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3 Samples Re-employment Letter (Re-joining Letter)

sample application letter for re employment

What Should a Reemployment Request Letter Contain?

Be succinct, inquire about more possibilities., 1. sample of re-application letter for teachers.

Subject:— Re-applying for a teacher position Respected Professor, I am (Your name) and I taught (Subjects name) to (Class or grade name) children at your school for three years (more/less). (Explain in your own words). I'm writing to express my desire to reapply for my previous position.  If at all feasible, I would prefer to return to my previous position as a teacher. (Explain the matter completely.) Due to various domestic concerns and my health challenges, I left my teaching position on (date). (Explain your specific issue and circumstance.) I'm submitting this application to request that I be rehired as a teacher for the same courses.  Now that the domestic concerns have been handled, I am in good health. (Explain your requirements politely.) I hope you will consider my application for a job at your institution once again. If I could have this job back, I'd be l. Thank you for your consideration. Regards, Name Signature.

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2. Application for re-employment

Dear (Name), I recently began a new work at ABC Company, as you are aware. However, I've discovered that the job responsibilities and working atmosphere are not what I anticipated.  As a result, I'm writing to see if I may return to my previous work as Assistant Editor at XYZ Company, which I had for the last four years. I my choice to leave, and if rehired, I can tell you that I can provide the organisation with a long-term commitment. I've gained knowledge of new content management systems, such as Drupal and WordPress, in the time since I was Assistant Editor. These abilities, I feel, will be extremely useful as ABC Company expands its internet presence. I recognise that my position may have been filled by the time the firm considers rehiring me. If that's the case, are there any other available opportunities for which I may apply? Please accept my sincere gratitude for your time and thoughtfulness. I eagerly await your response and am available for a talk at your leisure. At 90858400 or [email protected] , I may be reached. Sincerely,

3. Sample letter for re-employment after retirement

Dear (Name), On [insert date], I started working at your firm. I informed the corporation of my upcoming call to active duty in the United States military on [date]. [If feasible, provide a copy of your written notification.]  If  you delivered your notice orally, include as much detail as possible regarding when, how, and to whom you gave it.] I've completed my term of duty and am now looking for other opportunities. Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), which may be found in Title 38, United States Code, sections 4301-4333, I have the right to reemployment. The text of USERRA, as well as other information about the law, may be found on the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve's website (ESGR). I've included a copy of my DD-214, which shows the dates I joined and left active duty, as well as the fact that I was discharged under honourable terms. [If you don't have a DD-214, attach and refer to a copy of your endorsed orders, a letter from your commanding officer, or other paperwork that shows your military service dates and classification.] Please note that I fulfil USERRA's eligibility requirements for prior notification, length and kind of service, and timely re-employment application. Please accept this letter as my formal re-employment application. I intend to report for work at [insert time and date] with your approval. If you have any questions or if this is not acceptable to you, please contact me as soon as possible at [telephone number]. Thank you for responding so quickly to this situation. Sincerely, 

3. Request for Rehire through email

Sample Reemployment Letter (Complete Guide)

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Application for rejoining of job

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How to Write a Cover Letter to Reapply for My Current Job

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Do I Mention a Previous Interview From Another Time in My Cover Letter?

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If you fill a temporary role with a company, you may have to reapply for the job once the company decides to hire a permanent employee. This practice is known as the temp-to-hire process. Other reasons you may have to reapply for your current job is because of a merger, acquisition or reorganization. When you are required to reapply for your job, enthusiastically approach the application process just like you would any other job. Submit a cover letter and an updated resume that reflects your current job duties.


Your current employer already knows who you are and might know what you have to offer the organization, but a cover letter always begins with an introduction. Make it clear why you are writing and let the human resources department know that you're the best qualified candidate for the job.

I learned that ABC Company is interviewing candidates for the permanent administrative assistant role. As you know, I have been assigned as the temporary administrative assistant since June. According to the job announcement, preferential qualifications include familiarity with company processes and procedures, and acquired proficiency with its proprietary software. Given my knowledge of the organization, positive attitude and stellar performance evaluations while working as a temp , I believe I'm perfectly suited for the permanent administrative assistant position.


In the second paragraph of your cover letter, describe your qualifications. The company should already know the basic qualifications you bring to the job. That's why the company hired you. However, it doesn't hurt to restate your qualifications as well as list additional skills you have learned during the time you've worked in the job. The person who hired you may not be the same person who reviews your qualifications this time. The reason you restate your qualifications is so that anyone reading your cover letter and resume will have a full picture of your qualifications.

My qualifications include a recent associate degree from Austin Community College where I gained proficiency in the latest office software systems and technology. For two years I worked part-time as a receptionist at a busy dental office where I scheduled appointments and managed a phone system with 10 lines.

Use your knowledge about the company to put you above other potential applicants. If you're well-liked in the organization and mention the relationships you've formed. The advantage you have over outside applicants is that you know the organizational culture and you won't have the extra ramp-up time that an outside applicant would have. Add that you collaborate well with employees in other departments, if that is part of your job. Be positive and don't sound resentful that you have to reapply for a job you are already doing well.

I am personally committed to the organization's global mission statement and core values. I have enjoyed the emphasis on teamwork. I particularly like working collaboratively with marketing, public relations and sales when preparing the company's monthly electronic newsletter.


If you made any significant accomplishments in your current role, by all means, list them in a third paragraph. Highlight achievements directly related to the priority tasks of the position you seek. For instance, if the job announcement states that the company seeks an innovative self-starter, describe yourself that way in your application.

During the time I have been working as the temporary administrative assistant, I developed a method for organizing customer orders that improves the efficiency of the department's filing system.

Restate your interest in the job and remind the recruiter or hiring manager that you have successfully performed the job duties as a temporary worker. Request an interview to elaborate on your qualifications. Since you are reapplying for the job and still employed there, it is appropriate to give your work email address and office extension as a means to contact you. Finish your closing paragraph with a professional salutation, such as "Kind regards," or "Very truly," and sign your full name.

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Ruth Mayhew has been writing since the mid-1980s, and she has been an HR subject matter expert since 1995. Her work appears in "The Multi-Generational Workforce in the Health Care Industry," and she has been cited in numerous publications, including journals and textbooks that focus on human resources management practices. She holds a Master of Arts in sociology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Ruth resides in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C.

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