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Study Help Essay Questions

1. Compare the lives of the animals when they live under Jones and under Napoleon. In what ways has Napoleon proven himself a similar tyrant?

2. Closely examine old Major's speech to the animals in Chapter 1 and discuss the ways in which he uses language to persuade his listeners.

3. Explain how one of the novel's minor characters (such as Mollie or Moses) illuminates Orwell's major themes and issues.

4. Examine Orwell's tone when describing the way the animals think of themselves under Napoleon's rule: How does Orwell's tone add to the novel's humor?

5. Explain how the human characters contribute to the novel's themes and issues.

6. Based upon Animal Farm , what deductions can a reader make about the kind of political system of which Orwell would approve?

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animal farm essay example

Animal Farm

George orwell, everything you need for every book you read..

Welcome to the LitCharts study guide on George Orwell's Animal Farm . Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides.

Animal Farm: Introduction

Animal farm: plot summary, animal farm: detailed summary & analysis, animal farm: themes, animal farm: quotes, animal farm: characters, animal farm: symbols, animal farm: theme wheel, brief biography of george orwell.

Animal Farm PDF

Historical Context of Animal Farm

Other books related to animal farm.

  • Full Title: Animal Farm
  • When Written: 1944-45
  • Where Written: England
  • When Published: 1945
  • Literary Period: Modernism
  • Genre: Allegorical Novel
  • Setting: A farm somewhere in England in the first half of the 20th century
  • Climax: The pigs appear standing upright and the sheep bleat, “Four legs good, two legs better!”
  • Antagonist: Napoleon specifically, but the pigs and the dogs as groups are all antagonists.
  • Point of View: Third Person

Extra Credit for Animal Farm

Tough Crowd. Though Animal Farm eventually made Orwell famous, three publishers in England and several American publishing houses rejected the novel at first. One of the English editors to reject the novel was the famous poet T.S. Eliot, who was an editor at the Faber & Faber publishing house. One American editor, meanwhile, told Orwell that it was “impossible to sell animal stories in the U.S.A.”

Red Scare. Orwell didn’t just write literature that condemned the Communist state of the USSR. He did everything he could, from writing editorials to compiling lists of men he knew were Soviet spies, to combat the willful blindness of many intellectuals in the West to USSR atrocities.

The logo.

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell Essay

The first thing that can be highlighted is that most of the literature pieces are not created just for the sake of entertainment and relaxation but also for meaningful reflections. A lot of novels and books are extremely thought-provoking and encourage readers to engage in discussions and conversations with others. What is important to mention is that different authors achieve this goal in different ways. For instance, some prefer to build their reading on metaphors, some on specific organizations and structures, and others establish their texts on satire. One of such literature prices is an allegorical novella Animal Farm written George Orwell. This reading is extremely interesting from that point of view and, for this reason, should be carefully analyzed. Therefore, the following paper will prove that Animal Farm is a satirical work by using the elements of satire.

Before discussing the elements of satire in the identified novella it seems essential to learn more about its plot and meaning. This reading is an allegory, which is a specific story where the chosen characters and situations represent other characters and situations for the purpose of making a point about them (“Animal Farm at a Glance”). In the story, a group of animals rebel against the human farmer, embrace the idea of Animalism, and organize a revolution in order to achieve justice and equality. However, everything ends with a totalitarian dictator becoming the head of the community and ruining its desire for progress and justice. Since the reading is an allegory, the readers should try looking at the vents from a different perspective. As it appears, Animalism stands for communism, farm stands for Russia, the farmer for the Russian Tzar, the pig for the revolutionary Trotsky, and Napoleon stands for the figure of Stalin (“Animal Farm at a Glance”). Therefore, even by analyzing what characters and situations represent in the story, it can already be stated that the reading is a satire because it represents real people and situations in an ironic way.

Satire and its elements are used in literature works in order to highlight some features of the situation or a person and make fun of them. It effectively represents stupidity of humans, especially those who are the members of the high society layers. One of the most obvious elements that the author of the Animal Farm uses in order to highlight the satire is irony. He uses animals and represents then as being able to talk, feel, and make decisions “in order to illustrate the abuse of one group of humans by another” (Boremyr 3). It can easily be noticed in the end of the story when it becomes almost impossible to tell the animals apart from the humans. Throughout the story, they became more human despite the commitment to the Animalism philosophy. By doing this, he achieves the goal of showing the brutality, corruption and incompetence of the Soviet Union not just like in a history book but in an entertaining and fun way.

Additionally, another way in which the author frames the story as a satirical work is the concept of defamiliarization. As suggested by Adhikari, this idea “tends to throw light on the special use of language in the works of art, unlike the use of language in the everyday life” (378). This concept generally suggests that that various forms of language used to present familiar things in unfamiliar ways for the purpose of persuading their readers and appealing to their emotions can encourage them to look at those things from a different perspective (Adhikari 378). For this reason, by using the concept of defamiliarization, the author increases the irony of the whole novella, makes the forms unfamiliar and difficult to understand, and increases the process of perception and decision-making. Orwell did not adopt the violent mode in order to represent and satirize communism (Adhikari 385). On the other hand, he satirized it and employed a more subtle way of representation (Adhikari 285). Therefore, Animal Farm can be called a satirical piece of literature because the author uses the concept of defamiliarization in order to present the readers with a different and more ironic perspective on a familiar issue.

To summarize, Animal Farm is an interesting and thought-provoking novella. It is very insightful not just from the point of its meaning but also the effective use of satire throughout the story. The author was able to incorporate the different elements of this concept in order to increase its satirical nature and encourage the readers to reflect on this more. Therefore, the presented paper proved that Animal Farm is a satirical novella.

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Boremyr, Hanna. “Reading Orwell’s Animals: An animal-oriented study of George Orwell’s political satire Animal Farm.” 2016.

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“Animal Farm” by George Orwell, Essay Example

Pages: 1

Words: 279

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You are free to use it as an inspiration or a source for your own work.

Some people define literary as a work with texture and depth. However, many others believe that literature is something that provides a good story. “Animal Farm” by George Orwell poses a combination of these two factors. The story is in depth because the animals represent society. Furthermore, to the unaware reader, the characters interplay in a manner that creates a good fantasy story. Orwell uses a combination of these features in order to create a compelling tale that is both enjoyable and informative of his political opinions.

Orwell meant to depict the characters in “Animal Farm” as living in a dystopian future to critique the rule of Joseph Stalin, a dictator. At the beginning of the story, many of the animals fall for the ideals presented to them by the pigs, which ultimately allows them to gain control. This situation is parallel with Stalin’s rule. Since he was able to sway the Russian people, he was able to take over and enforce his cruel regime. Similarly, the book shows an interesting story about politics between animal groups and may cause one to wonder what this situation would be like on a real farm. Can animals communicate? It is possible that the author wants us to think this in parallel to the symbolic situation he presents.

In conclusion, “Animal Farm” can be considered literature because it both provides an in-depth analysis of a situation and tells a good story. This is important because it helps us understand that literary works are both those that make us think and those that keep us entertained. It is likely that many authors will attempt to achieve these goals as they write works in the future.

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Animal Farm Essay Topics: 50+ Ideas and Example for Your Paper

Author Image

by  Antony W

December 16, 2023

animal farm essay topics

It’s easier and faster to write an animal farm essay if you teacher gives you a topic to cover. It’s the opposite if you have to choose a topic yourself because ideation is time consuming.

Quite too often, you have to read books, search the internet, or even consult your course mate for topics and ideas. By the time you find a good title, you probably have only a few hours left to complete the paper.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to find essay topics . That’s by looking at our pre-compiled ideas on Animal Farm. In this post, you’ll find 50+ topic ideas related to Animal Farm, the beast fable by George Orwell.

You can use the list to inspire you to come up with a new, solid idea, or you can pick a topic from it and explore it further in your paper.

We have divided these topics into different categories, so you can choose your area according to the type of essay your teacher wants you to write. Also, while this is by no means an exhaustive list, it’s a good starting point for brainstorming.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a topic that you find interesting, especially one that falls within a theme that you‘ve always wanted to explore. 
  • If you already have a topic but not enough time to write the paper, you can pay an essay writer here to get the first draft of the paper written for you.

50+ Best Animal Farm Essay Topics

Below are list of animal farm essay topics divided into different categories:

Easy Animal Farm Essay Topics

  • How the narrative of Animal Farm serve as a reflection of democratic principles
  • Ways in which Animal Farm mirror the inverse of Russia under Hitler’s reign, as depicted by Orwell?
  • How do the animals willingly surrender their freedom in Animal Farm, and what does this signify?
  • Why is the theme of freedom so crucial in George Orwell’s Animal Farm?
  • The role symbolism plays in conveying the deeper messages within Animal Farm
  • How does George Orwell’s biography connect to the themes and motifs explored in Animal Farm?
  • Explore the theme of fear and its various manifestations throughout Animal Farm.
  • The instances of corruption evident within the narrative of Animal Farm
  • In what ways does Animal Farm function as an allegory for the Soviet Union?
  • Analyze Squealer’s use of propaganda as a tool to instill fear among the animals in Animal Farm.
  • How does the concentration of power affect the characters and events within Animal Farm?
  • What are the explicit manifestations of communism in Animal Farm’s storyline?
  • What are the inherent faults or shortcomings depicted within the construct of Animal Farm?
  • Assess the effectiveness of Napoleon’s propaganda tactics in Animal Farm.

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Interesting Animal Farm Essay Topics

  • How does George Orwell’s use fear utilized as a potent tool for spreading propaganda in Animal Farm?
  • Discuss the rhetorical issues presented within the narrative of Animal Farm.
  • Trace the evolution of efficiency as portrayed in the Soviet Union mirrored within the storyline of Animal Farm.
  • How are issues of corruption addressed or confronted within the context of Animal Farm?
  • Explore the subsequent effects of favoritism depicted in Animal Farm and its impact on the farm’s dynamics.
  • How does the narrative portray the decline or deterioration of democracy within the farm?
  • Assess the repercussions of curtailed freedom as depicted in Animal Farm.
  • What implications does ignorance hold within the context of Animal Farm and its narrative?
  • Investigate the thematic implications of freedom within the context of the story.

Good Essay Topics Derived from Animal Farm

  • Compare and contrast the parallels between The Stranger and Animal Farm.
  • In what ways can you compare and contrast the ideologies of Nazism and Animal Farm?
  • How does Animal Farm depict the conflict between socialism and communism?
  • Explore the Marxist perspective and its applicability to Animal Farm.
  • Analyze Napoleon’s dictatorship and its characteristics within Animal Farm.
  • Discuss the complexities and harsh realities associated with the concept of freedom in Animal Farm.
  • How does Animal Farm depict the interplay between intelligence and manipulation among its characters?
  • What role does education and knowledge play in the ascent and downfall of power dynamics within Animal Farm?
  • How is propaganda and rhetoric used to sway and control the animals’ intelligence in Animal Farm?
  • Can you explore the varying types of intelligence exhibited by different animals in Animal Farm and their significance to the story?
  • How do the struggles for intelligence among the animals in Animal Farm parallel the human experience?
  • Analyze the theme of intellectual suppression and control within the narrative of Animal Farm.
  • How is history and memory manipulated to control the intelligence of the animals in Animal Farm?
  • Discuss the failure of the intelligent animals in Animal Farm to recognize their own oppression despite their intellect.

General Animal Farm Essay Topics

  • How George Orwell’s Animal Farm serves as a metaphor for life in the USSR during its time
  • How George Orwell presents and characterizes Napoleon within the narrative of “Animal Farm.
  • Explore the significance of the animals’ inability to read and its impact on their lives within Animal Farm.
  • Analyze the use of distortion as a literary device in George Orwell’s Animal Farm and its effects on the narrative.
  • In what ways does Animal Farm by George Orwell portray the importance of freedom within society?
  • Examine the distortion of socialism as depicted in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
  • Trace the path to tyranny depicted in Animal Farm by George Orwell and its underlying themes.
  • Discuss how Benjamin embodies a prototypical character in the tale of Animal Farm by George Orwell and the significance of his role.
  • Analyze the political message against totalitarianism conveyed in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

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Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

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Animal Farm' Analysis

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  • Topic: Animal Farm , Book Review , George Orwell

Pages: 7 (3030 words)

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Socialism in Animal Farm

  • “GEORGE ORWELL'S 'ANIMAL FARM'.” Uluslararası Politika Akademisi – (UPA),
  • “‘Bütün Hayvanlar Eşittir, Ama Bazı Hayvanlar Daha Eşittir.’” Bianet,
  • “Animal Farm Quotes.” BookRags, BookRags,
  • MPRA Paper No. 62527, posted 6. March 2015 06:58 UTC
  • Orwell, George. Politics and the English Language. Horizon volume 13, issue 76, pages 252– 265. 1946.
  • “Politics and the English Language.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 11 Jan. 2019,

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