested in.

Monitoring in-store traffic

Conduct a customer observation session to monitor your actual customers and how they behave in your store (physically or online). Observation is a market research technique where highly-trained market researchers observe how people or consumers interact with products/services in a natural setting.

4. Prepare your research questions

Write down your research questions before you conduct the research. Make sure you cover all the topics that you are trying to gain clarity on and include open-ended questions. The type of questions you use will vary depending on your data collection approach from the last step.

If you're doing a survey or an in-person interview then here are some of the best questions to ask.

The awareness stage

  • How did you know that something in this product category could help you?
  • Think back to the time you first realized you needed [product category]. What was your challenge?
  • How familiar were you with different options on the market?

The consideration stage

  • Where did you go to find out the information?
  • What was the first thing you did to research potential solutions?
  • Did you search on Google? What specifically did you search for? Which keywords did you use?
  • Which vendor sites did you visit?
  • What did you find helpful? What turned you off?

The decision stage

  • Which criteria did you use to compare different vendors?
  • What vendors made it to the shortlist and what were the pros/cons of each?
  • Who else was involved in the final decision?
  • Allow time for further questions on their end.
  • Don't forget to thank them for their time and confirm their email/address to receive the incentive you offered

If you noticed, the progression of these questions follows the stages of the buyer's journey which helps you to gain actionable insights into the entire customer experience.

5. List your primary competitors

There are two kinds of competitors - industry competitors and content competitors. Industry competitors compete with you on the actual product or service they sell. Content competitors compete with you in terms of the content they publish - whether that's on specific keywords or they rank higher on topics that you want to be ranked for.

It's important to write a list of all of your competitors and compare their strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages, and the type of content they publish.

There are different ways to find your competitors. You can look on sites like G2 Crowd and check their industry quadrants.


You could also download a market report from Forrester or Gartner . And you could also search on social media or market research tools like SimilarWeb .

6. Summarize your findings

Now that you've done your research it's time to summarize your findings. Look for common themes in your research and try to present them in the simplest way possible. Use your favorite presentation software to document it and add it to your company database.

Here's a quick research outline you could use:

Background - your goals and why you conducted this study

Participants - who you've talked to. Break down the type of personas and/or customers you've spoken with.

Executive summary - what was the most interesting stuff you've learned? What do you plan to do about it?

Customer journey map - map out the specific motivations and behavioral insights you've gained from each stage of the customer journey (awareness, consideration, and decision).

Action plan - describe what action steps you're going to take to address the issues you've uncovered in your research and how you are going to promote your product/service to your target audience more effectively.

Market research template

Not sure where to begin? Need some templates to help you get started? We got them for you.

1. Market survey template

First and foremost, you need a template to run your market survey. In this template, you will find all the types of questions you should be asking - demographic, product, pricing, and brand questions. They can be used for market surveys, individual interviews, and focus groups.

We also present a variety of question formats for you to use:

  • true/false questions
  • multiple choice questions
  • open response questions

2. SWOT analysis template

A strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis is one of the best ways to do competitor research. It's a really simple analysis. There are four squares and you write down all four of these attributes for each of your competitors.

3. Focus group template

Not sure how to conduct focus groups? Here is a comprehensive template that will help you to take better notes and record your findings during the focus group meeting.

4. Marketing strategy template

The plan of action from your market research should become a vital part of your marketing strategy. We've actually created a marketing strategy template that you could download and use to update your marketing personas, your SWOT analysis, and your marketing channel strategies.

Market research examples

Here are some examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly in market research. Some brands thrive on research and some ignore it completely. Take a look.


McDonald’s sells its food in 97 countries around the world. Their secret? They do a lot of market research before they launch anything. The company uses four key questions in their research process:

  • Which products are performing well?
  • What prices are most affordable to customers?
  • What are consumers reading and watching?
  • What content do they consume?
  • Which restaurants are most attended, and why?

They also extensively use customer feedback to improve their products. They even put some products up for a vote to see which ones are most loved by their customers.


The iconic coffee brand is valued at almost $30 billion and has over 30,000 coffee shops around the world and part of that success comes from their obsession with customer service. They launched a brilliant idea called “My Starbucks Idea” to try and make the customer feel a part of the journey.

It was an open innovation platform where customers could post their idea for a new coffee drink or food item and if it was good a company representative would actually reach out to them. It had a leaderboard and every year the company would develop some of these ideas.

In 2012, Starbucks launched 73 coffee products from ideas they received from customers. Cake pops and pumpkin spice lattes were born out of this platform, all thanks to market research. Can you imagine a world without pumpkin spice lattes?


For all its innovation Facebook had an epic market research failure. In 2013, Facebook partnered with HTC to launch a smartphone called First. It had Facebook’s interface on its home screen and that was a really jarring change for most people. Instead of taking you to a home screen with your favorite apps, Facebook really took center stage.

To be fair, you could turn it off and get a regular Android home window but that would be missing the entire reason you bought the phone in the first place. So it was a complete mismatch to consumers’ wants and the phone flopped.

Turns out, that nobody wanted to see Facebook when they first opened their phone 😅.

free market research reports pdf

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild is a UK flower delivery brand that was looking for their next campaign. They did some research and found out that people think red roses are cliche and prefer to buy something else as a gift on Valentine’s Day. So the brand chose not to sell roses for Valentine’s Day 2021 and made it into a “No Roses Campaign”.

The results - they saw a 51% increase in press coverage year after year.


Top tools used for market research

Here are some of the top market research and digital analytics tools you should try out for your next research project.

Answer the Public

Answer the public is a free market research tool that helps marketers figure out what questions people ask online. It's really easy to use. You put in a keyword or topic and it spits out a whole variety of questions and subtopics.

free market research reports pdf

Spyfu is a search engine analytics platform that gives you data on where your competitors get their traffic from. It provides info on the kind of both organic traffic and PPC channels down to the specific keywords people used to find each site. It's a great tool to use to map the competitive landscape.


Think with Google

This is an online publication from Google's team where they publish consumer insights from real-time data and their own insights. It uses Google Analytics but presents it to you as a library of information. You can find industry data on a whole array of businesses from educational institutions to counseling services.

free market research reports pdf

Want to do the most extensive market research possible? Use SimilarWeb. It's a competitive analysis and data tool that provides you with literally everything you need.

It has data on:

  • Digital marketing data - SEO, traffic, advertising
  • Economic trends - economic indicators like annual growth rate, audience, benchmarking
  • eCommerce, investing, and even sales data


BuzzSumo is a great tool to use to get actionable insights from social media and content marketing. It aggregates data from various social media channels and shows you the type of content that users engage with and share on their pages.


Typeform is a survey tool that can help you make surveys and fun interactive forms. It's a great tool to use to make your forms more engaging for your audience. The tool has a bunch of easy templates and a ton of integrations to help you visualize that data and share it with your team.


Latana is a brand research tool that helps you understand consumer perception of your brand over time. It helps you answer some key questions about the type of values your customers have, and the type of audiences your competitors are targeting and helps you to focus your campaigns on the right audience for your business.


Statista is one of the most popular consumer data platforms around. It has a wealth of information about consumer markets, business conditions, and industry trends around the world. It's easier to use than most business publications because it aggregates all the data you need in one place. The downside is that it's a little pricy but perfect for teams that have the budget for it.


Dimensions is a search engine for academic publications. It is a great resource if you're looking for deeper insights into things like psychology, micro and macroeconomics, and business trends. A lot of the articles are free to view just make sure you select the " All OA " option which stands for Open Access research.


Otter is an AI-powered transcription software for interviews and meetings. It sits in the background and transcribes your meeting for you and then provides you with a digitized conversation that can be stored, search for specific keywords, and analyzed. It's a great tool to use for doing interviews.


Yelp is a search engine for reviews of local businesses. It's one of the best sources of opinions about a whole variety of products and services. It's a great place to get ideas about the kind of interview questions you want to ask, to find out the pain points of your ideal customer, and to find deeper insights into your target audience.


You have to conduct your market research regularly if you want to see significant results. Try the different methods that we’ve outlined, see what works for you, and remember to keep your team’s focus on the customer. The more knowledgeable they are of your target customer’s needs and wants the better your targeting and marketing strategy will be.

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International Business Awards (The International Stevies): Company of the Year - Business or Professional Services

The Stevie® Awards are the world's premier business awards that honor and publicly recognize the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. The Stevie® Awards receive more than 12,000 nominations each year from organizations in more than 70 countries. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes, along with the people behind them, the Stevie recognizes outstanding performance at workplaces worldwide. Stevie Award judges include many of the world's most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. The pantheon of past Stevie Award winners including Acer Inc., Apple, BASF, BT, Coca-Cola, Cargill, E&Y, Ford, Google, IBM, ING, Maersk, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Roche Group, and Samsung, and TCS, among many others.

free market research reports pdf

Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service: Award for Ethics in Sales

The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service recognize the achievements of customer service, contact center, business development, and sales professionals worldwide. The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service are open to all organizations worldwide. Stevie Award judges include many of the world's most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. More than 1,000 professionals worldwide participate in the Stevie Award judging process each year. Sponsors of Stevie Awards programs include many leading B2B marketers, publishers, and government institutions.

free market research reports pdf

The Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards: Excellence in Corporate Innovation

The Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards is an international business awards competition that is open to all organizations in the 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific region. The focus of the awards is on recognizing innovation in all its forms. Stevie Award judges include many of the world's most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. More than 1,000 professionals worldwide participate in the Stevie Award judging process each year. The sponsors of Stevie Awards programs include many leading B2B marketers, publishers, and government institutions.

free market research reports pdf

International Business Awards (the International Stevies): Company of the Year - Business or Professional Services

The Stevie® Awards are the world's premier business awards that honor and publicly recognize the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. The Stevie® Awards receive more than 12,000 nominations each year from organizations in more than 70 countries. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes, along with the people behind them, the Stevie recognizes outstanding performance at workplaces worldwide. Stevie Award judges include many of the world's most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. The pantheon of past Stevie Award winners including Acer Inc., Apple, BASF, BT, Coca-Cola, Cargill, E&Y, Ford, Google, IBM, ING, Maersk, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Roche Group, and Samsung, and TCS, among many others.

Golden Bridge Business & Innovation Awards

  • COVID-19 Company Response of the Year 2021: C-suite Insights for Strategic Decisions in Pandemic
  • Company Innovation of the Year - KnowledgeStore
  • Best Service - MarketsandMarkets CXO Insights
  • Best Product - KnowledgeStore
  • Best Technology - KnowledgeStore

The Golden Bridge Business & Innovation Awards are the world's premier business awards that honor and publicly recognize the achievements and positive contributions of organizations worldwide. The coveted annual award program identifies the world's best from every major industry in organizational performance, products and services, innovations, product management, etc. Judges from a broad spectrum of industries around the world participated in evaluation, and their average scores determined the award winners. This Golden Bridge Awards' judges include many of the world's most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. The pantheon of past Golden Bridge Awards' winners includes IBM, HP, Cisco, Huawei, Dell, Reebok, Abbott, Nestlé, Wells Fargo, Experian, Orange, Rockwell Automation, Weatherford, Concentrix, TCS, Moody's, USHEALTH Group, and Samsung, among many others.

free market research reports pdf

America's Best Management Consulting Firms

MarketsandMarkets™ was recognized as one of America's Best Management Consulting Firms by Forbes, as per their report released on 15th March 2023. Forbes listed 199 global consulting firms, of which only 4 are of Indian origin.

Forbes partnered with market research company, Statista, to create the list of America's Best Management Consulting Firms that are optimally positioned to help businesses tackle the known and unforeseeable challenges in 2023. The list relies on surveys of partners and executives of management consulting companies and their clients.

Free Marketing Report Templates

By Joe Weller | December 10, 2023

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Marketers, business analysts, and team leads will appreciate these free templates in several formats. Use them to efficiently analyze campaign data and help marketing teams make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and demonstrate success.

On this page, you'll find 11 dynamic marketing report templates, including a digital marketing report template , a marketing report presentation template , an end-of-year annual marketing report template , and a social media marketing analytics report template , among others.

Basic Marketing Report Template

Basic Marketing Report Example Template

Download a Sample Basic Marketing Report Template for  Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | PowerPoint  

Download a Blank Basic Marketing Report Template for  Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | PowerPoint  

Use this marketing report template with and without sample data to streamline your team's marketing-reporting process. To use it, fill in the Executive Summary, Total Projects Delivered and KPIs, Marketing Financial Overview, and Conclusion sections. You can also use the sample-text version as a guide for content suggestions. This template’s clear, organized structure ensures consistent reporting, enabling your marketing team to quickly identify trends, allocate resources efficiently, and make informed decisions to drive success.

Monthly Marketing Report Template

Monthly Marketing Report Template

Download a Monthly Marketing Report Template for  Excel | Google Sheets

This monthly marketing report template consolidates crucial metrics – from reach to conversion rates – ensuring comprehensive tracking and analysis for your marketing team and key stakeholders. Simply input your monthly data into the designated tabs: Reach, Visits, Leads, Customers, and Conversion Rates . By segmenting KPIs, the template promotes precise monitoring, empowering your marketing team to recognize patterns, refine strategies, and ultimately achieve successful outcomes. 

Read this article on monthly marketing report resources and templates for more monthly data tracking tools.

Digital Marketing Report Excel Template 

Digital Marketing Monthly Report Template

Download the Digital Marketing Monthly Report Template for Excel  

Use this engaging digital marketing dashboard template to gain a holistic view of your online marketing metrics. Track both paid media engagements and organic visitor interactions. Assess the balance between paid campaigns and organic searches at a glance, while simultaneously calculating average return on investment (ROI) and overall revenue.

Find more dynamic digital marketing report templates to help your marketing team efficiently track, analyze, and optimize online campaigns.

Marketing Campaign Management Report Template

Marketing Campaign Management Template

Download the Marketing Campaign Management Template for Excel | Google Sheets

Chronicle your digital marketing campaign's evolution with this marketing campaign management template. Fill in high-level details for campaign objectives, innovative ideas, promotional strategies, user feedback, and more. For each phase in your marketing campaign, enter the activity, its status (e.g., Complete, In Progress, Overdue, Not Started, or On Hold ), the assigned team member, start and end dates, and any relevant notes. The template’s simple, easy-to-read format ensures all team members stay informed of essential aspects of your marketing initiative.

Social Media Marketing Analytics Report Template

Social Media Marketing Analytics Report Template

‌Download Social Media Marketing Analytics Report Template for  Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet  

Use this social media marketing analytics report template to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics into a comprehensive social media analysis. Showcase data for post counts, per-post engagement, retweets, top-performing content, and beyond. Crafting this digestible report can become a vital instrument for discussions with your marketing colleagues or key stakeholders.

For more social media resources, see this collection of free social media report templates .

Marketing Report Presentation Template

Marketing Report Presentation Template

Download a Marketing Report Presentation Template for  PowerPoint | Google Slides  

This marketing dashboard template will help you deliver impactful presentations. Input key metrics detailing your digital marketing achievements, such as site visits, pages per session, average duration, bounce rate, and conversion rate. The design also has dedicated sections for capturing customer conversion insights, spotlighting premier channels, campaigns, and top-converting pages. This slide can easily be added to any Google Slides or PowerPoint marketing presentation you’re already creating.

End-of-Year Marketing Report Template

End-of-Year Marketing Report Example Template

Download a Sample End-of-Year Marketing Report Template for Excel | PowerPoint | Google Sheets  

Download a Blank End-of-Year Marketing Report Template for  Excel | PowerPoint | Google Sheets  

Leverage this dashboard-style year-end marketing report template available with or without sample data to offer stakeholders a clear and concise summary of your yearly campaign results. To use the template, input metrics from your marketing tools, such as campaign costs, views, interactions, total gains, cost per acquisition (CPA), earnings per initiative, and more. Once you enter the data, this visually dynamic template will auto-populate the charts, so your marketing crew can swiftly evaluate annual success, fine-tune budget distribution, and enhance upcoming plans. 

Use this article’s annual marketing report templates to gather more insights for yearly performance reviews.

Email Marketing Report Template

Email Marketing Report Example Template

Download a Sample Email Marketing Report Template for  Excel | Google Sheets  

Download a Blank Email Marketing Report Template for  Excel | Google Sheets  

This email marketing report template available with or without sample data provides an organized layout that facilitates the analysis and presentation of pivotal email campaign metrics. Input your email statistics into the template’s indicators, such as sessions, average time per session, new session percentages, bounce ratios, and achieved objectives, and watch the template auto-populate the included charts. By honing in on the KPIs this template highlights, your team can boost user interaction, reduce bounce tendencies, and amplify target achievements. 

View this collection of email marketing report templates to help streamline your data analysis, enhancing your campaign optimization and ROI.

Quarterly Marketing Performance Report Excel Template

Quarterly Marketing Report Example Template

Download a Sample Quarterly Marketing Report Template for Excel   Download a Blank Quarterly Marketing Report Template for Excel

Designed for marketing leaders, this dashboard layout delivers insights into campaign outcomes and lead transitions. Observe prime channels, typical opportunity values, lead quantities, and ROI per initiative. Additionally, the template offers an overview of leads by origin, total lead generation, acquisition costs, and finalized earnings, juxtaposing the overall marketing expenditure with the allocated budget for a comprehensive look at budgetary efficacy. 

For more resources and expert tips, see this article with free quarterly marketing report templates .

Marketing SWOT Analysis Template

Marketing Plan SWOT Analysis Matrix Example Template

Download a Sample Marketing SWOT Analysis Template for  Excel | Microsoft Word | PowerPoint  

Download a Blank Marketing SWOT Analysis Template for  Excel | Microsoft Word | PowerPoint  

This four-section template available with or without sample data makes it easy to showcase your marketing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis findings. Complete the corresponding sections to highlight any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Enjoy full adaptability and personalization to align with diverse business or professional requirements. 

Use one of these free SWOT marketing report templates to proactively focus your analysis on your competitor’s offerings, strengths, and weaknesses.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy Template 

Account-Based Marketing Strategy Example Template

Download a Sample Account-Based Marketing Strategy Template for  PowerPoint | Google Slides  

Download a Blank Account-Based Marketing Strategy Template for  PowerPoint | Google Slides

Use this account-based marketing (ABM) strategy blueprint to hone in on top-tier accounts and ensure consistency in your account-based marketing initiatives. Fill in key areas such as aims and aspirations, priority accounts, customer profiles, content blueprint, media approach, interaction methods, collaboration blueprint, financial allocation & assets, key performance indicators, schedule, and evaluation and feedback cycle. By integrating this framework, your marketing team can align their objectives with sales, boost conversion rates, and subsequently elevate company revenue and enhance brand prestige.

For more ABM marketing templates and resources, see our collection of free ABM templates.

Easily Track Data and Create Marketing Reports with Smartsheet

The best marketing teams know the importance of effective campaign management, consistent creative operations, and powerful event logistics -- and Smartsheet helps you deliver on all three so you can be more effective and achieve more. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. Try Smartsheet for free, today.

Improve your marketing efforts and deliver best-in-class campaigns.

8 Templates to Plan & Organize Your Market Research

Market research (or marketing research) helps you deeply understand your customers and target market. It's a group of activities that will uncover insights you can use to create better products and improve your marketing. These templates will help you organize every part of your market research project in one collaborative place.

Market Research Brief Template

The goal of any marketing research brief is to define the objectives in a way that a researcher can confidently build an appropriate study. This clarity will then lead to the 'right' research method used and consequent insights uncovered.

Market Research Brief Template, within the Milanote app

Brand Positioning Map Template

The Brand Positioning Map template (or Competitive Landscape) is perfect for identifying your opportunity in the market. It's a simple way to ensure your brand will stand out against your competitors.

Brand Positioning Map Template, within the Milanote app

Customer Persona Template

It's crucial to have a crystal clear picture of your ideal customer. Building a customer persona helps your team understand the people they're designing for. Use this template to map out your customer's goals, background and pain-points so you can design a brand or product that naturally appeals to them.

Customer Persona Template, within the Milanote app

Market Research Template

How well do you understand the market you're designing for? The Market Research template is the perfect way build a complete picture of your industry and audience. Use it to collect insights about the competitors, links, customer research, trends, stats and more in one visual place.

Market Research Template, within the Milanote app

SWOT Analysis Template

The SWOT framework helps you uncover your internal Strengths and Weaknesses plus external Opportunities and Threats. You can use it to assess your entire company, brand, marketing or an individual product. It is traditionally used by management teams but is also a great tool for brand strategy and marketing projects.

Brand SWOT Analysis Template, within the Milanote app

Moodboard Template

Before you begin designing your new brand or campaign, it's important that everyone involved agrees on the visual style. A moodboard lets you explore different directions in minutes. This template contains placeholders for images, video, color swatches and notes.

Logo Moodboard Template, within the Milanote app

Diary Study Template

Understand a user's experiences, behaviour, and activities over time using the Diary Study research method.

Diary Study Template, within the Milanote app

Day in the Life of Template

The Day in the Life research technique lets you create a visually engaging timeline of a customer's day. The template allows you to create notes for research, lists of questions, and add images and videos to bring someone's habits and behaviours to life.

Day In the Life Of Template, within the Milanote app

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Market Research

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Barry J. Babin at Louisiana Tech University

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Ben Lowe at University of Kent

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All Formats

Table of Contents

Report template bundle, free 10+ marketing research report templates in google docs | ms word | pages | pdf, 1. market research report template, 2. international market research report template, 3. standard market research report template, 4. market research report format, 5. market research report for new product development, 6. simple market research report template, 7. higher education market research report template, 8. consumer complaints market research report template, 9. environmental market research report template, 10. evaluation of marketing research final report template, 11. market research progress report template, what are the ways to form a marketing research report, what are the things to include in a market research report, report templates.

Marketing research reports are for understanding the point by point investigation of target markets, which assumes a fundamental job in a business dynamic and technique arranging. The reports gives required data about market moves because of changes in factors like efficient or social patterns. They speak to the reasonable patterns identified with a request, buyer conduct, deals, development openings so it can credit to all sorts of ventures like an automobile, pharmaceutical, open area and some more.

free market research reports pdf

  • Google Docs

market research report template

Formulating the Marketing Research Problem

  • In any case, most administration issues are not in every case simple to investigate.
  • An administration issue should initially be converted into an exploration issue.
  • Research issues, then again, center around giving the data you need to tackle the administration issue.

Mention the Method of Inquiry

  • Detail an issue;
  • Build up a theory;
  • Make forecasts dependent on the speculation;
  • Devise a trial of the theory;
  • Direct the test;
  • Examine the outcomes.

The Marketing Report Should be Thoroughly Research Method

  • Test look into gives you the benefit of controlling unessential factors and controlling at least one factor that impacts the procedure being executed.
  • Non-trial, inquire about permits perception yet not intercession.

Research Design

Data collection techniques.

  • Meetings expect you to pose inquiries and get reactions.
  • These systems are utilized in both non-exploratory research and test inquire about.
  • Another approach to gathering information is by perception.
  • Watching an individual’s or organization’s past or present conduct can foresee future buying choices.
  • Information assortment systems for past conduct can incorporate breaking down organization records and looking into examines distributed by outside sources.
  • To examine data from meeting or perception procedures, you should record your outcomes. Since the recorded outcomes are crucial, estimation and advancement are firmly connected to which information assortment strategies you choose.
  • How you record the information changes relies upon which technique you use.

Create a Sample Design

  • From which base populace is the example to be chosen?
  • What is the technique (process) for test choice?
  • What is the size of the example?

Data Collection

Make an analysis and interpretation, the marketing research report, asset planning for your study, more in report templates.

Sales and Marketing Agreement Sample Template

70+ partnership agreement template bundle, 50+ business agreement template bundle, 100+ ultimate agreement template bundle, health and safety training google slides template, preliminary sales discussions nda template, sales protocol agreement template, marketing data collection agreement template, marketing brand strategy nda template, marketing consumer panel sla template.

  • How to Create a Financial Audit Report [10+ Templates to Download]
  • 40+ Monthly Management Report Templates in PDF | Google Docs | Excel | Apple Pages
  • 25+ Non Conformance Report Templates – PDF, Docs, Word, Pages
  • 19+ Event Report Templates – Word, PDF, Docs, Pages
  • 34+ Report Card Templates- Word, Docs, PDF, Pages
  • 23+ Sample Inspection Report Templates- Docs, Word, Pages
  • 36+ Weekly Activity Report Templates – PDF, Docs
  • 10+ Free Audit Findings Report Templates in PDF | MS Word
  • 10+ Audit Exception Report Templates in PDF | MS Word
  • 11+ Audit Committee Report Templates in PDF | MS Word
  • 6+ Logistics Audit Report Templates in PDF | MS Word
  • 11+ Logistic Report Templates in PDF
  • 8+ Logistics Monthly Report Templates in PDF | MS Word
  • 17+ Internship Student Report Templates
  • 64+ Monthly Report Samples

File Formats

Word templates, google docs templates, excel templates, powerpoint templates, google sheets templates, google slides templates, pdf templates, publisher templates, psd templates, indesign templates, illustrator templates, pages templates, keynote templates, numbers templates, outlook templates.

Get a Free Huge PDF Report on the Outsourcing Market in 2024

Is outsourcing a risky move or a winning strategy for game developers today?

Let's get started. 

Most Likely to Be Outsourced

This won’t be a surprise, but based on the 80 Level Survey results, developers and publishers are more willing to outsource non-core game production activities. Such as Localization, Porting/Remastering, Game Promotion, Trailer Production, and Market Research.

Marco Testini, Founder & CTO at Kabum ( Full interview )

If we want to include in outsourcing everything that is not purely art, I think it is appropriate to have specialized external teams doing consulting for sales and porting strategies.

In summary, when asking for outsourcing help it is important to look for specialized teams in specific areas, such as the animation of stylized fantastic creatures or the creation of photorealistic urban environments, etc.

However, most of the respondents are not ready to give away Game Development and Game Design to a third-party agency. This statement is especially prominent for Game Design which was unanimously put in the last place by 37% of professionals. It seems important for the studio representatives to keep the visual side of game production in-house as well. Art Production and Animation were the next least likely to-be-outsourced areas on the list.

59% of 80 Level Survey respondents (107 of 181) have had experience working with gamedev outsourcing companies. In the latest projects in their studios, the absolute majority of them delegated Art Production to third-party companies (61%). It’s an exciting dynamic because Art Production was put as one of the “least likely to be outsourced” list (by C-Level decision-makers, too). Moreover, this field wasn't among those areas where game companies lacked internal expertise.

The overall chart breakdown for this question is quite accurate for small studios (<50 employees). It was more common for the bigger companies to outsource engineering and sound design.

How Much Does Outsourcing Cost?

Among those survey participants who shared information about the outsourcing budgets, we could identify 2 main groups. The first group includes companies that spend large sums on outsourcing projects – more than $200,000 (13%). The second group is characterized by studios with low budgets for outsourcing – less than $10,000 (12%). The rest of the budgets (19%) were distributed somewhere in the middle with an inclination towards smaller sums.

While bigger studios mentioned $200k+ budgets,  about 20% of small studios (<50 employees) also invested more than $100k into outsourcing for their latest projects. 

Through the Grapevine

Personal connections play the most crucial role for game companies looking for outsourcers. 73% of studio representatives surveyed by 80 Level turn to recommendations from friends and colleagues before contacting potential service providers. 

Internet search is the second most popular way to find external agencies for 80 Level survey respondents. Around half of them just go and Google the services they need. Social media channels can also work in connecting game developers and outsourcers, 33% of surveyed professionals go to LinkedIn, Instagram, or other platforms. 18% of game studios’ decision-makers also utilize third-party agencies to find outsourcers.

Christian Retzlaff, Founder & CEO at Game Art Brain ( Full interview )

We’re fortunate to have reached a point where clients actively seek us out. This has been the trend for the past two years. Prior to this, we actively engaged in networking at conventions, outreach initiatives, cold emailing, and multi-platform advertising. Presently, our presence on LinkedIn, boasting over 8,000 followers, significantly expands our reach, allowing us to regularly share updates and offers. Additionally, platforms like ArtStation contribute to our lead generation through our impressive portfolio. While occasional client experiences haven’t been perfect, the majority often refer others to us.

Want more in-depth data on the cooperation between game companies and outsourcers? Read our comprehensive research Gamedev Report: Outsourcing vs. In-house to get key insights:

  • Internal Weaknesses & Strengths of Game Development Companies
  • Game Development Outsourcing Market Overview
  • Can’t Someone Else Do It?
  • Investigating the Whys
  • Game Studios’ Experience with Outsourcers
  • Fantastic Outsourcers and Where to Find Them
  • What Does the Future Hold?

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Directorate for Education and Skills

The Education and Skills Directorate is one of twelve substantive departments of the OECD and provides policy analysis and advice on education to help individuals and nations to identify and develop the knowledge and skills that drive better jobs and better lives, generate prosperity and promote social inclusion.

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The OECD Directorate for Education and Skills seeks to help individuals and nations to identify and develop the knowledge, skills and values that drive better jobs and better lives, generate prosperity and promote social inclusion. It assists OECD countries and partner economies in designing and managing their education and skills systems, and in implementing reforms, so that citizens can develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values they need throughout their lives.

Andreas Schleicher

Director Directorate for Education and Skills

free market research reports pdf

Yuri Belfali

Head Early Childhood and Schools Division

free market research reports pdf

Paulo Santiago

Head Policy Advice and Implementation Division

free market research reports pdf

Tia Loukkola

Head Innovation and Measuring Progress Division

free market research reports pdf

How we work

The work of the Directorate for Education and Skills is overseen by four bodies, each with its own mandate, membership, and programme of work and budget, to help deliver work under the overall governance of the OECD Council:

  • The Education Policy Committee, which also provides strategic oversight of our work
  • The Centre for Educational Research and Innovation Governing Board (CERI) 
  • The Programme for International Student Assessment Governing Board (PISA)
  • The Programme for Teaching and Learning International Survey Governing Board (TALIS)
  • The Board of Participating Countries for the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) is overseen by both the Education Policy Committee and the Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Committee.

What we are working on

The best way for education systems to improve is to learn what works from each other. We deploy large scale surveys and reviews, designing common methodological and analytical frameworks for utmost comparability of empirical evidence from different education systems. We collect data about nearly all aspects of countries’ education systems from key policies, teacher practises, adult proficiency, and early childhood learning and well-being to how 15-year-olds perform in mathematics and what their attitudes are about global issues like climate change.

  • The International Early Learning and Child Well-Being Study
  • OECD Survey on Social and Emotional Skills
  • Survey of Adult Skills
  • The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey
  •    Education at a Glance
  •   The Education Policy Outlook
  •   PISA Global Crisis Module
  •   Global Teaching Insights
  • Explore by country
  • Explore by topic
  • Review policies    
  •   PISA for schools

Assisting countries with policy development and implementation

We help countries answer important questions facing education policy makers and practitioners alike: how to identify and develop the right skills and turn them into better jobs and better lives; how best to allocate resources in education to support social and economic development; and how to offer everyone the chance to make the most of their abilities at every age and stage of life OECD and partner countries look to our expertise to review their education and skills systems, and assist them in developing and implementing policies to improve them. We conduct reviews ranging from those on individual national education policy to comparative educational policy and thematic peer-analysis. We review and support the development of higher education systems with analysis on resource use and labour market relevance. All of these provide in-depth analyses and advice that draw on OECD data resources, national policy documents and research, and field-based interviewing by OECD review teams. Comparative thematics, covering areas such as ECEC in a digital world, diversity, equity and inclusion in education, teacher policy and transitions in upper secondary education, are based on a common conceptual framework and methodology developed with advice from a group of national experts.

Through tailored implementation support the directorate offers countries assistance in implementing policy, from curriculum reform to helping schools become effective learning organisations. It also brings countries and stakeholders together in a variety of fora to exchange ideas, an important step in the policymaking process.  

Pivoting to tomorrow

What knowledge, skills, attitudes and values will students need in a swiftly evolving world? We develop long-term “leading-edge” thinking that looks beyond the current state of education to what it can become. These multiple-scenario analyses nourish our ground-breaking Education 2030 work on curriculum. They inform international debate and inspire policy processes to shape the future of education. The one certainty about the future of education is that it will be a digital one though we cannot know to what degree. In staying ahead of the EdTech curve, the directorate advises countries on the fast-changing potential of digital tools like robotics, blockchain and artificial intelligence, and how they can be integrated and used to equitably boost teaching, learning and administrative performance. The digitalisation of education is just one of the many strategic foresight areas the OECD’s Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) focuses on. Its exploration of best practices flagged by international comparisons helps countries move towards the frontiers of education.

Programmes of work

  • Education and Skills Policy Programme The OECD’s programme on education and skills policy support policymakers in their efforts to achieve high-quality lifelong learning, which in turn contributes to personal development, sustainable economic growth, and social cohesion. Learn more
  • CERI The Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) provides and promotes international comparative research, innovation and key indicators, explores forward-looking and innovative approaches to education and learning, and facilitates bridges between educational research, innovation and policy development. Learn more
  • INES The OECD Indicators of Education Systems (INES) programme seeks to gauge the performance of national education systems through internationally comparable data. Learn more
  • PISA PISA is the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment. PISA measures 15-year-olds’ ability to use their reading, mathematics and science knowledge and skills to meet real-life challenges. Learn more
  • PIAAC The Survey of Adult Skills, a product of the PIAAC, measures adults’ proficiency in literacy, numeracy and the ability to solve problems in technology-rich environments. Learn more
  • TALIS TALIS - the Teaching and Learning International Survey - is the world's largest international survey about teachers and school leaders. Learn more
  • Survey on Social and Emotional Skills (SSES) The OECD Survey on Social and Emotional Skills is an international survey that identifies and assesses the conditions and practices that foster or hinder the development of social and emotional skills for 10- and 15-year-old students. Learn more
  • Early Childhood Education and Care The Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) programme conducts analysis and develops new data to support countries in reviewing and improving their early childhood services and systems. Learn more
  • Higher Education Policy The Higher Education Policy Programme carries out analysis on a wide range of higher education systems and policies Learn more

Directorate outputs

free market research reports pdf

Policy and working papers

free market research reports pdf

More facts, key findings and policy recommendations

free market research reports pdf

Create customised data profiles and compare countries

free market research reports pdf

Related policy issues

  • Education access, participation, and progression
  • Education economic and social outcomes
  • Education equity
  • Education evaluation and quality assurance
  • Education financing
  • Education leadership
  • Education organisation and governance
  • Future of education and skills
  • Learning environment
  • Teachers and educators
  • Student performance (PISA)

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    Access over 100 free data sets on various industries and sectors, such as services, manufacturing, and retail. The reports are based on comprehensive surveys, research, and forecasting, and updated quarterly.

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    Free Industry Reports From Salience. Our annual market reports cover the online performance of over 60 industries within retail, finance and B2B. We manually collect and curate data, spending 100+ hours to create each one and draw meaningful conclusions for brands in that space. The result is a PDF jam-packed with industry trends & analysis ...

  7. FREE 9+ Market Research Report Samples in PDF

    This market research report sample focuses on the environment, specifically on the monitoring and software use by palm oil growers. This is a detailed and comprehensive market research report that consist of 24 pages in total and includes details like an executive summary, introduction, situational analysis, methodology, results, etc. The ...

  8. Complete List of Free Market Research Tools & Resources

    Nielsen - MyBestSegments. MyBestSegments provides insights on an area's demographic data and lifestyle habits. There are paid subscription options, but this free resource helps to inform which areas would be most receptive to a new campaign or product launch, potential competitors in certain areas and market trends.

  9. 6 Free Market Research Templates & Guides

    Market research templates provide questions and specific fields to fill out - relevant to specified market research objectives. You can add or remove fields according to what's relevant to your market and research goal. It provides a framework to develop your own research methodology if you don't want to go full-scale with a research firm.

  10. Market Research Template (Download Free PDF)

    There are multiple ways to conduct market research and collect customer data, test products, and do brand research, but the four most common are: Surveys. Focus groups. Observation. Interviews. 1- Surveys. A form of qualitative research with open or closed-ended questions. 2- Focus groups.

  11. 17+ SAMPLE Market Research Report in PDF

    Tools, platforms, and internal data can all be used to compile the research. Step 2: Create a Plan. Create a draft of the report next, so you know where each piece of information will go. An outline with parts and subsections will aid in the proper organization of your marketing research report.

  12. Market Research Report Examples For Your Analysis Results

    1. Market Research Report: Brand Analysis. Our first example shares the results of a brand study. To do so, a survey has been performed on a sample of 1333 people, information that we can see in detail on the left side of the board, summarizing the gender, age groups, and geolocation. **click to enlarge**.

  13. Download Now

    The most effective ways to learn more about your customers, industry, and competition is to do thorough market research - diligent research to help you develop pricing strategies, understand your target market, and strengthen a business. In this kit, we'll equip you with the necessary templates to conduct market research at every turn ...

  14. Market Research Report

    This editable market research report is very light to edit so you can make one on your own. 2. Environmental Monitoring Market Research Report. Details. File Format. PDF. Size: 503 KB. Download.

  15. Free Market Research Resources

    Tools and free industry research reports that help you gain insight into demographics and geographic locations of populations of your target market. ... and perform other market research tasks. Requires signing up for a free account. << Previous: Getting Started; Next: Researching Consumers >> Last Updated: Jan 17, 2024 11:02 AM;

  16. 15+ Market Research Books for Free! [PDF]

    At the end of the research, reports are produced which are used as a basis for customer satisfaction and also for developing marketing campaigns. We invite you to get to know this collection with more than 15 market research books in PDF format that will help you meet the necessary goals to move your business forward and even start it successfully.

  17. The Ultimate Guide to Market Research [+Free Templates]

    Interviews. Customer interviews are one of the most effective market research methods out there. It's a great way for business owners to get first-party data from their customers and get insights into how they are doing in real time. 7. Focus groups. Focus groups are a great way to get data on a specific demographic.

  18. MarketBeat: Stock Market News and Research Tools

    Read the latest stock market news on MarketBeat. Get real-time analyst ratings, dividend information, earnings results, financials, headlines, insider trades and options data for any stock. ... Premium Reports. All Reports ; 7 Election Stocks to Own ; 7 Magnificent Stocks in 2024 ; ... Stock Screeners and Research Tools; Begin Your Free Trial ...

  19. Market Research Reports for all industries

    Market Research Reports ; Market Research Reports . Information and Communications Technology Market. ... US/Can Toll Free +44-800-368-9399 UK Office Hours ... Forbes partnered with market research company, Statista, to create the list of America's Best Management Consulting Firms that are optimally positioned to help businesses tackle the ...

  20. Free Marketing Report Templates

    Download a Blank Basic Marketing Report Template for. Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | PowerPoint. Use this marketing report template with and without sample data to streamline your team's marketing-reporting process. To use it, fill in the Executive Summary, Total Projects Delivered and KPIs, Marketing Financial Overview, and Conclusion sections.

  21. PDF Sample Industry Analysis

    ample Industry AnalysisAbout this report: Industry analysis reports contain a wealth of information s. ecific to industry type. This includes current trends, opportunities, threats, challen. es, and critical issues. They also contain financial benchmark information that may be used for comparison again.

  22. 8 Essential Market Research Templates (free)

    8 Templates to Plan & Organize Your Market Research. Market research (or marketing research) helps you deeply understand your customers and target market. It's a group of activities that will uncover insights you can use to create better products and improve your marketing. These templates will help you organize every part of your market ...

  23. (PDF) Market Research

    Abstract. This is the fifth edition of Marketing Research and the first that also takes a United Kingdom, European perspective. It continues to reflect the importance of social media, 'big data ...

  24. FREE 10+ Marketing Research Report Templates in Google Docs

    FREE 10+ Marketing Research Report Templates in Google Docs | MS Word | Pages | PDF. Marketing research reports are for understanding the point by point investigation of target markets, which assumes a fundamental job in a business dynamic and technique arranging. The reports gives required data about market moves because of changes in factors like efficient or social patterns.

  25. Get a Free Huge PDF Report on the Outsourcing Market in 2024

    The 80 Level Team carried out extensive research on the outsourcing market, gathering insights from industry experts and surveying 181 game studios across 54 countries. Today, we share a glimpse at our huge new glossy report that will answer all your questions about the market.

  26. Edu

    Reports and research papers. Research and working papers with deep dives and findings. Policy papers and briefs. Policy recommendations and case studies ... We review and support the development of higher education systems with analysis on resource use and labour market relevance. All of these provide in-depth analyses and advice that draw on ...

  27. Services

    Customer & Marketing Core Business Operations Human Capital ... Save & Close Corporate Research & Development Report 2022. Deloitte's ongoing focus on research and development (R&D) is what has inspired us to carry out this survey - our first research project of this kind since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. ...