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10 Best Video Marketing Case Studies & Insights (2024)

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Video marketing has emerged as a dynamic and influential tool for businesses and big brands to connect with their target customers.

The power of video lies in its ability to convey information, evoke emotions, and engage viewers in a way that text or static images often cannot.

To explore the impact and potential of video marketing, we deep dive into the best video marketing case study videos from various industries that highlight how they have leveraged this medium to achieve remarkable results.

Top 10 Video Marketing Campaign Case Studies

1. toggl track.

Industry : Software and Technology

Background : Toggl Track, a market-leading time tracking software, aimed to launch a large-scale awareness to promote their product.

The company aimed to create engaging video content to captivate its target audience and establish a solid online presence. The customer success story showcased how effective it is to convey the product’s value proposition and business message in video campaigns.

Lessons Learned :

  • Compelling Video Content:  Toggl Track’s decision to invest in high-quality video content proved a game-changer.
  • Creative Concept:  The challenge of translating a complex software product into an easy-to-understand, engaging piece of user-generated content was addressed creatively.
  • Brand Consistency:  The video content not only captured the attention of any viewer but also remained consistent with Toggl Track’s brand identity.

Ready to see how video marketing can transform your business? Use our  VidiFit Quiz  to explore our case studies and unlock your brand’s potential through video marketing campaigns.

Industry : Hosting and Services

Background : Vimeo Enterprise partnered with us to create a comprehensive suite of case study videos to complement the launch of Vimeo Enterprise’s refreshed brand, including its new website.

With a focused team of seven crew members and a clear vision, we [ 1 ] embarked on an intensive four-day shooting schedule to produce ten product videos for their business .

  • Video-First Approach:  Vimeo Enterprise recognized the power of video in showcasing its expansive service with rich features.
  • Unique Styling:  Our creative approach combined branded color backgrounds with textured foreground elements.
  • Simplicity in Communication:  Vidico focuses on maintaining a sense of simplicity in product demonstrations and reflecting this tone in the script and narration.

Industry : Healthcare and Cannabis

Background : Montu, a healthcare provider based in Melbourne, aimed to raise capital for its integrated cannabis ecosystem through crowdfunding.

Case in point, the crowdfunding video of the company focuses on fundraising efforts and achieving extraordinary sales results.

  • Exceptional Fundraising Success:  Montu’s crowdfunding video played a crucial role in their remarkable fundraising success, breaking revenue records by raising $1 million in just 13 minutes and $2 million in 5 hours
  • Creative Approach:  The video’s creative approach blended elements of crowdfunding and product videos to ensure it remained engaging and authentic to Montu’s brand.
  • Audience Engagement:  Despite the need to educate a new audience about Montu and the cannabis industry, the video focused on showcasing how Montu positively impacts thousands of Australians’ lives every day.

4. Bailey Nelson

Industry : Eyewear and Fashion

Background : Bailey Nelson, an Australian eyewear brand, partnered with us to craft a defining brand statement through a vibrant and colorful video campaign. Of course, the company aims to increase brand awareness and engage with the Australian audience and other customers nearby.

The results were outstanding, with a 40% increase in branded search and YouTube recognizing the campaign as ‘best-in-class.’ The interactive video ad also won the prestigious Best YouTube Campaign of 2022 at the B&T Awards.

  • Impactful Branding:  Bailey Nelson recognized the importance of a defining brand story using video.
  • Measurable Results:  The campaign was not just about creativity but also about delivering measurable results.
  • Effective Visual Communication:  The interactive video ad production team employed various visual techniques to engage viewers and emphasize the brand’s unique key points.

5. Digital Ocean

Industry : Cloud Computing and Technology

Background : Digital Ocean, a cloud infrastructure provider, embarked on the launch of its new product, “App Platform.” This innovative solution allowed developers to quickly build, deploy, and scale applications.

We created a video marketing strategy, an explainer animation that effectively conveys the product’s features to developers.

  • High-Level Narrative Approach:  Digital Ocean opted for an explainer animation to provide a broad and all-encompassing story approach to their happy customers.
  • Longevity and Brand Impact:  The video’s bold and new illustrative direction aligned with Digital Ocean’s goal and set a distinctive style that influenced subsequent content.
  • Authenticity and Connection:  The video underscored the significance of authenticity, emotional connection, and a connective tone when communicating with the target audience.

Industry : Home Moving and Services

Background : Happly, a startup that simplifies the home moving experience, collaborated with our team to create a case study video for their go-to-market campaign.

The company’s objective was to effectively convey its unique value proposition and sell up their services.

  • Clear and Relatable Messaging:  To appeal to a broad audience, the case study video employed a Problem-Solution approach to address two vital questions: who Happly is and what services they offer.
  • Distinctive Brand Identity:  Happly aimed to unleash the brand’s unique identity through humor and compelling storytelling using case study videos.
  • Organized and Timely Execution:  The collaboration with Vidico was marked by organized and timely execution, from concept and scripting to storyboarding and UI animations.

7. Sail Internet

Industry : Internet Service Provider

Background : Sail Internet, a provider of affordable, contract-free, fast, and reliable connections, initially engaged Vidico to replace their outdated explainer video.

This strategy included multiple cutdowns and illustrations on case study videos used across their website, marketing collateral, paid social media campaigns, and out-of-home advertising to address various marketing goals.

  • Quality Upgrade:  The initial objective was to replace an outdated explainer video with a sleek and creative animation that could capture attention and resonate with potential customers.
  • Visual Style:  The creative approach focused on conveying a sense of freedom, flying, and movement through an upbeat tone, fun and bright colors, simplicity, and flat design elements.
  • Leveraging Creative Collateral:  Sail maximized the investment in the case study video by posting it on social media, their website, collateral tools, content marketing efforts [ 2 ], and out-of-home advertising.

8. Smart Nora

Industry : Sleep and Wellness

Background : Smart Nora, a company specializing in sleep and wellness solutions, invented a unique solution to address snoring, allowing both snorers and their partners to enjoy longer-lasting and more restful sleep.

They approached Vidicontention to create a fun and large-scale awareness campaign to be distributed through social media channels like YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Redefining Brand Appearance:  The project provided an opportunity to redefine Smart Nora’s appearance and voice.
  • Creative Partnership:  The Vidico team demonstrated qualities customers seek in a creative partner, including high creativity, an open-minded approach, and a process-driven mindset.
  • Detailed Production:  The successful execution of the project, from pre-production logistics to creative direction, required meticulous attention to detail.

9. HoneyBook

Industry : Client Management Software

Background : Honeybook, a client management software platform that offers services sought to create case study video assets to highlight user engagement.

The goal was to increase the sign-up rate for new customers, be viral, and improve the overall adoption of their reimagined platform.

  • A/B Testing for Sign-Up Lift:  The video resulted in a significant 9% increase in sign-ups for the waitlist compared to the testimonial video.
  • Balancing Familiarity and Teasing:  The video marketing campaign approach balanced showcasing the core platform’s familiarity and exciting users about the reimagined version.
  • Practical Script Appeal:  The video’s script was carefully crafted, delivering essential information within a concise 60-second timeframe.

10. Mobile Muster

Industry : Recycling and Environmental Sustainability

Background : MobileMuster, an organization dedicated to making the mobile phone industry more environmentally sustainable, teamed up with Vidico to create a compelling brand video targeting Generation Z.

The primary objective was to ignite the interest of this age group in recycling old mobile phones as they watch the business video.

  • Tailoring to the Audience:  To effectively connect with the target audience of 16-24-year-olds, the creative approach focused on tapping into people’s emotional bond with their phones.
  • Result-Oriented Creativity:  The video’s creative approach went beyond generational stereotypes, ensuring the message and benefits resonated authentically with the target audience.
  • Consistency in Brand Messaging:  The consistency in the video marketing campaign helped reinforce MobileMuster’s mission and message.

Why Work With Vidico

Creative excellence in video marketing campaigns.

Vidico is known for its creative prowess. Our creative team brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table, ensuring that your sales video is visually stunning and strategically aligned with your goals and will generate leads.

Consistency and Brand Identity

For long-term partnerships, Vidico maintains consistency in brand identity. They work to reinforce your brand’s image and values across multiple sales video projects, building trust and recognition.

Also, we use top-notch action cameras on-site to shoot testimonials and other services.

Transparent Pricing on Video Marketing Strategy

Our pricing structure at Vidico is transparent and tailored to meet your specific sales video production needs. Use our  VidiFit Quiz  for a free upfront estimate of video marketing campaigns [ 3 ].

Read : Best Animation Sales Video Examples

What should be included in video marketing case studies?

Video marketing case studies should include critical elements such as client background, campaign objectives, strategy and execution details, measurable results, challenges faced, customer testimonials, and visual assets.

What is a case study in digital marketing?

In digital marketing [ 4 ], a case study is an in-depth analysis of a specific marketing project or campaign. It provides insights into the strategies employed, challenges encountered, and results achieved.

Case studies serve as valuable resources for marketing professionals, offering real-world examples, messages, tools, benefits, and lessons learned to inform and inspire future marketing efforts.

Key Takeaways

Video marketing case studies serve as a valuable tool for understanding the intricacies of successful video marketing campaigns.

It encapsulates the client’s background, campaign objectives, message, benefits, strategic execution, measurable results, challenges, testimonials, and visual assets, providing a fun and holistic view of the campaign’s journey.

Do you want to achieve remarkable results like those in our featured case studies? Use our  VidiFit Quiz  for a free estimate, and contact us so we can discuss your video marketing strategy.

References :

  • https://www.globenewswire.com/en/news-release/2022/08/12/2497652/0/en/Video-Production-Company-Vidico-Launch-Rebrand-To-Offer-Their-Customers-Clarity-Precision-And-An-Even-Higher-Level-Of-Communication.html
  • https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/marketing-strategy.asp
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  • https://business.adobe.com/blog/basics/digital-marketing

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7 Video Marketing Case Studies You Must Look at

  • Video strategies
  • Trends & Insights

Nupur Mittal

7 Video Marketing Case Studies You Must Look at

Gurus on the internet will give you 100 reasons why you should use videos. But we’ve personally seen so many video marketing campaigns fail due to poor implementation.

To achieve success with video marketing, you need to do it right.

To inspire your campaign, I’ve put together seven successful video marketing case studies showcasing how different companies have used videos to hit their KPIs.

Let’s dive in.

7 amazing video marketing case studies

Let’s deep dive into some of the companies which are crushing it with video marketing.

The list includes:

1. Ava Estell

2. dollar shave club, 5. coca-cola.

Industry: Skincare

Ava Estell has become a leading brand focused on making people more confident in their skin tone. The brand caters to people with darker skin complexions and specific skin concerns . Ava Estell had two challenges to overcome:

Reduce their customers' research time by showing them the benefits their skincare products can deliver.

Use video content to create an interactive shopping experience without impacting website speed.

How has Ava Estell resolved these challenges using Videowise?

Ava Estell used Videowise, an eCommerce video marketing platform , to embed existing product videos on their Shopify store without any impact on page speed. These videos showed detailed product information (such as skin conditions they're for, before and after results of using their products, etc.), and each video was linked to their product pages.

Apart from product videos, they also used customer testimonial videos and video reviews to build trust among potential customers. They didn't stop there. With Videowise, the team imported Instagram Reels and TikTok videos and used them on their site, taking an efficient approach to video marketing.

Find video UGC_ava estell-thumb

The results

The Ava Estell team built trust among their audience by creating and using existing videos related to their products. The results they derived using Videowise are as follows:

They have generated more than £743K at an average conversion rate of 7% since February 2022.

Their conversion rate jumped up to 21% after embedding interactive product videos in their Shopify store.

Their on-site engagement was up 15.67%.

Don't limit your video content's reach by keeping it on one platform. Repurpose it or do cross-channel promotion to bring it in front of your audience.

Focus on the ultimate benefit but also related benefits. For instance, Ava Estell didn't just show the benefit of their product but also educated their audience by creating informative videos related to skincare concerns.

Intriguing? Read the Ava Estell complete case study here.

Industry: Retail

Dollar Shave Club started by selling razors for $1 and now offers services from head to toe. Basically, they help their customers groom well.

Dollar Shave Club has established its brand image as fun, clear, and witty, which is clearly evident across all its video marketing campaigns. They focus on delivering their message in the most subtle and relevant way possible.

For instance, in many videos, they use a scenario to build a narrative which is also a pain point for their potential customers. Then, they pitch their products.

Here's an example of one such video:

A glance at their YouTube channel will show you that the team has created different types of videos: From how-to groom well to product-led videos, there is a mix of related videos.

Their short video marketing strategies have earned them a subscriber base of 39k+ and thousands of views.

A strong understanding of your audience is crucial, as humorous content that works for Dollar Shave Club might not work with your audience.

Not every video you post will generate leads or engagement as you desire. Experiment and double down on videos that do.

Industry: SaaS

Ahrefs is one of the best search engine optimization (SEO) tools on the market. It initially started as a backlink analyzer and is now a full-fledged SEO tool. From keyword research to website organic ranking tracker, this search tool has become integral to every marketing tool stack.

Ahrefs uses YouTube marketing to create engaging video content such as explainer videos, product-led videos, and how-to videos related to SEO and content marketing. The majority of these videos aim to educate anyone starting out in these niches or who wants to boost their skills.

Apart from delivering value to their audience, the Ahrefs team has mastered the art of engaging their audience with a few tricks:

Creating consistent and eye-catching YouTube video thumbnails consistent with their brand voice and color. (The orange and blue color theme with Ahrefs standard font is easily recognizable)

Each thumbnail has a human face, which attracts more users.

Using short yet descriptive titles that give a gist of what the video will discuss.

Ahrefs YouTube videos snapshot

Apart from delivering unique videos, Ahrefs strategically interlink relevant videos to their home page to drive traffic from one medium to another. (Notice how they've used the same thumbnail in their blog post)

YouTube video on 'What is SEO' linked in Ahrefs blog post.

This video marketing strategy and putting their audience first has made them reach a subscriber base of 418k over the years, with each video generating thousands of views.

Don't underestimate the power of consistent branding, compelling video thumbnails, and eye-catching titles. Before your audience consumes your videos, they need a strong reason to watch them. All these nuances are the key to building that strong hook.

Create videos that cater to audiences at different stages in the marketing funnel by studying your audience deeply. Even though it might not generate leads, this approach will build brand authority.

GoPro is a camera company that sells action cameras and software, and equipment. Professional photographers, sports professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts are the company's main target audience.

GoPro has cracked the code of creating thrilling and entertaining videos that create an immersive experience for the viewer. The majority of their videos are user-generated, meaning they're offering real experiences and insights to their potential customers - the ultimate form of social proof.

I was hooked throughout these 2:45 minutes of this person jumping off the cliff; completely nerve-wracking and captivating.

GoPro continues to invest in challenges to involve their community and promote their products. Their 2018 Million Dollar video marketing campaign was one such success. They chose to reward the winning creators with $1 million for creating highlight reels for their Hero7 Black camera series. It received 25,000 submissions, out of which 56 creators from 22 countries were selected. They not only engaged a large audience but also amassed 3M+ views across social media.

Have a sneak-peak at their challenge highlights. (How can you not find this content engaging?)

Zero in on user-generated content as you'll involve your audience, building trust and brand authority.

Keep your brand's values and messaging at the core of every video you create.

Coca-Cola is a multi-national brand serving carbonated soft drinks across the globe. A variety of drinks are offered by the company, including Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and others. The brand's mission revolves around creating moments of happiness in people's lives, which can be seen reflected in many of its video campaigns.

Coca-Cola has powered its video marketing strategy by focusing on creating a personal and emotional connection with its audience. Their videos focus on two things:

Emotional storytelling

Coca-Cola focuses on evoking strong emotions by building a relatable narrative that connects its audience with its campaigns. 

For instance, their Share a Coke video campaign launched across the globe in 2014 aimed to promote shared happiness by encouraging people to share their Coke with others. The campaign was so successful that another variation was adopted in the US -- Share a Coke and a song . (How can you not buy a Coke with your favorite son's lyrics on it, right?)

Paid collaborations

The Coca-Cola brand collaborates strategically with famous celebrities in their videos. As the brand's audience spans multiple countries, each collaboration features a celebrity well-known in that country. Further, the narrative they build in their videos reflects the geographic location of their audience.

For example, in India, they have collaborated with Diljit Dosanjh, a globally recognized singer, and famous cricketers such as MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. Some of the world's most recognized celebrities have worked with them, including Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, and Selena Gomez.

They featured Gigi Hadid in one of their videos, showing how their product, Coke, is at the center of every conversation.

You must choose celebrities or creators who have a lot of influence over your target market.

Think about the emotions your video will evoke in your audience as it will engage them and compel them to take the desired action.

Industry: Exercise equipment

Peloton is an exercise and workout equipment company encouraging individuals to stay fit by offering treadmills, bikes, and workout accessories such as Dumbbells, Mats, Earplugs, and more. They sell a paid subscription to sell their classes and encourage their audience to work out consistently.

Peloton's video marketing strategy revolves around curated educational videos taught by professionals, such as strength classes, meditation, and cardio classes. Both on their website and mobile app, there is a huge collection of such videos.

On their mobile app, the videos take it even further due to gamification . Peloton's team created various challenges and rewards to encourage users to take classes and track their progress. The workout is marked as completed when a customer reaches 50% of the way through. This strategy has helped them grow subscriber engagement 2.65x over the last four fiscal years (June 2017 – June 2021).

Here is a snapshot of some of the video classes Peloton offers to its customers:

video campaign case study

Become a part of your audience's life by offering them exactly what they need to get the best out of your products. (But in video format)

Use a challenge and reward model to encourage participation.

Industry: Apparel and Footwear

Apolla is an all-female-owned company that aims to change how people buy and wear socks. Their target audience is dancers and choreographers.

One key challenge that the Apolla team faced was to highlight their product's value proposition in action to their target audience. The team wanted to offer an interactive and more immersive shopping experience to their audience by embedding videos directly on their Shopify store.

How has Apolla resolved these challenges using Videowise?

For Apolla, displaying videos was never an issue since their brand advocates and supporters have already gathered a lot of user-generated content. Videowise scraped Apolla's YouTube videos that showcased their products and automatically sort them with the right product list of their Shopify store.

Not only this, the videos were embedded with a purchase option below them, so it didn't interfere with the shopping experience. Cool, right?

Apolla video marketing results after using Videowise

21.47% video engagement and 9.94% video conversion rate with 90.54X ROI.

An increase in time-on-site with 63+ videos watched, an average of 2m 37s per video watched.

Check out the entire case study of Apolla and how they generated such tremendous results with Videowise.

People trust people. By showing them testimonials or reviews from people who have already used the product, and that too in the form of video content, you gain their confidence and trust.

Minimize friction points as Apolla did by embedding a purchase option below each video. On the same screen, the customer can experience the product in action and buy it instantly.

Drive unmatchable results: Get started with video marketing

All the video marketing case studies discussed above support driving business results using engaging and relevant video content . One key element that emerged from these case studies is that if you want a video marketing campaign to succeed, involve your audience. Whether it's by launching a challenge or encouraging testimonials, videos are revolutionizing the business world.

And, even a step further is interactive videos , as we see in the case of Ava Estell and Apolla. If you'd like to bring such an experience to your website, give Videowise a try today .

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Animated Video Blog – Explainer Videos – Online Animated Marketing Video Production Services

7 Big Name Brand Case Studies on Video Marketing You Need to See

Last Updated on April 13, 2022

Do you ever wonder how the marketing videos for business create such a hype over their brand? What kind of best video marketing campaigns works the best in the long run? Here are seven interesting case studies on brand videos that went viral, for you to check out by some of the big brands. Using a variety of different techniques and video types, they all found success using the power of video.

KFC Social Media Case Study Video

In a recent social media case study, KFC was considered the number one restaurant on social media. Their increased engagement rate was three times the national industry average in India. It might amaze you to hear that a well-known chicken restaurant is flying high on social media, but this video shows how a company can focus on a specific objective when creating marketing videos and achieve their goals by keeping the approach specific.

Sensis Case Study Video

In this case study video, you will see how their video marketing study purpose was to increase their level of engagement with consumers by using search engine marketing and optimization services through this digital advertising agency. Sensis is a well-known digital ad agency that focuses on increasing the reach of their primary audience through highly-targeted ad campaigns. Sensis is also the number one print directory publisher in Australia.

Contour Digital Campaign Case Study Video

This video illustrates a digital marketing case study that focused on the Coca-Cola brand. Coca-Cola is the world’s largest brand of carbonated beverages. This campaign was launched on their 100th anniversary and the goal was to locate more people by creating happiness online and spreading it to others. Their “happiness” video marketing campaigns have gone viral in many cases right after they published them and some have received over 30 million views! Watch the video on the link above to see how the Coca-Cola company used social media to launch this specific happiness video marketing campaign.

HubSpot Video Marketing Campaign

HubSpot is well-known for their ability to help business customers improve their level of engagement and sales. Using HubSpot’s internet and video marketing platform, this video shows how they were able to increase their results by many times over. They focus on highlighting beneficial outcomes for their customers through a highly focused video marketing campaign.

You’ll see that in this video, their customer, ShoreTel, a communications company from California, was able to move their business forward after utilizing the tools available with HubSpot’s managing platform and tools.

HubSpot created a video campaign that surrounded the brand with the idea of brand authenticity. This worked for the ShoreTel company and they were able to increase their revenue and results over a relatively short period of time.

Squarespace Video Marketing Study

In this unique video marketing campaign, Squarespace used the well-known actor, Jeff Bridges to advertise the Squarespace platform. He tells the story of how he likes to hear “relaxing sounds” while out in the wilderness in order to get more sleep. In a humorous fashion, Bridges unfolds the story for the video audience and then shows how you can upload sounds to the Squarespace platform and start your own website.

This is employing an effective technique known as a “testimonial” or narrative form of video ad strategy using a well-known character or actor such as Bridges to tell the story. Because of the credibility of the actor, the results are good because of his fanbase and because people trust Jeff Bridges to tell them the truth.

Of course, in this example, it is understood that Bridges is kidding with the audience somewhat, since most of the ‘relaxing sounds’ are far from relaxing. But you get the point. Using a well-liked person to tell the story about your brand could be a successful approach to your video marketing techniques and strategies.

FedEx Video Case Study

FedEx also has a great video campaign that gets across the idea about their services. In the above marketing video and case study, FedEx wanted to communicate to their audience how their service actually works by lining up a number of toys and merchandise on a conveyor belt, as though they were awaiting the day they would arrive at their destination. It shows visually how the FedEx service works and makes it simple for people to understand.

This video increased FedEx’s sales greatly after its release and proved to be a rewarding case study for FedEx.

Schneider Electric: The Emotional Factor

This is a fun video that uses big events like the launching of a space shuttle, the development of internet in third world countries, and crowdfunding videos that help bring the whole world together. The video appeals to the emotions by using evocative images while also showing the heart of the business by illustrating the various things the company has done to bring the world of communications to remote areas of the world and to make life easier.

The idea behind a video marketing campaign like this is that using evocative techniques for a video marketing strategy is one of the best ways to capture the attention of your target audience. The idea is that, if they can relate to your message, they will be more likely to convert. This technique proved highly successful for this electric and communications company and it can do something similar to your brand, as well.


Summary: video marketing strategies

What do all of these best video marketing campaigns have in common?  They all take the approach that it is important to know their audience and to appeal to them in one way or the other. While they each take a uniquely different approach to their ad campaigns, they still focus on what their customers are interested in and try to bring in a human component to their message.

For example, in the Coca-Cola ad, not one mention is made of the soda itself. It’s all about using Cokes to make people happy by spreading the joy of sharing a soda with someone else. This type of global human kindness approach can be highly effective when you avoid trying to sell people something and instead focus on what they need.


Creating Your Video Marketing Success

So how do you capture some of this magic and apply it to your own brand? You could use any or all of these techniques when you create your own video marketing strategy by thinking about what it is about your brand that embraces the human element.

You could try to appeal to the emotions of your target audience by including a puppy or a child in your ad to appeal to people. Or you could hire an expert animated video team and let them help you fine-tune your video to do the most good.

At animatedvideo.com, we understand that you need to capture both the intellect and emotions of your target audience. We know how to use a combination of emotive and logical techniques to create the perfect message for your brand. We can help you do that while creating a professional video marketing campaign using our expert animation software and engineering.

We can use whiteboard animation, 2D or 3D character animation, or motion graphics to create your video. It’s your choice. Let us brainstorm ideas with you and we’ll get you the results you’re after.

See animatedvideo.com to learn more!

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  • Go to Sendspark.com
  • Get Sendspark for Free

7 Case Study Video Examples [Updated 2023]


Case studies are a valuable in video marketing, social media marketing, and sales. They make your features and benefits more tangible for prospects. And they help viewers digest and remember key points.

The question is, what does a good case study video look like?

Below, we give you answers in the form of our favorite case studies. We cover video content from giants like Freshbooks as well as SMBs like Moovs. But first, let's talk about...

What is a Case Study Video?

A case study video is a piece of content that shows prospects how others are using - and succeeding with - a product. They usually feature some or all of the following...

  • A customer story
  • Testimonials
  • Use cases, e.g. helping sales teams drive more revenue for Sendspark
  • Stats and figures
  • Before/after stories
  • Benefit-driven narratives
  • Problem resolution scenarios

Case studies can be used to sell to a potential customer, help retain current customers, and more. They are easy to use across all channels; social media, email marketing campaigns , etc.

5 Features of Successful Case Study Videos

Case study videos, including the 8 below, tend to have a few recurring features. These are...

  • They’re customer-centric . A case study video isn’t really about your brand. It’s about your customer, their story, and how the product figures in that story. 
  • They cover important information . Viewers retain 9.5x more information when viewing videos ( WordStream ). That’s why it’s important to address key points, yourself or through customers, with case study videos. 
  • They are mobile-optimized . 75% of all videos views come from mobile devices ( eMarketer ). You need to avoid small type, distant shots, and overwhelming images where too much is happening all at once. Record desktop ; think mobile. 
  • They’re big on emotions . 95% of communication comes from non-verbal cues. Customers’ gestures, facial expressions, body language and voice tone all have a huge impact ( Inc.com ). Use them!
  • They’re engaging . Make things fun. Create an exciting narrative around the customer story. Go through slides or shots without stalling to avoid dragging out the video.

Now let's dive into the actual examples!

7 Case Study Video Examples

1. freshbooks case study (sarah).

Case Study Type: Testimonial

This is a short, benefit-driven testimonial video. It features Sarah: an SMB owner using Freshbooks for 2 years. 

Sarah explains how she benefits from using Freshbooks. For example, she... 

  • Gets an extra 12 hours each week
  • Always knows who owes her money
  • Can use the app from her mobile phone

Any busy entrepreneur can relate to Sarah. She turns dry accounting software features into attractive benefits. Her messaging is a lot more persuasive than anything Freshbooks could tell you. 

The main takeaway is that testimonials from happy customers add a new dimension to case studies. And asking for them doesn’t have to be hard; all you need is a free Sendspark account and the Request Videos feature. 

2. Slack Case Study (Sendie)

Case Study Type: Customer Success Story

In this video, Sendie - a hybrid company - has its COO, CPO, and CTO talk about Slack. They explain how the software helps them manage distributed teams and remote workers across time zones. 

The CTO talks about Slack enabling a virtual “open door policy” remotely. The COO covers asynchronous communication with partners and employees. 

The video itself is standard (if very well-made). What’s special is its timing. It was released at the height of the pandemic, when most teams were looking for new ways to collaborate online. This made it a valuable way to showcase how Slack can help remote teams work better. 

The takeaway is that using customers to address hot topics - like “how do we work remotely postpandemic?” here - makes for powerful case studies. 

3. Resource/Ammirati Case Study (Wendy’s)

Case Study Type: Video Infographic 

This video explains how Resource/Ammirate created a valuable app for Wendy’s. It covers: 

  • App features (e.g. mobile payment)
  • App user experience (e.g. nutrition-based orders)
  • Value-adds (e.g. customized meal orders)

By showing off the app’s key features and benefits, Resource/Ammirati give viewers a taste of what they can do. 

What makes this app stand out is the visuals. Graphics, stats, and screenshots are all used to emphasize and imprint talking points. For example: 

The takeaway is that you don’t need high production values to create a visually appealing case study video. You can simply just a Google Slide presentation and go through it using Sendspark’s screen recorder feature - all for free. 

4. Zappos Case Study Video

Case Study Type: Combo Video

This video has a bit of everything. Zappo’s corporate history, customer service recordings, puppets... It’s all there. 

The one thing that really shines through is Zappo’s fun, helpful energy. You can tell the brand cares about serving customers and entertaining you with this odd-but-fun case study. 

We have two main takeaways here. One is that you can combine different video types to make a case study. The second is that being informal and letting your personality shine through can make for good case studies; especially in the B2C space. 

5. GoPro Case Study

Case Study Type: User-Generated Content Case Study

This GoPro case study combines customer testimonials with user-generated content. The result is a fun, fast-paced case study. GoPro is positioned as a gamechanging technology as we see early adopters use it. 

The takeaway here is to use a combination of product videos and in-person footage. Seeing people use a product in real-time offers a preview of what using it for yourself is like. 

The cool part is that creating UGC for digital products is very easy. All you have to do is request a video using SendSpark , asking customers to show themselves using the product. 

6. Google Ads (Princess Polly)

Princess Polly is an environmentally conscious e-commerce company. Their case study explains how they used Google ads to scale their business by appearing top of page 1 for target keywords. 

This video has a different feel to most of the ones on this page. Its focus is on warming up leads instead of introducing them to the product. Its talking points overcome objections while positioning Ads as the perfect product for e-commerce and SMB customers.

The takeaway is to use case studies to qualify leads, highlight benefits, close sales, and overcome objections - not just generate leads. 

7. Duda Case Study (Moovs)

Case Study Type: Feature Review

In this video, Duda customer Amir Ghorbani explains how they whitelabel the software to serve their 200+ customers. Unlike most case studies, this one focuses on features; not benefits. Amir goes through key features that made whitelabeling preferable to building in-house. 

This kind of video is useful when you’re deep into the customer journey. It helps close sales and warm up leads who are already in the sales pipeline. 

The takeaway here is that you can make feature-focused case studies to help convert leads into customers. User testimonials and product demos - or a combination of both - work well for that purpose. 

8. HubSpot with EZ Texting

Case Study Type: In-Depth Use Case

This video focuses on one person - Shawn Lucas, Director of Sales Operations - and one use case: sales. 

This makes this video unique. It’s a deep dive into one specific customer avatar’s needs and benefits. It’s highly persuasive - but only if your work is somehow connected to sales, marketing, and customer-facing operations. 

The takeaway is that you don’t have to make case studies with everyone in mind. Given how easy it is to create and upload videos, you can make a bunch of videos for different situations and target audiences. 

Now you know how big brands make case study videos. Use the examples above to inspire your sales team, improve video marketing efforts, and impress your target audience.

Just remember: you don't need a huge budget to get huge results from your case studies. All you need to get started is a webcam and a free Sendspark account .

With our software, you can put together beautiful, personalized videos that combine selfie shots and screen recordings. You can also ask customers to send their stories and testimonials in using the request video feature .

If you want to see more videos from cool brands, check out our article on prospecting video examples. Thank you for reading!

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22 Video Marketing & Advertising Campaigns You'll Actually Enjoy Watching

Published: December 28, 2023

91% of people want to see more video marketing efforts from brands — but knowing where to start can be intimidating. We’re sharing 22 video marketing examples and advertisements from the past two years to help inspire you.

woman makes video marketing examples

Expect impactful stories from real people, quirky TikTok clips, interactive video ads, and more. Go grab some popcorn. You won’t believe a marketing team created some of these.

→ Access Now: Video Marketing Starter Pack [Free Kit]

22 Video Marketing Campaigns You’ll Actually Enjoy Watching

1. hubspot: that’s a deep we don’t want to roll in 😅.

@hubspot That's a deep we don't want to roll in 😅 #HubSpotCRM #CRM #SalesTok ♬ original sound - goldenbiscuit.tx

A whopping 672 million global downloads made TikTok the most downloaded app in 2022. Cut to 2023, and 53% of marketers are increasing their TikTok investments ( HubSpot Blog Research ).

The great thing about this platform is that users don’t expect perfect video production. So you don’t need an enormous budget to get started. But TikTok users do expect to be entertained.

That’s why we love this quirky HubSpot ad that uses humor to speak directly to its target audience (sales reps). Because if you start a new sales job and they pull up 20 different spreadsheets, it is an Adele-worthy moment.

The Takeaway

Fun, creative, and relatable video marketing efforts generally perform better on TikTok than overproduced or formal videos. In this ad, HubSpot uses entertainment to sell the benefits of its CRM without being too salesy.

2. Heinz: Heinz A.I. Ketchup

AI talk has dominated the marketing space for the last year or so. It turns out artificial intelligence is a hot topic in most spheres. Yep, including the world of condiments — more specifically, Heinz Ketchup.

To create the bold "Heinz A.I. Ketchup" ad, Rethink Canada fed text-to-image program Dall-E 2 the prompt ‘ketchup.’ The result was a near replica of the iconic Heinz Ketchup bottle. That led the creative agency to test other ketchup-themed prompts.

From "ketchup street art" to "ketchup synth-wave," no matter the prompt variation, each AI-generated rendition resembled Heinz Ketchup. With this stroke of marketing genius, Rethink Canada proved that "even AI knows that ketchup is Heinz."

The ad leverages the iconic nature of the Heinz brand while adding a reactive layer in response to AI. Heinz produced one of the best AI-themed video ads of 2022 and one of the best video marketing examples in general.

3. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams: Build Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich

At least watch from the 20-second mark.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is a modest ice cream shop from Columbus, Ohio, and its YouTube channel proves you don’t need studio-level equipment to make lovable videos.

This stylish dessert parlor uses catchy music and "from the ground up" ingredients to feed its customers' interests before they’ve even had a scoop. Also, there’s something so satisfying about seeing food made in front of you.

This is terrific small business marketing. When you launch an account on YouTube or another social network, hit the ground running with content that is authentically you.

Come out swinging with a style and tone you want to be known for. Too much content is created every day to wait for your audience to come to you.

4. Reebok: CrateMaster (A Film by Kerby Jean-Raymond)

Reebok has become known for its masterful messaging. Their marketing efforts feel like more than an advertisement — they usually have a powerful message, too. In this vein, “CrateMaster” maintains Reebok’s tried and tested tradition.

The mini-movie tells the story of a "grassroots inner-city basketball and the community of youth who build the game from the ground up."

From the first frame, writer and director Kerby Jean-Raymond immerses you in the near-nine-minute narrative.

Yes, you heard that right. A near-nine-minute master class of story-driven video marketing that keeps you hooked until the end.

The short film doesn’t just tell you a story. It puts you right in the picture by using nostalgia, as demonstrated by the following YouTube comment:

"The nostalgia! Man, I remember the energy, the scent, the scars from playing ball on crates."

Another wonderful touch is how the ad prioritizes narrative over product placement. There’s a clear call to action at the end, but Reebok keeps its product placements subtle throughout.

5. Ceragon: Product Marketing Video campaign by Penguin Strategies

You know the age-old story. You’re just about to tuck into a delicious meal when someone asks you to explain what disaggregated wireless backhaul is.

Luckily for us, when that happened to Penguin Strategies ’ client, Ceragon, someone was around to capture the story in action.

The rest of this tongue-in-cheek video involves our would-be burger consumer, using a burger analogy to explain disaggregated wireless backhaul technology.

The explainer video ad works because it uses something relatable (food) to explain advanced technology. Plus, it does so in a way that’s easy for the target audience to digest (ba-dum-tss).

It also avoids being a generic explainer video by showing the brand’s personality.

6. Coinbase: Less Talk, More Bitcoin.

It cost a mighty $6.5 million to secure a 30-second ad slot for the 2022 Super Bowl. That figure doesn’t account for the massive spending on ad production.

But what if you could unleash a low-key, low-cost Super Bowl ad that piqued people’s interest so much that it crashed your app ?

Enter Coinbase' s "Less Talk, More Bitcoin." This simple (but genius) video ad features a bouncing QR code. The code took curious onlookers to a site that offered them the chance to bag $15 in Bitcoin for signing up on Coinbase.

In a sea of expensive Super Bowl ads, Coinbase dared to do something different. Its nod to the Bouncing DVD Logo was nostalgic for some and utterly novel to others. Either way, what the 60-second ad lacked in production value, it made up for with intrigue.

7. Asahi: Beyond Expected

Timely marketing can yield incredible results. Be it a reactive campaign like the "Heinz A.I. Ketchup" ad or something you can plan for in advance.

In the case of Japanese beer brand Asahi , their video ad coincided with a seasonal event, "Dry January."

"Beyond Expected" takes the viewer on a tour of present-day Japan. There’s one thing in common across the high-rise buildings: neon signs and an electric atmosphere.

In every vibrant setting, somebody enjoys a 0.0% Asahi beer and has fun doing it.

"Beyond Expected" was a timely response to a seasonal event. But it also spoke to a growing and evergreen trend: Gen Z is consuming less alcohol than previous generations.

Asahi's ad presents alcohol-free beer as a way to be social without feeling pressured to drink alcohol.

8. ALDI: Like Brands Cake

If feuds weren't entertaining, there'd be no appetite for pro wrestling, boxing, or MMA. As marketers know, rivalries have traveled outside the realm of sports-based entertainment — we can now watch our favorite brands spar.

Perhaps the most infamous brand feud in recent years was Colin vs. Cuthbert . In the red corner, we had M&S' Colin the Caterpillar cake, and in the blue, Aldi's Cuthbert.

There's a lot of water under that bridge, and Aldi’s “Like Brands Cake” ad capitalized on it all with good humor.

The ad shows Cuthbert and his caterpillar friends enjoying the two famous cakes. Everything goes well until Colin crashes the party, and a fight emerges. But the real show stealer is the brilliant copy at the end of the video:

"Aldi. Like M&S. Only cheaper"

*On cakes that look like caterpillars.”

Humor is a powerful marketing technique and even better when it's self-deprecating. Aldi's ad highlights that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Oh, it also showcases the price difference between the M&S caterpillar cake and Aldi’s cheaper alternative. This mix of humor and self-depreciation created another viral Aldi moment when #Cuthparty amassed 3.3M views on TikTok.

9. FINALLY Agency: INBOUND 2022 Vlog - Day 2 & 3

FINALLY Agency is a growth marketing agency that offers video production. Short story shorter: Successful agencies don't just talk the talk. They show prospective clients that they also use the services they sell.

That’s why FINALLY Agency's informal vlog chronicling days two and three of their time at INBOUND 2022 works so well.

It shows the viewer FINALLY's video production skills and how prospective clients could use video to market their business.

This video marketing example works on multiple levels.

It shows the agency's video production prowess rather than telling prospects they can do it.

Then, the video shows their team attending a professional seminar. That highlights their commitment to developing as marketers to serve their clients better.

It also gives prospective clients a glimpse behind the scenes, so they can get to know the people behind the agency.

10. Spinneys Supermarket: The Bread Exam

In Lebanon, by the time breast cancer is diagnosed, it’s often too late to cure. This issue is primarily driven by cultural taboos, making it challenging to discuss intimate body parts.

As a result, people don’t talk about self-checking for breast cancer.

Along with the help of influential Lebanese baker Um Ali, the British Islamic Medical Association and McCann Health sought to change that.

Through the traditional act of baking bread, Um Ali shows us how to make her "healthiest recipe," reminding us to "bake every month." Each stage of the recipe mirrors the steps of a monthly breast self-exam.

The meaning behind "The Bread Exam" might be hard to decipher in a vacuum. But when powered by mainstream media (who translated the real message behind the recipe), the meaning traveled to traditional communities. The result?

According to Pollfish data cited in the McCann Paris case study: "86% of Arab women admitted baking will remind them to self-check."

"The Bread Exam" used tradition, mainstream media, and modern marketing techniques to spread a life-saving message.

Well done to clients Spinneys Supermarkets and the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation for funding this purpose-driven marketing campaign.

video campaign case study

Burberry's 2021 ad “Open Spaces” takes a cinematic approach to video marketing. The narrative starts with four Burberry-clad friends parking in the middle of nowhere, ready for an adventure.

Throughout the ad, we see them taking a lucid-dream-like tour, flying over open fields, lakes, clifftops, and the ocean.

In a year of limited freedom, this two-minute video ad uses open spaces and adventure to remind viewers how freedom feels. And like Reebok’s CrateMaster, it does so without busy product placement detracting from the storytelling.

12. Netflix: Fans Make the Movies

To make their ad “Fans Make the Movies,” Netflix paired up with the Ikorodu Bois from Lagos, Nigeria. With a shoestring budget, the Ikorodu Bois remake blockbuster movies like Army of the Dead , The Old Guard , and Thunderforce .

The ad plays on the childlike joy that comes from doing something for the sheer love of it. It’s a tour de force in boundless imagination and shows you don’t need a big budget to create marketing that resonates.

By sharing the Ikorodu Bois’ DIY flicks with the world, the ad reconnects movie lovers everywhere with the feeling created by incredible entertainment.

Netflix cleverly decided to center their target audience (movie fans) in their video ad rather than their product.

13. Dove: Cost of Beauty

Dove ’s "Cost of Beauty" video ad features real stories and sensitive content about difficult subjects. So, if you’d like to jump to the next entry, we understand entirely.

As challenging as "Cost of Beauty" is to watch, we need open discussions about the ad’s themes. More specifically, social media's impact on how children and young people view their bodies and appearance.

The story takes us through Mary’s journey from making carefree comedy shows and silly videos as a child. Mary gradually watches more and more social media content by diet-themed influencers.

We then see her harrowing diary entries and, eventually, how she enters a specialist Eating Disorder Unit.

We leave Mary’s story knowing she’s now thankfully in recovery. The “Cost of Beauty” then introduces us to more young people like Mary, who are recovering from eating disorders, depression, and anxiety, among other things.

At the end of the ad, Dove shares a heartbreaking fact:

"Social media is harming the mental health of 3 in 5 kids."

Through these real stories, Dove shows us how social media consumption can start as a fun, almost silly activity for children. But if not placed in the appropriate context, it can end in harm.

This is a powerful example of how to create a purpose-driven video marketing campaign through user-generated content.

14. Facebook: More Together - Cricket

As Dove’s "Cost of Beauty" shows us, social media usage can cause harm when left unchecked. Still, social media’s biggest strength lies in its power to connect people.

In the case of "More Together - Cricket," Facebook shares how its platform connects people across India through cricket.

The video shows people trying out for India's cricket team and how they share their journey through Facebook posts. We also see how a district selection camp advertises an event through Facebook.

The video closes with the message, "It takes a billion to make an eleven," followed by a collage of Polaroid-style snaps representing young people’s Facebook posts about their cricket tryouts.

Even though many young people didn’t make the team, they’re proud to contribute to a sport that connects their country.

"More Together — Cricket" uses the themes of national heritage and culture to show how they create a shared experience. Facebook takes the idea further by highlighting how it provides a space to discuss these cultural experiences.

15. Hotels.com: Silent Piano Ad

Many media consumers watch video marketing efforts without sound, especially when viewing content in public.

Without sound, viewers rely on closed captions to understand the content.

Hotels.com uses this to its advantage with a quirky and innovative "Silent Piano" ad. The viewer sees a sumptuous hotel lobby, where an eccentric-looking hotel concierge (or guest?) seemingly plays the piano.

The fun twist is the ad is silent. And given that the piano player admits he can’t play at all, that’s probably best.

Like a silent movie, the short video uses cinematic filming techniques, over-the-top acting, and a compelling text-driven narrative. The ad keeps viewers intrigued until the end while giving them a clear call to action midway.

The ad is innovative, using how people typically consume video to its advantage. And for the cherry on top, the setting suits the brand perfectly.

16. Magnetic Global: Success Stories

Magnetic Global' s "Success Stories" is another video marketing example showing a creative agency practicing what they preach. And what they preach is growing a brand’s influence through video.

Magnetic Global weaves in storytelling, inspiring cinematography, behind-the-scenes footage, and real case studies to show you two things:

How video marketing can grow your brand and why they’re the agency you should choose to help you do it.

17. Google Earth: Our Cities Timelapse

Google Earth’s "Our Cities Timelapse" opens with an incredible stat about urban population growth. "In the last 35 years, the urban population has grown by 2.3 billion people," the ad informs us.

We then get to see a digital reconstruction of this growth in action. From barren deserts to all but deserted river banks, through time-lapse videos spanning 1984 to 2020, we see how cities across the globe have grown.

At the end of the video, Google Earth presents a broader point.

“Cities are responsible for more than 70% of global carbon dioxide emissions.”

The ad showcases the Google Earth product in action and does so meaningfully. The viewer witnesses a timelapse of human potential. But we’re also shown how our growth can impact the planet.

18. Crumbl Cookies: Sweet Victory Ad

We see more and more consumers ( especially young people ) head to TikTok to find places and things to eat. “Sweet Victory Ad” by Crumbl Cookies capitalizes on this trend perfectly.

Throughout the 30-second feast for the senses, Crumbl shows us its delicious range of gooey baked goods. And if you’re not already reaching for your phone to make an order, you probably just need an excuse.

So, they present them in the context of unremarkable achievements.

"Your team won the big game. Your team tried to win the big game. You didn’t even know there was a big game," says the narrator.

We know it, you know it. Every achievement — even the seemingly unremarkable — becomes a celebration when you set your mind to it. And every celebration is a valid reason to treat yourself to some cookies.

Bright colors, humor, mouth-watering cookies? That’s a recipe for one of the best TikTok ads we've seen. Take our money already.

19. HubSpot: Live with Yamini Rangan & Brian Halligan

Insights from subject matter experts have never been more critical to marketing. You only have to look at Google’s 2022 addition to their Search Quality Rater Guidelines . The full framework is now E-E-A-T — the latest E focuses on Experience.

Doing (or citing) subject matter expert interviews is a great way to demonstrate experience within your video marketing content .

We love HubSpot’s "INBOUND 2021 - Live with Yamini Rangan & Brian Halligan" because it shares a discussion between three subject matter experts from the CRM industry.

In the video, HubSpot co-founder and Executive Chairman, HubSpot CEO, and HubSpot SVP of Business and Corporate Development share their thoughts on the CRM industry.

It’s an informal way for the brand to demonstrate its experience and authority in the industry. All while providing a citable resource for others. And the more people who cite your resource, the greater its potential reach.

20. Gymshark: Celebrity Prank

@gymshark Pranking our London store with celebrity lookalikes… 👀 #meme #prank #lookalike #Gymshark ♬ GASLIGHT - INJI

As we've covered, humor has been a trend on TikTok for a while now. But it’s also been a broader trend in the 2023 video marketing landscape.

So what happens when you combine TikTok, 2023, and a brand already known for its funny marketing? You get Gymshark’s "Celebrity Prank."

To create this video marketing campaign, Gymshark hired fake celebrity look-alikes to appear in their London store. Like the star-struck onlookers, the celebrity doppelgangers enjoyed a casual shopping trip.

Then hilarity ensued.

The general public asked for photos, chased the look-alikes around the store, and seemed to be taken in by the prank.

In true Gymshark tradition, the fun video ad created quite a stir across social media, amassing nearly 400,000 likes on TikTok alone.

21. Tesco: Voice of the Checkout.

@tesco The wait is over! The new #tescovoiceofcheckout is… @dogtor_who ♬ original sound - Tesco

Tesco brings more video marketing fun with a classic TikTok ad campaign. To create "Voice of the Checkout," Tesco invited people to audition to become the new voice of its self-service machines.

The video ad shows the old self-service checkout voice introducing us to its successor, Izzy. But only after sharing some entertaining audition footage from Izzy and others.

The advert was funny and interactive, the ideal combination for TikTok marketing. Tesco also used the power of user-generated content to stay true to its down-to-earth brand.

By putting everyday people within the ad, they position themselves as the supermarket choice of everyday people.

22. Honda: The Other Side

Honda’s interactive ad, "The Other Side," pays homage to the Choose Your Own Adventure game genre. Through Interactive Branching , viewers can have a more personalized video experience where they actively participate in the narrative.

Each video clip offers the viewer a choice, and each option dictates the following sequence of events in the story.

Instead of passively consuming or skipping the video ad, Honda invites viewers into the plot itself. We’re left pondering, is this the next generation of video ads?

Want more visual content tips? Check out these stunning visual storytelling examples .

Now it’s your turn.

Video can do wonders to increase content engagement and click-through rates. But many marketers get paralyzed by the "no time, too hard" fallacy of creating video content.

But if you think you need fancy camera equipment and editing software to make video work, or that video seems like a luxury you can't afford ... it's time to take a new approach to your video marketing strategy.

You can create great videos for social media without all those bells and whistles. ( Ever heard of Facebook Live ? It was made for creating videos using just your smartphone!)

Use these marketing videos as inspiration, and create some cool visual content of your own.

Discover videos, templates, tips, and other resources dedicated to helping you  launch an effective video marketing strategy. 

Don't forget to share this post!

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Marketing software that helps you drive revenue, save time and resources, and measure and optimize your investments — all on one easy-to-use platform

Case Studies: Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Best Video Marketing Campaign: Case Study and Impact of Video - Blog banner

This blog delve­s directly into real-life succe­ss stories that demonstrate the tremendous impact a video marketing campaign can have. These case studies are a goldmine of valuable insights. Uncove­ring how various brands have effectively utilized video to achieve remarkable results.

Case Study 1: The Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” Campaign

The “Share­ a Coke” campaign by Coca-Cola became incre­dibly popular worldwide by introducing personalized bottle­s and cans. This innovative marketing strategy tappe­d into the emotional desire for connection and individuality, creating a cultural phenome­non that resonated dee­ply with people around the globe­.

Coca-Cola established a unique branding approach by incorporating individuals’ names on their products. This not only pe­rsonalized their beve­rages but also created a se­nse of connection and identification with consume­rs.

Case Study 2: Airbnb’s “Hosted Walkthrough” Videos

Airbnb revolutionize­d the way customers explore­ unique listings with the introduction of “Hosted Walkthrough” vide­os. These groundbreaking vide­os allow potential guests to embark on virtual tours of accommodations, providing pe­rsonalized experiences and an authentic glimpse into each space. By seamlessly incorporating these immersive vide­os, Airbnb has transformed the booking experience for users.

Case Study 3: HubSpot’s “Inbound Marketing” Series

HubSpot effe­ctively educated and captivate­d its audience through its highly informative “Inbound Marke­ting” series. This campaign showcased HubSpot’s e­xpertise and established the company as a trusted authority in the industry. By providing actionable­ insights and demonstrating thought leadership, HubSpot ensured that its audience gaine­d practical knowledge and valuable take­aways from the series.

Case Study 4: GoPro’s User-generated Content Campaign

GoPro transformed the way people capture and share their exhilarating experiences, empowe­ring them to become conte­nt creators. By leveraging their innovative cameras, GoPro users could immortalize­ breathtaking adventures through stunning visuals. This groundbre­aking campaign showcased not only the impressive­ capabilities of GoPro’s technology but also highlighted the incredible value it brings.

Case Study 5: Analysing Nike’s “Dream Crazy” Campaign

Nike’s groundbre­aking “Dream Crazy” campaign completely transformed the way sports and social advocacy intersect. With a core­ message that resonate­s deeply, Nike se­amlessly merged its brand ide­ntity with a purpose-driven narrative, inspiring vie­wers to fearlessly chase­ their dreams. By strategically aligning itself with social issues and sparking meaningful conversations, Nike­’s campaign struck a chord with a diverse audience, touching hearts and leaving a lasting impact.

Case Study 6: Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” Series

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone­” series gained imme­nse recognition for its groundbreaking approach in showcasing use­r-generated content at unprecedente­d artistic levels. This exce­ptional campaign not only celebrated the extraordinary talents of everyday iPhone users but also highlighted the remarkable capabilities of Apple­’s camera technology. Through a captivating collection of visually stunning and awe­-inspiring images captured by individuals, it successfully conve­yed a powerful message about the potential for creativity and innovation within everyone.

Case Study 7: McDonald’s “Our Food. Your Questions.” Campaign

McDonald’s took on a transparent and e­nlightening campaign known as “Our Food. Your Questions.” Their main goal was to address customers’ concerns while dispe­lling any misconceptions about their food products. McDonald’s used a unique approach by actively engaging in open and hone­st conversations through videos, showcasing authenticity and willingness to communicate openly.

Extracting Lessons: Common Threads among Successful Campaigns

In our analysis of successful campaigns, several common themes tend to emerge.

Video campaigns that achieve success often share common characteristics contributing to their effectiveness. These campaigns incorporate key elements such as personalization, storyte­lling, and authenticity. By weaving narratives that e­voke emotions and align with core value­s, these campaigns go beyond traditional marke­ting messages and form dee­p connections with viewers. Furthermore, embracing eme­rging trends and innovations can propel video campaigns to new heights by keeping them relevant.

In the re­alm of content creation, it holds great significance­ to possess a profound understanding of one’s audience and adapt the content accordingly. This approach e­nables effective tailoring to their prefere­nces and meeting their needs satisfactorily. An esse­ntial stride in this process involves aligning your vide­os with your business objectives and value­s. By establishing a harmonious connection between your videos and brand identity, you can cultivate­ a powerful and united image that de­eply resonates with your vie­wers.

Driving Success: Measuring and Adapting

Evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns holds great significance. To achieve this, close­ly track various metrics such as engageme­nt levels, and conversion rate­s, and gather feedback from your audience. By utilizing data-driven decision-making, ensure that your campaigns remain adaptable and consistently yield optimal results. Monitoring these key indicators provides valuable insights into successful aspects and areas requiring improvement. This comprehensive­ analysis enables you to make informe­d decisions for enhancing campaign performance­.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Brand through Video Marketing Case Studies

It’s important to note that the case studie­s presented here are more than just storie­s. They serve as valuable­ blueprints that can guide your own path to success. To achieve your business objectives, embracing personalization, storytelling, and authe­nticity in your video campaigns is essential. By le­veraging the power of vide­o content, you can establish dee­p connections with your target audience­. Through video marketing, your brand can tell its unique story, captivating and resonating with viewers across various de­mographics. Implementing these strategies will enable you to create a compelling narrative­ that captures attention and fosters e­ngagement and loyalty among your audience. Remember the synergy between your brand’s narrative…

video campaign case study

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Reactivating Travellers & Boosting Engagement

Key message

Book a trip this winter

Find out more about personalized, data-driven video.

What is personalized video?

Try it out yourself

Most impressive results

The combination of advanced technology and creative storytelling can yield impressive results, as shown by the high engagement rate and reach of this campaign.

Audience net reach

Engagement rate

Ving's Personalized Video Campaign: Reactivating customers with the help of first-party data.


The ongoing digital revolution requires businesses to continually innovate to maintain a strong connection with their customers. The travel industry, which faced numerous challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had to find creative ways to reconnect with their customer base once travel restrictions eased. One such company, Ving, a leading travel company in the Nordics, partnered with SEEN to create a highly personalized, data-driven video campaign for the winter season of 2021. This case study explores how Ving used personalized video marketing to deliver a targeted, engaging message that enhanced the customer journey and experience.

Reactivating customers after the pandemic

As the winter season approached, Ving faced the challenge of reactivating their customer base following the easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions. They needed an effective and engaging way to communicate a strong offer to their customers, enticing them to book their next holiday with Ving. With a diverse audience across four different markets, Ving required a solution that would resonate with each customer on a personal level, optimizing customer engagement and prompting a call to action.

Introducing personalized video

Ving turned to SEEN, which enabled them to utilize data-driven, personalized video to address their challenges. The end-result was a film that cleverly integrated a range of personalizations, evoking nostalgia and excitement by reminding customers of their past travels and the joys of new adventures. The cleverly weaved-in personalizations captured the viewers attention from the first frame and kept it throughout the entire film. If you haven't seen it already - scroll back up to the top of this page and see if you can spot all of the sections that are data-driven & personalized in Ving's film.

Campaign Results

The personalized video campaign achieved impressive results, demonstrating the effectiveness of personalized video for delivering campaign messages and driving calls to action:

  • 35% audience net reach
  • 2.6 frequency (average views per reciever)
  • 88% engagement rate ‍

Key Takeaways

This case study offers a valuable insight into the power of data-driven personalized video in reactivating customers and generating interest in a brand or product. Some of the key takeaways from this campaign include:

  • Personalized video content delivers high attention, which makes viewers more receptive to the message and more likely to take action.
  • Leveraging customer data can create a highly personalized and relevant experience that resonates with the target audience.
  • The combination of advanced technology and creative storytelling can yield impressive results, as shown by the high engagement rate and reach of this campaign. ‍

As we move into the future, it's clear that communication with the use of personalized video will play an increasingly important role in fostering customer relationships and driving results. ‍ By tailoring content to individual customers, businessess from all industries can create more engaging and effective marketing activations that ultimately lead to stronger loyalty and increased revenue. Utilizing data-driven video and creative personalizations throughout the customer journey can vastly improve the customer experience and overall engagement.

Screenshots from Ving's data-driven film

A screenshot from a personalized video showing the viewer's last plane ticket.

About Ving & Nordic Leisure Travel Group 

Ving is part of Nordic Leisure Travel Group which sells holidays from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland and provides around 1.3 million memorable holidays to Nordic travelers each year. Nordic Leisure Travel Group's brands Ving , Spies & Tjäreborg was included in the video-campaign outlined in this case study.

Claes Pellvik

Claes Pellvik

Head of Communiations, Ving

This project might seem very complicated to execute, but it was surprisingly easy thanks to SEEN's technology and professionalism.

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Manchester United Supporters Club

Identifying Manchester United fans

Make your customers feel SEEN. Let’s talk.

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Ultimate Guide to Case Study Videos in 2023

A case study (or three) may be the secret ingredient your video marketing strategy is missing. If the last time you heard ‘case study’ mentioned was the days you were slaving over your schoolwork, think again! Case studies, particularly when put in the evergreen and easily-accessible form of a video, offer your clients and potential clients a great way to understand the value-added nature of your brand, and build trust too.

Today the StoryXpress team dives in-depth into the world of case study videos, and how to make them work for you.

Wait- What is a Case Study?

In the marketing world, a case study means a detailed analysis of a particular marketing campaign, strategy, or initiative undertaken by a company or organization. You can also effectively use the case study format to illustrate in-depth how a specific product or service you offer gives back tangible value to your customers.

What marketing case studies share in common with the ‘boring’ style you may remember from academia is the process. You will examine the process, results, and impact of a marketing effort, service, or product in a particular context, often including information about the company or client who benefited, targets to meet, competition, and goals.

Case studies are a fantastic tool to illustrate how a specific approach was successful (or even unsuccessful, if you’re smart about presentation), and to draw insights and lessons that can be applied to others. While they were once only used in ‘in-house’ marketing education, today they can be a valuable addition to your marketing lineup, as well as further consulting and research to help companies offer their clients more.

How Can Video Case Studies Be Used in My Marketing?

Still not sure what we mean? Imagine yourself as the company bringing to life the very best HEPA-certified vacuum on the market. It’s new, it’s exciting, and it can revolutionize how your clients clean and enjoy their spaces.

Of course, you already have some smart marketing endeavors in place to get this baby launched. You’ve waxed lyrical about how revolutionary the product is.

You’ve spent time creating some humanizing behind-the-scenes video to show how strongly you and your team believe in the product. You have glitzy promo media in the bag. You have fantastic user-generated content lined up to show the impact it’s had on customers who’ve already trusted your product….

Hang on a moment!

If you’re still not sure how a ‘case study’ can be leveraged to help you market your brand, perhaps we should redefine it. Video case studies help the eventual viewer understand how something you did impacted the client you did it for.

With specific, tangible details, not marketing abstracts. Useful in-house to improve your services, yes, excellent for research, but also a potential goldmine for the marketer looking to showcase their brand to new people, too.

effective video case study

How to Leverage Video Case Studies Effectively

Now imagine your company can also bring to life a real, details-focused ‘study’ of how your new super-vacuum has enhanced clients' lives. Not merely a few lines of feedback here and there, but an in-depth look at a real-life situation and the very tangible solution you brought to the table.

Let’s imagine you sold this product to Johnny and Jane, star-crossed lovers, one of whom has terrible allergies, and the other who has a beloved dog. They desperately want to move in with each other to start their life together, but what are they to do? The dog is a precious and beloved family member, but you also can’t pitch up at work red-eyed and dripping every day.

Now imagine that, instead of simply telling your audience how your super-vacuum can help people like Johnny and Jane, you viscerally show them the impact you had on this specific pair, with real stories that will capture emotion and humanize your product as well as showcase its best features and potential.

The StoryXpress team is willing to bet you already care a lot more about the outcome for poor old Johnny and Jane (and Fido, too) than you ever did about a mere cleaning tool, right? And therein lies the marketing magic smart video case studies can bring to your table.

There’s three styles of video case study to consider- the long-form narrative, telling the whole story. And the shorter customer testimonial and review. Each will become a cornerstone of your video marketing strategies, so they’re worth investing in.

Why Choose Video Case Studies?

Of course, the traditional case study is written, and such readable media will always have a place in your marketing efforts. But the case study and video go hand-in-hand, and a video case study can pack a much more powerful punch.

Video is a powerful marketing tool because it can  communicate a lot of information quickly and effectively, while also engaging viewers emotionally.

Video is highly attention-grabbing, and can capture a viewer's attention quickly. It combines visuals, audio, and storytelling to create an immersive experience that keeps viewers engaged, appealing to all our senses and disseminating a message speedily.

Video can be used to build trust with your audience by showcasing the people involved, as well as your brand's personality, expertise, and values. Seeing real people and hearing their stories creates an immediate emotional connection with your brand.

It’s also a great way to explain complex concepts or products in a way that is easy to understand, making it perfect to demonstrate how a product works or showcase its features.

For marketers, video has been shown to increase conversions and sales. People are more likely to make a purchase or take action after watching a video than they are after reading text or looking at images, because of this deep impact.

Video can be easily shared on social media and other platforms, helping to increase engagement and reach. Videos that are entertaining, informative, or emotionally engaging are more likely to be shared.

So by opting for a video case study over other formats, you have the perfect vehicle to draw in your potential audience and help them see and understand the benefits of your products or services in a palatable, entertaining, and easily-digestible format.

Aren’t Videos Expensive?

Videos can be one of the most expensive (and time-intensive) content types to generate, but when well-planned and executed, they can also deliver fantastic ROI. While we’d all love to have a Hollywood budget to work with, however, that’s simply not the reality. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to bring down your costs.

Planning well will always be your first step. Create a clear video marketing strategy and plan ahead to avoid any last-minute expenses or delays. This can help you identify areas where you can save costs, such as filming in one location or using a smaller crew. We’ll look at the right sort of footage for a video case study in a moment.

Ensuring you use the equipment at your disposal smartly helps, too. A good camera, tripod, and lighting equipment can go a long way in creating great videos, even without the fancy bells and whistles.

You may also be able to repurpose existing footage from previous projects, events, or other marketing campaigns to create new videos, helping to save time and money on filming and editing. Chances are you already have great promo footage to use in your case study video, so don’t reinvent the wheel needlessly.

While professional editing can be worth every penny, it’s also not always needed- especially for ‘behind the scenes’, personality-driven content like this. There are many affordable video editing software programs available that can help you create professional-looking videos.

Don’t forget the StoryXpress suite of tools, available at your fingertips! For example, our screen-grab tool could help you create data-backed visuals.

AI Offers Quicker, More Cost-Effective Case Studies

But what about ‘talent’? Well, for starters, in this specific format, real is always best. Why blow your budget on fake actors, when you can get the real Johnny and Jane on-camera to talk about their experience, and your real team to talk about the product?

You can also leverage the powerful abilities of text to video conversion to both speed up production time and reduce your costs substantially. All that’s needed is the script for your footage. It is uploaded to the program, and within minutes you’ll have realistic artificial humans, easily adaptable to speak compellingly to any demographic or need you have, to narrate the script for you.

You can even easily create multiple versions of the same script, better suited to niche aspects of your audience. The more powerful options on the market even allow you to add value by converting PowerPoint slides and other visual media to incorporate into the narrative.  

If you’re looking for a way to make video content faster and more cost-effective to generate, using AI video generators should definitely be on your to-do list.

By being strategic and creative with your video marketing efforts, you can reduce costs while still producing high-quality and effective videos.

What Makes a Successful Case Study Video?

Obviously, the aim of using video case studies in your marketing efforts isn’t to drone on like a research scientist and bore the pants off your audience! As with all effective video marketing, you need to create an attention-grabbing, compelling narrative that pulls the viewer in. Here are some components every successful case study video should have:

  • Think like the customer, not the creator. Answer questions that matter to them, and demonstrate the value of your product or service.
  • Tell a compelling story that engages the viewer and highlights the key elements of the case study. It should have a clear beginning, middle, and end, and should showcase the challenges, solutions, and outcomes of the case study. Going back to our earlier example, the focus of your new case study video isn’t how great your product is, but rather the heart-tugging power of how it could help bring Johnny, Jane, and Fido together for their happily ever after. To your viewers, a vacuum is a vacuum- but a touching story of overcoming difficulties together is what will make people keep watching to learn about yours.
  • Leverage the power of customer testimonials, where the customer shares their experience and how the product or service helped them to achieve their goals. This helps to build credibility and trust with the audience. Don’t tell us about Johnny and Jane- let them speak directly to your audience for added impact.
  • Show how you solve a specific problem. Your product may do many things well, but use your video case study to hone in on a specific unique selling proposition and elaborate on that. Don’t muddy the water with other things unrelated to the core.
  • Instead of making this all about your product's features, emphasize the benefits it brings to the table.
  • Include a mix of visuals such as graphics, charts, and animations to help illustrate the key points and make the video more engaging. Appealing to as many ‘learning styles’ as possible is always smart.
  • Use stats, figures, and data to back up your claims. For all we are trying to appeal to the watcher, you don’t want to be making false claims, and you want to be able to demonstrate exactly what your unique selling propositions bring to the table.
  • The messaging in a case study video should be clear and concise. It should highlight the key benefits and outcomes of the product or service, and how it can help the viewer solve their challenges. Don’t waffle- make the facts work for you.

Of course, your video should be well-produced with high-quality visuals and audio. A successful case study video should also include a clear call to action , such as visiting your website, signing up for a free trial, or contacting your company for more information.

Where Can I Use My Video?

Now you have this powerful marketing tool in the bag, what can you do with it? Rather ask yourself what you can’t, because the potential for your new case study is huge. Of course, it should make it to your website and socials, but can also be easily added to marketing emails, sales pitches, presentations , and digital ad campaigns.

With the power of video case studies at your fingertips, and StoryXpress to power up your creation game, you can take your video marketing to a whole new level- and reap the returns for your hard work, too.

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Effective Social Media Campaigns: Case Studies

Effective Social Media Campaigns: Case Studies

  • Key Takeaways

79% of marketers believe that social media is an effective marketing channel. (Source. Sprout Social)

Video content on social media generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined. (Source. SmallBizGenius)

71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. (Source. HubSpot)

Effective social media campaigns hinge on visual content, compelling narratives, and audience targeting.

Influencer marketing and data-driven decisions can significantly impact campaign success.

The world of digital marketing has undergone a profound transformation with the advent of social media platforms. In today’s landscape, social media campaigns have emerged as a driving force behind brand success. They have the potential to connect businesses with a global audience, foster engagement, and drive tangible results. However, the key to harnessing this potential lies in crafting and executing effective social media campaigns. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the intricacies of such campaigns, using real-world case studies as our compass.

In the following sections, we will delve deep into the strategies and tactics that underpin successful social media campaigns. We’ll explore the power of visual content, the art of crafting engaging narratives, audience targeting and segmentation, the role of paid advertising, influencer collaborations, data-driven decision-making, cross-platform integration, crisis management, and, most importantly, how to measure the success of your campaigns through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We firmly believe that the integration of case studies into each section will provide actionable insights, allowing marketers and businesses to not only grasp these concepts but also apply them effectively in their own campaigns.

1. Introduction to Social Media Campaigns

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, social media has emerged as a pivotal platform for businesses and brands to connect with their target audiences. The term “social media campaign” refers to a structured marketing effort designed to achieve specific goals through various social media channels. This topic serves as the foundational point of our article, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the importance and relevance of social media campaigns in today’s business environment.

  • 1.1 The Role of Social Media in Modern Marketing

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have become integral components of marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. They offer unique opportunities to engage with a global audience, build brand recognition, and drive customer loyalty. By establishing a presence on these platforms, companies can tap into the immense potential of social media marketing.

  • 1.2 Importance of Effective Campaigns for Brand Success

The success of a brand often hinges on its ability to effectively utilize social media. The digital era has ushered in a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, with people increasingly turning to social platforms for product information, reviews, and recommendations. Therefore, brands that can craft and execute compelling social media campaigns have a competitive edge in the market. In this article, we delve into case studies to highlight the tangible impact of well-executed campaigns on brand success.

  • 1.3 Overview of the Article’s Focus on Case Studies

To illustrate the principles and strategies behind effective social media campaigns, this article relies on real-world examples in the form of case studies. These case studies offer practical insights into how businesses have leveraged social media to achieve their marketing objectives. By examining specific instances of successful campaigns, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the strategies, tactics, and outcomes associated with social media marketing.

  • 1.4 The Value of Real-World Examples in Learning

Case studies provide a unique educational experience by offering a bridge between theory and practice. They allow readers to witness the application of marketing concepts in real scenarios, providing valuable lessons that can be adapted to their own marketing efforts. Through the analysis of these case studies, readers can discern patterns, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid when embarking on their social media campaigns.

2. The Power of Visual Content

In today’s digital landscape, the role of visual content in social media campaigns cannot be overstated. Visual elements have the unique ability to capture the audience’s attention, convey messages quickly, and create a lasting impact. In this section, we will delve into the various aspects of visual content and explore how it contributes to the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

  •  2.1. Utilizing Eye-Catching Images and Graphics

Visual content often starts with the use of captivating images and graphics. Whether it’s an eye-catching photograph, an intriguing illustration, or an attention-grabbing infographic, the right visuals can immediately pique the interest of your audience. Marketers need to understand the significance of choosing images and graphics that align with their brand and campaign objectives. We will discuss how selecting the right visuals can set the tone for the entire campaign and leave a memorable impression on viewers.

  •  2.2. The Impact of Video Content

Videos have become a dominant force in the realm of social media. From short clips to longer-form content, videos offer a dynamic way to engage with audiences. This  explores the effectiveness of video content in social media campaigns. We will discuss the advantages of video marketing , such as its ability to convey complex messages, evoke emotions, and increase user engagement. Case studies will be presented to highlight successful video-centric campaigns that have achieved remarkable results.

  • Digital Marketing Services

With a Foundation of 1,900+ Projects, Offered by Over 1500+ Digital Agencies Across Asia, EMB Excels in Digital Marketing. We Design, Redesign, and Sustain Customer-Centric and Enterprise Strategies for Optimal Conversion.

State of Technology 2024

Humanity's Quantum Leap Forward

Explore 'State of Technology 2024' for strategic insights into 7 emerging technologies reshaping 10 critical industries. Dive into sector-wide transformations and global tech dynamics, offering critical analysis for tech leaders and enthusiasts alike, on how to navigate the future's technology landscape.

  •  2.3. Infographics as a Storytelling Tool

Infographics are a powerful tool for storytelling on social media. They allow marketers to condense information into visually appealing and easily digestible formats. In this section, we will explore how infographics can be leveraged to convey data, statistics, and narratives effectively. We’ll discuss the design principles behind compelling infographics and provide examples of campaigns that have effectively used infographics to educate and engage their audiences.

  •  2.4. User-Generated Content and Its Authenticity

User-generated content (UGC) has gained prominence as a means of building trust and authenticity. UGC involves content created by customers or fans of a brand, and it often showcases real-life experiences and testimonials. We will examine the impact of UGC in social media campaigns, emphasizing how it fosters authenticity and credibility. Case studies will demonstrate how brands have harnessed the power of UGC to build strong relationships with their audience.

  • 2.5. Case Studies Showcasing Successful Visual Campaigns

To reinforce the concepts discussed in this section, we will present real-world case studies of social media campaigns that have excelled in utilizing visual content. These case studies will offer concrete examples of how businesses and organizations have leveraged eye-catching images, videos, infographics, and user-generated content to create compelling and effective social media campaigns. By analyzing these success stories, readers will gain insights into the strategies and tactics that drive engagement and deliver results in the world of visual content on social media.

3. Crafting Engaging Content

In the realm of social media campaigns, crafting engaging content is undeniably a cornerstone of success. Your content is the bridge that connects your brand with your audience, and it’s crucial to ensure that this connection is not only established but also strengthened. Here, we delve into the intricacies of creating content that captivates and resonates with your target audience.

  •  3.1. Strategies for Creating Compelling Content
  • Understanding Your Audience: Crafting engaging content begins with a deep understanding of your target audience. Take the time to research their preferences, interests, and pain points. Tailoring your content to address their specific needs is key to engagement.
  • Storytelling Techniques: Storytelling is a powerful tool in the world of content creation. Learn how to weave narratives that not only convey your brand’s message but also evoke emotions and create a memorable impact.
  •  3.2. Building Brand Personality Through Content
  • Consistency in Branding: Effective content aligns with your brand’s identity. Explore how to maintain consistency in messaging, tone, and visuals across all your social media platforms to reinforce your brand’s personality.
  • Showcasing Brand Values: Engaging content often reflects your brand’s values and mission. Discover strategies for infusing your content with your brand’s ethos, creating a deeper connection with your audience.
  •  3.3. Interactive Content and Engagement Tactics
  • The Power of Interactivity: Interactive content, such as polls, quizzes, and live sessions, can significantly boost engagement. Learn how to incorporate these elements into your social media campaigns to encourage participation.
  • Engagement Tactics: Beyond the content itself, engagement tactics play a vital role. Explore techniques like responding promptly to comments, running contests, and encouraging user-generated content to keep your audience actively engaged.
  •  3.4. Case Studies Exemplifying Effective Content Strategies

Real-World Examples: To solidify your understanding of crafting engaging content, we’ll delve into case studies from successful social media campaigns. These case studies will showcase how brands effectively applied the strategies mentioned above to achieve remarkable engagement and results.

Crafting engaging content is an ongoing process that requires creativity, a deep understanding of your audience, and adaptability. By following the strategies and principles outlined in this section, you can set the stage for creating content that not only captures your audience’s attention but also keeps them coming back for more, ultimately driving the success of your social media campaigns.

4. Targeting the Right Audience

In the world of social media campaigns, success hinges significantly on understanding and effectively targeting the right audience. Identifying your audience is akin to the foundation of a house; it’s the starting point upon which all your efforts will be built. Here, we delve into the critical aspects of audience targeting, providing you with valuable insights to ensure your social media campaigns hit the mark.

  • 4.1 Importance of Understanding Your Audience

Before embarking on any social media campaign, it’s imperative to gain a deep understanding of your audience. This involves comprehensive market research to define demographic details such as age, gender, location, and interests. By knowing your audience inside and out, you can tailor your content and messaging to resonate with them. Case studies in this section will demonstrate how brands successfully researched and understood their target audience, leading to highly effective campaigns.

  • 4.2 Segmenting Your Audience for Personalized Messaging

Once you’ve identified your broader audience, the next step is segmenting it into smaller, more specific groups. This segmentation allows you to craft personalized messages that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each group. We’ll explore various segmentation strategies, including psychographic, behavioral, and geographic segmentation. Real-world examples will showcase how brands effectively divided their audience and delivered tailored content for maximum impact.

  • 4.3 Data-Driven Targeting Strategies

In today’s data-driven landscape, harnessing the power of analytics is paramount. We’ll discuss how data can inform your targeting strategies, enabling you to make informed decisions. By analyzing user behavior, engagement patterns, and conversion rates, you can refine your targeting to reach the right people at the right time. Case studies will highlight instances where data-driven targeting resulted in remarkable campaign success.

  • 4.4 Case Studies Demonstrating Successful Audience Targeting

To solidify the concepts discussed in this section, we’ll present a series of case studies that exemplify the art of audience targeting. These real-world examples will showcase how renowned brands meticulously identified their audiences, segmented them effectively, and leveraged data-driven insights to create impactful social media campaigns. By examining these success stories, you’ll gain actionable insights to apply to your own campaigns, ensuring that you’re reaching the audience most likely to convert and engage with your brand.

5. Leveraging Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has become an integral component of modern digital marketing strategies. To effectively utilize social media advertising, businesses need to understand the nuances of paid promotion, ad formats, budget allocation, and measuring return on investment (ROI). In this section, we will delve into key aspects of leveraging social media advertising for successful campaigns.

  • 5.1 Paid vs. Organic Reach on Social Media

One of the fundamental decisions in social media advertising is whether to rely on organic reach or invest in paid promotion. Organic reach refers to the audience your content naturally reaches without paid promotion, while paid reach involves allocating a budget to boost content visibility. It’s crucial to strike the right balance between these two approaches. Organic reach is limited, and algorithms frequently change, making it challenging to reach a wider audience. Paid reach, on the other hand, offers more control over targeting and exposure but requires a financial investment. Businesses must assess their goals, target audience, and available resources to determine the optimal mix of paid and organic strategies.

  • 5.2 Ad Formats and Placements

Social media platforms offer a diverse range of ad formats and placements to cater to different campaign objectives. Understanding these options is essential for crafting effective advertising strategies. For instance, Facebook provides options such as image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and more. Instagram offers sponsored posts and stories. LinkedIn specializes in B2B advertising, while Twitter has promoted tweets. Each platform has its strengths and audience demographics, so selecting the right ad format and placement aligning with campaign goals is critical. Creative and compelling ad content tailored to the chosen format further enhances the campaign’s effectiveness.

  • 5.3 Budgeting and ROI Tracking

Allocating a budget for social media advertising is a strategic decision that impacts campaign reach and outcomes. It involves setting aside funds for ad spend, creative production, and campaign management. Establishing a clear budgeting strategy ensures that resources are utilized efficiently. Additionally, tracking ROI is essential to measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts. Tools like Google Analytics and social media platform insights provide data on ad performance, including click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition. Regularly monitoring these metrics allows businesses to make data-driven adjustments and optimize their advertising spend.

  • 5.4 Case Studies Showcasing Successful Social Media Advertising Campaigns

To illustrate the concepts discussed in this section, we will delve into real-world case studies that exemplify successful social media advertising campaigns. These case studies will provide concrete examples of businesses that effectively leveraged paid promotion, selected the right ad formats, allocated budgets strategically, and achieved measurable ROI. By examining these success stories, readers can gain insights and inspiration for their own social media advertising endeavors.

6. Harnessing the Power of Influencers

In the realm of social media campaigns, influencers have emerged as key players capable of driving brand engagement and expanding reach. This section explores the dynamics of influencer marketing, providing valuable insights into how brands can effectively harness the power of influencers.

  • 6.1 Identifying the Right Influencers for Your Brand

To embark on a successful influencer marketing journey, it’s crucial to identify influencers who align with your brand’s values, target audience, and objectives. This involves meticulous research to pinpoint individuals whose content resonates with your niche. The right influencer will not only bring authenticity to your campaigns but also enhance credibility.

  • 6.2 Collaboration and Partnership Strategies

Once you’ve identified potential influencers, the next step is to initiate collaborations and partnerships. Successful influencer marketing hinges on building authentic relationships with influencers. Brands must craft compelling proposals, outlining the mutual benefits of the partnership. Effective communication, transparency, and negotiation skills are essential in establishing a fruitful collaboration.

  • 6.3 Measuring the Impact of Influencer Campaigns

The effectiveness of influencer campaigns goes beyond mere follower counts. In this section, we delve into the metrics and tools required to measure the true impact of influencer marketing. Brands need to track engagement rates, click-through rates, conversions, and sentiment analysis to gauge the success of campaigns. Measuring ROI and aligning influencer efforts with business goals are vital aspects of this evaluation.

  • 6.4 Navigating Potential Pitfalls

Influencer marketing is not without its challenges. Brands need to be prepared to navigate potential pitfalls such as influencer controversies, authenticity concerns, and changes in influencer algorithms. This section provides strategies for mitigating risks and ensuring the longevity of influencer partnerships.

  • 6.5 Case Studies of Effective Influencer Marketing

To illustrate the effectiveness of influencer marketing, we present case studies showcasing brands that have leveraged influencers successfully. These real-world examples demonstrate how influencers can amplify brand messages, drive engagement, and contribute to campaign success. Each case study offers unique insights and lessons that can be applied to your influencer marketing efforts.

7. Data-Driven Decision Making

In today’s digital age, data plays a pivotal role in the success of social media campaigns. Marketers and businesses can no longer rely solely on intuition and creativity; they must harness the power of data to make informed decisions that drive results. This section explores the significance of data-driven decision making in social media campaigns and its s.

  • 7.1 Importance of Data in Campaign Decisions

Data serves as the foundation upon which effective social media campaigns are built. It provides valuable insights into audience behavior, content performance, and campaign reach. Marketers can use data to identify trends, preferences, and opportunities, allowing them to tailor their strategies for maximum impact.

By analyzing data, businesses can determine which social media platforms are most effective for their target audience, the types of content that resonate best, and the optimal posting times. This information guides campaign decisions, ensuring that resources are allocated wisely and efforts are focused where they matter most.

  • 7.2 Key Metrics to Monitor for Success

To make data-driven decisions, it’s crucial to identify and monitor key performance metrics. Metrics vary depending on campaign goals, but common ones include engagement rate, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and return on investment (ROI). Each metric provides unique insights into campaign performance.

For instance, a high engagement rate may indicate that your content is resonating with your audience, while a low conversion rate might signal the need for optimization in your conversion funnel. By tracking these metrics, marketers can assess the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time and make necessary adjustments to improve outcomes.

  • 7.3 Tools for Social Media Analytics

The availability of advanced analytics tools has made data analysis more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Social media platforms themselves offer insights and analytics dashboards, allowing marketers to track metrics within the platform. Additionally, third-party analytics tools provide more in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities.

Tools like Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social enable marketers to measure the impact of their social media efforts comprehensively. These tools offer features such as audience segmentation, content performance tracking, and competitor analysis, empowering businesses to refine their strategies based on data-driven insights.

  • 7.4 Case Studies: Highlighting Data-Driven Success

To illustrate the power of data-driven decision making, this section will present case studies of companies that have leveraged data effectively in their social media campaigns. These real-world examples will showcase how businesses used data analysis to refine their targeting, content, and overall strategies, resulting in significant improvements in campaign performance.

By examining these case studies, readers can gain actionable insights into the practical application of data-driven decision making. These success stories will serve as inspiration for businesses looking to maximize the impact of their social media campaigns through data-driven approaches.

8. Cross-Platform Integration

  • 8.1 Coordinating Campaigns Across Multiple Platforms

In today’s digital landscape, it’s crucial for businesses to maintain a presence on various social media platforms to reach a diverse audience. Coordinating campaigns across multiple platforms is essential to ensure a consistent brand message and maximize the impact of your social media efforts. This involves strategizing how content and messaging will be adapted to fit the unique characteristics of each platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or others. Successful coordination ensures that your audience receives a unified and compelling brand experience, regardless of the platform they choose to engage with.

  • 8.2 Consistency in Messaging and Branding

Consistency is the cornerstone of effective cross-platform integration. It means that your brand’s messaging, tone, and visual identity should remain cohesive across all social media channels. Consistency not only reinforces your brand’s identity but also fosters trust and recognition among your audience. Achieving this consistency involves creating brand guidelines that dictate how your brand should be represented across different platforms. This includes using the same color schemes, logos, fonts, and voice to maintain a coherent brand presence.

  • 8.3 Maximizing Reach Through Integration

One of the primary advantages of cross-platform integration is the ability to maximize your reach. Each social media platform has its unique user base and strengths. By integrating your campaigns, you can leverage these strengths to reach a broader and more diverse audience. For example, you might use Instagram for visually appealing content, Twitter for real-time updates, and LinkedIn for professional networking. Integrating these platforms strategically allows you to tap into the strengths of each while maintaining a consistent brand identity.

  • 8.4 Case Studies of Successful Cross-Platform Campaigns

To illustrate the effectiveness of cross-platform integration, let’s look at a few case studies. For instance, a clothing brand may use Instagram and Pinterest for visual inspiration, Facebook for community engagement, and Twitter for real-time promotions. This coordinated approach enables the brand to showcase its products, connect with customers, and drive sales seamlessly. Similarly, a tech company may use LinkedIn for professional outreach, Twitter for customer support, and YouTube for informative tutorials. These examples demonstrate how businesses can strategically integrate their social media efforts to achieve specific goals and engage with their target audience effectively.

Cross-platform integration isn’t just about being present on multiple social media platforms; it’s about orchestrating a harmonious and impactful brand presence across them. By coordinating campaigns, maintaining consistency, and strategically leveraging each platform’s strengths, businesses can maximize their reach and create a more engaging social media experience for their audience. The case studies further emphasize the real-world benefits of this approach, showcasing its potential for businesses of all sizes and industries.

9. Crisis Management on Social Media

  • 9.1 Preparing for Potential Social Media Crises

In the world of social media, crises can arise unexpectedly, and it’s essential for brands to be prepared. This preparation involves developing a crisis management plan that outlines potential scenarios, roles and responsibilities, and communication strategies. Identifying the types of crises that can occur, such as negative customer feedback, product recalls, or social media scandals, is the first step. Once potential crises are identified, brands can create detailed response protocols, designate crisis team members, and establish a chain of command. Preparation also involves setting up monitoring tools to detect issues early, allowing for a swift response.

  • 9.2 Handling Negative Feedback and PR Disasters

Negative feedback on social media can quickly escalate into a crisis if not handled properly. Brands must have clear guidelines for responding to negative comments, reviews, or mentions. This includes addressing concerns in a timely and empathetic manner, acknowledging mistakes when they occur, and offering solutions to rectify issues. Transparency is key in maintaining trust during crises. In the case of PR disasters, such as product recalls or public relations scandals, brands should have a crisis communication plan that includes messaging, media response, and a designated spokesperson. Effective crisis communication involves providing accurate information, taking responsibility, and outlining steps being taken to resolve the situation.

  • 9.3 Case Studies Illustrating Effective Crisis Management

To better understand effective crisis management on social media, it’s valuable to examine real-world case studies. One notable example is how Johnson & Johnson managed the Tylenol crisis in the 1980s. When tampered Tylenol capsules resulted in several deaths, the company immediately recalled all products and engaged in open and transparent communication with the public. This swift and responsible action helped rebuild trust and safeguard the brand’s reputation. Another case study is how Starbucks responded to a racial bias incident in one of its stores. The company publicly apologized, closed stores for a day of anti-bias training, and continued to engage with stakeholders to address the issue. These case studies demonstrate the importance of proactive crisis management strategies.

  • 10. Conclusion

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where the social media landscape is ever-evolving, the ability to craft and execute effective campaigns is more crucial than ever. This article has taken you on a journey through the various facets of social media marketing, using real-world case studies as our guiding stars. We’ve explored the impact of visual content, the art of storytelling, audience targeting, advertising strategies, influencer collaborations, data analytics, cross-platform integration, and crisis management. These are the building blocks of a successful social media campaign.

As we conclude this exploration, it’s vital to remember that the world of social media marketing is dynamic and requires adaptability. Strategies that work today may need adjustment tomorrow. However, armed with the knowledge, insights, and examples provided in this article, you are better equipped to navigate this ever-changing landscape. Your campaigns can be more than just posts and hashtags; they can be powerful tools for building brand identity, fostering engagement, and achieving your marketing goals. The path to effective social media campaigns is paved with creativity, data-driven decisions, and the willingness to learn from the successes of others. It’s time to embark on your own journey of social media success.

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  • Q. What’s the importance of visual content in social media campaigns?

Visual content grabs attention and boosts engagement, making it a key element in successful campaigns.

  • Q. How can I measure the success of my social media campaigns?

Define KPIs, set benchmarks, use analytics tools, and analyze data to gauge performance.

  • Q. Why are real-world case studies valuable for marketers?

Case studies provide practical insights and examples of effective campaign strategies.

  • Q. What role does influencer marketing play in social media campaigns?

Influencers can amplify brand messages and connect with niche audiences authentically.

  • Q. How do I handle a social media crisis effectively?

Preparedness, transparency, and swift response are vital in managing social media crises.

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Kartoffel Films – Video Production Company

Viral Video Campaigns: 7 Fantastic Case Studies to Learn From

' src=

Although ‘it’s gone viral ’ is a line that every marketing team longs to hear in their office, it’s not a common occurrence.

Stats from Stanford University suggest that only one per cent of all online content goes viral.


Research shows you’ve got a better chance of going viral if you deliver your content in video form.

Not all videos are made equal.

viral video campaigns

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most sensational viral video campaigns of both the past and present to see what the secret sauce to their success might be.

A bit of background.

Viral campaign marketing in a nutshell

So what counts as a viral video campaign?

The jury is actually still out on that one.

In an analysis of dozens of different opinions and studies , Forbes writer Robert Wynne concluded:

“If your friend in the next cubicle posts a video on YouTube and it spreads to 100,000 people in four hours, that’s probably viral.”

viral video campaign examples

The advantages and disadvantages of viral marketing

We’ll keep this brief:

Advantages of viral marketing

  • A better bottom line – after the Greggs video mentioned below was released, the company’s shares hit an all time high and annual sales broke the billion pound barrier for the first time
  • Exposure to new demographics and audiences
  • Better brand loyalty – because sharing videos is an interactive activity, so it helps potential customers feel more connected to the brand.

Disadvantages of viral marketing

  • Lack of control: once a video goes viral, the brand that made it has no control over how people respond to it and has no power to retract it if the message is received the wrong way
  • Effort: because there’s no silver bullet when it comes to trying to get a video to go viral, marketing departments can end up putting a lot of effort in for little return

viral video campaign case studies

7 sensational viral video campaigns you can learn from

One of the top viral marketing campaigns of 2019 has to be the video in which Greggs introduced its new vegan sausage roll to the world.

The film parodied the revelatory techy tone of an iPhone commercial and it garnered five million views on social media within 10 days of its launch.

What exactly did this video do right?

It was short. Lasting just 37 seconds, it was a quick watch, freeing up viewers’ time to go on to share it.

It was humorous. A study by The New York Times Insight Group found that one of the main reasons people share content online is to enlighten and entertain valued people . And humour is always enlightening and entertaining.

At the end of 2017, a CarMax video clocked up more than 400,000 views on YouTube alone.

How did they do it?

They embraced social listening and humour.

Before the video was made, CarMax had seen another video made by a filmmaker in order to sell his girlfriend’s beaten-up Honda Accord.

In CarMax’s own video, it made the film maker a market-price offer for the car and then continued to offer him money for other things featured in the video such as an old mug, a coffee machine and his girlfriend’s threadbare jumper.

The overall value of the offer?

Range Rover

Range Rover’s Evoque Speedbump Stunt video was named the viral video of 2018.

Here’s the deal:

For filming, the Range Rover team set up a huge speed bump in the middle of a South London street and they filmed the reactions of real-life motorists who encountered the bump.

At the end of the video, the footage revealed how a Range Rover could get over the bump when no other car could. The secret ingredient to Range Rover’s success?

The filmmakers didn’t follow the traditional storytelling arc that begins with rising tension and a climax and ends in a resolution.

The production crew used the emerging story arc, starting the video with suspense and maintaining that suspense through to the end.

Although Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches video was created way back in 2013, it’s still listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most viewed video ad of all time .

It’s been watched more than 124 million times in more than 110 countries around the world.

Well, in addition to the emotional aspect, the makers of this video had a support plan.

The company used PR strategies to ensure the video was picked up by key media channels such as Mashable, Huffington Post and the Today Show before it released the video to the world.

Love is a Gift

At Christmas 2018, a video called Love is a Gift by filmmaker Phil Beastall attracted six million Facebook views in a matter of days.

The footage showed a man listening to the final tape in a series of cassettes that his deceased mum had left for him to open every Christmas Day after she died.

Some viewers said the video was better than that year’s John Lewis advert and called for the department store to hire Beastall to create the brand’s 2019 video.

The bottom line?

What this video did perfectly was tap into viewers’ emotions.

In his book Contagious: Why Things Catch on John Berger explained that the most sharable content tended to evoke strong emotions in viewers.

Made for just £50, the film shows that viral video production doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Dumb Ways to Die

The animated Dumb Ways to Die video is the world’s most shared public service announcement and it’s a great example of how viral marketing campaign videos don’t need to feature real world locations or actors.

Made for Melbourne Trains the video, which showed animated characters dying in dumb ways, racked up 50 million views on YouTube and was retweeted more than 100,000 times on twitter.

In addition to featuring humour, the video succeeded thanks to a catchy music soundtrack that charted on iTunes in 28 countries.

In early 2018 The Sun ran the headline:

‘Nike’s advert ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ hailed as one of the best ever made.’.

The three-minute video starred celebrities from sport and music alongside London youths who were trying to make it big in certain sporting fields.

A lot of money was ploughed into the making of this video.

That’s not the only reason it succeeded.

In addition:

It featured humour – the producers cast Gareth Southgate as God – and it included a strong emotional element – showcasing stories of young Londoners fighting to fulfil their dreams.

Making a piece of marketing content that goes viral is no small order.

Video tends to be more sharable and therefore more likely to go viral than other forms of content.

best viral video campaigns

The world’s most successful viral video campaigns do have a few things in common. They all:

  • Feature humour
  • Milk the zeitgeist or are topical
  • Include an emotional element
  • Tell a story
  • Often feature a memorable soundtrack

Despite the fact that some brands ensure their videos go viral by enlisting major celebrities, the success of videos made for as little as £50 shows they don’t have to blow a business’ budget.

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How to Create Highly Effective Case Study Videos

How to Create Highly Effective Case Study Videos

Case study videos and customer testimonials are a powerful way to highlight your customers' successes—along with how your company helps.

Case study videos are powerful tools for businesses looking to attract new clients and drive revenue. By using video, you add a personal element that’s difficult to achieve with a traditional, text-based case study.

Interviewing clients in case study videos humanizes your work and allows potential customers to better understand how your products and services solve real-world problems. When properly executed, a case study video showcases the value of your work and helps grow your business.

What is a Case Study Video?

What are the benefits of case study videos, the 3 types of case study videos, how to make a case study video in 10 simple steps, where to use case study videos, 3 of the best case study videos to inspire you.

A case study video is a piece of persuasive content that businesses use to illustrate the value of their products or services, through the telling of real customer success stories. It’s a customer testimonial video that adds authenticity to your marketing efforts.

Successful case study videos:

  • Include on-camera interviews with customers
  • Show how your business solves a specific customer problem
  • Use stats and figures to back up the customer’s story
  • Focus on the benefits, not the features

They’re an incredibly important type of video to have in your arsenal.

Blake Smith, Vidyard’s Creative Director, deep dives into the world of case study videos, explaining what they are and how to make an effective one. Along with Mat King, Vidyard’s Video Production Manager, he breaks down an example customer testimonial video to highlight what goes into creating a good one.

Case study videos can benefit your business by raising awareness about what you do and attracting new customers. Here are some of the reasons you should consider creating a case study video:

They’re persuasive: Having your customers deliver compelling reasons why your product works is powerful. Video is a direct and persuasive medium; viewers retain 95% of your messag e when they watch it in a video, and only 10% when reading it in text.

They’re engaging: Your target audience is more likely to watch a short video case study than to read a text version of it. That’s because video marketing is more engaging. Most buyers prefer to learn about a product through video compared with any other medium.

They’re emotional: Video case studies deliver personal testimonials directly from your customers, which helps establish an emotional connection with the viewer. Connecting a human face to a story is powerful, and 95% of our decisions are subconsciously driven by our emotions.

They’re versatile: You can use a video case study across a variety of marketing channels, and you can even edit specific scenes and lines to use for other purposes, like for social media. Unless your products change drastically, case study videos offer evergreen content that stays relevant for years.

checklist graphic

There are three main types of case study video that your business can produce, with different levels of complexity:

  • Customer Testimonial: A customer testimonial is a straightforward, to-the-point video interview where you ask questions to the customer about their experience with your products. You’ll only need one shoot location and minimal editing to deliver a finished video.
  • Customer Review: A customer review video is another simple but effective execution. Instead of focusing on a clear narrative, your customer can speak to specific features of your products, and how they benefited from using those features.
  • Case Study Narrative: A case study narrative is the most complex type of case study video. It involves a mix of on-camera interviews with customers, B-roll visuals and can even include graphics and font treatments. It requires more shoot time and editing than the other video types.

With the correct approach and proper planning, your case study video can boost your sales and bring in new business. Follow these 10 steps to make a compelling case study video for your company.

1. Think Like a Potential Customer

The first step in creating a case study video is to develop a detailed plan with your target audience in mind. The more specific you can be in identifying the intended audience, the better prepared you’ll be to address their specific goals and pain points. Even if your product appeals to a wide audience, your case study should speak to one specific segment of that market.

2. Ask the Important Questions

Ask yourself what problem your target audience is experiencing, and how your business solves that problem. This will help you develop the key message of your video, and build a story around it. To help identify these problems and solutions, ask yourself questions such as:

  • What do my customers care about?
  • What do I offer customers that competitors don’t?
  • Why do customers use my products and services?
  • What do I help customers achieve?

3. Choose the Right Customer

Now that you have key messaging for your video, you can start identifying customers who suit the narrative you developed. The following criteria can help you narrow down your cast of possible characters:

  • They should fit with the video’s target audience
  • They should have a compelling, personal story to share
  • They should be comfortable and engaging on camera
  • They should have statistics to back up their story

Once you’ve identified a perfect fit, you’ll need to approach them with your request. When you approach a customer, be clear about what you’re asking them to do, ease their concerns and let them be involved in the process. You can also sweeten the deal by offering something in return: Maybe the B-roll you gather would be valuable for their own marketing efforts, for example.

Another option is to ask customers to record video testimonials on their own time, with easy-to-use software like Vidyard Chrome extension . That way they can shoot the video when it’s convenient, and quickly share the link with you.

Global human capital management (HCM) software company Ceridian, put the human impact of their products front and center in this case study video featuring the Blue Man Group.

Ceridian’s video does a particularly good job of using B-roll to highlight the creative nature of their customer’s business and explain the challenges they experience—along with how their product helps.

Vidyard video thumbnail - click to play

4. Plan Out the Story Arc

Case study videos need to tell a story. Developing a story arc helps translate your key messaging into a compelling narrative for viewers. A recent study on the power of brand storytelling found that nearly 80% of adults think brands should tell stories as part of their marketing efforts. In developing your story arc, you should map out your video’s four main stages:

  • Introduce the character: Identify the hero of your video. For a video case study, the protagonist will be your customer. Though the video may include more than one person from the featured company, choose one person to focus your narrative on. Your main character should be relatable and engaging.
  • Identify the problem: Next, establish the story’s conflict. With a brand story video, the conflict is the pain point your main character experiences. It’ll make your case study more relevant to your target audience.
  • Explain the solution: The solution shows viewers how your product helped the customer overcome challenges. While the narrative is crucial, you may also want to use statistics to back up your customer’s success to make the point even more persuasive.
  • Provide a resolution: The resolution of your story should include next steps for the viewer. What do you want them to do next? Include a clear call to action at the end of the video.

5. Conduct Background Interviews

Before you start shooting, conduct background interviews with your customer. This will give you a better sense of the responses you’ll get on camera and how they fit into your narrative.

Conducting pre-interviews will familiarize your customer with the questions you’ll ask them, so they can hone their storytelling before appearing on camera. It’ll also help you perfect your list of interview questions.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What does your business do? Who are your customers?
  • Where are you located? How long have you been in business?
  • What challenges did you face before coming to us?
  • Why did you decide to use our products?
  • What differentiates us from our competitors?
  • What’s it like to use our products?
  • What’s it like to work with us?
  • How have you benefited from using our product?

If possible, conduct your background interview(s) over video conferencing software or in-person. This will give you a good sense of how comfortable your potential subjects might be on camera and help you to choose people to feature in your case study video.

6. Write Your Script

You don’t have to be a professional writer to develop a script for your video. Using your story arc as a guide, build out a script that tells the story of your case study.

Introduce the character, give background information, outline the details of the problems they faced and how your product helped address those problems.

Stick to the point and use a concise, conversational style. After all, 68% of people prefer to learn about products and services through short-form videos.

Pro Tip:  Use Vidyard’s free video script timer tool to find out how long your script will be when you read it out loud (and edit accordingly).

7. Back it Up With Stats

While developing your script, identify areas where you can back up the story with hard facts. If your customer has statistics about how your product increased sales, drove conversions, or resulted in other measurable outcomes, include those numbers in your script.

Consider using graphs or other visual elements to highlight the figures on screen. Whether you get the customer to physically stand in front of a chart or you add it in post-production, this can be a great way to highlight the value of your offering.

8. Choose a Shoot Location

Where you shoot is a big part of the overall look and feel of your final case study video. Determine what location is best suited for the particular story your video will tell.

The shoot location may depend on your customer’s industry: If they work in tech, it probably makes sense to shoot in their office. But, if your customer works in a hands-on field like construction or community development, you might want to film outdoors to capture the action.

9. Develop a Shot List

Plan ahead by putting together a list of all the shots you’d like to record. For every scene in your script, identify how it should be shot. Your script can help guide your shot list.

For interview videos , you may want to try a variety of angles and shot sizes, from close ups to medium shots. Plan out B-roll shots as well, so you don’t miss any important content.

10. Sweat the Details on the Day of the Shoot

There are also a few key considerations you’ll want to remember on the day of the shoot, to make sure everything runs smoothly. Don’t forget to:

  • Choose a quiet, well-lit location for your on-camera interviews
  • Instruct interview subjects to answer your questions using full sentences, since the questions will be edited out of the final cut
  • Gather a variety of B-roll footage that shows the shoot location, the character working, shots of your products in use, and more—it will come in handy when you’re looking to add interesting visuals to the final cut.
  • Overestimate the amount of time you’ll need to shoot so you aren’t rushing to capture everything

Don’t have room in your budget for a full-out case study video? You don’t have to have professional camera equipment or the funds to visit a customer in another location to get the value out of this type of video.

Try asking happy customers to record a short testimonial video using their webcam. You can provide them with a list of basic questions to direct what topics they focus on.

Vidyard’s Chrome extension is a free, easy-to-use tool that makes creating customer testimonial videos a breeze.

Once you have a compelling final product, you’ll need to consider how to get it in front of your target audience. Luckily, case study videos are versatile pieces of content that you can use across a variety of marketing channels. Here are some options to consider:

  • Embed the case study video on your website, either on the homepage or a dedicated case study page
  • Include the video in a marketing email to send out to your leads
  • Share the case study on your social media accounts
  • Incorporate the video into sales pitches and presentations
  • Expand your reach by promoting the video in a digital ad campaign

These three compelling case study video examples can help motivate you to create captivating testimonials of your own.

1. Zoom Testimonial from Zendesk

This is a great example of a well-produced, well-told case study narrative. It provides a good mix of interviews with customers and B-roll showing how they use the product. The interviews focus on problems the company faced and how Zoom solved those issues, rather than listing its features. The video is short enough that viewers won’t lose interest, but that it still tells a full story.

2. Google AdWords Case Study

This video is a great example of how getting out of an office setting can make for a visually engaging case study video. The main character is relatable and comfortable on camera. She’s great at telling the story of how Google AdWords helped grow her business and seamlessly includes stats in her narrative. The supporting cast of dog extras doesn’t hurt, either.

3. Slack’s Unique Take on the Case Study

If you still aren’t convinced that case study videos can be fun and engaging, this humorous example from Slack should do the trick. This is a different kind of case study video, because it’s fully scripted, but it shows how important it is to tell a strong, relatable story. The video does a great job of integrating Slack’s features and benefits into on-camera interviews. And it illustrates how a bit of humor can go a long way toward convincing customers to invest in your product.

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  • Case Studies

Air Canada’s ticket sales take flight

video campaign case study

Campaign results

  • $2,315,191 in incremental sales
  • $6.3MM in total sales
  • 80% new customer transactions
  • $542 average order value

Opening account

In its efforts to explore new ways to inspire more U.S. travelers to chose Canada’s largest airline to travel the globe, Air Canada turned to Chase Media Solutions right out of the gate.

How do you motivate someone to take a chance on a new brand? And, more important, how do you do it when they’re buying something as significant as an international flight? Air Canada was eager for answers, and Chase Media Solutions was happy to show how transaction-based marketing could deliver.

Branching out

Air Canada leveraged Chase Media Solutions’ exclusive purchase data to create a campaign targeting new-to-the-airline customers within Chase’s 80MM audience. The team identified a transaction-based segment composed primarily of customers with no purchase history with the brand in the last year. Then, working together, Chase Media Solutions and Air Canada designed a cash back offer construct that would drive the specific growth the airline craved: Ticket sales. They did this by setting a minimum spending requirement that encouraged shoppers to make purchases larger than just an upgrade or baggage fee.

Total gains

Air Canada’s transaction-based marketing campaign landed an impressive $2,315,191 in incremental sales (45% incrementality for new customers) and successfully inspired transactions from 9,450 new customers . It garnered 32.2MM customer impressions during the 30-day campaign and an average order value of $542 .

Continued growth

Air Canada decided to run a subsequent campaign to build on the momentum. With Chase Media Solutions’ help, the airline used this second campaign to test and optimize the offer construct while continuing to engage both new and existing customers. (Offers can be designed with different reward formats, such as a percentage or a fixed cash back amount). Their second campaign achieved a 40% incremental lift for new customers and a 75% incremental lift for loyal customers . It also resulted in transactions from 7,475 new customers, $2,270,172 in incremental sales and $5,166,599 in total sales .

Onward and upward

“The Chase team succeeded in creating a thoughtful, targeted offer that exceeded our expectations.”

O’Leary continued, “Within a 60-day period they developed, tested, and validated two distinct offer constructs in market that simultaneously drove incremental revenue and awareness for Air Canada amongst Chase’s cardmember base. Running the second campaign allowed us to additionally test a slightly different offer construct, enabling us to build upon the strong performance of the first month. These tests clearly demonstrate the potential of the Chase Media Solutions channel, and we look forward to working together more in the future to attract more U.S.-based travelers to Air Canada.”

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What 3 brands learned from their YouTube CTV experiments

It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a digital video boom, as alternatives to linear TV grow at unprecedented rates. According to Nielsen’s total TV and streaming report, YouTube is the leader in streaming watch time. 1 And viewers watch a daily average of over 700 million hours of YouTube content on TV devices. 2

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Source: YouTube Internal Data, Global, Jan. 2022.

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This level of engagement informs how viewers feel about ads. In a new study, we found that viewers agree that YouTube ads on the TV screen are more relevant (59%) than ads on linear TV or other streaming apps. 3 Connected TV gives advertisers a powerful creative canvas to reach viewers when they are highly engaged, streaming their favorite content on the living room screen.

To better understand the opportunity for advertisers, these three brands ran experiments to see how effective CTV could be for their audiences. Here are the questions they set out to answer.

Does CTV drive results?

On behalf of its Ruffles brand, Frito-Lay North America leveraged CTV to engage with some of its core audiences, such as younger families, flavor variety seekers, millennials, and those living in urban areas. The marketing team wanted to understand how increases in watch time on CTV contributed to brand and sales goals.

The higher delivery to the increased CTV cells exceeded our expectations and benchmarks across view rates, ad recall, and sales lift.

In 2021, Ruffles ran an A/B test with half the media budget delivered across devices as usual and the other half with an increased allocation to CTV. It then compared performance to delivery.

The result? “The higher delivery to the increased CTV cells exceeded our expectations and benchmarks across view rates, ad recall, and sales lift,” said Amanda Corral, senior director of paid media strategy at Frito-Lay North America. “And we achieved this without sacrificing CPM or reach. We were thrilled to deliver a strong impact while maintaining efficiency and delivering higher ROI.”

Can tried-and-true audience and creative strategies scale to CTV?

L’Oreal USA has built its brands with a commitment to consumer-centricity. Across its brands, that has meant committing to cut-through creative. (Think, “Maybe they’re born with it, maybe it’s … .” You know the rest.) It has also meant constantly refining media and audience strategies that evolve as the brands’ customers do. For the past several years, L’Oreal USA has followed the lead of its customers and ramped up investment in YouTube.

The company has honed a tried-and-true approach to creative and reach, and wanted to see how that approach scaled to CTV. So in the summer of 2021, when it was time to lean into upper-format, demand-generating media, L’Oreal USA increased its YouTube investment by 102% year over year. “What was interesting about this time was, we were seeing audience behavior patterns around ad-supported streaming and a boom in CTV that we knew wasn’t going to go away,” said Shenan Reed, SVP, head of media at L’Oreal USA.

The company ran a meta-analysis across nearly 30 NCS sales lift studies and found that its YouTube activity delivered an average of 6% sales lift for its campaigns. The company also saw a 6 to 1 return on ad spend on YouTube CTV screens. Not only did this prove that L’Oreal USA’s creative and audience strategies can scale to CTV, but it also saw that the majority of impact was coming from new consumers. That’s important because, coming out of the pandemic, the team knew the company needed to attract the next generation of new consumers and first-time buyers.

“Our consumer is still in the living room, but they’re watching a wider variety of content — content that is more personal, that’s more of the moment. You can ignore that behavior, or you can choose to show up. And we chose to show up,” said Reed.

Our consumer is still in the living room, but they’re watching a wider variety of content — content that is more personal, that’s more of the moment.

Does CTV work for action campaigns?

DocuSign was initially apprehensive about CTV, since users aren’t able to click through and convert on the TV screen. However, the brand put aside those reservations and decided to experiment by using the channel to increase reach and brand awareness. DocuSign understood the importance of reaching its users wherever they were, including their connected TVs.

“Before this test, we didn’t know there was such a large audience on CTV that we weren’t reaching through other video ads,” said Andy Tack, senior marketing manager at DocuSign.

By running a CTV-dedicated advertising campaign alongside a regular cross-device campaign, DocuSign was able to isolate and quantify the impact CTV had on its campaigns. The marketing team found that the CTV ads drove a best-in-class 33% relative lift in ad recall. Furthermore, despite worries about barriers to action, DocuSign actually saw a 126% relative conversion lift for its trial sign-ups.

No model exists for the perfect CTV strategy. Brands of all types are showing what can be done.

“We can now clearly see the value CTV has in our campaigns,” said Tack. “Whether we’re growing brand awareness and recall, or improving consideration and purchase intent, CTV is a critical part of our approach.”

No model exists for the perfect CTV advertising strategy. Whether planning media on behalf of a CPG company, reaching new cosmetics buyers, or taking a chance on a new channel, brands of all types are showing what can be done. The one thing they have in common is that their efforts were rewarded.

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1 Nielsen Total TV & Streaming Report, U.S., Nielsen national TV panel data plus streaming video ratings, Sept. 2022. 2, 3 YouTube Internal Data, Global, Jan. 2022.

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Nightly news.

Former president Trump was on a battleground blitz in states he lost in 2020. Mr. Trump highlighted the border crisis and migrant crime. In his legal battles, Mr. Trump posted a $175 million bond in his civil fraud case. NBC News' Gabe Gutierrez reports.  April 2, 2024

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Steve kornacki: how a change in electoral nebraska law may impact 2024.

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Family of slain michigan woman says trump campaign did not contact them.

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New details revealed in deadly 2022 shooting of teen girl.

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People praying at a Trump rally in July in Erie, Pa.

The Church of Trump: How He’s Infusing Christianity Into His Movement

Ending many of his rallies with a churchlike ritual and casting his prosecutions as persecution, the former president is demanding — and receiving — new levels of devotion from Republicans.

A rally for former President Donald J. Trump in July in Erie, Pa. At many of his recent rallies, Mr. Trump delivers a roughly 15-minute finale that evokes an evangelical altar call. Credit... Maddie McGarvey for The New York Times

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Michael C. Bender

By Michael C. Bender

Reporting from Conway, S.C., and Washington

  • April 1, 2024

Long known for his improvised and volatile stage performances, former President Donald J. Trump now tends to finish his rallies on a solemn note.

Soft, reflective music fills the venue as a hush falls over the crowd. Mr. Trump’s tone turns reverent and somber, prompting some supporters to bow their heads or close their eyes. Others raise open palms in the air or murmur as if in prayer.

In this moment, Mr. Trump’s audience is his congregation, and the former president their pastor as he delivers a roughly 15-minute finale that evokes an evangelical altar call, the emotional tradition that concludes some Christian services in which attendees come forward to commit to their savior.

“The great silent majority is rising like never before and under our leadership,” he recites from a teleprompter in a typical version of the script. “We will pray to God for our strength and for our liberty. We will pray for God and we will pray with God. We are one movement, one people, one family and one glorious nation under God.”

The meditative ritual might appear incongruent with the raucous epicenter of the nation’s conservative movement, but Mr. Trump’s political creed stands as one of the starkest examples of his effort to transform the Republican Party into a kind of Church of Trump. His insistence on absolute devotion and fealty can be seen at every level of the party , from Congress to the Republican National Committee to rank-and-file voters .

Mr. Trump’s ability to turn his supporters’ passion into piety is crucial to understanding how he remains the undisputed Republican leader despite guiding his party to repeated political failures and while facing dozens of felony charges in four criminal cases. His success at portraying those prosecutions as persecutions — and warning, without merit, that his followers could be targeted next — has fueled enthusiasm for his candidacy and placed him, once again, in a position to capture the White House.

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‘He’s definitely been chosen by God’

Mr. Trump has long defied conventional wisdom as an unlikely but irrefutable evangelical hero.

He has been married three times, has been repeatedly accused of sexual assault, has been convicted of business fraud and has never showed much interest in church services. Last week, days before Easter, he posted on his social media platform an infomercial-style video hawking a $60 Bible that comes with copies of some of the nation’s founding documents and the lyrics to Lee Greenwood’s song “God Bless the U.S.A.”

But while Mr. Trump is eager to maintain the support of evangelical voters and portray his presidential campaign as a battle for the nation’s soul, he has mostly been careful not to speak directly in messianic terms.

“This country has a savior, and it’s not me — that’s someone much higher up than me,” Mr. Trump said in 2021 from the pulpit at First Baptist Church in Dallas, whose congregation exceeds 14,000 people.

Still, he and his allies have inched closer to the Christ comparison.

Last year, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican and a close Trump ally, said both the former president and Jesus had been arrested by “radical, corrupt governments.” On Saturday, Mr. Trump shared an article on social media with the headline “The Crucifixion of Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump speaking on a stage in front of a large image showing the American flag.

He is also the latest in a long line of Republican presidents and presidential candidates who have prioritized evangelical voters. But many conservative Christian voters believe Mr. Trump outstripped his predecessors in delivering for them, pointing especially to the conservative majority he installed on the Supreme Court that overturned federal abortion rights.

Mr. Trump won an overwhelming majority of evangelical voters in his first two presidential races, but few — even among his rally crowds — explicitly compare him to Jesus.

Instead, the Trumpian flock is more likely to describe him as a modern version of Old Testament heroes like Cyrus or David, morally flawed figures handpicked by God to lead profound missions aimed at achieving overdue justice or resisting existential evil.

“He’s definitely been chosen by God,” said Marie Zere, a commercial real estate broker from Long Island who attended the Conservative Political Action Conference in February outside Washington, D.C. “He’s still surviving even though all these people are coming after him, and I don’t know how else to explain that other than divine intervention.”

For some of Mr. Trump’s supporters, the political attacks and legal peril he faces are nothing short of biblical.

“They’ve crucified him worse than Jesus,” said Andriana Howard, 67, who works as a restaurant food runner in Conway, S.C.

A political weapon and vulnerability

Mr. Trump’s solid and devoted core of voters has formed one of the most durable forces in American politics, giving him a clear advantage over President Biden when it comes to inspiring supporters.

Forty-eight percent of Republican primary voters are enthusiastic about Mr. Trump becoming the Republican nominee, and 32 percent are satisfied but not enthusiastic with that outcome, according to a recent New York Times/Siena College poll . Just 23 percent of Democrats said they were enthusiastic about Mr. Biden as their nominee, and 43 percent were satisfied but not enthusiastic.

The intensity of the most committed Trump backers has also factored into the former president’s campaign decisions, according to two people familiar with internal deliberations. His team’s ability to bank on voters who will cast a ballot with little additional prompting means that some of the cash that would otherwise be spent on turnout operations can be invested in field staff, television ads or other ways to help Mr. Trump.

But Democrats see an advantage, too. Much of Mr. Biden’s support comes from voters deeply opposed to Mr. Trump, and the president’s advisers see an opportunity to spook moderate swing voters into supporting Mr. Biden by casting Mr. Trump’s movement as a cultlike creation bent on restricting abortion rights and undermining democracy.

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, a top Democratic ally of Mr. Biden, pointed to an increasingly aggressive online presence from the president’s re-election campaign, which has sought to portray Mr. Trump as prone to religious extremism .

“There’s a huge opportunity here,” Mr. Newsom said in an interview. “Trump is so easily defined, and he reinforces that definition over and over and over again. And Biden has a campaign that can weaponize that now.”

‘Does he really care about evangelicals? I don’t know.’

Mr. Trump’s braiding of politics and religion is hardly a new phenomenon. Christianity has long exerted a strong influence on American government, with most voters identifying as Christians even as the country grows more secular. According to Gallup , 68 percent of adults said they were Christian in 2022, down from 91 percent in 1948.

But as the former president tries to establish himself as the one, true Republican leader, religious overtones have pervaded his third presidential campaign.

Benevolently phrased fund-raising emails in his name promise unconditional love amid solicitations for contributions of as little as $5.

Even more than in his past campaigns, he is framing his 2024 bid as a fight for Christianity, telling a convention of Christian broadcasters that “just like in the battles of the past, we still need the hand of our Lord.”

On his social media platform in recent months, Mr. Trump has shared a courtroom-style sketch of himself sitting next to Jesus and a video that repeatedly proclaims, “God gave us Trump” to lead the country.

The apparent effectiveness of such tactics has made Mr. Trump the nation’s first major politician to successfully separate character from policy for religious voters, said John Fea, a history professor at Messiah University, an evangelical school in Pennsylvania.

“Trump has split the atom between character and policy,” Mr. Fea said. “He did it because he’s really the first one to listen to their grievances and take them seriously. Does he really care about evangelicals? I don’t know. But he’s built a message to appeal directly to them.”

Support from local pastors

Trump rallies have always been something of a cross between a rock concert and a tent revival. When Mr. Trump first started winding down his rallies with the ambient strains, many connected them to similar theme music from the QAnon conspiracy movement, but the campaign distanced itself from that notion.

Steven Cheung, a spokesman for Mr. Trump, said in a statement: “President Trump has used the end of his speeches to draw a clear contrast to the last four years of Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency and lay out his vision to get America back on track.”

But the shift has helped turn Mr. Trump’s rallies into a more aesthetically churchlike experience.

A Trump rally in Las Vegas in January opened with a prayer from Jesus Marquez, an elder at a local church, who cited Scripture to declare that God wanted Mr. Trump to return to the White House.

“God is on our side — he’s on the side of this movement,” said Mr. Marquez, who founded the American Christian Caucus, a grass-roots group.

And at a rally in South Carolina in February, Greg Rodermond, a pastor at Crossroads Community Church, prayed for God to intervene against Mr. Trump’s political opponents, arguing that they were “trying to steal, kill and destroy our America.”

“Father, we have gathered here today in unity for our nation to see it restored back to its greatness,” Mr. Rodermond continued, “and, God, we believe that you have chosen Donald Trump as an instrument in your hands for this purpose.”

But some Christian conservatives are loath to join their brethren in clearing a direct path from the ornate doors of Mar-a-Lago to the pearly gates of Heaven.

Russell Moore, the former president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s public-policy arm, said Mr. Trump’s rallies had veered into “dangerous territory” with the altar-call closing and opening prayers from preachers describing Mr. Trump as heaven-sent.

“Claiming godlike authority or an endorsement from God for a political candidate means that person cannot be questioned or opposed without also opposing God,” Mr. Moore said. “That’s a violation of the commandment to not take the Lord’s name in vain.”

Michael C. Bender is a Times political correspondent covering Donald J. Trump, the Make America Great Again movement and other federal and state elections. More about Michael C. Bender

Our Coverage of the 2024 Presidential Election

News and Analysis

While President Biden and Donald Trump scored overwhelming victories  in primaries in New York, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Connecticut on April 2, small but significant protest votes in both parties have persisted .

Trump again cast Biden’s immigration record in violent and ominous terms , accusing him of creating a “border blood bath” and once more using dehumanizing language to describe some migrants entering the country illegally.

Biden called a decision by the Florida Supreme Court to uphold a restrictive abortion law “outrageous” and “extreme,”  while Trump demurred  on taking a clear position.

Biden’s alternatively cozy and combative relationship  with America’s business leaders has rippled through the national economy, federal policy and now the 2024 election.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called Biden a bigger threat to democracy than Trump , who has denied his 2020 election loss and praised Jan. 6 rioters. After Kennedy’s stance drew scrutiny, he quickly backtracked.

Trump, who ends many of his rallies with a churchlike ritual, has infused his movement with Christianity .

Covert Chinese accounts are masquerading online as American supporters of Trump , signaling a potential shift in how Beijing aims to influence U.S. politics.


Abortions outside medical system increased sharply after Roe fell, study finds

Researchers report that volunteer-led networks distributing abortion pills helped drive a rise in ‘self-managed’ abortions.

The number of women using abortion pills to end their pregnancies on their own without the direct involvement of a U.S.-based medical provider rose sharply in the months after the Supreme Court eliminated a constitutional right to abortion, according to the most comprehensive examination to date of how many people have ended their pregnancies outside of the formal medical system since the ruling.

Nearly 28,000 additional doses of pills intended for “self-managed” abortions were provided in the six months after the fall of Roe v. Wade — more than quadrupling the average number of abortion pills provided that way per month before the decision and suggesting that many women have turned to medication abortion to circumvent state bans.

The research — published in JAMA on Monday , the day before the highly anticipated Supreme Court arguments on a challenge to a key abortion drug — highlights the importance of abortion pills in post- Roe America. Before the ruling legalized abortion nationwide in 1973, women seeking abortions were forced to find someone to perform an illegal surgical procedure, leading to thousands of deaths . Today, the process for accessing abortion is far easier and safer, with a rapidly expanding online and community-based network of pill suppliers sending pills through the mail into states with strict bans.

Other studies have estimated that approximately 32,000 fewer abortions occurred at licensed brick-and-mortar and telehealth clinics in the six months following the fall of Roe . But the jump in self-managed abortions offsets nearly that whole figure.

video campaign case study

Supply of abortion pills for

self-managed abortions

The supply of abortion pills outside of the formal health-care setting increased sharply in the six months after Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization , a landmark ruling that eliminated the constitutional right to abortion. A major factor in the increase was the rise of community-based, volunteer-led networks that organized to help women in states with abortion bans.

Online vendors


Community networks

Source: Provision of Medications for Self-managed Abortion

Before and After the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health

Organization decision. JAMA (2024)

video campaign case study

Source: Provision of Medications for Self-managed Abortion Before and After

the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision. JAMA (2024)

video campaign case study

Supply of abortion pills for self-managed abortions

“The numbers we’re looking at seem to suggest that [self-managed abortion] is more mainstream than perhaps we thought,” said Abigail Aiken, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin and the lead author of the study. “This is something people are doing on a larger scale.”

Women in states with bans are also using the traditional health-care system to access abortion, traveling out of state to pick up pills or to have a procedure at a clinic in a state where abortion remains legal. A different study published last week by the Guttmacher Institute, which supports abortion rights, revealed that the overall number of abortions facilitated within the formal health-care system increased last year despite the bans, with medication abortions accounting for 63 percent of the more than 1 million abortions performed in 2023.

Taken together, the flurry of new data points to a perhaps surprising result of the fall of Roe : While the ruling has made abortion more difficult to access for people in antiabortion states, a large portion of those women have been able to navigate around the laws and end their pregnancies.

Self-managed abortions with pills are facilitated in a legal gray area. Women obtaining abortions by mail are not breaking the law themselves; abortion bans are designed to penalize only doctors and others involved in facilitating an abortion. Those involved with distributing the pills could potentially be charged. In many states, abortion bans carry penalties of at least several years in prison.

The landscape of self-managed abortion is sprawling and difficult to quantify, Aiken said. According to Plan C, an abortion rights organization that tests pills and publishes a list of verified sources online, at least 25 websites now mail abortion medication into states that ban the procedure, along with several telehealth clinics and community-based networks.

Aiken identified 15 distinct sources for abortion pills that were operating outside of the formal health-care setting in the first six months after Roe fell, most of which shared with the researchers month-by-month data on the number of pills they distributed to U.S. patients during that period. Some sources relayed the numbers without providing internal documentation, Aiken said, because they do not keep formal records.

Rebecca Gomperts, the founder of Aid Access, the largest telehealth clinic mailing pills into states with abortion bans, and Elisa Wells, a founder of Plan C, are co-authors of the study.

The various sources that mail pills for self-managed abortions operate with very different models, offering a range of medical and emotional support through the process of passing a pregnancy at home, according to the new study.

In the first six months after the Supreme Court decision, the JAMA study shows that most women who chose to self-manage their abortions obtained pills through networks of volunteers that quickly mobilized and expanded after the ruling. These networks — one of the largest of which is based in Mexico — buy pills from international pharmacies, then mail them to people for free without a prescription, offering peer support but typically no direct access to a doctor. The pills often arrive unsealed, according to Plan C.

Along with community-based networks, people are also obtaining pills through internationally based telehealth clinics, which provide a prescription from a doctor, or other websites that sell pills typically without offering any kind of built-in support for women taking them.

Abortion pills have become even easier to get since the immediate aftermath of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization , with new suppliers appearing regularly and existing suppliers expanding to absorb more demand.

In the year since the research in the study was compiled, Aiken said, telehealth clinics in particular have significantly expanded their reach in antiabortion states, leading to far more abortions provided than are reflected in her study. While Europe-based Aid Access, the largest of these groups, initially relied on pharmacies in India to mail pills to patients in states with bans, the organization has now started allowing U.S.-based doctors to prescribe and mail the pills themselves, making use of “shield laws” recently passed in several Democratic-led states to protect the providers from prosecution. That change has reduced Aid Access’s shipping time from several weeks to a few days.

The organization now mails approximately 6,000 doses of medication abortion into states with abortion bans each month, according to Gomperts. She expects that number will continue to grow.

“What we know from other countries is the more this [becomes] mainstreamed, the more people will feel comfortable doing it by themselves,” she said.

Struggling to come up with a way to crack down on self-managed abortions, antiabortion advocates have taken aim at abortion pills more broadly. At Tuesday’s Supreme Court arguments, antiabortion advocates will argue that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rushed its 2000 approval of mifepristone, the first drug in the two-step medication abortion regimen, as well as subsequent decisions to lift restrictions on the pill. Perhaps most significantly, antiabortion advocates are seeking to reinstate the requirement for people taking medication abortion to see a medical provider in person — a change that could halt the mailing of abortion pills.

“When the FDA is recklessly saying that this is safe and women don’t need or deserve ongoing care — that’s dangerous,” Christina Francis, chief executive of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said in an interview last month.

Leading studies show that medication abortions conducted via telehealth are safe. Major adverse events, such as infections or a hemorrhage, occur in less than 1 percent of cases, a figure that remains the same whether or not a patient has an ultrasound and an in-person consultation.

The upcoming Supreme Court case could have significant implications for people taking abortion pills in states with bans, potentially preventing U.S. providers from utilizing shield laws.

Abortion rights leaders say they will continue to mail pills into antiabortion states, regardless of whether it’s legal.

“The reality is that medication abortion and telemedicine will continue — but whether it continues from licensed providers, aboveboard, without stigma … is something we have to really be aware of and fighting for,” said Julie Kay, the executive director of the Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine, an abortion rights group.

U.S. abortion access, reproductive rights

Tracking abortion access in the United States: Since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade , the legality of abortion has been left to individual states. The Washington Post is tracking states where abortion is legal, banned or under threat.

Abortion and the 2024 election: Voters in a dozen states in 2024 could decide the fate of abortion rights with constitutional amendments on the ballot in a pivotal election year. One of the country’s strictest abortion bans will take effect in Florida on May 1 , but the state Supreme Court also ruled that an amendment to enshrine abortion rights in the state’s constitution can go on the November ballot .

New study: The number of women using abortion pills to end their pregnancies on their own without the direct involvement of a U.S.-based medical provider rose sharply in the months after the Supreme Court eliminated a constitutional right to abortion , according to new research.

Abortion pills: The Supreme Court seemed unlikely to limit access to the abortion pill mifepristone . Here’s what’s at stake in the case and some key moments from oral arguments . For now, full access to mifepristone will remain in place . Here’s how mifepristone is used and where you can legally access the abortion pill .

  • States where abortion is legal, banned or under threat April 1, 2024 States where abortion is legal, banned or under threat April 1, 2024
  • Texas woman charged with murder after having abortion sues county, DA April 2, 2024 Texas woman charged with murder after having abortion sues county, DA April 2, 2024
  • Condoms, campaign ads: The fight for Florida voters after abortion rulings begins April 2, 2024 Condoms, campaign ads: The fight for Florida voters after abortion rulings begins April 2, 2024

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    Case studies can be used to sell to a potential customer, help retain current customers, and more. They are easy to use across all channels; social media, email marketing campaigns, etc. 5 Features of Successful Case Study Videos. Case study videos, including the 8 below, tend to have a few recurring features. These are... They're customer ...

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    22 Video Marketing Campaigns You'll Actually Enjoy Watching 1. Hubspot: That's a Deep We Don't Want To Roll In 😅 ... According to Pollfish data cited in the McCann Paris case study: "86% of Arab women admitted baking will remind them to self-check." The Takeaway "The Bread Exam" used tradition, mainstream media, and modern marketing ...

  12. 10 Marketing Case Study Examples

    Without going into details about the methods, it's another typical third-person case study designed to build trust. 6. Video marketing case study: L'Oréal and YouTube. In this case study, various members of L'Oréal's global marketing team break down exactly how they used YouTube ads to launch a new product.

  13. Best Video Marketing Campaign: Case Study and Impact of Video

    These case studies are a goldmine of valuable insights. Uncove­ring how various brands have effectively utilized video to achieve remarkable results. Case Study 1: The Coca-Cola "Share a Coke" Campaign. The "Share­ a Coke" campaign by Coca-Cola became incre­dibly popular worldwide by introducing personalized bottle­s and cans.

  14. Ving Personalized Video Campaign

    This case study offers a valuable insight into the power of data-driven personalized video in reactivating customers and generating interest in a brand or product. Some of the key takeaways from this campaign include: Personalized video content delivers high attention, which makes viewers more receptive to the message and more likely to take ...

  15. Master Video Case Studies in 2023: Ultimate Guide

    Ultimate Guide to Case Study Videos in 2023. A case study (or three) may be the secret ingredient your video marketing strategy is missing. If the last time you heard 'case study' mentioned was the days you were slaving over your schoolwork, think again! Case studies, particularly when put in the evergreen and easily-accessible form of a ...

  16. Effective Social Media Campaigns: Case Studies

    Case studies will be presented to highlight successful video-centric campaigns that have achieved remarkable results. Digital Marketing Services With a Foundation of 1,900+ Projects, Offered by Over 1500+ Digital Agencies Across Asia, EMB Excels in Digital Marketing.

  17. Brand Marketing Case Studies

    Case studies: How brands are innovating on YouTube. See how brands are innovating—and driving impact—with their video marketing strategies on YouTube. From targeting techniques, to contextual creative, to six-second video ads, learn how brands are building campaigns that deliver results with these case studies and interviews. Case Study.

  18. Viral Video Campaigns: 7 Fantastic Case Studies

    Range Rover's Evoque Speedbump Stunt video was named the viral video of 2018. Range Rover Evoque | Speed Bump. Watch on. Here's the deal: For filming, the Range Rover team set up a huge speed bump in the middle of a South London street and they filmed the reactions of real-life motorists who encountered the bump.

  19. AI-enhanced YouTube marketing: Insights from 3 case studies

    Case study 1: Boosting travel search interest with creative weather campaigns Title : " OK, sunshine: Egypt Tourism Authority marries live weather and video ads to boost travel search interest "

  20. 3 video campaign tips from the Adidas marketing team

    But in this case, the Adidas marketing team decided to go all in — and it paid off. "By introducing our product upfront and using tightly framed, product-focused creative across our entire sequence, we were able to achieve far greater awareness, recall, and most importantly, purchase intent," said Reidy. "Following the campaign, we saw ...

  21. How to Create Highly Effective Case Study Videos

    With the correct approach and proper planning, your case study video can boost your sales and bring in new business. Follow these 10 steps to make a compelling case study video for your company. 1. Think Like a Potential Customer. The first step in creating a case study video is to develop a detailed plan with your target audience in mind.

  22. Solo Stove Fires Up Sales With Chase Customers

    Total gains. Solo Stove's transaction-based marketing campaign stoked an impressive $300K+ in incremental sales (46% incrementality for new customers) with purchases from 2,098 new customers (those who had not purchased from the brand in the last year). It garnered a total of 4.7MM impressions with a 3% activation rate.

  23. Air Canada case study

    Branching out. Air Canada leveraged Chase Media Solutions' exclusive purchase data to create a campaign targeting new-to-the-airline customers within Chase's 80MM audience. The team identified a transaction-based segment composed primarily of customers with no purchase history with the brand in the last year. Then, working together, Chase ...

  24. AbbVie makes a case for 'big bets' in new corporate campaign

    AbbVie makes a case for 'big bets' in new campaign highlighting its scientific work. In a video describing AbbVie's "The Case for Big Bets" campaign, two narrators describe the work that must go ...

  25. Judge schedules Newsmax case over 2020 election lies for ...

    CNN —. A judge has scheduled a major defamation case against right-wing cable channel Newsmax to go to trial in late September, putting the battle over 2020 election lies front-and-center at the ...

  26. Trump posts video that shows image of Biden tied up in the back ...

    Hear his response. Former President Donald Trump on Friday posted a video that featured an image of President Joe Biden tied up in the back of a pickup truck. Trump indicated that the post was ...

  27. YouTube CTV advertising case studies

    Think with Google. Source: YouTube Internal Data, Global, Jan. 2022. This level of engagement informs how viewers feel about ads. In a new study, we found that viewers agree that YouTube ads on the TV screen are more relevant (59%) than ads on linear TV or other streaming apps. 3 Connected TV gives advertisers a powerful creative canvas to ...

  28. Trump returns to campaign trail in Michigan and Wisconsin

    Former president Trump was on a battleground blitz in states he lost in 2020. Mr. Trump highlighted the border crisis and migrant crime. In his legal battles, Mr. Trump posted a $175 million bond ...

  29. The Church of Trump: How He's Infusing Christianity Into His Movement

    April 1, 2024. Long known for his improvised and volatile stage performances, former President Donald J. Trump now tends to finish his rallies on a solemn note. Soft, reflective music fills the ...

  30. Self-managed abortions increased sharply after Roe fell, study finds

    self-managed abortions. The supply of abortion pills outside of the formal health-care setting increased sharply in the six months after Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, a landmark ...