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14 Business Development Resume Examples for 2024

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Writing Your Business Development Resume

Erwin Stevens felt a spark of enthusiasm at advancing to a new business development role: Ideally another managerial position like he’d worked since 2018, but with opportunities for fresh connections and networking within the industry. He sat at his laptop, realizing he’d need to update his resume.

Erwin knew good cover letter writing was essential to a lasting impression, too—especially at at managerial level. But he also knew some added research would pay off, and it definitely did once he found our time-tested resume tips ! He felt accomplished as he updated his experience section with more recent achievements and checked out our business development resume examples, looking forward to his next job already.

If you want to make waves of your own as a business development professional—whether you have managerial experience or you’re entry-level—try our resources yourself to find success like Erwin!

Business Development Manager Resume

or download as PDF

Business development example with 8 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Once you have several years of experience, use a reverse-chronological format. That way, hiring managers can see your most recent experience first.
  • You can make your resume easier to read by using numbers. Luckily, as a biz dev professional, you can point to a whole host of different metrics to demonstrate your impact (sales, up-sells, conversion rate, and retention).
  • We’d also recommend striking a balance between hard skills (Salesforce, Excel, LinkedIn) and soft skills (strategic planning, negotiation, communication).

Business Development Intern Resume

Business development Intern resume example with Business Insight project experience

  • What does it tell the potential employer, you ask? It could point to a proactive candidate who strives for continuous learning and is able to immerse themselves in the sector to understand intricate market trends—all invaluable skills that can stir up a storm in business development.

Entry-Level Business Development Resume

Entry-level business development resume example

  • Typically we recommend including three to six bullet points per work experience (with two to four total work experiences listed). Still, it’s okay to use eight to ten bullet points when you have only one job or internship. 
  • You can title this section “hobbies” or “activities,” and be sure to include things that will impress the hiring manager. For example, if you founded a club or played a sport for many years, that will indicate dedication and good collaboration abilities.

Senior Business Development Manager Resume

Senior business development manager resume example with 12 years of experience

  • If you want to include four or more work experience entries, make sure you’re concentrating the bulk of your bullet points on your most recent/relevant jobs. 
  • You can also try using a different  resume template ; you’d be surprised at the difference a template can make when it comes to fitting content on your page. 
  • Try to make each bullet point no more than 200 characters.  If you go over the character count, consider breaking it down into multiple points. 

VP Business Development Resume

VP business development resume example with 9 years of experience

  • Take note of how Stella lights up her piece with anecdotes of boosting sales by $1.2m at AWeber by penetrating three international markets and driving a total of $870K in new business at Wawa Inc., thanks to her prospecting prowess.

Business Development Assistant Resume

Business development assistant resume example with 1 year of experience

  • In this case, working as a coffee barista ties in nicely with the hospitality industry for which you’re applying. Make the connection for recruiters in a career objective statement at the top of your resume.

Business Development Analyst Resume

resume job description business development representative

  • Highlighting that you’re a Certified Business Development Professional (CBDP) can be the qualification that bumps your name over the edge to land an interview.

Director of Business Development Resume

Director of business development resume example with 10 years of experience

  • How exactly do you do that? By  formatting your resume  in reverse-chronological format! It shows your career journey, starting with your most recent experience, and showcases how you’ve taken on more responsibilities in your recent years.
  • Again, numbers speak louder than words here. Did your team improve their performance as a result of coaching? Did your team allow for expansion into new territories? Try to quantify this impact on your director of business development resume .

Business Development Representative Resume

resume job description business development representative

  • Objectives are only two to three sentences long, so you might need some practice making yours concise. We’d recommend looking at objective examples to help
  • For example, if you worked in retail, you’ve likely had to help customers find the best product for their needs. This is directly applicable to business development, so include it somehow on your business development representative resume.

Business Development Associate Resume

resume job description business development representative

  • Try including numbers like your ROI, reviews, client base, client retention, reduction of client attrition, and other KPI metrics. 
  • So, before you hit submit, put yourself in their shoes: set a six-second timer and scan your business development associate resume .
  • Take a moment and analyze what stood out to you. Was there anything you’d do differently to get their attention? Take this time to make last-minute changes; you’ll be glad you did!

Business Development Strategist Resume

resume job description business development representative

  • Adding some style and creative flair will actually ease readability, provided you don’t go overboard.
  • Use at least two contrasting fonts for your headers and body text, and don’t be afraid to experiment with a little bit of color at the top of your page.
  • We recommend taking a day or two away from your resume so you can come back with fresh eyes. A cup of coffee before your final review couldn’t hurt, either!

Digital Coordinator Business Development Resume

resume job description business development representative

  • We’d recommend using reverse-chronological order to put your most recent experience at the top of the page. That way, hiring managers immediately see what’s important!
  • Including an activity like a foreign language demonstrates your drive and dedication to self-improvement. Mentorship activities highlight your interpersonal skills, leadership, and team-building skills. 

Business Development Executive Resume

Business development executive resume example with 16 years of experience

  • The layout of your resume can make or break the flow of your recruiter’s reading experience. So when you’re  formatting your resume , try out a variety of  resume templates  until you find one that spotlights your greatest selling points.
  • Include impressive numerical metrics such as team headcounts, portfolio sizes, and client lead generation percentages whenever possible.

International Business Development Manager Resume

International business development manager resume example with 19 years of experience

  • In addition to having metrics in your work experience, let your talents shine in the  skills section of your resume . Include mostly technical skills to really ‘wow’ the recruiter or hiring manager.
  • For example, how many accounts did you manage? How many new customers did you bring on within a certain time frame? Did you win any awards? Your achievements are likely more numerous and impressive than you think!

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Job seeker stands with hands in air, questioning how to fill out job materials

Formatting your business development resume correctly is more important than you might think. Good formatting ensures your resume is readable, logical, and complete. When your resume isn’t formatted well, it can be difficult for hiring managers to read, hard for ATS to understand, and just not visually appealing. Let’s start by reviewing the key elements of resume formatting, including: 

  • Your resume formatting options

Your contact header information

How to ensure the ats and recruiters read your resume.

resume job description business development representative

Your resume format options

Applicants’ preferences for formatting change over time. in 2024, the most popular  resume formats  are reverse-chronological, functional, and combination/hybrid.  

Specific pros and cons for each type of format:

  • Reverse-chronological format:  This format highlights your career growth by placing your most recent work experience at the top, leaving your oldest work experience (and likely, least relevant) at the bottom.
  • Functional format:  This format is all about highlighting your skills. It’s typically chosen by applicants with employment history gaps.
  • Combination/Hybrid format:  This format includes a reverse-chronological structure with equal weight between work experience and skills. 

For business development resumes, we always recommend the use of reverse-chronological formatting. Although the combination format might seem like the best choice, it’s not common, so it can become confusing. Reverse-chronological is the preferred format for hiring managers due to its popularity, readability, and logical flow. 

resume job description business development representative

You should list your name at the top of your resume in the header. Make sure to center it, and use the largest font (around 24-point). Right below your header, include the job title you’re seeking in a slightly smaller font (around 20-point font). Your header is also a great place to have some color, whether it’s for your font or as a pretty background. 

On the right or left side of your resume, somewhere just below the header, you’ll want to include the following in a list using standard font size: 

  • Phone number
  • City/state (optional)
  • Professional links, such as LinkedIn (optional)

It can be hard to visualize what this will look like on your resume, so check out the visual below, or check out other  resume examples  for inspiration on achieving a professional yet visually appealing header. 

Business Developer resume contact info

It’s not uncommon for a single business developer job posting to receive more than 200 applicants. Hiring teams couldn’t possibly give each applicant careful consideration, so they use ATS, aka applicant tracking systems. This software was created to help hiring teams during the explosion of online job applications.

Hiring managers use ATS to track keywords in your resume and match them to pre-selected words that the hiring team is seeking. If ATS doesn’t think an applicant is a good fit for the job, their resume can be thrown out before any person has a chance to read it.  

Use the following techniques to ensure both ATS and recruiters can read your resume:

  • Margins : Use standard one-half to one-inch margins. 
  • Fonts:  Keep to the basic professional fonts; no cursive or hard-to-read script! 
  • Font size:  Use about 24-point font for your name, 20-point font for your job title, and 10-12 point font everywhere else on your resume. 
  • Header names : Keep your font size the same for section headers and body text, but use bold lettering to make your headers stand out. You can also try using all caps to make your section headers easier to see. 
  • Skills:  Ensure your skills are highly specialized to the business development job you’re seeking. Always check the  business development job description  to ensure you’ll have enough matching keywords (but never plagiarize). 
  • Logical order:  Use reverse-chronological order because it’s the format ATS operates best with, and hiring managers tend to prefer it. 
  • One page:  Ensure your resume is exactly one page.

Make the changes above while you’re  building a resume  to help you format your resume correctly for the ATS!

resume job description business development representative

How to Write an Effective Business Developer Resume

We know that  writing an effective resume  can feel like a daunting task. However, it’s not that bad if you go section by section, which is what we’ll help you with in this guide.

We’d recommend having this article open in one tab and your resume in another, so you can go back and forth while making revisions. Now, let’s get into the bulk of actually writing your resume: 

  • Using a resume objective or summary statement

How to include your work experience

  • Choosing the right skills
  • Education and certificates 
  • Customizations
  • Proofreading your resume

resume job description business development representative

Clearing the confusion: an objective or summary?

Many prospective business developers are rightfully confused by the resume objective and summary . What are they, why are they important, and when should you use one?

This section will answer all of those questions and give you some examples of both resume objectives and summary statements. 

An  objective  is essentially an opening paragraph for your resume. It includes the job title you’re seeking, your years of experience, specific skills that make you a good candidate, and which company you’re applying for. Although objectives aren’t required, it’s a good idea to include an objective if you have limited work experience or are going through a significant career change. 

On the other hand, a summary is a short synopsis of your work experience. The summary emphasizes your skills and how they were used at previous jobs successfully (using metrics). A summary is best-suited for applicants with at least 10+ years of experience in business development. 

Let’s review a few examples of both strong and weak objectives and summaries:

  • Analysis: This objective does include years of experience, which is good, but it’s entirely too vague. Make sure you mention a specific job title, several particular skills, and the company’s name. 
  • Analysis: This objective is pretty good! It contains a specific job title, years of experience, job-specific skills, and a company name. Hiring managers would be instantly intrigued by this job candidate. 
  • Analysis: If your summary is this vague, leave it out entirely and add more work experience instead. 
  • Analysis: This summary is specific and demonstrates the applicant’s value through relevant metrics and skills. 

resume job description business development representative

Focus on including two to four job experiences on your business developer resume. We know it can be tempting to include every work experience you’ve ever had. Still, including irrelevant jobs from your teenage years isn’t useful when you have many years of relevant work experience. When you’ve held several job titles,  be choosy about which two to four you include on your resume . 

resume job description business development representative

How to write your work experience descriptions

Make your work experience examples professional, interesting, and impressive. Use action verbs such as “spearheaded,” “orchestrated,” or “developed” to start each of your bullet points, and use active voice throughout (rather than passive). This will ensure that you take ownership of your resume and display confidence. 

You also want to avoid personal pronouns, such as “me” or “I,” in your work experience. The hiring manager knows you’re writing about yourself, so avoid taking up the extra space and dooming your resume to the “unprofessional” pile. You’ll also need to decide on punctuation. You can either end all of your bullet points with periods or leave them off. It’s up to you; just be consistent. Finally, pay special attention to using consistent verb tenses. All of your past experience needs to be in the past tense, and you can choose whether you want to include your current experience in the past or present tense. 

Here are some examples of good business developer resume bullet points that incorporate all of the above advice: 

  • Prospected and qualified potential customers with targeted advertising, improving conversion rate by over 20%
  • Conducted multi-channel outreach to prospects by leveraging 3 forms of CRM management tools
  • Developed marketing campaign featuring educational business material, resulting in $200K net profit

resume job description business development representative

How to quantify your impact as a business developer

One of the most important things you include on your business development resume is metrics. Numbers showcase your job impact in a way that words alone cannot.

Aim to have metrics on at least 50 percent of your bullet points, but don’t be afraid to add more if you can. Here are some of the best ways to leverage metrics when you’re discussing your previous business development roles: 

  • Increased revenue:  Arguably, increased revenue is the most important job of a business developer. Highlight how much you’ve increased gross company revenue during your tenure. 
  • Conversion rates:  Have customer conversion rates gone up as you’ve adopted new systems for reaching customers? Did you use targeted advertising, answer questions within minutes or hours, or did you use multi-channel outreach to increase conversion rates? 
  • Leads:  It’s not just important to tell hiring managers that you increased revenue. Tell them  how  you did it. Perhaps you reached 25 percent more leads through the CRM processes you’ve developed? Maybe you initiated a successful referral program? Or perhaps you’ve collaborated on building social media campaigns? 
  • Data analysis:  It’s important to discuss how you’ve utilized data from CRM and related software to get results. Make sure you don’t neglect to mention how your data analysis has improved the ROI for acquisition at your company. 

Using these types of metrics, we created work experience bullet points that could fit any strong business development resume: 

  • Crafted a holistic paid acquisition strategy, leading to a 38% ROI for every dollar spent 
  • Initiated data analysis processes that enabled a deeper understanding of consumer trends, contributing to the creation of 3 unique metrics to track consumer habits 
  • Launched Requests for Proposals (RFPs), collaborating with 19 contractors while meeting 97% of profitability targets and ROIs

resume job description business development representative

How to choose skills for your business developer resume

You must choose the right  skills on your resume  if you want it to be seen by a hiring manager. A successful business development skills section provides insight into your areas of expertise and ensures ATS can find matching keywords on your resume. 

Here are some of the best skills to include on your business development resume:

  • ROI and Data Analysis 
  • Lead Conversion
  • Sales Pitches
  • Presentations
  • Lead Qualification
  • Relationship Building
  • Tactful Communication
  • Campaigns 
  • CRM Salesforce

We’d recommend mostly including hard skills, like “CRM” and “Sales Pitches,” because they’re job-specific, easy to quantify, and focus more on learned abilities. These are the types of skills that demonstrate a clear understanding of the job, and hiring managers actively seek these applicants. These resume skills are some of the best, most sought-after in the business development industry.

Soft skills, such as “time management,” “organization,” and “collaboration,” can play a supporting role in your skills section. They’re important, but harder to quantify and demonstrate, so you should include a few (but not too many) soft skills on your business development resume.

resume job description business development representative

What to know about education, certs, and more

In the field of business development, there are no standardized job qualifications. However, many hiring managers will expect you to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as business, management, or marketing. Some jobs may require applicants to hold an MBA or other graduate degrees, but that’s not the norm. 

On the other hand, certifications are incredible inclusions on your resume. Though they’re often not required, Certified Marketing Professional, Blockchain and Digital Marketing Professional, Digital Marketing Specialist, and other credentials as shown in the example below can give you an extra edge with hiring managers. 

Business development resume certifications

We typically don’t advise business developers to include  interests and hobbies on their resumes , but there are some times when it may be appropriate.

A few pointers for when interests and hobbies may be appropriate for your resume:

  • Consider including this section if you have minimal work experience. Interests, hobbies, and projects can stand in for work experience! 
  • Include unique interests and hobbies if your potential employer values individuality. (For example, a creative company like Nintendo would value knowing you like to sketch in your free time.
  • Think about whether your interests, hobbies, or activities demonstrate a high level of commitment and focus. For example, hobbies such as Olympic Powerlifting prove that you’re a results-driven, focused, and dedicated person. 

This candidate hints at soft skills with spot-on activities.

Business development resume activities

Make your business development resume unique to the job

Remember to tailor your business development resume for every job to which you apply.  It will help ATS recognize keywords and show the employer that you’re genuinely interested in the job. Pay special attention to customizing your resume objective or summary with a specific job title and company name.

Your skills section should also be customized, which you can do by carefully reading the job description. Finally, every bullet point you include should be carefully edited to highlight the most important skills and job duties listed in the job posting. Hopefully, you won’t have to make too many edits, but even if that is the case, this step is essential!

resume job description business development representative

Edit and proofread your resume

You may be tempted to submit your business development resume the second you finish writing it, but stop for a second!

Give yourself a day or two to rest your eyes and brain so that you can proofread your resume with fresh eyes. Send it off to friends and family for edits before  checking your resume  for one final time. You may be surprised to realize you misspelled a few words or used inconsistent punctuation! 

Well on Your Way to Your Next Business Development Job

You should be proud of yourself for reading through this entire resume guide! The hardest part of working on your resume is getting started, and now you’re ready to put in the work and  get your dream business development job in 2024 . Use our  resume checker  to upload your completed resume and check it against our AI-powered tips. On the other hand, if you haven’t started on your resume or want to begin from scratch, use our  AI resume builder , which has built-in AI-powered tips and proper formatting to help set you in the right direction. 

Create my free resume now

Resume Worded   |  Proven Resume Examples

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15 Business Development Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

If you’re interested in helping businesses act on lucrative opportunities, look no further than the field of business development. with a number of new products and markets constantly emerging, business development specialists are in steady demand. find out what you should include in your business development resume as we discuss six examples and go over key skills and action verbs that hiring managers are looking for..

Hiring Manager for Business Development Roles

Businesses in industries of all types are looking to restructure and expand into new markets as a result of the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. This is where business development specialists come in, enabling businesses to act on viable opportunities and operate with optimal flexibility. Business development specialists are in high demand. Per Zippia, the field is growing by eight percent a year and the average salary is over $92,000. Business development can encompass a variety of roles, meaning that the skills you’ll need will vary depending on the position you’re applying for. Some business development specialists are dedicated to client management, while others may be more focused on assessing the departments and operations of a business to determine what type of marketing campaign can be run with the resources available. Generally, though, having a background in business, sales, or finance will come in handy. While the type of resume you craft will be dependent on your personal experience and the particular job listing, this guide will cover six example templates of business development specialists that you can use to base your resume on. Additionally, we’ll discuss the most common types of skills hiring managers will be looking for, and finish up with some tips that are helpful to keep in mind as you craft your own business development resume.

Business Development Resume Templates

Jump to a template:

  • Business Development Representative
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Development Executive
  • Business Development Associate
  • Entry Level Business Development Manager
  • Director of Business Development
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Business Development Intern

Jump to a resource:

  • Keywords for Business Development Resumes

Business Development Resume Tips

  • Action Verbs to Use
  • Bullet Points on Business Development Resumes
  • Related Sales Resumes

Get advice on each section of your resume:

Template 1 of 15: Business Development Representative Resume Example

A business development representative (commonly referred to as BDR) is an entry level sales role. Business development representatives are responsible for driving new business by finding potential clients and building relationships with them. The BDR is usually responsible for booking meetings between new prospects and mid-level salespeople. Typically, business development representatives carry a quota and must book a certain number of new meetings per month. To become a business development representative, a bachelor's degree is typically necessary, though the field can vary. A degree in business, marketing, or communications is preferable. Experience often weighs more heavily than education for this role. Hiring managers will be looking for someone with customer-facing experiences, such as experience as an inside sales associate or retail associate. Hiring managers will look for someone who is extroverted, creative, and extremely self-motivated.

A resume for a business development representative with a degree in business adminstration and experience as a sales representative.

We're just getting the template ready for you, just a second left.

Tips to help you write your Business Development Representative resume in 2024

   showcase your competitive nature.

A competitive nature is a sought-after trait for many sales roles. As a business development representative, you will be measured on your numbers and must be willing to compete with peers to meet your numbers. Showing your competitive nature will show hiring managers you have the right mindset for the role. You can highlight competitive athletics you’ve been involved in, or highlight previous experience in quota-carrying roles.

   Get comfortable and proficient with cold calling

Cold calling is absolutely necessary for this role. Many companies will ask candidates to perform a mock-cold call during the interview process. It’s important to list cold calling as a skill on your resume and to actually practice the act of cold calling in order to build confidence in this area.

Skills you can include on your Business Development Representative resume

Template 2 of 15: business development representative resume example.

Business development representatives are more involved in handling client relationships, and this resume reflects that. If you have a similar background across sales, client management, or product-related analysis for clients, you should emphasize your associated skills and accomplishments. Tying them to numerical values will further solidify your case.

If you have a varied background in business development, it can help to include an assortment of relevant accomplishments and skills (along with numerical values where possible).

   Well-rounded and related accomplishments to business development specialists

Rather than repeating similar accomplishments across their positions, this applicant has included a variety of accomplishments that all fall under the business development umbrella. For example, they reference their ability to generate leads through cold calling, their skills at managing customer relationships, and assisting in training representatives. If you have a similar breadth of skills, you should do the same to indicate your overall capabilities in the position.

Well-rounded and related accomplishments to business development specialists - Business Development Representative Resume

   Use numbers when describing your business development accomplishments

Businesses are driven by their results, and the best way to demonstrate that you have experience with improving a business’s bottom line is by including numerical values with every accomplishment you list. If you can list values such as “qualified 250+ opportunities”, “answered 200+ customers’ questions”, or “generated 100 new clients”, it will lend to your credibility.

Use numbers when describing your business development accomplishments - Business Development Representative Resume

Template 3 of 15: Business Development Manager Resume Example

As a Business Development Manager, you'll be focusing on driving sales and generating new clients for the company. Your resume should showcase your ability to build professional relationships and skills in market research, sales strategy, and negotiation. It's essential to demonstrate how you've contributed to the growth of previous organizations by generating leads and closing deals. Tailor your resume to highlight your achievements in sales, negotiation, and market expansion, as well as any industry-specific expertise you possess. Stay up-to-date on industry trends and company developments to make your resume stand out. Being knowledgeable about recent changes in the business landscape and how they may affect the company you're applying to will show your potential employer that you're proactive and well-prepared. Highlight any relevant certifications, training, or prior experience that demonstrates your ability to adapt to new technologies and market conditions.

Business Development Manager resume example

Tips to help you write your Business Development Manager resume in 2024

   showcase quantifiable achievements.

Use specific figures, percentages, or statistics to highlight your accomplishments in sales and business development. This helps employers quickly understand the impact you've had in previous roles and better visualize the potential value you could bring to their company.

Showcase quantifiable achievements - Business Development Manager Resume

   Highlight relevant industry experience

If you have experience in the industry the company operates in, make sure to emphasize that in your resume. This knowledge, combined with your business development skills, will demonstrate your ability to understand the unique challenges and opportunities that the company faces.

Highlight relevant industry experience - Business Development Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Business Development Manager resume

Template 4 of 15: business development manager resume example.

A skilled or experienced business development manager can be the defining asset of a business due to the responsibilities encompassed by the position, and hiring managers are looking for applicants who have risen to the challenge. If you have a significant background in business development management, you should similarly emphasize the most impactful accomplishments at your most recent position.

Experienced business development managers should indicate their ability to grow in their capacity to help businesses by showcasing their most impactful accomplishments at their most recent positions.

   Show increasing levels of positive impact and responsibilities

Growing in the capacity of business development manager should naturally equate to producing increasingly positive results. This applicant demonstrates that by showing a sequential progression in their accomplishments across the positions they’ve held. At their first listed position, for example, they successfully ran 20 trades shows, while at their most recent position, they increased the number of customers by 20 percent through Adwords.

Show increasing levels of positive impact and responsibilities - Business Development Manager Resume

   Includes and exemplifies business development techniques

At the bottom of the resume, the applicant lists the techniques they are familiar with (such as “business strategy” and “resource planning”). These words can help get past applicant tracking systems and hiring managers - and they are especially effective when they are backed up by the listed accomplishments.

Includes and exemplifies business development techniques - Business Development Manager Resume

Template 5 of 15: Business Development Executive Resume Example

As a Business Development Executive, you'll be responsible for driving sales, expanding client relationships, and forging new partnerships. In recent years, this role has evolved to include a strong understanding of digital marketing and analytics. When crafting your resume, it's essential to showcase not only your sales and negotiation skills but also your knowledge of digital tools and trends. In the second paragraph, focus on tailoring your experience to the unique needs of the companies you're targeting. Business development can vary across different industries and company sizes, so do your research and emphasize your adaptability and ability to thrive in diverse environments.

Business Development Executive resume showcasing digital marketing expertise and strategic thinking.

Tips to help you write your Business Development Executive resume in 2024

   highlight digital marketing expertise.

It's vital to showcase your proficiency in digital marketing and analytics, as these skills are increasingly important in business development roles. Use your resume to highlight specific tools, platforms, and campaigns you've managed, along with any relevant certifications.

Highlight digital marketing expertise - Business Development Executive Resume

   Showcase strategic thinking

Business Development Executives are expected to think strategically and identify growth opportunities. In your resume, emphasize instances where you've successfully identified new markets, devised innovative partnership strategies, or launched new products that contributed to business growth.

Showcase strategic thinking - Business Development Executive Resume

Skills you can include on your Business Development Executive resume

Template 6 of 15: business development executive resume example.

As a business development executive, you’ll be expected to take the reins of a business’s growth. When applying for this position, you should aim to include a broad range of relevant accomplishments that show your ability to manage personnel and departments, increase the client base, or improve sales through meeting senior clients.

Business development executives should utilize strong action verbs to emphasize their broad range of relevant skills and accomplishments.

   Good usage of business development skills and action verbs

Each bullet point on this resume contains a relevant business development skill. From the foundational ability to “increase profitability and productivity” to meeting and exceeding sales goals for four years, this applicant goes on to include “growing territory” and establishing CRM, all of which speaks to a high level of capacity in the position.

Good usage of business development skills and action verbs - Business Development Executive Resume

   Wide breadth of relevant BD accomplishments

This applicant touches on a number of accomplishments that are each relevant to the business development field, from their work managing servicing for a sales app to writing policies that directly improved sales. If you have been similarly involved in multiple aspects of a business’s front end and back end sales operations, you should include a similarly full perspective.

Wide breadth of relevant BD accomplishments - Business Development Executive Resume

Template 7 of 15: Business Development Associate Resume Example

A business development associate is an entry level role with varying responsibilities relating to sales and marketing. Broadly, a business development associate is responsible for helping to drive new business for the company. They may do this in a number of ways, including following up with sales leads, setting up for and attending trade shows, preparing marketing materials and direct mail campaigns, and more. This role typically works closely with sales and marketing to help them reach business goals. To become a business development associate, an educational background in marketing, business or communications will be preferred. However, a certain skill set is more important than education for this role. Hiring managers will be looking for someone with relevant experience like prior roles as a sales rep or retail associate. Additionally, it’s important that business development associates are outgoing and skilled communicators.

A resume for a business development associate with a degree in business management and experience as a business development coordinator.

Tips to help you write your Business Development Associate resume in 2024

   highlight any experience you have in event planning.

At many companies, the business development associate is responsible for driving new leads at in person events and conferences. As such, it’s important to highlight your experience with planning for and attending events. Even if it’s in a different industry, any experience with the logistics of event planning should help you stand out.

Highlight any experience you have in event planning - Business Development Associate Resume

   Showcase your experience with customer service

Often, business development associates own all inbound phone calls and will need to solve issues current customers are having. They may be the first line of defense before a disgruntled customer reaches management. On your resume, you should showcase customer service skills such as de-escalation, negotiation, and intentional listening.

Showcase your experience with customer service - Business Development Associate Resume

Skills you can include on your Business Development Associate resume

Template 8 of 15: business development associate resume example.

Business development associates can be expected to have familiarity with maintaining client relationships and increasing the number of customers at the same time as being familiar with the inner workings of companies. This resume shows that they have worked with both outside sales teams as well as internal departments.

As a business development associate, it helps to demonstrate your ability to work inside of companies (including with other departments) as well as with external relationships.

   Shows affinity for teamwork

Teamwork can go a long way toward improving business performance, and indicating that you have some experience with it is a good way to go. This applicant does so by including that they worked with product and tech teams and helped coordinate social events for the firm, along with similar accomplishments.

Shows affinity for teamwork - Business Development Associate Resume

   Includes projects to show BD experience

One of the highlights of this resume is the short list of projects in the lower right corner. If you have similar projects or related business development accomplishments for clients or other departments, you should include them to support your overall competency.

Includes projects to show BD experience - Business Development Associate Resume

Template 9 of 15: Entry Level Business Development Manager Resume Example

The business development manager typically oversees employees and tasks that relate to business development and outbound sales. Most typically, the business development manager will be responsible for overseeing entry level sales staff, such as business development representatives. They also oversee the creation of outbound sales strategy and procedure. They may write email campaigns, teach calling talk tracks, help with online ad campaigns, and other tasks that all relate to revenue generation. In order to become a business development manager, you’ll need some specific experience. Since this is an entry level role, hiring managers will be looking for one or two years of sales experience. Those with prior experience as a sales associate, lead business development representative, or business development associate are more likely to land this role. Ideal candidates for this role will have a minimum of an associates degree in a related field.. Moreover, candidates for this role should have strong leadership skills and sales knowledge.

A resume for an entry level business development manager with a master's degree in business and experience as business development analyst.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Business Development Manager resume in 2024

   showcase leadership skills on your resume.

Since this position is usually responsible for overseeing a team of junior-level sales staff, it’s important to showcase your ability to guide others on your resume. Any experience you have training, mentoring, or managing others should be clearly outlined on your resume.

Showcase leadership skills on your resume - Entry Level Business Development Manager Resume

   Highlight your outbound sales experience

Since this role is usually responsible for overseeing the outbound sales strategy, it’s important to showcase experiences that involve launching sales campaigns or effective outbound prospecting. Any experience you have with email campaigns, cold calling, and digital marketing should be highlighted on your resume.

Highlight your outbound sales experience - Entry Level Business Development Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Business Development Manager resume

Template 10 of 15: entry-level business development manager resume example.

Entry level business development managers can make a big impression even with less experience in the field. This applicant showcases their ability to come up with strategies, find opportunities, and produce new business throughout their application by using strong action verbs. As a result, creativity and innovation are both soft skills that come across well without being directly mentioned.

Using powerful action verbs relevant to business development, particularly when paired with quantifiable accomplishments, will help your resume stand out.

Tips to help you write your Entry-Level Business Development Manager resume in 2024

   quantify your accomplishments, even if you're just starting out.

Even though the accomplishments of an entry level business development manager may not be as robust as an experienced one, they should still be quantified to give the best impression to hiring managers. This applicant does that at every bullet point (at one point even noting the number of states they increased new business in).

Quantify your accomplishments, even if you're just starting out - Entry-Level Business Development Manager Resume

   Use action verbs that indicate sales and management capability

Like the executive resume template, this resume utilizes strong action verbs to make each accomplishment impactful. You should aim to include similar verbs (such as “generated”, “landed”, “cut”, and “persuaded”) to impart your proficiency with sales and management.

Use action verbs that indicate sales and management capability - Entry-Level Business Development Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Entry-Level Business Development Manager resume

Template 11 of 15: director of business development resume example.

Ah, the Director of Business Development. A title that brings with it immense responsibility. This role is a significant one that focuses on creating long-term value for a company from customers, markets, and relationships. In recent years, the focus has shifted from traditional methods of business development to more innovative strategies. It's no longer just about sales and marketing. Now, innovation, strategizing, restructuring operations, and developing partnerships have become essential. So, when crafting your resume, it's key to highlight your ability to innovate, strategize and build relationships, on top of your sales and marketing skills. Moreover, soft skills like leadership, communication, negotiation, and strategic thinking are highly sought after in this role. Prospective employers are seeking individuals who can not only identify new business opportunities but also lead teams to leverage these opportunities. Therefore, when writing your resume, emphasize your leadership qualities and your accomplishes in relation to growing businesses and leading teams.

A well-structured resume for a Director of Business Development highlighting strategic initiatives and leadership skills.

Tips to help you write your Director of Business Development resume in 2024

   highlight your strategic initiatives.

Instead of just listing your job duties, focus on the strategic initiatives you have taken. Show how you have innovated strategies, built partnerships, and restructured operations to drive business growth.

Highlight Your Strategic Initiatives - Director of Business Development Resume

   Show Your Leadership Skills

Show how you have built, led and grown business development teams. Include examples of your leadership during times of change, how you inspired your team, and the results you achieved together.

Show Your Leadership Skills - Director of Business Development Resume

Skills you can include on your Director of Business Development resume

Template 12 of 15: director of business development resume example.

At the high end of business development is the director, often responsible for one or more departments dedicated to business growth. Directors require the ability to see the overview of a business and assess its place within the industry. This resume encapsulates that by including foundational positions and skills crowned by impactful, businesswide accomplishments.

Business development directors should aim to show their increasing capacity for responsibility, as well as their ability to see and utilize fine details at the same time as an overarching view of the business.

   Demonstrate increasing responsibilities and promotions

Like the second resume we looked at, this resume does a great job at showing growth over time. From a starting point as an associate that generated “50+ leads a week” to most recently being responsible for “increasing lead generation by 40%” in one year, the progression of responsibility is clear. You should clearly emphasize your increasing responsibilities and promotions, especially when applying for senior roles.

Demonstrate increasing responsibilities and promotions - Director of Business Development Resume

   Shows broad vision and attention to detail

This applicant shows both their ability to pay attention to detail (such as by being in the top 3 percent of the company when using Salesforce to track sales) and their capacity to look at a business holistically (by completing a SWOT). You should aim to include contrasting accomplishments to indicate your versatility.

Shows broad vision and attention to detail - Director of Business Development Resume

Template 13 of 15: Vice President of Business Development Resume Example

This is an executive-level position, where you will be tasked with ensuring that the company is hitting its growth goals. You will partake in developing sales and marketing targets and will work with your department to reach those targets. This position requires excellent leadership and communication skills as well as a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field, and years of successful sales experience.

A vice president of business development resume sample that highlights the applicant’s career progression and leadership skills.

Tips to help you write your Vice President of Business Development resume in 2024

   show career progression in sales..

It is imperative that you have a strong sales background. Recruiters will be looking for this in your resume so ensure you focus on including your sales experience and show progression up the sales department ladder.

Show career progression in sales. - Vice President of Business Development Resume

   Mention your type of leadership.

Different companies have different cultures of leadership. If you have a specific type of leadership like Agile leadership, include that in your skills section. If you know the company you are applying to uses Agile leadership a lot, include that qualification in your introduction section.

Mention your type of leadership. - Vice President of Business Development Resume

Skills you can include on your Vice President of Business Development resume

Template 14 of 15: sales development representative resume example.

These professionals are an important part of the sales cycle. In this position, your job is to create as many leads as possible and assess if their needs are a good fit for your company. You can then pass it on to colleagues whose job it is to close deals. You must be very knowledgeable about your company’s products and must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills to thrive in this position. Aside from these qualities, recruiters will be looking at your resume to see a strong background in sales and particularly, lead generation.

A sales development representative resume sample that highlights the applicant’s impressive sales metrics and effective call skills.

Tips to help you write your Sales Development Representative resume in 2024

   emphasis on your ability to effectively talk to clients..

A central part of your job is talking to clients, finding out their needs, and going beyond their initial ‘no’ to convince them to explore what your company can do for them. Your resume needs to show your ability to effectively speak with clients so including a history of talking to clients and working on scripts for calls would be useful.

   Include your most impressive sales metrics in the introduction.

Start your resume strong by including the most impressive sales metrics you have. This applicant includes the amount they exceeded the sales target by, and the impressive profits they've been able to bring as a result.

Include your most impressive sales metrics in the introduction. - Sales Development Representative Resume

Skills you can include on your Sales Development Representative resume

Template 15 of 15: business development intern resume example.

As an intern in this profession, you will get to experience many parts of the sales cycle. You may be involved in product development, strategy development, lead mining, speaking to leads, and might even try your hand at closing deals. Work hard and learn as much as possible to impress your superiors and potentially secure yourself a full-time job. Here is a successful resume sample for this position.

A business development intern resume sample that highlights the applicant’s relevant certifications and related experience.

Tips to help you write your Business Development Intern resume in 2024

   get certifications in place of experience..

You may not have a lot of relevant experience to show your dedication and experience in the field. To make up for this, consider getting as many related certifications as possible. Certifications in sales or marketing would be particularly relevant.

Get certifications in place of experience. - Business Development Intern Resume

   Show a variety of tasks in the experience section.

Because you are bound to do a variety of tasks in this position, show recruiters that you have done many of those tasks in your experience section. So include experience not only in sales but also in product development, marketing, and more.

Show a variety of tasks in the experience section. - Business Development Intern Resume

Skills you can include on your Business Development Intern resume

We spoke with hiring managers from top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce to gather their best tips for creating a winning Business Development resume. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, these tips will help you showcase your skills and stand out to potential employers.

   Highlight your sales and revenue growth achievements

Employers want to see how you've directly contributed to a company's bottom line. Showcase your success in generating revenue and closing deals with specific metrics.

  • Closed $500K in new business within first 6 months, exceeding quota by 25%
  • Grew territory revenue from $2M to $5M in 2 years through strategic account management

Avoid vague statements that don't provide concrete evidence of your impact:

  • Responsible for sales growth and business development
  • Helped increase revenue

Bullet Point Samples for Business Development

   Showcase your industry expertise and network

Demonstrate your deep understanding of the industry and your ability to leverage relationships to drive business growth.

  • Built and maintained relationships with key decision makers at Fortune 500 companies
  • Established partnerships with industry influencers, resulting in 50% increase in brand awareness
  • Recognized as thought leader, regularly invited to speak at industry conferences

Don't just list the industries you've worked in without providing context:

  • Experience in tech, healthcare, and finance industries

   Emphasize your ability to identify and pursue new opportunities

Employers value individuals who can proactively seek out and capitalize on new business opportunities. Highlight instances where you've identified untapped markets or created new revenue streams.

  • Spearheaded entry into new vertical market, securing $1M in contracts within first year
  • Identified cross-selling opportunities across product lines, increasing average deal size by 30%

Avoid generic statements that could apply to any business development professional:

  • Constantly looking for new business opportunities
  • Skilled in identifying new markets

   Demonstrate your strong communication and presentation skills

Success in business development often hinges on your ability to effectively communicate and persuade. Provide examples of how you've used your communication skills to win over clients and close deals.

  • Delivered compelling presentations to C-level executives, securing $10M in new contracts
  • Negotiated complex deals with procurement teams, achieving 20% higher pricing than standard
Charismatic presenter and negotiator with proven ability to influence decision makers and drive consensus among diverse stakeholders.

Don't simply claim to have strong communication skills without backing it up:

  • Excellent communicator
  • Strong presentation abilities

   Quantify your impact on sales cycle and conversion rates

Employers want to understand how you've improved key sales metrics. Use numbers to illustrate your impact on the sales process and your ability to drive conversions.

  • Reduced average sales cycle from 6 months to 3 months through targeted outreach and persistent follow-up
  • Improved lead-to-opportunity conversion rate from 10% to 25% by qualifying leads more effectively

Avoid making claims without providing specific numbers to back them up:

  • Helped shorten the sales cycle
  • Improved conversion rates

   Highlight successful collaborations with other teams

Business development often requires close collaboration with marketing, product, and other teams. Showcase how you've worked cross-functionally to achieve common goals.

  • Partnered with product team to develop new offering, resulting in $5M in incremental revenue
  • Collaborated with marketing to create targeted campaigns, generating 50% more qualified leads

Don't overlook the importance of teamwork and collaboration:

  • Worked with other teams on various projects

As indicated by the variety of resumes we looked at above, business development specialists can focus on a variety of skills and accomplishments. With that in mind, you should focus your resume on matching the requirements outlined (or even hinted at) by the job listing you’re applying for.

   Use the job listing as a guide

If the job listing mentions client relationships, that’s a good indicator that you should be including your past accomplishments working with clients. That means referencing the number of clients you’ve worked with, how many clients you’ve signed on, how well you’ve improved a company’s close rate, and any similar statistics you can provide that demonstrate your familiarity with client relations. Businesses may be looking to hire a business development specialist to help them assess and restructure their departments to improve their marketing capacity. If the listing mentions analyzing, assessing, restructuring, or similar terminology, you should include accomplishments and skills related to data or finance management. As another example, the business may be looking for a business development specialist with marketing skills. If the listing includes product management, marketing, advertising, or branding, emphasize your relevant background.

   Focus on your business development skills

Business development professionals can come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and it may be tempting to include career experience from multiple positions, departments, or industries. Ultimately, though, hiring managers are looking for a somewhat specific skill set in business development professionals (outlined above), and it is important to keep those skills prominent in your resume. In the event that you have had a career change or a significant gap in your employment, you should still focus on the most relevant business development skills in your job experience or extracurricular or volunteer activities. As an example, while you may have worked in Human Resources in the past, the number of employees you assisted, any improvements to the business’s retention rate, and any savings you helped generate for the business could all be helpful to include.

Writing Your Business Development Resume: Section By Section

  header, 1. put your name on the first line.

Your name should be the most prominent element in your header, making it easy for hiring managers to remember who you are. Put your full name on its own line at the top of your header.

Here's an example of how to format your name:

Avoid adding labels or titles next to your name that could distract from it, like this:

  • John Smith, Business Development Manager
  • John Smith, MBA

2. Include key contact details

After your name, add your key contact details so employers can easily get in touch with you. Essential details to include are:

  • Phone number
  • Professional email address
  • Location (City, State)
  • LinkedIn profile URL

You can put these details on one line, separated by dividers. For example:

John Smith 555-123-4567 | [email protected] | New York, NY |

Avoid including personal details like your full mailing address or unprofessional email handles. Keep your header concise and relevant.

3. Optionally include your job title

If you're an experienced business development professional, you may want to include your current or target job title in your resume header. This can help frame your experience right from the start. Some examples:

  • John Smith Business Development Manager 555-123-4567 | [email protected] | New York, NY |
  • Jane Doe Director of Business Development 555-987-6543 | [email protected] | San Francisco, CA |

However, if you are applying for business development roles in different industries or at varying levels, it may be best to leave your title out to avoid pigeonholing yourself. Let your experience speak for itself instead.


A resume summary, also known as a professional summary or career summary, is an optional section that sits at the top of your resume. It provides a brief overview of your most relevant skills, experiences, and achievements, tailored to the specific job you're applying for.

While a summary can be beneficial for experienced professionals or those making a career change, it's not always necessary. Your resume itself should already highlight your key qualifications. Additionally, avoid using an objective statement, as it focuses on your goals rather than how you can contribute to the company.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for a Business Development resume

To learn how to write an effective resume summary for your Business Development resume, or figure out if you need one, please read Business Development Resume Summary Examples , or Business Development Resume Objective Examples .

1. Tailor your summary to the business development role

When crafting your summary for a business development position, focus on the specific skills and experiences that align with the job requirements. Consider what the employer is looking for and how you can demonstrate your ability to meet those needs.

Business development professional with 5+ years of experience in identifying and securing strategic partnerships. Proven track record of increasing revenue by 20% through targeted outreach and relationship building. Skilled in market analysis, negotiations, and cross-functional collaboration.

Avoid generic statements that could apply to any job, such as:

  • Experienced professional seeking a challenging position
  • Hardworking individual with a strong work ethic

2. Highlight your key achievements with metrics

Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible to provide concrete evidence of your impact in previous roles. Use numbers, percentages, and dollar amounts to showcase your success in driving business growth, increasing revenue, or expanding market share.

  • Secured $500K in new business through targeted outreach and relationship building
  • Expanded client base by 30% in key markets through strategic partnerships

Avoid vague or unsubstantiated claims, such as:

  • Excellent business development skills
  • Proven track record of success

3. Showcase your industry knowledge and expertise

Demonstrate your understanding of the industry and market trends relevant to the business development role. Highlight your expertise in specific areas, such as market analysis, competitive intelligence, or strategic partnerships.

  • Deep knowledge of SaaS market trends and competitive landscape
  • Expertise in developing strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies

Avoid using buzzwords or jargon that may not resonate with the employer, such as:

  • Thought leader


The work experience section is the heart of your resume. It's where you showcase your career and the impact you've had. Hiring managers and recruiters want to see your career trajectory, key accomplishments, and how you've grown in your roles.

In this section, we'll cover what to focus on in your work experience to make it stand out for business development roles.

1. Focus on business growth and revenue impact

In business development roles, driving growth and increasing revenue is key. Highlight experiences and accomplishments that show your impact in these areas, such as:

  • Landed $500K deal with XYZ Corp, expanding into new market vertical
  • Grew revenue 25% YoY by implementing new lead gen strategy and sales playbook
  • Secured partnerships with 3 Fortune 500 firms, adding $2M+ in pipeline

Quantify your impact where possible. Use real numbers, percentages, and dollar amounts to give scale to your achievements.

2. Showcase your full sales cycle experience

Business development roles often involve working across the full sales cycle, from prospecting to closing. Highlight experiences across different stages to show your full skill set. Avoid just listing job duties.

Weak, duties-based descriptions will fail to impress, like:

  • Responsible for finding new leads
  • Collaborated with marketing on events
  • Negotiated contracts with clients

Instead, showcase your abilities with strong, results-oriented bullet points:

  • Built prospect list of 250+ target accounts, generating 50+ new opps in 1 year
  • Partnered with demand gen to execute 10 ABM campaigns, sourcing $1M in pipeline
  • Negotiated and closed 5 six-figure deals at 25% above target price

3. Highlight sales tools and technical expertise

Modern business development is powered by sales tools and tech stacks. Showcase your experience with common tools used in your industry, such as:

  • CRM platforms (Salesforce, HubSpot)
  • Prospecting tools (ZoomInfo, Outreach, Sales Nav)
  • Sales enablement and intelligence (Gong, Clari, Seismic)
  • Productivity tools (Google Workspace, Office365, Slack)

Technical proficiency is also valued, especially in industries like SaaS, tech, and professional services. Mention technical concepts you're well-versed in that are relevant to your field, such as API integrations, cloud computing, cybersecurity, etc.

Leveraged Salesforce to analyze sales data and identify 3 underperforming segments, leading to new GTM strategy that increased ASP 15% and win rates 10% QoQ.

4. Show progression and increased responsibility

Hiring managers like to see growth and progression in your career. If you've been promoted, managed teams, or taken on stretch assignments, call that out. For example:

  • Promoted to Senior BDR in 12 months after exceeding quota 8 quarters straight
  • Selected for President's Club 2 years in a row and asked to mentor new reps
  • Managed 5-person inside sales team, coaching them to exceed goal by 30%

You can also show progression by highlighting how you've taken on more complex work, even without a formal promotion. Maybe you started out working SMB deals and progressed to enterprise clients, or expanded your role to include partner channels. Emphasize these areas of growth.


Your education section is a key part of your business development resume. It shows hiring managers your relevant academic background and training. Let's break down how to write a strong education section step-by-step.

1. Put education at the top if you're a recent grad

If you graduated from college in the last 1-3 years, place your education section above your work experience. Your degree is likely your strongest qualification at this stage in your career.

Include your degree, major, university name, and graduation year:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Marketing University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Graduated: May 2022

You can also include relevant coursework, academic honors, and extracurriculars if you have space. These help demonstrate skills useful for business development roles.

2. For experienced hires, keep education brief

Once you have a few years of work experience, move your education to the bottom of your resume. At this stage, your professional accomplishments carry more weight than academics.

Senior business development professionals can keep education to 1-2 lines:

  • MBA, Harvard University
  • BS in Finance, New York University

In contrast, avoid listing graduation dates or taking up too much space:

Master of Business Administration, 2005-2007 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Thesis: "Marketing Strategies for SaaS Products" GPA: 3.8

3. Include relevant certifications and training

In addition to your university degrees, add any substantial certifications or training you've completed that relate to business development. For example:

  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
  • Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing, Google

Leave off minor online courses, workshops, or non-relevant certifications. Focus on those that developed skills directly applicable to landing business development jobs.

You can list these in your education section or in a separate "Certifications" section, depending on how much other material you have.

Action Verbs For Business Development Resumes

Action verbs for business development specialists should generally indicate growth, improvement, and change, as the position relies on being able to generate and pursue new opportunities for businesses. We’ve included a list of strong action verbs to include on the left. As an example of this in practice, the business development executive that we looked at above (the third template we reviewed) included a selection of relevant action verbs at each bullet point. We noted earlier how they described “growing territory”, but it’s also worth mentioning that they increased the customer base by 50 percent, boosted the BBB rating status, and “revamped” their recruiting process. The verbs you choose to describe your accomplishments should be similarly dynamic (rather than flat or static). Put another way, business development specialists aren’t meant to maintain a status quo, but to elevate a business’s potential.

Action Verbs for Business Development

  • Recommended
  • Prioritized
  • Facilitated
  • Accelerated
  • Transformed

For more related action verbs, visit Sales Action Verbs .

For a full list of effective resume action verbs, visit Resume Action Verbs .

Action Verbs for Business Development Resumes

Skills for business development resumes.

Not every business development specialist comes from a similar background. However, hiring managers and applicant tracking systems will be looking for specific skills that indicate that you have the ability to help the business via marketing, client management, or revenue growth. On the left, we’ve identified the most common business development skills that hiring managers want to see. After you’ve matched either your background or the position you’re applying for with a template similar to one of the ones we’ve looked at, you should determine what skills are most relevant to your experiences. The list of skills can help you determine the accomplishments you should include, and these should be listed in bullet point form under every position (or in a break out “Projects” section as in the fourth resume we looked at earlier). Additionally, you should include your hard skills and the techniques you have learned (such as “Business Strategy” in the second resume template) in a skills bank at either the bottom or the right side of your resume.

  • Business Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Sales Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project Planning
  • Account Management
  • Customer Service
  • Market Research
  • Microsoft Access
  • Product Management
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • International Sales
  • Product Development
  • Solution Selling
  • Market Analysis

How To Write Your Skills Section On a Business Development Resumes

You can include the above skills in a dedicated Skills section on your resume, or weave them in your experience. Here's how you might create your dedicated skills section:

Skills Word Cloud For Business Development Resumes

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Business Development job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more 'important' it is.

Top Business Development Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

How to use these skills?

Resume bullet points from business development resumes.

You should use bullet points to describe your achievements in your Business Development resume. Here are sample bullet points to help you get started:

Strengthened relationships with 6 strategic partners (including Expedia, Skyscanner and Airbnb) through follow-up meetings with C-suite executives

Generated 50+ project requests through cold call sales and systematic email outreach; completed due diligence to qualify leads based on credit, industry and location

Developed dashboards containing performance metrics to global and local senior management teams; dashboards used by 30+ executives

Conducted due diligence to assess and value potential acquisitions in childcare industry; assessed 30+ companies and recommendation was acquired by company

Developed and executed customer referral program, leading to 50% increase in referral business and $2MM of incremental revenue

For more sample bullet points and details on how to write effective bullet points, see our articles on resume bullet points , how to quantify your resume and resume accomplishments .

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I had a clear uptick in responses after using your template. I got many compliments on it from senior hiring staff, and my resume scored way higher when I ran it through ATS resume scanners because it was more readable. Thank you!

resume job description business development representative

Thank you for the checklist! I realized I was making so many mistakes on my resume that I've now fixed. I'm much more confident in my resume now.

resume job description business development representative

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Business Development Representative job description

This Business Development Representative job description template lists essential skills and qualifications to look for in candidates for this role. Feel free to add specific job duties that meet your needs.

Christina Pavlou

An experienced recruiter and HR professional who has transferred her expertise to insightful content to support others in HR.

Business Development Representative responsibilities include:

  • Qualifying leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities
  • Contacting potential clients through cold calls and emails
  • Presenting our company to potential clients

business development representative job description

Want to generate a unique job description?

Looking for a job.

We are looking for a Business Development Representative to act as the liaison between our Marketing and Sales teams. Your role will be to seek new business opportunities by contacting and developing relationships with potential customers.

To be successful in this role, you should have previous experience developing leads from marketing campaigns and meeting sales quotas. You will use your communication skills to cultivate strong relationships with customers, from first contact until you close the deal. You will also ensure proper after-sales service. If you are motivated and results-driven, and enjoy working in a team environment, we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you will boost sales and contribute to our long-term business growth.


  • Qualify leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities
  • Contact potential clients through cold calls and emails
  • Present our company to potential clients
  • Identify client needs and suggest appropriate products/services
  • Customize product solutions to increase customer satisfaction
  • Build long-term trusting relationships with clients
  • Proactively seek new business opportunities in the market
  • Set up meetings or calls between (prospective) clients and Account Executives
  • Report to the Business Development Manager on (weekly/monthly/quarterly) sales results
  • Stay up-to-date with new products/services and new pricing/payment plans

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Business Development Representative, Sales Account Executive or similar role
  • Hands-on experience with multiple sales techniques (including cold calls)
  • Track record of achieving sales quotas
  • Experience with CRM software (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Familiarity with MS Excel (analyzing spreadsheets and charts)
  • Understanding of sales performance metrics
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to deliver engaging presentations
  • BSc degree in Marketing, Business Administration or relevant field

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  • • Increased sales by 15% between 2019 and 2020 following a targeted activation campaign and a real-time analysis of post-purchase client behavior
  • • Using a CRM archived data, tracked down old prospects and gained $2M in new business over six months
  • • Developed strategic partnerships with the supply chain of 3 top local retail companies
  • • First-year sales of $8 million doubled in the next year as a direct result of demonstrating the value of the new DataOps platform, as opposed to the competitor's project to rebuild
  • • Identify and connect with senior management at Corporate Houses with respect to expansion, relocation or consolidation of their real estate portfolio for smooth transition of their leasing transaction
  • • Prepared detailed presentations and dashboards with market analysis; financial projections; compiled demographics, and competition data using MS Office
  • • Client Relationship Management: Establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with corporate clients for future expansion relocation plans, lease renewals, and other supporting real-estate requirements
  • • Created and managed a database of corporate liens in the city, and creating effective meeting agendas to capture appropriate clients' information, needs and concerns
  • • Produced high quality lads for large accounts managed by senior executives; 55% of all leads resulted in closed transactions
  • • Managed a portfolio size of $2.5 million for over assigned 300+ high net worth clients; providing them full range of banking and investment services
  • • Analysed clients financial situations and solved financial needs by customising comprehensive investment and personalised retirement plans
  • • Cross-sold loans worth $750,000, investments, increased the deposit base by 20% quarterly and achieved 140% of the sales target
  • • Efficiently used CRM software for effective customer engagement and tracking sales leads
  • • Rewarded as the ‘Rising star of the Quarter by the Zonal head for consistent performance and new business acquisition
  • • Coordinated, organised and participated in promotional activities with developers and sales managers
  • • Planned and executed marketing drives and successful shore marketing campaigns in the city
  • • Analysed large data sets to identify market trends on Google Analytics and prepared presentations showcasing the results

13 Business Development Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

When crafting your business development resume, spotlight your track record of increasing revenue. Detail specific strategies and initiatives that led to growth. Showcase your ability to build and maintain relationships. It's crucial to highlight successful partnerships that you've developed with stakeholders.

All resume examples in this guide

resume job description business development representative

Business Development Executive

resume job description business development representative

Director of Business Development

resume job description business development representative

VP Business Development

resume job description business development representative

Senior Business Development Manager

resume job description business development representative

Business Development Intern

resume job description business development representative

Business Development Analyst

resume job description business development representative

Business Development Consultant

resume job description business development representative

Engagement Manager

resume job description business development representative

Planning Manager

resume job description business development representative

Business Development Manager

resume job description business development representative

Business Development Representative

Resume guide.

BDR resume sample

Resume format

Resume experience

Skills on your resume

Certifications and education

Resume summary

Additional sections

Key takeaways

By Experience

Business Development resume example

Business development is often seen as a relentless pursuit marked by competitive strategies. However, excelling in this field requires a versatile array of qualities. These include creativity and empathy, which are essential for building meaningful connections. Creativity, in particular, is a critical driver of business success. A survey found that nearly 90% of high-growth companies recognize creativity's importance  for long-term success​.

A successful business development resume should effectively present these attributes. It's not just about listing achievements. What’s important is demonstrating the ability to think outside the box, deeply understand client needs, and build lasting relationships. Our guide will help you craft a resume that highlights your unique blend of skills, ensuring your story captures recruiters' attention. Let's make your professional story as engaging and impactful as your daily work.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Formatting your resume for clarity and professionalism
  • Emphasizing relevant achievements and skills that align with employer expectations.
  • Adapting your resume to match job descriptions by including key phrases and terms from the posting.
  • Essential industry-specific and soft skills, and how to list them on your business development resume
  • Strategically targeting your education section to enhance your chances of getting noticed
  • Writing a personal statement that highlights your unique strengths and career goals
  • Including additional sections to showcase your individuality

We’ve gathered a list of guides and cover letters related to business development that might be useful:

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  • Business Development Consultant Resume Example
  • Business Development Executive Resume Example
  • Director of Business Development Resume Example
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Business development manager resume sample

Check out this business developer manager resume sample. It contains all the needed key sections. Use it as a frame for your own resume. To boost your application, you can also benefit from the Enhancv  resume builder !

Kate Greene Business Development Manager [email protected] | LinkedIn | San Francisco, CA


Results-driven Business Development Manager with over 8 years of experience in enhancing brand recognition and financial growth. Expertise in collaborating with executives, sales, and marketing teams to review market trends and propose innovative business strategies. Proven ability to identify new business opportunities, negotiate contracts, and foster strong client relationships.

Senior Business Development Manager FutureVision Inc., San Francisco, CA March 2020 – Present

  • Led market research initiatives, identifying new revenue streams that increased annual sales by 25%.
  • Developed and executed strategic business plans in coordination with cross-functional teams.
  • Analyzed competitive market data to inform business strategies and product development.
  • Presented comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations to senior management.

Business Development Manager Growth Solutions LLC, San Francisco, CA July 2015 – February 2020

  • Directed a team of 10 in creating and implementing business strategies, enhancing company visibility and profitability.
  • Negotiated contracts with key clients, resulting in a 40% expansion of the client base.
  • Conducted detailed market analysis to identify trends and opportunities.
  • Worked closely with marketing and sales departments to align strategies and achieve business objectives.

Assistant Business Development Manager BrightPath Co., San Francisco, CA June 2012 – June 2015

  • Assisted in the creation of business proposals and presentations for prospective clients.
  • Conducted SWOT analysis to support strategic planning efforts.
  • Monitored market trends and competitor activities to provide actionable insights.
  • Supported senior managers in identifying and evaluating new business opportunities.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Stanford University, Stanford, CA Graduated: June 2012

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration University of California, Berkeley, CA Graduated: May 2010


  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
  • Strategic Planning and Business Development Certification
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Team Leadership and Development
  • English (Native)
  • Spanish (Fluent)

Now let’s get into more detail on the formatting of your resume.

How to format a business development resume

What makes a good resume  that serves as a stepping point for showing off your skills and experience? From format to ATS compatibility, we’ve got you covered with these few key tips on formatting:

  • Resume format: For most business developer roles, the traditional reverse-chronological format  works best. It lists your experiences starting with the most recent. This tells a cohesive story of what you’ve done so far, and how you’ve developed as a professional. It’s a way for recruiters to grasp the essence of your work history.
  • Colors on a resume: Don’t be shy about a little color on your resume . Use elegant colors to focus recruiters’ attention on your strengths. Pick a primary and a secondary color.  Think about what you want the recruiter to notice first and pick a primary color for it, then secondary for additional info. You could also include an accent color to make your resume more visually appealing. Use this in elements such as your job title, profile or portfolio links, university name, etc. Just remember: your colors shouldn’t fight each other for the attention of the recruiters.
  • Which font to choose : Opt for modern classics like Rubik, Lato, or Calibri. Arial’s also a classic and a good choice for a serious role in business development.
  • Resume length and margins: For most professionals, a 1-page resume  is enough for a good overview of their achievements. A 2-page resume  is an option if you have extensive experience (>5 years) but always strive for conciseness . Recruiters have limited time to look at your resume. To save space, you can also use a two-column format. ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) have no problem reading it. As for margins, 1” on each side is recommended. Our resume builder can come in handy here: it ensures your margins are never <0.5”.
  • Header, contact info, and photo: A straightforward header  that includes your name, job title, and contact information  is paramount to your resume. Plus, all essential info in one place will be greatly appreciated by recruiters. Generally, skip the photo , but do consult the specific job posting.
  • File formatting Now that you’ve put your unique resume layout  in place, you want to keep it in place. And a PDF format does the trick . Bonus: it is perfectly  readable by ATS .

You’ve got the frame, but what about the contents? We’re going to dive into this in a second, but let’s review the top sections your resume should include:

  • Professional summary
  • Work experience
  • Achievements and certifications

We’ll cover them in detail below.

Ready for an interview? Try out our ATS Resume Scanner !

Is your resume good enough?

Drop your resume here or choose a file . PDF & DOCX only. Max 2MB file size.

Let’s start with the most crucial part of your resume – your experience.

How to write your business development experience

As a business developer, you’d carefully curate your partnerships. Similarly, make sure you’re selective about what you include on your resume. Your experience section  should focus on your relevant experience.

Here are some ideas on what to include on your business development resume:

  • Revenue growth: Demonstrate your ability to drive revenue growth through strategic business development initiatives.
  • Client acquisition:  Successfully acquired and managed key client accounts, leading to significant sales increases? Write it down!
  • Market expansion: If you’ve contributed to company expansion by probing new market segments, definitely list that on your resume.
  • Partnership development: Established and maintained strategic partnerships, enhancing the company’s market position.
  • Sales strategy:  Implemented effective sales strategies that resulted in measurable growth and competitive advantage.
  • Market analysis: Conducted comprehensive market research to identify trends and opportunities for growth.

Business developers will also highly benefit from including tangible examples of their impact. Think of how you contributed to your workplace(s) but make sure the measurable impact you mention serves to make a point, not just empty numbers. An example would be, “Expertly negotiated partnership agreements and upselling strategies, boosting average deal size by 40%.”

Tailoring your resume to the job description  is integral to your success. As we mentioned earlier, recruiters don’t have much time to spend on your resume – as awesome as it is. On average, the first scan takes 6 seconds, so make sure you match your application to the exact job description . That’s like crossing off items on a checklist. The recruiters’ checklist, that is!

Let’s put this idea into action. Look at the responsibilities and requirements from this real-life job business development manager job description.


  • Proven Business Development experience
  • Strong commercial and negotiation skills with experience in financial modeling
  • Experience negotiating contracts, interpreting legal documents, and completing agreements with attorneys
  • Strong communication & storytelling abilities, proficient in executive communication internally and externally
  • Keen sense for prioritization, both internally and externally with partners
  • Ability to identify when it is right for Calm to decline a partnership


  • Develop, negotiate, close, and manage strategic agreements supporting Calm’s mission and growth
  • Report to the Head of Partnerships (Americas) and collaborate cross-functionally with Legal, Marketing, Product, and other teams to launch and manage partnerships
  • Source and manage a pipeline of prospective partnerships
  • Identify, negotiate, manage, and renew strategic deals with partners
  • Build relationships and credibility within partner organizations
  • Identify new opportunities to grow partnerships and unlock additional value for both Calm and partners
  • Act as the primary point of contact for partners’ needs, defining and executing on long-term partner relationships
  • Ensure commitments in partner relationships are delivered by both Calm and partners (e.g., marketing, reporting)
  • Drive positive-sum outcomes and navigate internal and external dynamics toward optimal results
  • Lead cross-functional teams towards achieving deal objectives (Legal, Marketing, Content, Product, etc.)

Here’s a well-written experience section that targets that same job description :

  • • Negotiated and closed 15 strategic partnerships with major health and wellness organizations, increasing app user base by 40%.
  • • Managed a pipeline of 50+ potential partnerships, evaluating opportunities and prioritizing high-impact collaborations.
  • • Developed and implemented partnership renewal strategies, resulting in a 90% renewal rate and $5M in annual revenue.

This experience section will impress recruiters:

  • Quantifiable achievements: The example includes specific metrics such as increasing the app user base by 40% and achieving a 90% partnership renewal rate, demonstrating tangible results.
  • Relevant responsibilities:  It clearly outlines responsibilities such as negotiating partnerships, managing pipelines, and strategizing renewals, directly aligning with the job requirements of the Business Development Manager role.
  • Impactful language: The use of action verbs like "led," "negotiated," "managed," and "developed" conveys leadership and proactive involvement in driving business growth through partnerships.

But what to do if you don’t have much experience – or none at all? We’ve done the research, so see our tips below.

How do I write a business development resume with no experience

Your starting point in the field will probably be a business development representative role. Your main responsibility will be prospecting and qualifying early-stage leads through cold calling and emailing. As a business development rep, you serve as the connection between marketing and sales. So, any relevant experience in those areas can be useful. The role is suitable for recent graduates as it offers a platform to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, providing a fast-paced environment for rapid professional growth and learning.

In your entry-level resume, focus on some of the following to win recruiters over:

  • Educational background: A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, economics, or a related field provides foundational knowledge that can be directly applied to understanding market dynamics and business operations, which is crucial for identifying growth opportunities.
  • Key skills: Strong communication helps in articulating value propositions to clients, while analytical skills enable the interpretation of market data to guide strategy; project management ensures initiatives are executed effectively, and networking abilities are critical for expanding business contacts and building partnerships.
  • Relevant experience:  Internships or part-time roles in business development, sales, or marketing equip candidates with practical insights into market needs and business processes, enhancing their ability to contribute effectively from the start.
  • Sales experience:  Beneficial for developing negotiation skills and an understanding of customer needs, which are essential for closing deals and fostering long-term relationships with clients.
  • Certifications and training:  Pursuing certifications like Certified Business Development Manager (CBDM) demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and expertise in business development strategies, which can distinguish candidates in competitive job markets.
  • Transferable soft skills and traits:  Think about what transferable skills  you have that could help you with your dream position. These could include communication, strategic thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and creativity.
  • Resume objective: An engagingly written resume objective on your entry-level resume can open lots of doors for you. It’s the personal statement most appropriate for those just starting out in their career, as it focuses on your skills rather than experience. Keep it short and

After you’ve outlined your experience, the next step is to highlight the valuable skills you've developed.

Business development skills on your resume

Skills on your resume  give hiring managers an understanding of what you can do. And although a list of your abilities comes in handy, consider providing specific examples of how your skills expanded your potential and brought success in your roles.

Here’s an example of how your confidence brings success:

Confidently presented a comprehensive market research analysis, highlighting accurate consumer trends and their implications for product development. Successfully convinced management to invest in recommended product modifications based on detailed insights.

Your skills can be categorized into two categories: industry-specific and people skills.

Industry-specific, or hard skills , are abilities that can be easily tested and measured. You can prove you’re adept at a hard skill by providing specific metrics  or certifications. Precisely because they’re easier to “check”, only list those skills that you feel fully confident in. Never lie on your resume , as this will hurt your relationship with your future employer.

List your hard skills in your experience, education, and achievements section. You can also organize them into a separate section to make them visible and accessible to recruiters. It’s great if your BDR resume summary or objective also includes 2 or 3 specific abilities mentioned in the job ad.

Here’s a list of the top hard skills for a business development role:

Best hard skills for your business development resume

  • Sales forecasting
  • Contract negotiation
  • Proposal writing
  • Business intelligence software
  • CRM software
  • Account management
  • Market research
  • Financial modeling
  • Project management software
  • Data analysis software
  • Strategic planning
  • Business case development
  • Performance metrics
  • Sales funnel management
  • Pricing strategy
  • Lead generation
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Partner relations
  • New business development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Event management and planning
  • Business process management software

Your soft skills , on the other hand, can’t be measured as easily but they’re crucial because they show recruiters how you’d fit into the team and company culture. These are what make a difference because they show how you connect with people. That’s important for every role, and even more so as a business development representative. Strong communication and relationship-building skills are essential for effectively pitching ideas, negotiating deals, and maintaining long-term client relationships. Additionally, emotional intelligence and problem-solving abilities enable quick adaptation to challenges and foster a collaborative, innovative environment. These soft skills are crucial for driving business growth and success.

Check out this list of top soft skills for a business developer:

Best soft skills for your business development resume

  • Communication skills
  • Relationship building
  • Time-management
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Decision making
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intercultural competence
  • Ethical behavior

Your educational background is where you’ve acquired some of those top-notch skills. Let’s see how to perfect the certifications and education section.

Best certifications for your business development resume

  • Certified Business Development Professional (CBDP)
  • Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)

Now that we’ve covered your experience, education, and skills, let’s circle back to the top of your business development resume, where your personal statement resides.

How to write your business development resume summary or objective

Your personal statement  is important as it gives recruiters the gist of your application. It should contain information about who you are, what you want to achieve and how you think you can achieve it. Choose between a resume summary or an objective depending on where you are in your career.

  • A resume summary  is best for experienced business developers. Make it 3 – 5 sentences and include key points such as how your skills contributed to a previous company's success. Use active voice  and target the specific job posting you’re applying for. Use keywords  from the job ad to catch recruiters’ attention.
  • A resume objective  is more suitable for entry-level candidates or those who are making a career change. Keep your objective shorter – 1 – 3 sentences, and try to hook recruiters by focusing on your willingness to learn new things and progress in your career.

Check out a well-written business development resume summary example. Btw, we’ve tailored it to the job posting above:

This summary captures attention because it’s:

  • Clear and concise:  Condenses key qualifications and achievements into a clear and impactful statement.
  • Engaging:  Uses active language and quantifiable results to capture attention and demonstrate capability.
  • Relevant to the job ad:  Aligns directly with the job ad's focus on revenue growth, partnership management, and negotiation skills.

Well, we’ve covered the top sections of your business development resume. Now let’s see what additional sections are and how to include them.

Additional sections for a business development resume

When enhancing your business development resume, additional sections can provide a comprehensive view of your skills, experiences, and qualifications, making you stand out to potential employers. Here are some additional sections to consider and why they are important:

  • Achievements and awards: Draw attention to  notable accomplishments  and recognitions, like "Recipient of the 'Top Salesperson of the Year' award for three consecutive years."
  • Professional affiliations : Your involvement with industry organizations speaks volumes to the recruiter, indicating a strong network. Don’t hesitate to mention that you’re a member of the National Business Development Association.
  • Projects and case studies: Describe specific projects  that showcase problem-solving and strategic thinking. For example, “Led a market expansion project that resulted in a 25% increase in market share."
  • Languages: Dedicating space to your  proficiency in additional languages  is valuable for international roles or working in multilingual environments.
  • Volunteer work and community involvement:  Mentioning volunteer experience  shows commitment and reliability. Think of something like, "Organized community outreach programs, enhancing leadership and project management skills."
  • Speaking engagements:  These show thought leadership and expertise in the field. Note any published articles  or speaking engagements at industry conferences.

Creating an outstanding business development resume involves meticulous attention to format, style, and content. Here’s a recap of our targeted tips that show what you’re made of and leave a lasting impression on prospective employers:

  • Choose a reverse chronological format to effectively visualize your career path.
  • Strive for conciseness – a 1-page resume is best for most business development professionals.
  • Add subtle colors and modern fonts for a touch of style while maintaining integrity.
  • A PDF format will keep your tailored resume layout in place.
  • Customize your experience to the specific job description and never lie on your resume.
  • Highlight key achievements related to the business development role.
  • Emphasize transferable skills if you lack direct business development experience.
  • Intersperse your resume with relevant industry-specific skills and personal traits.
  • Underline your education section to inspire confidence in your application
  • Add additional sections to give more depth to your personality

Business Development resume examples

Explore additional business development resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

Business Development Executive Resume Example

  • Showcase strong domain knowledge. Senior business development managers are nurtured within a company as it’s the sole way to ensure that the candidate knows their environment to the letter. When there’s a need to hire a senior from the outside, companies will favor candidates with deep relevant domain knowledge, e.g. e-commerce, retail, digital, etc. Frame your experience section to put relevant experience forward.

A job description contains all the info you need. Tailor your resume to the job and increase your chances of landing an interview.

Business Development Intern Resume Example

  • An internship experience is work experience. Don’t be intimidated by your lack of workplace experience. If you’re a recent graduate and have internship experience in the industry, recruiters will want to see what you accomplished.
  • Choose an appropriate layout. The right layout for your resume will depend on things like industry, experience, and level. This candidate uses a single-column reverse-chronological layout. This is a good choice for someone with limited experience who needs to be mindful of leaving blank spaces.

Business Development Analyst Resume Example

  • Break down your strengths . This candidate adds soft skills to their resume as “strengths” and offers a brief example beside each one. Soft skills can be interpreted in different ways. Don’t leave anything to the imagination and provide recruiters with specific examples.
  • Highlight volunteer experience. Your best industry experience may not have come from a paid job. If you have specialized experience that makes you uniquely qualified for your target job, don’t leave it out just because it doesn’t fit into the right category.

Adding extra sections to highlight special projects, volunteer work, and even hobbies can improve your chances of getting hired.

Business Development Consultant Resume Example

  • Showcase strategic development skills. The key difference between a business manager and entry-level business development roles is that entry-level jobs are all about execution, whereas business development managers combine both execution and a strategic effort. Showcase that you can operate and achieve results on a scale to gain an advantage over other candidates.
  • Experience working for regional and global companies. Modern business is global and connected. Any business that wants to grow needs to explore strategic global partnerships. Your business development manager resume should highlight either experience or skills relevant to these tasks.

Business Development Representative Resume Example

  • Showcase smooth execution of business tasks. Even sales-related achievements are valuable when it comes to business development representatives, as your tasks will revolve around attaining specific growth metrics. Highlight your results and ability to achieve and surpass business KPIs (sales, quotas, market share) in your business development representative resume to attract the recruiter’s attention.
  • Get an internship at well-known companies in your target domain. Even a couple of months’ internship at an industry leader or niche-leading company will dramatically increase your chances of getting hired by every company within the target domain.

business development resume example

Looking to build your own Business Development resume?

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Business Development Hiring Resources: Job Description Template & Examples

Meredith Hart

Updated: April 28, 2022

Published: March 23, 2020

What is business development?

business development job description

It refers to the activities designed to expand your company's reach in a new market . The primary focus of this business function is to identify potential good-fit customers using prospecting techniques. And the people that carry out these activities are called business development representatives (BDRs).

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Business Development Job Description

Business development representatives are responsible for expanding a company's customer base. They use prospecting strategies to identify prospects and they initiate the first outreach with potential customers. Their goal is to help book meetings and fill the pipelines for the sales team.

What does a business development representative do?

BDRs initiate exploratory calls with prospects to see if they'd be an ideal customer. They need to know their product and service offerings inside and out so they can communicate their purpose and value to prospective customers.

If the prospect is a good fit, the BDR will schedule a discovery call or meeting for a member of their sales team and the prospect. It's up to the salesperson to deepen the relationship with the prospect and eventually get them to close.

So, how do you attract top talent to your business development team?

Sales hiring can be challenging, but a well-written job description can help attract a highly-qualified and diverse pool of candidates. A comprehensive and engaging job listing will help it stand out on your careers page or a job board site .

A business development job description often includes these elements.

1. Overview of the position.

This is where you can describe the day-to-day activities that are required in the role. You can include information about the targets that business development representatives should hit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

2. Preferred level of experience and desired skills.

What specific skills are you looking for in a business development representative? This is where you identify the level of experience you're looking for and the skills and qualities a candidate should have to excel in this role.

This section of the job description can be broken down even further and split into required qualifications and desired qualifications. Required qualifications are must-haves for the role, while desired qualifications aren't necessary but would help a candidate excel in the BDR position.

3. Insight into your company culture.

Give prospective employees insight into where they'll be working by providing a brief description of the company, its mission, and its values. You can even provide an overview of the compensation, benefits, and perks to tell them even more about what you do and stand for.

This example "About" section from Dialpad includes information on:

  • Compensation & Equity
  • Reimbursements
  • Office Meals

resume job description business development representative

Source: Dialpad

Business Development Job Description Template

[Company] is looking for an experienced business development representative with experience in [X industry].

Download Now: Job Description Templates [Free Prompts]

As a business development representative, you will:

  • Use prospecting strategies to lead initial outreach to prospects
  • Identify the needs and challenges of the prospective customer
  • Determine the prospect's interest in [product/service]
  • Schedule discovery meetings for sales representatives and prospects
  • Achieve [number] of activities per [day/week/month]

Required qualifications:

  • Excellent phone, writing, and listening skills
  • Self-starter who has a desire to learn, grow, and excel in their role
  • Knowledge of business processes and organizational structures
  • Interest in [X industry, technology, product]
  • At least one year of professional experience
  • [B.A., B.S.] Degree

Desired qualifications:

  • Experience reaching or exceeding [weekly/monthly] activity goals/quotas
  • Familiarity with [X CRM/technology]
  • Understanding of [industry/vertical]

About [Company Name]

[Company Name] is a leader in [industry] that provides [product/service] to our customers.

  • Mission/Vision
  • Company Values

Featured Resource: Sales Hiring & Interviewing Kit

Sales Interview Kit

Download the free kit and templates now.

Business Development Job Description Examples

Here are a few real-world examples of business development job descriptions.

Business Development Reps are an integral part of the sales organization at HubSpot. Check out this video from our Business Development team to learn more about the BDR role at HubSpot.

Video conferencing company and HubSpot ecosystem partner Zoom looks for qualified Business Development Representative candidates from all over the world to perform outreach to prospective customers. Their job BDR job description says,

"This position involves creative outbound outreach in finding the right Zoom prospects and matching Zoom services to meet their video and online meeting needs. Our Business Development Representatives serve as the front-line in prospect outreach with the goal of generating qualified opportunities for our sales team."

Source: Zoom

resume job description business development representative

3. FreshBooks

Cloud accounting and invoicing software company FreshBooks hires Business Development Representatives to join their Acquisition Sales team. Here’s how FreshBooks describes their ideal BDR candidate in their job description:

"You are a great relationship builder and problem solver with a hunter mentality. You will be the voice of FreshBooks as we execute and explore new channels of acquiring business."

Source: FreshBooks

4. SurveyMonkey

A global leader in survey software, SurveyMonkey views the role of Inbound Business Development Representative as critical for business. According to SurveyMonkey, "The main focus of this position is in managing SurveyMonkey’s inbound sales process by utilizing our suite of internal tools."

Here’s how the company describes their ideal candidate:

"Our ideal candidate is a self-motivated team player with high social intelligence and a natural inclination for selling. They are very driven and can show evidence that they thrive in a competitive, merit-based environment. They also value networking and the benefits of being part of an agile, growing team."

Source: SurveyMonkey

Communication software company Slack seeks to hire BDR candidates who are looking for growth and development opportunities in the sales field. Their BDR job description reads,

"Our culture is the north star that guides how we work together and with our customers. Are you looking to build something greater than yourself? Do you want to work alongside some of the most talented and dynamic people in the industry? If so, Slack just might be the place for you.

We'll help you build your career in Sales while you collaborate with a diverse team of talented individuals. You are a self-starter who is deeply passionate about customer happiness."

Source: Slack

With a comprehensive and compelling job description, you'll be able to attract diverse talent to build your business development team. For more hiring tips, check out this sales manager job description and template next.

Don't forget to share this post!

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Find, interview, and hire exceptional salespeople who will exceed quota every month.

Powerful and easy-to-use sales software that drives productivity, enables customer connection, and supports growing sales orgs


Business Development Representative Resume Example (Free Guide)

Create an business development representative resume that lands you the interview with our free examples and writing tips. use and customize our template and land an interview today..

Business Development Representative Resume Example

Welcome to our Business Development Representative Resume Example! This article will provide you with an in-depth look at what it takes to create a successful resume for a Business Development Representative position. We will walk you through what to include in each section, and provide an example of a well-crafted resume to serve as a guide. Additionally, we will offer best practices for crafting an effective resume that will help you stand out from the competition. Let’s get started!

We will cover:

  • How to write a resume , no matter your industry or job title.
  • What to put on a resume to stand out.
  • The top skills employers from every industry want to see.
  • How to build a resume fast with our professional Resume Builder .
  • What a resume template is, and why you should use it.

What does a Business Development Representative do?

A Business Development Representative is responsible for driving growth for a company by identifying and developing relationships with potential customers and partners. This role involves many tasks, including researching potential customers, engaging in cold-calling or emailing prospects, setting up and attending sales meetings, and developing sales strategies to close deals. Additionally, they often work closely with other departments, such as marketing, to develop campaigns that support their efforts and maximize ROI.

  • Shop Manager Resume Sample
  • Statistician Resume Sample
  • Store Assistant Manager Resume Sample
  • Strategy Manager Resume Sample
  • Supervisor Resume Sample
  • VP Of Finance Resume Sample
  • Business Development Director Resume Sample
  • Business Development Representative Resume Sample
  • Counter Clerk Resume Sample
  • Customer Account Representative Resume Sample
  • Customer Sales Representative Resume Sample
  • Experienced Field Sales Representative Resume Sample
  • Experienced Insurance Sales Agent Resume Sample
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Resume Sample
  • Real Estate Sales Agent Resume Sample
  • Sales Account Executive Resume Sample
  • Sales Account Manager Resume Sample
  • Sales Agent Resume Sample
  • Sales Clerk Resume Sample
  • Sales Person Resume Sample

What are some responsibilities of a Business Development Representative?

  • Identify new business opportunities by researching industry trends and market conditions
  • Develop relationships with potential clients, build and maintain a network of contacts
  • Develop and implement strategic plans to increase market share and revenue growth
  • Conduct market research to identify potential customers and assess customer needs
  • Create presentations to present to prospective clients
  • Negotiate contracts and close deals
  • Develop and implement strategies to increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Monitor industry trends and competitor activities
  • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure successful implementation of strategies
  • Provide regular reports to management on progress and performance

Sample Business Development Representative Resume for Inspiration

Business Development Representative

John Doe is an experienced Business Development Representative who has been in the industry for 10 years. He has experience with customer relations, lead generation, and sales. John has a passion for developing relationships with customers, understanding customer needs, and using analytical skills to build strategies for success. He is a goal-oriented individual who enjoys the challenge of problem-solving and helping clients reach their goals.

  • Work Experience
  • Business Development Representative, ABC Company, 2014 - present
  • Developed and implemented strategies to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Established strong customer relationships and provided customer service.
  • Conducted market research to identify customer needs and trends.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, XYZ University, 2010
  • Customer Relations
  • Lead Generation
  • Analytical Skills
  • Strategy Development
  • Certifications
  • Certified Professional Sales Representative, ABC Company, 2018
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (conversational)

Resume tips for Business Development Representative

Creating a perfect, career-launching resume is no easy task. Following general writing rules can help, but it is also smart to get advice tailored to your specific job search. When you’re new to the employment world, you need Business Development Representative resume tips. We collected the best tips from seasoned Business Development Representative - Check out their advice to not only make your writing process easier but also increase your chances of creating a resume that piques the interest of prospective employers.

  • Highlight your customer service and communication skills
  • Include any sales experience or success stories
  • Focus on the skills that are most pertinent to the position
  • Provide tangible examples of your achievements
  • Showcase your ability to build relationships with clients

Business Development Representative Resume Summary Examples

A resume summary or resume objective is an important part of a business development representative's resume as it allows them to quickly and concisely communicate their qualifications, experience, and goals to hiring managers. It should succinctly explain why they are the right candidate for the job and why they would be a great asset to the organization. It should also highlight any key skills, accomplishments, and unique traits that make them the ideal fit for the role. For Example:

  • Highly motivated Business Development Representative with 5+ years of experience in customer relations and sales.
  • Results-driven Business Development Representative with 7+ years of experience in account management and business development.
  • Dynamic Business Development Representative with 10+ years of experience in sales and client relations.
  • Resourceful Business Development Representative with 4+ years of experience in market research and lead generation.
  • Innovative Business Development Representative with 8+ years of experience in market analysis and customer acquisition.

Build a Strong Experience Section for Your Business Development Representative Resume

A strong experience section in a Business Development Representative resume is important because it allows employers to quickly see the applicant’s qualifications and accomplishments. It can also be used to demonstrate the applicant’s ability to successfully build relationships, identify potential opportunities, and create successful strategies to meet the company’s goals. By demonstrating their ability to consistently and effectively reach goals, employers will be able to better assess the applicant’s qualifications and determine their ability to take on the role of Business Development Representative. For Example:

  • Developed and implemented sales strategies and tactics to acquire new business and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Maintained detailed records of sales activities and customer interactions using Salesforce CRM.
  • Successfully identified and developed prospects with new business opportunities.
  • Collaborated with marketing and product teams to create marketing campaigns and product materials.
  • Provided product demonstrations and presentations to key stakeholders.
  • Established and maintained relationships with current and potential customers.
  • Generated effective proposals and sales contracts to meet customer needs.
  • Conducted market research to identify target markets and customer preferences.
  • Analyzed customer feedback and adjusted strategies to optimize customer satisfaction.
  • Partnered with other departments to ensure customer satisfaction and timely delivery of services.

Business Development Representative resume education example

A business development representative should ideally have a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field. They should also possess strong communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, knowledge of sales and marketing techniques, customer service principles, and general industry trends is also beneficial. Here is an example of an experience listing suitable for a Business Development Representative resume:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of California, San Diego, CA, 2019
  • Associate’s Degree in Business, San Diego Community College, San Diego, CA, 2016
  • Certificate in Business Development, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 2018

Business Development Representative Skills for a Resume

It is important to add skills for a Business Development Representative Resume to showcase the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the role. This includes skills such as sales, marketing, customer service, relationship building, problem-solving, communication, negotiation, and data analysis. By showing off these skills, employers will be able to better assess whether a candidate is the right fit for the job. Adding examples of how a candidate has used these skills in the past is also helpful. Soft Skills:

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Presentation
  • Negotiation
  • Problem-solving
  • Organizational
  • Goal-oriented
  • Time-management
  • Sales Prospecting
  • CRM Management
  • Market Research
  • Account Management
  • Proposal Writing
  • Data Analysis
  • Relationship Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Business Development Representative Resume

In this competitive job market, employers receive an average of 180 applications for each open position. To process these resumes, companies often rely on automated applicant tracking systems, which can sift through resumes and eliminate the least qualified applicants. If your resume is among the few that make it past these bots, it must still impress the recruiter or hiring manager. With so many applications coming in, recruiters typically give each resume only 5 seconds of their attention before deciding whether to discard it. Considering this, it's best to avoid including any distracting information on your application that could cause it to be thrown away. To help make sure your resume stands out, review the list below of what you should not include on your job application.

  • Not including a cover letter. A cover letter is a great way to explain why you are the best candidate for the job and why you want the position.
  • Using too much jargon. Hiring managers do not want to read a resume full of technical terms that they do not understand.
  • Omitting important details. Make sure to include your contact information, educational background, job history, and any relevant skills and experiences.
  • Using a generic template. Take the time to customize your resume to the job you are applying for. This will show the employer that you are serious about the position.
  • Spelling and grammar errors. Always double-check your resume for typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors.
  • Focusing too much on duties. Make sure to include accomplishments and successes to show the employer that you are a great candidate.
  • Including personal information. Avoid including any personal information such as age, marital status, or religious beliefs.

Key takeaways for a Business Development Representative resume

  • Highlight relevant experience in sales or customer service
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the industry and product/service offerings
  • Outline key accomplishments and results achieved
  • Highlight communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills
  • Include responses to customer inquiries and complaints
  • Describe any experience with customer account management
  • Mention any awards or recognition received
  • Include any additional relevant certifications or training

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Business Development Representative Job Description [2022 Guide]

Business Development Representative Job Description [2024 Guide]

Lizzie Parmenter

Written by: Lizzie Parmenter

Ready to launch your career?

“The hardest part of closing any deal is finding it,” says Lars Nilsson, Vice President of Global Sales Development at Snowflake, and former sales executive at Hewlett Packard and Cloudera.

Deals usually begin by introducing your brand to your target market and identifying prospective customers. This initial stage, called lead generation, is followed by a nurturing phase designed to facilitate customer conversion.

Traditionally, a single salesperson would manage all stages of the sales funnel. But a division of responsibilities has emerged to keep up with today’s evolving sales landscape. As audiences embrace brand research through digital touchpoints and personal networks, lead generation has grown increasingly resource-intensive. As a result, this task has become the sole focus of a specialized, top-of-funnel professional—the business development representative.

What Is a Business Development Representative?

Business development representatives (BDRs) expand an organization’s reach by generating new business opportunities. Through a combination of market research, networking, and outreach, they strategically identify and contact qualified leads. Business development representatives book meetings between qualified leads and sales representatives, moving leads into the sales pipeline. 

Business development representatives focus on top-of-funnel activity, using outbound tactics to generate leads. They harness industry expertise and subject matter knowledge to diagnose a prospect’s pain points and convey the value of their solutions. BDRs strategically contact decision-makers within target accounts and tailor their outreach strategy to the title, department, and seniority of their desired point-of-contact. 

For business development representatives, their metric of success revolves around annual quotas concerning the number of discovery meetings booked, the volume of leads qualified, or percentages of revenue connected to lead generation activities.

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What Does a Business Development Representative Do?

What Does a Business Development Representative Do?

Business development reps identify prospects who align with buyer personas assembled by the marketing team. Like user personas , buyer personas are research-driven, semi-fictional profiles that summarize the goals, needs, background, and attitudes of a target audience. Once a business development representative pinpoints a high-value prospective account, they locate a relevant decision-maker attached to the target account and then qualify that lead. Leads are typically qualified via phone, email, networking events, or social media channels. Business development representatives use the lead qualification to evaluate a prospect’s needs and determine whether their product solutions would advance that prospect’s business objectives. This process requires business development reps to initiate open-ended dialogues with leads in order to better understand their goals, challenges, concerns, and constraints. BDRs may also use lead qualification frameworks like BANT (budget, authority, need, and timing) to assess a lead. Qualified leads with genuine potential are passed to sales reps for nurturing and conversion.

Biz dev reps also use market research to stay abreast of competitor activities, industry trends, and emerging sales opportunities. Business development representatives monitor their competitor’s strategies and products, target market behaviors, and shifting industry currents to identify new prospects. They also adapt lead generation tactics to accommodate market changes.

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BDR vs SDR: What Is the Difference?

Although the responsibilities of a business development representative are distinct from those of a sales development representative, the two roles are sometimes confused. Certain companies use these job titles interchangeably or group these positions within a single sales team. While BDRs and SDRs are both responsible for driving sales, their functions within the sales funnel are unique. 

Sales development reps create business opportunities by qualifying inbound leads, while business development reps expand a company’s reach using outbound outreach tactics. Biz dev reps warm up leads for sales development reps, who typically have less experience and need to hone their lead qualification techniques. BDRs are responsible for generating leads, while SDRs are responsible for nurturing warm leads and facilitating the sales conversation. 

Business Development Representative Salary

Business Development Representative Salary

While Glassdoor reports an average base pay of $50,000 for business development representatives, Indeed reports an average base salary of $63,243 , averaging an additional commission of $12,500. Commission payments complement base salary and are often a percentage of the total revenue generated by a biz dev rep. Sales-related positions often carry a 60:40 salary-to-commission ratio in which 60% of total compensation is fixed and 40% varies by closed deals. 

The compensation varies by organization, industry, and geographic location. Here’s how much business development representatives can expect to earn:

Entry-Level Salary 

Indeed reports an average salary of $53,020 for reps in an entry-level position. Payscale reports that newcomers with less than one year of experience earn a total average compensation of $44,328 , while early-career reps with one to four years of experience earn $47,328 on average. 

Mid-Level Salary 

Glassdoor reports an average base salary of $56,341 for mid-level BDRs—50% of whom have two to four years of experience. Payscale’s statistics clock in slightly lower, reporting that a BDR with five to nine years of experience earns a total compensation of $52,211 on average.

Senior-Level Salary

Glassdoor reports an average base pay of $65,220 for senior business development reps and $73,641 for senior business development associates, while Payscale reports an average total compensation of $61,315 for experienced biz dev reps. 

Business Development Representative Job Description

Business Development Representative Job Description

Wondering what skills and experience you’ll need to launch a career in business development? From market analysis chops to Salesforce savvy, let’s explore the qualifications that employers want in a business development representative.

Requirements To Become a BDR

Business development representatives should have a background in sales, marketing, or a related field. They should also demonstrate proficiency with important sales tools and have a strong command of technical knowledge relevant to their industry. A candidate vying for a business development role will need the following qualifications:

Although the position has no formal degree requirement, a BA in business administration, marketing, or communications is preferred. The technology sector employs a large share of business development reps, and specialized training via tech sales bootcamp programs can be a valuable asset in the industry. Self-learning resources that teach business administration skills can also boost a BDR resume.

Business Development Skills

Business Development Skills

A combination of hard and soft skills is necessary to succeed in business development. BDRs must analyze and interpret market reports, earning reports, inventory reports, and more. They must also use strong communication and negotiation skills when interfacing with leads and their sales team. Critical thinking skills are essential when building a business development strategy that aligns short-term goals with high-level organizational objectives. 

Professional Experience

Business development reps should have experience in roles that prioritize building client relationships, which is vital to generating business through networking. Experience in customer-facing roles, marketing, or tech is also valuable, as these jobs also hone communication and relationship-building skills. Entrepreneurship experience also applies to biz dev, and can help BDRs relate to business owners, identify their business challenges, and offer solutions. 

Mastery of Key Tools

Mastery of Key Tools

Business development representatives rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to paint a comprehensive picture of customer interactions throughout the sales cycle. Biz dev reps use CRM systems like Salesforce and Pipedrive to track client communications, organize sales data, prioritize business opportunities, and nurture strong relationships with customers. 

BDRs may also use sales intelligence software to bolster the quality and quantity of their leads. Sales intelligence software like Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo combine CRM data with data generated by companies and can help BDRs pinpoint potential customers based on customized criteria. 

Real-World Project Experience 

BDR job seekers should demonstrate key hard and soft skills by crafting a strategic business development plan which caters to their target employer. An effective plan should include competitor and market analysis, a target market summary, an overview of the outreach strategy, and a list of key performance metrics to measure success. A strong biz dev plan will showcase a keen ability to define market conditions, recognize obstacles, and navigate challenges.

Business Development Representative Responsibilities

Business Development Representative Responsibilities

BDRs are responsible for identifying new business opportunities, qualifying leads, building relationships with prospective clients, adapting to market trends, and funneling qualified prospects into the sales pipeline. On a daily basis, a BDR will be responsible for:

Business development reps conduct competitor and market research to determine how to position their solution. Information gleaned from competitor and market research may also inform strategy shifts in lead qualification, target market outreach, and more. 

Research is also used to pinpoint new business opportunities. BDRs scour their networks for potential leads that match buyer personas. Once prospective accounts are identified, further research is necessary to initiate outreach. Successful outreach strategies target decision-makers with a relevant message. Business development reps must tailor the content of their messages to the title, department, and seniority of their intended recipient and speak to their unique pain points. 

Cold Calling

Cold Calling

Prior research and thorough lead qualification raise the temperature of cold calls. Biz dev reps strategically allocate these calls to build relationships with qualified leads, with the hopes of later closing a deal. The goal of cold calling is to facilitate brand awareness and create a rapport with prospects, pushing them toward the next step of the sales cycle. 

Emailing a prospect beforehand can maximize the likelihood of connecting via phone. Follow-up emails can also help advance the conversation by offering alternate lines of communication and facilitating engagement with the brand. 

Qualifying Leads

BDRs qualify leads by evaluating a prospect’s needs and assessing whether their solution could effectively address that. Leads are qualified at three levels: 

  • Organization level. This baseline level of qualification determines whether the lead merits further research. 
  • Opportunity level. This secondary level of qualification identifies unique pain points that the BDR’s product or service could resolve. This is also an opportunity to determine if the prospect could realistically implement the product or service. 
  • Stakeholder level. This tertiary level of qualification evaluates whether your point of contact has the authority, budget, or sense of urgency necessary to purchase the product or service. 

Leads are typically qualified via phone calls, cold emailing, social media, and live networking events. Effective qualifying questions are open-ended, allowing business representatives to gather as much information about the prospect as possible. Disqualified leads are filtered into a nurturing sequence to facilitate a future conversion. 

Leveraging Social Media 

LinkedIn and other social networks offer ample opportunity to research leads and identify potential clients. By reviewing platform analytics, BDRs can also measure a prospect’s engagement with their company and formulate a data-driven outreach strategy. Furthermore, social channels are useful for direct outreach and building long-term relationships. 

Additionally, biz dev reps leverage social listening to track public conversations regarding their company, industry, products, competitors, and more. Social listening is the monitoring of social media channels for direct and indirect mentions of your business in order to evaluate how prospects interface with a brand’s social presence. Broader social listening can also help BDRs identify market shifts and changes in public opinion.

Business development reps capitalize on this information to formulate personalized outreach strategies that respond to emerging business trends and unique prospect needs.

Business Development Representative Job Description Template

Companies of all sizes and structures need business development representatives to expand their market reach. The responsibilities and qualifications of a BDR working in a startup space might resemble those outlined in this job posting from Perimeter 81, a cybersecurity startup based in Santa Monica, CA:

resume job description business development representative

(Job posting, Perimeter 81, 2022.)

This BDR must be able to research, engage, and drive prospects into the sales funnel, collaborating with the sales team to grow the company’s business pipeline. 

resume job description business development representative

This particular role requires technical fluency with Perimeter 81’s cybersecurity solutions. In addition to broader business development skills, this position demands in-depth cybersecurity knowledge and proficiency with cybersecurity tools.

resume job description business development representative

This position demands sales or business development experience, as well as a variety of soft skills related to attitude, flexibility, and communication. Sufficient technical knowledge, to contribute to high-level technical meetings, is also important. 

A BDR role at a multinational tech corporation may prioritize business development skills over high-level technical expertise, as large organizations have more resources to recruit sales engineers specializing in technical product demonstrations. This job posting from Oracle for a Massachusetts-based BDR demonstrates the slight shift in qualifications for an ideal candidate:

resume job description business development representative

(Job posting, Oracle, 2022). 

The skills required for this position focus on traditional business development techniques. Knowledge related to lead qualification, analytics, and forecasting, and business strategy are a top priority. 

Like many listings, this post does not discuss compensation. Typically, candidates receive compensation package offers based on their skills and experience, and are expected to negotiate. This is an opportunity to put core business development skills into practice.

Sales Development Representative FAQs

Wondering if a career in business development is right for you? Here are the answers to your top business development questions: 

Is Business Development Representative a Good Job?

resume job description business development representative

Strategically-minded extroverts thrive in business development. If you’re a people person with robust interpersonal communication skills, you’ll likely excel as a biz dev rep. The daily responsibilities of a BDR are dynamic and highly social in nature, and those who successfully drive growth are able to increase their total compensation with considerable commission checks. 

Business development reps also have access to upward career mobility. Biz dev reps can progress into biz dev manager positions, which opens the door to larger leadership opportunities. With the right experience, a business development manager can progress into a role as the Director of Business Development or a VP of Business Development, who focuses on high-level strategy and planning. Business development representatives are well-equipped to pivot into a career in sales, marketing, or client success. 

Is Business Development Hard To Learn?

The biz dev learning curve varies by industry and employer. Service-related and B2B-oriented industries generate the best compensation in sales—so aspiring high-earners should look for business development roles that focus on software, digital media, telecommunications, and tech solutions . Due to the technical knowledge required in these fields, additional training and education, or even certifications, may be required to excel.

Entry-level BDRs often learn on the job, but previous experience in a sales or customer-facing role is typically desired, along with an undergraduate degree in sales (or a sales bootcamp certificate). Above all, adaptive, metrics-driven individuals with strong critical thinking and verbal communication skills will be able to harness business development best practices with ease.

Since you’re here… Curious about a career in tech sales? Learn more with our tech sales career guide , or dive right in with our Tech Sales Bootcamp . We’ll help you switch careers in a matter of months, or your tuition money back. See our student success stories for inspiration – people are changing careers with us every day!

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resume job description business development representative

Business Development Representative resume examples for 2024

Business development representative resume research summary. We analyzed 3,710 business development representative resumes to determine which ones land the most jobs. Below you'll find example business development representative resumes that can help you get an interview (and a job offer) from companies like Wipro and Epicor. Here are the key facts about business development representative resumes to help you get the job:

  • The average business development representative resume is 408 words long
  • The average business development representative resume is 0.9 pages long based on 450 words per page.
  • Business development is the most common skill found on resume samples for business development representatives. It appears on 19.0% of business development representative resumes.

After learning about how to write a professional resume for a business development representative, make sure your resume checks all the boxes with our AI resume builder .


Business Development Representative resume example

How to format your business development representative resume:.

  • Tailor your resume's job title and content to the Business Development Representative role.
  • Emphasize accomplishments rather than responsibilities in your work experience, such as promoting to visible positions, generating sales leads, and exceeding expectations.
  • Keep your Business Development Representative resume concise and focused, aiming for one page and utilizing time management skills to maximize effectiveness.

Choose from 10+ customizable business development representative resume templates

Choose from a variety of easy-to-use business development representative resume templates and get expert advice from Zippia’s AI resume writer along the way. Using pre-approved templates, you can rest assured that the structure and format of your business development representative resume is top notch. Choose a template with the colors, fonts & text sizes that are appropriate for your industry.

Business Development Representative Resume

Business Development Representative resume format and sections

1. add contact information to your business development representative resume.

Business Development Representative Resume Contact Information Example # 1

Hank Rutherford Hill

St. Arlen, Texas | 333-111-2222 | [email protected]

2. Add relevant education to your business development representative resume

Your resume's education section should include:

  • The name of your school
  • The date you graduated ( Month, Year or Year are both appropriate)
  • The name of your degree

If you graduated more than 15 years ago, you should consider dropping your graduation date to avoid age discrimination.

Optional subsections for your education section include:

  • Academic awards (Dean's List, Latin honors, etc. )
  • GPA (if you're a recent graduate and your GPA was 3.5+)
  • Extra certifications
  • Academic projects (thesis, dissertation, etc. )

Other tips to consider when writing your education section include:

  • If you're a recent graduate, you might opt to place your education section above your experience section
  • The more work experience you get, the shorter your education section should be
  • List your education in reverse chronological order, with your most recent and high-ranking degrees first
  • If you haven't graduated yet, you can include "Expected graduation date" to the entry for that school

Check More About Business Development Representative Education

Business Development Representative Resume Relevant Education Example # 1

Master's Degree In Communication 2006 - 2007

University of Iowa Iowa City, IA

Business Development Representative Resume Relevant Education Example # 2

Bachelor's Degree In Communication 2005 - 2008

George Mason University Fairfax, VA

3. Next, create a business development representative skills section on your resume

Your resume's skills section should include the most important keywords from the job description, as long as you actually have those skills. If you haven't started your job search yet, you can look over resumes to get an idea of what skills are the most important.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your resume's skills section:

  • Include 6-12 skills, in bullet point form
  • List mostly hard skills ; soft skills are hard to test
  • Emphasize the skills that are most important for the job

Hard skills are generally more important to hiring managers because they relate to on-the-job knowledge and specific experience with a certain technology or process.

Soft skills are also valuable, as they're highly transferable and make you a great person to work alongside, but they're impossible to prove on a resume.

Example of skills to include on an business development representative resume

Business development is the ideas or initiatives that work to make business work better. Selling, advertising, product development, supply chain management, and vendor management are only a few of the divisions involved with it. There is still a lot of networking, negotiating, forming alliances, and trying to save money. The goals set for business development guide and coordinate with all of these various operations and sectors.

Customer service is the process of offering assistance to all the current and potential customers -- answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.

BDR stands for Business Development Representative. It is a specialized role related to the sales department of a company. BDRs are responsible for generating new business ideas and opportunities for a company to facilitate their financial growth and development.

Account executives help build good relationships with new and existing clients. They interact with brand teams and clients, making them the point of contact. A sales development representative responsibilities entail facilitating sales, generating potential leads, and referring customers to the best salesperson. To succeed in this job post, you need to have the best customer service, math, analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills . A bachelor's degree in business marketing, sales, or a similar field fits this role.

Cold calling is a kind of business solicitation from customers who didn't express interest in their product and services before. In this technique, a salesman conducts a call with potential customers with whom they haven't had a prior interaction. Cold calling can include phone calls or telemarketing. However, in-person visits like door-to-door marketing are also a type of cold calling

Product knowledge is the skill of having better information and knowledge about the product you are selling. Product knowledge is essential for the employees of the companies so they can communicate and inform the customers about the product. Having great product knowledge is essential for a better sales pitch and to give the customer a better and complete idea of the product that will influence him to buy the product eventually.

Top Skills for a Business Development Representative

  • Business Development , 19.0%
  • Work Ethic , 7.4%
  • Customer Service , 7.3%
  • Other Skills , 60.6%

4. List your business development representative experience

The most important part of any resume for a business development representative is the experience section. Recruiters and hiring managers expect to see your experience listed in reverse chronological order, meaning that you should begin with your most recent experience and then work backwards.

Don't just list your job duties below each job entry. Instead, make sure most of your bullet points discuss impressive achievements from your past positions. Whenever you can, use numbers to contextualize your accomplishments for the hiring manager reading your resume.

It's okay if you can't include exact percentages or dollar figures. There's a big difference even between saying "Managed a team of business development representatives" and "Managed a team of 6 business development representatives over a 9-month project. "

Most importantly, make sure that the experience you include is relevant to the job you're applying for. Use the job description to ensure that each bullet point on your resume is appropriate and helpful.

  • Improved productivity by maintaining ownership of over 100 accounts through SalesForce.
  • Possessed excellent customer service experience per company standards, increased sales, and safeguarded company assets.
  • Managed key client relations and drove open communications with prospective clients in technology sales and hardware/software products.
  • Organized and maintained information utilizing Sales Force, CRM tracking system.
  • Used SAS and Teradata SQL for analysis.
  • Developed and updated marketing initiatives including social media outlets, website, and PowerPoint presentations for sales/communication efforts.
  • Used Office Outlook for continual communication.
  • Managed ongoing established accounts, performed educational in-services, diffused information to medical staff and documented all communications.
  • Personalized diet and nutrition program, provided complete nutrition counseling, and provided consistent motivation and client communications.
  • Developed meaningful business relationships at client sites with C-level executives, senior management, and key physicians by delivering on expectations.
  • Dedicated account representative to a leading OEM in the cable/telecommunications industry.
  • Managed online advertising programs including Google AdWords and LinkedIn ad programs.
  • Demonstrated effective communication with company personnel.
  • Initiated communication plans designed to create mass and customized marketing materials with Air Transport, Business/Regional, and Military operators.
  • Created marketing pieces for internal communications to account representatives.
  • Developed standard operating procedures (SoP) within healthcare/life sciences.
  • Developed all activities that generated business for healthcare.
  • Prevented the loss of two key accounts marked as 'at risk' through effective account management and by solving long-standing problems.
  • Conducted global presentations for power and healthcare.
  • Recovered $5M from my largest account through reducing the Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO) from 60 to 45 days.

5. Highlight business development representative certifications on your resume

Specific business development representative certifications can be a powerful tool to show employers you've developed the appropriate skills.

If you have any of these certifications, make sure to put them on your business development representative resume:

  • Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • IT Information Library Foundations Certification (ITIL)
  • Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)
  • Sales Management
  • Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)

6. Finally, add an business development representative resume summary or objective statement

A resume summary statement consists of 1-3 sentences at the top of your business development representative resume that quickly summarizes who you are and what you have to offer. The summary statement should include your job title, years of experience (if it's 3+), and an impressive accomplishment, if you have space for it.

Remember to emphasize skills and experiences that feature in the job description.

Common business development representative resume skills

  • Business Development
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Cycle
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Process
  • Account Executives
  • Product Knowledge
  • Inbound Calls
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Excellent Interpersonal
  • Lead Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Relationships
  • Cloud Computing
  • Account Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Excellent Time Management
  • Develop Strong Relationships
  • Sales Appointments
  • Telemarketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Excellent Organizational
  • Cross-Selling
  • Develop Value
  • Strong Computer
  • Sales Strategies
  • Enterprise Sales
  • Client Relationships
  • Develop Leads
  • Strong Customer Service
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Email Campaigns
  • Client Facing

Business Development Representative Jobs

Links to help optimize your business development representative resume.

  • How To Write A Resume
  • List Of Skills For Your Resume
  • How To Write A Resume Summary Statement
  • Action Words For Your Resume
  • How To List References On Your Resume

Business Development Representative resume FAQs

How do you write business development experience on a resume, what are the responsibilities of a business development representative, what should be on a resume for a business development representative, search for business development representative jobs.

Updated June 25, 2024

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Interview Guy

Business Development Representative Job Description [Updated for 2024]

' src=

In the ever-evolving world of commerce, the demand for Business Development Representatives has never been greater.

The business landscape is advancing, and with every stride, the need for skilled professionals who can cultivate, expand, and fortify business relationships heightens.

But let’s delve deeper: What’s truly expected from a Business Development Representative?

Whether you are:

  • A job seeker trying to comprehend the core of this role,
  • A hiring manager outlining the perfect candidate,
  • Or simply interested in the complexities of business development,

You’ve come to the right place.

Today, we present a versatile Business Development Representative job description template, crafted for effortless posting on job boards or career sites.

Let’s dive right into it.

Business Development Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Business Development Representatives play a crucial role in growing an organization by finding new opportunities, researching leads, establishing relationships with potential clients, and arranging appointments for sales executives.

Their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and pursuing new sales prospects and maintaining customer satisfaction
  • Conducting market research to identify selling possibilities and evaluate customer needs
  • Setting up meetings with potential clients and listening to their wishes and concerns
  • Actively seeking out new sales opportunities through cold calling, networking, and social media
  • Preparing and delivering presentations on products and services
  • Negotiating and closing deals, and handling complaints or objections
  • Maintaining accurate records of sales, revenue, invoices, and other important data
  • Providing feedback to leadership regarding customer needs, commercial opportunities, and market trends
  • Collaborating with team members to achieve better results and understanding the company’s products and services to facilitate sales efforts
  • Developing quotes and proposals for clients, and following up on these opportunities

Business Development Representative Job Description Template

We are seeking a driven, self-motivated Business Development Representative to join our growing organization.

In this role, you will be responsible for seeking new business opportunities by contacting and developing relationships with potential customers.

To excel in this role, you should have previous experience developing leads from marketing campaigns and meeting sales quotas.

You will use your communication skills to cultivate strong relationships with customers, from first contact until the deal closure.

Ultimately, you will boost sales and contribute to our long-term business growth.


  • Qualify leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities
  • Contact potential clients through cold calls and emails
  • Present our company to potential clients
  • Identify client needs and suggest appropriate products/services
  • Customize product solutions to increase customer satisfaction
  • Build long-term trusting relationships with clients
  • Proactively seek new business opportunities in the market
  • Set up meetings or calls between (prospective) clients and sales executives
  • Report to the Business Development Manager on sales results
  • Stay up-to-date with new products/services and new pricing/payment plans


  • Proven work experience as a Business Development Representative, Sales Account Executive or similar role
  • Hands-on experience with multiple sales techniques (including cold calls)
  • Track record of achieving sales quotas
  • Experience with CRM software (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Familiarity with MS Excel (analyzing spreadsheets and charts)
  • Understanding of sales performance metrics
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to deliver engaging presentations
  • BSc degree in Marketing, Business Administration or relevant field
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development opportunities

Additional Information

  • Job Title: Business Development Representative
  • Work Environment: Office setting with options for remote work. Some travel may be required for client meetings or conferences.
  • Reporting Structure: Reports to the Business Development Manager or Sales Director.
  • Salary: Salary is based upon candidate experience and qualifications, as well as market and business considerations.
  • Pay Range: $55,000 minimum to $85,000 maximum
  • Location: [City, State] (specify the location or indicate if remote)
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Equal Opportunity Statement: We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
  • Application Instructions: Please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your qualifications and experience to [email address or application portal].

What Does a Business Development Representative Do?

Business Development Representatives work in various industries and are responsible for identifying and creating new opportunities for their companies.

This often involves researching potential clients or partners, developing relationships with new and existing customers, and maintaining a strong network of industry contacts.

They are usually the first point of contact a new potential client will have with a company, so they must be able to understand the diverse business needs of each potential client.

To meet these needs, they tailor their company’s services and explain how these services can benefit the potential client.

Business Development Representatives also collaborate with marketing, sales, and product development teams to implement business development initiatives.

This may involve creating and implementing new sales strategies, marketing ideas, and business plans.

They are also responsible for managing client accounts, maintaining client relationships, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

They may also be required to attend trade shows and other industry events to network and promote their company.

In some cases, Business Development Representatives may also be responsible for negotiating contracts, closing deals, and meeting sales targets.

They need to have strong communication and negotiation skills and be able to work under pressure to meet deadlines and targets.

Business Development Representative Qualifications and Skills

A Business Development Representative should possess a unique mix of technical knowledge, communication skills, and business understanding.

They should have:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively build relationships with clients, customers, and team members.
  • Understanding of sales strategies and techniques, along with the ability to identify and pursue new sales opportunities.
  • Ability to analyze market trends and competitors, to identify opportunities for growth or improvement.
  • Exceptional negotiation and persuasion skills to influence clients and close deals successfully.
  • Problem-solving abilities to address customer complaints or concerns and provide satisfactory solutions.
  • Organizational skills to manage and prioritize various tasks, clients, and projects at the same time.
  • Knowledge of CRM software to maintain and manage client information and interactions effectively.
  • Understanding of the product or service being offered to effectively communicate its value to potential clients.

Business Development Representative Experience Requirements

Entry-level Business Development Representatives may have 1 to 2 years of experience, often gained through internships or part-time roles in sales, marketing or a related field.

These professionals may also gain valuable experience by working in roles such as Account Executive, Sales Associate, or Marketing Specialist.

Candidates with more than 3 years of experience often have developed their skills in identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, maintaining relationships with current clients, and understanding market trends.

This experience is often gained in roles like Business Development Associate or Sales Executive.

Those with more than 5 years of experience are likely to have some leadership experience and may have been responsible for managing a team or leading a project.

They may have also developed strategic skills like negotiating and closing deals, planning and implementing growth strategies, and have a good understanding of the product or service they represent.

At this stage, they may be ready for a higher-level Business Development Manager or Director role.

In addition, many employers prefer Business Development Representatives to have a Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field.

Some roles may require knowledge of specific industries, so experience in those sectors can be advantageous.

Business Development Representative Education and Training Requirements

Business Development Representatives typically hold a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, economics, or a related field.

They should possess a strong understanding of business principles and strategies, including sales, marketing, and customer relationship management.

Some roles may require a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), particularly for those aiming at leadership positions or specialized industries.

In addition to formal education, Business Development Representatives often undergo specific training programs that focus on sales techniques, negotiation skills, and product knowledge.

Certification programs, such as Certified Business Development Professional (CBDP) or similar, may be beneficial for those seeking to demonstrate their expertise in the field.

These representatives should also possess excellent communication skills, and thus, may benefit from courses or training in public speaking, presentation skills, and business writing.

Continuous professional development is important in this role, as staying updated with industry trends, market changes, and emerging technologies can greatly enhance their performance and effectiveness in business growth and expansion.

Business Development Representative Salary Expectations

A Business Development Representative can expect to earn an average salary of $47,494 (USD) per year.

However, this salary can fluctuate based on factors such as prior sales experience, the industry in which the company operates, and the location of the job.

Additionally, many Business Development Representatives may also receive bonuses or commission based on their performance, which can significantly increase their total earnings.

Business Development Representative Job Description FAQs

What skills does a business development representative need.

Business Development Representatives need strong communication and interpersonal skills to build relationships with potential clients.

They also need good research abilities to identify new business opportunities and trends.

Analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and basic understanding of sales principles are also vital for this role.

They should also be proficient with CRM software and other sales tools.

Do Business Development Representatives need a degree?

While not always necessary, many employers prefer Business Development Representatives to have a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field.

However, relevant work experience can often be substituted for formal education.

What should you look for in a Business Development Representative resume?

Look for a history of successful sales and evidence of relationship building with clients.

They should also demonstrate proficiency in business analytics and research.

A strong resume will also show experience with CRM software and possibly other sales or project management tools.

What qualities make a good Business Development Representative?

A good Business Development Representative is proactive, able to identify opportunities, and act on them quickly.

They should have excellent communication skills and the ability to build rapport with clients.

They should also be goal-oriented, focused on meeting sales targets and business objectives.

Is it difficult to hire Business Development Representatives?

Hiring a Business Development Representative can be challenging, as it requires finding a candidate with the right mix of sales skills and the ability to understand and represent your company’s products or services effectively.

Offering competitive salaries, clear career progression paths, and a positive company culture can help attract the right candidates.

There you have it.

We’ve just unveiled the real essence of being a Business Development Representative .

Surprise, surprise!

It’s not just about sales pitches and meetings.

It’s about strategizing growth, one business deal at a time.

Armed with our ready-to-use Business Development Representative job description template and real-life examples, you’re fully equipped to make your move.

But, why halt your momentum?

Venture further with our job description generator . It’s your next step for creating accurate job listings or refining your resume to its highest potential.

Bear in mind:

Every business deal is a step towards broader success.

Let’s construct that success. Together.

How to Become a Business Development Representative (Complete Guide)

Low Pay, High Dedication: Unveiling the Least Rewarding Jobs in America

Unleash Your Passion: Fun Jobs That Also Pay the Bills

Unexpected Careers: Unusual Jobs That Surprise and Delight

The Office Ouch: The Most Hated Jobs That Hurt to Think About

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The Editorial Team at is composed of certified interview coaches, seasoned HR professionals, and industry insiders. With decades of collective expertise and access to an unparalleled database of interview questions, we are dedicated to empowering job seekers. Our content meets real-time industry demands, ensuring readers receive timely, accurate, and actionable advice. We value our readers' insights and encourage feedback, corrections, and questions to maintain the highest level of accuracy and relevance.

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Business Development Representative Resume Samples

A Business Development Representative works along with existing clients and serves their needs. The most common work activities listed on the Business Development Representative Resume include the following – finding new clients, initiating marketing targets, qualifying leads from marketing campaigns, identifying client needs and suggesting appropriate products, building long-term trusting relationship with clients, customizing product solutions to enhance customer satisfaction, mentoring and training sales and customer service representatives, and providing superior customer support services.

Commonly these skills are expected by the employers – experience with various type of sales techniques, track record of over-achieving sales, proficiency with CRM software, familiarity with MS Excel, a solid understanding of sales performance metrics, and the ability to deliver presentations. The educational requirements are not that steep for the role, however, a degree in marketing or business administration along with familiarity of the marketplace is required.

Business Development Representative Resume example

  • Resume Samples
  • Business Development
  • Business Development Representative

Business Development Representative Resume

Summary : 7+ years of experience as a Business Development Representative. Sales Professional with proven success in achieving sales targets within the Technology industry in the USA and Latin America. Understands technology as a strategy and value enabler for business processes and comprehends financial metrics to justify the investment and business models to sell and consume technology. A result-oriented clear understanding of business profitability and accurate pipeline/forecasting.

Skills : Expertise Sales, Negotiation, CRM, Volume Licensing, Prospecting, Lead Generation, Cold Calling, Negotiation, Closing Sales, Channel Recruitment, Training, and Channel Management, Product Management, Solution Advisor, Market Development, Sales Revenue Forecasting. Knowledge In Unified Communication Technologies; IP Telephony, IP PBX, SIP Trunks, Audio, and Video Collaboration.

Business Development Representative  Resume Sample

Description :

  • Establishing and expand relationships with key customers (800+; distributed within 6 different countries) by contacting them on a daily basis.
  • Growing and maintaining existing customer and partner relationships through proactive marketing, webinars and telesales activity.
  • Acting as key and knowledgeable resource for the leading industry in the volume license and services offerings.
  • Conducting data analysis on the equity of business development representative input distribution.
  • Manage contractors on lead generation initiatives and negotiate with vendors.
  • Carry and exceed the quota of scheduling meetings and growing existing energy markets.
  • Helped launch newest product tikkit and lead deals through entire sales cycle from lead qualification to close.

Business Development Representative I Resume

Objective : Over 3 years of experience as a Business Development Representative. Seeking to secure a challenging profession, utilizing my hospitality and people skills in an organization offering growth and opportunity.

Skills : Computer Proficiency Aloha System, MS Windows, MS Office 200x, and Outlook, Cornerstone, Salesforce, Excel, Quickbooks, Customer Relationship Management, and Customer Service.

Business Development Representative I Resume Template

  • Preformed outgoing and incoming calls to clients for continuing or new business.
  • Gathered information from the client in order to obtain a quote for pricing and then sent for client review.
  • Worked with operations to gather what equipment would be needed to perform the work needed in order to get pricing.
  • Established work orders once the purchase order was received from the client for scheduling.
  • Performed outgoing calls to clients after jobs completed in regards to further services needed to be recommended after inspections.
  • Traveled to various trade shows to exhibit our business to establish a new business.
  • Accomplishments established a new client base and new business opportunities, built professional representative client relationships, while at trade shows exhibited professionalism in explaining services to vendors and business opportunities while providing them business cards and directory of services for our contact information while receiving their contact information.
  • Developed new business with VPs and c-level executives from companies with at least 200 employees.
  • Set up and run targeted campaigns for f500 companies and targeted verticals.
  • Worked closely with the sales manager to improve sales training for new BDRs.

Senior Business Development Representative Resume

Summary : More than 8 years of broad-based experience as a Business Development Representative, and a variety of positions have given me background, experience, and maturity that enable me to exhibit professionalism in dealing with people. I have the ability to apply correspondence rules and procedural guidelines exhibiting excellent verbal and written skills.

Skills : Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service, Networking, Strategic Planning, Communication, Excellent Problem Solving, Knowledge Of Computer Functions, and Organizational.

Senior Business Development Representative Resume Example

  • Serving as liaison to corporate headquarters in support of future opportunities contracted from army contracting command, rock island.
  • In addition, due to geographic presence, serves as bd team's front line for information gathering at first army and joint munitions command.
  • Working autonomously without any direct supervision serving as firm's POC at rock island arsenal.
  • Systematically gathers intelligence not available through other sources and successfully arranges meetings for senior leadership to attend.
  • Recently was appointed to the board of directors for the association of the united states army rock island arsenal chapter which results in increased visibility for the firm.
  • Well connected with local industry and is able to provide hard intelligence about local potential team members, their community reputation, and ability to provide services to the firm.
  • Answering customers questions regarding products, prices, and availability.
  • Setting up new accounts, establish customer credit, and set up payment methods.
  • Prioritizing daily workflow, including all inbound calls, quotes, and sales-related inquiries.

Inside Sales - Business Development Representative Resume

Headline : Over 6+ years of experience as a Business Development Representative. My aspirations include achieving experience to reach my goal towards an accounting degree and to contribute to the company's mission, and to be part of a well- established and rewarding organization.

Skills : Communication, Excellent Problem Solving, Knowledge Of Computer Functions, Organizational, Microsoft, CRM Software, Adobe, Customer Relations, Customer Service, Graphic Design, and Database Management.

Inside Sales - Business Development Representative Resume Model

  • Making outbound phone calls to both existing and potential new customers.
  • Answering inbound phone calls and routes caller to the appropriate department or associate.
  • Communicating information concerning current loans and determines future financing needs for mortgage products with a set standard.
  • Discussing regions products and services with existing and potential customers.
  • Meeting or exceeding production goals, primarily by converting leads into qualified referrals resulting in closed mortgage loans.
  • Using effective sales and inbound/outbound telephone techniques to build client relationships and uncover product and service needs.
  • Providing excellent customer service skills while following all marketing and compliance guidelines established by the corporation.
  • Developing new business opportunities by effectively communicating product lines to customers.
  • Creating new revenue streams by cultivating successful partnerships with customers.
  • Processing and respond to internet leads in an immediate and professional manner.

Business Development Representative II Resume

Objective : An ambitious management professional with strong client relation skills; effective use of time management and organizational skills to lead teams with projects and activities; exhibited excellent interpersonal skills and professional manner; and effectively communicating information to team members and consumers through written and oral skills.

Skills : Project Management, Communication, and Leadership, Bilingual, Great Team Player, Proficient In Microsoft, Great Organizational, and Works Well Under Pressure.

Business Development Representative II Resume Example

  • Accurately using comprehensive database management via Salesforce and other CRM tools.
  • Developing and closing new business opportunities through established networks, relationships, independent research, and the lead management pipeline to expand the range of offers to our subscribers.
  • Facilitating the growth of revenue by contacting and closing health, beauty, and wellness merchants who have not done business with Groupon.
  • Securing partnerships using consultative selling strategies to craft and negotiate offer details that align with financial and operational objectives.
  • Become familiar with each business, including but not limited to: products and/or services, consumer demographics, consumer ratings, points of competitive differentiation, and revenue and profit drivers.
  • Utilizing knowledge of deal structure and strategy in order to reach the client's desired outcomes and maximize profit.
  • Interfacing with merchant development to ensure a seamless transition of accounts and align on business strategy.
  • Providing accurate, clear, and concise responses to incoming and outgoing calls from customers that are inquiring about vehicles.
  • Demonstrating world-class customer service excels in your current position, commit to getting better and be open to feedback and coaching to allow for career advancement.
  • Maximizing leads received from corporate, marketing/advertising, customer referrals and some self-generated lead sources utilize ongoing on-line, classroom and mentor training to learn the company's vertically-integrated business model and consumer finance industry.

Business Development Representative III Resume

Objective : One year of experience as a Business Development Representative. Looking to secure a Sales or Management position that utilizes my excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills, while positively influencing the organization's growth and profitability.

Skills : Microsoft, CRM Software, Adobe, Customer Relations, Customer Service, Graphic Design, Database Management, Data Entry, Time Management, Problem Solving, Sales, Automotive, Training & Development, HTML, and Web Design.

Business Development Representative III Resume Template

  • Answered an average of 87 calls per day by addressing customer inquiries, solving problems and providing new product information.
  • Effectively managed a high-volume of inbound and outbound customer calls.
  • Answered a constant flow of customer calls with up to 12 calls in queue per hour.
  • Addressed and resolved customer product complaints empathetically and professionally.
  • Gathered and verified all required customer information for tracking purposes.
  • Managed customer calls effectively and efficiently in a complex, fast-paced and challenging call center environment.
  • Acted professionally and patiently when addressing negative customer feedback.
  • Make 80+ calls daily adhere to all company policies, procedures, and safety standards.
  • Refer leads and prospects for vehicle sales to the new and pre-owned sales departments.
  • Stay up to date on current manufacture incentives and current sales specials the dealership is offering.

Business Development Representative/Buyer Resume

Summary : 8+ years of experience as a Business Development Representative. I am looking to further my career with your company. I am looking for a full-time, long term position, that can help me better my family.

Skills : Team Player, Time Management, Goal-Oriented, Positive, and Friendly, Accurate Money Handling, and Management, Multitasking Ability, 60+ WPM Typing Speed, Professional Phone Etiquette, Excellent Communication, Works Well Under Pressure, Customer Service-Oriented, Social Media Knowledge, and Appointment Setting.

Business Development Representative/Buyer Resume Template

  • Referring unresolved customer grievances to designated departments for further investigation.
  • Office manager Dennis sneed ford current employee payroll oversees all aspects of back-office and service department accounts payable dealer eft.
  • Maintaining personal performance including contact databases, activity reporting, and sales forecasts.
  • Monitoring competitive activity and market conditions to provide feedback to management regarding new product and installations.
  • Participating in trade shows, industry events, customer entertainment activities, sales meetings, training programs and conferences as directed.
  • Sales effort resulted in the placement of 380 temporary employees being placed within 21 months.
  • Originating/updating/maintaining projects representation lists, project flyers/handouts, and company presentations.
  • Providing them with the company's service capabilities in order to generate business and to follow up after the bid process.
  • Facilitating presentations to clients, engineers, procurement personnel, project managers, etc.

Executive Business Development Representative Resume

Summary : Over 10+ years of experience as a Business Development Representative. Reliable, driven and efficient worker with many years in public service and experience in diverse career fields. Great communication skills in both personal and professional settings. Proficient in the computer, mathematical and writing skills.

Skills : Event Planning, Marketing Communications, Customer Service, Excel, Word, Event Marketing, Organizational, Office, Computer, Customer Service and Leader.

Executive Business Development Representative Resume Template

  • Responsibilities include selling in print (newspaper and magazine) and online advertising to businesses located in the areas listed above.
  • Duties include being able to use Microsoft programs such as word, excel, outlook, Sharepoint, etc.
  • Duties also include communicating with clients, prospective clients, graphic designers (in another location) and being able to work well without supervision.
  • Setting up test drive appointments with all customers with the focus that all customers are prospective buyers and long term customers.
  • Communicating with the prospective buyers until they are ready to set an appointment and visit the dealership to view the vehicle.
  • Meticulously utilizing the company's leads system to identify potential new and repeat customers to provide them up-to-date discounts and trade-in options.
  • Expertly trained all new employees in the company's standard operating procedures and methods to increase confidence and communication skills.
  • Professionally marketing my services to develop a rapport with the local community and maximize sales within the company.
  • Verbally and electronically interacting with over 500 customers a week to properly process forms and documents pertinent to auto sales.

International Business Development Representative II Resume

Headline : Business Development Representative with 5+ years of leadership, strong communication skills and a natural connection with people. Expertise in business, sales development, B2B selling, and business models. Proven track record of organizational growth, leadership and educational and training development and productivity models. Created organizational vision, goals, and standards while performing highly visible roles in a rapidly changing business environment.

Skills : MS Office Suite 2013, Proficient Social Media Platforms, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Business Valuations, Strong Interpersonal, Leadership, Sales Training, and Coaching, and Sales Territory Strategies.

International Business Development Representative II Resume Template

  • Participating in conferences and local meetings to generate sales leads for potential clients and increase awareness of company services.
  • Maintaining all prospects and current client information in sales database on a daily basis, attend sales meetings, and respond to emails from sales management and staff in a timely manner consults with hiring managers to develop recruiting and marketing strategies.
  • Networking through industry contacts, association memberships, trade groups, and employees.
  • Cultivating combined partnerships with successful service vendors and b2b selling attracting over $560,000 in contracting opportunities within months.
  • Experience prioritizing, planning and organizing tasks/activities to ensure timely completion of job responsibilities.
  • Able to maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism in all matters.
  • Calling unsold customers for satisfaction survey and to bring them back into the dealership.
  • Responsible for generating sales appointments for customers who contact the dealership via the internet, phone, and Tecobi to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle.
  • Working closely with sales and service following up on all internet leads and calls.
  • Welcome visitors by greeting and referring them to the appropriate person.

Sr. Business Development Representative Resume

Headline : 5+ years of experience as a Business Development Representative. Seeking out Account Management Opportunities with High-Tech companies that specialize in products/services. I am really passionate about Technology and Healthcare companies.

Skills : Customer Service, Loss Prevention, Visuals, and Marketing, People Management, and Recruiting, Scheduling, Team Training, and Development, Competitive Selling, Increasing Productivity, Monitoring Inventories and Deposits, Team Accountability, Floor Supervision, and Leading By Example.

Sr. Business Development Representative Resume Template

  • Following up on marketing qualified leads to set up product demos for our regional account managers.
  • Working with our regional account managers in generating new business for northeast territory.
  • Responsible for answering live chat sales inquiries from our main website.
  • Following up with partners to get updates on opportunities in the pipeline.
  • Utilizing CRM salesforce in-depth to create opportunities, leads and follow up.
  • Promoting and positioning the strategic & tactical values of data protection product and service offerings.
  • Providing a wide range of data protection product and services knowledge to prospective customers.
  • Searching for business via internet, database, contractor websites and responses from trade show inquiries.
  • Function competently and competitively in a fast-paced, highly transactional call-center environment that requires project and time management skills.

Table of Contents

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Business Development Representative Resume Examples

Writing a great business development representative resume is important because it is one of the first things a potential employer will see when they are considering you for a position. It is your opportunity to make a good first impression and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Create your resume Select from 7 professional resume templates

If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to drafting your own business development representative resume, look no further than the samples below. These resumes will help you highlight your experience and qualifications in the most effective way possible, giving you the best chance of landing the business development representative job you're after.

Business Development Representative Resume Example

or download as PDF

Essential Components of a Business Development Representative Resume

A Business Development Representative Resume is a critical document that showcases your expertise, work history, and credentials for the role. Crafting an effective resume requires highlighting essential elements that demonstrate your aptitude for identifying sales opportunities, nurturing client relationships, and devising strategies for business growth. The resume should be organized into distinct sections, each with its own significance and content requirements.

In this guide, we delve into the various sections of the resume, discussing their importance and the information they should contain. We also provide tips to enhance each section, helping you present a compelling case for your candidacy.

1. Contact Information

Contact Information is crucial for a Business Development Representative resume, typically positioned at the top for visibility. This section allows potential employers to contact you for interviews or further discussions.

How to List Contact Information for a Business Development Representative Resume

Include your full name, phone number, and a professional email address. Ensure your voicemail is not full and reflects professionalism. Consider adding your LinkedIn profile or professional social media links if relevant to the position, ensuring they portray a professional image.

  • Avoid personal details like marital status, age, or home address, as they are unnecessary at this stage.
  • Ensure all contact information is current and accurate to avoid communication issues.

The Contact Information section may seem straightforward, but it is vital for facilitating contact during the hiring process.

2. Professional Summary or Objective

The Professional Summary or Objective is a critical introduction to your professional persona and sets the tone for your resume. It should be concise, engaging, and tailored to the specific role.

A well-crafted summary or objective highlights your most relevant skills, experiences, and achievements in business development, showcasing your ability to foster client relationships, generate leads, close deals, and drive revenue growth. It also provides an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of market trends and customer needs.

For a professional summary, focus on summarizing career highlights and key competencies. For example:

"Business Development Representative with a results-driven approach and over 5 years of experience in the tech sector. Demonstrated success in creating new business opportunities and meeting sales targets."

If writing an objective statement, emphasize your goals in the role you're applying for. For instance:

"Eager Business Development Representative seeking to leverage proven sales strategies and market insights to foster business growth at XYZ Company."

Given that hiring managers often quickly scan resumes, it's crucial that this section grabs their attention and effectively communicates your value.

Related : Top Business Development Representative Resume Objective Examples

3. Skills and Competencies

The Skills and Competencies section is a showcase of your abilities that qualify you for the role. Tailor this section to the job description, highlighting skills commonly sought after for this position.

  • Sales Skills: Essential for selling products or services, including negotiation, persuasion, and deal closure.
  • Communication Skills: Crucial for clear interactions with potential clients, stakeholders, and team members.
  • Relationship Building: Key for establishing and maintaining professional relationships, networking, and trust-building.
  • Strategic Thinking: Necessary for developing business growth strategies, including analytical thinking and market trend analysis.
  • CRM Software Proficiency: Familiarity with CRM tools like Salesforce or HubSpot can be advantageous.
  • Time Management: Important for managing multiple tasks efficiently without compromising quality.
  • Resilience & Persistence: Essential for overcoming sales rejections and persisting through challenges.
  • Industry Knowledge: Understanding the industry can provide an edge in discussions with potential clients or partners.
  • Customer Service Skills: Vital for maintaining client satisfaction and potentially generating more business or referrals.

Provide examples of how you've applied these skills in previous roles whenever possible.

Related : Business Development Representative Skills: Definition and Examples

4. Work Experience

Relevant work experience is a cornerstone of a Business Development Representative resume , offering a window into your capabilities and industry knowledge. This section should detail past positions, responsibilities, and achievements that align with the job you're targeting.

List your work history in reverse chronological order, including the company name, location, dates of employment, and your title. Describe key responsibilities and successes that demonstrate your ability to contribute to business growth, using action verbs to convey your role in these achievements.

Quantify your results with specific metrics to provide concrete evidence of your impact. Highlight career progression, such as promotions or increased responsibilities, to indicate potential for leadership.

  • CRM software proficiency
  • Data analysis tool expertise
  • Effective communication
  • Skilled negotiation
  • Strategic thinking

Customize this section to reflect the job description, emphasizing experiences that directly relate to the employer's requirements.

5. Education and Certifications

The Education and Certifications section of your resume highlights your academic background and any additional qualifications pertinent to the role.

  • Academic Achievements: Detail your degree, institution, and graduation date, especially if you have a bachelor's or master's degree in a relevant field.
  • Related Courses: Include courses related to business development that demonstrate foundational knowledge.
  • Certifications: List certifications that enhance your qualifications, such as CBDP or CSLP, to show your commitment to professional growth.
  • Ongoing Learning: Mention recent workshops, seminars, or online courses to illustrate your dedication to staying current in the field.
  • Skills Gained: Briefly describe the skills acquired from each educational or certification program relevant to the job role.

While education and certifications are important, they should complement other resume elements like experience and skills for a comprehensive presentation.

Related : Business Development Representative Certifications

6. Achievements and Awards

The Achievements and Awards section is designed to highlight your past successes, underscoring your ability to deliver results and contribute significantly to business growth.

List any awards received for your work, including internal, industry, or client recognitions, and explain the reasons for the accolades. Also, include successful projects that led to notable business improvements.

Make your achievements measurable, providing concrete figures to give employers a clear understanding of your potential impact on their business.

This section is not only about proving your ability to do the job but to excel at it. By clearly outlining your achievements and awards, you provide tangible proof of your excellence as a Business Development Representative.

7. References

The References section can significantly enhance your job prospects by allowing potential employers to verify your skills and work ethic.

Choose references who can positively attest to your professional abilities relevant to business development roles, such as relationship building and strategic planning. Include their full names, titles, companies, contact numbers, and email addresses, and ensure you have their permission to be listed as references.

If space is limited or references are requested later, you can state "References available upon request." This indicates your preparedness to provide endorsements for your qualifications.

The References section supports the information in other parts of your resume, reinforcing your suitability for the Business Development Representative position.

Related Resume Examples

  • Business Development Assistant
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Business Development Director
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Development Officer
  • Business Development Analyst

Job Description And Resume Examples

Business Development Representative Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Business Development Representative job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

This post presents complete information on the job description of a business development representative, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a Business Development Representative Do?

The business development representative role is a specialized position in any organization and is related to the sales department of a company.

The job description of the business development representative entails cultivating relationships with prospective clients of the company in which they work.

Anyone interested in this position has to be familiar with what the organization is all about, and should also possess some experience in marketing and/or other related fields.

Depending on the organization and the job position, a degree may not be very relevant as long as the marketing experience is in place. Nevertheless, a higher education in any marketing related field gives you a competitive advantage.

The business development representative is responsible for seeking out new business ideas and developing them for the growth of the organization.

This is one position that is known to involve diverse skill set, which includes technical sales, customer relation management, account management, and business development.

A business development representative is one who acts as a layer between marketing and sales; handling most first contact with prospective clients and engaging in marketing activities and campaigns in order to build relationships.

One of the basic objectives for this role is taking a lead from a marketing campaign, and qualifying the lead through discovery of opportunity, and afterwards setting an on-site appointment with an account executive, and maintaining the follow up until a quote is delivered.

Other duties of the business development representative include initiating business conversations with other organizations and developing a strong relationship with potential customers and partners.

He or she also plays a large role in developing an effective pipeline of new projects and customers.

This is one position that has a direct impact on a company’s organizational success. This is so because it provides the sales line qualifying prospects from lead status.

Business Development Representative Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The following job description example highlights major duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually carried out by individuals who work as business development representatives in most firms:

  • Lead management and proactive outbound projecting
  • Develop an effective pipeline of new projects and customers
  • Generate quotes and appointments by means of lead activity management
  • Market company’s solutions to potential customers
  • Work with the marketing section in order to discover opportunities from various leads, and possibly set appointments from those leads
  • Set up appointments
  • Track and maintain customer contact and their records
  • Attend customer meetings as required
  • Participate in sales meetings, local trade shows, and vendor training in order to maintain up to date knowledge of current technology

Business Development Representative Job Description for Resume

When writing a resume for the post of representative of business development, you can adopt the sample job description given above in making the professional experience section of the resume; however, you must ensure that the functions of the position highlighted in the description of the job matches your true experience.

Business Development Representative Requirements: Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge for Career Success

There are skills and abilities that one must possess in order to be considered by most employers for the job of business development representative, these include:

  • Must be a good communicator; he/she must have the ability to interact and communicate with individuals no matter their levels in the organization.
  • Understanding of workflow systems of the organization and their various applications to the improvement of customer business process
  • Ability to make presentations to staff and clients whether formal or informal.
  • Ability to prioritize assignments at work
  • Strong PC skills: A fair and basic knowledge of how to use the computer system and its basic application and system
  • Effective time management skills: The business development representative must have the ability to manage time effectively and work independently
  • He/she must be self-motivated
  • Must be willing travel at any time
  • A first degree in Management Studies, Business, Marketing, or any other related discipline
  • Must possess the ability to work with a team
  • Problem solving skills: He/she must be able to effectively resolve problems
  • Possession of strong interpersonal skills
  • Possess the ability to effectively handle stress
  • Ability to listen and pay attention to details
  • Creative thinker: He/she must have the ability to think effectively, develop ideas in providing solution to problems as they come
  • Must be highly enthusiastic and committed to excellence
  • He/she must have an open mind and the ability to work with little or no supervision
  • Must possess the ability to be thorough and extremely analytical
  • Must have the ability to be flexible and perform multiple task at a time
  • Must possess the ability to work under pressure and still meet up with deadlines


Industrial Electrician Job Description

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Smart Sample Resume

Business Development Representative Job Description


Representatives in business development are in charge of increasing a database of customers. They discover prospects via prospecting tactics and make the first contact with potential clients. Its mission is to assist the sales team in scheduling meetings and filling pipelines. They must be completely familiar with their product and service offerings to effectively communicate their meaning and value to potential clients. If the prospect is a great fit, the professional will set up a prospecting call or meeting with the client and a representative of their sales team. The salesperson’s job is to strengthen the bond with the customer and eventually clinch the deal. Various big performance metrics are used to evaluate business development professionals. BDRs will have weekly, quarterly, and annual quotas, just like typical salespeople. These quotas will take into account things like the number of messages sent, phone calls made, and appointments scheduled. Prospecting actions are frequently monitored and recorded using CRM software.

Business Development Representative Job Titles:

  • Business Development Representative
  • Sales Development Representative

Business Development Representative Job Summary:

We’re seeking a Business Development Representative to serve as the link across our Marketing and Sales departments. Your job will entail establishing and cultivating connections with potential clients to find new business potential. You should have prior experience generating prospects from marketing strategies and hitting sales objectives to be successful in the role. From the first contact to the last sale, you will rely on your communication abilities to build great client relationships. You’ll also make certain that a suitable after-sales service is provided. We’d like to contact you if you’re driven by outcomes and appreciate working in a group setting.  

Business Development Representative Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Pick out possible clients from a list of leads.
  • Sort leads from various marketing activities into sales prospects.
  • Leads can be contacted via email and cold calls.
  • Promote your company to potential customers.
  • Determine client needs and make appropriate product/service recommendations.
  • Create personalized product solutions that enable customers to feel more satisfied.
  • Build long-term ties with your customers.
  • Consciously seek new business prospects in the market.
  • Customer status updates should be coordinated with Account Managers.
  • Deliver weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales statistics to the Business Development Manager.
  • Stay current with the most recent business trends.
  • Support your market’s steady growth.
  • To the best possible standard, try to turn losses into wins.
  • To minimize possible loss, get ahead of prospective difficulties.
  • Visit locations that will help your business flourish.
  • Use senior employees for training and direction.

Business Development Representative Skills and Qualification:

  • A degree in marketing, sales, or business administration is required
  • More than 2 years of experience in a similar field
  • Practical experience with a variety of sales tactics
  • Achievement of sales goals in the past
  • Knowledge of CRM software
  • Awareness of sales success indicators and expertise with MS Excel
  • Strong bargaining and communication skills
  • Power to make interesting presentations
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication abilities
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and keep on track Knowledge of how to read and comprehend profits and inventory figures

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resume job description business development representative

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Business Development Representative Job Description

Business development representative duties & responsibilities.

To write an effective business development representative job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included business development representative job description templates that you can modify and use.

Sample responsibilities for this position include:

Business Development Representative Qualifications

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

Licensing or Certifications for Business Development Representative

List any licenses or certifications required by the position: ABO, AWS, AAISP, ITIL, US, SA, PS, PMP

Education for Business Development Representative

Typically a job would require a certain level of education.

Employers hiring for the business development representative job most commonly would prefer for their future employee to have a relevant degree such as Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Business, Marketing, Business/Administration, Education, Management, Communication, Technology, Technical, Computer, Communications

Skills for Business Development Representative

Desired skills for business development representative include:

Desired experience for business development representative includes:

Business Development Representative Examples

  • Microsoft Word (.docx) .DOCX
  • PDF Document (.pdf) .PDF
  • Image File (.png) .PNG
  • Become a trusted telecom and technology industry resource and develop superior relationships with prospects
  • Consistently achieve qualified opportunity quotas
  • Build the profile and reputation of the HP portfolio within your customer base
  • Train our retailers on the key selling propositions of the HP portfolio
  • Proactively seek opportunities to drive HP sale activity within your retail accounts
  • Utilise data to develop and execute strategic initiatives
  • Execute market leading merchandising
  • Providing key intelligence back to the greater HP business
  • Actively participate in HP partner events
  • Set meetings
  • Bachelor degree in a relevant field (Business, Sales, Marketing)
  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent relevant work experience preferred 1-3 years of experience in B2B & industry in targeted segments
  • Prior sales, marketing or promotional experience preferred
  • College degree preferred with related work experience (recent college grads welcome)
  • Enterprise prospecting experience
  • Able to use relevant computer system applications (which may include spreadsheets, word processors, databases, ) at a basic level
  • Outbound Selling
  • Become proficient in Precision Dialogue enterprise solutions
  • Meet or exceed dial and/or talk time quotas
  • Conduct in-depth needs assessments and qualify potential clients
  • Overcome technical and business objections of potential clients
  • Take diligent notes of what prospect-s needs are for Internet Marketing Advisor to best close opportunity
  • Set strong appointments for Internet Marketing Advisor to follow-up with and close
  • Use our CRM to qualify prospects and capture key data points
  • Ensure monthly, quarterly, and yearly individual sales quotas are exceeded by setting appointments for new accounts to be closed
  • Knowledgeable in total communication solutions
  • The ability to maneuver up to 100 pounds using a hand truck
  • Demonstrable record of achievements (eg
  • Safety must be a core quality and priority
  • Self-starter and proactive, but able to work within a team
  • Good communicator, networker, relationship builder
  • Ideally, fluent in written and spoken German
  • Other responsibilities include maintaining client portfolios and relationships
  • Contact with the client on a regular basis is required
  • The BDT member is expected to maintain good client relationships with current clients and have a knowledge of the market place and industry in order to forecast new business
  • Set appointments for both Field and Inside Sales Representative
  • Conduct 40 to 60 in-bound or out-bound calls per day in order to prospect, educate, qualify, and develop Target Accounts
  • Outbound calls align to target account lists defined for the team to gain entry to new account or a new buy centre within an existing account
  • Inbound calls leverage inbound requests from prospects for the accounts/geography covered (e.g., call me now, sales contact me, chat)
  • Inbound/Outbound calls following-up on highest priority marketing nurtured “warm or hot” leads where contacts or accounts are exhibiting propensity to buy engagement levels
  • Be responsible for building sales pipeline by meeting and exceeding lead generation quotas
  • Disseminate opportunities and educate Account Executives as necessary
  • Strong ability to identify & qualify opportunities in cold and existing accounts
  • Ability to conduct strategic, business-focussed conversations with C-level executives
  • Highly motivated and ambitious - you want a career, not a job
  • Valid working Visa for Ireland & eligible to Travel Visa for the US
  • Degree from a college or university with minimum 2 years experience
  • At least three (3) to five (5) years’ experience in health care sales or marketing, preferably in home care operations
  • Monitoring daily reports to identify lost business or client trends
  • Business development in Travis County, with primary focus on Austin
  • Execute upon direction from the sales team with respect to RMAs, returns & allowances (R&A), quotes, promotions, sell through, inventory management, turns, forecasts, and any other account activities that will impact financial results for the account(s), and report findings to Business Development Manager / NAM / Director
  • Provide customer recaps for all meetings and take a proactive role to ensure all action items are executed upon including delegation of assignments to account representatives
  • Follow the sales team’s procedures for managing and maintaining opportunity pipeline, quotes, bids, and be prepared to present that information when requested
  • Conduct and/or coordinate sales and training meetings as required
  • Review and analyze daily sales and compare actual to projected results and be prepared to present that information when requested
  • Travel to tradeshows and customer sites required
  • Execute a minimum of 30 face-to-face contacts weekly
  • Collaborate with team members to support departmental goals and marketing plans
  • Must possess strong presentation skills and communicate professionally as a dynamic speaker and in written responses to emails
  • Proficiency with Internet and MS Excel
  • Prior experience with customer service or pre-sales activities is a plus
  • Persistent and able to handle rejection in stride
  • Experience with CRM/Customer Databases
  • Proven track record of successfully meeting sales and activity quotas preferably over the phone
  • Collaborate on team presentations for management and clients
  • Provide research on potential and existing clients and the competitive landscape
  • Managing and following up on with current customers
  • Assist in identifying potential business opportunities
  • Monitor news and developments relating to, or impacting, key clients/prospects
  • Prepare periodic reports on screening, tracking, and monitoring clients and prospects
  • Develops and executes strategies to engage corporations, businesses, governments, military, and not-for-profit employers that aid in the recruitment of qualified student applicants to priority programs, and/or further advances the university’s role and reputation
  • Cultivates and maintains strong relationships with strategic corporate and community partners, and communicates effectively and regularly with key university stakeholders about partner opportunities, feedback and competitive analyses
  • Travel for business development opportunities, conferences, meetings or events
  • Identifies opportunities for and facilitates the involvement of university stakeholders, leadership or academic units in recruitment efforts and/or partner cultivation
  • Flair for food and food preperation
  • Microsoft Office (Power Point, Excel, and Word) – computer assessment to be completed
  • Track relevant activities through sales administration system
  • 0-1 year experience in a commercial role as part of a SaaS, 2.0, or ASP company OR a driven, whip-smart, and eager-to-learn new grad who thrives in fast paced environments
  • Utilize and Nurture professional communication, research and interviewing skills, marketing and sales skills
  • Ability to learn, reason and adapt quickly

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resume job description business development representative

resume job description business development representative

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How to Land Your First Sales Job as a Business Development Representative (BDR)

Business Development Representative wearing a headset while working on a laptop

Succeeding as a BDR requires a unique mix of creativity, resilience, and strong communication, research and prospecting skills.

resume job description business development representative

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You’ve got the gift of persuasion and the ambition to match — and you’re ready to turn those strengths into a successful career in sales. But where should you start? One of the best entry-level positions for someone hoping to break into the sales industry is business development representative (BDR). Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a BDR, including how to succeed and what comes next.

What you’ll learn:

What is a business development representative (bdr), what does a bdr do, what skills and qualifications does a bdr need, how to prepare for a bdr interview, how to succeed as a bdr, what’s the next career move for a bdr, join the salesblazer movement.

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resume job description business development representative

A business development representative (BDR) is the sales position responsible for generating new business opportunities for their organization. BDRs primarily focus on the sales pipeline, generating the leads that account executives (AE) use to close deals. Their duties typically include prospecting, lead qualification, lead nurturing, and booking meetings for account executives.

BDRs vs SDRs

The terms sales development representative (SDR) and business development representative (BDR) are often used interchangeably in the sales world, but sometimes have distinct roles within specific organizations. For instance, some companies may designate inbound presales work to BDRs, while tasking SDRs with outbound tasks like cold calling. Sometimes the difference has to do with career progression. BDR is considered an entry-level role at some companies, with SDR being the next rung on the ladder.

BDRs typically have a few main responsibilities, including:

  • Prospecting: This is the process of identifying potential customers (prospects) who are worth pursuing. Prospecting involves researching companies and people that match your ideal customer profile, finding their contact information, and reaching out via phone or email to learn more.
  • Lead qualification : Once you’ve found leads that look like a good fit, you need to qualify them . This means researching leads in depth, using various channels like social media, cold calling, or emailing. When researching, pay close attention to their unique needs and goals, their budget, and whether they’re currently looking for a solution like yours or may be in the future, as these are good qualification indicators.
  • Lead nurturing: When a lead looks like a good fit, but the timing is off, staying in touch is crucial. Just because they aren’t ready to buy right now, doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. This is done through lead nurturing — the process of providing valuable offers and resources, typically via email or social media, that persuade prospects to advance through the sales funnel .
  • Booking meetings : When you’ve determined a lead is a good fit and is ready to be pitched , the next step is booking the meeting and prepping the account executive. This involves getting the AE up to speed on the prospect and their situation and expectations. Beyond booking the meeting, it’s important to set the AE up for success so all your hard prework pays off.

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Why are BDRs important?

BDRs help AEs do their jobs better by helping them focus more of their time on successfully closing deals. For companies, this offers three main benefits:

  • Increases sales pipeline velocity : By doing all the work to identify and qualify leads, BDRs help ensure the pipeline stays full while also shortening the sales cycle .
  • Provides valuable customer insights : The research BDRs do in the qualification stage gives AEs the power to personalize their pitches to every prospect’s needs. More personalized pitches are typically more effective at closing deals.
  • Improves sales efficiency : When BDRs do their job well, AEs waste less time on unqualified prospects. Instead, they can focus their efforts on deals more likely to close.

Succeeding as a BDR requires a unique set of skills:

  • Creativity : Your average prospect has a full inbox and is no stranger to sales calls. To set themselves apart, BDRs should be good at thinking outside the box. Consider these subject line tips for sales emails that actually get opened and other ways to stand out from the crowd.
  • Strong communication: When someone does pick up the phone or opens your email, you need to win them over. That requires the ability to communicate effectively across channels. It’s important to understand how you come across on the phone, via email, and on social media to make an impact with prospects.
  • Research and prospecting skills : You also need to know how to identify prospects and track down their contact information and other details about them. That includes finding commonalities — a mutual connection, an alma mater in common, or a place you’ve both been. Look for ways to make the connection personal.
  • Resilience: Some amount of rejection happens across sales roles regardless of experience. It’s important to learn how to compartmentalize the hard parts of the job so that you can keep picking up the phone to call the next lead on the list. Finding a like-minded community is a good resource for developing coping skills and learning new strategies.

I’ve hired hundreds of BDRs in my career, so I can speak from experience about how to set yourself apart. My top tips for getting an interview and impressing the hiring manager are:

Network : Proactively look for new people to connect with. When I was starting out, I networked with everyone I could — even the parents of some of my friends. Determine ten businesses where you’d most like to work, research their Directors of Sales Development, and add them on LinkedIn. Message them and ask if they’re willing to hop on a call with you to discuss any open positions (or potential positions that haven’t been posted). And start connecting and interacting with other sales contacts from the company on LinkedIn to get on their radar.

Do your research: I can’t tell you how many times people show up to an interview knowing nothing about me. Research is an important part of the job and you should demonstrate this skill in your interview. Find out everything you can about the hiring manager beforehand. Look for presentations they’ve posted on YouTube, appearances they’ve made on podcasts, or articles they’ve written online. Bring up specific things you learned about them — and the company — during your interview to demonstrate you did your homework.

Come with questions: Display your curiosity about the role and company. Think about the things you want to know that aren’t widely available online — things like how career advancement works or how performance is measured — and come prepared with those questions.

Ask for feedback: Before the interview wraps up, I recommend asking the hiring manager what you could have done to make the interview better on your end. It shows you’re willing to be coached and listen to feedback.

resume job description business development representative

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resume job description business development representative

Once you’ve landed the job, some of the most important tips for success I recommend are:

Clarify your goals

Make sure you understand how the company measures success for your role, including the specific KPIs (key performance indicators) to focus on. Sales goals are typically set by your manager and tracked quarterly, but you should be sure you know exactly what you’re responsible for so there’s no confusion.

In my experience, some of the main sales goals to aim for as a BDR are:

  • Booked meetings: The number of meetings you set up between prospects and an AE
  • Completed meetings: The number of booked meetings that prospects attend
  • Qualified leads: The number of leads that are likely to purchase

Develop your research skills

To be successful as a BDR, identifying prospects is a crucial skill. And that means becoming a great researcher. Google and LinkedIn are good starting points. Once you have a list of prospects, dig into their online presence. Social feeds can tell you a lot about a prospect’s interests and priorities — good things to know when tailoring a sales pitch.

Search for them and their company on YouTube, read articles they’ve written, and listen to podcasts where they’ve been featured. By keeping an eye on what they post or who they interact with online, you can gain more insights about how likely they are to buy your product — whether they’re currently facing the kind of problem at work that your offering helps solve, for example.

Once you know enough about a prospect to reach out, Zoominfo is my go-to tool for quickly finding contact information.

Practice time management

BDRs have many responsibilities to balance. It’s crucial to stay on top of your to-do list, catch up on tasks you didn’t get to the previous day, and ensure every account on your list gets the attention it needs. It takes a lot of touches to book a meeting, so you can’t afford to waste time or let leads go cold.

I’ve found tools like dashboards and reports to be particularly effective. That visibility helps me keep track of deals and reminds me about overdue steps so that I can always keep up.

Stay in touch with prospects

Many companies use email drip campaigns for lead nurturing — a series of targeted emails that encourage action based on a prospect’s engagement with your product or website. But in my experience, those don’t always get traction. I’ve found LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to be a more effective tool.

For example, save your prospect as a lead, then look for opportunities to engage with them on the platform. When they post something, comment. When you share something that’s relevant to them, tag them. This strategy gives you more opportunities to interact and keep the relationship alive when nurturing.

Keep learning

There are many free and paid resources you can use to build up your sales knowledge so take advantage. Keep an eye out for relevant articles, webinars, and courses. I’ve personally found a lot of value with Salesforce’s Trailhead resources , which includes courses and certifications to keep your skills sharp. Joining the Trailblazer community is also a good way to connect with other sales professionals and share experiences.

Ask for feedback

Regularly check in with your manager and AE to ask how you’re doing and understand how you can improve. Their feedback can help you boost your performance. It also shows that you’re invested in development and growth. Reflecting on feedback is a good way to understand your strengths and areas for improvement and can help you determine where you see yourself going in your sales career.

For many, BDR will be your first role on the path to building a long-term sales career. The next level is typically to account executive . To move beyond an entry-level BDR role, you must prove your value and demonstrate your success by applying my advice above. You should also communicate with your managers about your career goals and intentions so that they can help you carve a path toward achieving them. Let them know you want that promotion and proactively check in about the steps you need to take to get there.

Work hard and success will follow

To find success as a BDR, focus on meeting the goals outlined for you, continually pursue new learning opportunities, and invest in building a network of contacts. Keep the lines of communication open with leadership about where you want to go and how to get there. When they see that you’re willing to work hard and can take direction, they’ll help you get there.

8 sales productivity pitfalls (and how to avoid them)

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resume job description business development representative

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