200+ Mind-Blowing PowerPoint Night Ideas (Free Templates Included)

Zhun Yee Chew

Zhun Yee Chew

200+ Mind-Blowing PowerPoint Night Ideas (Free Templates Included)

Have you ever imagined that the presentation program known as PowerPoint, typically associated with school, teaching, and work presentations, could become a favorite social gathering tool for millennials and Gen Z? PowerPoint night ideas have taken TikTok’s “For You” page by storm, with someone ingeniously reimagining PowerPoint as a fresh and innovative way to bring people together.

In this article, we’ve meticulously curated an extensive collection of over 200 power-packed PowerPoint night ideas (including some inspired by TikTok ) that are certain to inject boundless amusement and fun into your gatherings. Whether you’re hanging out with friends, spending time with family, bonding with colleagues, connecting with classmates, or even making new acquaintances, these ideas will add a spark to your get-togethers. Plus, we’re offering free downloadable PowerPoint night templates to help you get started.

Get ready to jump aboard this trend and experience this new way of bonding with your loved ones, friends and colleagues! We have something for everyone!

What is A PowerPoint Night?

A PowerPoint night is a social event or gathering where friends, family members or colleagues come together to collaboratively create and share PowerPoint presentations on a range of topics in a lively and entertaining fashion. Unlike the formal presentations you might prepare for a class, PowerPoint night themes tend to be less academic and factual, focusing instead on personal narratives, opinions, cherished memories, and shared experiences among friends, family, and loved ones. With the primary goal of fostering stronger connections and fostering interactions filled with laughter, the themes of these presentations are inherently more light-hearted and joyful.

Without further ado, let us dive straight into the PowerPoint night ideas. Find what you need depending on who you are with – friends, families, siblings, other half, colleagues, classmates, or new acquaintances .

PowerPoint Night Ideas that Guarantee Endless Fun!

Powerpoint night ideas for friends.

Friends PowerPoint night ideas

  • Never Have I Ever: Share amusing and surprising “never have I ever” stories.
  • Nostalgia Collection: Gather old photos and go through them together.
  • Personal Favorites Showcase: Each friend highlights beloved books, movies, music, etc.
  • Passion Unveil: Each friend to share their hobbies and interests (pro tip: choose the ones that your friends don’t already know).
  • Would You Rather: Engage in imaginative “Would You Rather” scenarios.
  • Bucket List: Set the bucket list goals you want to achieve together with your friends.
  • Friendship origin: Describe your first meeting and initial impressions.
  • Google Search Guesses: Guess recent Google searches of your friends.
  • Unbelievable Stories: Share unbelievable personal stories you have encountered.
  • Best & Worst Dates: Discuss your best and worst date experiences.
  • Reality Show Fits: Match your friends with reality shows.
  • Song Descriptions: Describe each friend using a song and reason.
  • Dream Trip Spots: Suggest future travel destinations for your friends group.
  • Nostalgic TV Picks: Share your favorite shows from childhood.
  • Job Confession: Discuss the highs and lows of each of your previous jobs.
  • Best Year & Why: Reflect on your best year of life.
  • Middle School Cringe: Reveal cringy middle school photos.
  • Celebrity Lookalikes: Compare each friend to a celebrity.
  • Fashion Fails Awards: Decide on the ugliest outfit awards.
  • $10 Million House: Describe your dream mansion with a budget.
  • Superhero Alter Egos: Cast each friend as a superhero.
  • Insta Pic Ratings: Rate each other’s Instagram photos.
  • Caption Critiques: Review and rate Instagram captions.
  • Dream Emojis: Invent emojis you wish existed for fun.
  • Fictional Podcasts: Describe imaginary podcasts for each friend.
  • Comfort Movie Picks: Reveal top comfort movies you love.
  • Best Hookup Stories: Recount top memorable hookups.
  • Top Dislikes: List your five least favorite things.
  • Change My Mind: Challenge your friends to change your mind on your dislikes.
  • Animal Antics: Show funny animal videos you love.
  • Movie Remake Rants: Discuss the worst movie remakes.
  • My Personal Evolution: Journey to becoming your current self.
  • Social Media Blunders: Laugh at your most embarrassing social media moments.
  • Hogwarts Sorting: Sort friends into Hogwarts houses and reasons.
  • Amazon Review Laughs: Share the most hilarious Amazon product reviews.
  • Friendship Scandals: Playfully speculate on scandalous stories if friends were famous.
  • Astrological Compatibility: Examine astrological birth chart matches (or mismatches).
  • Niche Future Predictions: Predict friends’ futures in quirky and unique ways.
  • Future Kid Names: Guess what names friends would pick for their future kids.
  • Friend Starter Packs: Create humorous starter packs for each friend.
  • Regrettable Moments: Reveal things you regret and wish you hadn’t done.
  • Personal Aesthetic: Showcase your aesthetic using three photos.
  • Friend Name Alterations: Suggest new names for your friends based on their personalities.
  • Toxic Trait Revelations: Playfully disclose each friend’s most toxic trait.
  • Phone Notes Expose: Share amusing notes from your phone.
  • Red Flag Crushes: Recall previous crushes and their red flags.
  • Having Kids: Discuss your opinions about having kids and have friends weigh in.
  • Job Swaps Daydreams: Share what you’d rather be doing than your current job.
  • Favorite Memories: Each friend recounts a cherished memory.
  • Spirit Animal Choices: Describe the chosen spirit animal for each friend.
  • Friends as Kardashians: Imagine your friends as the Kardashians.
  • TikTok Insights: Share things you learned from TikTok.
  • High School Musical Friends: Casting your friends as high school musical characters.
  • TV Show Fits: Match your friends to TV shows you think they would thrive on.

PowerPoint Night Ideas For Families

Families PowerPoint night ideas

  • Tech Blunders: Share funny tech blunders in the family.
  • Family History: Uncover family heritage, roots, and stories.
  • Culinary Heritage: Share family recipes and cooking customs.
  • Family Milestones: Commemorate family members’ achievements and significant moments.
  • Talent Show: Share individual talents and abilities (pro tip: share hidden talents your family members don’t already know about you).
  • Dream Family Destinations: Share desired travel spots for family vacations.
  • Top Family Film Picks: Present favorite movies for cozy movie nights.
  • Awkward Family Captures: Laugh at cringeworthy and funny family photos.
  • Cherished Family Customs: Discuss special traditions and rituals.
  • Epic Family Fails: Share hilarious and memorable mishaps that brought your family closer.
  • Parenting Bloopers: Celebrate funny and endearing moments from your parents’ adventures.
  • Silly Family Superlatives: Present light-hearted awards like “Best Morning Bedhead” or “Snack Master.”
  • Kitchen Catastrophes: Share amusing cooking disasters in the family.
  • Pet Antics: Document your family furry friends’ mischievous moments and quirky behaviors.
  • Bedtime Chronicles: Share amusing bedtime stories and night routines that make you all laugh.
  • Gardening Goofs: Share gardening mishaps in the family.
  • Family ‘Survivor’ Moments: Discuss the funniest survival strategies each family member has.
  • Family Impersonations: Each family member imitates another’s quirks or catchphrases for laughs.
  • Parenting 101: Each family member offers humorous “parenting advice” based on their experiences.
  • Family Doppelgängers: Compare family members to famous celebrities or fictional characters.
  • Tech Time Travel: Share screenshots of your family’s early social media posts and online interactions.

PowerPoint night template for family

Tech Blunders PowerPoint Night Template

Spice up your PowerPoint Night with this fun template!

PowerPoint Night Ideas For Siblings

Siblings PowerPoint night ideas

  • Pre-College Insights: Share things you wish you knew before attending college.
  • Ex Analysis: Dissect past relationships of each sibling for fun.
  • Childhood Chronicles: Share funny, embarrassing, or memorable stories from your childhood.
  • Siblings’ Bucket List: Share bucket list goals you want to achieve together as siblings.
  • Sibling Show and Tell: Each sibling presents an item that holds special meaning.
  • Sibling Showdowns: Relive playful sibling rivalries and competitions from childhood.
  • Siblings vs. Technology: Share tech-related mishaps and funny text conversations.
  • Siblings in Sync: Compile synchronized dance routines or synchronized silly faces.
  • Sibling Slang: Share inside jokes, phrases, and slang unique to your sibling dynamic.
  • Pet Peeves: Discuss quirky habits and behaviors that annoy each other.
  • Siblings’ Secret Talents: Reveal surprising talents or skills that your siblings possess.
  • Sibling Photo Recreations: Recreate old photos with a hilarious modern twist.
  • Siblings’ Prank Wars: Present the most epic pranks you’ve played on each other.
  • Sibling Impersonations: Take turns imitating each other’s mannerisms and quirks.
  • Siblings’ Guilty Pleasures: Share guilty pleasures and quirky interests you secretly enjoy.
  • Sibling Comedy Roast: Playfully roast each other with good-natured humor and jokes.
  • Siblings Through the Ages: Present a timeline of your evolving sibling relationship with photos.
  • Siblings’ Room Tour: Give a tour of your siblings’ childhood bedrooms, highlighting their quirks and treasures.

PowerPoint Night Ideas For Couples

Couples PowerPoint night ideas

  • Love Language Exploration: Delve into understanding and satisfying each other’s love languages.
  • Love Story Timeline: Chronicle your relationship journey through anecdotes and photos.
  • Fantasy Getaway: Design a presentation detailing your dream vacation as a couple.
  • Bucket List: Showcase shared ambitions and experiences on your bucket list.
  • Creative Date Night Ideas: Compile a list of date night ideas.
  • Adventurous Date Night Ideas: Propose exhilarating and daring date night escapades.
  • Future Visions: Reveal individual and collective aspirations for your journey ahead together.
  • Love Letters Memory Trail: Go through the love letters you have exchanged in the past.
  • Fantasy Escapades: Present an imaginative shared fantasy or dream adventure.
  • The Art of Flirting: Share playful techniques to keep your connection lively.
  • Intimate Poetry Sharing: Exchange heartfelt and passionate poetry compositions.
  • Inner Desires Revealed: Share your innermost fantasies.
  • Life’s Profound Insights: Share acquired wisdom and life lessons with each other.
  • Would You Rather (Couple Edition): Play a light-hearted “Would You Rather” game tailored for couples.
  • Boredom Buster Ideas: A list of fun activities when you run out of date ideas.
  • Dream Wedding Destinations: Explore fantasy wedding locations and venues.
  • Instagram Recreation Fun: Couples recreate friends’ Instagram photos for laughs.
  • Met Gala Outfit Dreams: Share creative ideas for Met Gala attire.
  • First Night Scenarios: Re-imagining scenarios for the first night spent together.
  • Ex Comparisons: Playful discussion of past relationships.
  • Shared Interests Exploration: Discover common hobbies and passions.
  • Celebrity Power Couples: Discuss and rank top celebrity relationships.
  • Aging Transformation Revelations: Predict and share how you’ll look in old age.
  • Cooking Together Adventures: Ideas for shared cooking experiences and meals.
  • Couples’ Game Night Picks: Recommend the best games for entertaining nights.
  • Ideal Relationship Presents: Brainstorm perfect gifts for partners.
  • Guess My Likes and Dislikes: Let your partner guess the things you like and dislike most. (Pro tip: surprise each other with your favorite likes to show appreciation.)
  • Admitted Annoying Habits: Confess and discuss personal bad habits.

PowerPoint Night template for couples

Love Languages PowerPoint Night Template

PowerPoint Night Ideas For Colleagues

Colleagues PowerPoint night ideas

  • Workplace Superlatives: Give out awards for “Best Desk Decor,” “Snack Guru,” and more.
  • Workplace Humor: Create a humorous presentation about office life and inside jokes.
  • Work-Life Balance: Discuss strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Colleague Cocktails: Match coworkers to cocktail personalities and explain why.
  • Dream Escapes: Share preferred activities over current work tasks.
  • Office Character Match: Compare colleagues to “The Office” TV show characters.
  • Job Highs and Lows: Share best and worst aspects of your jobs.
  • Insta Pic Ratings (office edition): Rate coworkers’ Instagram photos with humor.
  • Caption Critiques (office edition): Evaluate colleagues’ Instagram captions in a friendly manner.
  • Bold Unpopular Views: Share personal opinions that go against the norm.
  • Diary Delves: Reveal intriguing and amusing diary entries.
  • Lottery Dreams Unveiled: Present extravagant plans if you won the lottery.
  • Initial Impressions: Discuss first impressions of your colleagues and how they evolved.
  • Office Fashion Faux Pas: Share and laugh at hilarious outfit choices and fashion mishaps.
  • Email Etiquette Funnies: Present amusing email chains and memorable communication blunders.
  • Cubicle Cribs: Show off creative desk setups and personalized workspaces.
  • Desk Drawer Revelations: Share surprising and unusual items found in colleagues’ desk drawers.
  • Conference Call Chronicles: Relive funny moments from virtual meetings and video calls.
  • Workplace Pet Peeves: Discuss quirky habits and behaviors that amuse or annoy.
  • Office Meme Masterpieces: Create and showcase memes inspired by office life.
  • Office Confessions: Reveal humorous secrets, confessions, and funny anecdotes about the workplace.
  • Colleague Catchphrases: Highlight phrases and sayings that have become synonymous with your team.
  • Impersonation Challenge: Take turns imitating colleagues’ voices, habits, or signature moves.
  • Hilarious Meeting Re-enactments: Act out funny scenarios from past all-hands meetings .
  • Office Déjà Vu: Highlight situations that always seem to happen in the office.
  • Mugshot Gallery: Present colleagues’ favorite mugs and the stories behind them.
  • “If Colleagues Were Characters”: Match colleagues to fictional characters that best represent them.
  • Office Screensavers: Share humorous or creative screensavers from colleagues’ computers.
  • Job Title Makeovers: Playfully redefine job titles to capture the essence of each role.
  • Alternate Universe Careers: Describe what alternative careers each colleague might pursue in a parallel universe.

PowerPoint Night template for colleagues

Workplace Superlatives PowerPoint Night Template

PowerPoint Night Ideas For Classmates

Classmates PowerPoint night ideas

  • Future Forecast: Forecast friends’ aspirations and future paths.
  • Passion Projects: Share your personal interests, hobbies, and passion-driven projects.
  • Hidden Talents: Share your lesser-known talents and exceptional abilities.
  • Emoji Wishlist: Suggest emojis you wish to see in updates.
  • Snacks on the Go: Interpret road trip snack choices as personality traits of your classmates.
  • Yearbook Image Ratings: Evaluate and rate yearbook photographs and have a good laugh together.
  • Personal Hue Spectrum: Share color palettes that reflect each person’s personalities.
  • Youthful Lessons: Explore crucial lessons learned during our younger years.
  • Life Hacks: Share useful hacks for school challenges.
  • Classroom Confessions: Share humorous and memorable confessions from your time in class.
  • If Classmates Were Animals: Match each classmate to an animal based on their personality.
  • Classmates’ Superlatives: Give out playful awards for “Class Clown,” “Tech Guru,” and more.
  • Classroom Quirks Showcase: Highlight quirky habits and behaviors that define your classmates.
  • Classmates’ Nicknames: Share the creative nicknames classmates have given each other.
  • Classroom Antics Timeline: Create a timeline of funny and unexpected classroom moments.
  • Inspirational Figures: Introduce individuals who serve as your sources of inspiration.
  • Future Plans: Reveal post-graduation objectives, wanderlust, and individual dreams.
  • Study Session Mishaps: Share and relive funny and chaotic moments from study sessions.
  • Study Strategies: Provide strategies for successful learning and time utilization.
  • Classmates’ Role Reversal: Imagine each classmate in a different role or profession.
  • Classmate Epic Fails: Share hilarious stories of classmate mishaps and blunders.
  • Classmate Time Travel: Imagine each classmate in a different era of history.
  • Classmate News Flash: Create satirical news headlines featuring your classmates.
  • Classmate Trivia Challenge: Create trivia questions based on quirky classmate facts.

PowerPoint Night Ideas For New Friends

Friends PowerPoint night ideas

  • New Friend Fun Facts: Present unique and surprising facts of yourself to each other.
  • Two Truths and a Lie: Create slides with two true statements and one false statement about yourself. Your new friend guesses which is the lie.
  • First impression: Share your first impressions about each new friend in a friendly manner.
  • Fantasy Friend Day: Imagine your dream day together, from activities to destinations.
  • Friendship Compatibility Test: Design a humorous compatibility quiz to determine how well you match.
  • New Friend Travel Plans: Imagine and present your dream travel itinerary together.
  • Personal Timeline: Create a visual timeline of your life, including significant events, milestones, and hobbies.
  • Favorite Things Presentation: Compile images and descriptions of your favorite books, movies, foods, places, hobbies etc.
  • Guess My Passion: Present photos and clues about a particular hobby or interest, and your new friend guesses what it is.
  • My Name in…: Explore the history and meaning of your name in different languages and cultures.
  • Personality Collage: Create a collage of images, symbols, and quotes that reflect your personality and values.
  • My Best Day Ever: Design a presentation detailing your ideal day, from morning to night.
  • Cultural Exchange: Present aspects of your culture, traditions, or customs that you’d like to share.
  • Alternate Reality Self: Imagine an alternate version of yourself with different interests and experiences.
  • In a Parallel Universe: Discuss how your life might differ if you made one pivotal decision differently.
  • My Superhero Alter Ego: Describe the traits and powers your superhero self would possess.
  • If I Could Time Travel: Explain which historical era you’d visit and what you’d do there.
  • If I Could Swap Lives: Discuss whose life you’d want to experience for a day and why.
  • Emoji Biography: Craft a biography using emojis to depict important milestones and experiences.
  • Word Cloud of Traits: Generate a word cloud highlighting personality traits that describe you.
  • Guilty Pleasures: Reveal guilty pleasures you enjoy, whether it’s movies, music, or quirky habits.
  • Fantasy Adventure Partner: Describe the fantastical adventures you’d embark on with your new friend.
  • Book or Movie Character: Explain which fictional character you feel most connected to and why.
  • My Personal Mantra: Share a phrase or quote that inspires and motivates you.
  • If I Were a Food: Describe the type of food you’d be based on your personality.
  • Mars Spirit Animals: Choose a unique planet and assign hilarious “spirit animals” for each other.
  • Fantasy BFF Swap: Present the perks and challenges of swapping best friends for a day with your new friend.

Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas

Funny PowerPoint night ideas

  • Driver Ratings: Rate each friend’s driving skills with anecdotes.
  • First Horror Movie Victim: Predict who’d go first in a horror film.
  • Jail Time Predictions: Guess how each friend would end up in jail.
  • Body Swap Adventures: Describe what you’d do in your friend’s body.
  • Crying Locations Ratings: Rate places where you’ve cried before.
  • Kidnapper’s Change of Heart: Explain why a kidnapper would return your friends.
  • Bank Heist Roles: Assign roles for each friend in a hypothetical bank heist.
  • Santa’s Existence: Proof that Santa does exist.
  • Cartoon Villains: Match your friends with cartoon villains.
  • Hunger Games Survival: Estimate the survival time and downfall of each friend in Hunger Games.
  • Problematic Scale: Playfully rate how problematic each friend is.
  • Gender Swap: Imagine how friends would be as the opposite gender.
  • Conspiracy Theorist Tales: Invent conspiracy theories about each friend.
  • Comical Anecdotes: Exchange funny and cringe-worthy tales.
  • Hilarious Memes: Share recent funny memes you’ve encountered.
  • Funeral Planning: Plan a light-hearted and unique funeral for yourself.
  • DIY Disasters: Show before-and-after photos of DIY projects that didn’t quite go as planned.
  • Text Comedy Revealed: Share amusing text message exchanges.
  • Extreme Makeover: Present outrageous and funny makeovers you’d give to each other.
  • My Secret Lair or Hideout: Share the most absurd and extravagant places you’d hide out in as a secret agent.
  • Hair Horror: Share the worst hairstyles throughout history.
  • Career Misinterpretations: Explain what you think each friend does for work.
  • Yearbook Ratings: Rate yearbook photos with humor.
  • Pick-Up Line Extravaganza: Share both terrible and hilarious pick-up lines.
  • Weird Global Foods: Share unusual foods from around the world.
  • Fashion Fails: Showcase fashion faux pas and “Worst Outfit” moments.

10 Bonus Tips for An Unforgettable PowerPoint Night

Now that you have an exciting array of PowerPoint night ideas in your arsenal, let us make sure you combine them with the following tips to ensure your PowerPoint night is an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

  • Select Diverse Topics : Pick a mix of fun, informative, and personal subjects to appeal to everyone’s interests.
  • Interactive Elements : Infuse interactive elements in your PowerPoint presentations like quizzes, polls, or challenges to actively engage the audience and spark conversations.

Read this Expert Guide to  Interactive PowerPoint  for more expert tips, tutorials and free templates for interactive PowerPoint presentations, with a free 60+ pages playbook for download.

Interactive Puzzle PowerPoint Templates

Master the tricks to turn your PowerPoint into an interactive experience today!

  • Add a Personal Flair : Encourage sharing personal stories, anecdotes, or cherished memories to forge deeper connections among participants.
  • Timekeeping : Use a timer to help keep everything on track and ensure seamless transitions between presentations.
  • Variety of Formats : Be flexible and embrace diverse presentation styles—blend informative pieces with humor, storytelling, or even turn your PowerPoint night into a game to keep things fresh.
  • Clear and Concise Content : Keep your slides straightforward and succinct. Use bullet points, short sentences, and key phrases to convey your message with precision.
  • Visual Appeal : Infuse your slides with fun and engaging images, graphics, and icons to elevate the visual appeal.
  • Minimal Text : Cut down on excessive text and use only essential keywords and phrases to complement your spoken presentation. (Remember, this is not a lecture or class presentation!)
  • Engaging Fonts : Opt for easy-to-read fonts that are pleasing to the eye. Stick to a maximum of two font styles for a polished and unified appearance.
  • Audience-Focused : Tailor your content to your audience’s interests and questions. Address their needs to keep them fully engaged and invested.

Final Thoughts

In a fast-paced digital world quick with fleeting connections, PowerPoint nights stand as investments that hold a value beyond mere currency. These gatherings are more than just presentations; they are windows into the soul of friendships, families, and colleagues. So, whether you’re bonding with loved ones, rekindling old friendships, or strengthening workplace camaraderie, remember that a PowerPoint night isn’t just about the slides—it’s about the stories, the connections, and the joy that unfolds with each click. So, we hope you make good use of the ideas above to create an epic PowerPoint night, because you are not just creating presentations, but moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Lesson Planet

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Inform your elementary scientists why we experience day and night. They are provided with facts and explanation as to why the day and night cycle occur, discuss what they've learned with a partner, and are then given the task of writing about the process to an alien who doesn't understand day and night.

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50 Creative Ideas For Your Next PowerPoint Night

presentation on day and night

TikTok is the newest, hippest (just ask any twenty-something year old) social media platform and arguably the biggest thing since Instagram’s launch in 2010. The platform boasts over 1 billion users and has been downloaded an upwards of 200 million times in the United States alone. You can find all sorts of videos on TikTok from food recipes and fashion, to presentation tips. Its diverse, entertaining, short-form content is what makes the app so favorable across many different age groups and demographics. 

Many trends and recommendations have come to light because of the ever-popular social media app like dances, sounds, and meals. But another TikTok trend that has taken millennials and Gen Z by storm is PowerPoint nights. PowerPoint nights became especially popular in 2020 during the pandemic when friends and family were looking for ways to connect with one another via technology. Essentially, friends create presentation decks about cheeky topics (unrelated to work or school) and present them to each other either in-person or through video calls. Oftentimes served with plenty of snacks and beverages, PowerPoint nights have become a new Friday night “thing” to do. A trend we can get behind. 

And of course, we’re thrilled that it put presentations on the map for something fun other than board meetings and thesis assignments. 

So we’re tapping in. Here are 50 creative ideas for your next PowerPoint night. Extra points if you use Beautiful.ai and tag us on TikTok. 

presentation on day and night

  • Your colleagues as The Office characters
  • Dating app contenders 
  • Hot takes on a new album from your favorite artist
  • Your Spotify Wrapped list
  • Bachelor/bachelorette (or other reality TV show) predictions
  • A song to describe each person in your friend group and why
  • Suggest locations for your next friend trip
  • Everyone’s love language
  • Fantasy football updates
  • Everyone’s favorite movies, ranked
  • Water bottle brands ranked
  • The best restaurants in a 30 mile radius according to you
  • Dream wedding destinations
  • Your friends as Disney characters
  • The best nostalgic shows for your generation
  •  Things you would do if you were president 
  •  Pet names that you love and hate
  •  The best and worst managers or bosses you’ve ever had
  •  Your favorite memory with each friend
  •  The best iPhone/android apps you can’t live without
  •  Each friend’s toxic trait
  •  Fashion trends you can’t get behind
  •  Friend trivia or two truths and a lie
  •  Office gadgets that just make sense
  •  A [insert name] starter pack for all of your friends
  •  Give each friend a superpower and explain why
  •  Your colleagues as an alcoholic beverage
  •  Things you hate: and everyone has a chance to try to change your mind
  •  Everyone’s enneagram types
  •  Unpopular opinions: things you like that no one else does
  •  The emojis you need in the next update
  •  The top 10 best celebrity couples
  •  Things that just make sense to have in your home
  •  Band names each friend would name their band
  •  Things from Amazon that you would recommend to a stranger
  •  Your friends as fast food restaurants
  •  A song for every milestone in your life
  •  How each person’s road trip snack preference defines them
  •  The first five things you’d spend money on if you won the lottery
  •  Bucket list items
  •  Local coffee shops, ranked
  •  The best and worst things about everyone’s jobs
  •  Give all your friends a new name and persona
  •  How everyone’s zodiac signs fit their personality
  •  Your group as Friends characters
  •  Holidays ranked from worst to best
  •  Celebrities that would play your friends in a movie or TV role
  •  Things you’d rather be doing than your current job
  •  Each of your colleagues as dog breeds
  • The best (most useful) things you’ve learned from TikTok

Want to create a viral-worthy presentation in half the time? Let DesignerBot take the wheel . While PowerPoint night topics are subjective, DesignerBot can help you pull in facts, images, or information on your topic. For example, for a presentation on "water bottle brands ranked" you can enter the prompt "top 10 water bottle brands" and watch DesignerBot generate the deck for you like magic. You can then edit the slide(s) to reflect your personal rankings and thoughts without wasting time sourcing brand names, photos, or logos. You might even ask DesignerBot to pick a PowerPoint night topic for you— the possibilities are endless.

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.

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9 Ideas For Hosting An Amazing Presentation Night

  • By Judhajit Sen
  • May 17, 2024

Have you ever thought the slideshows we used for school or work could turn into a party hit? Well, thanks to TikTok, now they have! Picture this: you and your friend group gathered around a screen, cracking up as you click through hilarious PowerPoint presentations. 

Presentation nights, also known as PowerPoint nights, are about having a blast with friends, family, or coworkers. It’s a chance to let loose and show off your creativity with slides. These involve nights where each friend would pick a topic and then take turns presenting slides in a funny and entertaining way. 

PowerPoint nights are the perfect excuse to laugh together, whether chilling with your college buddies, having a sleepover, or celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party. Plus, you can quickly join virtually, sharing screens or casting presentations for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a fun and laid-back activity, Presentation nights might be the thing for you. Get ready to laugh, cuddle with snacks, and enjoy seriously hilarious presentations!

Key Takeaways

PowerPoint Nights: These gatherings, inspired by TikTok, are informal and entertaining social events where friends, family, or coworkers share and enjoy PowerPoint presentations on various topics.

Creativity and Variety: Presentation nights thrive on creativity and variety. Themes add cohesion, while diverse topics ensure something for everyone’s interests.

Engagement is Key: Keep presentations short, engaging, and visually appealing. Incorporate interactive elements like quizzes and games to involve the audience and maintain their interest.

Positive Atmosphere: Foster a supportive and positive atmosphere  where everyone can share their ideas and stories without fear of judgment.   

Timing and Flexibility: Keep presentations concise and within playful time limits to ensure the event flows smoothly. Embrace diverse presentation styles to keep the night exciting and unpredictable.

Fueling Fun: No Presentation night is complete without snacks and drinks. Offer a variety of treats to keep everyone fueled and in high spirits throughout the event.

PowerPoint Nights

A PowerPoint night is a lively social gathering where friends, family, or colleagues gather to share and enjoy PowerPoint presentations on various topics. Also known as PowerPoint parties, these events can occur in person or through video calls, making them accessible to all.

The essence of a Presentation night lies in its informality and entertainment value. Participants select fun and quirky types of presentations , creating an engaging atmosphere filled with laughter and camaraderie. Whether reminiscing about cherished memories, sharing personal narratives, or debating incredible issues and conspiracy theories, the focus is on fostering connections and enjoying each other’s company.

Originally popularized during the COVID-19 pandemic as a remote social activity, PowerPoint nights have become a hit online and offline. They offer a refreshing alternative to traditional party games, allowing creativity, interaction, and plenty of finger foods and drinks.

The possibilities are endless, from themed presentations incorporating drinking games to tailoring topics to specific interests. Whether hosting a sleepover, a bachelor or bachelorette party or simply hanging out with friends, Presentation nights promise fun and laughter for all involved.

The following are nine PowerPoint night ideas for hosting fantastic presentations.

Ideas To Host An Amazing Presentation Night

Ideas To Host An Amazing Presentation Night

Themed Fun: Adding Flavor to Your PowerPoint Night

Spice up your PowerPoint night by choosing a theme! Whether it’s pop culture, personal experiences, or something unique, themes add cohesion and make the night more enjoyable. Themes provide direction and inspiration for your funniest presentations, making brainstorming easier. Remember, the key to a fun Presentation night is the ideas bucket list. Aim to surprise, shock, or entertain your audience immediately. Be bold with your concepts, but always remember your friends’ feelings to avoid any unintentional offense. Choose various topics that blend fun, informative, and personal subjects to keep everyone engaged. By mixing it up, you’ll appeal to everyone’s interests and ensure a night to remember.

Keep it Snappy: Short and Engaging Presentations

Nobody likes long, boring presentations. Keep things short and sweet to keep your audience interested. Especially since PowerPoint nights follow the TikTok trend, it’s crucial to keep your presentations concise and straightforward. You don’t want to bore your friends at a house party! Focus on making your delivery engaging and fun to keep everyone entertained throughout the night.

Spice Up Your Slides: Get Creative with Visuals

Make your presentation night pop with creativity! Don’t hold back—use multimedia presentation elements like images, videos, and sound effects to jazz up your slides and keep your audience engaged. Remember, this is all about having fun, so make sure your presentation is visually appealing. Add  presentation aids like funny memes, pictures, and videos to keep everyone entertained and laughing. Choose bold templates and styles, play with the best colors and funky fonts, and don’t forget to sprinkle in some emojis for extra flair. This isn’t a typical school or business plan presentation , so let your creativity run wild! Add all the visuals you want—videos, GIFs, voice recordings—it’s your chance to shine. To top it off, infuse your slides with fun graphics and icons to elevate the visual appeal. Keep your fonts easy to read, and stick to just a few styles for a polished look that ties everything together. With these tips, your presentation will stand out and wow the crowd.

Fostering Fun and Support: Creating a Positive Atmosphere

Set the stage for a memorable Presentation night by fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere. While it’s all fun to tease each other, keep the tone light-hearted and steer clear of anything hurtful or offensive. Encourage everyone to relax and enjoy themselves in a laid-back environment where ideas can flow freely. Celebrate each presenter’s efforts and achievements, applauding their creativity, humor, and bravery in sharing their best and worst ideas. Keep it fun, light-hearted, and celebratory as you and your loved ones enjoy each other’s presentations.

Interactive Fun: Engaging Your Audience

Elevate your PowerPoint night with interactive presentation ideas that keep everyone involved and entertained! Turn your friends into contestants and judges, adding a dash of competition to the evening. Score each presentation and delivery, and crown the winner at night’s end. Inject energy into the event with audience engagement strategies between presentations. From icebreaker games to trivia quizzes, get everyone laughing and engaged. But it’s not just about entertainment—make it a two-way street involving the audience. Encourage questions, comments, and even mini-presentations from the crowd, ensuring everyone feels part of the action. Infuse your presentations with quizzes, polls, or challenges to engage your audience and spark conversations actively. Customize your content to their interests and questions to keep them fully invested. With this interactive communication , your Presentation night will surely be a hit.

Unleash Your Creativity: Diverse Presentation Styles

Break free from traditional slide-based presentations and explore new ways to captivate your audience during presentation nights! Encourage presenters to think outside the box and embrace innovative formats like open-canvas presentations, skits, or storytelling. Stay flexible and welcome diverse styles, mixing informative content with humor, storytelling, or interactive games to keep the presentation exciting  and engaging. While “PowerPoint Night” may be the popular term, remember that any presentation tool will do the trick. Whether it’s PowerPoint, Google Slides, or even a Word document filled with pictures, use whatever makes it easiest for you to share your ideas and make the night unforgettable.

Timing Matters: Keeping Presentations on Point

Ensure your presentation night flows smoothly by mastering the art of timing! To stay on track, use a timer to guide each presentation and ensure seamless transitions between speakers. With the right timing, your presentation night will be a hit from start to finish.

Connecting Through Stories: Embracing Authenticity

Create meaningful connections at your presentation night by embracing personal stories and individual quirks! Encourage presenters to share their anecdotes, cherished memories, and unique perspectives to forge deeper bonds among participants. Let each presenter embrace their individuality, infusing their presentations with personal stories and a dash of humor that reflects their unique personality. With genuine  storytelling and a touch of humor, your presentation night will be a memorable experience for all.

Fueling Fun: Snacks and Drinks for Presentation Nights

No Presentation night is complete without tasty treats and thirst-quenching drinks! From your favorite chips and dips to refreshing beverages, keep everyone fueled and in high spirits throughout the event. Whether it’s setting up a DIY nacho bar, a popcorn station, or a mocktail mixing corner, offering delicious snacks and drinks is a must for a successful and enjoyable presentation night. So, grab your favorites, indulge in some munchies, and sip your preferred drinks as you enjoy the presentations with your friends.

PowerPoint Nights: A Recipe for Fun and Friendship  

PowerPoint nights are the new go-to activity when it comes to having a good time with friends or coworkers. These gatherings, born from the depths of TikTok, bring people together for laughter, creativity, and plenty of snacks. Whether you’re reminiscing with college buddies or celebrating a special occasion, Presentation nights offer a unique blend of entertainment and camaraderie.

The essence of PowerPoint nights lies in their informality and entertainment value. From themed presentations to short and engaging slideshows, there’s something for everyone. Creativity knows no bounds, with presenters incorporating visuals, interactive elements, and diverse presentation styles to entertain the audience.

But it’s not just about the presentations—it’s about the connections forged through storytelling and shared experiences. Presentation nights provide a platform for genuine storytelling and authentic connections, fostering a supportive atmosphere where everyone can shine.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and laid-back activity to enjoy with friends, look no further than PowerPoint nights. With a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of humor, and plenty of snacks to go around, you’re guaranteed a night to remember. So gather your friends, fire up the slideshows, and prepare for an evening of laughter, friendship, and maybe a few surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a PowerPoint night?

A PowerPoint night is a social gathering where friends, family, or colleagues gather to share and enjoy PowerPoint presentations on various topics. Also known as PowerPoint parties, these events can be held in person or through video calls.

2. How do Presentation nights work?

Participants select fun and quirky topics to present, creating an engaging atmosphere filled with laughter and camaraderie. Each person takes turns presenting their slides in a funny and entertaining way, fostering connections and enjoying each other’s company.

3. Can I join a PowerPoint night virtually?

Yes! PowerPoint nights can easily be joined virtually, allowing participants to share screens or cast presentations for everyone to enjoy. Whether chilling with your college buddies or celebrating a special occasion, you can still enjoy the fun from anywhere.

4. What makes Presentation nights enjoyable?

Presentation nights foster a positive and supportive atmosphere where creativity knows no bounds. From themed presentations to short and engaging slideshows, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

5. How can I make my PowerPoint presentation stand out?

To make your presentation stand out, get creative with visuals by using images, videos, and sound effects. Include interactive elements to engage your audience, and consider exploring diverse presentation styles beyond traditional slideshows.

6. What snacks and drinks are suitable for Presentation nights?

No Presentation night is complete without tasty treats and thirst-quenching drinks! Offering delicious snacks and drinks is a must for a successful and enjoyable presentation night, from chips and dips to mocktails and munchies.

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80+ Unique and fun presentation night ideas

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Anete Ezera July 24, 2023

Presentation nights have become a popular way to entertain and engage friends, colleagues, and classmates. Whether you’re in high school, college, or even the workplace, a presentation night filled with unique and light-hearted topics is sure to create an enjoyable and memorable experience. In this article, we’ll provide you with over 80 funny presentation night ideas that are guaranteed to spark laughter and interest. Plus, we’ll explore why Prezi is the perfect tool for actualizing your presentation night ideas and taking your stories to new heights of creativity and engagement.

Young professional woman giving presentation during a presentation night

Presentation night ideas

Hobbies and talents.

  • Hobbies you’ve discovered
  • Hidden talents of your friends
  • Unconventional uses for everyday objects
  • Unusual talents you possess
  • Uncommon pets you’d love to have
  • Unusual traditions from around the world
  • Quirky fashion trends you’ve come across
  • Unusual collections people have
  • Unusual ways people have made money
  • Quirky DIY projects you’ve come across
  • Unexpected talents you’ve discovered in yourself
  • Unusual hobbies of famous people

Fictional and historical characters

  • Fictional characters you relate to the most
  • Bizarre facts about historical figures
  • Analyzing fictional and historical characters

Technology and inventions

  • Technology predictions for the next decade
  • Amazing inventions you wish existed
  • Future Tech: Game-changing inventions of the next decade
  • Innovate and elevate: Imagining incredible inventions for the future

Travel and adventure

  • Epic travel adventures you’d love to embark on
  • Memorable encounters with wildlife
  • Unexpected places you’ve found inspiration
  • Funny experiences with public transportation
  • Unexpected acts of kindness you’ve encountered

Childhood memories and misadventures

  • Funniest childhood memories
  • Best childhood memories
  • Weird childhood fears you had
  • Hilarious misadventures in cooking or baking
  • Funny moments of miscommunication
  • Hilarious moments in family gatherings
  • Stories from your school days

Phobias and superstitions

  • Weird phobias you’ve encountered
  • Personal superstitions and their origins
  • Phobias you’ve overcome
  • Weird phobias people have
  • Phobias of famous people

Funny and humorous experiences

  • Funny coincidences you’ve experienced
  • Unforgettable pranks you’ve witnessed or experienced
  • Hilarious autocorrect fails
  • Hilarious encounters with wildlife
  • Funny stories about misheard song lyrics
  • Funny pet stories or antics
  • Funny experiences with mistaken identity
  • Funny experiences with technology glitches
  • Hilarious stories of cultural misunderstandings
  • Hilarious encounters with wild weather
  • Funny experiences with online dating
  • Hilarious autocorrect mishaps
  • Awkward moments in public speaking
  • Funny experiences with customer service

Food adventures

  • Strange food combinations you enjoy
  • Unusual food festivals around the world
  • Unusual ice cream flavors you’ve tried
  • Food around the world: Destinations known for their culinary delights

Unusual and strange facts

  • Weird and humorous town slogans
  • Weird laws from different countries
  • Unusual facts about animals
  • Unusual facts about the human body
  • Weird and unusual street art
  • Weird road signs you’ve noticed
  • Weird vending machines you’ve come across

Unusual and unique themes and competitions

  • Unique party themes you’ve encountered
  • Unusual competitions you’ve heard of
  • Quirky and unusual sports you’ve encountered
  • The rise of alternative and niche competitions in the 21st century

Celebrity and famous people

  • Unusual baby names celebrities have chosen
  • Odd facts about your favorite celebrities
  • The psychology of celebrity obsession
  • Stories of self-made celebrities

Museum exhibits and art installations

  • Unusual museum exhibits you’ve seen
  • Unusual art installations you’ve encountered
  • The world’s greatest museums
  • Iconic museum buildings from around the world

Street performers and street names

  • Strange street performers you’ve seen
  • Weird street names in your city
  • Street names with interesting stories
  • Street performers and their stories

Beauty rituals and traditions

  • Beauty rituals from different cultures
  • Holiday traditions you’ve encountered
  • Timeless beauty hacks: Ancient rituals for modern beauty
  • From Cleopatra to K-Beauty: Beauty trends through time

Presentation night tips

Hosting an event that is both fun and engaging while leaving a lasting impression on attendees is an art worth mastering. Here are some thrilling and insightful tips that will help you create a truly memorable experience.

Embrace the chill vibes

Create a relaxed and casual atmosphere for your presentation night. Encourage presenters and attendees to kick back, relax, and enjoy the show. Let the energy flow freely and allow everyone to feel comfortable expressing their ideas.

Fuel the fun with snacks and drinks

Keep the good times rolling by providing delicious snacks and refreshing beverages. Whether it’s a DIY nacho bar, a popcorn station, or a mocktail mixing corner, offering tasty treats will keep everyone fueled and in high spirits.

Group of friends watching presentation night ideas

Set the stage for success

Design a presentation space that exudes comfort. Opt for cozy seating arrangements , fairy lights, and funky decorations to create an inviting and laid-back ambiance. Don’t forget to add some colorful cushions and blankets for extra coziness.

Think outside the box

Encourage presenters to think creatively and go beyond traditional slide-based presentations. Embrace innovative presentation formats like the open-canvas Prezi presentations, skits, or stories. This will add an element of surprise and keep the audience entertained throughout the night.

Interactive activities

Inject interactive activities between presentations to keep the energy levels up. From icebreaker games to quick trivia quizzes, get the audience involved and laugh together. This not only breaks the ice but also adds a playful touch to the evening.

Business people with raised arms during seminar. Male and female professionals are asking questions to businessman. They are in conference room.

Playful time limits

Instead of strict time constraints, opt for playful time limits that encourage presenters to keep their presentations light. For example, challenge them to present their ideas in five minutes or less, allowing for quick bursts of creativity and witty storytelling.

Engage the crowd

Make your presentation night a two-way street by involving the audience in the fun. Encourage them to ask questions, provide comments, or even contribute their own mini-presentations. This interactive approach ensures that everyone feels engaged and part of the action.

Embrace quirkiness

Let your presenters embrace their unique personalities and quirks. Encourage them to infuse their presentations with personal stories and a touch of their own brand of humor. This authenticity will create a relaxed and relatable atmosphere that resonates with everyone.

Celebrate success

Take a moment to celebrate each presenter’s efforts and accomplishments. Applaud their creativity, humor, and bravery in sharing their ideas. A supportive and positive environment will boost confidence and inspire everyone to shine on the stage.

Add a dash of Prezi magic

To up the excitement level, use Prezi as your presentation tool. Prezi’s dynamic features, zooming effects, and visually captivating designs will make your presentations pop and add that extra touch of coolness to the night.

Young businesswoman addressing group of people in meeting. Female executive sharing the new presentation theme with colleagues in the startup office.

How Prezi can make your presentations stand out

Dynamic visuals and zooming effects.

Prezi’s unique zooming interface allows you to create a visually compelling journey through your content. Rather than flipping through static slides, you can pan and zoom between different elements, creating a more fluid and dynamic experience . This feature can be especially engaging during presentation night, as it keeps the audience’s attention focused on the screen, eager to see what comes next. Utilize Prezi’s zooming capabilities to highlight key points, reveal content gradually, and surprise your audience with unexpected transitions.

Incorporate multimedia elements

To make your presentation night truly fun and interactive, integrate multimedia elements into your Prezi. You can insert videos, images, stickers, and even GIFs to enhance your message and add an entertaining touch. For example, consider using short video clips to illustrate your points or including amusing GIFs to inject humor and keep the atmosphere lively. However, ensure that the multimedia elements are relevant and complement your presentation’s overall theme.

Interactive pathways

Prezi allows you to create customizable paths through your content, enabling you to adapt your presentation on the fly based on the audience’s reactions and interests. Embrace this interactivity by inviting the audience to participate in choosing the next topic or section. You can ask questions, conduct polls, or simply let the audience vote on what they want to explore next. This level of engagement will make the presentation night more enjoyable and empower the audience to feel involved.

Storytelling and narrative flow

A well-crafted story can captivate an audience, and Prezi is an excellent platform to deliver a compelling narrative . Organize your content into a coherent story structure, complete with a beginning, middle, and end. Use Prezi’s canvas to visually map out your story and guide the audience along a cohesive journey. Storytelling evokes emotions, adds depth to your presentation, and keeps the audience invested throughout the night.

Young businesswoman saying thank-you to audience after seminar. Happy businesswoman smiling and saying thank-you to her team in office.

Create a memorable experience with presentation night ideas

Hosting a presentation night filled with unique and fun topics is an excellent way to entertain and engage your friends, colleagues, or classmates. Remember, it’s a more enjoyable experience for all involved if you are feeling comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the overall experience. With over 80 presentation night ideas at your disposal, you can create an unforgettable experience. Additionally, by utilizing Prezi’s dynamic features, captivating visuals, and collaborative editing, you can take your presentation night to the next level of creativity and interactivity.

Remember, with Prezi, your presentation night is not just about sharing information—it’s about creating an immersive and entertaining experience that will leave a lasting impression. So go ahead, embrace the power of Prezi, and have a blast hosting your next presentation night!

presentation on day and night

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50+ Powerpoint Night Ideas to Unleash Your Creativity

Powerpoint Nights have become a favorite among students, providing a dynamic platform for showcasing their creative flair through presentations and discussions. However, the repetition of themes can sometimes dampen the excitement. If you’re eager for some Powerpoint Night ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Powerpoint Night Ideas to unleash your creativity

In this article, we’re sharing a range of lively and innovative ideas designed to ignite your imagination and elevate your Powerpoint Night to new levels. By exploring various presentation techniques and incorporating interactive elements, our goal is to transform your event into an unforgettable showcase. Prepare to impress your peers with these outstanding Powerpoint Night concepts! If you need more inspiration for any idea, just ask Arvin ! It’ll be happy to help!

Powerpoint Night Ideas

Table of Contents

What is Powerpoint Night?

Before we jump into the exciting world of funny PowerPoint night ideas, let’s first demystify what a PowerPoint Night entails. Essentially, it’s an event where participants whip up presentations on a variety of subjects using Microsoft PowerPoint or any similar software. The tone of these presentations can swing from educational to downright hilarious, aligning with the evening’s chosen vibe.

In recent times, PowerPoint Nights have gained popularity, serving as an interactive platform for individuals to unleash their creativity and hone their public speaking skills. Beyond merely sharing information, these gatherings provide opportunities for discovering fresh ideas and engaging with others in a captivating manner. Initially, they predominantly featured solo or duo presentations.

As virtual meetings become more prevalent, group presentations have emerged as the main focus, injecting additional excitement and fostering a warm and inclusive environment. Whether organized by student groups, academic societies, or within classroom settings, PowerPoint Nights present an excellent opportunity to bring people together, promoting innovation and teamwork among participants.

Now that we have a better understanding of what PowerPoint Night involves, let’s explore some imaginative ideas to ensure your event makes a lasting impression.

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What to add to your Powerpoint Night

Here are some ideas to add a creative twist to your Powerpoint Night:

  • Choose a Theme : Start by selecting a theme to guide the evening’s presentations. Themes can be fun and nostalgic, like “My Favorite Childhood Memory,” or bold and imaginative, like “How I Would Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.” This sparks creativity and prompts participants to deliver presentations that are engaging and original.
  • PechaKucha Format : Embrace the PechaKucha approach, where each presentation consists of 20 slides, each displayed for 20 seconds, culminating in a brisk 6 minutes and 40 seconds of presentation time.
  • Team Presentations : Shift from solo or duo presentations to group efforts. Working together on one presentation encourages teamwork and results in a more diverse and interesting final product.
  • Interactive Elements : Introduce fun activities like trivia, charades, or Pictionary that tie into the presentation themes. Incorporating these interactive elements will ensure your audience stays entertained and fully engaged throughout the presentation.
  • Virtual Enhancements : Leverage the power of virtual presentations by using dynamic backgrounds and animations to add an extra layer of excitement and visual interest to your PowerPoint Night.
  • Special Guest Appearances : Spice up the event by inviting guest speakers or experts to share their knowledge.

So rally your group, tap into your collective creativity, and prepare to dazzle at your upcoming gathering!

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is especially true when it comes to presentations. Keeping your audience engaged and entertained is crucial for them to retain information and truly relish the experience.

powerpoint night ideas

Top Powerpoint Night Ideas

Here are some top Powerpoint Night ideas that have been a hit among students:

Friends PowerPoint Night Ideas

  • Middle School Cringe: Reveal cringy middle school photos.
  • If I Were President: Create a presentation on what you would do if you were president.
  • The History of Memes: Take your audience on a journey through the evolution of memes.
  • Bucket List Destinations: Share your top travel destinations and why they are on your bucket list.
  • My Future Dream Job: Present about your dream job and how you plan to achieve it.
  • Conspiracy Theories: Dive into some popular conspiracy theories and present your findings.
  • Animal Antics: Show funny animal videos you love.
  • What I Learned During Quarantine: Share your experiences and lessons learned during the pandemic.
  • The Ultimate Playlist: Put together a presentation of your favorite songs and why they mean so much to you.
  • Dear My Teenage Self: Write a letter to your teenage self and share it with the audience.

Couples PowerPoint Night Ideas

  • Our Love Story: Share the heartwarming tale of how you and your partner crossed paths and found love blossoming between us.
  • The Ultimate Date Night: Create a presentation on unique date ideas for couples.
  • Build Your Dream Home: Design and present your dream home to your significant other.
  • Couples Trivia Game: Test each other’s knowledge about your relationship with a fun trivia game.
  • Our Future Goals: Share your individual and shared goals for the future with each other.
  • The Best Advice We’ve Received: Present the best advice you’ve received as a couple and how it has impacted your relationship.
  • Couples Bucket List: Create a presentation of all the things you want to do together in the future.
  • Relationship Do’s and Don’ts: Share your relationship do’s and don’ts with the audience.
  • The Love Language Challenge: Take a quiz to determine your love languages and present your results.
  • Our Favorite Memories: Create a presentation of your favorite moments together as a couple.

Families PowerPoint Night Ideas

  • Family Vacations: Share your favorite family vacation memories and photos.
  • Our Family Tree: Research and present about your family’s history and ancestry.
  • What Makes Us Unique: Present each member of the family’s unique talents, interests, and quirks.
  • Childhood Memories: Have each family member share their favorite childhood memory.
  • Family Traditions: Present about your family’s unique traditions and how they have evolved over the years.
  • The Family Cookbook: Share family recipes and their significance to each member.
  • Parenting Bloopers: Celebrate funny and endearing moments from your parents’ adventures.
  • Family Travel Tips: Share tips and tricks for traveling with a large family.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Present your favorite sibling rivalry moments and how they brought you closer as a family.
  • Bedtime Chronicles: Share amusing bedtime stories and night routines that make you all laugh.

students using powerpoint

Classmate PowerPoint Night Ideas

  • Class Meme Awards: Create funny and relatable memes representing each classmate and present them at the event.
  • Our Favorite Teachers: Have classmates present about their favorite teachers and why they are so special to them.
  • Class Superlatives: Give out awards for various categories such as “Most Likely to Become President” or “Class Clown.”
  • Yearbook Image Ratings: Evaluate and rate yearbook photographs and have a good laugh together.
  • Class Trip Memories: Share photos and memories from class trips over the years.
  • Senior Year Bucket List: Create a presentation of all the things you want to do before graduating.
  • Talent Showcase: Have classmates showcase their unique talents, such as singing, dancing, or playing an instrument.
  • Class Pet Showdown: Vote on the cutest and most well-behaved class pet.
  • Classmates’ Superlatives: Give out playful awards for “Class Clown,” “Tech Guru,” and more.
  • Inspirational Figures: Introduce individuals who serve as your sources of inspiration.

New Friends PowerPoint Night Ideas

  • Two Truths and a Lie: Prepare slides featuring two true statements and one false statement about yourself. Your friend guesses which is the lie.
  • Hometown Highlights: Share photos and intriguing facts about where you grew up.
  • Dream Day Together: Envision your ideal day with your friend, from activities to destinations.
  • Favorite Things: Discuss your top preferences, spanning from food to hobbies.
  • Embarrassing Stories: Share amusing anecdotes from your past and have a good laugh together.
  • Virtual Travel: Present your dream travel spots and the activities you’d indulge in there.
  • Playlist Swap: Browse through each other’s music playlists and listen to mutual favorites.
  • Game Night: Engage in virtual games and introduce your favorite ones to the group.
  • Show and Tell: Reveal a cherished item and elaborate on its significance to you.
  • Fantasy Adventures: Describe the fantastical escapades you envision undertaking with your friend.

So, whether you’re looking to bond with your significant other, connect with your family, classmates, or new friends, a PowerPoint night is a fun and creative way to do so. Feel free to customize the themes and presentations based on your interests and personalities, making each experience unique and unforgettable.Mistakes to Avoid During a PowerPoint Night.

presentation on day and night

PowerPoint nights are all about having a blast and sharing laughs, but to keep the good times rolling without a hitch, there are a few pitfalls you’ll want to steer clear of:

  • Overloading slides with text : Keep in mind, that this isn’t a boardroom meeting. Aim for minimal text and let the visuals do the talking to keep your audience engaged and entertained.
  • Skipping rehearsal : A little practice goes a long way. Running through your presentation beforehand can boost your confidence and ensure you deliver your best performance.
  • Stifling creativity : Don’t hold back on getting inventive with your slides.
  • Exceeding your time : Respect the clock. Adhering to your allotted time keeps the night moving smoothly and ensures everyone gets their moment in the spotlight.
  • Venturing into taboo territory : Always be considerate of your audience’s feelings. Avoid content that could be deemed offensive or insensitive to ensure a positive vibe throughout the evening.
  • Ignoring fellow presenters : Show your peers the same attention and enthusiasm you’d like in return. Listening actively is a wonderful way to bond and discover more about each other.
  • Forgetting a Plan B : Tech mishaps can and do happen. Having a backup plan in place ensures you’re prepared to tackle any technical glitches that might arise with your presentation equipment.
  • Don’t forget to have fun: Above all, take a moment to relax and enjoy the experience. PowerPoint nights are all about laughter, learning, and creating memories. So, jump in, loosen up, and cherish the camaraderie.

By steering clear of these common pitfalls, you’ll ensure that your PowerPoint night isn’t just a success, but also a memorable experience for everyone involved. So, embrace your creativity and have a blast along the way!

Deciding to host a PowerPoint night guarantees an unforgettable time filled with laughter and connection. It provides a wonderful opportunity to share personal stories and discoveries, allowing everyone to strengthen their bonds in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

But don’t feel boxed in by the suggestions we’ve shared – let your imagination lead the way and tailor your night with unique themes and presentations that reflect your group’s interests.

The essence of a great PowerPoint night lies in the joy of the experience. So, invite your nearest and dearest or a group of new acquaintances, kickstart your presentations, and brace yourself for an evening brimming with camaraderie and chuckles. Armed with these insights and inspirations, you’re perfectly equipped to orchestrate a PowerPoint night that’ll be cherished by all who attend.

As you gear up for your PowerPoint night, consider adding Arvin AI into the mix to give your event an extra boost of excitement and fun. Happy planning!

powerpoint night ideas

How can I craft a hilarious PowerPoint presentation for a night dedicated to dream wedding destinations and quirky family members?

Consider creating a mock “Family Wedding Planner” presentation, assigning dream wedding destinations to different family members based on their personalities. Turn it into a game by having others guess why each location was chosen for each person.

What are some PowerPoint night ideas that incorporate friend fun facts and dream vacations?

You might want to put together a fun trivia-style presentation where you share surprising facts about your friends alongside pictures of their dream wedding destinations. It’s a great way to keep everyone entertained while also getting to know each other better!

How can I combine the themes of horror movie victim and body swap adventures in a PowerPoint night?

You could create an imaginative narrative where your friends or family members swap bodies with famous horror movie victims. Include potential escape plans or plot twists for extra fun.

How can I use past relationships, love story timelines, and creative date night ideas in a PowerPoint night presentation?

Create a “Love Story Challenge” where participants have to match a love story timeline with a book or movie character, past relationships, and daring date night escapades.

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Sport | Tennis

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE! Andy Murray presentation on Centre Court after doubles match

Andy Murray - LIVE!

Andy Murray may yet have at least one more match to play but  Wimbledon  bid farewell to the two-time champion in an emotional tribute on Centre Court on Thursday night. Past champions from Novak Djokovic to John McEnroe graced the court, so too the British men tasked with taking over Murray’s mantle at SW19 in Jack Draper, Cameron Norrie and Dan Evans.

Sue Barker was brought out of retirement to interview him on court while video messages played out from the likes of Roger Federer and Serena Williams. It almost seemed immaterial that Murray had just played a match – his first at Wimbledon with brother Jamie – so too that he lost it 7-6, 6-4 to John Peers and Rinky Hijikata.

Murray is scheduled to play the mixed doubles with Emma Raducanu  later in the week, although Raducanu’s priority is clearly the singles against Maria Sakkari on Friday. This was Murray’s moment and yet it was apt to be shared on screen and in person by some of his greatest rivals.

Latest updates as Andy Murray features in doubles

Live updates

What a night!

Andy Murray may yet have at least one more match to play but Wimbledon bid farewell to the two-time champion in an emotional tribute on Centre Court on Thursday night.

Past champions from Novak Djokovic to John McEnroe graced the court, so too the British men tasked with taking over Murray’s mantle at SW19 in Jack Draper, Cameron Norrie and Dan Evans.

Sue Barker was brought out of retirement to interview him on court while video messages played out from the likes of Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

It almost seemed immaterial that Murray had just played a match – his first at Wimbledon with brother Jamie – so too that he lost it 7-6, 6-4 to John Peers and Rinky Hijikata.

The Australian duo must almost feel like villains for defeating the British pair in echoes of Federer bowing out on the losing side of his doubles match with Rafael Nadal at the Laver Cup - also in London - at the end of last year.

Read our full report here!

presentation on day and night

That glorious, glorious moment

So many incredible achievements in the career of Andy Murray - this probably tops the lot.

All the pressure, all the expectation... all the glory.

It's not done yet...

Andy Murray’s Wimbledon career has at least one more chapter to write.

He will play alongside Emma Raducanu in the mixed doubles - and then that really will be it.

First round match for that is expected on Saturday, going to be another very special occasion.

Raducanu still going strong in the singles, she faces Maria Sakkari tomorrow.

presentation on day and night

Murray pays tribute to parents

"Mum and dad have been amazing support, still today, but when we were little and allowing us to go and pursue our dreams,” he said.

"Jamie left home to go to train when he was 12, then he moved to Paris. I left to go over to Spain.

"I know now having children how, I don't even like them being away for a day so allowing us to go and train abroad and pursue our dreams, we couldn't have done that without their support so thank you mum and dad."

presentation on day and night

Classy from Draper

Jack Draper and Cam Norrie were two of those that came out onto Centre Court to pay tribute.

They were locked in battle on Court One just a couple of hours ago, with Norrie coming through in straight sets to knock the British No1 out.

Nice to see Draper still play his part in Murray’s farewell.

Andy and Jamie have just made their way to the media centre for their press conference, meaning those outside have had a glimpse of the brothers again.

One fans cannot contain himself. He has been screaming, and I mean SCREAMING, Andy’s name for about three minutes straight.

Andy has been in the media theatre and out of view for at least two and a half of those.

Watch: Murray's Centre Court presentation

Got the tears under control?

Good. Time to go again. Here’s Andy Murray’s interview in full on Centre Court, with plenty of humour from the main man in between choking up.

Alcaraz: What a legacy

Correct, Carlos.

Everyone gets a wave!

Those on Centre Court got their change to pay tribute to Andy Murray, and so too those outside at SW19.

He better go in otherwise they will stay there all night.

As was the case in 2012, talking about his team has never been easy for Andy.

Especially not now when he’s reflecting on the toughest part of his career. All those injuries, comebacks, setbacks, injuries, comebacks, setbacks, inj... you get the idea.

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day and night

Day and night

Jul 30, 2014

410 likes | 1.11k Views

Day and night. Day and Night. Horizon : an imaginary line where the land seems to meet the sky. Day and night. How does the Sun’s position in the sky change during the day? Sunrise : The Sun rises on the eastern horizon casting long shadows. Day and Night.

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  • imaginary line
  • center point
  • long shadows


Presentation Transcript

Day and Night • Horizon: an imaginary line where the land seems to meet the sky.

Day and night • How does the Sun’s position in the sky change during the day? • Sunrise: The Sun rises on the eastern horizon casting long shadows.

Day and Night • Midday: At midday the sun appears high overhead casting short shadows.

Day and night • Sunset: The Sun sets on the western horizon casting long shadows.

Day and Night • Rotate: to turn around on an axis or center point.

Day and Night • What causes day and night? • As the Earth rotates from west to east, the side that faces the Sun experiences day.

What causes day and night? • As the Earth rotates from west to east the side facing away from the Sun experiences night.

Day and Night • How long does it take for the Earth to make 1 day/night rotation? • It takes 24 hours or one day for Earth to make 1 day/night rotation.

Day and Night Quick Check • Earth rotates from ___________ to _____________. • The Sun seems to move across the sky from _________ to __________. • One day on Earth equals _____________.

Day and Night • Axis: is a real or imaginary line through the center of a spinning object.

Day and Night • Sphere: an object shaped like a ball.

Day and Night • Is the Earth’s axis tilted or straight up and down? • The Earth’s axis is tilted 23.5 degrees and runs through the center of the Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Day and Night • The Earth is shaped like a ___________. • The Earth’s axis runs from the __________ to the __________. • The Earth’s ________ is tilted ____________.

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Club Night and Day

Club Night and Day

A business proposal by Kirstin Evancho And Michael Geraci. Club Night and Day. What is the Business?. What goods/services will be provided?. Club Night High energy entertainment in the form of music and dancing A safe controlled environment for teens (15-20) Café Day

390 views • 17 slides

“What Makes Day and Night”

“What Makes Day and Night”

“What Makes Day and Night”. Vocabulary Lesson Created by M. Coliadis. Say the words!. spins experiment toward motion Imagine photograph. spins. http://www.burke.k12.nc.us/Curriculum/Rounding%20Numbers.ppt . Turns round and round Jeff wondered if a top spins faster in the wind.

365 views • 16 slides

Day & Night

Day & Night

Day & Night. The Earth spins on its axis. The spinning is called ROTATION The direction of rotation is counterclockwise if you are looking at it as if you were floating over the North Pole. http://vortex.plymouth.edu/sun/sun.html.

519 views • 9 slides

What causes day and night?

What causes day and night?

An imaginary line that passes through Earth’s poles is called its axis. Earth’s axis is tilted about 23.5 degrees. Earth spins, or rotates, around its axis once every 24 hours, causing day and night. What causes day and night?. 1. Explain What causes day and night?.

974 views • 4 slides

Day and night

Day and night. Night and day is when the side of the planet is faced away from sun. Night time is meant to be when every living thing on the planet is meant to sleep . Some animals only come out at night . Winter solstice . Winter solstice only happens in winter

421 views • 4 slides

Day, Night and Seasons

Day, Night and Seasons

Day, Night and Seasons. A Scientific presentation by Nikki and Emily xxx. Why do we have day and night?.

201 views • 5 slides

Day and Night

Day and Night

Day and Night. April 24, 2012. Rotation. When a body turns or spins in a circle, this motion is ROTATION. The imaginary shaft on which it turns is called an AXIS Earth rotates counterclockwise on an axis that runs through it from the North Pole to the South Pole. . Day.

357 views • 19 slides

Buckle Up– Day AND Night

Buckle Up– Day AND Night

Buckle Up– Day AND Night. In Virginia in 2009:. 756 people died on our roadways 333 of those people were not wearing their seat belts 195 of those crashes occurred between 6:00pm and 5:59am (DMV). In the United States...Every. 5 seconds a crash occurs

184 views • 10 slides

Cycle of Day and Night

Cycle of Day and Night

Cycle of Day and Night. Rotation and Revolution of the Earth. The Earth moves in two different ways :. The Earth revolves around the Sun once every 365 ¼ days. The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours. Cycle of Day and Night.

177 views • 4 slides

What Causes Day and Night?

What Causes Day and Night?

What Causes Day and Night?. Vocabulary. Rotation =Spinning of the Earth on its axis Revolution =one orbit of an object in space around another object in space; such as the Earth around the sun.

3.46k views • 33 slides

Unit 9 Day and night

Unit 9 Day and night

Unit 9 Day and night. Lesson 3. When do es Mocky eat breakfast?. 别忘了三单. He always eat s breakfast in the morning. 别忘了三单. When do es Ann eat breakfast?. She usually eat s breakfast at seven o’clock. 别忘了三单. When do es Mocky visit Uncle Booky?.

898 views • 18 slides

Title: night and day

Title: night and day

Title: night and day. Author: marilyn minkoff Project by: luca. Characters. Sun cheljren anamlse flawrse treese budrflise brdse dog nitht and day. Setting. park. Summary. Beginning once long ago. the sun was everywhere.

242 views • 5 slides

Day and Night

Day and Night. Group 1. Mind map…. The experiment with the plant. The importance of day and night Division of the children into smaller groups Let the children plant seeds in pots and water them.

482 views • 5 slides

Day and Night

Day and Night. The following words have vowels missing – can you work out what they are?. RTH SPC MN DY NGHT. YR SPHR PLNTS SSN XS. Day and Night. The Earth spins on its AXIS It takes 24 hours for the Earth to do one complete spin. The Earth spins around once per day. DAYTIME.

692 views • 8 slides

Day and Night

Day and Night. 3.8C; 5.8C. Why do we only see the sun part of the time?. Sometimes we go outside and the sky is bright. We are able to see everything around us! Other times the sky is dark and it is hard to see across the street.

2.92k views • 12 slides

Day and night

Day and night. Difference between day and night. We can see all the things in day time like trees,sun,houses etc. We can not see anything at the night time.

182 views • 5 slides

Day and Night

Day and Night. Student Slides. Movements in Space Vocabulary. Revolution – the circling of an object in space around another object in space Orbit – the path a planet or moon takes during its revolution Rotation – the turning of an object around an axis. Day and Night Simulation.

303 views • 12 slides


Day/Night. By Jude Burke. Sun. The SUN is just ONE of about 100 billion STARS in our GALAXY. It has a DIAMETER of 1,390,000 km Its CORE temperature is 15 million º C. Its SURFACE temperature is 5,500 ºC. Cooler (3,800 ºC) surface areas are called SUN SPOTS.

171 views • 4 slides

Day and night!

Day and night!

Day and night!. By T homas Irvine!. sun. The sun is a star that is 1000 times b igger than the earth. day. It takes 24 hours for the earth to spin all the way around. Click here to look at day and night. (kidinspiration). moon. The light from the sun hits the

375 views • 6 slides

Day and night curtain

Day and night curtain

Who says the home beauty and décor can be done only with furniture and other deigning elements? These days, you can also beautify the space by installing Day and night curtain that comes with the set of appealing features such as designs, light control, easier use, and more only at the reasonable cost at HM Deco.

84 views • 5 slides

Day and Night World Map

Day and Night World Map

Day and Night World Map. On the back of your graph… In complete sentences…. How does a city's latitude affect the number of daylight hours that were recorded during a one year period?

478 views • 34 slides

Day and Night

Day and Night. The Earth. The Earth rotates around the sun on an axis It takes 24 hours to make one rotation. Rotation. When the Earth rotate on its axis, it causes day and night. Watch About Night and Day. Tutorial:

375 views • 11 slides

6 people injured when carnival ride tips over at Fourth of July celebration in Washington state

Six people were injured Wednesday night when a ride at an Independence Day carnival in Washington state tipped over, officials said.

The city of Oak Harbor, about 90 miles north of Seattle, said in a Facebook statement Wednesday that the six people sustained minor injuries and were treated on site.

Magi Aguilar, a city spokesperson, said she did not know how many people were on the ride, which she said is known as the swings. She said that it had passed state and city inspections and that an issue with the ride's setup had caused it to tip over.

The city said that the ride was promptly secured and shut down and that the carnival was closed for the rest of the evening.

Images posted to the Oak Harbor Facebook page appear to show a spinning swing ride collapsed and on its side.

Mayor Ronnie Wright said Thursday the carnival had been shut down for the rest of the holiday weekend.

“Ensuring the safety of our residents and visitors is our top priority,” Wright s aid in a s tatement . “After careful deliberation and consultation with law enforcement and city officials, it became that this was the best course of action to protect our community.”

The city said it would work closely with the vendor to conduct thorough inspections Thursday to determine what caused the ride to tip over and to prevent any future incidents.

“We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents and visitors,” Oak Harbor Police Chief Tony Slowik said in the city’s statement. “Our priority is to thoroughly investigate this incident and take all necessary measures to maintain the highest safety standards.”

presentation on day and night

Janelle Griffith is a national reporter for NBC News focusing on issues of race and policing.

Territory Day 2024: Several injuries, community shed burnt down during cracker night

People letting off fireworks on a beach

The Northern Territory's annual firework night has seen at least four people injured, including a six-month-old with facial burns and a 37-year-old with burns to the groin region.

It is legal to set off fireworks in the NT each year on July 1 during a five-hour window.

What's next? 

Police have urged people not to continue letting off fireworks after Monday night's 11pm cut-off and have reminded the public doing so could incur a $1,800 fine.

The Northern Territory's annual cracker night, where members of the public can legally set off their own fireworks, has resulted in injuries to multiple people in Darwin, including a six-month-old who suffered facial burns.

A community garden shed was also burnt down and a member of the public said his partner received burns to her back after a "group of teenagers hiding out in the bushes actively fired at people".

Each year on July 1, people in the NT are permitted to light fireworks between 6pm and 11pm as part of Territory Day celebrations.

Thousands of tonnes of fireworks are ignited on the day when the NT applies the the most lax restrictions on firework usage in the country.

Mindil Beach is swarmed by people letting off fireworks from the sand.

Significant injuries and widespread fires are common, and this year St John Ambulance said it responded to four major injuries on Monday night, including injuries to a 37-year-old man who was treated for burns to his groin area.

"[A firework] appears to have gone off in his lap," St John emergency communications manager Craig Garraway told ABC Radio Darwin.

"They were quite nasty burns.

"There was an infant with minor injuries at the scene as well as a result of that firework going off."

People watch on at the Territory Day fireworks celebrations at Mindil Beach in 2021.

Mr Garraway said paramedics treated a six-month-old "with some facial burns as a result of fireworks going off".

"I'm not really sure how that's occurred. I haven't had the chance to speak to those paramedics. They were pretty busy on the night," he said.

Community shed burnt down

Justine Glover, who is standing at the upcoming NT election in the seat of Karama, said the Karama Community Garden's shed was burnt down by fireworks on Monday night.

"The shed is extremely badly damaged and all the contents inside have just been totally destroyed. It's a molten mass inside," she told ABC Radio Darwin.

Damaged and melted equipment is seen inside a damaged Karama Community Garden shed.

"[It's] thousands of dollars worth of damage ... we have worked so hard to gather all those tools and equipment

"It's devastating. It is just so sad."

Jaustine Glover stands next to the Karama Community Garden shed that is visibly burnt with a black mark showing on the exterior.

Used fireworks could be seen littered around the garden on Tuesday morning.

Ms Glover said she had been advised fireworks had been purposefully lit towards the shed.

Report of dangerous behaviour

Darwin resident David Ciaravolo said his partner was hit when a group of teenagers were shooting fireworks at people celebrating Territory Day at Dripstone Cliffs.

"It's a bit of a tradition for us to head down there … we really love Territory Day, but unfortunately the vibe down there was absolutely terrible this year," he told ABC Radio Darwin.

"This was people hiding in bushes and attacking people with fireworks and running away and setting up and doing it again. And you honestly had no idea where they were.

"My partner copped a direct hit. Luckily she turned just in time and copped it in the back. If that was in the front, or in the face, it would have been the loss of an eye.

"She was bleeding … it's quite a nasty wound."

Mr Ciaravolo said he saw people putting fireworks under cars and lighting them towards cars, including a ute with people in the back.

"It goes without saying that it completely soured the whole experience … we just can't believe what a sad night it was, and we're people who really celebrate [Territory Day]," he said.

NT Police confirmed it received reports on Monday night at about 10:30pm of up to 20 youths launching fireworks at people and cars in the area of Dripstone Cliffs.

Police have made no arrests and called for any witnesses to come forward.

Behaviour better than previous years, police says

NT Police Watch Commander Clinton Stewart said emergency services responded to multiple spot fires across the territory.

Che images

He said people had behaved relatively well across the evening and warned people letting off a firework after Monday night's 11pm cut-off could incur a $1,800 fine.

"We're still having minor reports of fireworks being discharged in certain areas, which police are attempting to respond to," he told ABC Radio Darwin.

"If you still have leftover fireworks they can be returned to WorkSafe and they will be disposed of safely.

"The behaviour overnight has been good … We've had less fires than we've had in previous years … and people have been abiding by regulations better this year than we've had in previous years."

Thousands again turned out to watch the annual fireworks display at Mindil Beach.

"At Mindil Beach we had no reports [of bad behaviour]," Commander Stewart said.

"Everybody had a good time."

Territory Day marks the anniversary of self-government in the territory, which was granted on July 1 1978.

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  • Community and Society
  • Disasters, Accidents and Emergency Incidents

Watch CBS News

Trump and Biden's first presidential debate of 2024, fact checked

By Arden Farhi , Hunter Woodall , Jui Sarwate , Julia Ingram , Layla Ferris , Laura Doan , James LaPorta , Daniel Klaidman , Alexander Tin , Pete Villasmil, Sierra Sanders

Updated on: June 28, 2024 / 9:46 AM EDT / CBS News

Here's the fact check of some of the statements made by President Biden and former President Donald Trump during the first 2024 presidential debate , which took place in Atlanta on Thursday, June 27. The two tangled on topics including immigration, the economy, abortion and their respective records. Mr. Biden seemed to ramble during many of his responses.

CBS News  covered the debate live as it happened . 

Trump claims "we had the greatest economy in the history of our country": False

Trump : "We had the greatest economy in the history of our country. And we have never done so well. Every- everybody was amazed by it. Other countries were copying us." 

Details : Trump's claim is false that during his presidency the U.S. had the greatest economy in the history of the country by many of the common metrics used to judge economic performance. The claim struggles when looking at GDP. If the 2020 pandemic  is excluded, growth after inflation under Trump averaged 2.49%, according to figures from the  World Bank . This is far from the GDP growth under Democratic President Bill Clinton of 3.88%, according to  World Bank data . Including the time period after COVID spread, that average drops to 1.18%. 

Trump's claim also falls short when compared to historical figures. Growth between 1962 to 1966 ranged from 4.4% to 6.6%. In 1950 and 1951, GDP ranged between 8.7% and 8%.

Under Mr. Biden, annual GDP growth is averaging 3.4%, according to the  Associated Press .

*An earlier version of this fact check misstated World Bank figures for growth after inflation under Trump at 2.65%, rather than 2.49%, and 1.45%, instead of 1.18%, and also rounded the growth number for Clinton. This has been updated.


Trump's claim is also false even when evaluating the unemployment rate.    In February 2020, a month before the COVID pandemic affected the economy, the unemployment rate stood at 3.5% — which was the lowest since December 1969 — but not the lowest ever. When Trump's term ended, the unemployment rate was 6.3%.

In 1953, the unemployment rate fell as low as 2.5%. Under Mr. Biden, the unemployment rate is 4%, according to the  most recent data  from May 2024. 

In January 2023 and again in April 2023, the unemployment rate was 3.4%, lower than the best month during Trump's term.

Stock market performance

On Jan. 19, 2021, the  S&P 500-stock average  closed at 67.8% above where it had been the day before Trump was inaugurated in 2017. 

According to  Investopedia ,  at the end of President Barack Obama's first term in office, the S&P closed 84.5% higher. Additionally the S&P gained 79% during President Bill Clinton's first term, and 70% during President Dwight Eisenhower's first term. So far, under President Biden, the  S&P 500 has increased almost 40% , according to calculations on June 13. 

By Laura Doan and Hunter Woodall 

Biden claims he's the only president this century that doesn't have troops dying anywhere in the world: False

Biden: "I'm the only president this century that doesn't have any — this decade — that doesn't have any troops dying anywhere in the world." 

Details : At least 16 U.S. service members have died while serving overseas during Mr. Biden's presidency. Thirteen U.S. service members  died  in an attack at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan in August 2021. Three soldiers were  killed  in an attack in Jordan in January of this year.

By Layla Ferris

Trump claims he did not refer to U.S. soldiers who were killed as "suckers and losers": False

Trump: "First of all, that was a made-up quote. 'Suckers and losers,' they made it up."

Details : Current and former U.S. military service members have detailed to CBS News multiple instances when Trump made disparaging remarks about members of the U.S. military who were captured or killed, including referring to the American war dead at the Aisle-Marne American Cemetery in France in 2018 as "losers" and "suckers."  

A senior Defense Department official and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer with direct knowledge of what was said detailed how Trump said he did not want to visit the cemetery because it was "filled with losers." These accounts were backed independently by two other officials — a former senior U.S. Army officer and a separate, former senior U.S. Marine Corps officer.   

In another conversation on the trip, Trump referred to the 1,800 Marines who died in the World War I battle of Belleau Wood as "suckers" for getting killed.  The Atlantic was first to report Trump's comments in 2020. His former chief of staff John Kelly later confirmed to CNN the essence of what Trump had said.

By James LaPorta and Sierra Sanders 

Biden claims 40% fewer people are crossing border illegally, better than when Trump was in office: Partially true         

Biden: "I've changed it in a way that now you're in a situation where there 40% fewer people coming across the border illegally; it's better than when he left office."

Details : Since Mr. Biden issued a  proclamation  banning most migrants from asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border in early June, illegal crossings there have dropped. In the past week, daily illegal border crossings have averaged roughly 2,000, according to internal Department of Homeland Security data obtained by CBS News. That's a 47% drop from the 3,800  daily average  in May.

During the height of a spike in migration faced by the Trump administration in 2019, Border Patrol recorded an average of 4,300 daily illegal crossings,  government data  show. But there were months during the  Covid-19 pandemic  when the Trump administration averaged fewer than 2,000 illegal border crossings.

By Camilo Montoya-Galvez

Trump claims migrants coming to U.S. and "killing our citizens at a level...we've never seen before": Misleading

Trump: "People are coming in and killing our citizens at a level like we've never seen before." 

Details :  Some migrants who are believed to have entered the U.S. along the southern border in recent years have been charged with murder and other heinous crimes in different parts of the country. They include the suspect in the high-profile murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley .

But while the data on this question is not comprehensive, available  studies  have found that migrants living in the country illegally do not commit crimes at a higher rate than native-born Americans. 

Government  statistics  also show a very small fraction of migrants processed by Border Patrol have criminal records in the U.S. or other countries that share information with American officials.

On COVID, Trump claims more people died under Biden administration than his: True, but needs context  

Trump: "Remember, more people died under his administration — even though we had largely fixed it — more people died under his administration than our administration, and we were right in the middle of it, something which a lot of people don't like to talk about. But [Biden] had far more people dying in his administration."

Details : More than 460,000 people had died from COVID-19 by the end of the week that Biden was inaugurated in 2021, while more than 725,000 have died in the three years since then, according to data from the  CDC . However, research has found that the counts of COVID-19 deaths, especially in the early days of the pandemic, were likely  undercounted .

By Julia Ingram and Jui Sarwate

In discussing abortion, Trump claims former Virginia governor, a Democrat, supported killing babies: False

Trump: "If you look at the former governor of Virginia, he was willing to do this — he said  'we'll put the baby aside and we'll determine what we'll do with the baby'.. .meaning we'll kill the baby."

Details : In a 2019 radio interview then-governor of Virginia Ralph Northam, in discussing late-term abortions,  addressed a hypothetical scenario in which a fetus was severely deformed or wasn't otherwise viable. He said, "the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired." 

Northam did not say the fetus should be killed. Killing a newborn baby — or infanticide — is illegal in every state, and not a single state is trying to change that. 

By Laura Doan and Daniel Klaidman

Trump claims Biden "went after" his political opponent in New York "hush money" case to damage him: False        

Trump: "[Biden] basically went after his political opponent (Trump) because he thought it was going to damage me, but when the public found out about these cases, 'cause they understand it better than he does, he has no idea what these cases are, but when they found out about these cases, you know what they did? My poll numbers went up, way up."

Details : There is no federal jurisdiction over a state case. The Manhattan district attorney's office is a  separate entity  from the U.S. Department of Justice. The department does not supervise the work of the Manhattan D.A.'s office, does not approve its charging decisions, and it does not try the D.A.'s cases.

By Pete Villasmil

Trump claims he brought insulin prices down for seniors: Misleading

Trump: "I'm the one that got the insulin down for the seniors. I took care of the seniors."

Details :  During Trump's time as president, Medicare created a voluntary program  in 2020  between some plans and insulin manufacturers that agreed to cap out-of-pocket costs for insulin at $35 per month. Around  half of  Medicare Advantage or stand-alone prescription drug plans ended up participating by 2021. 

David Ricks, CEO of insulin drugmaker Eli Lilly, has taken credit for pioneering the idea with Trump administration officials at a congressional  hearing  and in an  interview . In the same interview with STAT, Seema Verma, former Medicare agency chief in the Trump administration, gave Ricks the credit for the cap: "He is an unsung hero. He was actually the mastermind of all of this." 

Medicare  ended  the policy in 2023, after Mr. Biden signed into law the  Inflation Reduction Act , which capped insulin costs for Medicare beneficiaries — not just for the portion of plans participating in the program. The law capped insulin costs at the same amount of $35 per month.

By Alexander Tin and Hunter Woodall 

Trump claims Biden wants open borders: False

Trump: "He wants open borders. He wants our country to either be destroyed or he wants to pick up those people as voters." 

Details : When he took office, Mr. Biden reversed numerous Trump-era immigration policies, including a program that required migrants to await their asylum hearings in Mexico. U.S. Border Patrol has also reported record numbers of migrant apprehensions along the southern border during Mr. Biden's presidency. But Mr. Biden has never endorsed or implemented an "open borders" policy.

In fact, Mr. Biden has embraced some restrictive border policies that mirror rules enacted by his predecessor. In 2023, his administration published a regulation that disqualified migrants from asylum if they crossed into the country illegally after not seeking protection in a third country. 

Earlier this month, Mr. Biden enacted an even stricter policy: a proclamation that has partially shut down asylum processing along the border. His administration has also carried out over 4 million deportations, expulsions and returns of migrants since 2021, according to  government data .

Only U.S. citizens can vote in federal elections. Most who cross into the U.S. illegally are not on a path to permanent legal status, let alone citizenship. Even those who apply and win asylum — a process that typically takes years to complete — have to wait five years as permanent U.S. residents before applying for American citizenship. There's no evidence to suggest that the Biden administration's border policy is based on a desire to convert migrants into voters.

Biden claims Trump wants to get rid of Social Security: False        

Biden "[Trump] wants to get rid of Social Security. He thinks there's plenty to cut in social security. He's wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare, both times."

Details : Trump has repeatedly  said  he will try to protect Medicare and Social Security. Trump said in a March 21 Truth Social  post  that he would not "under any circumstance" allow Social Security to "be even touched" if he were president. Trump had said in a CNBC  interview  on March 11 that "there is a lot you can do" in terms of "cutting" spending under Social Security. Mr. Biden  said  the comments were proof Trump aimed to make cuts in the programs, but a Trump campaign spokesman  said  Trump was referring to "cutting waste and fraud," not Social Security entitlements.

Trump claims Biden has the "largest deficit" in history of U.S.: False

Trump: "But he's (Biden) got the largest deficit in the history of our country."

Details : The national deficit was the largest it had been in over two decades under Trump's administration, not Mr. Biden's, according to  data from the U.S. Treasury . The deficit peaked in fiscal year 2020 at $3.13 trillion, and declined to $1.7 trillion by the end of fiscal year 2023.

By Julia Ingram

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Arden Farhi is the senior White House producer at CBS News. He has covered several presidential campaigns and the Obama, Trump and Biden administrations. He also produces "The Takeout with Major Garrett."

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