What Does a Development Officer Do?

Find out what a Development Officer does, how to get this job, salary information, and what it takes to succeed as a Development Officer.

research and development officer skills

The Development Officer plays an integral role within nonprofit organizations, focusing on securing the resources necessary for fulfilling the organization’s mission. This position involves strategizing and implementing fundraising campaigns, building and nurturing relationships with donors, and identifying new funding opportunities. Through a combination of outreach efforts, grant writing, and event planning, the Development Officer ensures the organization has the financial support needed to continue its work. Their efforts directly impact the organization’s ability to serve its community, making their role essential in the sustainability and growth of the nonprofit.

Development Officer Job Duties

  • Identify and cultivate relationships with potential donors, including individuals, corporations, and foundations, to secure financial support for the organization.
  • Plan and execute fundraising events and campaigns, coordinating logistics, marketing, and follow-up to meet or exceed revenue goals.
  • Write and submit grant proposals, ensuring compliance with grantor guidelines and deadlines, to secure funding from governmental agencies and private foundations.
  • Develop and implement a stewardship program to foster long-term engagement and investment from donors, including acknowledgment letters, donor recognition events, and regular communication.
  • Manage the development database, ensuring accurate and timely entry of donor information, gift processing, and reporting for internal and external use.
  • Collaborate with the marketing and communications team to create promotional materials and strategies that effectively convey the organization’s mission and fundraising needs to various audiences.
  • Train and oversee volunteers and junior staff involved in development activities, providing guidance and support to ensure effective contribution to the organization’s fundraising efforts.
  • Conduct research on emerging philanthropic trends and potential new funding sources, including cryptocurrency and online fundraising platforms, to diversify and increase revenue streams.

Development Officer Salary & Outlook

A Development Officer’s salary is influenced by the sector (non-profit, educational, healthcare), organization size, experience level, fundraising success track record, specialization in grant writing or major gifts, and the complexity of campaigns managed. Additionally, proficiency in donor software and relationship-building skills significantly impact earning potential.

  • Median Annual Salary: $63,525 ($30.54/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $122,000 ($58.65/hour)

The employment of development officers is expected to grow much faster than average over the next decade.

This growth is driven by increasing competition for private and public funding, necessitating skilled professionals to forge relationships, strategize fundraising, and secure financial support for organizations, especially in non-profits, education, and healthcare sectors, where demand for services and expansion continues to rise.

Development Officer Job Requirements

Education: A Development Officer typically holds a Bachelor’s Degree, often in fields such as Business Administration, Communications, Public Relations, or a related area. Coursework emphasizing fundraising, grant writing, marketing, and nonprofit management is highly beneficial. Strong analytical, communication, and project management skills, developed through relevant studies, are essential. Advanced degrees in nonprofit management or a related field can enhance prospects.

Experience: Development Officers typically possess a blend of on-the-job experience and formal training programs in areas such as fundraising, donor relations, and project management. Successful candidates often have a background in developing and implementing fundraising strategies, managing donor databases, and organizing fundraising events. Experience in grant writing and understanding donor psychology are also valuable. Continuous professional development through workshops and seminars is common, ensuring skills remain current in an evolving philanthropic landscape. Hands-on experience in a related field, coupled with ongoing learning opportunities, prepares Development Officers to effectively meet their organization’s goals.

Certifications & Licenses: Certifications and licenses are not typically required for the role of Development Officer.

Development Officer Skills

Grant Writing: Development Officers must craft compelling proposals that effectively communicate an organization’s mission, needs, and potential impact. This skill hinges on synthesizing complex information into clear, persuasive narratives that align with the strategic goals of both the organization and prospective funders, understanding the funding landscape and specific donor requirements.

Donor Research: Identifying and segmenting potential contributors based on their giving capacity and philanthropic interests is a critical task for Development Officers. A meticulous approach to data analysis and a keen understanding of the social and economic factors influencing giving behaviors are required, enabling the cultivation of meaningful, long-term relationships with donors.

Fundraising Strategy: A successful approach involves a deep analysis of potential donor pools and aligning organizational needs with donor interests for mutual benefit. Development Officers balance short-term fundraising goals with long-term relationship building, leveraging analytics and personal connections to maximize contributions.

Event Planning: The execution of successful fundraising events requires meticulous attention to detail and the ability to engage a diverse audience. Creativity, logistical precision, and strong relationships with donors, sponsors, and community members are essential, ensuring each event surpasses its financial and engagement objectives.

Major Gifts Solicitation: Securing significant financial contributions from high-level donors involves a nuanced approach that blends empathy with strategic communication. This skill set is crucial for Development Officers aiming to exceed fundraising targets by unlocking the generosity of individuals capable of making transformative gifts.

Stewardship Programs: Managing donor relationships and ensuring their ongoing engagement and satisfaction involves designing personalized acknowledgment strategies, organizing exclusive events for major donors, and maintaining regular, meaningful communication. This fosters a sense of community and investment in the organization’s mission.

Development Officer Work Environment

A Development Officer typically operates in a dynamic office setting, where the workspace is designed to foster collaboration and focus. Equipped with the latest technology, including computers with specialized software for donor management and communication tools, the environment is tailored to streamline fundraising and development activities.

Work hours may extend beyond the traditional 9-to-5, especially during peak fundraising seasons or when preparing for events, offering some flexibility to accommodate the demands of the role. The dress code tends to mirror the professional yet approachable nature of the position, balancing formal attire for external meetings with business casual for day-to-day office work.

The culture within the team emphasizes mutual support and continuous learning, with opportunities for professional development through workshops and conferences. Interaction with a diverse range of stakeholders, from team members to donors, is a constant, requiring strong interpersonal skills and a positive demeanor.

Overall, the work environment for a Development Officer is structured yet adaptable, blending the need for focus in planning and execution with the vibrancy of engaging with the community and stakeholders.

Advancement Prospects

A Development Officer, pivotal in fundraising and donor relations, can ascend to senior roles such as Director of Development or Chief Development Officer. This trajectory involves mastering strategic planning and major gift solicitation.

To advance, one must excel in crafting compelling grant proposals and building robust relationships with donors. Experience in managing capital campaigns and demonstrating significant increases in fundraising outcomes are crucial.

Specializing in a sector, like higher education or healthcare, enhances prospects. Leading successful, innovative fundraising initiatives sets a Development Officer apart, paving the way for advancement into executive positions within large nonprofits or foundations.

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Research and Development Officer

Research and Development Officer

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What does a research and development officer do? What are the roles and responsibilities of this person within the organization he is working for? Let us know below.

A research and development officer is a person that is responsible for developing new products and  services . The main aim of this position is to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of the organization’s research and development processes.

Then, the person who holds this position is responsible for achieving results in projects related to the development of new products and services. This is by applying in-depth knowledge and experience.

Further, this person needs to take charge of the development of the company’s products and services. As well as research, and development of new technologies and innovation. The officer also conducts market research to acquire a better understanding of the market environment. After that, he or she uses that information to develop products or services that are needed by the market.

Then, the officer is usually employed by a large organization. Such as a manufacturing company, insurance company, hospital, government agency, and more. The duties and responsibilities of this person vary from one organization to another. He or she is mainly involved in coordinating, managing, and supervising all research and development activities within the organization.

But also, it is worth noting that in some organizations, the person who holds this position is responsible for providing technical support to customers. This is on technical problems related to the organization’s products or services.

More About R&D Officer Job Description

A research and development officer needs to possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, or technology. Then, it is important to have experience in various fields related to engineering, science, or technology such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or  computer science  among others.

Another important factor in choosing a research and development officer is his interest in researching new technologies or product developments. Also, he needs to have excellent communication skills such as listening attentively, speaking clearly, and persuasively with people at every level of the organization.

Then, his main objective is to guarantee customers receive the services they deserve. This is by making sure they are satisfied with the final product or service they receive from the organization’s research and development team. 

That being said, he needs to be an effective communicator at all times to ensure smooth communication with customers.

Furthermore, this person needs to have excellent writing skills especially when it comes to writing reports about new developments within the organization’s research and development team. Also, this person needs to be highly organized so he can keep track of progress made on projects under his supervision. So, this person’s responsibility within his company is huge.

As you can see, research and development officers are very crucial to their organization. They are responsible for the overall performance of the organization’s research and development team. He or she is responsible for making sure that new products or services developed by the team will meet customer expectations.

Then, this person is in charge of making sure that the organization’s research and development  activities  are done promptly. Also, he needs to make sure that the company doesn’t experience any delays in developing its products.

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Research and Development Staff

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Top 12 Development Officer Skills to Put on Your Resume

In the competitive field of development and fundraising, standing out as a candidate requires more than just experience and education. Highlighting a well-rounded set of skills on your resume can set you apart, showcasing your ability to innovate, collaborate, and drive success in various development projects.

Top 12 Development Officer Skills to Put on Your Resume

Development Officer Skills

  • Raiser's Edge
  • Grant Writing
  • DonorPerfect
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Constant Contact
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • CRM Dynamics

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that enables development officers to manage and analyze donor interactions and data throughout the donor lifecycle, aiming to improve fundraising efforts and donor engagement.

Why It's Important

Salesforce is important for a Development Officer because it provides a unified platform for managing donor relationships, tracking fundraising efforts, automating workflows, and analyzing data to drive strategic decisions and increase fundraising effectiveness.

How to Improve Salesforce Skills

Improving Salesforce for a Development Officer involves enhancing data quality, automating processes, and leveraging analytics for better decision-making. Here are concise strategies:

Data Quality : Ensure accurate and complete data by implementing validation rules and using duplicate management tools. Salesforce offers data quality tools to maintain integrity.

Automation : Use Salesforce's Process Builder and Flow to automate routine tasks, such as data entry and email notifications, freeing up time for strategic activities. Learn about automation with Process Builder.

Customization : Tailor Salesforce to fit specific needs by creating custom fields, objects, and layouts that align with development goals. The Salesforce Platform Basics guide can help you start customizing.

Integration : Connect Salesforce with other tools (e.g., marketing automation, social media platforms) to have a holistic view of donor activities. Explore integration options on Trailhead.

Analytics : Utilize Salesforce reports and dashboards to analyze fundraising campaigns, donor engagement, and other key metrics. Enhance decision-making with Salesforce Analytics.

Training : Continuously educate yourself and your team on Salesforce features and best practices through Trailhead , Salesforce’s free online learning platform.

By focusing on these areas, a Development Officer can significantly improve their utilization of Salesforce, leading to more effective and efficient fundraising efforts.

How to Display Salesforce Skills on Your Resume

How to Display Salesforce Skills on Your Resume

2. Raiser's Edge

Raiser's Edge is a comprehensive donor management and fundraising software designed to help Development Officers efficiently track and manage donor information, donations, campaigns, and communications, enabling more effective fundraising strategies and donor engagement.

Raiser's Edge is crucial for a Development Officer as it streamlines donor management, enhances fundraising strategies, and improves engagement through efficient data organization and analysis, facilitating more effective and personalized donor outreach.

How to Improve Raiser's Edge Skills

Improving your use of Raiser's Edge as a Development Officer involves a combination of training, customization, data hygiene, and integration strategies to enhance fundraising efforts and donor management. Here are succinct steps to achieve this:

Get Trained : Enhance your skills through Blackbaud University for comprehensive training on Raiser's Edge functionalities tailored to development officers.

Customization : Tailor Raiser's Edge to fit your organization's specific needs. Utilize custom fields and categories for detailed donor tracking. Explore Blackbaud's guide for customization tips.

Maintain Data Hygiene : Regularly clean your database to ensure data accuracy and reliability. Blackbaud provides data hygiene services to help maintain a clean database, enhancing donor engagement strategies.

Use Dashboards and Reporting : Leverage Raiser's Edge dashboards and reporting tools for real-time insights into fundraising activities and donor engagement. Learn to create effective reports with the Raiser's Edge NXT Reporting Guide.

Integrate with Other Tools : Integrate Raiser's Edge with email marketing, social media, and other fundraising software to streamline processes and improve donor experiences. Explore integration options through Blackbaud Marketplace for compatible applications and tools.

Leverage Analytics : Use Raiser's Edge analytics and modeling tools to identify trends, forecast fundraising outcomes, and segment donors effectively. Understand the basics of fundraising analytics with Blackbaud.

Engage with the Community : Join the Blackbaud Community to connect with other Raiser's Edge users, share experiences, and learn best practices.

By focusing on these areas, you can significantly enhance your proficiency with Raiser's Edge, leading to more effective development strategies and better donor relationships.

How to Display Raiser's Edge Skills on Your Resume

How to Display Raiser's Edge Skills on Your Resume

3. Grant Writing

Grant writing involves researching and composing detailed proposals to secure funding from governmental bodies, foundations, and other organizations for projects or initiatives. For a Development Officer, it is a critical task that entails presenting an organization's objectives, needs, and strategies in a compelling manner to obtain financial support.

Grant writing is crucial for a Development Officer as it enables them to secure vital funding for their organization's projects and programs. This process involves crafting compelling proposals that align with the goals of potential funders, thereby ensuring the financial resources necessary for the organization's sustainability and growth.

How to Improve Grant Writing Skills

Improving grant writing, especially for a Development Officer, involves a few key strategies:

Understand the Funder : Research the funder's priorities and align your proposal to fit their goals. GrantSpace offers resources for understanding different funders.

Follow Instructions Precisely : Ensure you adhere to the grant's guidelines and requirements meticulously. The Foundation Center provides detailed guides and resources on following grant instructions.

Tell a Compelling Story : Make your proposal stand out by clearly articulating the problem, your solution, and the impact. Nonprofit Storytelling can help you craft a more compelling narrative.

Include Clear Objectives and Outcomes : Be specific about what the grant will achieve and how you will measure success. The SMART Criteria is a useful framework for setting objectives.

Proofread and Review : Ensure your proposal is free from errors and is as strong as possible by reviewing it multiple times. Tools like Grammarly can help with grammar and clarity.

Seek Feedback : Before submitting, get feedback from colleagues or use resources like Peer Review to improve your proposal.

Continuous Learning : Regularly update your skills through courses and webinars. The Grantsmanship Center offers training programs to enhance your grant writing skills.

By following these strategies and utilizing the resources provided, a Development Officer can significantly improve their grant writing abilities, leading to more successful funding applications.

How to Display Grant Writing Skills on Your Resume

How to Display Grant Writing Skills on Your Resume

4. DonorPerfect

DonorPerfect is a comprehensive fundraising software platform designed to help Development Officers manage donor relationships, track donations, and streamline fundraising activities efficiently.

DonorPerfect is important for a Development Officer as it streamlines fundraising efforts by efficiently managing donor data, facilitating targeted communication, tracking donations, and analyzing fundraising strategies for better engagement and increased fundraising success.

How to Improve DonorPerfect Skills

Improving your experience with DonorPerfect as a Development Officer involves optimizing data management, enhancing donor engagement, and leveraging analytics for strategic planning. Here are concise strategies to achieve this:

Streamline Data Entry : Utilize DonorPerfect's SmartActions to automate data entry and ensure data consistency. This reduces manual errors and saves time.

Enhance Donor Engagement : Implement DonorPerfect's integrated communication tools to personalize donor outreach. Tailoring communication based on donor interests and history can increase engagement and donations.

Utilize Reporting and Analytics : Leverage DonorPerfect's reporting features to analyze donation trends and identify opportunities. Custom reports can inform strategic decisions and highlight areas for growth.

Improve Online Giving : Optimize online donation processes through DonorPerfect's online forms. Ensuring a seamless and secure donation experience can boost online contributions.

Invest in Training : Regularly participate in DonorPerfect's training sessions to stay updated on new features and best practices. Continuous learning can enhance your proficiency and effectiveness in using the software.

These steps can significantly improve your use of DonorPerfect, making your efforts as a Development Officer more efficient and impactful.

How to Display DonorPerfect Skills on Your Resume

How to Display DonorPerfect Skills on Your Resume

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic, providing insights into user behavior, which can help a Development Officer tailor marketing strategies and optimize web performance.

Google Analytics is crucial for a Development Officer as it provides detailed insights into website traffic and user behavior, enabling data-driven strategies to optimize online presence, improve user experience, and enhance fundraising efforts.

How to Improve Google Analytics Skills

To enhance your Google Analytics experience as a Development Officer, focus on these concise strategies:

Set Clear Goals : Define what you aim to track based on your organization's objectives. Setting up Goals in Google Analytics helps track conversions and essential actions on your site.

Use UTM Parameters : Improve tracking of your marketing campaigns by tagging your URLs with UTM parameters. This enables you to monitor the effectiveness of external links and campaigns in driving traffic.

Custom Dashboards and Reports : Create custom dashboards tailored to your organization's needs for a quick overview of your most important metrics.

Segmentation : Utilize segmentation to analyze specific groups of visitors. This helps in understanding different user behaviors and tailoring strategies accordingly.

Link Google Search Console : Integrating Google Search Console with Google Analytics provides insights into how well your site performs in Google Search, helping you understand the search visibility of your site.

Regular Audits and Training : Regularly audit your Google Analytics setup to ensure data accuracy. Also, invest in ongoing training for the latest features and best practices.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly improve your use of Google Analytics, making it a more powerful tool for strategic decision-making in your role as a Development Officer.

How to Display Google Analytics Skills on Your Resume

How to Display Google Analytics Skills on Your Resume

6. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program used for data analysis, budgeting, and financial forecasting, offering tools for creating charts, formulas, and reports crucial for a Development Officer's tasks in tracking and managing project resources and performance.

Microsoft Excel is crucial for a Development Officer as it enables efficient data analysis and management, facilitates budget tracking and financial forecasting, and supports the creation of detailed reports and presentations for stakeholders.

How to Improve Microsoft Excel Skills

Improving your Microsoft Excel skills as a Development Officer involves learning advanced functionalities to manage, analyze, and present data effectively. Focus on mastering the following areas:

Advanced Formulas : Understand complex formulas that can automate tasks and analyze data. ExcelJet ( ExcelJet Advanced Formulas ) is a great resource.

Data Visualization : Enhance your ability to create impactful charts and graphs. Microsoft's own guide (Create a chart from start to finish) is very useful.

PivotTables : Learn to summarize large data sets for reporting. The Excel Campus ( Pivot Table Guide ) offers comprehensive tutorials.

Data Analysis Tools : Get familiar with tools like Power Query and Power Pivot to manage and analyze data. Microsoft provides tutorials (Get started with Power Query).

VBA and Macros : Automate repetitive tasks and customize Excel to your needs. Wise Owl Tutorials ( VBA Tutorials ) are a great starting point.

Stay Updated : Excel's features are constantly updated. Follow the Microsoft Excel Blog ( Excel Blog ) for the latest news and tips.

By focusing on these areas, you'll significantly enhance your Excel skills, making you more efficient and effective in your role as a Development Officer.

How to Display Microsoft Excel Skills on Your Resume

How to Display Microsoft Excel Skills on Your Resume

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool used for converting raw data into easily understandable formats, enabling Development Officers to analyze trends, patterns, and insights for strategic decision-making.

Tableau is important for a Development Officer because it enables the efficient visualization and analysis of data to identify trends, measure impact, and inform strategic decision-making, enhancing fundraising and development efforts.

How to Improve Tableau Skills

Improving Tableau skills, especially for a Development Officer, involves a combination of learning advanced techniques, understanding data storytelling, and integrating Tableau more deeply with your data sources. Here’s a concise guide on how to enhance your Tableau capabilities:

Master Advanced Tableau Features : Understand complex calculations, parameters, and table calculations. Use Tableau’s Advanced Tutorial for in-depth knowledge.

Learn Data Storytelling : Effective visualization is not just about presenting data but telling a story with it. Explore storytelling techniques with Tableau’s Data Storytelling Tips.

Incorporate Analytics : Dive into predictive analytics and statistical functions within Tableau to derive more insights. Start with Tableau’s Analytics Pane guidance.

Automate Data Refreshes : Ensure your dashboards are always up-to-date by setting up automatic data refreshes. Learn how through the Data Refresh Guide .

Take Advanced Training Courses : Enroll in courses specifically designed for advanced Tableau users. Tableau offers Training and Tutorials that cater to various skill levels.

Participate in Tableau Community : Engage with the Tableau community through forums, user groups, and social media to learn best practices and get feedback on your work. Join the conversation at Tableau Community Forums .

Integrate Tableau with Other Tools : Learn to integrate Tableau with R, Python, or SQL databases for advanced analytics. Start exploring integration options with Tableau’s Data Integration Solutions.

By following these steps and utilizing the resources provided, a Development Officer can significantly improve their Tableau skills, leading to more insightful analyses and compelling data visualizations.

How to Display Tableau Skills on Your Resume

How to Display Tableau Skills on Your Resume

8. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that allows Development Officers to create, manage, and track email campaigns and communication strategies aimed at donors, supporters, or clients, facilitating engagement and fundraising efforts.

Constant Contact is essential for a Development Officer as it provides a robust platform for managing email campaigns and communications, enabling effective donor engagement, fundraising outreach, and relationship building, all crucial for development success.

How to Improve Constant Contact Skills

To enhance your experience and effectiveness with Constant Contact as a Development Officer, focus on these key strategies:

Segment Your Contacts : Group your contacts based on criteria like donation history, engagement level, or interests to tailor your messages more effectively. Learn about segmentation in Constant Contact.

Personalize Your Emails : Use custom fields to personalize emails with recipients' names or other personal information. This can increase engagement and response rates. Check out Constant Contact’s guide on personalizing your emails.

Automate Your Email Campaigns : Set up automated email series for new subscribers, birthdays, or donation anniversaries to maintain constant engagement without manual effort. Discover how to create an automated series.

Analyze and Act on Your Data : Regularly review your email campaign reports to understand what works and what doesn’t. Adjust your strategies based on open rates, click-through rates, and conversion metrics. Learn about understanding your email reports.

Integrate with Other Tools : Utilize Constant Contact’s integrations with CRM systems, social media platforms, and other tools to streamline your workflow and enhance your campaigns. Explore the integrations directory .

Optimize for Mobile : Ensure your email designs are responsive and look good on mobile devices, as many users will read them on their phones. Constant Contact offers mobile-optimized templates.

Engage Through Social Media : Use Constant Contact's social media tools to extend your reach beyond email, promoting your campaigns across multiple platforms. See how to connect with social media.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly improve your use of Constant Contact, leading to more effective communications and better fundraising outcomes.

How to Display Constant Contact Skills on Your Resume

How to Display Constant Contact Skills on Your Resume

9. Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography, essential for creating and managing digital content across various media platforms.

Adobe Creative Suite is important for a Development Officer as it provides a comprehensive set of professional tools for designing, editing, and publishing multimedia content, essential for creating compelling marketing materials, presentations, and digital assets to effectively communicate and promote organizational objectives and campaigns.

How to Improve Adobe Creative Suite Skills

To improve Adobe Creative Suite for a Development Officer, focus on the following key areas:

Enhance Workflow Efficiency : Streamline project workflows by integrating Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries , allowing for easier asset sharing and management between applications.

Expand Skill Set : Utilize Adobe Education Exchange for free tutorials and courses to continuously improve proficiency in various Adobe tools, enhancing creative output and productivity.

Leverage Adobe Extensions : Incorporate Adobe Exchange to find and use plugins and extensions, expanding the functionality of Creative Suite tools tailored to specific project needs.

Automate Repetitive Tasks : Use Adobe’s scripting and automation features to automate repetitive tasks within Creative Suite applications, saving time and reducing manual errors.

Collaborate Effectively : Implement Adobe Creative Cloud for teams for better collaboration features, including shared assets and collaborative editing, to enhance team productivity and project management.

By focusing on these areas, a Development Officer can significantly improve efficiency, creativity, and collaboration within Adobe Creative Suite.

How to Display Adobe Creative Suite Skills on Your Resume

How to Display Adobe Creative Suite Skills on Your Resume

10. CRM Dynamics

CRM Dynamics, developed by Microsoft, is a customer relationship management software that helps organizations manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. For a Development Officer, it aids in streamlining fundraising activities, managing donor relationships, tracking engagement efforts, and optimizing outreach strategies.

CRM Dynamics is crucial for a Development Officer as it streamlines customer relationship management, enabling personalized engagement, efficient tracking of donor interactions, and analysis of fundraising efforts to optimize strategies and improve relationships.

How to Improve CRM Dynamics Skills

Improving CRM Dynamics for a Development Officer involves focusing on customization, integration, automation, and data analysis. Here are concise strategies:

Customization : Tailor Dynamics 365 to fit your specific needs. Utilize the Power Platform for custom app development and workflow enhancements.

Integration : Connect Dynamics CRM with other tools and platforms. Use Microsoft's Integration Solutions to streamline processes and data flow between systems.

Automation : Implement automation to reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency. Explore Dynamics 365's AI Builder for automating processes and predictive insights.

Data Analysis : Leverage the built-in analytics and reporting tools. Utilize Power BI for advanced data visualization and insights to inform strategy.

By focusing on these areas, a Development Officer can significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of CRM Dynamics.

How to Display CRM Dynamics Skills on Your Resume

How to Display CRM Dynamics Skills on Your Resume

11. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service that allows users to create, send, and manage marketing campaigns and newsletters.

Mailchimp is important for a Development Officer as it streamlines email marketing efforts, enabling personalized communication with donors, tracking engagement metrics, and automating outreach campaigns to enhance fundraising strategies and donor relations.

How to Improve Mailchimp Skills

Improving Mailchimp for a Development Officer involves enhancing email campaign effectiveness, segmentation, and integration capabilities. Here are concise strategies:

Optimize Segmentation : Use Mailchimp’s advanced segmentation to target emails more precisely by demographics, engagement, or past donation behavior, improving personalization and relevance.

Automate Campaigns : Implement automation features to nurture leads and donors systematically, such as welcome sequences for new subscribers or thank-you emails post-donation.

Enhance Content : Leverage A/B Testing to refine subject lines, content, and send times. This ensures your messages resonate better with your audience.

Utilize Analytics : Engage with Mailchimp’s analytics to track campaign performance. Focus on metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to inform strategy adjustments.

Integrate Tools : Maximize efficiency by integrating Mailchimp with your CRM or donation platform. Explore Mailchimp’s Integrations directory for suitable options to streamline data flow and campaign targeting.

Educate and Train : Continuously learn from Mailchimp resources and webinars to stay updated on new features and best practices, ensuring your campaigns employ the latest strategies for maximum impact.

Implementing these strategies can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a Development Officer's efforts in email marketing through Mailchimp.

How to Display Mailchimp Skills on Your Resume

How to Display Mailchimp Skills on Your Resume

12. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting software designed for small to medium-sized businesses, offering features for managing expenses, payroll, inventory, and invoices, enabling efficient financial tracking and reporting.

QuickBooks is crucial for a Development Officer as it streamlines financial management and reporting, enabling efficient budget tracking, donor fund allocation, and financial transparency, thereby supporting strategic decision-making and enhancing organizational growth.

How to Improve QuickBooks Skills

To enhance QuickBooks as a Development Officer, focus on the following strategies:

User Experience (UX) Optimization : Streamline navigation and simplify processes to make QuickBooks more intuitive. Nielsen Norman Group offers foundational insights into usability.

Integration Capabilities : Expand integration with third-party apps and financial institutions for seamless data flow. Check Intuit’s Developer Portal for APIs and tools.

Customization and Flexibility : Enhance customization options for reports, invoices, and user roles to cater to a broader range of businesses. QuickBooks Customization guides provide starting points.

Cloud Services Enhancement : Improve cloud functionality for better access, security, and collaboration. AWS’s Cloud Best Practices can be a benchmark.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) : Incorporate AI for financial forecasting, anomaly detection, and automating repetitive tasks. Explore Google AI for potential technologies and insights.

Customer Support and Education : Strengthen support with AI-driven tools and expand educational resources for users. HubSpot’s Customer Service Support provides innovative examples.

Feedback Loops : Establish robust feedback mechanisms to continually adapt QuickBooks based on user needs. SurveyMonkey can facilitate gathering insights.

By focusing on these areas, QuickBooks can significantly enhance its value proposition for its users.

How to Display QuickBooks Skills on Your Resume

How to Display QuickBooks Skills on Your Resume

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Research Officer Resume Examples

Writing a resume for a research officer position can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t sure what to emphasize or how to properly structure your skillset. Fortunately, with the right tips and tricks, you can create a resume that stands out from the competition and showcases your qualifications for the role. In this guide, you will learn valuable strategies for resume writing, including how to create a well-organized summary statement and highlight your experience for research officer positions. Additionally, you can view several examples of research officer resumes to get an idea of what a successful one looks like.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, be sure to check out our complete library of resume examples .


Start building your dream career today! 

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Research Officer

123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email: [email protected]

A Highly motivated and results- driven Research Officer with 5+ years of experience in conducting research and analysis related to a variety of topics. A confident and creative problem solver who excels in developing thorough research plans, searching for evidence, and analyzing data. Proven ability to identify and report on trends, develop recommendations, and create presentations for decision makers.

Core Skills :

  • Research and analysis
  • Report writing
  • Problem solving
  • Trend analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Presentation creation
  • Project management

Professional Experience : Research Officer, XYZ Corporation, July 2015 – Present

  • Conducted desk research and primary research to produce reports and analyses on a variety of topics
  • Developed and implemented research plans, analyzed data, identified trends, and generated insights and recommendations
  • Developed and presented presentations to senior management and stakeholders
  • Managed multiple projects simultaneously and ensured timely completion

Research Executive, ABC Organisation, June 2012 – June 2015

  • Conducted desk research to produce reports and analyses on a variety of topics
  • Analyzed data, identified trends, and generated insights and recommendations

Education : MA in Economics, University of London, 2011–2012 BA in Economics, University of Manchester, 2008–2011

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Research Officer Resume with No Experience

Recent college graduate with extensive knowledge in research and data analysis. Highly organized, detail- oriented and able to multitask in a fast- paced environment. Utilizing strong communication, problem- solving, and analytical skills to solve complex problems. Seeking a Research Officer position to gain valuable experience.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong writing and research skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat, and statistical software
  • Ability to identify trends and patterns from data
  • Strong analytical and problem- solving skills


  • Utilize research methods to collect, analyze and interpret data
  • Develop research plans, conduct interviews and surveys
  • Ensure accuracy and integrity of collected data
  • Write reports and interpret data to inform decision- making
  • Analyze raw data and draw conclusions
  • Provide recommendations to improve processes and operations

Experience 0 Years

Level Junior

Education Bachelor’s

Research Officer Resume with 2 Years of Experience

Experienced research officer with two years of experience in the field. Proven skills in conducting research, developing research plans, and data analysis. Highly organized, focused, and punctual in carrying out all assigned duties. Skilled in utilizing quantitative methods, developing reports, and presenting results. Looking for a position in a fast- paced research environment where I can continue to develop my skills and contribute to the success of the organization.

  • Research Design & Analysis
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Data Collection
  • Report Writing & Presentation
  • Project Management
  • Organizational & Time Management
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Problem Solving

Responsibilities :

  • Conducted research by collecting data and analyzing results
  • Developed research plans to ensure quality and accuracy
  • Prepared and presented reports of research findings
  • Collaborated with other researchers in order to identify and refine research objectives
  • Managed research projects by setting and maintaining deadlines
  • Organized and maintained research databases
  • Utilized quantitative methods to interpret data and draw conclusions
  • Prepared presentations to communicate research results to stakeholders
  • Provided guidance to junior researchers
  • Promoted effective collaboration among research teams

Experience 2+ Years

Research Officer Resume with 5 Years of Experience

Results- driven research officer with 5 years of experience in the field of scientific research. Proven ability to conduct experiments, analyze data, and create reports. Adept at problem solving, troubleshooting, and research methodologies. A team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Data Analysis
  • Sample Collection
  • Organization
  • Research Methodologies
  • Report Writing
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Conducting experiments and collecting samples
  • Developing research plans and objectives
  • Analyzing data and preparing research reports
  • Maintaining and organizing research records
  • Identifying and solving research challenges
  • Performing background research and gathering data
  • Maintaining communication with research team
  • Assisting with the development of research proposals
  • Liaising with external parties to coordinate research projects
  • Evaluating research results and presenting findings
  • Managing research budget and schedules

Experience 5+ Years

Level Senior

Research Officer Resume with 7 Years of Experience

Highly motivated and analytical Research Officer with 7+ years of experience in the research sector. Proven ability to design and lead research projects and analyze data to provide meaningful and comprehensive insights. Skilled in developing data collection protocols, collecting and interpreting data, and preparing research reports. Excellent communicator with strong interpersonal and project management skills.

  • Data Collection & Interpretation
  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Strategic Planning
  • Develop and implement research protocols to collect and interpret data
  • Design and lead research projects to analyze trends and patterns in data
  • Identify research gaps and develop methods to fill them
  • Prepare and present research reports to stakeholders
  • Manage research budgets and coordinate with different departments
  • Analyze data and provide meaningful insights to inform decision making
  • Collaborate with other teams to ensure the successful delivery of research initiatives
  • Develop and maintain relationships with external stakeholders to ensure the successful completion of research projects

Experience 7+ Years

Research Officer Resume with 10 Years of Experience

Highly motivated and experienced Research Officer with 10 years of progressive experience in conducting research and analysis in a university setting. Adept at utilizing expertise in research, statistical analysis, and data interpretation to develop reports and provide recommendations. Skilled in communication and interpersonal relations with demonstrated ability to work effectively with administrators, faculty, and students.

  • In- depth knowledge of research methods and implementation
  • Excellent data analysis and writing skills
  • Strong statistical and problem- solving abilities
  • Proficient in MS Office and data processing software
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time
  • Sound resourcefulness and organizational aptitude
  • Conducted data collection, prepared research reports, and analyzed data using SPSS and MS Excel
  • Developed research study designs, data collection instruments, and surveys for research projects
  • Prepared and reviewed datasets, analyzed data, and produced reports with relevant findings
  • Assisted in the preparation and publication of research articles, papers, and presentations
  • Provided support to other research staff in conducting data analysis and research projects
  • Conducted literature reviews, compiled and analyzed data, and identified trends and patterns
  • Assisted in the development of new research projects and initiatives, including grant writing and submission

Experience 10+ Years

Level Senior Manager

Education Master’s

Research Officer Resume with 15 Years of Experience

Highly organized and dependable Research Officer with 15 years of experience in a wide range of scientific research and development. Skilled in creating and managing research plans and identifying potential research opportunities. Adept at analyzing and interpreting research data, developing product ideas, and presenting findings to stakeholders. Demonstrated ability to work with a variety of personnel and stakeholders to ensure research objectives are met.

  • Research Design
  • Product Development
  • Scientific Research
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Technical Writing
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Developed and implemented research plans and processes
  • Analyzed data and identified potential research opportunities
  • Liaised with stakeholders and personnel to ensure research objectives were met
  • Created technical documents and reports detailing research findings
  • Solved complex research problems and identified new product opportunities
  • Developed new tools and techniques to improve research efficiency
  • Collaborated with other researchers to identify and address gaps in research
  • Presented findings to stakeholders and executives in a timely manner

Experience 15+ Years

Level Director

In addition to this, be sure to check out our resume templates , resume formats ,  cover letter examples ,  job description , and  career advice  pages for more helpful tips and advice.

What should be included in a Research Officer resume?

When writing a resume for a position as a Research Officer, it is important to ensure that all relevant experience and skills are included. A Research Officer resume should include:

  • Education: Include all degrees, certifications, and specialized training that are relevant to the position.
  • Work Experience: List any research-related experience, such as internships or volunteer work, that is relevant to the job. Include the job title, employer, and dates of employment.
  • Technical Skills: Showcase technical skills related to research, such as proficiency with various software programs or platforms, data analysis, and report writing.
  • Soft Skills: Soft skills, such as problem solving, communication, and teamwork, are important in research. Include any activities or experiences that highlight these skills.
  • Awards and Achievements: Showcase any awards or honors that you have received for your research.
  • Other Relevant Experience: Include any other experience that is related to the position, such as teaching or mentoring.

By including these components in your Research Officer resume, you will be able to demonstrate that you are a qualified and well-rounded candidate.

What is a good summary for a Research Officer resume?

A Good summary for a Research Officer resume should succinctly detail the candidate’s skills and experience in conducting research and producing reports, as well as their qualifications and experience in related fields. This summary should emphasize the candidate’s ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with colleagues, as well as their ability to use research methods and tools to produce valuable results. Additionally, the summary should highlight any awards or recognition the candidate has received in their research career. Through this summary, employers should be able to gain an understanding of the candidate’s background and experience in research, as well as how they might fit in the workplace.

What is a good objective for a Research Officer resume?

A Research Officer position requires someone who is a skilled researcher, experienced in data analysis and knowledgeable of research-related software. A good objective for a Research Officer resume should focus on these skills and demonstrate how those combined qualities can bring value to the role.

Below are tips for creating a good objective for a Research Officer resume:

  • Highlight your research skills and experience: Show off your knowledge and ability to conduct research effectively.
  • Demonstrate your expertise in data analysis: Show that you are capable of effectively analyzing data and drawing meaningful conclusions.
  • Emphasize your knowledge of research-related software: Show that you have the technical know-how to use the relevant software for research purposes.
  • Showcase your ability to work independently: Stress that you are capable of working independently and efficiently to complete research tasks.
  • Describe your commitment to staying up-to-date on latest research trends: Show that you are committed to constantly learning and staying up-to-date on the latest research trends and technologies.

By combining these tips, you can create a strong objective for your Research Officer resume that will show potential employers that you are the right candidate for the job.

How do you list Research Officer skills on a resume?

As a research officer, you are a skilled scientist or analyst who plans, develops, and implements research projects to gather and evaluate data. You may provide technical expertise, develop research methods, analyze data, and write reports. When it comes to listing research officer skills on your resume, you want to emphasize the technical skills and knowledge you’ve acquired during your career. Here are some of the key research officer skills to include:

  • Analytical Skills: You have expertise in designing research strategies, analyzing data, and interpreting results.
  • Technical Writing: You can create and present reports, summaries, and research summaries.
  • Data Management: You have experience with data management and aware of proper research protocols.
  • Time Management: You can manage multiple projects, effectively prioritize tasks, and stay on schedule.
  • Teamwork: You have the ability to work with a range of professionals, including other researchers, technicians, and government officials.
  • Research Methodologies: You have an understanding of various research methodologies and are able to apply them appropriately.
  • Problem-Solving: You have the ability to think critically, analyze data, and develop solutions to complex problems.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): You have experience with various enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, such as Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle.
  • Software Development: You have experience with software development and are familiar with programming languages such as Java and Python.

What skills should I put on my resume for Research Officer?

When crafting a resume for a Research Officer position, it is important to include the right skills and experiences that will impress a potential employer. As a Research Officer, you’ll be expected to use your knowledge and research experience to develop strategies and practices that promote the attainment of an organization’s goals.

To help your resume stand out, include the following skills:

  • Research and Analysis: Research Officers must be able to analyze data and compile research reports to present to senior management. Demonstrate your ability by including research-related courses or projects you have completed.
  • Communication: As a Research Officer, you need to be able to present your findings in a clear and concise manner. Include any presentations, workshops, and other public speaking engagements you’ve taken part in.
  • Critical Thinking: Research Officers must be able to think critically and strategically to solve complex problems. Showcase your ability to think outside the box by listing any past projects you’ve completed that required this type of thinking.
  • Writing: Research Officers must have excellent writing skills to produce reports and other documents. Include any professional writing experience you have, such as published articles or blog posts.
  • Attention to Detail: As a Research Officer, you must be able to pay close attention to detail and pick up on any inconsistencies in data. Demonstrate your attention to detail by including any past projects or tasks you have completed that required this skill.

By including these skills on your resume, you’ll be sure to stand out from other applicants and make a great impression on potential employers.

Key takeaways for an Research Officer resume

Research officers are highly sought-after professionals in various industries. A research officer is responsible for conducting research and analyzing the data collected in order to support the organization’s decision-making processes. As such, when crafting your resume, make sure that you highlight the key skills and qualifications you possess that make you an ideal candidate for the position.

In this blog section, we’ll discuss the key takeaways for a research officer resume that will help make your application stand out.

  • First and foremost, a research officer should be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of research techniques and processes. This includes a comprehensive understanding of research methodologies, data analysis techniques, qualitative and quantitative research, and the ability to evaluate and interpret the data collected. Be sure to highlight these skills and provide examples of the research you have conducted.
  • Secondly, you should demonstrate your ability to devise and execute research projects. This means you should be able to identify research objectives, develop research plans, and execute the research in an efficient manner. You should also be able to present the results in a clear and concise manner.
  • Thirdly, you should demonstrate your problem-solving skills. As a research officer, you will be responsible for identifying potential research problems and developing solutions. As such, you should be able to effectively analyze a situation, identify problems, and develop solutions that are both effective and efficient.
  • Finally, you should have excellent communication and presentation skills. As a research officer, you will be responsible for presenting the research findings to senior management and other stakeholders. As such, you should be able to effectively communicate research findings in a clear and concise manner.

These are the key takeaways for a research officer resume. By highlighting your research skills, ability to execute projects, problem-solving capabilities, and communication and presentation skills, you will be able to set yourself apart from the competition and land the job you desire.

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Research & Development Resume Samples

The guide to resume tailoring.

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the research & development job. It’s actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

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  • Lead development of new ways of working to improve efficiency & quality of dept. output and overall organization performance
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with clinical teams
  • Working closely with the PTL administrative assistant to ensure accuracy of test submissions and correct reporting of data
  • Provide technical guidance and safety assurance to global project teams through all stages of product development
  • Line management and people development of a team
  • Ensure the short term (daily activities) and long term (improvement plans) for the laboratory are executed with excellence
  • Develop expertise in the area of laboratory operations and identify opportunities to improve our laboratories globally
  • Undertake broad research in the market, distilling this research by assessing the feasibility of developments
  • Analyse processes and conduct experiments, including evaluation of materials and monitoring results
  • Interact in a collaborative manner with blended teams to accomplish organisational goals
  • Establish different levels of testing methods (physical and analytical)
  • Present product performances and findings to leadership and cross-functional teams
  • Document process manuals and guidelines to establish best practice
  • Takes personal responsibility for Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance within the team or work group
  • Develops and performs bench top product development as well as manufacturing trials (pilot, scale-up, and commercialization)
  • Perform transformation experiments either for event generation or process improvement as planned by the team and document progress
  • Work within a team to design and implement a strategy to improve the activity of lead protein traits
  • Work within the Lab information management system (LIMS) to document maintenance, repairs and calibration of equipment
  • Understand and execute complex work instructions for project success
  • Establish and maintain an effective system for managing the inspection, measuring and testing of laboratory equipment
  • Lead all TID (Trait Introduction and Development) conversion activities including: seed packaging, planting, spraying, sampling, data collection, cross pollinating, harvesting and seed processing to meet aggressive business timelines
  • An ability to learn quickly and independently through white papers, patents, and technical text books is highly desired
  • Excellent problem solving skills and ability to use data to connect multiple ideas and develop solutions
  • 3) Strong understanding of analytical chemistry
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to connect with people from different cultures and levels, both internally and externally
  • Able to work independently but also collaborate with other functions influencing package technical design
  • 2) Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Deliver automated processing software that enables trained users to execute the ChemoMetric algorithms
  • Partner externally with University or suppliers to accelerate prototyping capability growth and understanding
  • Familiar with statistical process controls or web converting is
  • Modeling and Simulation

15 Research & Development resume templates

Research & Development Resume Sample

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How to tailor your resume, how to make a resume, how to mention achievements, work experience in resume, 50+ skills to put on a resume, how and why put hobbies, top 22 fonts for your resume, 50 best resume tips, 200+ action words to use, internship resume, killer resume summary, write a resume objective, what to put on a resume, how long should a resume be, the best resume format, how to list education, cv vs. resume: the difference, include contact information, resume format pdf vs word, how to write a student resume, director of materials research & development resume examples & samples.

  • Partner with the TOMS design team to identify design appropriate and cost effective materials for the seasonal product development; this includes raw material research, preparing kick-off materials boards and books, pre-costing, developing development packs and color standards, facilitating prints, textiles and special requests
  • Drive TOMS materials innovation agenda to support overall TOMS product strategies: recommend innovative materials, componentry and treatments to support TOMS design and innovation goals, achieve product margins, and sustained quality
  • Work with the China Materials Team to ensure they source and develop all materials to support the seasonal development to meet specifications. (Footwear and Accessories)
  • Manage TOMS Raw Materials Library
  • Collaborate with the China Materials Team to set strategic materials direction, support in building vendor relationships, identify and qualify new vendors, manage seasonal commitments including planning and materials early purchase process
  • Support TOMS China in sourcing fabrics/trims and building relationships with appropriate suppliers/mills overseas to improve development and production lead times, quality and cost
  • Manage Raw Materials Library and train Materials Development team to organize and maintain the materials library so that it can be easily referenced by any member of the design and development team throughout the development process
  • Attend Fairs / Trade Shows / Expos for raw material research and inspiration; assist design team by using materials knowledge to guide the selection of key fabrics based on research, forecasting and trend indicators
  • Responsible for ordering and tracking all development materials
  • Strong knowledge of Footwear and Accessories materials properties and construction techniques; textiles, leathers, insoles / outsoles, trims, treatments, handbags construction
  • Background in Footwear and Accessories Materials and Product development: 8-10 years
  • Innovator and strategic thinker
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented, and possess outstanding follow through skills to work cross functionally
  • Strong relational and problem solver skills
  • Self-starter with a strong sense of urgency
  • College graduate with a Fashion background is a plus
  • Domestic and international travel to fabric trade shows, vendors and Asia to work with TOMS China office
  • Proficient computer skills: Excel/Word/Outlook are a must; Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are a plus

Trim Research / Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with local and overseas vendors on trim purchases and development
  • Liaison with designers in researching and sourcing trim
  • Attend seasonal line reviews with design, sales
  • Prepare final trim sheets for factories purchasing
  • Instruct trim vendors on all product specifics and special requirements and negotiate all production trim prices
  • Create trim reference library for new trim developments
  • Select and approve DTM submits of all trims for production from, both, factories and vendors
  • Communicate with trim vendors for timely execution of production samples
  • Experience with domestic and overseas trim vendors
  • Familiarity with design, fabric, and trim products
  • Excellent color sense
  • Strong details orientation and memory skills
  • Ability to multi-task and function independently, along with taking initiative
  • 5-10 years work experience in the trim area of the industry
  • Microsft office (Word, Excel)

Research & Development Senior Director Resume Examples & Samples

  • NL Executive Leadership Team
  • R&D Leaders, internationally
  • R&D NL Team
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers

Research & Development Consultant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Actively participate in client meetings to understand the technologies your clients are developing
  • Prepare reports to articulate your clients’ cutting-edge technologies
  • Analyse and interpret information to assess your clients’ eligibility for the R&D Tax Incentive or other program

Specialist, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develops and manages Research & Development capital equipment and supplies budget
  • Ensures product development database is updated with new product and packaging data. Initiates technical specifications and technical manual information such as process flows for new products
  • Executes industry accepted sensory evaluation process for consumer testing and shelf life studies. Compiles sensory results and reports to Technical Services and Marketing teams as required
  • Hires, trains and leads Research and Development technicians
  • Manages product development and package engineering project work as identified and requested by category managers. Performs cross-functional work with Research and Development as necessary. Ensures that technical transfer of new product and package specifications and processes to quality assurance and vendors is accurate and effective
  • Participates in profit improvement project work, identifies savings opportunities, and performs technical work necessary to test and validate a process change. Compiles results and reports
  • Food laboratory testing (1 year)
  • Project management (1 year)
  • Sensory design and analysis (1 year)
  • Tea, botanical or spice quality assurance or research and development (1 year)
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities and meet deadlines
  • Ability to lead and train others
  • Quantitative and analytical ability

Manager, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support project and program investigations of technologies and companies
  • Provide technical input into proof of concept studies for various technologies
  • Deliver vehical based R&D solutions to expliot Magna portfolio with selected OEM's as directed
  • Provide technical direction for platform demonstrators projects
  • Provide OEM perspective and input for R&D strategy and technology roadmaps
  • Participate in Magna Tech Council activities and associated liason with OEMs
  • Assume responsibility for projects as defined by the CTO from time to time
  • University Degree (Bachelor's) in Engineering, other technical and related subject
  • University Degree (Master's) in Engineering or Business Administration or similar discipline preffered
  • 15+ years in management at an OEM or major tier one supplier
  • Background in engineering and program management
  • Full framiliarity and experince in automotive product development and advanced processes
  • Strong English language skills, both spoken and written. Additional language skills desired
  • Proficient in Microsoft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Develops service level agreements with key customer groups
  • Leads projects and project teams. Prepares project plans and ensures that projects meet specified timelines. Manages project costs and execution. Transitions projects to downstream Research & Development teams
  • Manages the project information flow and updates cross-functional teams and management. Acts as department liaison to key customer groups
  • Organizes and directs work activities of technical individual contributors. Develops work plans and cross-functional responsibilities. Establishes key technical performance indicators and measures to ensure progress to agreed-upon deliverables and implementation consistent with project timelines. Develops best practices methods and incorporates into development processes
  • Food, beverage or engineering product development (10 years)
  • Project Management (10 years)
  • Management, including building and leading cross-functional teams (5 years)
  • Managing Budgets (5 years)
  • Decision-making skills
  • Project management skills, including measurement, reporting and financial analysis
  • Basic skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Project
  • Knowledge of food ingredient functionality
  • Knowledge of food microbiology
  • Knowledge of marketing principles and concepts
  • Knowledge of sensory, experimental design, statistics and consumer research methodology
  • Knowledge of technical engineering design, development, certifications and standards
  • Ability to apply knowledge of multidisciplinary business principles and practices to achieve successful outcomes in cross-functional projects and activities
  • Organizational and effective presentation skills

Manager, Fabric Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Fabric Development
  • Work with Design request and needs for Seasonal Fabric direction meetings
  • Initiate alongside with Design to coordinate or execute Inspirational Proto needs
  • Assist/Create in updating Fabric Design line list/Merch line list for fabrics confirmed
  • Work with Fabric Ops person for identifying fabrics and colors inorder for Fabric Ops team to order for samples and later confirmation of bulk OTB (Okay to Buy)
  • Identify any issues after hand-off such as long lead times, minimum problem colors that mills might not be able to achieve and review with product manager
  • Request color standards, nylons when needed, through CMs or direct dispatch
  • Initiate mill letters with color standards to domestic and European mills in-conjunction with Fabric Ops team
  • Upkeep Seasonal Binders with Mill Cards/Hand offs/Color Standards/Stats-Paginations/Line list and sample & bulk cutting references
  • Attend weekly line status production meetings to give updates of sample and stock approvals
  • Communicate daily with mills or RL HK office counterparts to confirm fabric pricing and minimums to keep Merchandising, Production, Design updated during product design meetings especially when fabrications change during the design process meetings
  • Review mill’s lab dips with Senior Fabric Director and give comments (include Design when indicated on “need to see list”) and distribute comments to mills
  • Attend seasonal line reviews with Product Design and comment on sample issues and send updates to mills. Inform Design on any salesman sample fabric discrepancies in advance once sample cuttings are received before sample cutting
  • Upkeep fabric/garment history of washed leg/garment references of key programs or novelty
  • Fabric Research and Development on going

Fabric Research & Development Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist with driving the newness and innovation of fabric sourcing for specified seasonal categories
  • Conduct research and development on new materials
  • Work with VINCE’s design team to construct and maintain Trend Concept boards as needed
  • Partner with Design for seasonal direction, identifying repeat qualities and new development
  • Source seasonal design requests with appropriate suppliers and offer creative solutions if the request is outside the Vince brand’s sourcing and pricing strategy
  • Assist with research and development of all fabric, knits, yarn and trim until complete and approved by Design
  • Assist with the sourcing of fabrics/trims with input from Production
  • Help to identify opportunities for competitive sourcing
  • Support the execution of the fabric development process as directed by the VP, Product Development
  • Assist with sourcing and researching innovative and seasonal fabric trends that satisfy both VINCE’s vision and market trends
  • Construct and maintain a detailed fabric reference library, ensuring to archive fabric records, swatches, and samples
  • Must have one to three (1-3) years of experience in the apparel industry
  • Must have expertise in raw materials
  • Must have working knowledge and understanding of Production and Design
  • Must have the proven ability to work closely and partner effectively with designers
  • Must have vendor relationships
  • Must have a thorough understanding of testing protocol, product integrity requirements, product cycle timeline and garment construction
  • Must be proficient in MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel

VP Tech Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Partner with LNLP business units to understand strategy and emerging product needs
  • Understand current technology capabilities across LNLP that can be leveraged for next generation product offerings
  • Maintains knowledge of emerging technological trends and utilizes this knowledge to work with LNLP Strategy team, business units and other global technology teams to develop new commercial business opportunities
  • Take point on developing partnerships with universities and other research organizations that will advance LNLP’s technology capabilities
  • Define and prioritize research projects that illustrate and support positive business outcomes
  • Drive the R&D pipeline to achieve technical advanced developments/innovations into product offerings
  • Work with Global Architecture team to prototype new potential product offerings
  • Serves as a consultant and advisor to senior technology leadership on advanced technologies and evaluates the business impact through cost/benefit analysis
  • Provides an environment of continuous learning within the global technology teams, ensuring team members are up-to-speed on innovative technology trends
  • Transfers knowledge of key learnings throughout the enterprise, and establishes and communicates strategic and technological plans
  • At least 15 years’ experience researching technologies for a large, global provider of software or information services
  • Solid knowledge of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and/or Natural Language Processing
  • Proven ability to effectively lead technology discussions with commercial business leadership, articulating the business benefits of recommended technology solutions
  • Expert in systems architectures, online search relevance, analytics, distributed applications, performance and scaling, and the latest software engineering principles
  • Demonstrated influence, leadership and communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a global organization supporting diverse businesses and geographies
  • Working knowledge of P&L, budgets and financial statements with experience managing engineering related operating costs
  • PhD in a relevant computer science or engineering field of work highly desirable
  • Ability to travel both domestically and internationally

VP, Fabric Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Present seasonal fabric trends applicable to TH business in an effort to drive innovation and newness while still maintaining the brand DNA
  • Partner with design and production from the beginning of a season to understand seasonal concepts/aesthetic fabric qualities needed to evolve each category, offering fabrics that meet the objective at a cost effective price
  • Source/maintain relationships with the mills on follow up regarding prices, lead-times & fabric details
  • Create a fabric status report which will be used by design, garment production and overseas to help with follow up on fabric details and deadlines
  • Attend international tradeshows with the goal of identifying relevant trends and establishing new resources to help us evolve our quality while ensuring our price value proposition is maintained
  • Maintain alignment with all cross functional teams to ensure seasonal calendar deadlines are meet/maintained
  • Attend weekly cross functional meetings with merchandising, production and design partners to discuss open issues so we can ensure neither product integrity or delivery is compromised
  • Partner with design and production to monitor fabric submits and approval to guarantee quality expectations and design ascetic is maintained. Partner with production to resolve all fabric quality issues to ensure TH standards are achieved
  • Support design on fabric worksheet creation and QCC maintenance
  • Join seasonal store walk through to evaluate final product execution. Facilitate follow up on any issues related to fabric and work toward consistently maintaining TH quality standards
  • 10+ years years of demonstrated experience in the apparel industry, in a fabric R&D role
  • B.A. (or higher) in textiles
  • Technical knowledge of fabric and garment construction, chemical and wash formulation
  • Proficient in Microsoft applications, excellent command of PDM platform and web, highly organized, detail oriented, strong cost negotiation skills
  • Established relationships with mills in worldwide fabric supply chain
  • Experience in managing others, preferred
  • Good communication skills, including written and oral
  • Ability to communicate to senior management in a clear, precise and effective manner
  • Ability to partner with cross functional teams, including Design
  • Must stay on top of industry news, including new innovations in the fabric/textile landscape
  • Must be flexible with deadlines and able to adapt to changing business demands

Intern Research & Development Apparel Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assisting in developing different collections, e.g. Motorsport
  • Fabric and trim selection incl. set up of material boards
  • Set up and maintenance of tech packs
  • Check technical drawings of designer(s) and update if necessary (Adobe Illustrator),
  • Set up and maintenance of Bill Of Materials
  • Set up and maintenance of style measurement charts
  • Set up of samples for prototype meetings
  • Unpacking, marking, measuring
  • Fitting of prototypes
  • Commenting on prototypes with regards to measurements, fit, workmanship and design
  • Follow-up of samples as pre-prototypes, prototypes, sealing
  • Commenting on sealing samples
  • Maintaining and updating PUMA internal Product Range Manager application
  • Study program such as Textile & Clothing, Textile Management, Clothing Technology, Textile Engineering etc
  • Excellent English skills (written and spoken)
  • Upper intermediate knowledge in MS Office and Adobe Illustrator
  • Reliability, flexibility as well as being a team player should be your part of your personal soft skill set
  • Moreover we expect a high level of motivation, commitment and enthusiasm

Fabric Research & Development Associate Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with designers on fabric direction
  • Research trends in the market and understand how to apply them to our price point
  • Meet with fabric vendors and attend trade shows
  • Request FDS sheets and work with suppliers on prices, minimums, fabric width, and fabric content
  • Keep PLM database system and related paperwork updated with current information
  • Request swatches and source sub-proto yardage locally when necessary
  • Keep precise and detailed records of all fabric developments from initial adoption through to pre- production
  • Keep precise and detailed records of all wash developments from initial adoption through to pre- production
  • Approve all dup lot qualities
  • Maintain Fabric library
  • Miscellaneous organization, filing of fabrics, prints, color standard items
  • Work closely with Design team , Print Team, Corporate Textile team and our Hong Kong office
  • Must be very organized and detail oriented
  • Great time management and ability to multi-task
  • Great aesthetic and brand understanding
  • Strong background in woven and knit construction and development
  • Degree in Textile Design
  • Minimum 2 years experience with fabric sourcing and development
  • Knowledge of PLM and Photoshop preferred

Research & Development Graduate Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Apply current computer graphics research toward solving visual effects production challenges
  • Develop software tools for use in visual effects pipelines
  • Assist in the maintenance and support of software systems in use
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills required
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively interact with diverse personalities
  • Strong time management skills; Ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • Proven ability to work autonomously and in team settings with a positive, pro-active attitude
  • Prior internship experience working with a media production or commercial software company
  • Proficiency in C++ and Python programming
  • Experience using version control systems such as Perforce or git
  • Enrollment in an accredited graduate degree program in Computer Science or closely related engineering or scientific discipline
  • 2 years of academic or industrial experience in the computer graphics field

Fabric Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Maintain all Design Boards to be up-to-date by assisting with the receiving process for all incoming fabrics
  • Source local qualities and assist with color approval process
  • Research internal archives for qualities previously used
  • Sort through and price fabric selections in preparation of the fabric selection process for upcoming or current season
  • Maintain fabric closet and selection libraries
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word
  • Interest in pursuing a career in the fashion industry
  • Knowledge of local fabric stores and dye houses
  • Previous experience or coursework related to textiles
  • Building and understanding new analytical capabilities such as Graphical Information Systems (GIS) / Spatial Analysis and Text Mining
  • Collaboration with other departments (e.g. Rating, UW, Product) in the moving insights to implementation
  • Utilize external data combined with internal data to develop new insights for pricing/UW
  • Investigation and making recommendation on new external data/tools
  • Model management – inventory, cataloging, and monitoring of existing predictive models from across TD organization
  • Developing and maintaining a consistent process for predictive modelling across TDI
  • Effectively collaborate with other groups in TDI

Engineer, Technical Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develops specifications and technical requirements of custom designs for future products and applications
  • Works with Business Partners when developing technical requirements and designs
  • Tests and evaluates solutions presented to the company by various partners and vendors. Implements and coordinates case studies, testing
  • Experience in working with international design teams at HQ level
  • 5 years experience in a similar role
  • Negotiation and influencing skills
  • Passion for AllSaints and similar brand aesthetic

Senior Fabric & Pattern Research & Development Associate Resume Examples & Samples

  • Understand the Lilly Pulitzer customer and positioning in the marketplace
  • Research and develop knit fabric and custom pattern that meet the needs of design, delight the consumer, meet the aesthetic requirements and corporate pricing goals
  • Manage all stages of research and development, initial execution research and quality control at the development phase before the fabric is handed over to the execution department to manage
  • Develop and maintain internal systems to support the operational functions required by the color, textile and trend research and development department
  • Work closely with Process Improvements and Information Technology departments to identify whether existing software is currently conducive to requirements of apparel product development and production functions as they become developed. Attention should be paid to determining how current software can better handle duplication of efforts into Excel can be avoided
  • Establish reporting systems appropriate for color, textile and trend research and development. These systems should be communicated to apparel product development in order to track and review information such as pricing, comments, and approvals as they relate to either components or overall garment styles
  • Ability to collaborate well with others coupled with specific experience in product development and production of women’s apparel
  • Ability to develop new products with the conceptual thinking to avoid potential issues in garment construction and meet pricing parameters
  • A strong knowledge of knit fabrics, knit and woven pattern development such as jacquards, eyelets and laces, as well as fabric surface application such as embroideries is required
  • The desire and ability to explore digital printing approaches in order to improve product development
  • Ability to interact effectively and credibly with internal colleagues in design, merchandising, production, and vendors is required
  • Strong knowledge of the quality, make, and production integrity appropriate for Lilly Pulitzer® merchandise
  • Sound thinking necessary to accomplish detailed, complex tasks, as well as the ability to anticipate potential problems and provide effective solutions
  • Proficiency with personal computers in a Microsoft Windows environment for Excel and Word is required. Knowledge of Web PDM and the company’s AS400 system is extremely helpful
  • The ability to interact effectively and credibly with internal colleagues in design, fabric and trims, merchandising, production and vendors is required
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills are required to communicate effectively with internal colleagues, management and vendors
  • A four year college degree is required. This is preferably in apparel production, textiles, business, or a closely related subject
  • Five to seven years of prior experience in product development, fabric research and development or production for a woman’s fashion branded lifestyle company

Research & Development Business Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Educated to a degree level or qualified by experience
  • Professional Certification (CIMA,ACCA or equivalent)
  • Previous management accounting experience
  • First rate analytical skills, with the ability to summarise and present at director level
  • The ability to demonstrate strong customer focus
  • Proven record of strong initiative, leadership, accountability, and effective communication skills
  • Initiative and innovation – ability to fit into a dynamic and fast moving Accounting team
  • Experienced user of Excel

Director, Fabric Research & Development, LA Resume Examples & Samples

  • Drive newness and innovation of fabric sourcing for specified seasonal categories
  • Manage the R&D team to drive the building of Trend Concept boards as needed
  • Build strategy that is aligned with the needs across the Vince brand
  • Responsible for bringing new ideas to the design table each season while also conducting continuous research and development
  • Collaborate with Design, Production and Product Development teams
  • Own research and development of all fabric, knits, yarn and trim until complete and approved by Design
  • Shop all appropriate trade shows, review mill, vendor and supplier developments and make selections utilizing appropriate brand filters and costing guardrails
  • Own all counter sourcing fabrics/trims with input from Production
  • Own the organizing of fabric/trim/wash library and maintain R&D ongoing development
  • Review price/value/IMU targets for all basic programs and align with production
  • Identify opportunities for competitive sourcing
  • Ensure product integrity by facilitating the testing of all fabrics/trims prior to placement needs to ensure performance and safety
  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
  • Must have seven to ten (7-10) years of experience in the apparel industry
  • Must have proven strong management skills
  • Must have strong analytical skills and communication skills
  • Must have the ability to negotiate and build consensus across multiple functions
  • Must be able to travel domestically and internationally as needed

Co-op Intern Research & Development Engineering Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support investigation and development of programmable robotics to automate selected manufacturing processes
  • Contribute on ongoing automation projects defining implementation into production
  • Brainstorm on new manufacturing initiative and improvements
  • Present to management on experience at the completion of the co-op period
  • The qualified candidate will be working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical / Industrial / Manufacturing / Electrical Engineering or related field
  • Must have experience with at least one programming language
  • Must be curious, motivated and creative
  • Previous experience working with robotics/automation, highly preferred
  • Outstanding communication, organizational and analytical skills
  • Strong customer service orientation; will interact with employees
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word, and related computer skills

Research & Development Assistant Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1+ year of experience in the Textile industry and lab
  • Technical Education in a related field
  • Creative background
  • Solid time management and problem solving skills
  • Computer savvy
  • Background in Research & Development / Science

Head of Autodesk China Research & Development Center Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage, coach, and develop senior staff members who have a matrixed reporting structure into the global product groups across Autodesk and who manage large teams of co-located employees in China
  • Foster collaboration and information exchange across the local leadership team and across engineering teams in APAC, including ASRD in Singapore
  • Strategically influence senior leaders in North America who have teams in ACRD by fostering open communication, building trusted partnerships, and ensuring that ACRD is delivering high-value products and services
  • Partner with Human Resources to establish an effective integrated talent framework—attracting talent, promoting the growth and development of local staff, and retaining key talent
  • Establish strong bonds with Chinese universities to ensure a strong pipeline of new talent for ACRD and leveraging internship programs
  • Represent ACRD with external government agencies and bodies of concern pertaining to the R&D legal entity structure in Shanghai
  • Play a key role in representing the ACRD R&D teams in the overall Site Leadership for the Shanghai site, including participating in cross-functional teams for China
  • Engage with the local technical community to enhance the Autodesk brand in China
  • Promote a culture of technical collaboration across teams in ACRD
  • Lead the site through continuous and rapid organizational change
  • Partner with peers as a key member of the Global Engineering leadership team to drive the implementation of the engineering agenda for Autodesk
  • You’re a citizen of the world. You have spent most of your career in a multinational environment and are at ease working across multiple cultures, with colleagues around the globe
  • You’re a silo breaker. You’re a seasoned professional working with all levels of engineers and engineering leaders. You know how to bridge strong, diverse opinions, ultimately guiding them toward mutually agreeable resolutions that support the goals of the company
  • You’re a superb influencer. You’re undaunted by organizational boundaries and know how to influence broadly at all levels
  • You’re a networker. You establish collaborative relationships both inside and outside of Autodesk. You already have a network of colleagues at other multinational corporations and at educational institutions
  • You’re a diplomatic problem solver. You understand the nuances of knowing when to let others speak, and when/how to insert yourself—without ego—and always remain focused on identifying and solving the problems at hand
  • You’re an inspiring leader. You know how to engage the hearts and minds of your staff, and are adept at creating a well-understood shared vision and purpose
  • You’re a change agent. You have extensive experience in managing business and organizational transformation. You know how to build resilience in leaders and teams in the organization to navigate rapid change

Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Meeting clients’ senior technical staff in order to develop an understanding of the technical characteristics of the projects undertaken
  • Facilitate application of HMRC and BIS guidelines to identify those R&D projects eligible for tax relief (previous knowledge of the R&D tax regime is not required)
  • Responsible for high-quality delivery of advice and solutions to major FTSE clients, ensuring management of risk and reputation
  • Supporting the business in winning new clients by leveraging industry sector expertise through the preparation and delivery of proposals
  • Producing project budgets and timetables that are efficient and cost effective
  • Software development experience, either at graduate-level or ideally within industry
  • Ability to pick-up new technologies (e.g. platforms, API’s, frameworks) quickly, and be comfortable in discussing them in-depth
  • Desire to understand the latest, cutting edge, technologies used by a variety of businesses
  • Strong technical writing skills with the ability to communicate complex technical paradigms to both technical and lay audiences
  • Strong communication skills and confidence in speaking, as the role requires holding one-to-one meetings with our clients technical staff, from developer-level to Chief Technology Officer
  • Highly motivated self-starter, with a proven track record in taking initiatives, whilst also having a collaborative and team building attitude
  • Previous experience in working in a client-facing role is preferable, but not required as exposure will be provided

Research & Development Heat Transfer Senior Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Evaluate heat exchanger performance and new heat transfer surface concepts using analytical and experimental methods
  • Apply state-of-art design and simulation tools to predict and optimize heat exchanger performance
  • Utilize experimental test rigs to determine fundamental performance characteristics of new heat transfer surfaces
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of component design/simulation tools
  • Plan and conduct experiments to calibrate and validate component modeling tools
  • Manage project activities to deliver on-time solutions to internal customers
  • Work with cross functional product development teams to ensure successful insertion of new designs into Carrier products
  • Conduct research and development tax credit studies, which includes traveling to client locations, participating in client interviews, analyzing and organizing client data, developing client- and industry-specific tools and templates, and drafting technical reports
  • Research and draft technical memoranda related to R&D tax credit matters
  • Develop industry expertise to help the R&D Team deliver more proactive and targeted R&D strategies to clients and prospects
  • Provide audit defense assistance for clients being audited by the IRS or state taxing authorities
  • Develop data models to help automate R&D credit calculation and documentation processes
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Accounting or business related field
  • 1+ years of work experience with exposure to R&D tax credits ideal
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, specifically advanced knowledge of Excel and Access
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills
  • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Passion for finding creative and efficient solutions to analytical problems
  • Willingness to travel to client locations and various Baker Tilly office locations

Senior Manager, STS Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Seven (7) or more years of prior experience required
  • Six (6) or more years’ experience in R&D tax consulting required
  • Prior experience preparing and/or reviewing tax provisions preferred
  • Prior experience with corporate taxation, consolidations, and partnerships preferred
  • Proven ability to work in a deadline-driven environment and handle multiple projects simultaneously

Associate, STS Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • One or more years prior experience in accounting or tax field (including internships) required
  • Ability to work independently within a team environment and with a customer service focus
  • Superior organizational skills and project management skills required with ability to multi-task in a fast- paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Strong initiative and drive to lead while seeking opportunities to enhance and grow the RD practice

STS Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Two (2) or more years prior experience in accounting, tax or finance (including internships) preferred
  • Ability to interact effectively with people at all organizational levels of the firm
  • Superior organizational and project management skills with ability to multi-task in a fast- paced, deadline-driven environment

Manager, STS Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Experience in accounting, tax, or finance preferred
  • Prior experience supervising tax consulting professionals required
  • Capacity to build and maintain strong relationships with firm and client personnel and the ability to successfully interact with professionals at all levels
  • Executive presence and ability to act as primary contact on assigned engagements

Senior Associate Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in public accounting, or a combination of public accounting and industry/law
  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Tax required
  • Intermediate skills in MS Excel and Access
  • Ability to travel up to 50% of the time
  • CPA, JD, or EA
  • Masters in Accounting
  • 2 years of experience working with research and development
  • Experience working for large national accounting firm in a specialized practice area

Manager Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage product development and research priorities in conjunction with R&D Leadership to ensure that Global business goals are met
  • Responsible to leverage the RQI matrix to formulate new products and line extensions, design and conduct experiments related to developing and improving flavor, texture and nutritional profiles
  • Manages Product, Packaging, Processing and QA inquires and work within RQI to find solutions and answers for the Global business
  • Partner with Co-manufacturing and QA to launch new products manufactured within the Global markets
  • Monitor workload and progress of projects assigned to ensure timely completion of projects
  • Review samples prior to Sales/Marketing submission to insure that the samples are of high quality and meet ConAgra’s standards
  • Provide mentoring, training and guidance in product development processes to members of the team
  • Discover and evaluate new technologies, processes and ingredients to enhance the texture and flavor of new products and implement those technologies, processes and ingredients that will enhance a product or production of a product
  • Work closely with Global Sales/Marketing to develop and launch a strategic pipeline of new products
  • Provide technical leadership and support to insure effective and efficient manufacturing of products. Identify areas for process improvement and cost savings that will increase profitability and productivity
  • Partner with cross-functional teams by providing technical leadership and influencing decision making
  • Bachelors of Science (Food Science strongly preferred) with a minimum of 7 years experience in product development/product manufacturing required. MS/PhD with a minimum of 5 years experience product development/product manufacturing also acceptable
  • International experience highly desired
  • Experience with government regulatory requirements in the processing of food
  • Experience in varied product categories preferred
  • Working knowledge of stage-gate processes
  • Ability to be self-directed, forward thinking and make complex decisions that drive business performance
  • Demonstrated leadership and strategic competencies
  • Strong project management and complex problem solving abilities
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite required
  • Demonstrated experience with SAP and Oracle required
  • Exceptional written and oral communications, influencing, change leadership and customer service skills
  • Ability to travel up to 20% of time both domestically and internationally. Must be able to travel independently and as a responsible CAG representative

Research Development & Quality Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Expected Graduation – Dec/2017 to Jul/2018
  • Courses: Engineering, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Chemistry
  • Good knowledge: Office
  • Intermediate English minimum (language will be evaluated according to the specific necessity of each position)
  • Availability to work 30hours/week

Research & Development Position Engineering Resume Examples & Samples

  • New technologies and prototype formulae developing of the next generation platforms leading to new products on the shelf
  • New processes that we then scale up from the laboratory and pilot plant to full scale manufacturing plants around the globe
  • New improved packaging which meets both consumer and product needs

Research & Development Administrator Singapore Resume Examples & Samples

  • Providing secretarial and administrative support for the Managers and team members
  • Managing travel arrangements & expense reports for Managers
  • Coordinating logistics needs for teleconferences and local meetings
  • Organize and handle regional meetings and top management visits
  • Updating and managing certain Teamspaces and SharePoint (document management)
  • Update and extract SAP financial reports. Update and report budgets using MS Excel
  • Manage Purchasing work, incoming invoices, and AR/AP and x-charge processes via online systems
  • Responsible for Fixed Asset management including coordinating spending plan, capitalization, audits, tracking expenditure and other related tasks
  • Review and escalate budget issues in the cost center reports
  • Involved in Ad-Hoc Projects from time to time
  • Minimum 'A' Levels or Diploma
  • Maximum 2-3 years of related working experience
  • The ability to work independently
  • The ability to work across cultures and with diverse range of people
  • Conduct hands-on experimentation in the laboratories
  • Perform test procedures and produce reliable, reproducible results to meet project
  • Minimum educational qualification as a diploma in Chemistry, Bioengineering, Chemical / Mechanical Engineering, Life Sciences, or a related field
  • Solid laboratory skills, with an understanding of basic science
  • Enjoys hands-on experimentation, iteration, and solving technical problems
  • Ability to communicate and articulate results, verbally and in writing
  • Reliability, with the ability to hold themselves accountable for timely results
  • High levels of integrity, flexibility and responsibility
  • Acting as the GSSA subject matter expert with respect to market safety profiles, symptom profiles, and special issues for assigned product categories
  • Carrying out signal detection and signal management activities associated with assigned product categories
  • Ensuring that intake, regulatory filings, data management and reporting systems meet all applicable local/regional and international regulations and maintain awareness of regional regulations
  • Improving current surveillance work processes and systems continuously by experimenting and implementing newer, better, and simpler approaches
  • Proactively collaborating with multiple organizations such as CPS, GCR, QA, Communication, etc. for AE (adverse health effect) recognition and classification, data management criteria and appropriate follow up
  • Keeping the business informed of AE trends and potential safety issues
  • Liaising with appropriate GSSA global functions and teams as required regarding surveillance data requests and communication, potential quality issue management, and execution of system/platform/standard upgrades
  • Advanced degree in a health care profession (e.g., Pharm. D., M.D.) or life science (PhD) preferred but will consider applicants with relevant experience in human health or clinically oriented research function
  • Experience with electronic data capture systems and analytical tools, including manipulation and visualization of data using reporting tools. Statistical analysis and data mining experience is preferred
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, with emphasis on communication of human health relevance, safety and clinical information. Experience with external communications to regulatory authorities, industry groups helpful
  • Excellent organization skills, attention to details and ability to manage complex systems
  • Good collaboration skills: experience establishing and maintaining global and cross-functional working relationships
  • Creating the vision and strategy for the project team regarding the design of the clinical program to address project needs and to support advertising claims Interpreting and integrating clinical study data
  • Becoming a recognized expert in clinical skin science
  • Developing cutting edge clinical study models and measures
  • Developing basic understanding to drive new insights and claims
  • Partnering with PD, TD and LS TPT to deliver individual initiatives/project needs
  • Leading internal team(s) within GCS consisting of clinical trial manager(s), data managers, and statisticians to deliver the required end result on expected timing
  • Being actively involved in claims development defense, such as contributing to POCs, internal risk assessments/approvals, and potentially initiating / responding to claims challenges
  • Involvement in scientific credentialing through external publication and presentations is expected and encouraged
  • PhD in Life Science areas or MD in skin science is strongly preferred
  • Previous clinical research experience is desired
  • Strong fundamental knowledge of skin biology, product chemistry, and measurement science
  • Strong research background and fundamental understanding of the scientific approach and hypothesis testing
  • The ability to collaborate and work harmoniously with diverse internal and external work groups
  • Chinese as a 2nd language is preferred
  • To provide epidemiology support to the business sectors regarding epidemiological strategies (surveys, registries, database interrogations, surveillance methodologies, literature reviews etc.) in assigned therapeutic area(s)
  • To be a member of the cross-functional teams and assist in developing the strategic plans for data generation for assigned therapeutic area(s) and business sector(s)
  • To assist in evaluating existing external electronic, patient-level database(s); to determine the extent, linkage, and quality of the databases for observational studies
  • To explore these external electronic databases to evaluate disease natural history, clinical and surrogate endpoints, and medication, device and consumer good safety/benefit questions, and to work with GSSA and other R&D colleagues to improve the design and conduct of clinical research
  • To contribute to training/educational support and research collaborations in epidemiology
  • To define research questions, develop epidemiologic protocols, and implement solutions within assigned therapeutic area(s)
  • To design protocols and provide methodological support for data generation activities linked to epidemiological/registry questions
  • To provide epidemiological support and expertise within GSSA’s safety signal management pathway and assist Product Vigilance Managers with scientific methods to explore potential safety signals
  • PhD in epidemiology (preferred) or an MD with training and graduate degree in Epidemiology or a closely related field
  • 0-3 years of experience in Epidemiology research
  • A sophisticated understanding and the ability to interpret quantitative methods; experience with writing study proposals and/or proposal requests or background epidemiologic material on specific diseases, conditions, or therapies
  • Experience working with large administrative or medical records databases and prospective observational studies
  • Experience working with health authorities, academics, and healthcare professionals
  • Experience working with National health databases (eg.NHANES, FAERS, SEER)
  • Fluency in English (reading, writing, and speaking)
  • Working closely with the project teams to identify and prioritize assays for development
  • Developing and executing enzyme, cell-based, or organotypic assays and summarizing the experimental data
  • Solving technical problems that may be encountered in development of assays
  • Interpreting and summarizing the results to the project teams
  • Grow assay development capability either internally or working with external suppliers
  • Masters or PhD in Life Sciences (especially Biochemistry and Cell / Molecular Biology)
  • Solid foundation in cell and molecular biology techniques, as well as a strong technical foundation in various assay methods (eg, ELISA, TR-FRET, RT-PCR, etc), and in developing biochemical or biological assays (Reporter Assays, etc)
  • Practical experience in developing enzyme, cell and/or 3D model assays for development and utilization
  • Good laboratory/technical skills, including the ability to culture a variety of different mammalian cell types
  • The ability to recognize opportunities for capabilities or technologies that can be reapplied across programs
  • Abilities to independently work project priorities, multi-task, and handle a wide variety of complex, non-routine tasks
  • Good interpersonal and collaboration skills
  • Manage the coordination and execution of the technical function of specific project activities
  • Manage the design and execution of consumer and technical tests to develop research concepts
  • Identify problem and implement solutions to technical issues
  • Acquire technical expertise rapidly in new areas
  • Provide technical rationale and support for patent applications
  • Develop and qualify new products, materials, packages and processes
  • Serve as primary functional representative in project team meetings
  • Manage the process qualification, validation and technology transfer to plants
  • Candidates with at least a Masters or PhD (Science/ Engineering) in Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences, Electronics or a related field
  • 0 - 5 years' experience in the Research & Development field
  • Able to work independently, multi task and perform in a high pressure environment

Research & Development Microbiologist Researcher Resume Examples & Samples

  • To partner with R&D formulators and across broader technical community to support formulation microbial hostility and quality design
  • Coordinate delivery of microbial testing, data interpretation and microbial risk assessments (MRA)
  • Lead MRA and microbial qualification for new raw materials and technologies
  • Support development of new microbiology based technologies and capabilities
  • Support advancement of microbial methods, models and work processes
  • BTEC/HNC or good first degree in Microbiology or life science, ideally with work experience in the field of Microbiology or Bioscience
  • Strong aptitude for good science; able to design, generate and report high quality business relevant data
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills; a proactive thinker who can anticipate future issues, propose and deliver pragmatic solutions, leveraging both internal and external sources
  • Well organised with good time management skills and the ability to work to strict deadlines across multiple projects
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with an aptitude for high quality technical writing
  • Excellent interpersonal and collaboration skills – must be able to effectively interact with a diverse group of people from different functions, of different nationalities and at different levels within the company
  • Develop substrate materials
  • Interface with external and internal partners to develop materials and products
  • Managing multiple responsibilities
  • Data analysis via statistical means and modeling and problem solving
  • Materials Characterization
  • Materials Development
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Process and Engineering
  • BS/MS degree in Mechanical, Chemical or Materials Engineering or PhD in related science field, with a strong fundamental understanding of materials science
  • Excellent materials characterization skills with an interest and demonstrated ability to develop materials and products
  • Some knowledge of and experience in statistical analysis and modeling is preferred
  • Design, execute, and interpret in vitro and clinical safety data to ensure consumer safety of globally marketed products
  • Develop collaborative relationships with diverse functions including R&D partners, Global Safety Surveillance, Regulatory & External Relations
  • Communicate clear, data-based safety positions to a diverse audience
  • BS, BA BFA, MFA in Industrial Design with a portfolio that demonstrates successful in market launches Desired years of experience 8-15yrs in related field
  • Candidate must show strong aptitude and understanding of design strategy, the development of design language and demonstrate the ability to drive brand cohesion from pack to product
  • Exceptional hands on core design mastery skills; ideation, 2D/3D rendering, form and surface development. with a strong working knowledge of relevant CAD systems (e.g. Alias, Rhino, Solid Works, or Freeform) or rendering software (e.g. KeyShot or Move) is a must
  • Ability to successfully work and lead multi-functional teams to deliver robust and feasible designs solutions
  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills and be highly collaborative in order to influence and enroll multiple functions (i.e. Marketing, Products Research, Mechanical Design, Materials, and Process & Engineering) to deliver great design solutions
  • Candidate will work within Gillette internal ID studio alongside fellow ‘best in class’ senior and junior designers. Candidate will report directly to ID Section Head
  • BS, BA or BFA in Industrial Design with a portfolio that demonstrates design expertise. Experience level 0-7yrs
  • Strong core design skills in sketching, ideation, 2D/3D rendering, form and surface development
  • Strong working knowledge of relevant CAD systems (e.g. Alias, Rhino, Solid Works, or Freeform) or rendering software (e.g. KeyShot or Move) is a must. Experience using Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office is required. Though not required, experience with animation tools (Flash, Premiere, Maya, etc.) is an added bonus to fulfilling the role
  • Candidate should show ability to drive great design balancing consumer needs within technical constraints and manufacturing processes
  • The candidate must be able to connect consumer insights, technology, socio-cultural and market trends in meaningful ways to uniquely solve design challenges
  • Ability to successfully work within multi-functional teams to deliver robust and feasible designs. Must have strong verbal and written communication skills and be highly collaborative in order to influence and enroll multiple functions (i.e. Marketing, Products Research, Mechanical Design, Materials, and Process & Engineering) to deliver great design solutions
  • Knowledge or experience of injection-molding, blow molding and high-speed assembly techniques is a plus
  • Provide statistical expertise for study design of clinical trial protocols and Write statistical analysis plan of the study protocol, ensuring appropriate regulatory requirements and study objectives defined in the study protocol are followed
  • Delivering clinical summary tables, data listings and graphical representations of clinical trials data and clinical reports
  • Provide expert support for product claims and credentialing and answering questions from external resources (such as FDA, Investigators)
  • Represent statistical operations department at regulatory meetings, sponsor meetings, and any other multifunctional meetings, as needed
  • Adhere to all aspects of the CSD quality systems and standard operating procedures
  • Provide statistical or data science expertise for study design of non-clinical research
  • Create and implement statistical analysis plans for the studies
  • Ensure that the statistical plans are supportive of the business objectives
  • Produce summary tables, data listings and graphical representations of non-clinical research data
  • Support the statistical modeling effort
  • Support the non-clinical test methods development and validation
  • Lead the conduct of all analyses to answer business questions
  • Prepare statistical reports
  • Align and implement plan to expand a droplet formation process from 1 nozzle to several nozzles using defined model materials
  • Propose and implement a plan to scale up process to ~kilogram scale
  • Communicate results via regular reports, updates in global team meetings and other venues
  • Utilize modeling and simulation tools to drive deeper understanding, build performance or process models, and accelerate learning
  • Incorporate findings and developments into an IP Strategy with global team
  • Key liaison to our global project partners and B-MSO project SPOCS for designing appropriate test plans and linking what’s needed to what’s possible from a measurement science standpoint
  • Primary contact with our 22+ strong contractor team, ensuring test plans are communicated and working with the team and project partners to manage priorities across the test queue
  • Ensuring data integrity across operations via application of statistical principles (process control, descriptive statistics, DOE, etc.)
  • Trouble-shooting method technical issues to help operators as needed
  • Partnering with our contractor team to seek opportunities to improve workflow and operational excellence
  • Collaborate with scientists and engineers to design, setup, configure, and run industrial instrumentation and imaging systems on test stands, test lines, and demonstration production lines.·
  • Installation and decommissioning of lighting, optics, lasers, cameras, and data acquisition computers
  • Organize and maintain the instrumentation lab equipment
  • Manage the schedule of equipment and lab station time for other technicians and engineers
  • Assist and train process engineers and technicians on proper use of equipment
  • Check out/in equipment and inspect and test the equipment on return
  • Send out instruments and optics for repair as needed
  • Replace equipment as needed
  • Track charges for equipment by department
  • Collaborate with process development engineers and technicians to understand their measurement needs, brainstorm ideas, and implement solutions
  • Collaborate with “Power, Controls, and Information Systems” researchers and engineers to assist with the coordination of instrumentation with information systems (industrial controllers and server based virtual machines)
  • Configure and troubleshoot software for image analysis, signal analysis, and statistical analysis from image and instrument inputs
  • Collaborate with consumer testing panels, clinical trials, and claims demos for legal and marketing needs on instrumentation and imaging systems
  • Associate degree or equivalent experience industrial imaging, instrumentation, physics, electronics, controls or similar related fields is required
  • Instrument & Controls Technician certification is a plus
  • Experience with LabVIEW is a plus
  • Experience with NI Vision Builder, Cognex Insight, or other industrial imaging analysis software is a plus
  • Experience with instrumentation controls and/or Rockwell industrial controls is a plus
  • Scientific photography / videography experience (especially macro or high speed) is a plus
  • Thermography experience is a plus
  • Familiar with statistical process controls or web converting is a plus
  • Familiar with applied optics and lasers is a plus
  • At least 1-3 years of experience programming in one or more of the following: R, Python, SQL, SAS, STATA, SPSS, JMP
  • Experience creating and publishing reports with Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools (e.g., OBIEE, SAS, Tableau)
  • Strong knowledge of creating reports and managing data in Excel
  • Solid understanding of database design, data flow and integration (SQL Server, Oracle, Java, etc.)
  • Experience in data mining (cluster analysis, text mining, time series analysis, etc.)
  • Experience in explaining complex Data Science and informatics concepts to a general audience
  • Basic knowledge of statistical procedures
  • Ability to perform in a dynamic, multi-task environment
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of or willingness to quickly acquire an ability to work with post-market safety data
  • Possess a continuous desire to learn
  • Creative thinker and problem solver
  • Experience with machine learning desirable (exploring data sets, cleaning them, feature engineering, running algorithms and cross-validating results)
  • Experience in managing and analyzing Big Data desirable
  • Knowledge of SAS arrays and macros helpful
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing, and speaking)
  • Develop Nonwoven innovations which enable global Femcare product initiative needs. Define nonwoven material migration plan in support of global Femcare NW initiative master plan through multifunctional partnership including working with Product group to understand consumer needs, P&E team to understand Process-material Interaction etc
  • Develop and/or utilize existing empirical and/or predictive computational models and test methods to enable breakthrough material innovations and drive in-depth material design and performance
  • Establish a robust supply chain to support initiatives
  • Establish a strong relationship with external suppliers to understand industry & market trend
  • Demonstrate leadership and strategic thinking skills to drive toward winning solutions in a fast-paced environment, subject to frequent change. Proven strong technical mastery, strong problem solving skills & solid understanding of polymer materials science / nonwovens. Capability and desire to analyze complex material and process technical data (including statistical approaches and proven ability to draw actionable conclusions that drive project direction
  • Experience and interest to lead material qualifications P&G-internally (EOs) and with suppliers, including working with the required systems, such as CSS, formula cards, submitting SMART requests etc. Proven leadership skills, i.e. ability to create a clear vision for desired end-results, develop a plan to achieve it and proactively follow through till completion
  • Strong problem solving skills. Demonstrated ability of deeply penetrating root causes, developing hypotheses, and designing experiments to resolve complex technical issues. Preferred candidate has desire to understand the fundamentals of a technical problem, willingness to learn, strong problem solving capability and a track-record of identifying and involving the right technical experts to drive resolutions
  • Operates with Discipline. Complete assigned tasks on time by being very detail-oriented, taking strong personal ownership, and demonstrating confidence in data, results, and recommendations. Ability to set clear priorities matched with project needs and handles multiple tasks in parallel
  • Strong communication skills. Ability and interest to openly, clearly and persuasively share information within the team in the areas of your expertise/responsibility, including communication across global geographies and multiple functions
  • Proven collaboration skills. This assignment will require ability to work effectively with suppliers and multi-functional resources across the globe. Comfortable and effective in working across multiple regions and time zones
  • Travel to suppliers and P&G technical sites / production plants will be required
  • Candidates with a BS/MS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering & even advanced degrees in Chemistry (organic or polymer) is preferred
  • Successful candidates will be willing to travel on the job
  • Good working knowledge of statistics & statistical design of experiments
  • Materials development and qualification; Technical mastery, understanding of polymer materials science; Ability to build empirical models; Statistical data analysis; Leadership and ability to drive project direction; Collaboration across different backgrounds and cultures; Clear and structured communication
  • Ph.D. in environmental sciences or closely related field (with or without a post-doctoral experience) with in-depth knowledge of environmental chemistry and experience in assessment of environmental safety of chemicals based on environmental fate and effects information (environmental risk assessment)
  • Working knowledge in allied fields such as environmental toxicology, fate, modeling and analytical chemistry is beneficial
  • Leadership experience in leveraging environmental science expertise for complex environmental risk assessment of chemicals in an industrial and/or academic setting
  • Strong communication and partnership skills to enable seamless collaboration with customers and stakeholders inside and outside the Company
  • Partner effectively with global colleagues on a multi-functional, multi-disciplinary team (e.g., Analytical Scientists, Clinical Scientists, Statisticians) to develop and deliver chemometric processing algorithms that extract critical metrics from in vivo spectra of skin
  • Participate in the development of new approaches for using spectroscopic measures to evaluate skin properties and content
  • Publish and present findings of the research
  • Create processing algorithm modules that build our internal coding toolbox
  • MUST HAVE BS or BA in Design
  • Portfolio that demonstrates design expertise (strategy and execution)
  • Requires strong project management skills. The candidate must be able to demonstrate the ability to successfully manage projects, with different levels of involvement. Ability to set and maintain priorities in managing multiple projects. You should be able to self-direct, and take on ownership for your work
  • Proactive leadership skills, and the ability to identify design opportunities that can impact the business. This role requires a person who is an excellent and effective communicator and is able to collaborate with, influence and enroll multiple functions to deliver great design solutions
  • Passion for the integration of design with technology with a desire to experiment and explore new ideas. The candidate must be able to connect consumer insights, technology, socio-cultural and market trends in meaningful ways to uniquely solve design challenges. A good base knowledge in key manufacturing processes is recommended (blow molding, injection molding, etc)
  • 1) Design of experiments and evaluation of Analytical testing across complex formulations and a variety of materials
  • 2) Design and develop plans for material characterization against defined performance criteria
  • 3) Perform and lead others in the development of performance testing and mechanistic understanding of products
  • 4) Evaluate, interpret and communicate results and work in a team setting
  • Legally eligible to work in Venezuela
  • Currently studying the 3rd, 4th or 5th year at the University (Chemical, Mechanical and others engineers)
  • Strong skills in leadership, and excellent in communication
  • Good command of the English language

Senior Analyst, It-research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with business clients to understand and document requirements for identified needs; assist in developing design documentation
  • Outline project steps, timelines and resources needed to deliver to documented requirements
  • Manage the execution of tasks on the project plan ensuring timely completion of all deliverables
  • Provide regular communication to all stakeholders for updates and issue escalation
  • Ensure standards and testing best practices are followed for quality results; create test cases and assist users in completion of user acceptance testing
  • Understand solutions delivered and business criticality of those solutions
  • Provide ongoing support and problem resolution to Legal and Corporate Affairs users

Associate, Research Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of University of Arizona capabilities and strengths in relevant areas, and connect researchers with funding opportunities and research resources
  • Facilitate recruitment and organization of faculty groups to capitalize on funding opportunities with an emphasis on NIH and early investigator awards
  • Support for proposal teams with strategic planning, scheduling, and virtual conferencing
  • Provide proposal development support including drafting (non-technical sections), consolidation, review, editing, and formatting
  • Coordinate with others in the Office for Research & Discovery and elsewhere in the preparation and submission of funding proposals to foundations and federal and state agencies
  • Support planning and coordination for funder site visits
  • Participate in research development training activities; and
  • Develop tools and guidance on proposal development for the Research Gateway web site
  • Master’s degree AND five years experience in research development-related activities
  • Familiarity with NIH and other relevant funders (e.g., their funding goals and submission processes)
  • Track record of supporting successful university research proposals to NIH and other relevant funders in life sciences and/or biomedical fields
  • Excellent project management and oral and written communication skills
  • Strong editing ability and attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize multiple, complex projects
  • Ability to work and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment; and
  • Proficiency in MS office suite programs and use of web-based resources
  • Doctoral degree AND three years experience in research development-related activities
  • Academic background in life sciences or biomedical fields
  • Experience in developing and delivering training; and
  • Familiarity with the University of Arizona’s research strengths

Fabric Research & Development Assistant, LA Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist R&D Coordinator and R&D Director as needed
  • Receive and organize all new fabric headers. Price, date and file
  • Check-In Fabric Rolls
  • Create and maintain Fabric Cards
  • Create and maintain Fabric Boards
  • Maintain Fabric Tracker (including the R&D report)
  • Issue purchase orders
  • Strong MS Office proficiency (experience with Word and Excel)
  • Able to lift/carry items over 20+lbs
  • Fabric related education and interest preferred

Research & Development Software Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Utilize programming skills (Java, Python, etc) to develop data processing and information retrieval tools
  • Refining and implementing functional requirements, scoping, detail design, effort estimation, coding, maintenance, and support
  • Convert business requirements to working prototypes and eventual deployment
  • Prepare and install solutions by determining and designing system specs and programming
  • Capable of analyzing and processing large data sets by utilizing new open source technologies
  • Use new and existing data processing tools to independently analyze and draw conclusions from large data sets
  • BS degree in computer science, computer engineering, or other quantitative fields
  • 0-3 years of working experience in relevant job experience
  • Proficient in Java, Python, or C/C++
  • Familiarity with Unix and scripting languages
  • Experience with Big Data, i.e. Hadoop and associated tools
  • Must be able to quickly understand technical and business requirements and be able to translate into technical implementation
  • Past work with datasets also a plus

Manager of Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage the concept, formulation or reformulation of domestic and international products for private label
  • Manage discovery of new product concepts and ingredients
  • Work with the compliance teams to review formulas and labels for regulatory compliance
  • Impact the creative development and positioning of new brands for Private Label
  • Identify trends and new customer segments to target for Private Label
  • Review and have a solid understanding of ingredients for possible use within formulas
  • Work closely with manufacturing to relay accurate information to ensure a smooth product development process
  • Communicate and collaborate with cross-functional groups including Marketing, Merchandising, Category Management, Digital Publishing, Purchasing, and Compliance
  • Manage the new product/SKU process, ensuring all necessary information is captured and prioritized with the team
  • Knowledge of product development/formulation is required
  • Existing knowledge of and interest in dietary supplements is required
  • Ability to comprehend, analyze, and critique scientific literature required
  • Ability to analyze market data and trends preferred
  • Understanding of current dietary supplement regulatory landscape preferred
  • Must be highly organized and have the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Must be an out of the box thinker and problem solver
  • Must be a go-getter who can work independently but also be a reliable team player
  • Ability to work with staff inside and outside of the private label department
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications, specifically Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Willingness to learn new software
  • Ability to provide detailed and accurate feedback to various areas of the business
  • Excellent ability to create and maintain strong relationships
  • Strong morals and business ethics
  • 3-5 years experience working in a formulation, product development, and/or regulatory capacity for a dietary supplement company or manufacturer
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, or related field required
  • Master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry, or related field required
  • Registered Dietitian preferred

Research & Development Leader Resume Examples & Samples

  • Oversees and directs product development to create a pipeline of products, keeping a “pulse” on new technologies, competition, customer needs, etc. to anticipate future new product development needs
  • Develops and maintains strong collaborative development partnerships with other companies, academic institutions, opinion leaders and key customers
  • Provides technical and business leadership in the development of system products within a highly competitive diagnostics market. Ensure timely completion of products at projected costs within specified performance parameters
  • Ensures robust product design and oversee verification and validation of initial and subsequent design changes making sure all FDA, ISO and related regulatory requirements are consistently met
  • Ensures necessary Clinical Studies/Biostatistics support product development
  • Takes a systems integration approach in creating and troubleshooting diagnostic solutions, integrating hardware, software, chemistry and reagent components
  • Oversees Line Maintenance of fielded products
  • Leads and manages scientific, technical and management staff and participates in multifunctional project teams
  • Coordinates the exchange between the various global R&D sites in order to harmonize/standardize processes including best practice learning
  • Establishes a data-driven culture of accountability by incorporating DBS tools into daily work
  • Candidate should have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in product development and at least 5 years in a leadership role in R&D management in a regulated healthcare industry such as diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or laboratory instrumentation
  • Prior experience developing real-time PCR assays is preferred
  • Significant new product development (> 10 products) and commercialization experience is required
  • Experience with a high growth business is desirable
  • Deep understanding of regulatory requirements for in vitro medical devices in the US and international markets
  • Skills and Attributes-
  • Technical leader with strong business acumen and scientific excellence that lends to formulating and transitioning into product and technical needs
  • Technical expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry and diagnostic disciplines
  • Knowledge of the global scientific and technical trends and market developments in the IVD field
  • Strong people leader with a track record of identifying and developing talent across various geographies
  • Demonstrated abilities in critical thinking, managing complexity, and effective decision-making
  • Knowledge of the diagnostics customer needs and structure to assess internal market strategy within R&D
  • Ability to getting work done through others and implementing robust and sustainable work processes
  • Capable of dealing with pressure, making tough people calls, and managing up (calm under fire)
  • Action-biased with proven capability to achieve results
  • Proven ability to work cross-functionally to achieve business outcomes
  • Strong interpersonal skills such as ability to show empathy, managing diverse relationships, inspiring others, acting with honor and character, being open and receptive, demonstrating personal flexibility, and establishing appropriate work/life balance
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral) and presence. Skilled in presenting clear messaging to large audiences (>50 people)
  • Able to travel extensively (≥ 50%)

Technologist, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Supporting R&D Engineers throughout the design and development process
  • Brainstorming and evaluating concepts to bring an idea to new product development designs
  • Applying mechanical principals to the design and development of components for the Delivery Systems, Implants and/or accessory devices
  • Building prototype devices for design evaluation and concept selection
  • Performing accurate measurement and testing techniques utilizing calipers, micrometers, microscopes, rulers, optical comparators, vision systems, video comparators, tensile testing systems (Instron), inspection tooling and fixtures
  • Assisting in developing test methods and procedures to evaluate device prototype performances and developing specifications to evaluate device performance against design requirements
  • Performing feasibility testing to develop and verify device function
  • Training manufacturing assemblers and assisting in developing Manufacturing build procedures and in design for manufacturability
  • Performing Design verification testing and assisting in other engineering tests and animal studies
  • Maintaining accurate documentation of concepts, designs, drawings, and procedures with good documentation practices
  • Remaining up to date with training to TMVR Quality System requirements, and in compliance with safety policies and procedures with Lab Equipment and Testing
  • Ensuring that equipment used for R&D testing is appropriately calibrated and maintained
  • Supporting manufacturing and operational activities, including: manufacturing processes, tooling, training and troubleshooting
  • Interfacing with R&D Engineers and other technicians, Manufacturing, and Quality, to ensure compliance with internal procedures and Protocols
  • Familiarity with viewing, reading, and potentially creating parts/assemblies using Solidworks and/or Creo2 (ProE) and releasing design drawings into the Quality System
  • Facilitates Risk Management process in compliance to company policies and procedures. Participates in creation of product Risk Analysis
  • Must be highly motivated, passionate, and able to tackle challenging technical problems
  • Catheter prototyping and development experience required
  • Experience with manual catheter assembly and prototyping techniques is essential
  • Experience in device and/or material testing is a plus
  • Candidate must be able to work independently and with minimal supervision
  • Candidate must have a strong mechanical aptitude and flexibility to work in a dynamic work environment
  • Basic machine shop skills are a plus (mill, lathe, laser welding) but not a requirement
  • Solidworks experience is a plus

Supervisor Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system
  • Assures compliance to all procedures and policies addressing quality, regulatory safety and human resources
  • Reviews work order documents for accuracy and completeness
  • Assures timely and relevant communications to and from all levels of the organization
  • Supports Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) investigations, planning and implementation
  • Coaches, develops and mentors employees in areas of responsibility. Responsible for recruitment, selection and retention of employees
  • Coordinates execution of the Environmental Monitoring program
  • Assures completion of required training for all employees
  • Maintains accurate records
  • Acts as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for policies, process documents, standard operating procedures, forms, templates, and/or guidelines
  • Ensure that batch records are completed and submitted for auditing in a timely manner
  • Supervise Pilot Plant assets. Support capital plan assuring projects are completed successfully, on time, and within approved budgets
  • Foster team environment through development/implementation of improved work practices
  • Provide leadership, direction, planning and execution of Pilot Plant Operations and Materials Management area activities per established R&D business unit priorities
  • The Supervisor is accountable to the Operations Manager for controlling budget, payroll and capital of at least $3MM
  • The Supervisor responsibility impacts all nutritional products produced in the plant and the preservation of the company’s continued well-being through compliance to regulations and avoidance of major business interruptions from regulatory agencies such as the FDA
  • This position is responsible for ensuring proper equipment/manpower utilization, good employee relations, a safe environment, quality products and profitability

Corporate VP, Clinical Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strategy for the clinical development of medicines
  • Integration and incorporation of all early clinical development work including biomarkers and companion diagnostics
  • Timelines and budget for clinical development of medicines
  • Design and conduct of all clinical trials of medicines globally (including Asia and Japan)
  • Alignment with Regulatory Affairs, Global Project Leadership, Research & Early Development/translational medicine as well as Market Access, Medical Affairs and commercial functions
  • Lead the CR&D Therapeutic Area team, attract, retain and develop talent for all roles in the team, be responsible for engagement and collaboration across the team
  • Drive indication and product strategic vision through strong scientific and medical knowledge, exceptional understanding of the drug development process and a strong ability to contribute/lead cross-functional teams
  • Active membership of the cross-functional Oncology Leadership Meeting (OLM) and the department-internal CR&D Leadership Team
  • Active membership and functional leadership in the cross-functional Disease Strategy Team for MDS/AML, ability to lead such a team
  • Incorporate a sound business sense into the clinical development program
  • Very close collaboration and partnership with Regulatory Affairs to drive clinical strategic objectives, submissions and approvals
  • Medical/clinical review on due diligence and in-licensing opportunities
  • Build efficiency and innovation into the clinical development program and look for innovative ways to do clinical trials - like biomarker strategy
  • Understand how all clinical development groups work together and how it all funnels into clinical data flow
  • Take a role within the global CR&D leadership team in order to advance the work of the whole department
  • Organize and lead advisory boards and investigator meetings relevant to clinical projects with the respective teams in the therapeutic area
  • Responsible as a thought leader in the development of new and innovative strategies related to regulatory and clinical use of new and existent pharmaceuticals
  • Responsible for clinical budget allocations, capacity planning and responsibility for utilization reporting and budget review and tracking
  • Develop strong and reliable relationship to Celgene’s partners in the joint development of medicines for this therapeutic area
  • A solid background in all phases of clinical development which includes

Careers Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Basic laboratory skills, including liquid handling, reagent preparation, and chemistry-related calculations- including calculations of stock concentrations, making serial dilutions, etc
  • Execution of high-throughput screening experiments
  • Preparation and QC of key reagents
  • Other duties as required and assigned
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the life sciences or physical sciences
  • Independent undergraduate research experience
  • 0-2 years of experience at a pharmaceutical / biotechnology company or research institute
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skill
  • Capable of multitasking and properly prioritizing tasks
  • Experience with basic Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, etc
  • Experience in pharmacology, enzymology, or assay development

Senior Controller Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Planning, reviewing and financial reporting of the assigned R&D Operating Plan and budget, primary focus on Avelumab alliance
  • Understanding and determining the impact of latest business dynamics for the
  • R&D function(s); focus on Avelumab alliance
  • Directly responsible for maintaining the appropriate environment of internal financial controls in all aspects of the Avelumab alliance
  • Developing and preparing decision support models, business cases and
  • Presentations that support the management decision making
  • Drives financial planning and budgeting for relevant R&D functions and/or projects and provide input to strategic planning from early to late stage development
  • Collaborates with business partners to integrate corporate and divisional targets into operating plan
  • Develops and prepares analysis, decision support models, and business cases
  • Assists the Senior Corporate, Divisional and US Management, on a wide range of ad hoc requests
  • Promoting "best practice" approach, suggesting and driving further
  • Improvements of existing reporting and processes
  • Advising operational business with respect to financial benefits and risks of
  • Acquisition targets and/or strategic partnerships, particularly Avelumab alliance
  • Takes a continuous improvement attitude to communicate/ share relevant information with team members to ensure best practices and consistency across the various functions
  • MBA or equivalent business degree
  • Excellent English, written, oral, negotiations
  • Minimum required 5 years’ experience related to the area of Financial Analysis/Planning / Controlling in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Experience with drug discovery and development
  • Expertise of SAP, MS office excel and powerpoint
  • International Travel of up to 20% working time on annual basis required for this position required

Research & Development Leader for Neurotechnology Resume Examples & Samples

  • Personal network of industry and academic leaders in assistive / rehabilitative human neurotechnology
  • Experience leading a long-range, advanced R&D program toward applied outcomes
  • Experience in implantable or non-invasive neural sensing, recording, imaging, data analysis, stimulation or modulation
  • Experience leading and directing experiments in a clinical setting
  • Experience developing business strategies

Manager, Engineering Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Minimum 10 years experience in automotive design and development
  • Prior management experience strongly desired
  • R&D vehicle development experience
  • Knowledge of vehicle manufacturing
  • Detail Part and system design experience
  • Experience using Spacevision and/or any 3D software
  • Excellent Presentation/communication skills
  • Demonstrated history for taking proactive approach
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated people skills
  • Demonstrated ability to teach and coach
  • Cross functional experience a plus
  • Self-motivated, assertive, learner, fair, transparent and remains calm in the face of multiple stressful situation
  • Candidates for this position must be legally authorized to work in the United States and will be required to provide proof of employment eligibility at the time of hire. Visa sponsorship for this position is not available at this time
  • Be currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree program with a focus in an Engineering program
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be entering your Junior or Senior year in college is highly preferred
  • Be at least 21 years of age for any locations that require driving test vehicles – due to company vehicles policy and insurance restrictions. This is not a requirement for all positions in Research and Development

Developer for the SAP Hana Research & Development Team Potsdam Resume Examples & Samples

  • Very good Doctoral, Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields
  • A solid foundation in computer science with strong competencies in data structure, algorithms, and software design
  • Expert C++ skills and experience in implementing performance critical algorithms
  • Knowledge of parallel, distributed algorithms
  • Knowledge of scripting language (for example in Python, Java script)
  • Knowledge in cloud scale distributed systems
  • Knowledge in design patterns and object oriented programming
  • Your work experience should mirror the required and preferred skills mentioned

Associate Developer for the SAP Hana Research & Development Team Resume Examples & Samples

  • Massive scale-out
  • Low latency networking
  • Time critical protocols
  • Multi-tenancy concepts
  • Fault tolerance and security
  • Cloud computing
  • Compression algorithms
  • Query execution via Spark
  • Block Placement Strategies in HDFS
  • Resource Management in Yarn
  • Very good Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields
  • Expert skills in one ore more of the following languages: C++, Java, Scala, Python, R, Lua, Go
  • A high level of commitment, team-spirit, flexibility, and initiative
  • A solid understanding of one or more of the following areas: Hadoop, Spark, HDFS, Hive, Yarn, Flume, Storm, Kafka, ActiveMQ, Sqoop, MapReduce
  • Experience with NoSQL Databases and Technologies like Cassandra, MongoDB, Graph Databases
  • 0 - 2 years
  • Graduates welcome!

UI Developer for the SAP Hana Research & Development Team Resume Examples & Samples

  • A solid foundation in computer science with software design
  • Willingness to take responsibilities, drive new developments, and work creatively on challenging and groundbreaking development tasks in accordance with the highest technical standards, plus a high level of commitment, team-spirit, flexibility and initiative
  • Proficiency with HTML5, CSS, modern JavaScript, web protocols
  • Creativity and experience in user experience design
  • Experience in using open-source web frameworks such as Bootstrap
  • Hands-on experience in agile development processes
  • Experience with state-of-the-art development tools (GitHub, Git, Gerrit, Bugzilla,…,)
  • Knowledge in database management systems, SQL processing, data analytics, big data/Hadoop

Document Specialist, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review all New Avon product labels for regulatory compliance
  • Manage outside vendor contracting, invoicing and payment
  • Document adverse event reports and investigate according to protocols as appropriate
  • Establish and maintain library of internal procedures and work instructions
  • Develop and maintain Research and Development intranet site
  • Oversee data entry for R&D formula management system
  • 1-2 years experience in the consumer products industry
  • Bachelors degree in Natural Sciences or Engineering preferred
  • Understanding of formulation and chemistry
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office software such as Word, Excel and Sharepoint

Research & Development Director Resume Examples & Samples

  • Team Leadership and development: Creation of a high performing team with expertise in modern software application development. This includes organization definition, recruiting, team selection, performance management
  • Development and Delivery: Definition of the work plan for the organization, in collaboration with the Product Management team. Planning, tracking and oversight of the development projects from initiation to post-deployment support
  • Global collaboration: Work with A&A BUs and global CTO organization on the common software imitative
  • Continuous improvement: Driving improvements in quality, lean work processes and advanced technology

Research & Development Summer Internship Program Resume Examples & Samples

  • Works with CVI staff to perform professional duties of moderate difficulty at Canon Virginia, Inc
  • Assists CVI staff on various projects, tasks, and activities relating to their area of study or course work
  • Performs assigned tasks consistently in a professional and timely manner to meet required deadlines
  • Utilizes good time management skills to effectively and accurately complete work assignments
  • Exercises good judgment and knowledge from the classroom setting and applies knowledge to a professional work environment
  • Applies research techniques, analytical methods, presentation skills, writing skills, and / or technical knowledge to the workplace
  • Adheres to company policies and procedures governing professional staff behavior
  • Balances internship work schedule effectively with classroom coursework
  • May be responsible for research, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. as part of the assigned projects
  • May work in several departments to assist with completing any additional projects or tasks
  • Student must be working towards an undergraduate degree with the minimum credit hours to be classified as a junior or senior in their studies,
  • Student must have taken several related courses to the field in which they will be assigned
  • Student must be at least 18 years of age

Director Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Accountable for total program scope. Accountable for project completion within budget constraints. Accountable for total program scope. Accountable for project completion within budget constraints and project completion dates. Leads others in the completion of project tasks and sub projects
  • Creates a work environment that supports team effectiveness. Coaches and mentors team members on performance and development needs. Level loads work to ensure effective use of available resources/ Solicit the cooperation of a diverse group of disciplines and functions
  • Directs the work of technical and support personnel; draw on technical expertise available both within and outside of Abbott. Leads others in the completion of project tasks and sub projects
  • Creates a work environment that supports team effectiveness. Coaches and mentors team members on performance and development needs. Level loads work to ensure effective use of available resources/ Solicits the cooperation of a diverse group of disciplines and functions
  • Direct the work of technical and support personnel; draw on technical expertise available both within and outside of Abbott
  • Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced Scientific degree (preferably PhD) in Chemistry or Bio-chemistry or Chemical Engineering is preferred
  • 12-15 years of experience in technical and leadership positions in an FDA-regulated environment, preferably in the Medical diagnostic and/or device industry
  • Experience in sensor design
  • Experience or strong understanding of system integration
  • Integration of reagents with instrument
  • Integration of R&D with Manufacturing
  • Strong leadership abilities, both technical and human resources
  • Knowledge of how diagnostic testing is performed in our customer base
  • Demonstrated success in utilizing a structured product development process
  • Understanding of diagnostic assays, immunochemistry, and disease state management including both assays and system elements

Senior Director, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Leads multi-disciplinary teams (internal and external) across multiple projects through development and implementation of technical strategies and solutions for the successful and timely development of new products to meet business needs
  • Identify potential opportunities for innovation and explore application of emerging technology to bio-devices that address unmet customer needs and increase performance of existing solutions
  • Coordinate and drive new product development in concert with Global BioDevice Commercial and Marketing Prioritize projects under development based on financial valuation and strategic need and allocate R&D resources accordingly with input from business leadership utilizing interaction with Project Management, Global BioDevice Commercial and Marketing, and global commercial input
  • Manage R&D expense budget through appropriate prioritization and allocation to maximize resource utilization
  • Plan, direct, coordinate, and conduct the development for new applied biotechnology through commercialization that achieves planned objectives
  • Launch multiple projects to develop proof of concept, design and build functional prototypes, and develop business case for product development
  • Provide biological process expertise for the development and commercialization of new applied bio-mechanical technology
  • Support the transfer of newly commercial technology/devices to the Sales and Marketing, Field Service, and Manufacturing Departments. Coordinate accurate and thorough documentation of project progress. Provide timely status/progress updates for new applied biotechnology projects
  • Coordinate the communication and dissemination of information relating to new bio-mechanical devices
  • Advanced degree in Engineering discipline or related scientific or management discipline
  • Professional Engineer license is preferred
  • Minimum of 15 years post-Bachelor’s experience relevant to engineering, research or new product development
  • Minimum of 10 years of management experience. Preference is for senior management experience directing an engineering development group, preferably in the biological devices arena, including specific experience with hardware, software and controls
  • Demonstrated new product development experience from concept through commercialization
  • Knowledge and practical application of current and emerging engineering science and cutting edge technologies
  • Working knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, Design for Six Sigma, or other quality metric systems
  • Excellent leadership, management and interpersonal skills

Research & Development Engineering Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support / prepare detail designs, develop engineering drawings and define product specifications
  • Develop / coordinate product test plans
  • Analyze operational, test and research data to understand or establish product performance criteria
  • Interact and collaborate with R&D personnel and other functional areas on project assignments
  • Support product qualification testing with internal colleagues and external agencies
  • Prepare and present findings / results of project work
  • Must be familiar with product design and testing
  • Experience with 3D modeling a plus. Pro-E desired
  • Strong written & verbal communication skills to generate process instructions and reports
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and cross-functional teams with minimum guidance
  • Demonstrated leadership experience
  • Assignment starts June 2017, must be able to start within this timing

Research & Development Industrial Placement Resume Examples & Samples

  • Chemistry and related disciplines, including analytical science
  • Robotics, Mechatronics, or Computing & Information Systems or similar
  • Please visit the FAQ section of our website for equivalencies in your country
  • UCAS Points are a measurement of ‘A’Level performance, points gained at AS level qualifications should not be included. 300 points are equivalent to 3B’s at ‘A’Level not including general studies

Summer Exploratory Research & Development Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Coding challenges – Design efficient algorithms essential to traversing numerous strategic pathways
  • Quantitative challenges – Math and computational methods to build and test models
  • Scientific rigor – Enhance your statistical toolset with a well-honed discipline and tangible outcomes
  • Balance – Guided by established researchers, find new directions and new domains
  • C++/Python and other languages
  • Math methods and modeling skills
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Innate need to decompose and understand complexities
  • Preferred fields: Physics, Pure and Applied Math, Electrical or Chemical Engineering, CS, and Industrial Engineering/Operations Research

Research & Development Engineering Co-op Resume Examples & Samples

  • Prepare design layouts, detailed drawings, and specifications
  • Coordinates prototype efforts
  • Compiles and analyzes operational, test, and research data to establish and/or evaluate performance standards and limits for new or existing products
  • Confer with research personnel and other technical functions as required to clarify and resolve problems and develop designs
  • Plans and holds meetings when appropriate
  • Prepares and presents reports and presentations as needed
  • Interacts and coordinates project activities with internal functions and external partners throughout design process
  • Performs all elements of the job in accordance with established procedures
  • Computer proficient; with experience in MS Office, MS Project, CAD, preferably experienced in Pro -E
  • Strong analytical ability to solve programs and ability to learn quickly
  • Ability to follow a structured project management process including document meeting minutes, action items, and monitor progress
  • Previous business internship/co-op experiences with strong business acumen beneficial (preferable not required)

Research & Development Enginee Resume Examples & Samples

  • Masters in Electrical Engineering (Power Electronics) with 2 to 5 years of relevant experience
  • High power electronics Design (AC/DC, DC/DC & DC/AC converters)
  • Knowledge of PWM techniques and analysis
  • Knowledge of EMI/EMC in power electronics application and preferable to have exposure to RF Conducted and Radiated Emissions/Susceptibility Testing
  • Demonstrated experience of testing, debugging and troubleshooting of Power Supplies and Analog Electronic Circuits and capability of analyzing and resolving them using state of the art Oscilloscopes, Power Analyzer, Network Analyzer etc
  • Analog and Digital design experience including Microcontrollers, FPGAs and DSPs is an asset
  • Familiarity with Military and Aerospace Standards is preferred
  • Work experience as a member of a design team taking product from concept to production is preferred
  • Self-motivated, self-managing, self-learner and creative thinker
  • Team player; able to work in cross functional team with minimum supervision
  • Clear & concise communication skills- verbal & written; capable technical writing skills desired
  • Provide broad functional and technical expertise in the design and development efforts, including but not limited to architectural direction; user interface/user experience leadership; development standards and best practices with implementing leading edge innovation in a software-as-a-service model
  • Be a critical change agent, developing strong relationships with other business leaders to drive a transformation to an innovative product culture
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of multiple large and complex applications
  • Effective interaction with multiple business units i.e. Quality Assurance, Marketing, and Client Services in the development of specifications and the creation, testing and implementation of system products
  • Provide leadership in Agile methodologies
  • Concurrently manage business critical initiatives
  • Direct the development of procedures and policies related to applications development and maintenance
  • Drive continuous improvement processes within the organisation
  • Oversee projects to meet time and budget constraints while ensuring that specifications are achieved and high quality products are delivered
  • Maintains and further develops highly qualified and high performance teams
  • Significant leadership experience with multiple high-performing teams required in a matrix organisation; preferably in a customer centric environment, with focus on customer/client interaction and engagement
  • Proven delivery of innovative software solutions in a Software as a Service or Cloud model
  • Substantial software development experience
  • Extensive delivery of commercially successful enterprise class web products, preferably in a SaaS environment; experience in managing through people i.e. managers
  • Considerable offshore management experience
  • Strong Agile software development and management experience to include TDD, CI and Agile Project Management Tools e.g. Jira, Version 1, Rally, etc
  • Proven delivery of optimal business returns, by prioritising projects and managing scope, while satisfying customer/client expectations
  • Development and deployment of large database (Oracle, MS SQL, NoSQL) applications
  • Strong collaborative working style with an ability to work within a cross functional executive team in a hands-on capacity to achieve individual, team and organisational goals
  • Executive level presentation skills
  • Ability to analyse operating results of the organisation and its centres versus approved plans and objectives, taking proactive and immediate action when results are not as expected
  • Proven financial and commercial acumen, strong creative problem solving and strategy to maximise the impact of ADP products, services and activities
  • A Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, Computers (MSEE, MSCS, etc.) or an MBA is preferred
  • Scrum Master Certification and other agile certification would be advantageous
  • Bachelor Degree in research, communications, business, nursing, MPH, or a related field of study
  • Minimum three (3) years of related Healthcare experience
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to multitask

Research & Development Product Development Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Conduct laboratory and pilot plant experiments
  • Exposure to manufacturing processes and equipment for periodic extended workdays
  • Plan test sequences
  • Order, weigh and assemble components
  • Operate and assemble pilot plant equipment
  • Prepare samples for laboratory analyses
  • Document and maintain accurate and complete records relating to processing parameters, product attributes, weights, etc
  • Collect and organize data
  • Format, analyze, and summarize data
  • Maintain current and accuracy laboratory notebook

Research & Development Processing Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Training and operation of pilot plant equipment including
  • Potato and Vegetable cutting systems
  • Blanching, Drying, Frying, Freezing Systems
  • Batter Systems
  • New Food Process Technologies (HPP, PEF, Freeze Drying, etc)
  • Support technical professional in preparing various product samples
  • Data collection and analysis from bench top or plant studies
  • Ingredient and process evaluations under guidance of technical professional
  • Follow safety and hygienic protocols

Consumer Research & Development Graduate Program Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strong analytical and problem solving abilities
  • Pro-active ‘can do’ approach to achieving success
  • A desire to work with exciting innovation in Consumer Healthcare products that touch lives of millions of Consumers everyday
  • Willingness to relocate to Maidenhead, UK
  • Eligible to work within the UK on a permanent basis
  • Eligible to work within the UK on a permanent basisProduct Research

Research Development Program Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop deep content knowledge of faculty/center research capability, and create communications (such as one-pagers) for distribution to sponsors for relationship building and shaping sponsor initiatives
  • Produce and manage “capability maps” of VU expertise appropriate for large programs at sponsors
  • Produce and manage “opportunity maps” of external programs, i.e., a directory of external opportunities that is appropriate for each major research lab/center at VU
  • Develop sponsor relationships to VU centers and projects, including visits to VU by program officers and visits by VU teams to sponsors
  • Coordinate with the Office of Federal Relations to increase VU research presence in DC and with Corporate and Foundation Relations on relationships with foundations
  • Develop and provide services including high-level conceptualization to match sponsor priorities, effective team organization, red-team review, credible administrative, management, education/outreach, and/or data sharing plans to assist investigators in the complex process of developing competitive proposals for prestigious opportunities at foundations e.g., Gates, Guggenheim, Keck, MacArthur, Mellon, Simons etc., and federal agency programs e.g., NSF STC, PIRE, DOE Hubs, USAID, MURI etc
  • Support the Vice Provost for Research and the Vanderbilt University Research Council so faculty and leadership are prepared to seize opportunity and to shape emerging opportunities at national and international venues
  • Manage the Federal and Foundations limited submissions process for Vanderbilt University in a cohered manner with the leveraged-proposal development program
  • Lead and manage one or more R&D HME teams, based in the same or other locations, accountable for providing R&D support to the product categories of responsibility, enabling protection and growth of the existing business as well as delivery of cost saving programs to increase the profitability of existing products
  • Build key business relationships with senior people up to SVP level in the supply management teams, procurement, Power of 1 (Po1), regional marketing / commercial teams and wider R&D Matrix including Regulatory, R&D Category, Medical Science and ESMO
  • Develop and drive strategy and prioritization of activities in alignment with business partners and targets
  • Lead development of new ways of working to improve efficiency & quality of dept. output and overall organization performance
  • Identify and recommend key strategic opportunities within own area of responsibility and share opportunities with all R&D HME divisions
  • Be the R&D representative/reference for the business in the region in collaboration with the local regulatory team
  • Develop and lead the team, ensuring proper resource availability and by empowering and supporting them
  • Lead the delivery of facility improvements, namely: offices and laboratories. Ensuring that a professional and compliant working environment is provided for the teams
  • Ensure that facilities and processes are operated with a prioritization to Health and Safety and also to the required standards of good manufacturing and laboratory practice. Ensure that all work performed is subject to the scrutiny of internal and external auditors
  • Interact with other Regional HME managers to share best practices
  • Manage assigned budget
  • Educated to degree level (chemistry, pharmacy, chemical engineering or other relevant science) PhD or Masters
  • Minimum 6 years R&D experience with a proven track record of planning, prioritization and implementation of projects as well as identifying cost saving opportunities and problem solving ability
  • Proven experience with recruitment, management and development of people
  • Proven experience of working in a remote managed environment and proven ability to manage remote teams
  • Proven track record in collaboration with internal & external R&D and non-R&D functions

Assistant to the Director Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for all department training requirements in ETMS and SAM
  • Assessment of training needs and maintenance of all Training plans
  • Continuous improvement on all ETMS related items (e.g. simplification of Trainings Modules)
  • Minimum high school education
  • Fluent English and German oral and written communication skills
  • Minimum of 3 years experience as Administrative Assistant
  • Able to work independently with a highly professional approach
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential
  • Excellent organizational, decision-making and planning skills. Ability to prioritize and multi-task
  • Proven organization skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Team player and “hands-on”
  • Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel, SAP/SRM and other work processing programs

Research & Development Engineers & Researchers Resume Examples & Samples

  • Masters of Engineering or Science AND 3+ years of experience in Engineering, academic, or research experience OR
  • PhD in Engineering or Science AND 2+ years of experience in Engineering, academic, or research experience
  • Alternatively, this position may be filled at a higher level*
  • Masters of Engineering or Science AND 6+ years of experience in Engineering, academic, or research experience OR
  • PhD in Engineering or Science AND 5+ years of experience in Engineering, academic, or research experience
  • 3 years of professional experience in Robotics, Machine Learning, and Vision
  • Experience using mathematical and statistical modeling of mechanical systems
  • Experience with embedded software development, parallel and cloud computing, real-time software development and dynamic simulation of mechanical systems
  • System development based on open source libraries
  • Experience with Linux standard and real-time operative systems, VxWorks. C, C++, Python and Lua
  • Experience working in a multinational work-environment

CPE Program Research & Development Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Master's degree required in business administration, communications, education, engineering, social sciences or related area
  • Three years' experience in a comparable position which encompassed at least four of the following areas: educational program development and planning, needs assessment, inter-institutional coordination/collaboration, implementation, administration and evaluation of program/class offerings, budgeting, marketing and promoting self-sustaining programs/classes, supervision of staff
  • Excellent skills in communications (both written and oral), problem solving and negotiation, inter-personal (and an ability to work with diverse populations), public relations, data analysis methodologies and tools (Microsoft Excel or comparable)
  • Attention to detail and competence with administrative aspects of the work, including software programs (word processing, spread sheets, and data bases)
  • Demonstrated success working in a team environment
  • Familiarity with post-traditional learners and online education preferred
  • MS degree in computer science, computer engineering, or other quantitative fields
  • 2 years of working experience in relevant job experience
  • Experience with web applications, web services, and related ecosystem

Research, Development & Quality Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Well-organized, attention to detail and well planning skills
  • Ability to collect, manipulate and perform data; solve problems and stablish priorities
  • Good time administration, able to achieve with the established deadlines
  • Teamwork ability
  • Cooking skills (Ability to prepare different recipes)

Engineer Co-op-research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Apply engineering techniques to update specifications, create drawings, and draft protocols
  • Conduct lab feasibility testing and verification testing on anesthesia products
  • Represent R&D engineering as a team member on design control projects for product development
  • Work with a diverse team of quality, regulatory, marketing, procurement, manufacturing and others both domestically and globally
  • Write reports and create presentations on work completed
  • Present data and reports at management meetings
  • Assist in the research and development of next generation and new anesthesia products
  • Willingness to learn about Teleflex Inc. products, medical device industry and working in a FDA regulated industry
  • Strong interpersonal skills, team player and ability to communicate effectively
  • Desire to learn how the regulated medical device industry works
  • Experience developing/designing data visualizations via web-based visual & interface design (taking flat files or database files with information, and displaying that info via web interfaces)
  • Fluency in JavaScript and and moderate to high level experience utilizing a scripting language (Ruby, Python)
  • Experience with version control systems (Git) is required
  • Experience with JQuery & D3.js is desired
  • Experience with WebGL or self-authored JavaScript solutions desired
  • Experience with GIS is a plus
  • Conceptualizing and designing manufacturing equipment and test fixtures
  • Conceptualizing and designing product features
  • 3D CAD modeling and 2D engineering print generation
  • Analysis of designs (including Finite Element Analysis)
  • Design of experiments, test protocol generation, test execution, test report generation
  • Analysis and interpretation of test results
  • The candidate must have basic competency in SolidWorks, with the ability to create and revise 3D models, 3D assemblies and 2D engineering prints, including dimensioning and tolerancing. The candidate must be proficient in reading and understanding engineering prints
  • The candidate must be able to execute basic test procedures and perform root cause analysis
  • The candidate must be self-motivated and able to work independently
  • The candidate must have strong written and oral communication skills
  • The candidate must have strong Word and Excel skills
  • The candidate must have some basic knowledge of mechanical testing apparatus (Instron). Experience operating this type of equipment is preferred
  • While performing the duties of this Job, the employee is regularly required to use hands to finger, handle, or feel and talk or hear. The employee is frequently required to stand and walk, and occasionally required to sit
  • The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 pounds
  • The work environment is an office, with occasional exposure to the production floor and test lab environment (including some heavy machinery)
  • The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate
  • The work schedule is flexible
  • The candidate must have a reliable means to commute
  • We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer M/F/D/V. We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse testing

Research & Development Co-op Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with existing staff on the design of erbium doped fiber amplifier based products including amplifiers, ASE sources and associated products
  • Electrical Engineering or Physics student with interest in optical amplifier design
  • Background in lasers or electro-optics is preferred
  • Experience with fiber optics is a plus
  • Experience with modeling including use of MatLab is preferred

Research & Development Interns Resume Examples & Samples

  • Carrying out Analytical Modeling of undersea hardware
  • Assistance in testing (high pressure and tensile testing among other required assessments)
  • Documentation of work completed in engineering reports
  • Other team projects as assigned
  • Current Junior/Senior enrolled in a Mechanical Engineering program with at least 3.0 GPA
  • CAD skills preferred but not required
  • Must have solid MS Office skills, good communication skills and a solid work ethic

Research & Development Logistics Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead shipping and logistics efforts for R&D materials
  • Maintain organized, up-to-date records
  • Lead Process Improvement
  • Communicate effectively with research teams, external collaborators, CROs, peers, GCLO personnel and other functional areas
  • Work within a small shipping and logistics focused team
  • Create and maintain SOPs
  • Keep import/export practices up to date with changes in the trade compliance landscape
  • Serve as primary point of contact for shipping and logistics related activities
  • Prepare shipping documents

Director, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Outstanding leadership ability and significant drive
  • Minimum of 10 years of R&D leadership experience
  • Significant experience with world-class R&D processes gained from working for a company that has achieved excellence in R&D
  • Proven ability to drive measurable and effective R&D performance
  • Demonstrated ability to lead effectively across functions
  • English language ability, spoken and written
  • Process improvement experience
  • Flexibility to travel 30% to 50% of time with some International travel
  • Global experience preferred with demonstrated ability to manage multiple-site, R&D teams, projects and budgets
  • Expertise in water quality, instrumentation, electro-chemistry, optical sensing, systems engineering, electro-mechanical desired
  • Experience in capital equipment industries with relatively low unit volumes/high product mix (e.g. power equipment, automation equipment, life sciences/lab equipment, medical equipment) preferred
  • Second languages desired are mandarin and German
  • Developing and executing biology assays and summarizing the experimental data
  • Track and report on progress of clinical studies
  • Bachelors degree holders in Life Sciences or related areas
  • Solid foundation in cell and molecular biology techniques, as well as a strong technical foundation in various assay methods
  • Able to independently work project priorities, multi-task, and handle a wide variety of complex and non-routine tasks
  • Lead the microbiology laboratory day to day operations and testing
  • Manage the laboratory contractors and ensure that staff are trained in relevant SOPs and methods
  • Category microbiology project ownership which includes product quality and compliance responsibilities
  • Partner with formulator and cross-functions for formula preservation system design
  • Conduct microbial testing and properly interpret the data for microbial risk assessment (MRA)
  • Lead MRA and microbiology qualification for new raw material and new technology
  • Partner with Product Supply microbiologist for new making process MRA and qualification
  • Communicate results, observations, or issues to Line Manager/ Supervisor, other team members and cross functions as appropriate
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Bioscience, Biotechnology or related fields
  • Have a training record of microbiology in both theory and experiment
  • Ideally has at least 1 year working experience in the field of microbiology, molecular biology or biotechnology
  • Have an interest in microbiology laboratory research work
  • Able to develop test plan, generate and report reproducible and accurate data
  • Able to identify ways to improve methods and new ways to accomplish tasks through experience and technical capability
  • Understand priorities of project and apply right effort to address priorities
  • Leverage phase colloid techniques (thermal, microscopy, X-ray,etc) for technical claims, mechanistic understanding of how technologies and product deliver performance and consumer benefits
  • Act as technical coach for practitioners of DSC, SEM, rheology working on phase colloid related projects
  • Partner with global phase colloid capability teams to identify capability gaps and put forth plans to fill the gaps
  • Has Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physical , Material and Biological Sciences in research areas, (preferably phase colloid) especially but not limited to thermal analysis
  • Has at least 3 years hands on experience of developing phase colloid related techniques, including DSC, TGA & ITC
  • Fast learner, problem solver and has track record of bringing innovation to the work
  • Has strong collaborative and communication skills and works well with a diverse group of people
  • Flexible, resourceful and responsive in meeting challenges of the work
  • Is able to apply technical /science knowledge to seek better /innovative testing tools
  • Translate early ideas from customers, typically Researchers, into products that mimic aesthetics and performance of line made products
  • Generate procedure, instructions, tools and all supporting documentation to guide product making
  • Manage product making schedule and supervise finish product to deliver timely and on quality
  • Maintain a close communication with the R&D organization originating the request, with the Prototyping organization to coordinate efforts. Typically working with multiple customers and projects in paralell
  • 1) Review the penetration literature
  • 2) Develop skills in the quantitation and visualization methods
  • 3) Identify lead actives that span a range of physiochemical properties
  • 4) Design & execute kinetics and wash-out testing
  • 5) Develop a model for kinetics of active penetration and wash-out
  • Employ industry standard clinical study methods to collect and analyze samples from human subjects
  • Utilize state of the art proteomic, transcriptomic, and bioinformatics tools to guide the team’s effort in the identification of biomarkers for increased hair retention
  • Communicate experimental data, key learnings, and recommendations for future research directions via clear written and oral presentations to a diverse audience
  • All applicants MUST** - Provide a letter of recommendation/ Support from their graduate advisors to be away from their program for duration of internship. - Include their resume and a brief summary of their research in the resume text field (maximum characters 64,000)
  • Collaborative problem solving within a diverse team of measurement and chemical scientists
  • Use of instrumentation to develop or validate methods for chemical and physical testing of Beauty consumer products and or their residues on skin or hair
  • Maintenance of said instruments, identification of capability gaps and acquisition of new instruments to address gaps
  • Define future innovations in measurement or chemical science to maintain product superiority within Beauty products arena
  • Proven record for leveraging technical mastery. You should be capable of quickly building technical mastery in US/NA regulatory requirements
  • Strong leadership skills to drive multifunctional projects forward. The role requires a high level of independence and the ability to quickly identify and overcome barriers to deliver strategic guidance to R&D and business partners, providing freedom to innovate while ensuring full compliance with global safety and regulatory requirements
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. The role requires close interaction with different regions, functions, and the handling of complex information (safety, regulatory) that needs to be communicated in a simple and efficient way to facilitate the global decision making process
  • Proven skill in managing complex issues to resolution. We are looking for you to have a strong bias to detail with the ability to identify & address key priorities under a heavy and diverse work portfolio. Also, demonstrate skill in building technical mastery and an ability to work with diverse teams and build capability in others. A proven record of collaboration and team leadership would be highly valued

Associate Director, Research Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • 2) Support Mason’s research development goals through the creation of resources, information, and advice posted electronically on the Research Web site and on other social media, and through a variety of face-to-face and print mechanisms
  • 3) Facilitate and host workshops aimed at developing teams and exposing Mason faculty to funding opportunities and agencies. Evaluate and share tools that permit the more efficient identification of funding opportunities and the creation of high quality proposals
  • 4) Proactively generate, identify, and enable faculty to pursue opportunities in Mason’s strategically identified multidisciplinary research foci areas. Provide support for Mason’s Research Institutes that provides greater situational awareness of the funding environment and maximizes opportunities
  • 5) Provide support and coordination for major multidisciplinary proposals, including project management, providing or securing grant writing services, drafting supplementary documents, reviewing and commenting on portions of the proposal, and working with the Office of Sponsored Programs and Foundation and Corporate Relations to ensure they have all materials needed to submit high quality proposals on time
  • 6) Serve as central point of contact and liaison to assist Mason’s colleges and schools with research development support
  • 7) Work closely with other colleagues in RDIA, the Office of Sponsored Programs, Foundation and Corporate Relations, Research Council, and other members of the Mason community to ensure information sharing and optimal support for Mason principal investigators
  • 8) Manage limited submissions process, forming faculty review panels when needed and communicating with all internal applicants
  • 9) Coordinate with Mason’s development officers to ensure synergistic pursuit of opportunities
  • 10) Identify and perform other research development activities that support enhanced institutional engagement in research, scholarship and creative activities
  • Master’s degree in scientific, engineering, or a related field
  • Must have excellent communication skills, have the ability to explain complex grant requirements to faculty, and have experience developing and implementing research development or support programs
  • Knowledge of and experience with proposal development and supporting team science; and
  • Demonstrated experience working in research development related roles (three to five years of experience is strongly desired)
  • Five to seven years of experience directly managing research development programs
  • A terminal degree in scientific, engineering, or a related field (Ph.D. or similar); and
  • Experience in a large dispersed university environment
  • Bachelors degree in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences or a related Sciences field
  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative consumer research and prototyping. Additionally, has demonstrated depth of understanding in technical product design, technical product testing and new test methods
  • Able to manage multiple priorities as well as operate effectively within the technical team
  • Able to readily leverage connections and resources beyond Health Care Sector with a natural willingness to flow to the work across a lean organization
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with marketing, Quality Assurance, Regulatory, Legal, and Technology partners. Able to effectively leverage daily coaches and management line to remove barriers to achieve the business objectives
  • Proficient and a regular contributor in all forms of communication including verbal updates, written reports and presentations to both technical and commercial teams
  • Able to travel to key markets (Asean countries and India) for around 5-6 times a year

Global Research & Development Director Personal Care Resume Examples & Samples

  • PhD in Chemistry/Biology/Food Science or MBA or equivalent
  • Minimum 10 years in the Personal Care industry (skin care, hair care, body care, oral care or color cosmetics) and 5 years of R&D Management experience
  • Skills: Analytics, project & portfolio management, technology development, interpersonal relationship building
  • Ability to effectively communicate & partner with customers and be able to deal with ambiguity
  • Experience in building competitive advantage through the use of technical capabilities and by providing creative innovations and solutions
  • Experience with cross-functional and multi-cultural teams
  • Ability to assess strengths and weaknesses of the competition and develop solution strategies
  • Fluency in English and French language
  • Travel: 50 %
  • Ownership for the daily operations of a laboratory that supports our R&D Beauty Sector team
  • Develop technical mastery in Beauty Sector test methods to propose improvements and/or design new methods for the R&D Team
  • Communicate with management on the priorities for the lab, set the direction and deliver year on year improvements and/or savings
  • Partner with a team of research scientists to develop and implement new methods and bring them to operation
  • Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Preferably Chemistry)
  • 0 to 5 years' related experience in laboratory management or in Measurement Science Field
  • Solid foundation in chemistry is required
  • Experience with basic software applications (i.e. MS Office) is required
  • Adequate oral and written communication skills in English for common business are a must
  • Able to travel for sporadic business trips mainly within Asia, to Europe and to US
  • Excellent problem solving skills and ability to use data to connect multiple ideas and develop
  • Play a key role in delivering best quality and fully integrated Technical Standards
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance of current raw materials and products to pharmacopeia as they get updated and to registered specifications
  • Manage and track internal audit action items
  • Lead reviews of annual product quality reports
  • Assist team in performing compliance related reviews
  • Develop mastery of the computer systems to bring efficiency to the creation and maintenance of the Technical Standards
  • Candidates with a Diploma in Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering/ Pharmacy/ Information Systems or related fields
  • 0 - 5 years' related experience
  • Knowledge in Chemistry or prior experience in manufacturing compliance is needed
  • Strong scientific background
  • Proficient in MS Word and Excel
  • Meticulous with strong skill sets on data analysis

Research & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Gathers, analyzes and maintains product and technology trend information and conducts idea generation sessions to initiate creation of new beverage products. Designs and conducts bench-top experiments and tests, including Product Guidance testing recommendations, plant trials and in-market testing to deliver project requirements. May supervise temporary and permanent lab technicians in the execution of assigned tasks. Establishes key technical performance indicators and measures to ensure progress to commercialization and implementation consistent with project timelines. Identifies potential suppliers and manages their development of key ingredients and products. Maintains project file, develops technical manual, and documents intellectual property
  • Leads the commercialization phase of projects by developing product and process specifications and conducting plant testing for selected prototypes. Develops initial cost of goods, packaging, labeling and regulatory information. Ensures that products and processes have met initial quality assurance, safety and risk assessment requirements. Manages the communication of technical information and commercialization requirements to the production facility and negotiates to desired outcome. Determines test product and cost disposition
  • Provides technical input to clarify project requirements and prepares project plans for approval, prioritization and allocation of technical resources. Identifies key technical hurdles and deliverables. Organizes work activities, provides technical input on cross-functional team timelines. Gathers and analyzes technical information to update cross-functional team
  • Supports the start-up and implementation of the product. Revises technical information in the specifications. Develops Recipe Card and finished product preparation targets. Prepares commercialization summaries and project reports. Consults on development of training materials. Supports ongoing technical improvements and testing
  • 2-3 years of the following
  • Bench-top to full-scale commercialization
  • Process development
  • Product or menu development in the food and beverage, or related industry
  • Specifications development
  • Majoring in Science- or Engineering-related fields; Food Science or Food Process Engineering preferred
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree with 2-3 years of experience in juice (preferred) or in product development
  • Connects with partners across the organization to share ideas/best practices
  • Able to follow directions, work collaboratively across all departments, and influence working team
  • Follows standard documentation procedures and identifies opportunities for continuous improvements
  • Strong problem solving skills; seeks guidance from peers and manager
  • Effectively communicates to internal and external partners on the results and challenges
  • Travel (domestic) may be required up to 25% over a 12-month period or as needed
  • Basic skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Develop and implement machine learning and image analysis/modeling tools to analyze skin condition from large face image datasets
  • Partner with internal and external technical experts and multi-functional teams to assess and invent superior approaches for large-scale image data analytics and integration
  • Link image based models to tangible consumer outcomes
  • PhD in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Machine learning, Deep learning or related field
  • Experience in working with large unstructured datasets, deep Learning, computer vision algorithms and applying novel machine learning techniques to generate novel insights
  • Depth and breadth in state-of-the-art computer vision, deep learning and machine learning technologies
  • Ability to work independently, multi task and perform in a high pressure environment
  • Strong interpersonal collaboration and communication skills to connect with people from different cultures and levels, both internally and externally
  • Technical mastery - a relevant science qualification i.e. BSC in life sciences/BEng in engineering/physics or equivalent and an interest in science and technology. Proven ability to work through technical problems and find solutions
  • Personal leadership - able to work independently, to identify opportunities, develop a strategic plan to deliver these and enrol team and management to successfully achieve goals. History of assessing risk and proactively managing to drive towards project decisions and/or completion
  • Collaboration - ability to work in a team and with people from different backgrounds, nationalities and ways of thinking and to foster strong working relationships. Willing to embrace new ideas and approaches
  • Operational discipline - good attention to detail and accuracy in all that you do. Strong rigour in record keeping and data compilation. Proven ability to operate equipment reliably. Strong work ethic is critical
  • Communication - strong written and verbal communication skills that allow you to clearly and effectively communicate data and associated conclusions
  • Agility - adaptable to change
  • Technical mastery – a relevant science qualification i.e. HnD or BSC in life sciences/nutrition or equivalent, and an interest in science and technology. Proven ability to work through technical problems and find solutions. Strong rigour in data compilation
  • Collaboration - ability to work in a team and with people from different backgrounds, nationalities and ways of thinking, internally and externally, and to foster strong working relationships. Willing to embrace new ideas and approaches, able to reach out to experts to gather knowledge and strengthen decisions by integrating expert input
  • Operational discipline - good attention to detail and accuracy in all that you do. Have ability to prioritise and apply critical thinking in a work environment with rapid pace and shifting priorities
  • Personal leadership - able to work independently to conduct technical testing with excellence and on time

P&g-research & Development Panama Resume Examples & Samples

  • PhD or MSc in Life Sciences (Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry), or Pharmacist Degree with +3 years regulatory experience
  • Experienced in Regulatory Affairs Preferred
  • Leadership: able to manage a complex network of stakeholders (P&G and non_P&G) across Latin America countries for Registration deployment
  • Able to manage electronic tracking systems in Excel, Sharepoint and Web-based

Research Development Test & Evaluation Software Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • 2+ years of experience with Java
  • 2+ years of experience with Linux
  • Experience with continuous integration tools, including Jenkins, Bamboo, or Hudson
  • Experience with Apache Mesos, Mesosphere DCOS, Cloudera, Hadoop, or Accumulo
  • Experience with GeoServer, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash, Splunk, Kafka, Confluent, Spark, Storm, or Maven
  • BA or BS degree preferred; MA or MS degree a plus
  • Agile, Linux Administration, and AWS Certifications preferred

Research & Development Planning Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Prefer a masters student
  • Must be pursuing a degree in life science area (biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, etc)
  • Biology and/or related science background a must
  • Basic knowledge of project management techniques and concepts as they apply to the drug development/pharmaceutical industry
  • Proficient in advanced techniques with relevant software: MS Project, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc. in addition to experience working within shared work environments

Research & Development Technologist Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3+ years of related work experience
  • Microsoft Office/Suite proficient
  • Solid problem solving and time management skills
  • Bilingual (English and Cantonese / Mandarin)

Events Specialist, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Acts as the primary planning, communications and logistics contact for assigned events, conferences and activities at for the Global R&D, from conception to post-event completion, including development and communication of any cross department functions
  • Develops and maintains productive, collaborative relationships with all internal and external parties, and manages vendor relationships to ensure quality and cost-effective logistical event services
  • Monitors and tracks event expenditures for budgeting purposes, submitting required financial and budget information prior to, during and immediately following assigned events
  • Provides on-site logistical direction for all event-related activities and support services before, during and after the assigned event. Communicates support requirements to appropriate department manager or supervisor, and exercises supervision over other support department's staff for event coordination
  • Works with internal departments, landlord, and outside vendors to make event-related arrangements, including travel, hotel accommodations, transportation, meeting locations and setup, catering, audiovisual, presentation support, and building access and security arrangements
  • Managing budgets (3 years)
  • Project management (3 years)
  • Fast-paced environment (2 years)
  • Vendor contract negotiations and management (2 years)
  • Company meeting and event planning
  • Administrative work (3 years)
  • Organization and planning skills
  • Team-building skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and changing environment
  • Effective customer service skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Ability to prioritize multiple projects and demands
  • Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information

Consultant, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Establish and document the strategies and roadmaps related to PULSE. This includes documenting industry known practices, current functionality and outlines areas where PULSE can differentiate
  • Complete conceptual analyses, considering benefit, and Client needs and system impacts; participate in backlog grooming and requirement gathering sessions
  • Develop and facilitate Sr. Management presentations, outlining recommendations of PULSE improvements
  • Research and collaborate with Business Development to assess vendor services, providing recommendation of viability and value
  • Participate and assist other Network departments as they explore and analyze potential products, programs, transaction features, etc by representing PULSE and providing feedback on scope and size of initiatives, along with possible alternative solutions
  • Bachelors Degree or 5+ years of relevant work experience
  • Excellent verbal and written skills, with a demonstrated ability to create presentations and persuasive papers
  • Demonstrated cross functional knowledge of the Network applications and Payment Services
  • Self-motivated, demonstrated ability to work & lead teams independently with little direct supervision
  • Experience in providing oversight of identification and resolution of an issue
  • Demonstrated skills in leading a group towards meeting a common project milestone/goal
  • Takes initiative to coach and share knowledge to develop others
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, in depth knowledge of PDP process and documentation and the ability to identify risks and create mitigation plans
  • Ability to identify auditable processes and ensure comprehensive process documentation is current and compliant
  • Compiles data, identifies meaningful metrics, illustrates trends and proactively communicates results
  • Strong knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint and Visio

Research & Development Battery Technologies Engineer for Global Devices Resume Examples & Samples

  • Application-specific characterization of Lithium-ion cells
  • Selection and definition of test methods for Lithium-ion cells and Li-ion battery modules
  • Analysis of test results, evaluation and presentation of test results and selection of the cell chemistry according to appliance requirements
  • Coordination of external test institutes activities
  • Development of new methods to predict long-term behavior of battery characteristics within dedicated product applications
  • Profound knowledge and proven professional work experience in the field of Lithium-ion batteries
  • Knowledge of electro-chemical processes, development of battery management systems, charging components and functional safety in the field of Lithium-ion and NiMH batteries
  • Awareness of regulatory requirements

Research & Development Finance Business Partner for China Resume Examples & Samples

  • Be a trusted finance leader, supporting the R&D teams in the territory on recurring and ad hoc finance topics
  • Seamless engaging and interacting within R&D and finance communities
  • Actuals: Take accountability of reporting correct R&D spending, leveraging on the resources in Finance Operation Centre and through effective engagement with SBS finance teams
  • Budgeting and LE processes: Drive accurate budgeting and LE process; providing advice and assistance to business owners in achieving budget targets
  • MBR and RDOP process: Facilitate R&D Monthly Business Review meetings, including robust analysis of variances, risk/opportunity assessments, support to in-season R&D Operation Process reporting and decision making process
  • Business cases for investments and change projects: Support decision making processes through solid analyses; ensure robust business cases; ensure tracking of business case delivery post implementation
  • KPI’s: Support the business with understanding, reporting and advising on relevant business KPI’s; support embedding of OpEx in the R&D organization
  • GRID: Gain understanding and transparency on in territory portfolio delivery through GRID, across all R&D functions
  • Subsidies: Support the preparation of yearly supporting files for subsidies where applicable
  • Ad hoc: Support the R&D budget owners in the territory on ad hoc questions, analyses, reporting and projects
  • R&D finance strategic agenda: Support selected global R&D finance strategic agenda topics
  • Regional / Other Territory support: support regional and / or other Territory R&D finance activities when and where it leverages the resources
  • At least 10 years’ experience in Finance and Controlling is a must
  • Experience in Syngenta business partnering is an advantage
  • Bachelor/Master/MBA/Business School in Economics or Finance or a qualified accountant
  • Understanding of IFRS accounting, budgeting, forecasting and planning processes
  • Excel a must, SAP knowledge an advantage
  • Understanding of Syngenta business, processes and industry drivers
  • English is a must, other languages a plus
  • Ability to prioritise, especially to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Ability to work independently as well as within (cross-) functional teams
  • Focus energy, pragmatic and solution oriented
  • Business facing experience working with multi-disciplinary teams
  • Leadership, ability to interact and influence at different levels within the organization

Research & Development Finance Business Partner Resume Examples & Samples

  • Experience preparing company budgets
  • Experience with multi-site, complex environments
  • Ability to generate and communicate ad hoc financial analysis
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and influencing with the ability to interact with multiple levels of management in a matrix organization
  • Ability to use analytical and business case development skills to identify and drive process improvement
  • Ability to anticipate problems and challenge management decisions
  • Attention to detail and quality processes
  • Excellent problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Strong process and project management skills with ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects and deadlines
  • Ability to work well with groups or in teams
  • Experience with SAP and Hyperion strongly preferred
  • Business partnering experience required
  • Undergraduate degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Economics or related field of study
  • Master’s degree or CPA preferred
  • A minimum of 7 years of applicable accounting/finance experience, ideally in a similar industry. Science background is a plus
  • Strong computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Excel (required)
  • Full-cycle accounting experience, including month-end close
  • Perform a wide variety of complex non-routine tasks
  • Conduct or direct experiments requiring the selection of equipment and materials
  • Independently evaluate and summarize data from experiments
  • Interpret unexpected results or observations and recommend next steps
  • Communicate results to supervisor, key project members, and higher levels of management
  • Independently take actions on project activities; working across disciplines, functions, and sometimes with external suppliers
  • Help less experienced team members to develop technical skills
  • Bachelors’ Degree in Applied Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Life Sciences, Chemical/ Mechanical Engineering, Perfumery, Cosmetic Science, Material Science or a related field
  • 0 - 5 years' experience in Research & Development or a related field
  • Strong technical foundation and can readily leverage his/ her technical knowledge in planning and executing technical tasks to meet project needs
  • Strong communication and leadership skills to perform role with excellence and integrity, as well as provide timely results
  • Synthesis and evaluation of polymeric resins and formulations for coatings
  • Development of a good working relationship with other chemists both within own department and with other departments
  • Recording of experimental information and data in laboratory notebooks to a high standard
  • Written and verbal reporting of results and progress as appropriate
  • Carry out activities to an acceptable level of quality and in accordance with department and site health and safety policies and procedures
  • Strong polymer chemistry/synthesis background
  • Ability to analyze and interpret experimental data
  • Knowledge of COSHH
  • Enthusiasm and interest in investigating and solving technical challenges
  • Competent with Microsoft Packages
  • Proactive with a common sense approach
  • Serve as point person and resource for faculty related awards and honorifics for achievements in research and creative activity
  • Develop full understanding of needs and goals of the UA research community related to support of awards, recognitions, and honorifics
  • Act as the primary liaison for invited opportunities submitted to RDI, UA Provost’s Office, and UA President’s Office
  • Convene eminent faculty leadership, current awardees, and other relevant parties in an ongoing manner to develop the overall process and facilitate successful nominations at all levels
  • Coordinate with VPs, deans, heads and directors, and awards committees in the identification of field-specific awards and competitive faculty nominate for these awards
  • Liaise with deans’ offices, heads and directors, and other relevant parties to develop programs and provide assistance that develops the honorific culture and nomination capacity in colleges across the university
  • Leverage institutional and college level efforts for maximal impact and success
  • Identify, coordinate, and disseminate relevant opportunities
  • Provide strategic guidance for nomination packages such as competitive intelligence, scheduling of packet materials, and letters of support/nomination
  • Provide nomination development support including drafting, consolidation, technical and non-technical editing, and formatting
  • Coordinate, based on research expertise, with others on RDS team regarding nomination review, as needed
  • Provide regular reports related to dissemination and preparation of awards, recognitions, and honorifics
  • Support management of online nomination content, electronic submission programs, and review for internal pre-selection (if necessary)
  • Coordinate with relevant offices, including RDI (Development, Strategic Business Initiatives, Sponsored Projects Services), Provost’s Office, and UA Foundation
  • Attend RDS team meetings, and other meetings as requested
  • Master’s degree AND five years’ experience in research development OR PhD and 3 years’ experience of research development
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate and manage program delivery
  • Ability to manage time and delivery of assigned tasks in a fast-paced, multi-tasking deadline-driven environment under own initiative
  • Working knowledge of standard office equipment and software
  • Proficiency in MS office suite programs and use of internet resources
  • Well-developed interpersonal and liaison skills, including the ability to interact effectively with administrators and faculty members at a major research university
  • Broad knowledge of nationally prestigious awards and guidelines
  • Experience coordinating submissions for grants, national awards, recognitions, prizes and/or awards
  • Administrative support, and program/event management experience in an academic setting
  • Familiarity with land grant research university basic organizational structures and sponsored programs regulations
  • Familiarity with the University of Arizona research strengths

Referrals for Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Executes projects as assigned by the Team Leader while working in a team environment
  • Executes studies, designs, risk assessments, and/or product/lab testing for specified projects
  • Communicates and documents the results and status of these activities to the customer, team leader, and/or steering committee
  • Supports the needs of manufacturing related to current and new products

Research & Development Eng Resume Examples & Samples

  • Design and develop mechanical systems
  • Help with the software integration of new sensors into existing equipment
  • Assist in the development of new robotic platforms
  • Prototype systems and components with in lab equipment: 3D Printers, CNC milling machine, PCB assembly and testing etc
  • Write documentation for the newly developed equipment
  • BSc or MSc in Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, ECE or related field with Mechatronics, Systems Design or Automation exposure
  • Experience with Python and/or C++
  • Hands-on Experience with robotic systems
  • Well-versed in Linux/Unix
  • Comfortable with Mechanical design, CAD user, Solidworks preferred
  • Knowledge of ROS
  • Version Control Software, Git
  • Basic PCB layout and micro-controller programming experience desirable

Director, Research & Development Operations Resume Examples & Samples

  • In collaboration with the SVP, R&D, define strategic direction for CMO development activities, including identification of potential CMO development partners
  • For development projects being led by CMO’s, set strategic direction and manage relationships with CMOs to ensure timely delivery of projects to meet company goals
  • Set strategic direction for API qualification activities and ensure delivery of initiatives
  • Ensure alignment between Operations and R&D teams regarding activities such as the batch scheduling process
  • Lead with the values identified in the Akorn Way including: Safety, Quality, Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration
  • Participate as a member of cross-functional teams, as needed, including partnership with Regulatory, R&D, Manufacturing, Procurement, etc., to ensure achievement of company goals
  • Provide facility management support to all R&D sites
  • 10-15 years of experience in the area of generic drug development
  • Basic understanding of generic drug development, including understanding of production and regulatory requirements
  • 5+ years of experience in project management
  • Experience providing leadership to CMOs, developing RFPs, contract negotiation, lifecycle management
  • Strong people leadership skills including setting individual and team goals, providing feedback, recognizing strong performance, providing coaching and facilitating career development
  • Ability to partner cross-functionally and work on cross-functional teams (QA/QC, Regulatory, Manufacturing, Procurement, etc.)
  • Preferred: Experience in sterile manufacturing
  • Preferred: Exposure to global manufacturing
  • Understand and define the principles of the problem, forming a scientific approach to provide commercially viable recommendations
  • Ability to communicate effectively presenting findings to a wide variety of stakeholder groups
  • Apply project management principles to packages of work ensuring requirements (including resources and timelines) are clearly defined

Research & Development Project Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • To assist in the build, commissioning and testing of the energy storage demonstration system at the test site at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • To collaborate with internal & external stakeholders to ensure successful project completion
  • To manage small scale projects in a timely and efficient manner
  • To contribute to the success of the project, both in written reports and verbally in meetings

Research & Development Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Facilitation of processes to ensure that final proposal documents realistically fit business need and ability of organization to deliver on it
  • Consultation on business and technical analysis with project stakeholders and enterprise technology personnel
  • Provide subject matter expertise on travel industry practices and underlying industry technologies
  • Provide management with key information related to client concerns, programming errors and escalations
  • Maintain a good understanding of all GDS and BCD Travel technology products to ensure proper process can be developed and implemented
  • Develop and deploy mid-office standards across all GDS platforms
  • Maintain thorough understanding of GDS functionality
  • Responsible for understanding current MidOffice Applications functionality and reporting
  • Participate in determining enhancements required for front and mid-office products
  • Implement creative uses of technology to help decrease transaction processing time and manual involvement
  • Plan and organize projects to ensure company objectives are met
  • Facilitation of, and participation in, activities with internal business partners to understand and gather business needs and requirements
  • Assume and perform other duties and responsibilities, not specifically outlined herein, as is proper and inherent to the position
  • Proficient in writing and speaking English, including technical references
  • Collaborate with other technology teams and/or suppliers to develop best practices and technology solutions
  • Strong customer service, analytical, organizational, and prioritization skills
  • 5 years' experience in the travel industry, should include MidOffice Applications knowledge as part of an organized technology team (Key-CO/Internal support)
  • Expert hands-on knowledge of all aspects of the travel reservation process
  • Extensive knowledge of the at least 2 GDS systems
  • Understanding of BCD Travel front-mid-and back-office processes
  • Good people skills
  • Ability to work on multiple projects concurrently
  • Strong problem solving and process reengineering skills
  • Ability to use and communicate in English as the primary language

Head of Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Managing of key R&D projects such as Investment Funds in Luxembourg and The Luxembourg Financial Connection
  • Overseeing tracking of regulatory, technical and market developments; prioritizing, communicating to leadership, and advising professionals on these topics
  • Preparing, reviewing and challenging technical content prepared for internal and external clients (including publications such as newsletters, web content and presentations)
  • Managing research projects
  • Sharing key knowledge with the relevant professionals in the firm and promoting a knowledge sharing culture
  • Implementing the EY knowledge management system
  • Promoting the firm’s global and local knowledge tools
  • Managing the R&D team
  • Ensuring compliance with EY quality standards

Program Manager Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Experienced Program Leader with proven track record of independently, passionately and effectively driving the delivery of new, high quality products from design concept to shippable profit generating products
  • Act as an independent leader of product development projects and other product sustaining initiatives consisting of a cross-functional teams
  • Establish project objectives and work plans including budgets and resource requirements. Delegate assignments to functional area team members and track key project activities to successful completion
  • Ability to drive effective cross-functional team collaboration in an effort to optimize team strengths, while delivering commercialized products that are clear winners. Ensures that customer focused design requirements are at the center of Hologic’s decision making process
  • Demonstrated ability to proactively identify and resolve product and project risks
  • Drives for program success while ensuring consistency and alignment across all product development projects by innovatively overcoming constraints, problems and issues
  • Strong emphasis on exceeding customer expectations, while maximizing value to Hologic and maintaining FDA/ISO compliance
  • Experienced leader well-versed in managing within a matrixed organization
  • Knowledge in Product Development or Project Management/Leadership
  • Knowledge of Design Control procedures
  • Experience in management of project risks
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills
  • Must possess excellent relationship building skills with team members, peers, and senior leaders accessing their needs and ask the right questions to surface essential requirements information
  • High degree of competency in Microsoft suite especially MS Project
  • 8+ years of experiencein product development and/or project management
  • Experience leading cross-functional teams and projects
  • Experience with medical products preferred
  • Experienced with ISO and FDA quality systems regulations and medical design and development cycles

Quality & Research Development Program Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support of Director Research and Bioinformatics on corporate relations activity including brief write-ups, slide deck development/edits
  • Support on government grant application development including section writing, collaboration with other departments on bringing on their content, editing, and strong understanding of overal Quality and Health IT programs
  • Support Director Research and Bioinformatics on Health IT data and manage registry based data-linking projects
  • Research representative on Get With The Guidelines Clinical Working Group Calls, Mission Lifeline Science Calls, Hospital Accreditation Science Calls and The Guideline Advantage Science calls to report back to Director Research and Bioinformatics but also represent research department as needed
  • Strong collaboration with QI Marketing and Communications to drive focus on research components of QI department
  • Collaboration with other QI Program staff (GWTG, TGA, ML) to make sure best alignment for research priorities and activities
  • Manage Registry Proposal and Publications Process including budgeting and managing funds for research
  • Prior project and time management experience
  • Ability to interpret science and clinical content for non-clinical audiences
  • Must be able to travel overnight approx. 5% of the time
  • Complex Large Scale Fluid Simulations
  • Free Surface Flow Simulations within/on Complex Structures
  • Partial Saturated Porous Media Transport
  • Bachelor's Degree in a science-related field
  • 3-6 years of related experience
  • Related work experience in Quality Assurance and Research and Development
  • Experience/knowledge of development process in cosmetic/personal care industry
  • Proficient in Microsoft Outlook and Excel
  • Comfortable working with computer databases

Research & Development Administrator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Perform a wide variety of administrative functions that assist engineering and production efforts to move critical experiments throughout the wafer factories
  • Work from specific engineering requests, various factory reporting systems, and oral instructions to ensure critical experiments are processed in a timely manner
  • Expect to interact with a diverse group of customers including, engineer personnel, and production operations personnel, in order to address issues impacting lot performance
  • Act independently to determine methods and procedures on new assignments. Often act as a facilitator and team leader
  • Consistently work on complex assignments requiring independent action and a high degree of initiative to resolve issues
  • Complete complex tasks in creative and effective ways
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of University of Arizona research capabilities in the clinical and biomedical research areas and connect researchers with funding opportunities and research resources
  • Consult with and provide faculty with proposal development support, including reviewing proposal drafts for alignment with funding announcements, editing for scientific impact, clarity, and grammar, and formatting to ensure compliance with application guidelines
  • Facilitate the organization of faculty groups to capitalize on funding opportunities with an emphasis on NIH, USDA, NSF, foundation, and other non-federal biomedical and life sciences funding opportunities
  • Support proposal teams with strategic planning, scheduling, and virtual conferencing
  • Coordinate with appropriate units in RDI and across campus in the preparation of proposals for submission
  • Design and lead grant development workshops
  • Master’s degree AND five years of experience in research development-related activities; OR, Doctoral degree AND three years of experience in research development-related activities
  • Familiarity with the research priorities, funding mechanisms, and submission processes of NIH, USDA, NSF, foundation, and other biomedical or clinical funding sources
  • Track record of supporting successful NIH (or other federal agencies) research proposals in the life sciences and biomedical fields
  • Ability to work in a team-based environment to achieve common goals
  • Demonstrated editing skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize multiple complex projects
  • Relevant academic background in the Biomedical and/or Life Sciences fields
  • Established interpersonal and liaison skills, including the ability to interact effectively with a broad group of stakeholders, both internal and external
  • Experience developing and delivering training; and
  • Partner with other Scientists/Researchers to design and execute experiment for creating new antimicrobial technology, claim, and demo, technical product story for hygiene products
  • Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Bioscience, Biotechnology or related fields
  • Have a training experience in microbiology, in both theory and experiment
  • Strong passion for microbiology laboratory research work
  • Understand priorities of project and apply right efforts to address priorities
  • Master's degree with an emphasis in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Engineering or Operations Research
  • In lieu of Master's degree, Bachelor's degree with 2 years of analysis experience
  • Ability to analyze data using statistical, mathematical or data mining methods
  • Basic to intermediate programming skills, including the ability to create basic programs using software such as SAS or R
  • Intermediate skills in Excel including the ability to create, manipulate and formulate spreadsheets. Knowledge of spreadsheet functionality including V-look-up, pivot tables, charts and graphing
  • Strong critical thinking and problem resolution skills
  • Ability to prioritize and multi-task effectively

Section Head Formulation Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Leading the section Formulation Research and Development with approx. 20 employees by following the Roche Leadership Commitments
  • Managing a portfolio of projects by assigning resources, setting priorities, and providing good judgment to decision making and problem solving for Formulation Research and Development while keeping science and technology expertise and equipment on the latest state of the art
  • Organizing the section effectively with the given resources, reduce complexity across the organization and offering flexible use of resources
  • Supporting Roche’s regulatory submissions by applying the principles of Quality by Design to drug development and corresponding documentation and representing the section during inspections and audits
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory, GMP, and safety, health & environmental requirements
  • Collaborating with all leaders in Pharmaceutical Development Small Molecules, as well as all section heads within PTDC- F; building and growing relationships with all customers and stakeholders across geographical/cultural and functional boundaries
  • Bachelor degree in Medicine or Surgery
  • Fluent English (written and spoken)
  • Maximum 5 years of professional experience (including residency, foundation programme, …)
  • Right to work in Belgium: we sponsor VISA & work permit
  • Academic qualifications
  • Master degree in a scientific discipline (e.g. biology, chemistry, pharmacy, biomedical sciences …) and an additional secondary degree (e.g. in business, finance, public health etc.)
  • PhD in a scientific field
  • Post-doc in a scientific field
  • Professional experience
  • Masters, PhD fellows: max. 2 years professional experience after your graduation
  • Post-Doc fellows: max. 2 years after completion of your PhD

Research & Development Process & Product Expert Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead the transfer of new vaccine products into the GMP Manufacturing and Clinical Supply (GMP Mfg.) from Development and out to GIO from the GMP perspective
  • Ensure product activities are planned in a timely efficient manner within the manufacturing space, in accordance with TDL plans, communicate and remediate risks to plans in a clear and timely fashion
  • Ensure processes are planned and executed in accordance with Phase Appropriate GMP’s across all phases of manufacturing (I-III), keeping future commercial production in mind
  • Function as the link between GMP Mfg. the TDL/core team; participate in appropriate core meetings across all stages to assure the appropriateness of the manufacturing process and to adapt, as needed, to meet GMP expectations and remain efficient and flexible
  • Drives execution, coordinates and tracks progression or GMP Mfg plans against agreed milestones in collaboration with the TDL
  • Support the TDL at governance meetings to ensure readiness and appropriateness of stage gate evidence in the process development value stream (PDVS) concept
  • Establish the list of equipment and raw materials needed for production and lead procurement/onboarding activities from the GMP Mfg perspective
  • Lead/support the writing of GMP documentation as required, including but not limited to, SOP’s, Work Instructions, filing documents (CMC), protocols and reports, specification, BOMs, and batch records
  • GMP expertise requires working within the GSK manufacturing network and as the manufacturing SME at CMO’s, as required; the global nature of the role may require minimal travel
  • Certified Project Manager credentials are desirable (or extensive project management experience)

Manager, Research Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Organize the preparation and execution of new compliance and survey summary results and updates
  • Coordinate work with the Legal team to support any requests for liability, EPA, CARB and MSHA concerns
  • Ensure that all permits, applications and certifications for MSHA, CARB, EPA and other governmental bodies are completed on time and accurately
  • Coordinate the effort of the R&D team to educate the Product Engineering team and the Marketing team in all compliance areas to keep them informed and engaged to identify issues early in the development process
  • Maintain current technical knowledge/expertise in agricultural, turf, and construction equipment to identify Kubota product advantages and disadvantages regarding compliance risks or gaps that need to be corrected
  • Provide input into department budget and manage expenditures on equipment, travel, and supplies within budget constraints
  • Manage employees in department including, but not limited to, hiring, managing performance, training, coaching, and distributing and reviewing work. Coach to improve performance and career development
  • Keep the departmental timeline to annual work schedule and departmental processes up to date and understood by the team
  • Conserves Department/Division and Company resources
  • Dependable and punctual with regular and consistent attendance
  • Orients and mentors new staff, provides ongoing training of staff and schedules regular meetings to ensure good communication is maintained in the work group
  • Motivates subordinates using positive coaching and counseling
  • Manages stressful situations in the workplace with tact and diplomacy and exhibits patience and tact in dealing with complaints and requests for information from employees
  • Monitors individual performance and prepares annual performance reviews and conducts disciplinary counseling as required while seeking guidance from the Director and Division Administration Manager/HR as necessary
  • Balances the individual duties and responsibilities with the goals of the Department/Division/Company
  • Applies Department/Division/Company processes and procedures and ensures that unauthorized deviations are corrected immediately
  • Has a good knowledge of Company policies and procedures (Employee Handbook) and applies them fairly and equitably
  • Adapts quickly to changes within the Department/Division/Company
  • Develops cross-training for jobs within the Department to ensure smooth transition when another employee is on ETO or out of the office for other reasons
  • Encourages subordinates to share ideas and concerns and responds quickly and positively to their questions and concerns
  • Sets a good, positive example to subordinates in the workplace by being tactful and treating others with respect
  • Exercises discretion and good judgment to matters affecting the Department/Division/Company
  • Additions and changes in duties and responsibilities may be necessary from time to time for the benefit of the Department/Division/Company
  • Assertive, but respectful working cross-functionally to implement company continuous improvement actions

Director, Process Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Senior member of Additive Technologies leadership team. Direct the formulation and implementation of strategic initiatives to help drive the overarching strategic plan and future direction of the organisation
  • Establish a network of key divisional/corporate leaders, academics and supplier partners to facilitate the development and success of the innovation function
  • Partner with divisions to accurately resource & prioritize all new product activities
  • Actively engage divisional and Global Quality Organization to deliver new products in line with divisional expectations. Develop and maintain appropriate business forums and process improvement initiatives
  • Direct the product innovation teams to work effectively and build collaborative relationships across multiple divisions to improve the speed to market of new products
  • Plans and coordinates engineering research and product design including the identification, investigation, integration and implementation of new product technologies
  • Develop and maintain the functions performance, ensuring learning and development needs are aligned with product roadmaps
  • Foster a culture of collaboration with the global AO teams to ensure that key skill sets can be leveraged when required to ensure projects are managed effectively and delivered in line with divisional expectations
  • Ensure a “best practice” NPI approach is being utilised in product launch performance and establish measures to enhance the pace of innovation
  • Provide direction to the team in complex or difficult situations, remove obstacles, assign appropriate resources and interface across the network to assist with issue resolution
  • Partner with HR to build a highly engaged talented product innovation, multi-site team
  • Responsible for the implementation, enforcement and compliance of all relevant quality, regulatory and safety standards
  • Manage annualized expense and capital budgets for all divisions

Research & Development Software Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Currently seeking a degree at an accredited US based institution
  • Junior/Senior standing pursuing degree in electrical or computer engineering
  • Proficient with MS Word, Excel
  • Knowledge in software languages and software development tools
  • Prior experience in a manufacturing environment

Intern, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Currently pursuing a BA/BS or higher in Business, healthcare administration/management, or related field
  • Must be knowledgeable in Word, Excel and PowerPoint with the ability to produce charts and graphs
  • Self-starter with good organizational skills and attention to detail

Visiting Research Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Master's degree in Psychology, Communications, Marketing, Political Science, or related field in the social and behavioral sciences. Alternate degree fields will be considered/accepted if accompanied by equivalent experience (depending on nature and depth of experience as it relates to this position)
  • Experience working as part of a collaborative team to develop proposals
  • Experience conducting social and behavioral science research in an academic setting
  • Understanding of how to build interdisciplinary teams to pursue sponsored research
  • Superior writing and organizational skills and the ability to manage a project timeline
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate with others
  • The ability to establish and maintain positive professional relationships
  • Work in a function and project matrix environment for the delivery of transgenic and non-transgenic traits in soybean populations
  • Work with Trait Delivery Scientist and technical staff to develop and execute planning capacity file, generate and analyze data, prepare reports, and produce end of year metric summaries
  • Manage maintenance of facilities, specialized equipment, machinery, and company vehicles
  • Supervise Research Associates and other technical personnel
  • Manage all activities in accordance to Syngenta HSES, GM QMS, USDA and EPA regulations
  • Knowledge of soybean/crop breeding, agronomy and/or horticulture
  • Experience with MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Field crop or growth room/greenhouse experience desired
  • Knowledge of handling transgenic materials according to federal, state and company policies
  • Motivated to learn new technologies and processes
  • Excellent analytical and deductive reasoning skills
  • Outstanding organizational and communication skills
  • Strong leadership capabilities
  • Ability to work positively and effectively interact with internal and external personnel and agencies
  • Ability and willingness to follow Syngenta stewardship and HSE standards, as well as applicable Federal, State, and local regulations
  • Commitment to team success
  • Function effectively in a diverse matrix environment
  • Ability to establish priorities and oversee multiple research activities simultaneously at peak work periods
  • Ability to exercise judgment within generally defined practices and policies in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions
  • BS degree in an agricultural or related field of study with a minimum of 4 years of demonstrated success in crop research activities that includes breeding
  • Excellent communication skills and proven ability to interact across diverse scientific, professional and cultural backgrounds
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills; able to construct and adhere to project and functional plans
  • Ability to use MS office, especially Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and other standard software
  • Ability and willingness to learn and use proprietary computer systems (SPIRIT, RIMS, MINT, Reliance)
  • Motivated to learn new technologies, and processes
  • Obtain and maintain a Chemical Applicators License and take a leading role in all TID spraying activities conducted on site
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License
  • A forklift operator’s certification or the ability acquire one
  • Owns talent development for the department to maintain competitive advantage & strengthen BWI, creating and sustaining a strong talent pipeline to meet current and future needs of the business
  • Collaborative Leadership- ability to lead large coordination & strong communication across multiple functions (up chain) beyond R&D: Safety, Product Management/Operations, Reg/ Med Affairs
  • Inspires, motivates and communicates vision to associates, peers and senior leadership and builds consensus toward adoption of and commitment to appropriate standards for assigned R&D segment
  • Responsible for new product development of catheter products for the treatment of arrhythmias, working in conjunction with Marketing, Quality and Operations
  • Responsible for managing the design and development aspects of a company’s EP products, projects and programs
  • Collaborates with others to determine the technology needs and portfolio direction relevant to the company’s long term EP market objectives and concerns
  • Partners and serves as a R&D consultant to Clinical, Marketing, Business Development, Quality, Operations and other functional departments to ensure that R&D vision and goals are communicated across all functional areas
  • Develops strategies to ensure continuous improvement in the ability to bring quality product to the market place
  • Will lead and contribute to R&D process improvements including cross-functional team processes, program management processes for NPD Governance and portfolio planning
  • Responsible for ensuring that subordinates follow all company guidelines related to Health, Safety and Environmental practices and that all resources needed to do so are available and in good condition
  • Essential functions of this position are; Directing Research and development efforts for a given segment of the range of products from new EP Catheter Diagnostic/Therapeutic products, and related Accessory Devices (Guiding Sheaths, RF Generator, Irrigated Saline Pump) - 70%
  • Bachelor's Degree and 10 + years of related experience in medical device product development, Master's Degree preferred
  • Prior experience in catheter based therapeutic medical products highly preferred
  • Strong Program Management experience
  • Electrophysiology/CV/Catheter based diagnostic/therapeutic medical products product development experience is highly preferred
  • Experience in Class III medical product development involving clinical studies
  • Experience in leading successful cross functional NPD teams
  • Experience in customer relationship management with Voice of the Customer (VOC) focus
  • Demonstrated experience in building and leading a technical organization
  • Track record in successfully taking products through a complete development process from inception to market both in and outside the U.S. is highly preferred
  • System level integration and/or experience with platform level products where HW/SW interaction with catheter based products is a required aspect of the clinical solutions to address an unmet need
  • Ability to work with all levels of management. Strong people management and development skills coupled with the ability to lead teams through change and transformation
  • Ability to develop, initiate and bring to production, advanced medical devices that meet the strategic plans of the company and medical device regulatory requirements
  • Broad technical expertise and understanding of clinical disease state needs
  • Transformational R&D. Demonstrated initiative in innovative approaches to R&D in a fast paced changing business environment
  • Strong strategic and tactical planning and implementation capabilities
  • "Out of box" strategic thinker with strong leadership ability, solid critical thinking and decision making skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively with demonstrated program management skills with strong ability to negotiate and influence in a highly matrixed environment
  • Ability to effectively present complex information to employees, business unit management and regulatory authorities
  • Ability to continuously assess the effectiveness of functional processes and to lead progressive improvement initiatives
  • Ability to travel up to 40% which may include overnight and weekend travel, when necessary.R&D Engineering (R&D)

Research & Development Cybersecurity Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Specific knowledge of Fortinet firewalls
  • CISSP, CISM, CISA certifications a plus
  • IP Data network knowledge, IPv6 a plus
  • Perform Oil and Gas industry standard wet chemical tests
  • Formulate both oilfield water clarifiers and demulsifiers to a target specification
  • Work with customers in the field to test and qualify new products and formulations
  • Responsible for organization and safe running of the B1820 phase separation lab
  • Prioritization of lab efforts based on input from global phase separation team
  • Measurement of the effects of formulation changes on application performance
  • Perform crude oil emulsion bottle testing for clarifier and demulsifier performance evaluation
  • Support the business by generating MSDS requests and sample shipping paperwork
  • Responsible for writing procedures, maintaining equipment, ordering supplies, training and mentoring new hires
  • Detail and result orientated team player
  • Experience in formulation and sample preparation
  • Proficient in the use of general analytical techniques
  • Associate or higher in Chemistry or related disciplines
  • Four or more years of military training in a technical science related field
  • Three or more years of industry experience in upstream oil field chemicals and lab experiments
  • Experienced in oil field chemical R&D and work processes
  • Previous scale-up and commercialization experience
  • Analyze, interpret, evaluate and record the results of technical experiments
  • Prepare adequate reports under supervision
  • Acquire and maintain operational knowledge of plant biocellular analysis techniques, and where appropriate enlarge expertise
  • Ensure compliance with all existing safety and stewardship standards in the area of responsibility
  • B.S. with minimal experience
  • Non-degreed with minimum of 8 years of relevant experience

Research Development Administrator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support the Associate Director of Administration (AD) in running the UACC, including assistance with hiring staff, coordinating and planning retreats, organizing and compiling the P30 Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) and other multi-investigator grants as well as organizing aspects of the associated site visits
  • Assist the AD in coordinating the annual non-competing progress reports submitted to the NCI for the P30 grant
  • Work with the AD in coordinating the annual External Scientific Advisory Board meetings
  • Assist the AD with the development of other large center-based grant proposals
  • Maintain updated information on research members (including grants, publications, and other data) and research program and shared resources information
  • Hire, manage, and organize laboratory staff and senior personnel
  • Work with UACC senior leadership to further develop the research programs such that they meet the requirements of the CCSG and will be assessed as outstanding to exceptional in NIH scoring
  • Assess the programmatic interactions and identify ways to further interactions across Programs, with Shared Resources
  • Compile and provide key data (e.g., publications, grants, membership and other research productivity information)
  • Work with the UACC leadership to further develop the Shared Resources such that they meet the requirements of the P30 CCSG and will be assessed as outstanding or above in NIH scoring
  • Responsible for compiling the usage and outcomes data of each shared resource and working with each Shared Resource Director to promote and evaluate the Shared Resource
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, healthcare, public administration, or science and four years’ experience in related grants administration environment
  • Master’s degree in business administration, healthcare, public administration, or science and 4 years’ experience in related grants administration environment
  • Prior research administration experience at an NCI-designated cancer center or other NIH-funded research center
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the principles and practices of management within the UA or other academic medical system
  • Facility with NIH’s “ASSIST” system used to prepare grant applications and other electronic Research Administration tools

VP, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Set strategic direction, determine goals/objectives/priorities for multi-disciplinary team of scientists with responsibility for product formulation, method development, method validation, stability testing, R&D tech transfer, FDA deficiency response and technical filings to ensure delivery of company goals
  • Ensure constant flow of ANDA and NDA filings, in support of company goals for new project launches, through oversight of project timelines and budgets
  • Lead in alignment with the values identified in the Akorn Way including: Safety, Quality, Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration
  • Overall team leadership including: setting individual/team goal, ensuring employee development, providing on-going coaching and feedback, recognizing employees for their contributions, enabling meaningful career experiences and creating an inclusive and safe work environment
  • Audit and review procedures, processes, data and laboratory preparedness for inspections. Participate in FDA and internal audits, take leadership role in preparation of documents that clearly address key issues raised during audits and execute any changes to process, as needed
  • Writes reports, initiates and reviews documentation and guides others in these efforts, particularly for regulatory filings
  • Ensure timely submission of deficiency responses
  • Prepare and present comprehensive technical or project reports and formal presentations to internal/ external audiences
  • Ensure all work is completed within cGMP, SOP, FDA, ICH guidelines, including ensuring staff is fully trained in all requirements
  • Provide technical direction and guidance to the team in response to FDA deficiency letters and ensure timely deliverables
  • Prepare and manage budgets for staffing resources, laboratory supplies and capital expenditures
  • Identifies new technology for implementation at Akorn to ensure R&D remains current with the industry
  • Overall responsibility for site including site management, building maintenance
  • Master degree in Chemistry or Life Sciences from an accredited university
  • 10+ years of experience in the area of generic drug development
  • Thorough knowledge of alternate dosage forms is required, including understanding of production, clinical studies and regulatory requirements; highly prefer experience with injectable and/or topical products
  • 5+ years supervisory experience of multi-disciplinary R&D organization, including leadership of people managers
  • Knowledge of US FDA requirements
  • Proven ability to provide leadership, set strategic direction for a multi-disciplinary R&D team
  • Strong interpersonal skills to influence and guide internal and external stakeholders effectively
  • Project management skills and understanding of financial aspects including ability to anticipate and manage internal and external resource needs (people, information, technologies, time, and capital)
  • Proven ability to manage progress and delivery of consistent flow of ANDA and NDA filings
  • Excellent oral and written communication, collaboration and multitasking skills and ability to work in a team setting
  • Preferred: Previous experience starting up a R&D Laboratory
  • Preferred: Experience in sterile and non-sterile manufacturing

High Throughput Research Development Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Enable the daily running of the high throughput equipment in the lab. Work with the researchers on issues that come up in the lab with robotic equipment, software or data
  • Support in house (IR) developed applications. Maintain and enhance custom C#.Net instrument integration code
  • Work with lab personnel to develop, test and deploy new tools
  • Troubleshoot vendor software used in the HTR lab, including Laboratory Execution and Analysis (LEA). Escalate issues to the vendor, upgrade and test vendor software when required (LEA)
  • Work with a team to integrate new lab robots into the existing data workflow
  • Train and support end-users in the use of custom developed software tools
  • Master in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry with passion for software development
  • Additional degree in computer science or software development experience is preferred
  • Practical experience in computer programming is needed, preferably with tools like Visual Studio (VB.Net, C#.Net, Oracle SQL
  • Good knowledge of English is a must (spoken and written)
  • Critical Analytical thinking skills used for troubleshooting
  • Eager to learn. Experience how different aspects in Science and Technology are applied in a high throughput lab to enable the success of R&D
  • Able to work in a self-directed team. Having good organization or program management skills
  • Able to work in a dynamic environment where frequent change from customers is commonplace
  • Experience with the following software is preferred but not required. Symyx software suite, Accelrys or FreeSlate LEA tools, WonderWare, LabView

Chef Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Collaborate with Factory on
  • New Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • Product Menu Development
  • Market Sizing
  • Quality Assurance Testing

Research & Development Team Leader Resume Examples & Samples

  • Building, grounds and land maintenance
  • Coordinate field days, site tours, and demo plots
  • Manage all on-station and off-station farming operations associated with the site, for multiple functional areas, to insure all crop culture operations are administered in a timely manner to optimize crop growth and development
  • Support and model a Station culture that meets or exceeds the Syngenta standards for HSES and Stewardship
  • A thorough knowledge of the breeding and testing process and requirements
  • Understanding of testing environments and impact on product evaluation and line selection
  • General understanding of field, road and lab equipment utilization
  • A good understanding of cultural practices (e.g., weed control, soil fertility practices)
  • BS degree (Plant Science or related disciplines)
  • Five years of experience in field research
  • Demonstrated ability in field research process management
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage and motivate staff and teams
  • Strong management skills, with the ability to manage a wide variety of crop operations and diverse individuals

Senior Research & Development Engi Resume Examples & Samples

  • Function as a member of multi-discipline engineering team, responsible for the design, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art aerospace exterior lighting products, and/or the modification of existing designs, to facilitate retrofit, modification and upgrade business strategies
  • Contribute optical expertise, across Aerospace exterior lighting product lines in the design, modeling & analysis of illumination systems, subsystems, &/or components using derivative & new technologies
  • Participate in characterization & validation testing of lighting mock-ups, prototypes, engineering development units, components & systems
  • Engage in the investigation, characterization & testing of new lighting technologies, lighting components & systems
  • Participate in assessment, selection & support of relevant suppliers, vendors & their products
  • Experience in illumination engineering & the design of lighting systems, preferably in aerospace lighting
  • Experience with illumination optical design software- Light Tools®, or equivalent non-sequential ray tracing software such as Optic®, ASAP®
  • Experience with optical/photometric laboratory equipment, test practices & safe operating procedures. Knowledge of optical test equipment like Goniophotometer, lux meter, integrating sphere etc
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes for optical elements such as reflectors and lenses (vacuum metallization, molding etc.)
  • Experience with 3D modeling using Rhino®, ProE®, Catia®, or equivalent CAD package

Research & Development Engineering Technician Supervisor Resume Examples & Samples

  • Daily management and planning activities for the R&D lab and laboratory staff. Interfaces and coordinates with R&D engineering staff and management
  • Read and interpret test plans and procedures; determine set-up and gives feedback to Design and Engineering to finalize plans and procedures. Closely monitors non-standard work requests and reviews with management prior to initiation
  • Assigns and conducts testing of products in accordance with supplied procedures. This function includes assembly of test fixtures, acquisition/procurement of test equipment, set-up of test, running tests, data collection, tear down of test systems, and other incidental tasks
  • Use computerized and analog data acquisition methods to collect data
  • Collect and reduce operational and test data and information
  • Work with and/or direct other technicians and personnel to meet program requirements
  • Identify and assist in remediation of any and all safety hazards in the work place
  • Maintain laboratory test data and related information
  • Maintain laboratory equipment. Coordinate Preventative Maintenance and maintains calibrations
  • Coordinates Safety activities within the R&D lab and coordinates proper PPE and safety practices
  • Maintains inventory of test materials and coordinated resupplies as needed
  • Establishing project success criteria including key milestones and R&D budgets ensuring on time and on-budget delivery of new product development projects
  • Partnering with other business functions to manage risk and to resolve project roadblocks, such as resource constraints, design trade-offs & communication issues
  • Collaborating with key customers and others to determine technology needs and portfolio direction relevant to the company's long-term objectives and to implement programs to address opportunities for new product development
  • Building a diverse pipeline of talent by attracting, developing and promoting talent
  • Promote the utilization of Design Excellence methodologies for the development of new products and drive strategies to ensure continuous improvement in the ability to bring quality products to the market place
  • Bachelors degree in related field required (Mechanical or Biomedical Engineering preferred; MS/MBA or PhD ideal
  • A minimum of 6+ years related work experience required, 10-12 years strongly preferred with 7 years in an applied R&D environment in medical devices
  • A minimum of 2+ years supervisory experience required with a proven track record of developing and leading diverse technical staff and organizations
  • Working experience of medical device design control procedures is required
  • Product development or product technology experience is required
  • Knowledge of or experience in utilizing Design Excellence is preferred
  • A proven history of launching products is required
  • Previous experience developing & aligning departmental goals with overall business objectives required
  • Experience interfacing with Key Opinion Leaders is required
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills are required
  • This position will require up to 20% travel
  • Provides leadership to managers and experienced professional staff may also manage front line supervisors
  • Manages an organizational budget
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures to achieve organizational goals
  • Assists in the development of functional strategy
  • Decisions have an extended impact on work processes, outcomes, and customers
  • Interacts with internal and/or external leaders, including senior management
  • Persuades others into agreement in sensitive situations while maintaining positive relationships

Manager Research Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Serve as a member of the SEMS leadership team on the SEMS program at the 557th Weather Wing on Offutt AFB, NE
  • Be responsible for evaluation of current and anticipated project personnel requirements and to work with project management to assign science team personnel and other technical and non-technical staff to optimize contract performance. This includes monitoring budget and forecast expenditures and matching to project requirements to ensure program is properly staffed
  • Must understand, maintain an awareness of, and balance employee needs and Northrop Grumman project requirements
  • Be responsible for day-to-day communications, performance assessment and feedback, career counseling, professional development, employee rewards and recognition, and resolving personnel issues for a staff of approximately 10-20 engineers and other staff
  • Will serve as a primary point of contact for company issues, and for providing staffing projections in a proactive and timely manner in conjunction with the SEMS PM
  • Project staffing responsibilities include frequent coordination with, and advice given to, project management for the execution of effective requisition creation, interviewing, and hire/no-hire decisions
  • Expected to mentor employees, assist with resolving employee conflicts, and administering disciplinary actions where needed
  • Routinely interact and support other SEMS functional team leads such as Systems Engineering, System Administration, Software Engineering, and Project Management to support project activities
  • Coordinate Science team tasking and prioritization using agile processes (e.g. Kanban queue refill) and routinely monitor scrums/queue refills, technical reviews, and assessments to support project and program activities
  • Will be responsible for recommending employees for raises and promotions and working with project management in providing detailed employee performance feedback with periodic 1-on-1 meetings and annual performance appraisals
  • Provide advice to SEMS PM on staffing, training, tools, and processes associated with Scientific program activities
  • Other duties may include, but are not limited to
  • Bachelor’s degree in a STEM related field (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) and 7 years of work related experience
  • Minimum 5 years technical experience in either scientific disciplines or software engineering (a mix of both is acceptable if the total meets or exceeds 5 years)
  • 2 or more years experience managing teams
  • US citizenship required. Current secret clearance or ability to obtain secret clearance
  • Candidate must possess a strong work ethic and be a motivated self-starter, a team builder and player, well organized, very flexible, and be able to multiplex among varying complex tasks
  • Candidate must have excellent time management skills and a proven ability to deliver on commitments
  • Candidate must also demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills
  • Active top secret clearance with SCI eligibility
  • While the position is primarily condiment manufacturing, the TreeHouse R&D team must also act as a technical consultant to all operating units of the company on formulation and processing issues
  • Leads and assists food technologists to ensure completion of the department's high priority projects and critical non-project work. Advises, directs, coaches, inspires and reviews the work of less experienced food technologists and create cohesive team environment
  • Continuously support projects from Retail, Foodservice and Industrial customers to develop new product offerings that provide significant short and long term growth
  • Works with operations to develop new processes and procedures that ensure product development efforts are compatible and beneficial to the manufacturing capabilities, ensure food safety and properly follow food standards
  • Independently investigates significant new formulations, process improvements, and cost savings projects
  • Assists in development of business goals for divisional team members - individually and collectively
  • Be a value adding, contributing member of the TreeHouse R&D leadership team. Challenge the status quo to drive continuous improvement to both work processes and general organization
  • Bachelor’s Degree Required with 6+ years experience
  • Master’s Degree preferred or 4+ years experience
  • Travel 20% or less

Rail Automation Research & Development Apprentice Resume Examples & Samples

  • At the end of your three year apprenticeship programme you will have completed a nationally recognised apprenticeship that is approved by Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and will fast track you towards Engineering Technician professional registration. The programme is designed to give you a thorough understanding of modern railway signalling design by achieving an internationally recognised railway signalling design license through the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE)
  • You will spend most of your first year at a college nominated by Siemens and located near your office developing the core knowledge and skills which are the foundation for many aspects of engineering. After the first year, you will be office based and contributing to some of the projects in our Research and Development function whilst attending college on a day release basis; you will also attend a programme of railway signalling and other specific training interspersed over the remaining 2 years. With the training received and experience gained under mentorship in the workplace, you will be able to produce a portfolio of work based evidence
  • You will be responsible for the time and quality design performance of allocated project activities and production of the associated documentation; you will also be involved in testing and validation of products and systems. The knowledge and skills gained whilst on the programme will enable you to assist in the planning and implementation of activities
  • 4 GCSE (or equivalent) grades in Maths (B or above) , English and Science (C or above)
  • An ability and willingness to learn
  • Some interest / knowledge of railway signalling
  • Able to communicate and work effectively within a dynamic team environment
  • Passion for engineering
  • Quickly onboard with current efforts across Beauty Measurement Sciences, including the other Investigative Salon Labs in Cincinnati (USA) and Schwalbach (Germany)
  • Create vision for the Investigative Salon Lab capability in Singapore
  • Lead Stylist recruitment including leveraging an external stylist’s network, as required
  • Establish sensory measurement protocols and execute tests for clients
  • Establish operational principles and processes and oversee daily operations including interaction with clients and consumers/panelist
  • Drive awareness and utilization of the facility
  • Identify opportunities for synergy and scale with other similar facilities in other P&G sites
  • PhD in Neurosensory/Sensory OR Cognitive OR Behavioral Sciences or a related field
  • Strong working knowledge and skills across the full spectrum of Sensory methods (Affective, Effective and perception)
  • Experience/knowledge of different kinds of Statistical methods (tools, systems, software etc.)
  • Able to travel overseas for training period from 3-6 months
  • Able to join by April/June 2017

Software Developer, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Write code for platform services and multimedia messaging applications, create distributed, robust real-time and high volume production applications, and develop prototypes quickly. You should also have a strong understanding of, and practical experience with Java application development
  • Build UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) serving millions of users with your domain expertise
  • Problem solving - platform should be robust and scalable to serve both Mobile and Web in both consumer and business space
  • Specialist domains: Real time message processing, Mobile development
  • Strong background in Java based development, Java servlets, Spring framework, ORM (Hibernate/MyBatis), Java Script
  • Strong knowledge of data structures and OOPs design principles
  • Strong knowledge of scripting languages (e.g. Python, Perl, SQL)
  • Experience with Application servers (Tomcat, JBoss)
  • Good understanding of Relational (especially MySQL, PostgreSQL) and No SQL (especially Mongo, Redis) database
  • Linux Systems knowledge (performance tuning, basic networking, file systems)
  • Experience with version control systems like Git
  • Strong knowledge of software development lifecycle (SDLC); experience in Agile setup
  • Skill and expertise to effectively communicate at wide range of levels (from executive management to Business Analyst to Technical Resources)
  • Ability and passion to pick up new technologies and stay on the leading edge of full-stack development
  • Team player, can-do attitude, strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to mentor junior team members
  • Experience with microservices, AMQP, Web sockets, NodeJS
  • Experience with AWS (VPC, EC2, ELB, S3)
  • Experience with Build, Testing and deployment tools like Junit, Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Docker, Puppet
  • Experience in building REST based web services
  • Android and/or iOS development
  • Availability for occasional travel to Israel/Atlanta if needed

Research & Development Project Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in an engineering or technical field
  • A minimum of three (3) years’ R&D experience developing mechanical or electro-mechanical products from concept to commercialization
  • A minimum of two (2) years’ of experience working as a project engineer, product development lead or team lead
  • PMP or advanced training in project management
  • Consumer Product Development experience
  • Proficiency in MS Project
  • Familiarity with Electronic and Mechanical manufacturing processes
  • An understanding of the Product Development process from prototyping to market launch

Research & Development Summer Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support the various engineering teams in developing medical devices including performing prototype/product bench testing and various engineering analyses. This will allow the candidates to gain experience in areas of product design and development including areas such as conceptual design with capture of intellectual property (as appropriate), design for manufacturability (potentially working with internal and external engineers), prototype development, product testing, human factors engineering, usability evaluations, data capture and analyses, etc. and how they fit into the product development cycle for medical devices
  • Enrollment in a Bachelor degree program with an emphasis in Mechanical, Plastics or Biomedical Engineering
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Completion of sophomore year of undergraduate schooling or greater
  • Strong analytical, fact-finding and problem-solving skills
  • Hands-on mechanical, laboratory, and/or testing skills
  • Support the engineering team in developing consumable medical devices
  • Perform preliminary designs, analyses and prototype/product bench testing
  • Gain experience in early product development
  • Assist in conceptual design with capture of intellectual property (as appropriate.)
  • Get exposure to design for manufacturability (working with internal and external engineers.)
  • Contribute to prototype development (working with external suppliers to design and deliver prototype parts and tools.)
  • Work on product testing and analyses to see how that all fits into the product development-cycle for a next generation, medical device
  • Currently enrolled in a in a Bachelor degree program pursuing a degree in Plastics, Biomedical, Chemical or Mechanical Engineering
  • Prior Bayer internship/co-op experience
  • Perform molecular biology techniques, including primer design, DNA manipulation and purification, PCR amplification, and cloning
  • Perform mutagenesis of lead protein traits: Site-directed, saturation, random, alanine scanning, etc
  • Create and screen variant libraries for activity. These can include bioassays (insects and nematodes) or various enzymatic assays
  • Protein overexpression and FPLC-based purification of lead protein variants; Analysis of proteins by SDS-PAGE and western blots
  • Prepare reports, analyze and present data and inform the research project teams both internally and externally on a regular basis
  • B.S. with minimum of 2+ years of relevant experience
  • Non degreed with minimum of 10 years of relevant experience
  • Experience in molecular biology techniques, including primer design, DNA manipulation and purification, PCR amplification, cloning and site-directed mutagenesis
  • Experience in DNA sequence analysis

Senior Manager for Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead select technical programs and research activities
  • Oversee a standardized program execution and management process to include CRAD and IRAD programs
  • Champion an earned value management system for development programs and a research management process for research activities that ensures flawless execution without destroying the ability to stimulate innovation
  • Ensure successful cost, schedule and technical performance of all programs in collaboration with TDs technology departments
  • Train and mentor more junior program managers and principal investigators
  • Conduct quantitative data analysis to guide directorate decision making and planning
  • Coordinate technology focus area strategy and business capture planning to unify TD strategies and conduct LRP planning appropriate to meet growth targets
  • Coordinate directorate staffing of programs to ensure successful program performance and minimize lost productive time
  • Develop a staff supply/demand forecasting tool, and develop accurate staffing forecasts to guide hiring decisions
  • Implement lean business capture "best practices" and coordinate business pursuits across the TD directorate
  • Review all outgoing proposals for cost reasonableness and work with F&BO to ensure compliance with contractual requirements
  • Serve as the program management lead on select activities and serve as capture manager on select pursuits
  • Develop the cost and management volumes of most TD proposals
  • Coordinate and manage indirect budgets to ensure the TD directorate remains within spending allocations
  • Supervise technical staff leads at remote TD sites and coordinate remote site activities with main TD campuses
  • Bachelor's degree in science or engineering
  • Demonstrated leadership in resolving technical challenges
  • Strong business acumen and 5 years' experience managing applied research programs of various levels of complexity and hardware maturity
  • Demonstrated experience leading and managing multiple research or development teams in parallel
  • Experience with earned value management systems, development of cost estimates, subcontract management and risk management
  • Demonstrated experience leading development of applied research and development proposals >$10M, include writing of technical and management/cost volumes
  • Strong writing ability, and experience and skill presenting to groups
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas and explain technology and concepts to an audience of both experts and non-experts
  • Demonstrated understanding and execution of Full Spectrum Leadership (FSL) imperatives - Deliver Results, Energize the Team, Shape the Future, Build Effective Relationships, and Model Personal Excellence, Integrity, and Accountability
  • Possess Top Secret and SCI clearances
  • Masters degree in science or engineering
  • Ability to lead teams of leaders to translate concepts and strategy into actions and results
  • Demonstrated commitment to leading innovation
  • Experience developing space-qualified hardware, systems and payloads
  • Expertise in RF, electro-optics, materials science, chemistry, physics, analytics, data exploitation, or instrument development
  • Demonstrated ability to transition technology into systems and products
  • Demonstrated experience developing quantitative business cases resulting in investment
  • Strong business acumen and 10 years' experience managing applied research programs of various levels of complexity and hardware maturity
  • Strong mentoring skills and experience managing groups of at least 25 individuals
  • Strong customer empathy with ability and willingness to lead new business development
  • Develop, validate, and implement advanced heat exchanger technologies across a broad range of Carrier products
  • Drive continuous improvement in the methods and tools used to design heat exchangers
  • Design and implement heat transfer test facilities; plan and supervise experiments
  • Lend expertise to cross functional product development teams to ensure successful insertion of new technologies into Carrier products
  • Manage project activities and deliver on-time solutions to internal customers
  • Strong background in heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics of both single-phase and two-phase flows
  • Direct experience in the design and application of heat exchangers commonly used in the HVAC&R industry
  • Proficiency with numerical methods in heat transfer
  • Proficiency with modern experimental methods, instrumentation, and measurement systems
  • Proficiency with engineering analysis software such as EES, Matlab, and ANSYS
  • Familiarity with HVAC&R equipment and system design
  • Proven communication, organization, and proactive problem-solving skills
  • Ability to deliver results through effective project management
  • Ability to interact constructively with diverse teams, including international elements

Director of Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • BS / MS in computer science with 15+ years in Software development of which last 10 years in leading R&D organization
  • 5+ years of experience in healthcare IT is a plus
  • Experience in building and delivering secure and scalable SaaS based applications

VP Research, Development, & Applications Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop and execute a commercially viable R&D plan which builds on current technologies and market direction
  • Mentor, coach and guide talent in the organisation to build key competencies and a successful pipeline of talent both with R&D and to service other linked functions
  • Maintain a full understanding of the market dynamics and ensure organization and technology advancements are keeping pace
  • Manage department budgets to agreed amounts and build budgets for future approval
  • Target and develop partnerships with other companies to drive innovation and technology advancements
  • Support the generation of new business through project, product, and technology launches
  • Attend and present at board meetings and other presentations
  • Help support and drive the profitability of the business through innovation and product delivery
  • Strong collaboration across all businesses and at all levels within the organization
  • Lead RD&A insights to grow the business through enhanced connection with Market Research & Insights Teams to focus product delivery from trends and consumer preferences
  • Develop and showcase strategic RD&A activities and initiatives in collaboration with EUMs, Channels, Customers and Technologies
  • Establish a synergistic approach to aid developers in RD&A innovation
  • MS degree from an accredited institution in Food Science, Biology, Food Chemistry, Organic Chemistry or other applicable technical field. PhD preferred
  • Minimum 15 years of food industry experience, with emphasis working in the flavour industry
  • Experience leading large technical teams and managing virtual teams
  • Must be creative, innovative and dynamic with leadership qualities necessary to drive growth and develop talent
  • A proven track-record of performance excellence meeting targets and objectives
  • Builds strong relationships across the organization and work on projects collaboratively
  • High customer focus and insight orientation
  • Strong analytical, planning, and budgeting/financial skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Agile in adjusting to and managing through change
  • Effectively manages multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to travel (up to 30%)

Senior Technologist, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage and perform product development activities designed to result in new or improved products (includes project management skills)
  • Develop formulations that meet New Product Development project deliverables
  • Coordinate and manage plant trials for new products, quality improvement and/or process improvement projects
  • Identify cost savings opportunities related to formulations, processes, and materials
  • Design and implement scientific studies to support new technology development, as well as enhancement of existing processes (includes data collection and statistical analysis)
  • Develop new SOPs as needed and gain mastery in those already in practice
  • Build strong relationships and collaborate within R&D and across other cross functional areas to deliver initiatives
  • Build relationships with vendors/suppliers
  • Practice and encourage creative thinking skills in order to solve moderate to complex problems
  • Provide a moderate level of guidance and direction to lab technician
  • Present and define solutions and next steps within R&D and implementation teams
  • Understand our current processing methods to ensure NPD compatibility with the plant
  • Understand how to create formulas, keep records and translate to plant production
  • Lives and inspires co-workers about the Sahale Snacks Vision & Smucker’s Basic Beliefs
  • At least 3 years of research and development experience is required
  • At least 2 years of product development experience is required
  • Food development experience is a plus
  • Understanding of GF certification, Kosher, and Non-GMO is preferred
  • Experience with FSMA, HAACP, and Food Safety regulations is a plus

R&D Research & Development Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Preparation of Effectiveness Reports
  • Verification of monthly report worksheet for the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Contact with researchers
  • Insertion of reports in internal system
  • Compilation of internal test results and statistical analysis
  • Students from the 3rd year of Biology and Agronomic Engineering or similar careers, with availability for 2 years of contract (mandatory)
  • Office Package intermediate domain (required)
  • Intermediate English (desirable)
  • Excellent level of written communication and writing
  • Good ability to analyze data (graphics and results)
  • Responsibility
  • Partner with the Division General Managers, Marketing, Sales and other cross-functional teams in being innovative strategist
  • Manage emulation and innovation priorities and resource allocation for the Division
  • Provide technical leadership for the design, development & implementation of product development initiatives to support strategic and business goals/objectives
  • Utilize existing or emerging technologies to provide consumer valued points of competitive differentiation that drive tactical & strategic business growth
  • Identify & execute continuous improvement initiatives that deliver profit enabling opportunities with sustained or improved quality ratings
  • Maintain ongoing working relationships with Center and cross division R&D groups to ensure use of “best practices” and to incorporate applicable technology developments into business unit development programs
  • Review and evaluate projects to completion, shifting direction as appropriate
  • Coordinate department activities to assure work is properly budgeted, scheduled and completed within specified timelines
  • Ensure that proper intercommunication between R&D, Marketing, Supply Chain and Sales is achieved to maintain effective working relationships
  • Continuously support projects from customers to develop new product offerings that provide significant short and long term growth
  • Direct the development and approve product and process specifications for manufacturing
  • Provide technical consultation and direct technical investigation to reduce product failures, improve costs and assure quality
  • Direct the appropriate testing of products, data and reports toward approval of modifications to products
  • Direct training, education and career development programs to fill department needs and company-wide technical needs for the present and provide a succession plan to accommodate future staffing needs
  • Evaluate and makes recommendations concerning the application of new ingredient/processing technologies. Stay apprised of new ingredients technologies used in the industry
  • Develop and manage the Research and Development budget, ensuring efficient utilization of resources
  • Collaborate with key customers
  • Advanced knowledge of Food Science/Food Chemistry and Nutrition; knowledge of ingredient functionality/interactions; ability to apply this knowledge in the product development and manufacturing environment to support business goals
  • Ability to assess and problem-solve product/process/package interactions and challenges, shelf life and critical to quality product and packaging properties
  • Demonstrated problem solving, continuous improvement and strategic thinking skills
  • Strong understanding of product development and commercialization processes
  • Strong understanding of supply base and industry trends
  • Excellent communication skills - written and verbal
  • Strong influence and negotiation skills
  • Show genuine teambuilding and collaboration skills
  • Ability to represent TreeHouse Foods externally
  • Must be well balanced between the strategic view of the work and the execution aspects of the job. Have the ability to adapt to change with our evolving and growing company
  • Strong business acumen with an ability to mesh business needs with technical competencies
  • Strong project management skills with the ability to manage complexity and multiple, simultaneous projects
  • Demonstrated competency as a positive change agent with proven experience accelerating the performance of R&D personnel and groups
  • Ability to develop both longer range plans that address key business and technical needs and balance that with shorter term operating plans
  • Demonstrated managerial courage that does not waver with a constantly changing business landscape and environment
  • Has successfully developed and grown technical professionals
  • Bachelor’s degree in Food Sciences or a related discipline, post graduate degree preferred
  • Minimum 10 years progressive experience across leadership roles in product development and food safety gained in the manufacturing industry, preferably in a strategic setting in a mid to large size organization
  • Lean/Six Sigma/CI training an asset
  • Experience in the development of grain-based products (pasta, hot cereal, ready to eat cereal, etc.)

Research & Development Technology Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • The candidate will be working with: Electronics, Battery technology, Light technology, Mechanical test equipment tooling Thermoplastic polymers Exotic materials such as shape memory alloys, advanced ceramics, polymers and titanium potentially hazardous chemicals with safety protocols
  • Fundamental development work for projects involving advanced sensors and micro battery technology
  • Knowledge expert in digital stress/strain fields from pressure sensing devices
  • Knowledge expert in sensing systems development and manufacturing
  • Knowledge expert in basic circuit board design
  • Knowledge expert in MEMS and capacitive sensors
  • Knowledge or ability to learn advanced materials systems
  • Knowledge or ability to learn advanced mechanical analyses
  • Prototype test equipment design
  • Prototype product design
  • Independently conducts work in agreement with business and project needs
  • Able to lead small to intermediate new technology projects with minimal supervision; is accountable for results and owns the data
  • Suggest experimental approaches to complex problems and carry out investigations independently
  • Design and carry out experiments with scientific methods. Hypothesis to Conclusions reporting
  • Scientific literature review
  • Prepare standard technical reports and white papers. Summarizes and communicates data of a complex nature to non-technical audiences
  • Basic technical project management and schedule ownership. Must be proficient in technical proposal evaluation and generation
  • Upperclassman pursuing a BS degree in Electrical Eng, Materials Science, Mechanical Eng., Chemical Eng., Physics or related fields
  • Scientific literature evaluation and reporting experience
  • Understanding of good laboratory practices (GLP)
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite, statistical methods
  • Professional verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational/time management skills
  • Work time is very flexible with expectations of 20+ hrs/week
  • Some industrial experience
  • Experience with sensors, battery technology and/or integrated chips
  • Experience in digital signal processing
  • Experience in medical/dental devices
  • Demonstrated research experience with publication
  • Finite Element Modeling

Research Development Associate Resume Examples & Samples

  • Facilitate recruitment and organization of faculty to capitalize on funding opportunities with an emphasis on Department of Education, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Institute of Education Sciences, NSF, NIH, foundation, and other education and strategic institutional awards
  • Coordinate with appropriate units in RDI and across campus in the preparation and submission of funding proposals
  • Design, conduct, and participate in grant development workshops
  • Develop tools for and guidance on proposal development for the Research Gateway web site
  • Master’s degree AND five years of experience in research development-related activities
  • Familiarity with Dept. of Education and other relevant funders and their funding goals and submission processes
  • Track record of supporting successful university research proposals to Dept. of Education and other relevant funders
  • Ability to work in team-based environment to achieve common goals
  • Ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment; and
  • Proficiency in MS Office programs and use of web-based resources
  • Doctoral degree AND three years of experience in research development-related activities
  • Relevant academic background in education research
  • Well-developed interpersonal and liaison skills, including the ability to interact effectively with a broad group of stakeholders, both internal and external
  • Familiarity with land grant research university organizational structures and sponsored programs regulations
  • Familiarity with institutional programmatic grants
  • Ability to travel as needed to attend meetings and conferences
  • Practical experience in a scientific R&D setting is required with hands‑on development and deployment of complex data bases, advanced statistical methods and machine learning algorithms
  • Experience in the Consumer Goods business is highly desirable
  • Experience in applying Data Science to consumer products in one or several of the following areas is highly desirable - sensors, connected devices, instrumented devices, image & facial recognition and processing, text analytics, Hadoop/Spark Ecosystem and data storage/management infrastructures
  • Developing organizational vision and direction along with resource/budget management
  • Organizational and strategic influence – demonstrated ability to drive organizational and cultural change in Data Science, influence business/project direction and top management
  • Application of state‑of‑the‑art methods to create competitive advantage
  • Track record of delivering transformational innovations that delivered significant business impact
  • Project management – experience leading multi-functional teams
  • Staff development and hiring – attracting and retaining top technical talent, management of direct reports, coaching, training
  • Partnering with senior technical experts; coaching/guidance of junior technologists
  • Identifying/building external strategic collaborations to deliver projects or for technical learning
  • Excels in working across organizational boundaries, networking within R&D, with senior business leadership and extensively outside of P&G
  • Inspirational leadership, setting vision for the organization and individuals, developing culture and talent
  • Excellent, deep technical skills as well as the ability to effectively translate and work with other non-technical/commercial functions
  • Provide operation support and troubleshoots for commercial software apps, e.g., Biovia
  • Bachelors’ or Masters’ degree in electronic electrical engineering or a related field
  • 0 - 3 years' related experience
  • Basic experience in research & development functions, hard/software systems is helpful
  • Strong working knowledge & skills across full spectrum of IT hard/software applications
  • Experience with major IT branded products (tools, systems, software, instruments, etc)
  • Excellent problem solving skill; ability to use data to connect multiple ideas and develop

Senior Research & Development Sup Resume Examples & Samples

  • Follow HS&E policies and guidelines. Promote safety culture in the team and accountable for maintaining high level of safety standards in pilot plants operations
  • Identify and communicate issues related to personnel performance, pilot plant performance or cross functional group performance to management
  • Responsible for managing the operations of pilot plants and other support activities like reactor loading, feed blending, distillations etc
  • Achieve pilot plant productivity and quality targets and provide a monthly analysis of pilot plants quality and utilization metrics using HOS
  • Maintain high technical standards for pilot plant operations and for continuously improving the technical abilities within operations group, including improving the troubleshooting skills
  • Work closely with other functional groups in R&D to identify and implement pilot plant operation improvement opportunities
  • Provides coaching and mentoring to direct reports and be responsible for their performance reviews in HPD
  • Drive and sustain HOS implementation in pilot plant area for improving productivity and quality. Implement and integrate HOS elements in work processes and procedures. Promote use of HOS, Lean, and Six Sigma tools to resolve pilot plant issues
  • Induct new associates and CDP’s and arrange HSE and Job specific trainings for them
  • Plan, Develop and implement the equivalent of a Seelig school in HITC
  • Identify and implement pilot plant operation improvement opportunities
  • Manage the cost and inventory for plant operations. Ensure necessary inventories for pilot plant operations is maintained
  • Coach/mentor direct reports in quickly adapting to R&D behaviors and work processes
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
  • Minimum 7 years of experience in operations/projects preferably in Oil and Gas sector
  • Working knowledge of lean and Six Sigma
  • Demonstrated high communication proficiency – good interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong interest in Operations, Experimental Design & Development and projects

Research & Development Technic Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strictly follow Health, Safety & Environmental (HS&E) policies and procedures
  • Assemble, install, test, and maintenance all mechanical equipment’s (i.e. PSV, PRV, BPR, control valve, wet test meter, various pumps& compressors etc.) , appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools under safe work practices as defined by Honeywell
  • Accountable for carried out Swagelok tubing/fittings works and construction/modification of pilot plants as per design provided by design team
  • Coordinate for external repair and maintenance with equipment suppliers and follows import/export regulations in line with export orientated units
  • Requires direct/indirect interactions with various vendors’ & technical support team
  • Construct and fabricate parts, using hand tools and specifications
  • Knowledge of LOTO system
  • Suggest alteration/addition if required on day to day operation basis. Maintain the spare parts inventory for entire mechanical equipment’s and its entire systems and place timely order, store materials in a neat, clean, and orderly fashion
  • Relevant technical knowledge
  • Problem solving /good troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to work with inter fictional team
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent with minimum of 2 - 5 years relevant experience in oil & Gas, refinery, petrochemical and pharma industry
  • Good English speaking and writing skills
  • The ideal candidate must be able to demonstrate job knowledge and abilities by the means of practical job testing
  • Basic knowledge of computer software like MS word, Excel, Visio, and SAP is required

Associate Manager, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide leadership and management for companywide R&D programs and activities
  • Manage personnel that includes but is not limited to R&D Engineers, Released Product Engineers, Packaging Engineers and Technicians
  • Develop teams through the selection, recruitment and development of R&D Engineers and Technicians; continuously developing core technical skills and knowledge
  • Develop career progression paths and establish development plans for direct reports
  • Establish and monitor individual and team goals aligned to divisional strategy
  • Plan and coordinate engineering activities including the identification, investigation and implementation of new technologies
  • Act as liaison with external parties on matters relating to the procurement of services and materials for R&D activities
  • Interact with other Stryker business units to leverage best practices and propose and execute a divisional integration strategy
  • Supervise the preparation of all plans, manage the development of capabilities in support testing requirements, and drive contract negotiations ensuring efficiency and profitability for the company
  • Directly responsible for implementation and maintenance of the company R&D procedures, reporting on the performance and initiating improvements for R&D
  • As needed, partner with Operations to provide product post-launch R&D support to achieve critical metrics and revenue projections

Technical Lead-research & Development Clinical Systems Resume Examples & Samples

  • Degree in IT (other degrees will be considered)
  • Experience of leading development teams comprising of contingent workers, both onshore and offshore
  • Track record of successful technical delivery of complex IT systems
  • Knowledge of CDISC standards
  • Experience in architecting solutions on Java Platform
  • Delivery of solutions that integrate commercial of-the-shelf products into the existing IT landscape and with cloud technology solutions
  • Technical experience with developing flexible, scalable and supportable systems
  • Experience with project architecture processes, practise's and guidelines
  • Working across multiple projects and technologies simultaneously
  • Engaging with technical counterparts in large IT vendor organizations
  • Higher Degree in IT (other degrees will be considered)
  • Experience in pharmaceuticals research and development; preferably in the Clinical domain
  • Experience delivering validated IT solutions
  • Experience of Waterfall and Agile techniques
  • Working knowledge of ITIL
  • This role provides leadership in all aspects of technical solution design and delivery of R&D IT Clinical Systems, ensure that solutions comply with approved architectural standards and strategic vision; designed to meet quality and compliance requirements, including regulatory expectations
  • The successful applicant will hold accountability for delivery of the technical aspects of projects (new/upgraded applications) to meet the needs of GSK’s Research & Development - Clinical Analysis & Reporting domain
  • Provides oversight and governance, technical direction and domain expertise to delivery and support teams composed of GSK employees and outsourced resources from strategic partners and software vendors
  • Anticipates, understands, troubleshoots and resolves problems using technical expertise and problem solving skills
  • Ensures the technical application delivery is fully compliant with GSK IT and Regulatory standards, leveraging the full capabilities of the software to meet the business needs
  • Builds deep understanding of the key technologies to enable effective impact assessments of any proposed changes or design choices
  • Maintains familiarity with architectural standards and vision, R&D IT Technology Road-map, technical landscape, validation requirements, central service request processes, GSK policies, and other aspects of GSK environment
  • Supports Programme/Project Managers and the delivery team to design, develop and transition new applications into production, fostering and maintaining close links with infrastructure services
  • Proactively support IT Asset Owners (Service Managers and Specialists) to develop and deliver continuous improvement of the applications portfolio to enhance user productivity, increase system reliability and reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Play an important role in delivering our mission
  • Be an essential part of diverse, global team
  • Develop others as part of your own professional growth

Research Development Consultant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide research design advice and data analysis support to UWT faculty on an as-needed basis. The candidate will apply scientific knowledge in drafting proposals for a variety of research projects, including designing research approaches, recommending the methodology to be used, designing specific phases of research projects, instrument selection and development, and analyzing and reporting results. Research projects may be in any field of study
  • Support faculty scholarship by providing technical editing for faculty members to improve the organization, style, clarity, etc. of drafts and revisions of research/grant proposals, book proposals and presentation of research results in publications
  • Develop and deliver professional development materials and presentations that support the career growth and on-going needs of faculty. The candidate will provide educational opportunities to faculty in a variety of formats in the areas of research design, research tools, and research methods. The candidate will interact with faculty of all levels, and will work under the general guidance of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Technician, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • The technician position includes a significant amount of field work that requires ability to climb stairs and ladders
  • The technician position requires interface with SAP and other computer systems
  • The technician monitors the hydrocarbon usage of the facility and ensures orders are placed and scheduled to meet the varying demands of the facility
  • The technician unloads large tank trucks of hydrocarbons
  • The technician ensures the maintenance and reliability of the bulk storage facilities are maintained
  • The technician supports and leads small projects that can include HVAC, utilities, piping systems, vessels, and process controls for improvements in safety, cost, quality or reliability
  • Must have working experience in unloading tank trucks, containing hydrocarbon materials
  • Ability to climb caged / enclosed ladders
  • Knowledgeable of confined space entry work processes
  • Must be familiar with chemical operations
  • Must be able to meet the physical demands of the job: Lift 55 lbs, Climb stairs and ladders, Work in tight and closed in spaces, Be able to wear all required personal protective equipment
  • Good interpersonal skills to work with variety of individuals is required
  • Ability to escalate any safety concerns is required
  • Proficiency in Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel, and Outlook is strongly desired
  • Must demonstrate the following competencies: leadership, initiative, and the ability to learn
  • Must ensure a safe work environment by working safely, complying with environmental, health and safety standards
  • Must be willing to intervene with any unsafe situations
  • Must be able to work in an empowered team environment
  • Must have good computer and technical skills in order to learn how to operate both manual and highly automated equipment
  • Must have the ability to understand, analyze, and resolve technical problems
  • Must have the desire to learn and grow technical skills to keep current with new automation and process technology
  • Must have the ability to give and receive positive and constructive feedback in a respectful and professional manner
  • Must be able to work overtime as required
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Must have current valid drivers license
  • Preference for Internal Dow certification regarding unloading tank trucks containing hydrocarbon materials
  • Preference for Power Industrial Truck (PIT) equipment certification / Forklift and/or Forktruck certifications
  • Preference for Dow Life Critical Standards (theory and application) knowledge
  • Preference for an Associate or higher degree in Process Technology or Process Technology Certification
  • Performs development and validation work under supervision
  • Compiles data for validation documentation
  • Prepare project reports for lab presentations
  • Become proficient and perform relevant existing clinical test procedures
  • Train clinical technologists in new procedures
  • Assists in maintaining clinical assay QC materials
  • Assists in clinical research projects

Uflp Graduate Research / Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Graduate Degree of Analytical Chemistry or related fields. (not longer than 24 months after graduation) or a graduating student
  • Able to speak and write in English fluently
  • Driven and Energetic
  • Organization skills and capabilities required to be a winning business
  • Confident to influence others
  • Application scale experiments for new products in Energy Efficiency
  • Scale-up and machine runs for new or improved products in Energy Efficiency
  • Safe operation of laboratory and machine equipment including
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently with intermittent supervisory intervention
  • Demonstrated ability to develop reasonable timelines and complete general assignments
  • Strong technical and interpersonal skills are required to be able to work effectively in a team environment
  • Ability to contribute to definition of individual and/or group goals and relate them to group strategy or mission
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies with an understanding of basic engineering principles and apply understanding to make suggestions for improvements
  • Some overtime may be required to drive the success of the projects
  • Proficiency in Microsoft applications and have the ability to learn new systems quickly
  • Experience using Excel to collect & analyze data
  • Able to read, write and speak English
  • The ability to cooperate closely with customers and across internal functions
  • A passion for technology and the high affinity to understanding customer needs and application requirements are important
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Able to communicate with a very diverse population which is spread across the site
  • Strong reading comprehension and listening skills
  • Strong multi-tasking, problem solving and time management skills
  • Demonstrate leadership skills - inspire others and lead them through influence
  • Have a high regard for personal safety and the safety of others
  • Chemical manufacturing experience
  • Good mechanical aptitude skills and the ability to work successfully in varying environments and responsibilities
  • Knowledge of reactive chemistry
  • Experience in lab or plant investigations, safe operation of lab and/or plant equipment and interpretation of data
  • High school diploma or GED required or equivalent experience
  • 1+ year’s experience in material handling/inventory replenishment or customer service
  • Previous experience working in a GMP facility a plus
  • Write code for PC application interface that adjusts settings on a motor protection overload relay
  • Write code for mobile (Android / IOS) applications that adjust setting on relay via Bluetooth
  • Potentially write code for the relay firmware
  • Partners with Senior Director and cross functional partners to create and execute a seasonal fabric and yarn strategy that support business goals
  • Research global, domestic and competitive markets to identify new trends, fabrics, yarns and techniques, while maintaining Talbots brand integrity and business strategy
  • Occasional travel (domestic + internationally) for research and development; attends local and global fabric and yarn trade shows and mill visits
  • Explores market for new mills and/or change in current mill base – makes recommendations and identifying opportunities for potential negotiation and staying ahead of market
  • Collaborates with Product Integrity/Quality Assurance team during seasonal sampling testing to highlight potential issues and identify possible solutions
  • Partners with Senior Director, Fabric during approval process of all seasonal sample development cuts
  • Adheres to calendar to ensure all development dates are adhered to and attends all meetings as required
  • Continues to develop and increase understanding of Talbots customer
  • Strong communication skills (written, verbal and present) with proven success to positively influence partners to meet business goals
  • Understands the processes and strategies supporting both Production and Design
  • Knowledge and understanding of the fabric business and development process
  • Technical knowledge of yarns, textiles, construction, dyeing/finishing techniques
  • Strong design aesthetic
  • Ability to anticipate, be proactive and partner to arrive at viable solutions
  • 6+ years textile and apparel product development and sourcing experience
  • Strong proficiency with Mac platforms
  • PhD degree in biological science, computer science, bioinformatics or computational biology with 6+ years’ experience applying computational methods to analyze large-scale structured and unstructured biological data sets (e.g., genome sequences, metagenomics, RNAseq, images, biological text, biological network and microarray data)
  • Demonstrated leadership in envisioning and leading new technology and capability development
  • Passion to learn new skills and reapply algorithms from other domains to solve biological problems
  • Deep knowledge in modern machine learning and statistical learning algorithms. Experience with deep learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow; torch/pytorch; theano) and their applications in text, image and biological sequence analysis
  • Deep expertise in biological domain knowledge, able to interpret biological data independently and engage with bench biologists for in-depth discussions to generate new hypotheses
  • Demonstrated ability of interacting with cross-disciplines e.g. consumer/products research, measurement science, imaging, statistics to leverage machine learning and biological science for product innovation
  • Deep knowledge in database management of structured and unstructured data
  • Excellent programming skills in R, Python, Perl, Java and C/C++
  • Experience in web interface development
  • Applies academic background, practical hands-on experience, and sound scientific method to generate and interpret data, solve problems, and make discoveries and connections against project needs and problem resolution
  • Develops a thorough understanding of the fundamental science and technology in their area and uses hands-on, in-the-lab experimentation to deliver against the objectives of the project
  • Looks for new ways to approach experimentation to meet project needs and enhance learning
  • Interact across the R&D community and sometimes with external resources and partner with and influence cross-discipline teammates
  • Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences/Engineering with high level of Organic Chemistry
  • Is still in the course of study upon completion of this internship. Graduates and those looking for a change of jobs NEED NOT apply
  • Have demonstrated strong leadership ability through active participation in extra-curricular activities
  • Able to join the internship program in Singapore, for a period of 8-12 weeks during semester breaks from 1st May 2017 onwards

Research Development Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Coordinates overall administrative functions, and operations by performing the following duties
  • Concentrate efforts on the most important priorities while effectively balancing the immediate with longer-term tasks
  • Present oneself in a manner consistent with standards for professional and ethical conduct to maintain image and credibility
  • Ability to take initiative and exercise independent judgment to resolve administrative problems
  • Exceptional oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Demonstrated organizational skills with proven ability to prioritize workload
  • Ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, and students from a variety of diverse backgrounds
  • Familiarity or experience with software including Coeus, SAP/Analysis, WordPress, Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of JHU administrative policies and procedures
  • Minimum of BSN with 3-5 years of neonatal experience
  • Masters of Nursing degree or Nurse Practitioner degree preferred with 3-5 years of neonatal experience
  • Must hold or be able to acquire an unencumbered nursing license in the State of OH
  • Experience with teaching continuing education courses, clinical studies, and research
  • Proficiency with presenting and speaking at professional meetings and conferences
  • Willingness to travel 10-50% of the time
  • Relocation is available

Coleman Institute Research & Development Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Coordinating and providing leadership on research related activities at The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities that align with the mission and vision
  • Contributing significantly to the State of the States of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Project through data collection and analysis of current trends in the states, DC, and the US Territories in services, supports and spending for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Acting as State of the States Project liaison with U.S. Territories
  • Giving presentations nationally around topics related to people with cognitive disabilities including The State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Project and The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities
  • Contributing to research on Medicaid and HCBS Waiver services including regular updates to our established HCBS Waiver database
  • Contributing to the funding portfolio of the Coleman Institute through application and management of federal and other research grants
  • Providing weekly status reports on grant related activities and progress to the PI
  • Assisting the Coleman Institute Communications Director with branding, targeted information dissemination, and knowledge translation through multiple platforms as they relate to research activities
  • Participating in legislative advocacy in Washington D.C. around topics of long-term supports and services and technology use for people with cognitive disabilities including work on relevant workgroups and taskforces
  • Continuing relationships and directing collaborative activities with national disability organizations located in Washington D.C. and internationally
  • Assisting in the planning and execution of the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities Annual Conference
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the Executive Director of The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities
  • This position is expected to possess skill in the following
  • Strong presentation skills to diverse audiences
  • Demonstrated success with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a team to accomplish long and short term goals
  • Demonstrated success with telecommunications
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Demonstrated knowledge of statistical software systems (SAS, SPSS, Mplus and Excel)
  • Experience with various graphics software
  • Experience teaching and leading training programs in higher education
  • Experience coordinating and managing logistics for large events including accessibility considerations
  • Experience utilizing social media for dissemination of research outcomes
  • Deep knowledge in qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Demonstrated knowledge of national and international organizations supporting technology use for people with cognitive disabilities
  • Knowledge of contemporary research in cognitive accessibility
  • Successful candidates will be working towards a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, or equivalent
  • The ability to speak English and excellent interpersonal skills are necessary for this position
  • Ability to work individually and with the team
  • The candidate must possess excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Candidates should have access to a car they can use during their internship
  • Commitment to work safely and provide excellent customer service
  • Prior experience with lab instruments is beneficial
  • Between 2-4 years of related working experience
  • Ability to work independently, across cultures and with diverse groups of people
  • Be flexible and accessible during peak periods of work

Trainee Research & Development Innovation Resume Examples & Samples

  • A permanent employment contract (Start: October 2017) and a competitive salary
  • According to your specialisation a 15 months intensive training on-the-job in the area of Research and Development
  • A temporary stay abroad (for a specific project)
  • Fast transfer of responsibility
  • Autonomous project work
  • Ongoing education and training on-the-job
  • Individual development plans
  • Mentoring: regular exchange with a personal mentor from Senior Management
  • Networking-activities
  • A university or graduate degree in mechanical engineering with the relevant specialization
  • First professionell experience in engineering
  • Experience abroad of at least 4-6 months
  • Results orientation with strong written and oral communications skills
  • Team spirit and extraordinary communication skills
  • Ability to think in concepts, motivation, assertiveness, flexibility and solution oriented way of thinking
  • International mind set
  • Mobility for your assignments in Germany and abroad
  • Fluent in German and English; every additional language is welcome
  • Materials formulation, processing, handling, analysis/characterization, and testing. Executing designed experiments under Scientist’s direction
  • Providing technical support for multidisciplinary teams for both new product and capability development
  • Completing experiments in a high throughput and traditional laboratory environment
  • Laboratory equipment set-up/construction, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Equipment and analytical instruments may include ovens, mixers, grinders, extruders, reactors, spectrometers, rheometers, thermal properties and mechanical testing equipment, and others
  • Working safely in an R&D environment, actively participating in company safety programs. Generating and maintaining documentation for the safe and productive operation of equipment and tools
  • Generating, analyzing and summarizing data, maintaining electronic databases and documenting results in laboratory notebooks and research reports. Generating and maintaining documentation for the safe and efficient operation of equipment
  • Ability to troubleshoot equipment issues when encountered to accelerate repair
  • Interacting in a professional manner with the Business R&D teams, the Automation Group (Information Research), external equipment vendors and researchers within Formulation Science
  • Training new and existing personnel on equipment
  • The Dow Chemical Company does not offer relocation if the position is offered to someone who lives outside the area or reimbursement for travel to and from interviews. If you consider a position that is not within the area you reside you will be responsible for all cost that incur.**
  • An Associate’s degree or equivalent education and/or 4+ years or relevant military experience
  • Preferred candidates will have additional experience related to materials synthesis, formulation and processing

Research & Development Health Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop, deploy and continuously improve a Health, Safety and Environment Manage System based on Honeywell’s HSEPS framework and requirements
  • Provide technical expertise for a variety of HSE Programs and operational controls in an R&D and office environment
  • Develop R&D-specific HSE criteria and support operations with implementation of HSE programs
  • Identify and mitigate issues raised by new equipment, processes, and practices
  • Interpret new and existing regulations and drive actions to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies (federal, state, county, local) and conformance to Honeywell requirements
  • Help develop, implement, and maintain safety programs such as laboratory safety, ergonomics, incident investigations, contractor safety, and new hire orientation and work with R&D sites to implement these programs
  • Develop/enhance and support sustainable metrics and systems for broad employee involvement (HSE committee, risk assessments, safety observations process, safe work permit processes)
  • Prepare and present reports on relevant accident trends and incident reduction initiatives
  • Share best practices across sites to ensure continuous learning and improvement and to drive productivity
  • Demonstrate safety engineering experience and project management skills to support as a team member or team lead. Solve HSE problems (root cause analysis) and develop action plans to implement solutions
  • Lead audit teams, investigations, risk assessments and special projects where HSE expertise is needed. Provide guidance and expertise to operations on root cause investigations for HSE incidents and drive corrective action closure
  • Develop, maintain and provide both classroom and OJT HSE training
  • Support Honeywell culture of continuous improvement
  • Conduct seed treatment research in adherence to assigned protocols and group specific Standard Operating Procedures
  • Have some level of experience in operating the scientific equipment required to conduct needed experiments
  • Maintain awareness of certifications for both personal and site compliance with multiple regulations
  • Participate in all phases of efficacy research projects from set up and treating through data collection and disposal/clean up
  • Assist in the Spring Treating process where needed
  • Develop proficiency in software platforms needed to order seed (SWATT), set up projects and enter results (SCOUT), and present data (Excel, PowerPoint…etc.)
  • Will be asked to understand and report on observations made during project evaluations
  • May be called upon to conduct additional tasks beyond those mentioned above

Intern Sensor Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support full time staff on defined projects such as: data collection efforts, technical evaluations, and internal testing of spectroscopy technologies and products such as Infrared, Raman, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry
  • Conduct project tasks per direction of R&D scientists
  • Create data summaries and test reports
  • Review literature in related new technology areas
  • Ensure compliance with Company policies for health, environment and safety (EHS) practices and governmental laws and regulations for import and export control
  • Degree-track undergraduate or graduate student in chemistry, physics or engineering
  • Experience with common analytical chemistry tools including spectrometers, balances, wet chemistry
  • Effective verbal, written, and presentation skills (English Language)
  • Self-starter with ability to maintain task ownership with minimal supervision
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software; experience with data processing tools desirable
  • US Citizen preferred; ability to pass a background check and security vetting required
  • Must be eligible for a US Security Clearance
  • Proactively work with other team members to complete DNA and protein based molecular biology analyses focused on agricultural crops
  • Deliver high quality results in a specified timeframe, while adhering to internal quality standards and standard operating procedures
  • Prioritize and perform multiple tasks in a dynamic and fast paced environment including typically routine, technically diverse and sophisticated assignments using robotics
  • Utilize a Lab Information Management System for sample reception and project tracking
  • Execute various lab analyses independently in a high throughput setting including DNA extraction from multiple agricultural plant species, fluorescence based endpoint and Real-time PCR (qualitative and quantitative) and SNP genotyping
  • Participate in moderate to extensive problem solving with other lab members
  • Prepare reports with large data sets for supervisor review under time constraints
  • Demonstrate knowledge of specialized laboratory and scientific techniques
  • Ensure compliance with all existing Safety, BioSafety, QMS and Stewardship standards
  • Bachelor’s degree with 2+ years’ experience or equivalent or Master’s degree with 0+ years’ experience. Non-degreed with 10+ years of relevant experience
  • Ability to initiate and complete analytical testing according to applicable standard operating procedures, in a routine service or research laboratory environment, within a defined timeline
  • Able to work under time pressure, sense of urgency and accuracy
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of technical aspects of molecular biology related to DNA isolation, PCR and Real time PCR
  • Self-organization, planning, reporting and communication skills Computer skills including Windows 7, and MS Office
  • Travel requirements up to 10%
  • Previous experience with plants or agricultural crops preferred, but not required
  • Working safely in a Research and Development Technologist (R&D) environment, actively participating in company safety programs and implements improved Environmental Health & Safety practices
  • Work well both independently and on project teams in the spirit of advancing team and organizational goals
  • Communicates results and progress to technical team and supervision. Document work in a timely fashion in data books, internal reports. Often prepares summaries of work and results to be included in reports
  • Formulating PVC and other thermoplastic resins (PC, PBT, ABS, PMMA) by techniques and capabilities common to the industry (including dry blend equipment, 2-roll mill, extrusion)
  • Measuring rheological properties of formulations in the melt state (brabender torque and fusion (PVC), capillary rheometry, melt flow index, etc.)
  • Creating final parts for material property testing (2-roll mill, pressing plaques, profile die extrusion processing, injection molding, CNC milling, sawing, notch cutting, etc.)
  • Measuring material properties of plastic articles (gloss, color, impact strength (IZOD or drop dart), tensile properties, QUV/Xenon arc, foam rod expansion, foam density, etc.)
  • Seeks to learn inorganic and organic chemistry that can be applied to application work as needed. Clear understanding of each formulation component and intended function in the final formulation
  • Works as part of a team to design and drive experiments based on hypothesis based research. Execution of the scientific method. Providing feedback and suggestions for new experiments
  • Must be familiar with emulsion polymer chemistry and processes
  • Strong mechanical skills, ability to work with hands, independent problem solving, and strong attention to detail
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and multiple projects
  • Additional expertise in such areas as polymer materials characterization, polymer melt processing and emulsion polymerization and isolation would be preferred
  • Preferred candidates will have lab experience with analytical equipment and working knowledge or ability to learn various software platforms (e.g., databases, programming, data analysis, etc.) to analyze data

Research & Development Associate Resume Examples & Samples

  • Be able to set up a basic baking laboratory where required, select the equipment and manage the project
  • Evaluate new ingredients, materials, products or processes
  • Describe/demonstrate research results or experimental protocols to colleagues in a professional manner
  • Carry out those programs so laid out by designated supervisors under authority of the Director of Product Development, within the parameters of time and cost, etc
  • To work, both in a “hands-on” environment and /or direct as needed, ideas and concepts in to product reality
  • Utilizing practical and technical abilities both of his/her own and/or other team members, make changes, samples adoptions as required
  • To prepare specifications and process operating guides for product developments and ensure flow of documentation is communicated to those who have a need to know
  • To write the reports/memo on current status of developments. Record data from analyses or experiments in a computer, log book or laboratory notebook
  • Deal effectively and professionally with outside ingredient suppliers to meet R&D objectives (keeping Purchasing informed)
  • Where product developed is scheduled for test marketing, to accept responsibility such production on a regular basis
  • Prefer 5 plus years of Bakery/R&D/Quality technical knowledge in Manufacturing/Operations
  • M.S. in Food Science or related field or significant experience and training beyond B.S. degree in the science of baking and a strong mechanical aptitude. Equivalent work experience in the bakery industry and specific experience within an R&D/Quality environment, developing or troubleshooting products may be considered
  • Completion of the AIB Residence course preferred
  • Knowledge of Statistical Process Control, statistical design of experiments, and data collection and analysis
  • Based on the level of experience and knowledge, the position has the ability to be a Manager, Research and Development
  • To work both in a “hands-on” environment and /or direct as needed, ideas and concepts in to product reality
  • Utilizes practical and technical abilities both of his/her own and/or other team members, make changes, and is adaptive as required
  • To advise and guide, as requested, other R&D team members and other departments throughout BBU, on scientific/technical matters as necessary
  • To write reports/memos from time to time on current status of developments
  • Interface with operations personnel in all facilities to effectively and efficiently implement product development objective to completion
  • Deal effectively and professionally with outside ingredient supplier to meet R&D objectives (keeping Purchasing informed)
  • To ensure, at all times, communication with all R&D members of product development team throughout BBU and any other groups that may be added in the future
  • Where approved to travel to all BBU technical facilities and co-packers to independently and effectively accomplish R&D objectives and interface professionally with representatives of the same
  • Strong commitment to and support of BBU’s values, ethics, goals, and objectives
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in Research and Development of foods, preferably in the bakery industry. Formulating and/or troubleshooting experience is desired
  • Knowledge of the baking process and the function of ingredients
  • Expert knowledge of the baking process and the function of ingredients
  • Proven excellent work record with demonstrated high levels of initiative and self-direction
  • Demonstrated strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Willing to travel as required
  • Prefer 2 plus years of Bakery/R&D/Quality technical knowledge in Manufacturing/Operations
  • Vocational or Bachelor's Degree in Engineering; preference in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2 years in technical/engineering research involving equipment spare parts
  • Minimum of CAD (or similar) experience
  • Team leadership experience is required
  • Entrepreneurship drive and/or experience
  • Broad, competitive industry experience

Advanced Measurements Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strong system design and integration skills
  • Ability to conceptualize new measurement techniques
  • Solid understanding of Digital Signal Processing methods
  • Experience with applied sensors, rotating instrumentation and telemetry
  • Laser optics and capacitive clearance familiarity
  • Skill at technology development, moving between mechanical design, hardware and software integration to advance from concept to prototype and production readiness
  • Proficiency in project management
  • Post-graduate training (e.g., Master’s degree, certificate) in education, program evaluation, or a quantitative science or social science field
  • Proficiency in Vizio and other graphic design software
  • Experience in writing or administering federal and/or non-federal grant proposals (or equivalent education)
  • Experience coordinating complex projects
  • Experience in developing and executing educational programming (or equivalent education)

Research & Development Chef Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts or related college degree preferred
  • Culinary certification preferred
  • Minimum five years of chef experience; preferred Asian chef experience
  • Successful completion of annual store training

Behr / Kilz Research & Development Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Individuals will be meeting with management daily for assigned tasks and projects
  • Have accurate time management skills and able to perform on a timely basis for team projects if assigned
  • Individuals will be responsible for Kronos time keeping for accurate hours worked. Any overtime hours will need to be discussed with the hiring managers
  • Will be assisting multiple individuals within the department and working with cross functional team
  • Master’s degree AND five years’ experience in research development-related activities
  • Track record of supporting successful research proposals from university-based PIs
  • Doctoral degree AND three years’ experience in research development-related activities
  • Understanding of academic environments, particularly land grant university organizational structures and sponsored programs regulations
  • Experience in data mining, analysis, and dissemination

Research & Development Gum Base Productivity Lead Resume Examples & Samples

  • Build a multiyear Global Gum Base Productivity Road Map to identify a portfolio of opportunities contributing to 120% sufficiency of going forward G&C annual contracts and delivering executable programs to the regional teams. Leverage scaleable step change/breakthrough opportunities built on enabling technologies (Discover Team), E2E solutions, supplier innovation and scaleable region programs
  • Define scope requirements and prioritize the most impactful opportunities to complete early development phase through strong project management, technical guidance, and coordination. Strong collaboration with region teams to validate project feasibility and readiness in preparation for moving projects to region deployment phase
  • Align global and regional gum & candy productivity margins, goals, and timing. Track productivity, address gaps, and communicate to stakeholders
  • Identifies patent opportunities to improve Mondelēz International’s competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Lead ideation sessions to identify programs, complete scoping and initiate development activity
  • Lead and influence ingredient gum base programs to benefit the G&C Category
  • Unleash the power of people by providing challenging experiences that grow and develop people. Drive technical rigor, communiciate clear priorities and build effective teams
  • Worked experience in Polymer Related R&D function preferred (min 7 years)
  • Experience with value engineering/total cost optimization is desired
  • Functional Technical Expertise in one of the following: Chemical Engineer, Chemistry, Polymer Material Science, Food Science
  • Knowledge of Project Management
  • Knowledge of Gum ingredient and formula interactions
  • Gum Process and manufacturing systems
  • Risk Management & Root cause analysis
  • Net Productivity building blocks & development agreements
  • Background. Candidates with Masters or PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences, Electronics or a related field
  • Technical Experience. 3 – 10 years of relevant packaging experience in a FMCG or related goods company. Experience in handling suppliers, design or mechanical/chemical engineering experience in a manufacturing or related fields
  • Language. Can converse effectively in Japanese with suppliers using technical terms. Able to play an effective role in external associations using the Japanese language
  • Cultural Understanding. Has knowledge and have experienced Japanese culture to be able to translate consumer needs into packaging decisions
  • Appoint a calibration/maintenance scheme to equipment, execute or coordinate the calibration/maintenance of equipment and prepare a calibration/maintenance record
  • Execute various lab analysis in a high throughput setting
  • Execute typically routine, technically diverse and sophisticated assignments using robotics
  • Participate in moderate to extensive problem solving and troubleshooting as it relates to equipment and process
  • Prepare reports with large data sets for supervisor review under time constraints and across various project types
  • Assist with staff training on different lab equipment and ensure adherence to applicable Safety, Biosafety, QMS, and Stewardship standards
  • Bachelors degree with minimum of 0 (zero) plus years’ relevant industry experience; or
  • Non degreed with eight (8) plus years’ relevant industry experience
  • Strong understanding of liquid handling platforms and lab automation
  • Works effectively within and across teams to enable new, improved processes and troubleshoot technical problems in a fast-paced environment
  • Possess understanding of the scientific principles of DNA extraction and quantification, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and data analysis
  • Demonstrates a sustained high level of technical and problem solving skills, as well as a mechanical aptitude
  • Flexible and creative thinking with the ability to reduce complexity
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Well demonstrated self-organization, planning, reporting, and writen and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work under time pressure with a sense of urgency, while maintaining quality and accuracy
  • Hands-on experience with Tecan and Thermo Scientific robotics system
  • Experience with the preparation of standard operating procedures and working within a Quality oriented lab
  • Experience with LIMS and Database Software
  • Masters in Electrical Engineering (Power Electronics and Drives) from Tier-1 Institutes with min. 6 to 9
  • Experience in Design, Analysis and testing of Constant Current LED Driver/controllers with various power supply topologies and PWM/Analog Dimming & Flashing techniques
  • Magnetics Design - Inductor, Power Transformer, Switched Mode Flyback/Forward Transformer Design
  • Low and High Power SMPS Design
  • Experience with Design and hardware Implementation of Motor Controller Algorithms on Permanent Magnet Brushless DC or Synchronous Motor (PMSM). Demonstrated capability with Sensored and Sensorless Control using DSPs or Analog controller implementation
  • Design experience for complying EMI/EMC in power electronics application and preferable to have exposure to RF Conducted and Radiated Emissions/Susceptibility Testing
  • Thorough knowledge of power electronic devices (IGBTs, MOSFETs, etc) and gate drivers
  • Simulation/modeling using LT-SPICE/PSPICE, MATLAB & SABER
  • Demonstrated experience of testing, debugging and troubleshooting of Power Supplies and Analog Electronic Circuits and capability of analyzing and resolving them using state of

Clinical Research & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Perform “medical” type data review for clinical studies and send queries for any data that seems incorrect
  • Review clinical data “in aggregate” in order to identify any systemic errors or trends in the data
  • Review patient narratives and comment as needed where he/she sees possible errors or missing information. *If the candidate excels at this activity, then we will give that person more responsibilities such as literature research. There are opportunities to write portions of medical reports, such as protocols or medical review summaries
  • PhD in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, an alternate relevant physical science discipline or an allied engineering discipline, with research experience and a strong publication record
  • Demonstrated ability for successfully developing and executing science-based research program
  • Demonstrated ability to build, lead, and capitalize on successful, multi-disciplinary, technically diverse, internationally-staffed teams research teams
  • Excellent communication, presentation and writing skills
  • Demonstrated high expectations for technical growth personally and within staff
  • Research experience and a strong publication record in nanomaterials and/or energy arena
  • Ability to obtain a DOE Q clearance, which requires US citizenship
  • Substantial technical experience and expertise in fundamental materials science of functional materials, with particular emphasis on surface and interface science, nanoelectronics and nanophotonics, or energy storage and conversion materials (including thermoelectric materials.)
  • Demonstrated ability to identify, attract, recruit, mentor, and retain excellent technical staff
  • Demonstrated ability to partner closely with technical staff and managers across organizations
  • Demonstrated program development success with customers external to Sandia
  • Experience successfully managing a technical organization with experimental facilities
  • Shapes the Future - Builds Effective Relationships
  • Energize the Team - Delivers Results
  • Models Excellence

Senior Group Leader Research Development & Quality Packaging Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for delivery of R&D packaging technical programs for Growth, Quality Improvements and Brand Maintenance for the Chocolate category across Latin America
  • Enables seamless transition of programs and technologies developed by other Mondelez International Packaging teams into Chocolate Latin America
  • Determines needs and secure resources to overcome technology barriers required to deliver results for Chocolate across Latin America
  • Develops programs and technologies to address Chocolate LA business needs
  • Responsible for coaching and development of talent in R&D Packaging Chocolate LA team and contribute to coaching and development of other engineers in the broader packaging team in Curitiba and global Chocolate
  • Leads multidisciplinary project teams for strategic Packaging programs in Chocolate LA to meet defined objectives
  • Influences Chocolate strategic plans through strong technical leadership. Proactively bring new ideas and innovation to the Chocolate LA business
  • Relevant experience in R&D packaging or other relevant functions in Fast Moving Consume Goods Companies, expert in one or more areas
  • Proven knowledge in managing and developing people
  • Minimum of Bachelor Science in packaging, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or materials science based. In-depth knowledge of design & marketing
  • Knowledge of packaging formats and substrates
  • Understanding of marketing and sales strategies and business planning processes, incl. objectives setting & identification of business opportunities
  • Solid knowledge of packaging development processes: feasibility, experimental design, consumer testing, etc
  • Strong English skills in written and verbally and desired Spanish skills as well
  • A PhD in Chemical Engineering with 0-1 year experience in modeling, process simulation, process development or reaction engineering
  • Excellent communication skills to understand and document customer requirements and to effectively convey recommendations to other disciplines
  • Knowledge of process simulation and numerical methods to solve ODEs, PDEs and perform optimization
  • Good statistics background with emphasis in non-linear parameter estimation and experimental design
  • Excellent computer programming skills (Fortran, C#, Visual Basic)
  • Ideal candidate is high-energy, creative, and a self-starter, who demonstrates technical excellence and is comfortable working in a team environment
  • Understanding of CFD tools such as ANSYS fluent is a plus
  • Develop and implement, in close cooperation with the global team, R&D programs, IP development and support, new idea generation, new product and applications development, competitive assessments, lab process improvements, customer technical support programs, and the like
  • Works in the foam laboratory to execute R&D projects for both regional support and global initiatives. This work includes the lab preparation of foam samples, production of foam samples on R&D scale foam processing equipment, and conducting mechanical property testing on foam samples produced
  • Develop and leverage strong connections with other internal functions, especially sales and marketing
  • Establish productive working relationships with customers, co-suppliers, trade associations, and other industry influencers
  • Has a strong commitment towards maintain the safety standards and protocol integral to HITC
  • Basic Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. Degrees in other physical sciences or Engineering disciplines will also be considered
  • Proven track record of working in a laboratory environment, especially with pilot scale foam producing equipment
  • Excellent hands-on skills in operating foam processing and testing equipment
  • Proficiency in polymer foam (polyurethane and/or thermoplastic) technology
  • 3-5 years of related experience working as an engineer or chemist in a relevant R&D environment
  • Work experience with large multi-national companies
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written. Strong presentation skills

Research & Development Actuary Resume Examples & Samples

  • FSA, FIA or FCIA
  • 5+ years of overall actuarial experience after attainment of the FSA
  • Significant working knowledge of fixed-indexed annuities is required
  • Financial reporting / analysis experience with fixed-indexed annuities is strongly preferred
  • Working knowledge of deferred annuities and life insurance is preferred
  • Knowledge of Polysystems is preferred
  • Ability and strong desire to think outside the box, find ways to consider new approaches
  • Ability to work in situations with no road maps
  • Solid emphasis on collaboration and teamwork
  • Participating member of the RFPC staff
  • Manage/Lead the Research & Development, Test and Engineering Department personnel and functions
  • Responsible for department budget
  • Participate in the development of the North American and South American divisions Strategic Plan (STRAP) and Operating Plan (OP)
  • Align Research and Development and Engineering projects with divisions (North America and South America) friction group and corporate goals
  • Developer of friction materials
  • Support the development of adjacent markets utilizing both dry and wet friction materials
  • Coordinate of divisions (North America and South America) materials into friction group database
  • Coordination of inter-company transfer of technology/IP
  • Administer Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks
  • Administer License/Supply Agreements
  • Coordinate MSDS development, control and distribution
  • Interface to internal and external customers
  • Personnel responsibility of various hourly and salary direct reports
  • A Master’s degree or higher in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering is required with 10+ years of sales and marketing experience required
  • Friction material formulation history preferred
  • Strong understanding of friction materials and how they interact
  • Computer skills: MS Office (Word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations)
  • Excellent writing/language, verbal and presentation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and supervisory skills
  • Master and PhD are preferred
  • Major on: Metallic Materials Engineering; Polymer Materials Engineering; Mechanical Engineering and Automation
  • At least CET-4 degree or equivalent English level and CET-6 is preferred
  • Intention and capability to work in a cross-functional/global team environment
  • Independent R&D capability
  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical or chemical engineering or related field from a reputed college/university
  • Strong knowledge in classic thermodynamics and heat transfer
  • High-level proficiency in the use of Microsoft office software (excel, power point, word, macro and VBA)
  • At least 1 year of commercial / supermarket refrigeration experience with knowledge of controls and equipment
  • Alternatively, 1+ years of working experience with a consultant/engineering/maintenance firm specialized in commercial refrigeration or HVAC systems
  • Academic projects/knowledge can be considered in lieu of professional experience
  • Previous experience in the commissioning/maintenance of supermarket and/or commercial refrigeration facilities
  • Executing end to end commercial refrigeration/energy projects from commissioning to execution
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills, understanding
  • Strong interpersonal and customer-focused skills
  • Acts as a consultant and collaborator with internal and external subject matter experts (SMEs) to design, develop, coordinate, and deploy engaging and impactful knowledge initiatives that directly support R&D goals
  • Designs solutions that best employ digital interfaces for global, asynchronous knowledge development and sharing for global R&D sites
  • Identifies, recommends, and implements innovative and cost-effective learning solutions to enable distance and online knowledge sharing
  • Researches, analyzes and conceptualizes different knowledge strategies to design solutions, training, and consulting aids
  • Consults on, designs, integrates, develops, and implements the Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) group’s enabling systems (including specialty software, systems, interfaces, dashboards, web sites, repositories, and workflows), applying a firm understanding of process mapping and process optimization, guiding stakeholders and SMEs through the process, as needed
  • Administers, improves, and/or consults on knowledge portals (e.g., Knowledge Portal, UOP University, Library site, IP systems, Learning Hub content, mobile UOP-TV, etc.), tools, and methods for developing, delivering, and sharing content digitally
  • Provides quality end-user support, guidance, and training for knowledge resources
  • Functions as liaison to IT and partners/stakeholders to oversee and/or drive upgrades and enhancements as they relate to knowledge, including new media applications (e.g., portable devices, video)
  • Bachelor's degree in science, engineering, computer Science, IT or other relevant field
  • 2-3 years’ experience in developing workflow systems and tools
  • Demonstrated expert software skills with the extended suite of MS Office tools, SharePoint including SharePoint Designer, and Nintex
  • Advanced degrees or certifications in Knowledge Management tools and Microsoft Products are a plus
  • Substantial experience with media, e-learning, graphics, web, collaboration, social, and systems software and tools to produce high-quality content
  • Experience developing and implementing systems across a globally distributed population. Expertise representing concepts digitally to promote understanding across diverse populations and regions
  • Strong problem solving skills & Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Strong organizational skills, with ability to prioritize and complete simultaneous projects with minimal supervision
  • Demonstrated success in working across business lines, functions, and levels, ability to positively affect business outcomes through business process improvements and applying relevant learning solutions

Research & Development Program Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Optimize publication and grant proposal output of independent, faculty-led research programs in health systems design and global health
  • Establish system and operations to optimize faculty and staff time use and productivity at each stage of research, from paper conception through publication
  • Understand the role and skills of each team member and optimize the allocation of team members with multiple roles
  • Develop reasonable, time-bound, step-wise goals for each research project or grant proposal
  • Monitor progress toward achieving short-term and long-term goals by creating timelines that are updated regularly and shared with Director’s Office
  • Develop a team culture of accountability built upon strong rapport and supportive communication
  • Hold effective 1:1 meetings regularly with research faculty and staff to understand performance and workflows, identify problems in individual or team workflows, and drive resolutions
  • Hold effective team meetings with research group members to support communication and accountability
  • Advise senior faculty on questions of allocation of resources and staff across research projects
  • Support submission and writing of proposals for grants or IRB and papers
  • Be a thought partner to create an effective research group with a high impact
  • Support strategic planning of R&D strategy
  • Build on departmental strategy of cross-leveraging the health system and School of Medicine’s business and academic capabilities, infrastructure, and human resources
  • Identify points of intersection for grant and research collaboration and alliance building across Mount Sinai Health System
  • Help faculty systematically identify investment opportunities for high ROI projects based on analyses of estimated business and global impacts
  • Support and expand relationships and collaborations with external research groups, business units and global health & development industry
  • Seek out new opportunities for alliances and partnerships that enable the growth of the R&D portfolio
  • Be available to travel for meetings, conferences, and presentations
  • Perform other related duties as needed
  • Review and implement new index methodologies into the technical framework
  • Engaging and working with clients on new index projects
  • Coordinating with internal stakeholders the appropriate implementation of controls

Research & Development Tech Resume Examples & Samples

  • Demonstrate good safety behavior and environmental responsibility
  • Analyze incoming raw materials using HPLC, GC, FTIR, DSC, UV-Vis, TMA, TGA and XRF
  • Good knowledge and ability to apply routine and non-routine sample preparation techniques. Pipetting, micro-pipetting, and volumetric dilutions required
  • Operate laser scanner equipment
  • Maintain data records, log books, forms, audits, vendor calibration documentation, chemical inventory, computer back-up logs, and quality records for compliance with ISO
  • Purchase materials and order laboratory supplies
  • Operate instruments and perform instrument calibrations according to standard written procedures. Start-up new instrumentation, establish test conditions and write standard operating procedures for new instruments
  • Prioritize work and ability to operate multiple instruments concurrently
  • Record and transmit analytical results in a timely manner. Enter data and usage decisions in LIMS and SAP
  • Perform some preventative and non-routine instrument maintenance, reporting any malfunctions or needed repairs to lab management
  • Communicate with and schedule equipment maintenance and repair through vendors
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area and conform to laboratory Chemical Hygiene
  • Serve as a resource to Analytical operators in area
  • Train back-up and relief technicians as needed
  • Participate in test method development
  • Participate in ISO audits and attend area meetings as requested
  • Review procedures as needed and write new procedures
  • Maintain a working home or cell telephone, with an answering machine
  • Communicate via Outlook (or other email systems) and voice mail
  • Weekend and some overtime work required
  • B.S. degree in Chemistry
  • Good safety behavior
  • Knowledgeable in instrumental software and hands on experience using HPLC, GC, FTIR, and DSC preferred
  • Ability to troubleshoot equipment issues, independently
  • Review and write laboratory procedure and test methods
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to communicate in a timely manner
  • The ability to summarize data and write written reports
  • Experience developing and reviewing laboratory test procedures and methods
  • Computer literate and very familiar with Microsoft Excel, email systems, Microsoft Word. Must be able to format, edit, use formulas in spreadsheet and perform simple data analyses
  • Technical resource for analytical operators on instrumentation and analytical techniques
  • In-depth investigation skills for identifying key spectral or chromatographic elements, discovery of inconsistencies in the data, and high accuracy so as to uncover hidden features of an analysis
  • Productivity, analytical competency, communications, good recordkeeping skills, good experimental observation skills, accountability, aptitude for instrumentation, commitment to safety
  • This job requires good flexibility in adjusting priorities and changing the direction of an investigation
  • Accurate and retrievable records of what work was done is key
  • Willingness to learn new instrumentation and laboratory techniques

New Product Research & Development Program Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Typically 5+ years total experience in project or program management and/or hardware/software requirement planning
  • Bachelor of Science or equivalent experience in technology program management, or project management
  • Desired: PMP certification and/or Master degree in business or related subject
  • Excellent analytical thinking, technical analysis, and data manipulation skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including negotiation and influencing skills
  • Excellent project management skills, including leading large, cross-functional initiatives that impact the organization
  • Business acumen and technical knowledge within area of responsibility
  • Work as part of a team in a chemicals research laboratory supporting chemists and engineers in developing, screening and commercializing new Polyurethane products and process. Responsible for managing, then safely executing laboratory work requests, maintaining and running relevant laboratory apparatus and testing equipment and documenting data
  • Independently develops experimental plans and performs standard and non-routine tasks to achieve project goals. Uses technical, role-specific skills and knowledge based on application of standardized work processes and/or expertise to solve problems within work group
  • Develops a specific expertise within the department and laboratory work group in specific procedures, equipment, or instruments. Trains others on equipment, instrumentation and procedures
  • Understands the value of high quality data and utilizes Good Laboratory Practices (or equivalent) to generate such data. Accurately and reliably records readings and observations using relevant equipment and instruments. Understands and communicates scientific observations to project team or principle investigator. Organizes and prepares data tables and charts to present data collected in studies supported. Independently interprets data and prepares summaries of work and results to be included in CRI reports
  • Responsible for calibration, safe operation, and routine maintenance of simple and complex instruments, machinery and systems, including production equipment. Troubleshoots faulty equipment effects repairs or initiates repair processes as appropriate. Maintains and updates personal knowledge for proper use of equipment via manuals and job aids, logs maintenance activities and calibration results as required. Utilizes management of change (MOC) process for new or non-routine tasks and procedures
  • Understands the group objectives and the business or group's value creating strategy and is an important contributor to the technical solutions that result in project and team success. Trains other work group members and contractors on specific work processes, equipment, machinery, for which the incumbent is a work group subject matter expert
  • Proactively evaluates and revises procedures to improve efficiency, effectiveness, or safety. Makes proposals and recommendations for equipment/systems modifications
  • Actively participate in work group team meetings to address safety, process improvement, problem solving, and other work group, department, and functional topics. May also participate in functional and/or business/customer teams relevant to supported technologies
  • Takes personal responsibility for Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance within the team or work group
  • Requires proficiency with standard workstation software, including Word, Excel, and specialized computer-based systems, databases and/or software applications relevant to supported technologies. Work may require specialized/complex programming language knowledge/skills for specialized equipment such as robotics, monitors, controllers, application, and analytical equipment
  • Proficiency in basic chemicals laboratory operation and basic Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) requirements such as safe operating procedures and management of change. Strong understanding and commitment to their own and the safety of others
  • Understanding of science and technology practices including the scientific method, and where potential divergences from expectations might be patentable discoveries
  • Proficient at developing and presenting data
  • Must have strong multi-tasking, problem solving and time management skills.A self-starter who can identify, prioritize and accomplish multiple tasks. Ability to manage multiple tasks and have a sense of prioritization based on value and efficiency. Ability to work independently with high level of demonstrated project execution
  • Associate or higher Degree or Four (4) or more years of relevant military training/experience, in Chemistry or related Science field, with relevant work experience
  • Polyurethanes wet chemistry – lab synthesis experience
  • Polyurethanes Application Experience in Coatings, Adhesives, Sealant and Elastomers
  • DDS, DMD, or LDS
  • Willing to travel 50-60% of the time
  • Technical mastery in patient care in the dental health field
  • Effective interactions and the ability to work effectively with diverse multifunctional work teams that involve R&D and commercial members, and external professional dental associations
  • Passion for the marketplace and for communicating with and understanding the needs of patients and external customers regarding dental health
  • Leadership, self-motivation, strong credentials, integrity, and respect, and the ability to be an accepted and recognized influence among Key Opinion Leaders and Associations
  • Good written and verbal communication skills are required to listen, learn, and understand while communicating effectively both internally and externally

Senior Technician, Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Managing day to day lab activities
  • Testing jobs based on project priorities
  • Managing the lab results database, being the lab safety focal point, and the key operators of key instrument including extruders, mixers, injection molders, compression presses, TA thermal equipment (DC/TGA/TMA), tensile testing equipment, and rheological equipment, etc
  • Previous laboratory experience
  • Ability to organize, document and implement consistent test methods
  • Passionate about chemistry and developing new products
  • Requires proficiency with standard workstation software, including Word, Excel, and specialized computer-based systems, databases and/or software applications relevant to supported technologies
  • A self-starter who can identify, prioritize and accomplish multiple tasks
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and have a sense of prioritization based on value and efficiency
  • Work schedule is an 8 hour day shift, with ability to work overtime as needed per business needed
  • Understanding of laboratory operation and basic Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) requirements such as safe operating procedures and management of change. Strong understanding and commitment to their own and the safety of others
  • A minimum requirement for this U.S. based position is the ability to work legally in the United States. No visa sponsorship/support is available for this position, including for any type of U.S. permanent residency (green card) process
  • Previous experience working in a polymer material characterization and testing lab, R&D polymer physical test methods and technology
  • Hands-on experience in instrument such as extruders, mixers, injection molders, compression presses, DSC, TGA, DMA, tensile testing machine, and/or polymer rheometer, etc
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience in technical curriculum, Chemistry, Engineering, Polymer Technology, Science, Material Sciences, etc., is preferred
  • Consistently follow standard test procedures
  • Conduct standard tests including, but not limited to, Viscosity, Gloss, Solids, Color, Density, pH, Gel tests, and product applications
  • Record pertinent data on raw materials and finished products, including product codes and test results
  • Report problems associated with test equipment and processes
  • Clean and maintain testing equipment
  • Alert supervisors regarding low levels of lab supplies
  • Conduct periodic audits of packaging, finished product and manufacturing processes and issue audit reports
  • To formulate and prepare experimental inks
  • To evaluate the performance of experimental inks in inkjet printers
  • Formulate and prepare ink candidates, test physical ink properties, print test / evaluate inks through various test bed/ printer, measure image quality and end use properties of printed samples, with direction provided by a Principal Investigator
  • Document observations and results
  • Maintain the laboratory environment consistent with Company safety, health, and environmental policies
  • Secure raw material from suppliers for experiments
  • Package & ship experimental ink candidates to customers
  • Evaluate inks on commercial inkjet printers
  • Operate textile printing and processing equipment
  • Evaluate print quality through visual inspection and various characterization techniques
  • Associate’s degree
  • Demonstrated capability as a ‘hands-on’ experimentalist
  • Experience with analytical methods to measure viscosity, % solids, pH, particle size, surface tension, conductivity, UV-visible spectroscopy
  • Proficient in Excel and other Microsoft Office programs
  • Motivated self-starter with good organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Works effectively in a team environment interacting
  • Good organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Commitment to safety
  • BS Degree in an Engineering discipline or related field
  • Experience operating and troubleshooting inkjet printers and measure quality of printed product
  • Experience in a printing and/or measuring quality of printed products

Research & Development Associate Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Demonstrate initiative by executing design development work with functional emphasis
  • Active in designing, analyzing and reporting on experimental studies and/or information technologies
  • Bring innovative ideas for new products, systems, or organizational processes
  • Use knowledge from several disciplines to solve problems with technical conflicts
  • Build strong internal networks with other technical experts
  • Strong aptitude in process improvement, problem solving, and project management
  • Understanding of relevant methodologies and tools (e.g. SPC, ERP, MDMAIC)
  • Developing knowledge of lean, manufacturing, business, and quality systems
  • Strong design experience
  • Ability to prioritize multiple projects and tasks and effectively perform work to completion
  • Manage a cross-functional team of advance development engineers and technologists involved with identifying and evaluating early opportunities that will create competitive advantage for NCI IMP brands
  • Lead R&D collaboration with business functions such as Product Management, Brand Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, and Customer Care to evaluate opportunities and develop the business case rationale
  • Focus on providing company stakeholders with objective information required to help make informed decisions for investing in specific innovation initiatives
  • Manage R&D budget to deliver tactical plans on-time, on-budget and on-spec. Manage internal team performance via weekly status reports and meetings
  • Technical Degree required (B.S. Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Architecture)
  • MBA, preferred
  • Prior Leadership experience required
  • Innovation process management experience is a must
  • 10+ years of relevant experience
  • Six Sigma Certification, preferred
  • Experience in innovation processes and ideation is a plus
  • Proficient in MS Computer skills such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi task

Clinical Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples

  • Minimum two (2) years of post-graduate clinical laboratory experience with distinguished track record
  • Valid current California Clinical Laboratory Scientist or limited specialty license highly desirable
  • Master's degree in analytical chemistry or clinical laboratory science sub discipline with extensive course work in the appropriate sciences, including analytical chemistry, mathematics, physics, and statistics preferred

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research and development officer skills

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Development Officer skills for your resume and career

Development Officer Example Skills

Development officers need a range of hard skills to succeed. These include database management, customer service, and professional development. They must also be adept at event planning, donor cultivation, and community development. For instance, a development officer might develop training programs for individual players or manage corporate sponsorship implementations that benefit both capital and annual operating budgets.

On the other hand, soft skills are equally important for development officers. They must be able to provide technical assistance and emergency trouble shooting to contractors and businesses. They must also be good communicators and be able to coordinate direct mail, individual giving, and corporate membership campaigns. According to Dr. Kirsten B. Bosteen, "Development officers must be confident, outgoing, and able to communicate effectively with donors. They should be able to relate to people at all levels and be comfortable with public speaking."

15 development officer skills for your resume and career

1. stewardship.

Stewardship is the careful management of resources. Development officers use stewardship by managing donor relationships, planning stewardship activities and events, and recognizing donors' contributions. They also engage in prospect research and develop comprehensive stewardship plans to strengthen relationships with donors.

  • Managed all aspects of donor prospecting, cultivation, stewardship, and budget/vendor/consultant management for special events and individual giving.
  • Developed grant proposals, researched funding opportunities and wrote donor solicitation and stewardship materials for president and department chairs.
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers Jobs (40)
  • Santander Bank Jobs (29)
  • Comerica Jobs (25)
  • American Red Cross Jobs (22)
  • University of Scranton Jobs (21)

Alumni are former students or graduates of a university or college. Development officers use alumni by reaching out to them and identifying strong alumni to be involved in projects and mentorship programs. They also hire and manage staff members who specialize in alumni relations and engagement to maximize alumni participation and giving. They also use their relationship-building skills to reconnect disengaged alumni and steward existing relationships to inform and engage university alumni.

  • Collaborated with programming, identifying strong alumni, initiated and executed a mentor program and other projects interfacing both offices.
  • Conducted the Alumni Campaign Committee volunteer training sessions and developed the supporting solicitation and training materials.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is the act of providing assistance, support, and advice to customers before and after a purchase. Development officers use customer service by collaborating with volunteers, providing assistance to potential donors, and responding to inquiries in a professional and timely manner. They also orient, train, and coach department personnel to ensure excellent customer service.

  • Provided excellent customer service while collaborating one-on-one with more than 20 community volunteers, regional presidents, board and cabinet members.
  • Provided excellent customer service to every potential donor, every time.

4. Patients

Patients are individuals who receive medical treatment or care. Development officers use patients by conducting focused group discussions among HIV/AIDS-infected patients, managing a portfolio of prospects including grateful patients, and providing timely drug information when requested by patients or physician offices. They also coordinate communication between patients, family members, medical staff, and administrative personnel.

  • Collaborated to conduct focused group discussion among HIV/AIDS infected patients.
  • Manage a portfolio of 200+ prospects, including grateful patients, foundations, individual donors and businesses.

5. Business Development

Business development is the process of identifying and pursuing new opportunities to grow a company's business. Development officers use business development in a variety of ways, such as collaborating with financial institutions and community organizations to foster economic development in depressed areas, researching and preparing company executives for international business development conferences, and identifying strategies to develop corporate partnerships and volunteer incentives. They also monitor performance against business development and profitability objectives and promote the company's public image in the community. For example, one development officer increased revenue by overseeing new business development efforts and growing 30% over the prior year.

  • Fostered business development in economically depressed areas in Illinois by collaborating with financial institutions, community organizations, and small businesses.
  • Researched and prepared company's executives to participate in international business development conferences with Middle Eastern countries.

6. Donor Relations

Donor relations is the process of building and maintaining relationships with donors to secure funding for an organization. Development officers use donor relations by encouraging cooperation between different departments, delivering targeted communications, and recruiting new partners. They also participate in committees, maintain existing relationships, and create new ones.

  • Encouraged and facilitated cooperation and collaboration between the Foundation and Financial Aid office to manage Foundation scholarship activity and donor relations.
  • Strengthen donor relations by delivering targeted communications, meeting one-on-one, and creating an environment of open communication.

Choose from 10+ customizable development officer resume templates

7. financial support.

Financial support refers to the funding or resources provided to an organization or individual to aid in their operations or activities. Development officers use financial support by gaining an understanding of the organization's needs, developing strategies to increase support, and leveraging resources to initiate collaborations. They also work with businesses and organizations to cultivate sponsorships and financial support. For example, they may use financial support to increase scholarships for students.

  • Gained an understanding of the University, its organizational structure, and its annual needs for financial support.
  • Develop, implement and execute year round corporate partnership strategies to increase financial support of UWKC.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is a system that helps businesses manage interactions with customers and clients. Development officers use CRM databases to manage information and track donors. They also use it to create reports that identify departmental strengths and opportunities. For instance, they might use CRM tools like Goldmine or Microsoft CRM to analyze and track donors, or they might even develop customized CRM systems on a Microsoft CRM platform.

  • Managed databases (CRM), as well as executed the opening of bank accounts abroad, for the company.
  • Performed data entry and vetting of data, built queries and reports via CRM database.

9. Professional Development

Professional development is a process of improving skills and knowledge through formal or informal education and training. Development officers use professional development to improve their skills in various areas, such as managing grants, training volunteers, and enhancing their knowledge of the built environment and community development. They also use professional development to create training proposals for teachers and to assess employee training needs. For instance, a development officer might design and implement a continuing professional development program for professionals in the built environment and community development.

  • Developed and implemented Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for professionals working in the built environment and community development.
  • Standardized hiring practices for external wholesalers and created a program of professional development for sales force.

10. Donor Prospects

Donor prospects are potential donors who have the capacity and willingness to give significant financial support to a cause or organization. Development officers use donor prospects by collaborating with colleagues to identify and cultivate them, sharing information and advice, and coordinating activity on these prospects. They also research and identify major donor prospects, manage and maintain a portfolio of donors and donor prospects, and assist the development team in creating a solicitation approach for these prospects.

  • Collaborate with colleagues, discussing donor prospects, sharing advice/information, and coordinating activity on prospects.
  • Collaborated with faculty to identify major donor prospects.

11. Donor Database

A donor database is a system used to store and manage information about donors and their contributions. Development officers use the donor database to record and update data about donors and their gifts. They also use it to track communication with donors and analyze giving patterns. For example, they may use the database to create invitation lists or to identify potential donors. They may also use it to evaluate and improve fundraising efforts.

  • Managed donor database by entering and updating all appropriate information pertaining to donors and donations.
  • Oversee donor database, updating information and recognizing contributions.

12. Event Planning

Event planning involves the coordination of every logistical detail involved in an event, such as a conference, wedding, or festival. Development officers use event planning to organize and execute fundraising events. They may design and manage renewable energy programs, produce informational materials, and handle media outreach activities. They also provide support to other officers in areas such as writing, volunteer management, strategic planning, and communications. For example, they may secure gifts, manage scheduling and calendaring, and execute international fundraising events.

  • Designed and managed renewable energy programs including lectures, production of informational brochures, media outreach activities and event planning.
  • Supported all development department activities including event planning and volunteer management.

13. Database Management

Database management is the process of maintaining and organizing large amounts of data within a computer system. Development officers use database management to track and analyze donor information, manage fundraising campaigns, and maintain relationships with key stakeholders. They use software programs like Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge to streamline data management and generate reports. For example, they might use database management to oversee team registration and fundraising efforts for events like the Boston Marathon.

  • Maintain high level writing, computer and database management skills 1.
  • Developed efficient knowledge and use of Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge database management system.

14. Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a roadmap that outlines an organization's goals and objectives. Development officers use strategic planning to guide their efforts in achieving the organization's mission. They work with the executive director to develop an annual strategic plan and budget, design and implement program monitoring and outcomes measurement, and engage in neighborhood outreach and planning efforts to stabilize depressed communities. They also participate in strategic planning for the growth of development operations and restructuring. Development officers use strategic planning to increase awareness and retention, develop new avenues of support, and mount capital campaigns.

  • Involved in strategic planning and coordination of numerous standards projects including the Canadian electronic health records initiative.
  • Worked with Executive Director to develop annual strategic plan and accompanying modified zero-sum budget for three foundations.

15. Individual Donors

Individual donors are people who make charitable contributions to organizations. Development officers use individual donors by participating in the development and implementation of donor cultivation events, conducting research on prospective individual donors, and cultivating and nurturing relationships with individual donors. They also use individual donors to support the agency's budget, maximize support from individual donors through direct mail and face-to-face solicitation strategies, and generate an increase in individual donors.

  • Participated in the development and implementation of donor cultivation events targeting individual donors and major gift prospects.
  • Cultivated and nurtured relationships with current and potential corporate & foundation sponsors, and individual donors

12 Development Officer Resume Examples

Build a professional development officer resume in minutes. Browse through our resume examples to identify the best way to word your resume. Then choose from 12 + resume templates to create your development officer resume.

What skills help Development Officers find jobs?

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List of development officer skills to add to your resume

Development Officer Skills

The most important skills for a development officer resume and required skills for a development officer to have include:

  • Stewardship
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development
  • Donor Relations
  • Financial Support
  • Professional Development
  • Donor Prospects
  • Donor Database
  • Event Planning
  • Database Management
  • Strategic Plan
  • Individual Donors
  • Donor Cultivation
  • Corporate Donors
  • Capital Campaign
  • Community Development
  • Individual Giving
  • Economic Development
  • Program Development
  • Community Organizations
  • Donor Recognition
  • Event Management
  • Government Agencies
  • Community Events
  • Cultivation Events
  • Technical Assistance
  • Press Releases
  • Promotional Materials
  • Community Outreach
  • Development Projects
  • Financial Reports
  • Training Programs
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Corporate Sponsors
  • Social Justice
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Collateral Materials
  • Commercial Banking
  • Local Government
  • Government Officials

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Research Development Officer (Hybrid)

How to apply.

A cover letter is required for consideration for this position and should be attached as the first page of your resume. The cover letter should address your specific interest in the position and outline experience that directly relate to this position.

Job Summary

The College of Innovation & Technology at the University of Michigan-Flint is experiencing significant growth in research funding for top proposal awarding agencies. The Research Development Officer supports the research enterprise in the College of Innovation & Technology (CIT) at the University of Michigan-Flint, in facilitation of grant proposal development. The Research Development Officer reports to the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies and supports in priority initiatives related to the CIT strategic planning in research to catalyze interdisciplinary research teams for relevant solicitations and increasing the probability of selection success in grant awards via multiple research development activities. The Research Development Officer serves as a necessary liaison for CIT with the UM-Flint Office of Research for grants and the University of Michigan Office of Research Development to enhance collaboration opportunities with other UM campuses, including via the Bold Challenges initiative, and facilitate access to available resources.

Why Work at U-M Flint?

In addition to a career filled with purpose and opportunity, The University of Michigan offers a comprehensive benefits package to help you stay well, protect yourself and your family, and plan for a secure future.

Benefits include:

  • Generous time off
  • A retirement plan that provides two-for-one matching contributions after 12 months of eligible service, with immediate vesting.
  • Many choices for comprehensive health insurance.
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term disability coverage
  • Flexible spending accounts for healthcare and dependent care expenses.

Eligibility for benefits is based on your job group, your appointment percentage and the length of your appointment. Learn more about employee benefits and eligibility and download the Comprehensive Benefits for Faculty and Staff flier .

For tuition support information can be found at: benefits/

Information about our vision, mission and values can be found at: chancellor/leadership-mission- vision/

University of Michigan-Flint - Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The University of Michigan-Flint's DEI plan can be found at:

The University of Michigan-Flint exhibits its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through enacting fair practices, policies, and procedures particularly in support of the equitable participation of the historically underserved. UM-Flint recognizes the value of diversity in our efforts to provide equitable access and opportunities to all regardless of individual identities in support of a climate where everyone feels a sense of belonging, community, and agency.

Diversity is a core value at University of Michigan-Flint. We are passionate about building and sustaining an inclusive and equitable working and learning environment for all students, staff, and faculty. The University of Michigan-Flint seeks to recruit and retain a diverse workforce as a reflection of our commitment to serve the diverse people of Michigan, to maintain the excellence of the University, and to offer our students richly varied disciplines, perspectives, and ways of knowing and learning for the purpose of becoming global citizens in a connected world.


  • Facilitate cross-division links, interdisciplinary research, and collaboration;
  • Work with the CIT Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and senior faculty to develop formal/informal mentoring strategies in CIT to enhance research success for faculty facing a variety of challenges;
  • Work with CIT faculty and staff teams to develop meticulously arranged and professionally finished grant proposals for highly sought after grants and are responsive to funder requests for large-scale and interdisciplinary opportunities; tasks include creating timelines and checklists, tracking proposal writing progress, drafting supporting documents, and proposal editing with a goal of increasing the quality of submitted proposals;
  • Promote a lively and collegial internal research culture by providing multiple opportunities (forums, events, seminars and workshops) for researchers to meet informally and develop shared interests and initiatives including grants-writing seminars, ideation sessions, in addition to providing a range of project management services to increase ambition and readiness for large-scale funding opportunities;
  • Be a liaison with the University of Michigan Office of Research Development to enhance collaboration opportunities across campuses and facilitate access to available resources including the engagement of CIT researchers in university-wide initiatives (e.g. Bold Challenges, Boost, etc) and close synchronization in planning workshops;
  • Be a liaison and point person for information related to funded research grants, award recipient lists and other research-related information. In collaboration with the communications team, facilitate communication of this information for research promotion, awards celebration;
  • Liaise with UM-Flint Office of Research pre-award and post-award research administrators to ensure appropriate grant and project management processes such that quality grant applications are delivered promptly and university requirements are met;
  • Work with the CIT Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and CIT leadership to develop long-term strategic plans for research within the college;
  • Participate in professional development opportunities (e.g. University of Michigan Office of Research Development, conferences, grant-writing workshops);

Required Qualifications*

  • Bachelor's degree in a related field
  • Five years of experience leading research funding efforts through proposal development
  • Experience in pre-award proposal development spanning diverse sponsors or federal agencies
  • Experience reviewing and editing grant proposals, supplementary documents and budgets
  • Experience writing short copy (web-based text), long copy (research proposals and reports), and research presentation material (power point) for broad audiences

Work Schedule

Hybrid: A consistent hybrid work schedule (some days on campus and some days working remotely) is available for this position at this time. However, this is subject to change based upon the duties of the position and the needs of the department.

Background Screening

The University of Michigan conducts background checks on all job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent offer and may use a third party administrator to conduct background checks. Background checks are performed in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

U-M EEO/AA Statement

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

American Indian College Fund

Faculty Professional Development Webinars and Workshops

research and development officer skills

Tribal college and university (TCU) faculty members have specialized knowledge and skills that TCUs rely on to offer high-quality academic programs and to help students succeed.

The College Fund supports the continued professional development of faculty so they can keep up with the research in their fields, share their knowledge and research with others, and expand their skills and knowledge in areas such as teaching strategies and Indigenizing curriculum.

The College Fund hosts professional development webinars and workshops on topics that faculty have identified as important. If you have questions or ideas about faculty professional development, please contact Heidi Normandin, Faculty Development Program Officer, at [email protected] .

Past and Upcoming Workshops

Supporting transfer students at your tcu: the faculty role.

April 21, 2023

Deborah Wheeler slides

Research and TCU Faculty Professional Development Series

This series was created for faculty all along the continuum–from those who want a refresher on conducting research to active researchers who want to strengthen their research projects and make a bigger impact.

Session 1: Demystifying the Research Process

February 28th, 2024

Susan Faircloth slides | Andrew Kozich slides

Session 2: Indigenous Research Methods: What Does This Mean and Why is It Important? (3/21/24)

Coming Soon!

Session 3: Tribal/TCU Oversight: Helping Ensure Ethical and Respectful Research (4/3/24)

Session 4: writing and talking about your research: tips for presenting and publishing (4/26/24).

research and development officer skills

How to Help

Currently only 15% of American Indians hold college degrees. But with 31% of Native Americans being 24 years old or younger, you have the opportunity to make an incredible impact for this generation and generations to come when you donate today.


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Put Marketing at the Core of Your Growth Strategy

  • Marc Brodherson,
  • Jennifer Ellinas,

research and development officer skills

Three ways to use marketing as a lever for growth, according to McKinsey research.

Companies that make the decision to put marketing at the core of their growth strategy outperform the competition, according to McKinsey research. Specifically, both B2C and B2B companies who view branding and advertising as a top two growth strategy are twice as likely to see revenue growth of 5% or more than those that don’t (67% to 33%). Yet their research also showed that few CEOs recognize the potential for marketing as a growth accelerator. They recommend three actions for CEOs to hit the reset button. The first is to define what you need from marketing. While it sounds obvious, their research found that more than half the time CEOs and CMOs in the same company were misaligned on marketing’s primary role. Second, nominate one person to serve as the chief voice of the customer. In two many organizations this is fragmented, and when everyone owns the customer, then no one does. Third, the CEO should function as a growth coach. They should have a handle on the challenges and opportunities of modern marketing, but their job is to draw up the strategy, not toss the ball down the field.

Growth is a perpetual business priority. So it’s imperative that CEOs understand how their marketing function and chief marketing officers (CMOs) can contribute to that goal. Few do — and that misalignment can be costly.

research and development officer skills

  • Marc Brodherson is a senior partner in McKinsey & Company’s New York office.
  • Jennifer Ellinas is an associate partner in McKinsey & Company’s Toronto office.
  • Ed See is a partner in McKinsey & Company’s Stamford, Connecticut office.
  • Robert Tas is a partner in McKinsey & Company’s Stamford, Connecticut office.

Partner Center

A generative AI reset: Rewiring to turn potential into value in 2024

It’s time for a generative AI (gen AI) reset. The initial enthusiasm and flurry of activity in 2023 is giving way to second thoughts and recalibrations as companies realize that capturing gen AI’s enormous potential value is harder than expected .

With 2024 shaping up to be the year for gen AI to prove its value, companies should keep in mind the hard lessons learned with digital and AI transformations: competitive advantage comes from building organizational and technological capabilities to broadly innovate, deploy, and improve solutions at scale—in effect, rewiring the business  for distributed digital and AI innovation.

About QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey

QuantumBlack, McKinsey’s AI arm, helps companies transform using the power of technology, technical expertise, and industry experts. With thousands of practitioners at QuantumBlack (data engineers, data scientists, product managers, designers, and software engineers) and McKinsey (industry and domain experts), we are working to solve the world’s most important AI challenges. QuantumBlack Labs is our center of technology development and client innovation, which has been driving cutting-edge advancements and developments in AI through locations across the globe.

Companies looking to score early wins with gen AI should move quickly. But those hoping that gen AI offers a shortcut past the tough—and necessary—organizational surgery are likely to meet with disappointing results. Launching pilots is (relatively) easy; getting pilots to scale and create meaningful value is hard because they require a broad set of changes to the way work actually gets done.

Let’s briefly look at what this has meant for one Pacific region telecommunications company. The company hired a chief data and AI officer with a mandate to “enable the organization to create value with data and AI.” The chief data and AI officer worked with the business to develop the strategic vision and implement the road map for the use cases. After a scan of domains (that is, customer journeys or functions) and use case opportunities across the enterprise, leadership prioritized the home-servicing/maintenance domain to pilot and then scale as part of a larger sequencing of initiatives. They targeted, in particular, the development of a gen AI tool to help dispatchers and service operators better predict the types of calls and parts needed when servicing homes.

Leadership put in place cross-functional product teams with shared objectives and incentives to build the gen AI tool. As part of an effort to upskill the entire enterprise to better work with data and gen AI tools, they also set up a data and AI academy, which the dispatchers and service operators enrolled in as part of their training. To provide the technology and data underpinnings for gen AI, the chief data and AI officer also selected a large language model (LLM) and cloud provider that could meet the needs of the domain as well as serve other parts of the enterprise. The chief data and AI officer also oversaw the implementation of a data architecture so that the clean and reliable data (including service histories and inventory databases) needed to build the gen AI tool could be delivered quickly and responsibly.

Our book Rewired: The McKinsey Guide to Outcompeting in the Age of Digital and AI (Wiley, June 2023) provides a detailed manual on the six capabilities needed to deliver the kind of broad change that harnesses digital and AI technology. In this article, we will explore how to extend each of those capabilities to implement a successful gen AI program at scale. While recognizing that these are still early days and that there is much more to learn, our experience has shown that breaking open the gen AI opportunity requires companies to rewire how they work in the following ways.

Figure out where gen AI copilots can give you a real competitive advantage

The broad excitement around gen AI and its relative ease of use has led to a burst of experimentation across organizations. Most of these initiatives, however, won’t generate a competitive advantage. One bank, for example, bought tens of thousands of GitHub Copilot licenses, but since it didn’t have a clear sense of how to work with the technology, progress was slow. Another unfocused effort we often see is when companies move to incorporate gen AI into their customer service capabilities. Customer service is a commodity capability, not part of the core business, for most companies. While gen AI might help with productivity in such cases, it won’t create a competitive advantage.

To create competitive advantage, companies should first understand the difference between being a “taker” (a user of available tools, often via APIs and subscription services), a “shaper” (an integrator of available models with proprietary data), and a “maker” (a builder of LLMs). For now, the maker approach is too expensive for most companies, so the sweet spot for businesses is implementing a taker model for productivity improvements while building shaper applications for competitive advantage.

Much of gen AI’s near-term value is closely tied to its ability to help people do their current jobs better. In this way, gen AI tools act as copilots that work side by side with an employee, creating an initial block of code that a developer can adapt, for example, or drafting a requisition order for a new part that a maintenance worker in the field can review and submit (see sidebar “Copilot examples across three generative AI archetypes”). This means companies should be focusing on where copilot technology can have the biggest impact on their priority programs.

Copilot examples across three generative AI archetypes

  • “Taker” copilots help real estate customers sift through property options and find the most promising one, write code for a developer, and summarize investor transcripts.
  • “Shaper” copilots provide recommendations to sales reps for upselling customers by connecting generative AI tools to customer relationship management systems, financial systems, and customer behavior histories; create virtual assistants to personalize treatments for patients; and recommend solutions for maintenance workers based on historical data.
  • “Maker” copilots are foundation models that lab scientists at pharmaceutical companies can use to find and test new and better drugs more quickly.

Some industrial companies, for example, have identified maintenance as a critical domain for their business. Reviewing maintenance reports and spending time with workers on the front lines can help determine where a gen AI copilot could make a big difference, such as in identifying issues with equipment failures quickly and early on. A gen AI copilot can also help identify root causes of truck breakdowns and recommend resolutions much more quickly than usual, as well as act as an ongoing source for best practices or standard operating procedures.

The challenge with copilots is figuring out how to generate revenue from increased productivity. In the case of customer service centers, for example, companies can stop recruiting new agents and use attrition to potentially achieve real financial gains. Defining the plans for how to generate revenue from the increased productivity up front, therefore, is crucial to capturing the value.

Upskill the talent you have but be clear about the gen-AI-specific skills you need

By now, most companies have a decent understanding of the technical gen AI skills they need, such as model fine-tuning, vector database administration, prompt engineering, and context engineering. In many cases, these are skills that you can train your existing workforce to develop. Those with existing AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities have a strong head start. Data engineers, for example, can learn multimodal processing and vector database management, MLOps (ML operations) engineers can extend their skills to LLMOps (LLM operations), and data scientists can develop prompt engineering, bias detection, and fine-tuning skills.

A sample of new generative AI skills needed

The following are examples of new skills needed for the successful deployment of generative AI tools:

  • data scientist:
  • prompt engineering
  • in-context learning
  • bias detection
  • pattern identification
  • reinforcement learning from human feedback
  • hyperparameter/large language model fine-tuning; transfer learning
  • data engineer:
  • data wrangling and data warehousing
  • data pipeline construction
  • multimodal processing
  • vector database management

The learning process can take two to three months to get to a decent level of competence because of the complexities in learning what various LLMs can and can’t do and how best to use them. The coders need to gain experience building software, testing, and validating answers, for example. It took one financial-services company three months to train its best data scientists to a high level of competence. While courses and documentation are available—many LLM providers have boot camps for developers—we have found that the most effective way to build capabilities at scale is through apprenticeship, training people to then train others, and building communities of practitioners. Rotating experts through teams to train others, scheduling regular sessions for people to share learnings, and hosting biweekly documentation review sessions are practices that have proven successful in building communities of practitioners (see sidebar “A sample of new generative AI skills needed”).

It’s important to bear in mind that successful gen AI skills are about more than coding proficiency. Our experience in developing our own gen AI platform, Lilli , showed us that the best gen AI technical talent has design skills to uncover where to focus solutions, contextual understanding to ensure the most relevant and high-quality answers are generated, collaboration skills to work well with knowledge experts (to test and validate answers and develop an appropriate curation approach), strong forensic skills to figure out causes of breakdowns (is the issue the data, the interpretation of the user’s intent, the quality of metadata on embeddings, or something else?), and anticipation skills to conceive of and plan for possible outcomes and to put the right kind of tracking into their code. A pure coder who doesn’t intrinsically have these skills may not be as useful a team member.

While current upskilling is largely based on a “learn on the job” approach, we see a rapid market emerging for people who have learned these skills over the past year. That skill growth is moving quickly. GitHub reported that developers were working on gen AI projects “in big numbers,” and that 65,000 public gen AI projects were created on its platform in 2023—a jump of almost 250 percent over the previous year. If your company is just starting its gen AI journey, you could consider hiring two or three senior engineers who have built a gen AI shaper product for their companies. This could greatly accelerate your efforts.

Form a centralized team to establish standards that enable responsible scaling

To ensure that all parts of the business can scale gen AI capabilities, centralizing competencies is a natural first move. The critical focus for this central team will be to develop and put in place protocols and standards to support scale, ensuring that teams can access models while also minimizing risk and containing costs. The team’s work could include, for example, procuring models and prescribing ways to access them, developing standards for data readiness, setting up approved prompt libraries, and allocating resources.

While developing Lilli, our team had its mind on scale when it created an open plug-in architecture and setting standards for how APIs should function and be built.  They developed standardized tooling and infrastructure where teams could securely experiment and access a GPT LLM , a gateway with preapproved APIs that teams could access, and a self-serve developer portal. Our goal is that this approach, over time, can help shift “Lilli as a product” (that a handful of teams use to build specific solutions) to “Lilli as a platform” (that teams across the enterprise can access to build other products).

For teams developing gen AI solutions, squad composition will be similar to AI teams but with data engineers and data scientists with gen AI experience and more contributors from risk management, compliance, and legal functions. The general idea of staffing squads with resources that are federated from the different expertise areas will not change, but the skill composition of a gen-AI-intensive squad will.

Set up the technology architecture to scale

Building a gen AI model is often relatively straightforward, but making it fully operational at scale is a different matter entirely. We’ve seen engineers build a basic chatbot in a week, but releasing a stable, accurate, and compliant version that scales can take four months. That’s why, our experience shows, the actual model costs may be less than 10 to 15 percent of the total costs of the solution.

Building for scale doesn’t mean building a new technology architecture. But it does mean focusing on a few core decisions that simplify and speed up processes without breaking the bank. Three such decisions stand out:

  • Focus on reusing your technology. Reusing code can increase the development speed of gen AI use cases by 30 to 50 percent. One good approach is simply creating a source for approved tools, code, and components. A financial-services company, for example, created a library of production-grade tools, which had been approved by both the security and legal teams, and made them available in a library for teams to use. More important is taking the time to identify and build those capabilities that are common across the most priority use cases. The same financial-services company, for example, identified three components that could be reused for more than 100 identified use cases. By building those first, they were able to generate a significant portion of the code base for all the identified use cases—essentially giving every application a big head start.
  • Focus the architecture on enabling efficient connections between gen AI models and internal systems. For gen AI models to work effectively in the shaper archetype, they need access to a business’s data and applications. Advances in integration and orchestration frameworks have significantly reduced the effort required to make those connections. But laying out what those integrations are and how to enable them is critical to ensure these models work efficiently and to avoid the complexity that creates technical debt  (the “tax” a company pays in terms of time and resources needed to redress existing technology issues). Chief information officers and chief technology officers can define reference architectures and integration standards for their organizations. Key elements should include a model hub, which contains trained and approved models that can be provisioned on demand; standard APIs that act as bridges connecting gen AI models to applications or data; and context management and caching, which speed up processing by providing models with relevant information from enterprise data sources.
  • Build up your testing and quality assurance capabilities. Our own experience building Lilli taught us to prioritize testing over development. Our team invested in not only developing testing protocols for each stage of development but also aligning the entire team so that, for example, it was clear who specifically needed to sign off on each stage of the process. This slowed down initial development but sped up the overall delivery pace and quality by cutting back on errors and the time needed to fix mistakes.

Ensure data quality and focus on unstructured data to fuel your models

The ability of a business to generate and scale value from gen AI models will depend on how well it takes advantage of its own data. As with technology, targeted upgrades to existing data architecture  are needed to maximize the future strategic benefits of gen AI:

  • Be targeted in ramping up your data quality and data augmentation efforts. While data quality has always been an important issue, the scale and scope of data that gen AI models can use—especially unstructured data—has made this issue much more consequential. For this reason, it’s critical to get the data foundations right, from clarifying decision rights to defining clear data processes to establishing taxonomies so models can access the data they need. The companies that do this well tie their data quality and augmentation efforts to the specific AI/gen AI application and use case—you don’t need this data foundation to extend to every corner of the enterprise. This could mean, for example, developing a new data repository for all equipment specifications and reported issues to better support maintenance copilot applications.
  • Understand what value is locked into your unstructured data. Most organizations have traditionally focused their data efforts on structured data (values that can be organized in tables, such as prices and features). But the real value from LLMs comes from their ability to work with unstructured data (for example, PowerPoint slides, videos, and text). Companies can map out which unstructured data sources are most valuable and establish metadata tagging standards so models can process the data and teams can find what they need (tagging is particularly important to help companies remove data from models as well, if necessary). Be creative in thinking about data opportunities. Some companies, for example, are interviewing senior employees as they retire and feeding that captured institutional knowledge into an LLM to help improve their copilot performance.
  • Optimize to lower costs at scale. There is often as much as a tenfold difference between what companies pay for data and what they could be paying if they optimized their data infrastructure and underlying costs. This issue often stems from companies scaling their proofs of concept without optimizing their data approach. Two costs generally stand out. One is storage costs arising from companies uploading terabytes of data into the cloud and wanting that data available 24/7. In practice, companies rarely need more than 10 percent of their data to have that level of availability, and accessing the rest over a 24- or 48-hour period is a much cheaper option. The other costs relate to computation with models that require on-call access to thousands of processors to run. This is especially the case when companies are building their own models (the maker archetype) but also when they are using pretrained models and running them with their own data and use cases (the shaper archetype). Companies could take a close look at how they can optimize computation costs on cloud platforms—for instance, putting some models in a queue to run when processors aren’t being used (such as when Americans go to bed and consumption of computing services like Netflix decreases) is a much cheaper option.

Build trust and reusability to drive adoption and scale

Because many people have concerns about gen AI, the bar on explaining how these tools work is much higher than for most solutions. People who use the tools want to know how they work, not just what they do. So it’s important to invest extra time and money to build trust by ensuring model accuracy and making it easy to check answers.

One insurance company, for example, created a gen AI tool to help manage claims. As part of the tool, it listed all the guardrails that had been put in place, and for each answer provided a link to the sentence or page of the relevant policy documents. The company also used an LLM to generate many variations of the same question to ensure answer consistency. These steps, among others, were critical to helping end users build trust in the tool.

Part of the training for maintenance teams using a gen AI tool should be to help them understand the limitations of models and how best to get the right answers. That includes teaching workers strategies to get to the best answer as fast as possible by starting with broad questions then narrowing them down. This provides the model with more context, and it also helps remove any bias of the people who might think they know the answer already. Having model interfaces that look and feel the same as existing tools also helps users feel less pressured to learn something new each time a new application is introduced.

Getting to scale means that businesses will need to stop building one-off solutions that are hard to use for other similar use cases. One global energy and materials company, for example, has established ease of reuse as a key requirement for all gen AI models, and has found in early iterations that 50 to 60 percent of its components can be reused. This means setting standards for developing gen AI assets (for example, prompts and context) that can be easily reused for other cases.

While many of the risk issues relating to gen AI are evolutions of discussions that were already brewing—for instance, data privacy, security, bias risk, job displacement, and intellectual property protection—gen AI has greatly expanded that risk landscape. Just 21 percent of companies reporting AI adoption say they have established policies governing employees’ use of gen AI technologies.

Similarly, a set of tests for AI/gen AI solutions should be established to demonstrate that data privacy, debiasing, and intellectual property protection are respected. Some organizations, in fact, are proposing to release models accompanied with documentation that details their performance characteristics. Documenting your decisions and rationales can be particularly helpful in conversations with regulators.

In some ways, this article is premature—so much is changing that we’ll likely have a profoundly different understanding of gen AI and its capabilities in a year’s time. But the core truths of finding value and driving change will still apply. How well companies have learned those lessons may largely determine how successful they’ll be in capturing that value.

Eric Lamarre

The authors wish to thank Michael Chui, Juan Couto, Ben Ellencweig, Josh Gartner, Bryce Hall, Holger Harreis, Phil Hudelson, Suzana Iacob, Sid Kamath, Neerav Kingsland, Kitti Lakner, Robert Levin, Matej Macak, Lapo Mori, Alex Peluffo, Aldo Rosales, Erik Roth, Abdul Wahab Shaikh, and Stephen Xu for their contributions to this article.

This article was edited by Barr Seitz, an editorial director in the New York office.

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Sub Delegation and Grants Officer

The African Union Development Agency invites applicants who are citizens of African Union Member States for the post of Sub Delegation and Grants Officer.

Required Skills and Competencies

  • Experience in Grants, Sub delegation, and Sub-Grants demonstrated technical knowledge and analytical skills.
  • Experience in procurement and grants financing demonstrated technical knowledge and analytical skills in supply chain management.
  • Knowledge of international standards, guidelines and procedures for the procurement of works, consultancy services goods & services.
  • Proven expertise in SAP ERP or other similar ERP systems.
  • Excellent negotiation and influence skills.
  • Excellent oral, writing, and editing skills, with extensive experience in report writing.
  • High level of accuracy, attention to detail, and thoroughness.
  • Ability to train business units and other team members.
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision, be proactive, initiative, and with sound judgment.
  • High level of integrity and accountability, flexible approaches to work coupled with enthusiasm, commitment, and energy.
  • Ability to leverage limited resources and staff for maximum impact.
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks and work under pressure with a wide range of individuals and institutions.
  • Creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Maintain confidentiality at the highest level at all times.
  • Sound analytical skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

Education and Experience :

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Law, Business Administration, Commerce, Finance, or a related field. A minimum of four (4) years of progressive professional experience in the field of Grants, Sub delegation, Procurement, Supply Chain, or Finance within public sector institutions, international organisations, or similar organizations nationally, regionally, and/or internationally.

A Chartered of Purchasing and Supply CIPS post-graduate Diploma with procurement certification, grants certification, or finance certification is required.

A Master’s degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Law, Business Administration, Commerce, Finance or a related field. A minimum of two (2) years of progressive professional experience in the field of Grants, Sub delegation, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Finance within public sector institutions, international organisations, or similar organizations nationally, regionally and/or internationally.

A Chartered of Purchasing and Supply  CIPS post-graduate Diploma with procurement certification, grants certification, or finance certification is required.

Application : To apply, please submit the following:

  • A motivation letter stating reasons for seeking employment with the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency.
  • A detailed and updated curriculum vitae (CV), not exceeding five (5) pages and indicating your nationality, age and gender.
  • Three (3) referees with good knowledge of the candidate’s work, furnishing full contact details, telephone, fax and e-mail addresses.
  • Certified copies of degrees and diplomas.

Remuneration:  Indicative basic salary of US$31,073.00 per annum plus other entitlements e.g. Post Adjustment (57% of basic salary), Housing allowance ($21,832.68 per annum), pension (19% of basic salary), education allowance, medical aid, life and accident insurance in conformity with the rules and procedures applicable to internationally recruited staff of the African Union.

Applications  must be received not later than Monday, 15 April 2024 .

Click below to register and apply:

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted .

If you face challenges during profile creation or application, log your problem to  [email protected]

Senior Accounts Officer

Procurement officer corporate, connect with us, recent tweets.


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    Reviewing notes afterward. Communication skills. Effective research requires being able to understand and process the information you receive, either written or spoken. That means that you need strong reading comprehension and writing skills — two major aspects of communication — as well as excellent listening skills.

  10. What Are Research Skills? Definition, Examples and Tips

    Research skills are the ability to find an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. They include your ability to gather information about a topic, review that information and analyze and interpret the details in a way to support a solution. Having research skills is necessary to advance your career as they directly relate to your ...

  11. What does a Research and Development Manager do?

    They are responsible for planning and supervising research projects, monitoring project progress, supporting team members, implementing new methodologies, and writing reports. When a project has concluded, they present research findings. Research managers need a bachelor's degree in an occupation-specific field and vast research experience.

  12. What does a Research Officer do?

    Research Officer job duties include: Identify and select research projects for funding. Develop and implement research strategies. Allocate resources to research projects. Monitor and evaluate progress of research projects. Write reports on findings of research projects. Present findings of research projects to colleagues, clients, or investors.

  13. How to Become a Research and Development Manager

    Step 4: Get a Job as a Research and Development Manager. With experience and an advanced business or related degree, you could qualify for careers in research and development management. This broad field may include many specialized positions, including: Operations research. Market research. Engineering management.

  14. What Does a Development Officer Do?

    Development Officer Skills. Grant Writing: Development Officers must craft compelling proposals that effectively communicate an organization's mission, needs, and potential impact. This skill hinges on synthesizing complex information into clear, persuasive narratives that align with the strategic goals of both the organization and ...

  15. Top 15 Research And Development Director Skills

    Continue reading to find out what skills a research and development director needs to be successful in the workplace. The eight most common skills for research and development directors in 2024 based on resume usage. R, 23.1%. Product Development, 7.5%. Project Management, 5.8%.

  16. Research and Development Officer

    A research and development officer is a person that is responsible for developing new products and services. The main aim of this position is to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of the organization's research and development processes. Then, the person who holds this position is responsible for achieving results in projects ...

  17. Researcher Job Description [Updated for 2024]

    Researcher Duties and Responsibilities. Researchers often work with a team of other researchers and committees to plan research objectives and test parameters. They also identify research methods, variables, data collection techniques and analysis methods. Researchers monitor the project to make sure it follows the requirements and standards.

  18. Top 12 Development Officer Skills to Put on Your Resume

    How to Display Tableau Skills on Your Resume. 8. Constant Contact. Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that allows Development Officers to create, manage, and track email campaigns and communication strategies aimed at donors, supporters, or clients, facilitating engagement and fundraising efforts.

  19. 7 Best Research Officer Resume Examples for 2024

    Analytical Skills: You have expertise in designing research strategies, analyzing data, and interpreting results. Technical Writing: You can create and present reports, summaries, and research summaries. Data Management: You have experience with data management and aware of proper research protocols.

  20. How To Write a Research and Development Resume

    When applying to a research and development position, follow these steps to create your research and development resume: 1. Write your contact information. Including your contact information in an easy-to-identify format makes the job of the hiring professional reading your resume easier. Place your name at the top of your resume in the largest ...

  21. Research & Development Resume Samples

    39. Research & Development Resume Examples & Samples. Creating the vision and strategy for the project team regarding the design of the clinical program to address project needs and to support advertising claims Interpreting and integrating clinical study data. Becoming a recognized expert in clinical skin science.

  22. Research Development Officer Resume Sample

    Jessica Claire. Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. (555) 432-1000. [email protected]. Summary. A result-oriented Business/Research Development person with more than 10 years of experience identifying, planning, developing and implementing successful and sustainable business and developmental projects using excellent problem ...

  23. 15 Development Officer Skills For Your Resume

    Development officers need a range of hard skills to succeed. These include database management, customer service, and professional development. They must also be adept at event planning, donor cultivation, and community development. For instance, a development officer might develop training programs for individual players or manage corporate ...

  24. Research Development Officer (Hybrid)

    The Research Development Officer serves as a necessary liaison for CIT with the UM-Flint Office of Research for grants and the University of Michigan Office of Research Development to enhance collaboration opportunities with other UM campuses, including via the Bold Challenges initiative, and facilitate access to available resources. ...

  25. Faculty Professional Development Workshops

    But with 31% of Native Americans being 24 years old or younger, you have the opportunity to make an incredible impact for this generation and generations to come when you donate today. $750. $375. $150. $90. Other Ways To Help. Faculty Professional Development Webinars and Workshops Tribal college and university (TCU) faculty members have ...

  26. Put Marketing at the Core of Your Growth Strategy

    March 06, 2024. Indochina Culture/Getty Images. Summary. Companies that make the decision to put marketing at the core of their growth strategy outperform the competition, according to McKinsey ...

  27. A generative AI reset: Rewiring to turn potential into value in 2024

    It's time for a generative AI (gen AI) reset. The initial enthusiasm and flurry of activity in 2023 is giving way to second thoughts and recalibrations as companies realize that capturing gen AI's enormous potential value is harder than expected.. With 2024 shaping up to be the year for gen AI to prove its value, companies should keep in mind the hard lessons learned with digital and AI ...

  28. Sub Delegation and Grants Officer

    A minimum of two (2) years of progressive professional experience in the field of Grants, Sub delegation, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Finance within public sector institutions, international organisations, or similar organizations nationally, regionally and/or internationally. A Chartered of Purchasing and Supply CIPS post-graduate Diploma ...