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Human Resources Coordinator Resume Examples: Proven To Get You Hired In 2024

Hiring Manager for Human Resources Coordinator Roles

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Human Resources Coordinator Resume Template

Download in google doc, word or pdf for free. designed to pass resume screening software in 2022., human resources coordinator resume sample.

This is an entry-level position where you will be tasked with HR administrative duties and with serving as a middleman between employees and managers, directors, or third parties. In essence, your job is to receive any questions or concerns employees may have and work to get them the assistance they need. To thrive in this position you need to have excellent communication skills, an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the HR department, and experience with industry-standard HR tools. Take a look at this strong HR coordinator resume.

A human resources coordinator resume sample highlighting the applicant’s strong skill set and successful previous experience.

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Recruiter Insight: Why this resume works in 2022

Tips to help you write your human resources coordinator resume in 2024,    get an internship in hr if you have no experience..

Internships are a great way to bolster your resume if you have no professional experience in the HR department. They are slightly easier to get, and can give you a good training and great accomplishments to list on your resume. This will be beneficial when applying for a full-time position.

Get an internship in HR if you have no experience. - Human Resources Coordinator Resume

   Show experience in a range of HR tasks.

As a general coordinator, you may find yourself handling tasks in a variety of areas of HR. Show recruiters that you are well equipped for this, by showing them that you have experience in most tasks under HR’s purview. This applicant did this by listing the main tasks under the ‘Technical Skills’ section.

Show experience in a range of HR tasks. - Human Resources Coordinator Resume

HR Coordinator Resume Sample

Human resources administrator resume sample, hr programs coordinator resume sample, hr compliance coordinator resume sample.

We spoke with hiring managers at leading companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, as well as small businesses, to understand what they look for in Human Resources Coordinator resumes. The following tips will help you create a resume that stands out and gets you hired in this competitive field.

   Highlight your experience with HR software and tools

Hiring managers want to see that you have hands-on experience with the HR tools and software commonly used in the industry. Mention the specific tools you've used and how you utilized them to streamline HR processes.

  • Implemented and managed ADP Workforce Now for a company of 500+ employees, reducing time spent on payroll processing by 30%
  • Proficient in using Workday, BambooHR, and PeopleSoft to manage employee data, benefits, and performance reviews

Avoid simply listing the tools without context, like this:

  • Familiar with ADP, Workday, and BambooHR

Bullet Point Samples for Human Resources Coordinator

   Quantify your impact on employee engagement and retention

As an HR Coordinator, one of your key responsibilities is to help create a positive work environment that engages and retains employees. Use metrics to show the impact of your efforts.

  • Implemented an employee recognition program that increased employee satisfaction scores by 25% and reduced turnover by 15%
  • Organized monthly team-building events, resulting in a 30% improvement in cross-functional collaboration and a 20% increase in employee referrals

Avoid vague statements that don't demonstrate your impact, such as:

  • Responsible for employee engagement initiatives
  • Helped with employee retention efforts

   Showcase your experience in full-cycle recruiting

Many HR Coordinator roles involve supporting the full recruiting process, from sourcing candidates to onboarding new hires. Highlight your experience in these areas, and use numbers to show your efficiency and success.

  • Managed full-cycle recruiting for 20+ positions annually, sourcing and screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and coordinating offers and onboarding
  • Reduced time-to-fill by 25% by implementing a structured interview process and leveraging social media for candidate sourcing

Avoid simply listing recruiting tasks without providing context or results, like this:

  • Posted job ads and screened resumes
  • Scheduled interviews and sent offer letters

   Emphasize your communication and interpersonal skills

HR Coordinators interact with employees at all levels of the organization, so strong communication and interpersonal skills are crucial. Highlight examples of how you've used these skills to build relationships and resolve conflicts.

  • Served as the first point of contact for employee questions and concerns, using active listening and empathy to build trust and resolve issues
  • Collaborated with department managers to understand their hiring needs and provide exceptional candidate experiences, resulting in a 95% offer acceptance rate

Avoid generic statements that don't provide specific examples, such as:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Works well with others

   Include relevant education and certifications

While a bachelor's degree is often preferred for HR Coordinator roles, relevant certifications can also make you a strong candidate. Include any certifications you've earned, such as:

  • SHRM-CP (Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional)
  • PHR (Professional in Human Resources)
  • HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) certifications

If you have a degree in a related field like Business Administration or Psychology, highlight relevant coursework or projects.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, XYZ University Relevant coursework: Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Employee Training and Development

   Tailor your resume to the specific job and company

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is using the same generic resume for every application. Stand out by tailoring your resume to the specific HR Coordinator role and company you're applying to.

Here's an example of a generic, untailored resume summary:

  • Experienced HR professional seeking an HR Coordinator role where I can utilize my skills and knowledge to contribute to the company's success.

Instead, try something like this:

  • HR professional with 3+ years of experience in full-cycle recruiting and employee relations, seeking to leverage my expertise in streamlining HR processes and improving employee engagement at [Company Name]. Passionate about [Company Name]'s mission of [insert mission statement] and excited to contribute to the HR team's goals of [insert specific goals from job description].

Review the job description and company website carefully, and incorporate their language and priorities into your resume.

Writing Your Human Resources Coordinator Resume: Section By Section


A resume summary for a Human Resources Coordinator role is optional, but it can be a valuable addition if you want to provide context or highlight key qualifications that may not be immediately apparent from the rest of your resume. It's especially useful if you're changing careers or have a lot of experience to summarize. However, avoid using an objective statement, as it's outdated and focuses on what you want rather than what you can offer the employer.

When writing your summary, focus on your most relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that align with the HR Coordinator role. Avoid repeating information that's already covered in other sections of your resume, and keep it concise - aim for no more than 3-4 sentences or bullet points.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for a Human Resources Coordinator resume

To learn how to write an effective resume summary for your Human Resources Coordinator resume, or figure out if you need one, please read Human Resources Coordinator Resume Summary Examples , or Human Resources Coordinator Resume Objective Examples .

1. Highlight HR skills and qualifications

When crafting your Human Resources Coordinator resume summary, focus on showcasing your most relevant HR skills and qualifications. Consider including:

  • Years of experience in HR or related fields
  • Specific areas of expertise (e.g., employee relations, benefits administration, compliance)
  • Key achievements or projects you've led
  • Relevant certifications or training

Here's an example of a strong HR Coordinator summary that highlights relevant skills and qualifications:

Human Resources professional with 5+ years of experience in employee relations, benefits administration, and HR compliance. Proven track record of implementing successful onboarding programs and managing employee grievances. PHR certified with a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management.

2. Tailor your summary to the company and role

While it's important to highlight your HR skills and experience in your resume summary, it's equally crucial to tailor your summary to the specific company and role you're applying for. Research the company's mission, values, and culture, and try to incorporate elements that align with your own experience and goals.

For example, if the company emphasizes diversity and inclusion, you might mention your experience in developing and implementing D&I initiatives. If the role focuses heavily on employee training and development, highlight any relevant achievements in that area.

Here's an example of a generic, untailored HR Coordinator summary:

  • Experienced Human Resources professional seeking an HR Coordinator role. Skilled in various HR functions and possess strong communication and organizational skills.

In contrast, here's an example of a summary tailored to a specific company and role:

  • Human Resources professional with 3+ years of experience in fast-paced, tech-focused environments. Passionate about fostering inclusive company cultures and developing innovative employee engagement strategies. Seeking to leverage my skills in diversity and inclusion, employee relations, and HR technology to contribute to [Company Name]'s mission of creating a world-class employee experience.


Your work experience section is the core of your resume. It's where you detail your professional background and show how you've progressed throughout your career. When writing your work experience section as a human resources coordinator, focus on showcasing your most relevant experience, skills, and accomplishments.

1. Highlight HR accomplishments with metrics

When describing your work experience, don't just list your responsibilities. Instead, focus on your accomplishments and the impact you made in each role. Quantify your achievements whenever possible to give the hiring manager a clear picture of your capabilities.

Here are some examples of how to effectively use metrics in your work experience section:

  • Implemented a new onboarding process that reduced time-to-productivity by 25% for new hires
  • Conducted 50+ interviews per quarter and successfully filled 90% of open positions within 60 days
  • Managed benefits enrollment for 500 employees, ensuring 100% compliance with state and federal regulations

2. Use strong HR-related action verbs

When writing your work experience, start each bullet point with a strong action verb that showcases your HR skills and expertise. Avoid generic verbs like 'managed' or 'handled' and instead opt for more specific and impactful verbs.

Strong action verbs for human resources coordinators include:

  • Administered
  • Facilitated
Weak: Handled employee relations issues Strong: Mediated employee conflicts and provided guidance on company policies, resulting in a 30% reduction in employee turnover

Action Verbs for Human Resources Coordinator

3. Showcase your career progression

Hiring managers love to see career growth and progression in a candidate's work history. If you've been promoted or taken on increasing responsibilities in your previous roles, make sure to highlight this in your work experience section.

Here's an example of how to showcase career progression:

  • Assisted with recruitment efforts, posting job ads and scheduling interviews
  • Maintained employee records and updated HRIS with 99% accuracy
  • Independently manage full-cycle recruiting for 10+ open positions per quarter
  • Develop and facilitate new hire orientation, resulting in a 95% satisfaction rate from participants

4. Tailor your experience to the job description

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is using the same generic work experience section for every application. To stand out from the competition, tailor your experience to the specific requirements and responsibilities listed in the job description.

Here's an example of how to tailor your work experience:

  • Generic: Managed employee benefits programs
  • Tailored: Administered comprehensive benefits packages, including health insurance, 401(k) plans, and wellness initiatives for a diverse workforce of 200+ employees

By tailoring your work experience, you show the hiring manager that you have the specific skills and experience they're looking for in a human resources coordinator.


Your education section is a vital part of your human resources coordinator resume. It shows hiring managers that you have the necessary qualifications and training for the role. Here are some tips to help you write an effective education section:

How To Write An Education Section - Human Resources Coordinator Roles

1. List your highest degree first

Start your education section with your highest degree, such as a bachelor's or master's degree. If you have multiple degrees, list them in reverse chronological order.

Here's an example of how to format your degree:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Graduated: June 2019

If you have a degree in a field related to human resources, such as business administration or psychology, be sure to highlight that on your resume.

2. Include relevant coursework

If you are a recent graduate or have taken courses related to human resources, consider listing them under your degree. This can help demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential employers.

Here are some examples of relevant coursework for a human resources coordinator:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Ethics
  • Employment Law

However, avoid listing too many courses, as it can make your resume look cluttered. Stick to the most relevant and impressive ones.

3. Keep it concise for senior-level positions

If you are a senior-level human resources coordinator with many years of experience, you may want to keep your education section brief. Hiring managers will be more interested in your work experience and accomplishments.

Here's an example of what not to include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, XYZ University, Graduated 1995
  • Relevant Coursework: Intro to Psychology, Research Methods, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology
  • GPA: 3.8/4.0

Instead, keep it short and sweet:

B.S. in Psychology, XYZ University

4. Include certifications

If you have any relevant certifications, such as the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or the Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP), be sure to include them in your education section.

Here's an example of how to list a certification:

Professional in Human Resources (PHR), HR Certification Institute, 2020

Certifications can help demonstrate your expertise and commitment to the field, and can make you a more competitive candidate for human resources coordinator positions.


The skills section of your resume is a key place to showcase your qualifications for a human resources coordinator role. Hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS) quickly scan this section to determine if you have the right skills and expertise. Here are some tips to write a strong skills section:

How To Write Your Skills Section - Human Resources Coordinator Roles

1. Tailor skills to the job description

Read the job description carefully and identify the key skills required for the human resources coordinator position. Incorporate these skills into your resume, using the same terminology where possible.

For example, if the job description mentions 'benefits administration', 'performance management' and 'HRIS systems', your skills section could look like:

Benefits Administration Performance Management HRIS: Workday, ADP Employee Relations Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Avoid simply listing generic skills like:

Human Resources Interpersonal Skills Hardworking Organized

Many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to automatically scan and filter resumes. Tailoring your skills to the job description helps you get past these filters. Our Targeted Resume tool scans your resume against a job description and identifies missing skills and keywords to include.

2. Focus on hard skills and HR tools

Emphasize technical skills, tools, and HR-specific knowledge in your skills section. This quickly communicates your qualifications to the hiring manager.

Examples of good skills for a human resources coordinator include:

  • Benefits & Compensation
  • Payroll Processing
  • Compliance & Employment Law
  • HRIS Systems : Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle, ADP
  • Productivity Tools : Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Asana

Avoid soft skills like 'Communication', 'Teamwork' or 'Leadership'. While important, they are overused and don't differentiate you. Demonstrate these through your work experience and achievements instead.

Quantify your skills where possible to make them more impactful. For example: 'Payroll Processing for 500+ employees', 'Benefits Administration with $2M annual budget'. This level of detail shows the depth of your experience.

3. Organize skills into categories

Group your skills into logical categories to make them easy to read and parse. Common categories for a human resources coordinator include:

  • Human Resources : Benefits Administration, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Compliance
  • Recruiting : Applicant Tracking Systems, Candidate Sourcing, Interviewing, Background Checks
  • HR Technology : HRIS, ATS, Payroll Systems, Productivity Tools
Human Resources Benefits Administration Performance Management Employee Relations HR Policies & Compliance Recruiting Applicant Tracking Systems Candidate Sourcing & Screening Interviewing & Selection HR Technology Workday, ADP, Paychex Greenhouse, Lever, Taleo Microsoft Office Suite

Avoid creating too many categories or listing skills without any grouping. 3-4 categories with 4-7 skills each is a good guideline for human resources coordinator resumes. This keeps your skills section skimmable while still providing enough detail.

4. Place skills section at the top

For human resources coordinator roles, put your skills section towards the top of your resume, just after your summary. HR recruiters want to quickly see if you check the right boxes.

A good resume structure looks like:

  • Header with contact info
  • Resume summary
  • Skills section
  • Work experience

Avoid placing your skills section at the very bottom. Burying key qualifications makes it harder for hiring managers to spot them, and you may get overlooked.

Also keep your resume to 1-2 pages max. Listing too many skills dilutes your message and makes it seem like you aren't specialized or an expert in any particular area.

Once you've drafted your skills section, upload your resume to the Score My Resume tool to get instant feedback. It analyzes your skills section and 30+ other key criteria, so you can optimize your resume before applying to jobs.

Skills For Human Resources Coordinator Resumes

Here are examples of popular skills from Human Resources Coordinator job descriptions that you can include on your resume.

  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Financial Statements
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable

Skills Word Cloud For Human Resources Coordinator Resumes

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Human Resources Coordinator job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more likely you should include it in your resume.

Top Human Resources Coordinator Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

How to use these skills?

Similar resume templates, administrative coordinator.

An office coordinator resume template that prioritizes work experience.

Diversity and Inclusion

A resume of a Chief Diversity Officer emphasizing diversity initiatives and knowledge in diversity laws.

Special Projects

A director of special projects resume template that emphasizes work experience.

  • Vice President of Operations Resume Guide
  • Diversity and Inclusion Resume Guide
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Resume Guide: Detailed Insights From Recruiters

  • Human Resources (HR) Resume Guide & Examples for 2022

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Human Resources Coordinator Resumes

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  • Skills for Human Resources Coordinator Resumes
  • Free Human Resources Coordinator Resume Review
  • Other Other Resumes
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  • Alternative Careers to a Human Resources Manager
  • All Resumes
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resume sample for human resources coordinator

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resume sample for human resources coordinator

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resume sample for human resources coordinator

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resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • • Managed the administration of HR policies and procedures resulting in 25% reduction in compliance issues over a one-year period.
  • • Implemented new payroll system for 300 employees, ensuring a 100% accuracy in payroll processing each month.
  • • Facilitated recruitment process leading to hiring of 50 new employees across multiple departments within three months.
  • • Improved employee retention by 20% through introduction of a comprehensive benefits program.
  • • Executed system management over PeopleSoft HR system and ensured 100% data accuracy across the board.
  • • Handled leave management of over 200 team members reducing leave abuse by 15%.
  • • Successfully coordinated onboarding of 100+ new hires annually, bringing efficiency in recruitment process.
  • • Managed benefits administration of 500+ employees, ensuring adherence to company policies.
  • • Achieved considerable employee engagement through regular HR programs, contributing to overall work satisfaction.

5 Human Resources Coordinator Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your human resources coordinator resume must display an exceptional understanding of recruitment and employee relations. It should clearly reflect your expertise in organizational policies. Showcasing your ability to multitask and coordinate various HR functions is crucial. Your resume must demonstrate your strong interpersonal and communication skills.

All resume examples in this guide

resume sample for human resources coordinator


resume sample for human resources coordinator

Resume Guide

Tips for refining your human resources coordinator resume format, decoding the human resources coordinator resume experience section, human resources coordinator resume skills: showcasing both hard and soft skills.

How to properly list your resume's education and certifications

Adding a summary or objective to your human resources coordinator resume

Extra sections to include in your human resources coordinator resume, key takeaways.

Human Resources Coordinator resume example

A common resume challenge faced by Human Resources Coordinators is effectively showcasing their broad range of responsibilities and specific achievements in a concise, easy-to-understand format. Our guide provides practical tips on how to succinctly describe these diverse duties and accomplishments, using powerful action verbs and quantifiable metrics to illustrate your impact.

Here's what you'll read within our professional resume guide:

  • Human resources coordinator resumes that are tailored to the role are more likely to catch recruiters' attention.
  • Most sought-out human resources coordinator skills that should make your resume.
  • Styling the layout of your professional resume: take a page from human resources coordinator resume examples.
  • How to write about your human resources coordinator achievements in various resume sections (e.g. summary, experience, and education).

Recommended reads:

  • Human Resources Consultant resume
  • Senior Recruiter resume
  • Human Resources Specialist resume
  • HR Recruiter resume
  • UX Researcher resume

The resume format sets the stage for your professional narrative. Ensure it:

  • Adopts the reverse-chronological format , placing your most recent experiences at the forefront. This format is ideal for those with relevant and up-to-date experience.
  • Features a clear headline, making it straightforward for recruiters to access your contact details, portfolio, or current role.
  • Stays concise, ideally spanning no more than two pages, focusing on relevant experiences and skills.
  • Maintains its layout by being saved as a PDF, ensuring compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Upload your resume

Drop your resume here or choose a file . PDF & DOCX only. Max 2MB file size.

While color can enhance your human resources coordinator resume by emphasizing key details like headlines, job titles, and degrees, moderation is key. Stick to a primary and a secondary color to maintain professionalism and avoid a cluttered appearance.

Elevate your human resources coordinator resume with these essential sections:

  • Header: The go-to section for recruiters seeking your contact details, portfolio, or current role.
  • Summary or objective: A snapshot of your achievements and aspirations.
  • Experience: A testament to your technical and interpersonal prowess.
  • Skills: A showcase of your capabilities aligned with the job requirements.
  • Certifications/Education: A reflection of your commitment to staying updated in the industry.

What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Experience with HR systems and databases: Understanding of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or other human resources management software.
  • Knowledge of HR procedures: A demonstrated understanding of hiring processes, benefits administration, performance review procedures, and compliance with labor laws.
  • Strong communication skills: Ability to effectively communicate with all levels in the organization, from employees to management, as well as handle sensitive information confidentially.
  • Organizational skills: Proven ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines effectively, including employee records, scheduling interviews, onboarding new hires, and coordinating training programs.
  • Certification in Human Resources: Certifications like PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, or SHRM-SCP can demonstrate a commitment to the profession and assure recruiters of a candidate's competency.
  • What is the Purpose of a Resume
  • Resume Layout

Once you've settled on your resume's format, the next step is detailing your professional journey.

Many human resources coordinator professionals grapple with this section, especially when balancing between extensive or limited experience. Here's a roadmap to navigate this:

  • Limit bullet points under each job role to six, focusing on high-impact contributions.
  • Highlight achievements that resonate with the job's requirements, rather than just listing duties.
  • Detail any on-the-job certifications or skills acquired and their relevance to your growth.
  • Choose impactful verbs for each bullet, avoiding overused terms like "managed".
  • Infuse relevant keywords from the job posting, especially in the context of accomplishments.

For more insights, explore these curated examples from seasoned human resources coordinator professionals:

  • Managed full-cycle recruitment process, resulting in a 20% reduction in time-to-fill positions.
  • Developed and implemented employee onboarding program, enhancing new hire engagement and retention.
  • Administered benefits programs, including health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Conducted orientation sessions for new employees, ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures.
  • Assisted in drafting HR policies and procedures, ensuring alignment with state and federal regulations.
  • Coordinated and facilitated training programs for employees, resulting in a 15% increase in overall productivity.
  • Managed employee relations issues, providing guidance and resolution to maintain a positive work environment.
  • Performed data analysis to identify trends and provide recommendations for improving HR processes.
  • Assisted in the development and implementation of performance management systems.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to support organizational goals and strategic initiatives.
  • Led the implementation of an automated HRIS system, streamlining data management and increasing efficiency.
  • Developed and delivered HR training programs on topics such as diversity and inclusion and sexual harassment prevention.
  • Managed the employee recognition program, resulting in improved morale and increased employee satisfaction.
  • Conducted investigations into employee complaints and recommended appropriate actions.
  • Supported HR Manager in developing and updating HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance.
  • Collaborated with hiring managers to define job requirements and create effective job descriptions.
  • Coordinated the annual performance appraisal process, ensuring timely completion and accurate documentation.
  • Implemented an employee wellness program, resulting in a 30% decrease in absenteeism.
  • Assisted in the development and delivery of diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Managed employee benefits enrollment and provided guidance on benefit options.
  • Oversaw the recruitment and selection process, successfully filling positions within tight deadlines.
  • Developed and implemented HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with changing labor laws.
  • Administered compensation and benefits programs, including conducting salary benchmarking and analysis.
  • Facilitated conflict resolution between employees and provided coaching on effective communication.
  • Conducted training sessions on HR topics such as performance management and workplace ethics.
  • Managed the HRIS system, maintaining accurate employee records and generating reports as needed.
  • Coordinated employee engagement initiatives, resulting in increased employee satisfaction by 25%.
  • Assisted in conducting job analysis and developing job descriptions for various positions.
  • Supported HR Manager in implementing a talent acquisition strategy to attract top-quality candidates.
  • Participated in HR audits to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Led the implementation of a performance management system, aligning individual goals with organizational objectives.
  • Conducted salary surveys and analyzed market data to recommend competitive compensation packages.
  • Assisted in conducting investigations into employee misconduct allegations and provided recommendations for disciplinary actions.
  • Developed and delivered HR workshops on topics such as conflict resolution and effective communication.
  • Collaborated with hiring managers to develop recruitment strategies and attract a diverse pool of candidates.
  • Managed the employee benefits program, negotiating favorable rates resulting in cost savings of 10%.
  • Coordinated employee performance appraisal process, ensuring timely completion and accurate documentation.
  • Assisted in developing and implementing HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with employment laws.
  • Provided guidance and support to employees on HR-related matters, including benefits and leave administration.
  • Conducted new hire orientations and facilitated training sessions on HR topics.
  • Implemented an applicant tracking system, improving efficiency in the recruitment and selection process.
  • Supported the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Conducted exit interviews and analyzed data to identify trends and improve employee retention strategies.
  • Assisted in the development and delivery of HR training programs on topics such as performance management and leadership development.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to support organizational change initiatives.
  • Managed employee records and ensured compliance with data privacy regulations.
  • Supported the HR Manager in developing and implementing employee engagement programs.
  • Assisted in conducting investigations into workplace incidents and provided recommendations for resolution.
  • Administered the company's employee recognition program, resulting in increased employee morale.
  • Provided support in the recruitment process, including resume screening and scheduling interviews.

Quantifying impact on your resume

  • Highlight the number of employees you have managed in various HR programs or initiatives. This shows your capability to handle and coordinate people efficiently.
  • Include the number and types of HR systems you're proficient in. This demonstrates your technical skills and adaptability with HR technologies.
  • Specify the volume of recruitment tasks you've handled, such as the number of candidates sourced, interviewed, and hired. This reflects your efficiency and effectiveness in recruitment.
  • Mention any quantitative results from employee engagement activities you've led or participated in, like participation rates or satisfaction scores. This indicates your ability to foster a positive work environment.
  • State the amount of funds you managed for employee benefits or compensation packages. This shows your ability to handle financial resources responsibly.
  • Detail how you reduced time or costs in HR processes by a certain percentage. This illustrates your problem-solving skills and your commitment to improving efficiency.
  • Include the number of compliance issues you've addressed or audits completed. This demonstrates your awareness and understanding of HR laws and regulations.
  • Report on the number of training sessions or professional development programs you've coordinated. This shows your dedication to employee growth and development.

Strategies for candidates with limited or no experience

Even if you're light on experience, other facets of your human resources coordinator resume can resonate with job requirements:

  • Education: Detail skills acquired that dovetail with job expectations.
  • Internships & Temporary Roles: Spotlight roles that underscore your relevant expertise.
  • Skills: Address both foundational and nuanced job qualifications.
  • Strengths & Achievements: Illuminate the distinct value you bring, even if you're newer to the industry.
  • Resume Work Experience
  • Resume Keywords

Boost your resume by focusing on the practical aspects of each job requirement. While it's good to have job-related keywords on your resume, ensure they're backed by action verbs and quantifiable data. This gives recruiters a clear picture of your human resources coordinator professional journey.

Your human resources coordinator resume should show recruiters your range of skills. List the tools and software you use (hard skills) and how they fit into your daily tasks. But don't stop there. Share the personal traits (soft skills) you've gained from your experiences. Here's how:

  • Showcase three top career achievements.
  • For each achievement, mention a hard and a soft skill you used.
  • Highlight unique skills that set you apart.
  • Discuss how your skills improved the workplace or team culture.

Check our list for popular hard and soft skills in the industry.

Top skills for your human resources coordinator resume

Human Resources Information Software (HRIS)

Employee Relations

Knowledge of employment laws and regulations

Organizational skills

Data Analysis

Performance Management

Payroll Processing

Benefits Administration



Interpersonal Skills

Conflict Resolution

Time Management



Attention to Detail

The placement of your skills section should align with its importance. If it's a showcase of your most significant strengths, position it prominently near the top of your resume.

How to properly list your resume's education and certifications

Don't underestimate the importance of your resume education section , as it oftentimes helps you further tailor your resume to the job ad.

When writing your education section:

  • Include the most relevant degree you have with information about the institution and dates of start and completion;
  • If you're in the process of obtaining your degree, include your expected graduation date;
  • Consider leaving off degrees that aren't relevant to the job or industry;
  • Add bullet points to show how you gained valuable experience relevant for the job in an academic environment.

When describing your resume certifications , always consider their relevancy to the role.

Use the same format to describe them as you will for your education. If you're wondering what are the best certificates for human resources coordinator roles, check out the list below.

Best certifications to list on your resume

If you're in the process of obtaining your certificate or degree, list the expected date you're supposed to graduate or be certified.

  • Deans List on Resume
  • Coursework on Resume

One of the most crucial elements of your professional presentation is your resume's top one-third.

This most often includes:

  • Either a resume summary - your career highlights at a glance. Select the summary if you have plenty of relevant experience (and achievements), you'd like recruiters to remember about your application.
  • Or, a resume objective - to showcase your determination for growth. The perfect choice for candidates with less experience, who are looking to grow their career in the field.

If you want to go above and beyond with your human resources coordinator resume summary or resume objective, make sure to answer precisely why recruiters need to hire you.

What is the additional value you'd provide to the company or organization?

Now here are examples from real-life human resources coordinator professionals, whose resumes have helped them land their dream jobs:

Resume summary and objective examples for a human resources coordinator resume

  • With 7 years of direct experience within HR, knowledge in various HRIS platforms, and an established track record in managing recruitment processes, a seasoned professional is seeking to leverage their comprehensive understanding of labor laws and team development strategies to foster a productive work environment. The highlight of my career so far is implementing an efficient onboarding system, reducing employee integration time by 30%.
  • Bringing a decade of experience from the world of finance where I honed my skills in conflict resolution, communication, and leadership. Eager to apply this diverse skillset to transition into human resources coordination, with a strong desire to contribute to a healthier work culture and optimized operations. Successfully led a team of 20 members in the past, indicating strong management potential.
  • Incredibly organized, detail-oriented professional equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and over five years of relevant experience in counseling roles. Keen to leverage these interpersonal skills for a Human Resources Coordinator position to create a harmonious workplace environment. Oversaw conflict resolution initiatives in prior role, resulting in a 20% decrease in staff turnover.
  • Experienced project manager boasting a proven track record in overseeing large-scale projects from inception to completion. Seeks a career pivot to HR coordination, harboring a deep interest in fostering positive working environments. Known for cultivating collaborative relationships that led to a 40% increase in team efficiency during tenure at previous company.
  • Eager to launch a career in human resources coordination, bringing forward a strong academic foundation in Human Resource Management and an internship experience at a leading tech firm. I aim to utilize my expertise in data analysis and organizational psychology to enhance workplace productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • As a recent Business Administration graduate focused on Human Resources, I aim to combine my theoretical knowledge with practical application to coordinate HR efforts effectively. With a background in service industry part-time roles, I understand the value of clear communication and effective personnel management and aspire to deploy these skills in an HR setting.

What should you do if you happen to have some space left on your resume, and want to highlight other aspects of your profile that you deem are relevant to the role?

Add to your human resources coordinator resume some of these personal and professional sections:

  • Passions/Interests - to detail how you spend both your personal and professional time, invested in various hobbies;
  • Awards - to present those niche accolades that make your experience unique;
  • Publications - an excellent choice for professionals, who have just graduated from university or are used to a more academic setting;
  • < a href=""> Volunteering - your footprint within your local (or national/ international) community.
  • Your resume should be a curated narrative, highlighting your alignment with the role's requirements.
  • Strategically position your skills, balancing both technical and interpersonal strengths.
  • Be selective in detailing experiences, focusing on relevance and impact.
  • Utilize the summary or objective to offer a snapshot of your professional essence.
  • Across all sections, prioritize authenticity and clarity, ensuring your resume resonates with the human resources coordinator role you're eyeing.

human resources coordinator resume example

Looking to build your own Human Resources Coordinator resume?

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Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Resume: 20 Tips and Sample

resume sample for human resources coordinator

In today’s job market, a well-crafted resume is an essential tool for any job seeker to land their dream job. A resume must clearly and concisely communicate your skills, qualifications, and achievements to potential employers.

What is an HR Coordinator Resume?

An HR Coordinator Resume is a document that outlines a person’s skills, qualifications, and experience in the Human Resources field. This document is specifically designed to showcase a candidate’s ability to provide administrative support to the HR department. It’s a critical tool in the job search process, which introduces you to potential employers and helps you stand out from the competition.

Why is it important to have a well-crafted HR Coordinator Resume?

A well-crafted HR Coordinator Resume is crucial for many reasons:

First Impression: The resume is an employer’s first impression of a candidate. It needs to stand out from the competition and highlight the skills and qualifications that are essential to the job.

Demonstrate Professionalism: The resume needs to convey a professional image and demonstrate that the candidate has the necessary skills and experience to perform the job duties effectively.

Increased Interview Chances: A well-crafted HR Coordinator Resume increases the chances of getting an interview, which is an opportunity to showcase your skills and experience in person.

Salary Negotiation: A successful resume can open the door for a salary negotiation. It’s important to present yourself well in the resume, so you have more leverage when it comes to salary discussions.

What are the key components of an HR Coordinator Resume?

The key components of an HR Coordinator Resume include:

Contact Information: Name, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile.

Professional Summary: A brief overview of the candidate’s skills, qualifications, and experience as it pertains to the HR Coordinator position.

Work Experience: A detailed description of previous HR-related work experience, including job titles, dates of employment, key responsibilities, and achievements.

Education: A list of educational achievements.

Skills: A list of essential HR Coordinator skills, including proficiency in HR software, communication skills, and organizational abilities.

A well-crafted HR Coordinator Resume is essential in getting hired for any job in the Human Resources field. By including key components like contact information, a professional summary, work experience, education, and skills, job seekers will be able to showcase their qualifications to potential employers effectively.

Industry Trends and Expectations

A. overview of the hr industry.

The HR industry is constantly evolving, adapting to changes in the business world, technology advancements, and the needs and expectations of employees. The role of HR has shifted from just managing personnel records to aligning HR strategy with business objectives, finding and retaining top talent, and keeping up with the latest trends and best practices in people management.

B. Latest Trends in HR Hiring

One of the latest trends in HR hiring is using data and analytics to make more informed hiring decisions. This includes using artificial intelligence to analyze resumes, interviewing candidates virtually, and implementing pre-employment assessments to evaluate skills and fit. Another trend is focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to create a more equitable and balanced workforce.

Additionally, remote work has become more prevalent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many organizations to shift their operations to a virtual environment. This has led to a greater need for HR professionals who are proficient in managing remote workforces and can ensure employee engagement and productivity.

C. Expectations from the HR Coordinator role

The HR Coordinator role is an essential part of any organization’s HR team. This role involves supporting HR functions such as recruiting and hiring, employee onboarding and offboarding, benefits administration, and maintaining personnel records. The HR Coordinator is expected to have a solid understanding of HR best practices, laws and regulations, and company policies.

In addition to administrative tasks, the HR Coordinator is also responsible for promoting a positive workplace culture and employee engagement. This includes managing employee recognition programs, organizing team building activities, and liaising with managers to address employee concerns.

Communication skills are crucial for the HR Coordinator role, as they must effectively communicate with employees, managers, and other HR team members. The HR Coordinator should be able to provide clear and concise information on HR policies and procedures, as well as handle difficult conversations with tact and empathy.

The HR Coordinator is expected to be a versatile and reliable member of the HR team, able to multi-task and prioritize workload effectively while maintaining a positive attitude and promoting a healthy workplace culture.

Identifying the key elements to highlight

When it comes to crafting a standout HR Coordinator resume, it’s crucial to highlight the right elements. By doing so, you’ll grab the attention of potential employers and demonstrate why you’re the perfect candidate for the job. In this section, we’ll explore the key elements you should focus on, including relevant education and certifications, professional work experience, and demonstrable skills.

A. Relevant Education and Certifications

One of the first things that employers look for on an HR Coordinator resume is relevant education and certifications. These items can show that you have the required knowledge and skills to perform the job effectively. If you have a degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field, be sure to highlight it prominently on your resume. Additionally, include any relevant certifications you may have obtained, such as the PHR (Professional in Human Resources) or the SHRM-CP (Society for Human Resources Management Certified Professional).

B. Professional Work Experience

Your work experience is another critical element to highlight on your HR Coordinator resume. Be sure to list your most relevant and recent positions first, and provide examples of your achievements and significant contributions in each role. Highlight any experience you may have in recruiting, employee relations, benefits administration, and HR compliance. Also, showcase any experience you may have working with HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) or HR software platforms.

C. Demonstrable Skills

In addition to your education and work experience, be sure to highlight your essential skills as an HR Coordinator. Hiring managers want to know that you have what it takes to succeed in this role. Some of the critical skills to focus on include:

i. Communication

Strong communication skills are a must-have in any HR role. You should be able to communicate effectively with employees, management, and third-party vendors.

As an HR Coordinator, you’ll be working with a team of people, including other HR professionals, managers, and employees. Highlight your experience working in a team-oriented environment and showcase your ability to work collaboratively.


Organizational skills are critical in HR. You’ll need to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, so showcasing your ability to stay organized and manage your time effectively is essential.

Attention to Detail

As an HR Coordinator, you’ll be dealing with confidential and sensitive information. Attention to detail is essential in this role, so showcase your ability to be meticulous and thorough.

Technical Skills

Many HR roles require proficiency in various HR software and technology platforms. Be sure to highlight any technical skills you possess, such as experience with HRIS, payroll software, or other HR-specific software solutions.

Highlighting your relevant education and certifications, relevant work experience, and demonstrable skills will help you create a strong HR Coordinator resume. When it comes to creating a strong HR Coordinator resume, understanding the different formatting options is key. There are three primary types of resumes: chronological, functional and combination.

A chronological resume lists your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position. This format is ideal for jobseekers with a steady employment history that aligns with their desired position.

A functional resume, on the other hand, emphasizes your skills and achievements, rather than your work history. It is ideal for jobseekers who may have gaps in their work history, or those who are looking to transition into a new industry or role.

A combination resume takes elements of both formats, listing your work experience in reverse chronological order, but also highlighting relevant skills and achievements throughout the document. This can be a great option for jobseekers who have a mix of relevant work experience and transferable skills.

Once you have chosen the right format, it’s important to lay out your resume in a clear and concise manner. In terms of length, aim for one to two pages, keeping in mind that recruiters and hiring managers often receive a high volume of resumes.

The order of your sections should emphasize your relevant skills and experience. Start with a strong summary statement that highlights your unique qualifications for the position. Next, include sections outlining your work experience, education, relevant skills and any awards or professional development. It’s important to tailor each of these sections to the specific job posting and industry.

Finally, font and size may seem like minor details, but they can impact the readability of your resume. Stick to a clear, easy-to-read font, such as Arial or Times New Roman, in a size 10 to 12. Avoid fancy fonts and graphics that can distract from your content.

By choosing the right format and laying out your resume in a clear and concise manner, you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream HR Coordinator role.

Writing Strong Work Experience Sections

When it comes to writing a strong work experience section for your HR Coordinator resume, there are several key factors to consider. In this section, we will cover two important aspects of writing a successful work experience section: listing relevant work experience and highlighting achievements and results.

A. Listing Relevant Work Experience

The first step in crafting a strong work experience section is listing relevant work experience. This includes using active language, maintaining consistency, and organizing information in a logical and easy-to-read format.

i. Using active language

Using active language is essential in demonstrating your skills and accomplishments. Instead of using passive language, focus on using action verbs to describe your responsibilities and achievements. For example, instead of saying “tasks were completed on time,” say “completed tasks on time.”

Maintaining consistency

Maintaining consistency is crucial in creating a polished and professional resume. Use the same format and style throughout your work history and make sure that your dates and job titles are accurate and consistent.

Organizing information

Organizing your work history in a logical and clear manner is also essential. Start with your most recent job and work backwards, including the company name, job title, dates of employment, and a brief description of your responsibilities and achievements in bullet form.

B. Highlighting Achievements and Results

The second aspect of writing a strong work experience section is highlighting your achievements and results. This involves using metrics, demonstrating achievements, and quantifying results.

i. Using Metrics

Using metrics can help to quantify your accomplishments and provide tangible evidence of your success. Use numbers, percentages, or other tangible measures to demonstrate the impact of your work. For example, if you implemented an HR program that resulted in a 20% increase in employee retention, be sure to include this information in your resume.

Demonstrating Achievements

Demonstrating your achievements is also important in showcasing your skills and abilities. Use specific examples of how you have contributed to the success of your previous employers. For example, if you led a successful employee engagement initiative, describe how you did it and what the results were.

Quantifying results

Quantifying your results is an effective way to demonstrate the impact of your work. Be specific when describing the results you achieved and use numbers and percentages whenever possible. This can help to set you apart from other candidates and make your skills and accomplishments more memorable.

In sum, when crafting your work experience section for your HR Coordinator resume, be sure to list relevant work experience using active language, maintain consistency, and organize information in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, highlight your achievements and results by using metrics, demonstrating accomplishments, and quantifying results. By following these tips, you can create a strong work experience section that will impress your potential employer and help you land your dream job.

Highlighting Education and Certifications

A. when to list education and certifications.

When it comes to listing your education and certifications in your HR Coordinator resume, always include them if they are relevant to the job position you are applying for. If you have earned a degree or certification that puts you in a better position to perform the job duties effectively, then it is important to mention it on your resume.

B. Listing Education

When listing your education, start with your highest level of education earned and list them in chronological order. Make sure to include the name of the institution, degree earned, and the date of graduation. If you have any relevant certifications, list them under the education section. This will enhance your qualifications and make you stand out as a candidate.

i. Relevant Certifications

If you have relevant certifications that help you perform your job duties better or demonstrate your expertise, then it is important to list them on your resume. However, make sure these certifications are relevant to the job you are applying for. List the name of the certification, the date you received it, and the organization that issued it.

C. Listing Certifications

When listing your certifications, start with the most recent ones and work your way backward. Include the name of the certification, year of issuance, and the organization that issued it. If you have any relevant education that complements your certification, list it under the certification section to further enhance your qualifications.

i. Relevant Education

If you have any education that complements your certification or helps you perform your HR Coordinator job duties, list them under the certification section. This can include workshops, seminars, or courses that you have taken to enhance your knowledge or skills. Employers value continuous learning, so highlighting your educational accomplishments can make a difference in your resume.

Including your education and certifications on your HR Coordinator resume can make you a more attractive candidate for the job. Make sure to list them in a clear and organized manner, and only include relevant qualifications to enhance your qualifications and expertise.

Including Volunteer Work and Extracurricular Activities

Volunteer work and extracurricular activities can be valuable additions to a HR Coordinator’s resume. These experiences can demonstrate a candidate’s personal interests, dedication, and ability to work with others.

A. Importance of Volunteer Work and Extracurricular Activities

Volunteer work and extracurricular activities show that an individual is well-rounded, committed, and has a passion for something outside of their career. Hiring managers look for candidates who are involved with their community or have pursued their hobbies outside of work. These experiences can also speak to a candidate’s character, work ethic, and interpersonal skills.

B. Choosing Relevant Volunteer Experience

When choosing what to include on a resume, it is important to select positions and experiences that align with the demands of the job. For example, if the role requires event planning, highlighting volunteer work with event planning organizations can showcase relevant experience. It is equally important to select experiences that have impacted the individual on a personal level, rather than just being an item to add to the resume.

C. Demonstrating Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are highly valuable in HR, and volunteer work or extracurricular activities that demonstrate experience leading groups or teams can be a great addition to a resume.

i. Leading a Team

Providing examples of leadership experiences and roles can show how a candidate has developed their leadership skills over time. This could include leading a team project, being a supervisor or manager, or even running a club or organization outside of work.

Mentoring is also a valuable leadership skill and showcases the ability to guide others. Providing examples of mentoring experiences can demonstrate a candidate’s ability to develop others and provide support and guidance.

Volunteer work and extracurricular activities can be excellent additions to a HR Coordinator’s resume. Highlighting relevant positions, leadership skills, and mentoring experience can show that the candidate is a well-rounded individual with valuable interpersonal skills.

Including Examples and Samples

A. benefits of including.

When it comes to creating a strong and impactful HR coordinator resume, including examples and samples can provide a wealth of benefits. Here are just a few reasons why showcasing your skills and experience through tangible examples can improve your chances of getting noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

1. Demonstrating Your Skills

Including examples and samples in your resume is a great way to demonstrate your skills and abilities, rather than just listing them out in bullet points. By providing concrete examples of your accomplishments, such as how you improved a particular HR process or successfully managed a complex project, you can give hiring managers a better sense of what you have to offer as a candidate.

2. Showing Your Impact

In addition to showcasing your skills, including examples and samples can also help you illustrate the impact your work has had on past employers. For instance, by including metrics such as how much money you saved the company through a particular initiative or the percentage increase in employee engagement under your leadership, you can show potential employers the tangible value you can provide.

3. Building Credibility

Another benefit of including examples and samples is that it helps build credibility with recruiters and hiring managers. Not only does it show that you have the skills and experience you claim to have, but it also demonstrates that you’re willing to put in the effort to create a strong and thorough resume.

4. Tailoring to the Job Description

Including examples and samples can also help you tailor your resume to the specific job description you’re applying for. By carefully reviewing the requirements and responsibilities listed in the job posting, you can choose examples that best showcase your relevant experience and skills.

5. Standing Out in a Crowded Field

Finally, including examples and samples can help you stand out in a crowded field of applicants. In a competitive job market, anything you can do to set yourself apart from the pack can be beneficial, and a well-crafted resume that includes specific examples of your achievements can help you do just that.

There are many benefits to including examples and samples in your HR coordinator resume. By demonstrating your skills, illustrating your impact, building credibility, tailoring to the job description, and standing out from the competition, you can increase your chances of landing the job you want.

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resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Human Resources Coordinator Resume Example

Resume Examples

  • Common Tasks & Responsibilities
  • Top Hard & Soft Skills
  • Action Verbs & Keywords
  • Resume FAQs
  • Similar Resumes

Common Responsibilities Listed on Human Resources Coordinator Resumes:

  • Manage recruitment and selection process, including job postings, resume screening, and scheduling interviews
  • Conduct new employee orientation and onboarding, including benefits enrollment and training
  • Maintain employee records and ensure compliance with legal requirements and company policies
  • Assist with performance management, including tracking employee goals and conducting performance evaluations
  • Coordinate employee events and recognition programs
  • Provide support to managers and employees on HR-related issues and concerns
  • Assist with HR projects, such as policy development and implementation
  • Conduct exit interviews and manage employee separations
  • Manage employee leave requests and accommodations
  • Assist with payroll processing and administration.

Speed up your resume creation process with the AI-Powered Resume Builder . Generate tailored achievements in seconds for every role you apply to.

Human Resources Coordinator Resume Example:

  • Spearheaded the onboarding process of new hires, reducing onboarding time by 25%
  • Assisted in developing a performance management and career development program
  • Designed a cohesive employee recognition and reward system for staff retention
  • Conducted employee relations and conflict resolutions, resulting in a decrease of 15% in HR-related grievances
  • Analyzed survey responses from employees and implemented changes accordingly
  • Developed and implemented an efficient timesheet, insurance, and payroll process
  • Established protocols to ensure compliance with labor laws and legal regulations
  • Liaised between managers and employees on various Human Resources matters
  • Handled disciplinary and grievance cases, improving employee satisfaction by 10%
  • Ability to create, implement and maintain HR systems
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to assess employee performance and recommend improvements
  • Expertise in employee relations and conflict resolution
  • In-depth knowledge of labor laws and regulations
  • Familiarity with environmental and safety standards
  • Proven ability to onboard new hires
  • Ability to design and execute employee reward and recognition programs
  • Experienced with employee survey analysis
  • Skilled at developing performance management and career development programs
  • Proficiency in managing payroll, insurance and timesheets systems
  • Human Resources Management
  • Communication

Top Skills & Keywords for Human Resources Coordinator Resumes:

Hard skills.

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Onboarding and Orientation
  • HRIS Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Compliance and Legal Knowledge
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation and Payroll Administration
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • HR Metrics and Analytics
  • Conflict Resolution

Soft Skills

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Attention to Detail and Accuracy
  • Time Management and Prioritization
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making and Strategic Planning
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Organizational and Multitasking Skills
  • Active Listening and Feedback Incorporation
  • Confidentiality and Professionalism

Resume Action Verbs for Human Resources Coordinators:

  • Coordinated
  • Facilitated
  • Implemented
  • Streamlined
  • Strategized
  • Collaborated
  • Communicated

Generate Your Resume Summary

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Resume FAQs for Human Resources Coordinators:

How long should i make my human resources coordinator resume, what is the best way to format a human resources coordinator resume, which keywords are important to highlight in a human resources coordinator resume, how should i write my resume if i have no experience as a human resources coordinator, compare your human resources coordinator resume to a job description:.

  • Identify opportunities to further tailor your resume to the Human Resources Coordinator job
  • Improve your keyword usage to align your experience and skills with the position
  • Uncover and address potential gaps in your resume that may be important to the hiring manager

Complete the steps below to generate your free resume analysis.

Related Resumes for Human Resources Coordinators:

Beginner human resources, entry level human resources, experienced human resources, fresher human resources, hr assistant, human resources generalist, human resources intern, junior human resources.

resume sample for human resources coordinator

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resume sample for human resources coordinator

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26 Human Resources (HR) Resume Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet

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Writing Your HR Resume

A company’s most valuable resource is its employees, but it takes a great human resources manager to find, manage, and help those employees succeed within an organization.

From hiring to onboarding to benefits, you know how to help colleagues succeed within a company. When it comes to being a successful human resources (HR) professional, you put people first. But although you can spot a great resume from a mile away,  building a resume  of your own is an entirely different beast.

Our HR resume examples and guide have helped HR professionals learn  how to write a resume  and make a cover letter to  land highly coveted jobs with companies like Facebook and Lyft.  Writing an amazing human resources resume has never been easier!

Human Resources (HR) Resume

or download as PDF

Human resources resume example with 7 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • If you have more than 10 years of experience, you can add a  resume summary  (also called a career summary) to list your HR experience and biggest achievements.
  • Space is limited on your resume, but don’t worry—you’ll have more room to discuss the context of your experience in your  human resources cover letter , so you don’t have to try and cram everything onto your resume.
  • Whenever possible, quantify the scale or impact of your work on your human resources resume. For example, how many employees did you help hire or onboard? What was the scale of the compensation plan you managed? How many disputes did you resolve? Numbers speak louder than words!

Human Resources (HR) Manager Resume

Human resources manager resume example with 6 years of experience

  • Start by listing your hard skills (the tools and technologies you know) and the areas of HR in which you’re an expert, such as Disability or FMLA.
  • Don’t make your skills section a laundry list; only include skills that you can readily demonstrate if asked. Honesty is key!
  • You can help the reader out by  formatting your resume  with your most recent experience first. That way hiring managers see your best roles right away, which will encourage them to keep reading.

Human Resources (HR) Intern Resume

Human resources intern resume example with 5 years of experience

  • Don’t be afraid to showcase your work and accomplishments! Use strong action words like “developed”, “spearheaded”, or “operated” to show hiring managers that you have what it takes to move into roles with more responsibility. 
  • In just two to four sentences, let hiring managers know what company you want to work for, the job title you’re seeking, and what specific skills you have that will be an asset to the company.
  • The key word here is  specific.  A vague resume objective won’t do you any favors!

Entry-Level Human Resources (HR) Resume

Entry-level human resources resume example

  • Have you started a club, held an internship, or had a part-time job? These can all be valuable on your  entry-level human resources resume !
  • You can also highlight your academic abilities by listing your GPA or any awards you won during college. You can even list relevant courses to really show off your skills!
  • Some employers prefer resumes in different formats, so check the  Human Resources job description  if you need to use a  Google Doc template  or a  Microsoft Word template  to format your entry-level human resources resume correctly.

Junior Human Resources (HR) Generalist Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Woah, cowpoke! Hold off for a minute and use our  resume checker  to ensure your Jr. human resources generalist resume is formatted correctly and that you’re using all the gold-standard grammar and punctuation rules.
  • Leverage metrics about the number of employees at each company you’ve worked for, the percent increase in efficiency after implementing a new HR tool, the number of new hires you’ve added, or the increase in qualified applicants you’ve driven through recruitment strategies

Human Resources (HR) Assistant Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Above all, be specific. A generic, vague objective only wastes valuable space. Instead, talk about your qualifications for the position at hand, then mention why you want this particular role with this specific company.
  • For example, did you help plan an event that brought in an extra $3K in revenue? Or maybe you collaborated with your HR team to develop new onboarding processes that decreased the cost-per-hire by 21%. Whatever you did, find a way to tell the employer why your efforts mattered on your  human resources assistant resume .

Senior HR Manager Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Tell your story with the help of your past work experiences! Enrich your senior HR manager resume by depicting the growth in your career. Mention your early career and how you’ve managed to go from simply revisiting policies to finally improving employee satisfaction rate as a manager.

Senior Human Resources Analyst Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • A senior human resource analyst resume that gleams with moments you introduced new processes, designed more effective systems, developed better problem-solving strategies, or launched products shows that you’re innovative. And guess what, recruiters have a thing for such candidates.

HRIS Analyst Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • As long as you list tools like Tableau, Oracle HCM Cloud, or even TSheets, you’ll be able to convince a would-be employer that you know the ins and outs of visualizing employee data that help an organization reduce its turnover rates.

HR Analyst Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Make your HR analyst resume more eye-catching by choosing the “Standout” template and picking a yellow tone that is cool on the eyes. Back this visual appeal with a degree such as a Bachelor’s in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources that you’ve accomplished and show that you’re a professional in handling employee behavior and data.

HR Compliance Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Use and highlight bullet points like “lowering instances of compliance violations by 17%” in your previous roles. These metrics will do the job of solidifying your interest and ability to ensure all workspace operations are compliant with state and federal laws.

Human Resources Recruiter Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • For example, you must show your unmatched competencies in skills and tools that track, assess, and help onboard new hires smoothly.

Human Resources Administrator Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • A great example you can use in your human resources administrator resume is underscoring your input in achieving a 42% increase in promotion rates for employees under your supervision.

Human Resources Associate Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • However, it’s not enough to state that you’re a team player; your human resources associate resume must also show your contribution in identifying, interviewing, and onboarding new hires.

Human Resources Executive Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • For instance, integrating Tableau’s HR data analytics dashboard to support decision-making would give recruiters a reason to pick your human resources executive resume ahead of others.

Human Resources (HR) Director Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Use your work experience bullet points to showcase a variety of skills, like management, collaboration, data analysis, and mentorship. Think of each bullet point as a separate skill you want to showcase.
  • Using a  resume template  can help you easily change stylistic elements to suit your fancy, like colors, font types, and layouts. Be creative and go for it!

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Set a timer for six seconds. Now, read through your resume until the timer runs out. What stands out the most?
  • Hopefully, “numbers” was your top answer. Numbers are easier to scan, and they’re great at showing how you improved your workplace, so include them when you can!
  • Try to include rates like ROIs, time and cost per hour, the staff you oversee, reviews, error reductions, efficiency improvements, and employee retention time.
  • While you don’t have to use an outline, we would recommend it, especially if you haven’t  written a resume  in a while.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist Resume

Human resources generalist resume example with 20+ years of experience

  • Use small amounts of color (and different font types) to break up an otherwise-monotonous page of black text and draw attention to section headers.
  • However, if you personalize your summary by calling out the employer and the role by name, as well as listing your most relevant achievements, you should add it in to help make a great first impression!

Human Resources (HR) Representative Resume

Human resources representative resume example with 3+ years of experience

  • While that’s understandable when you make a  resume outline , your resume must be polished and customized to highlight past experience that is applicable to the new job you desire.
  • In general, we recommend including three to four work experience listings total so you can expand on each. Any more than four, and it starts to get pretty overwhelming!
  • This way, you can quickly review your resume against the job description to create a resume  for every job for which you apply!

Human Resources (HR) Data Analyst Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Always double (and even triple)  check your resume  for any typos or grammatical errors before you turn it in. Even areas that you think are perfect, like your Contact Information, might have a missed “t” or an extra period.
  • We’d recommend having a friend or colleague read your resume, too, since they’re more likely to notice mistakes. 
  • Font : are you using two fonts, one for your body text and one for your headers?
  • Layout : is your resume easy to read? Do you have headers for each section? 
  • Style : does your resume convey your personality? If not, consider adding some color and different font types, provided your resume is still readable afterwards.

Human Resources (HR) Benefits Specialist Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • Numbers will encourage hiring managers to slow down and carefully read your text. Plus, they take less space then words and can demonstrate your capabilities faster. So, if you want to demonstrate your capabilities quickly, use numbers! 
  • For example, adding a  resume objective  usually isn’t the best option unless you’ve just changed careers or are starting out in the HR field.

Human Resources (HR) Business Partner Resume

Human resources business partner resume example with 10+ years of experience

  • That internship you had back when pagers and Razr phones were a thing? Probably not relevant—instead, pick three to four recent positions where you’ve showcased your leadership abilities. 
  • We’d recommend listing your experience in reverse-chronological order (aka putting your most recent work experience at the top) to increase the chances of making a good first impression right away.

Human Resources (HR) Recruitment Coordinator Resume

Human resources recruitment coordinator resume example with 2 years of experience

  • That’s right. Your resume doesn’t need to be boring to command respect. In fact, a bold color can demonstrate confidence and individuality, which can make you an even more desirable candidate. 
  • A note of caution: While more companies are valuing individuality and personality, there are times when muted colors (think deep navy, slate gray, or hunter green) may be more appropriate. This may be especially true if you’re applying to work in HR for a legal or investment firm.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist Resume

Human resources specialist resume example with 2+ years of experience

  • If yes, use our human resources specialist resume to add a dedicated section where you can add certs and improve your chances of being hired.

Chief Human Resources (HR) Officer ( CHRO ) Resume

resume sample for human resources coordinator

  • With a cluttered template, you run the risk of leaving an employer overwhelmed and unsure of where to look on your resume. Using a clean template, like our Elegant, Official, Standout, or Professional templates, will let a recruiter focus on what’s important and help you put your best foot forward.

VP HR Resume

VP HR resume example with 3+ years of experience

  • If you’re applying for a senior-level position, like Vice President of HR, you’ve probably got a ton of experience under your belt. Still, your resume should ideally fit into one page, so select your most substantial achievements at each role to mention under your work experience in your VP HR resume.

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  • Talent Acquisition
  • Operations Manager

Job seeker stands between two plants and looks through binoculars, searching for job

You could be an employer’s dream candidate, but you won’t be hired if your resume isn’t readable or logical. So before your professional resignation letter hits your current employer’s desk, walk through our guide on the top resume formats, what to include in your contact header, and how to make your HR resume readable for employers and ATS.

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Top resume formats

The top three  resume formats  for 2024 are reverse-chronological, functional, and combination/hybrid. Each format showcases your aptitude for the job in different ways.

  • Reverse-chronological : This format stresses your career progression by putting your most recent job at the top. It’s easy to skim, but it can reveal gaps in employment or career changes.
  • Functional : Skills are the name of the game with this format, which highlights position-related and transferable skills alike. However, it can confuse ATS and recruiters since it’s not common.
  • Combination/hybrid : It’s the best of both worlds with an in-depth skills section and a work history section, but it can be hard to format and isn’t ATS-friendly.

We believe the reverse-chronological format, as shown below, is the best choice for a human resources resume because it’s easy for ATS and recruiters to read quickly and tells a consistent, steady of your career.

HR resume work experience

Include the right details in your contact header

Your contact header is where you list (surprise, surprise) your contact information. In this section, you’ll want to include the following:

  • Job title you’re seeking
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • City/State (optional)
  • Professional links (optional but recommended)

Since your contact header is the first thing recruiters will read, you need to design it carefully. Place your contact header at the top of your resume, either centered or left-aligned, to make it easy to spot. If you’re struggling to fit everything, remove the optional elements or go down a font size.  Just make sure it’s no smaller than your resume body text . 

You should also adjust the color, font style, and layout. Giving your name a different font and a color block outline can showcase your personality and desired role. No matter what you do with your contact header, just ensure it’s easy to read and looks professionally appealing.

Our resume examples can offer inspiration if you’re struggling to format your contact header.

Make your HR resume readable for software and people

HR professionals know the hiring process is complex, so ATS can be a lifesaver when used well. That means that when you write your HR resume, keep ATS in mind to avoid getting the boot.

Our tips on formatting elements can help you format your resume to impress ATS and employers.

  • Margins : Avoid margins smaller than half-inch or larger than one inch to give your resume a professional and clean appearance.
  • Fonts : Sans-serif fonts are the best for ATS readability, but unusual fonts aren’t a good choice. Choose safe standards like Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica.
  • Font sizes : Overly large or small fonts are overwhelming and hard to read. Use 10 or 12-point font sizes to keep reading a cinch.
  • Header names : ATS systems aren’t programmed to recognize creative header names, so stick to industry standards like “work experience” and “skills.”
  • Skills:  Include skill keywords listed on the job description to ensure your resume passes ATS inspection.
  • Logical order : ATS and recruiters read resumes quickly, so organize your resume according to industry recommendations. Namely, put your contact header at the very top and put your work experience in the middle.
  • One page : Recruiters have limited time to read endless qualifications, so keep your resume to a single page. 
  • File type : Some ATS won’t recognize .dot, .txt, .jpg, or other file types that aren’t .docx. Submit your resume as a Word document and PDF to cover all your bases.

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Write a Winning HR Resume

Writing an effective resume  is an overwhelming process, but human resource professionals can get it done in no time by writing only a section at a time.

In the following sections, we’ll introduce:

  • Using an objective/summary effectively
  • Listing your HR experience
  • Choosing the appropriate skills
  • Writing the education section and adding optional elements
  • Tailoring your HR resume
  • Editing your resume for maximum impact

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Determine whether you should use an objective/summary

Many people will argue that a  resume objective  or summary is a waste of space that’s “me-centric.” Yet, a worthwhile objective or summary can showcase your qualifications and give a snapshot of  how  you can impact a business. 

Good objectives and summaries tell the recruiter why you should be hired in three sentences or less. They should highlight your skills while expressing how you’ll use your unique experience in the role for which you’re applying. 

Objectives are typically used when you’re changing careers or just starting out, and they focus on your strengths and transferable skills. Summaries are used for those who have been in their career field for some time, and they function as a snapshot of your long-standing career.

You may not need a summary or an objective, but if you do choose one, always tailor it to each job for which you apply. 

For example, generic objectives give nothing more than buzzwords like this:

  • Talented human resources professional seeking new opportunities. Skilled at hiring, management, and communication.

This doesn’t tell the recruiter anything about the candidate’s unique experience (or  anything  about the candidate at all). A good objective is specific and personable, like this example:

  • Compassionate and detail-driven HR professional with 3 years of experience. I want to use my interpersonal communication skills and conflict resolution abilities to increase employee satisfaction at CORE. My goal is always to foster relationships from the start of the onboarding process, resulting in a 15% decrease in ETR. 

Similar to the example above, notice how this savvy candidate tailors the career objective to the target business.

HR resume career objective

Summaries are excellent tools if you’re further along in your career. If you’re SHRM-SCP certified or have been in management for years, you should use a  summary for your resume . Summaries can be difficult, though, because you have to cram in years of experience, often resulting in something that looks like this:

  • Experienced HR professional who is organized and passionate about people. I am certified and ready to bring my 10+ years of communication, training, and administration skills to your company. 

It’s not bad per se, but it’s vague and not tailored to the company. The one below gives examples of the applicant’s skills and what they’ll provide for their employer:

  • Onboarding and employee training are my specialties as a PHR-certified manager with 10+ years of HR experience. I’m passionate about talent acquisition, coaching, interviewing, and compensation/benefits. I wish to use my skills to increase employee satisfaction and training effectiveness while decreasing time-to-hire and time-to-productivity at CORE.

Like the visual below, the above summary explains goals, specialties, and what the candidate can do for their future employer. When writing your objective or summary, make sure it’s detailed and concise to showcase your best qualities.

HR resume summary

List your HR work experience

HR professionals wear a lot of hats, so it can be tempting to cram in as many past jobs as you can to showcase your adaptability and skills. This results in a resume that’s overloaded without a clear focus.

Instead, list  two to four of your most relevant job experiences . Doing so provides a clear story of your career and gives you room to expand on the responsibilities and skills you obtained from each position. 

If you lack formal job experience, list internships, volunteer/leadership work, and projects related to your desired HR position.

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Write actionable bullet points

Bullet points are the bread and butter of your experience section, so your writing should be as specialized as possible in this area. Use active verbs and targeted language without resorting to personal pronouns to create the most impact. Consistency is key, so match your verb tenses and either use punctuation or avoid it altogether.

Excellent bullet points for an HR resume are distinct and concise. Use the following examples to help you craft amazing bullet points on your resume: 

  • Enforced compliance with federal, state, and company employment laws
  • Created individualized employee performance reviews in collaboration with management quarterly
  • Educated employees on company policies, procedures, and compensation during employee training
  • Established a standard set of onboarding processes, including interviewing, office setup, and software training

These bullet points showcase your specialized skills and highlight your accomplishments most effectively and efficiently. 

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Harness the power of numbers

Metrics are frequently missed in HR resumes, but they’re a huge asset. They’re definitive proof that you’ve done your job well. So, you should aim to include metrics on 50 percent of your job description bullet points.

When discussing your job responsibilities, try to include some of the following  HR metrics :

  • Improved time-to-hire
  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased employee performance

Below are some sample job description bullet points using the above metric types. 

  • Established improved hiring processes, including quarterly job description updates, sourcing plans, and training/development opportunities for current staff, reducing the time to hire by 7 days
  • Provided individualized guidance through weekly one-on-one meetings with new staff members, resulting in 13% higher employee retention than in previous years
  • Distributed satisfaction surveys in meetings and incorporated feedback into procedures over 6 months, resulting in 50% higher satisfaction rates than the previous year
  • Encouraged employees in weekly meetings with special shout-outs and consistently pointed employees to HRIS records in case of concerns regarding payroll, benefits, or training, resulting in 15% higher employee performance than the previous quarter

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Choose your HR skills selectively

The skills section on an HR resume presents your attributes and qualifications in an easy way to read. Regardless of your experience, this section showcases why you’re the best candidate for the job because you possess the traits and knowledge the employer is seeking. 

This is why ATS prioritizes skill keywords to weed out candidates, so nailing this section is crucial. To ensure you stay on the recruiter’s list, choose skills that appear in the job description or those related to similar HR positions. 

Below are some good examples of hard and soft skills HR recruiters desire:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Legal Compliance
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • HRIS or HRMS
  • PHR Certification
  • Planning and Strategy

These  resume skills  show experience in multiple areas, like recruiting and payroll, while also listing some hard skills like ATS knowledge. 

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Include education, and decide on optional sections

As displayed in the visual below, you’ll need to include education, as most HR positions require a BA in Human Resources Management or associated degrees. Depending on your education level, years in the workforce, and any specializations and certifications, you may need to include different sections on your resume.

For example, if you have multiple certifications, it may not be wise to crowd them all in your objective/summary. Instead, list them in your skills section. 

HR resume education section

You may wonder if you should add a  hobbies and interests section to your resume , but most HR resumes shouldn’t include these. Interests and hobbies can be useful in tipping the scale in your favor, but most often, they don’t increase your chances significantly.

However, if the job description or ad mentions company culture or the importance of interests, you should include an interests and hobbies section. For example, if you apply for an entertainment company position, including your love of Harry Potter and Star Wars might be beneficial.

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Adjust your HR resume accordingly

Every job is different, so each resume you submit should also be unique. Human resources jobs will have things in common, so you don’t need to revamp your resume completely. Still, pay attention to the differences with each position. Tailor your  objective/summary ,  your skills , and  your work experience bullet points  to match the job description or ad for every job to which you’ve applied.

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Edit your HR resume for optimal impact

Although it’s tempting, don’t submit your resume right away! Even though it’s technically complete, there could be mistakes you’ve overlooked.

Walk away for a day or two and let others read it. Once you’ve refreshed your mind, come back and  check your resume  one last time for any errors. Then make the necessary changes until your HR resume is spotless.

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Nail the interview and get hired

The last step is to celebrate and prepare for your interview! You can use our  resume checker  to upload your resume and check it against our AI-powered tips or use our  free resume maker , which allows you to create resumes from scratch. Just remember, whenever you apply for a job, you’ll want to tailor your resume again. Good luck—we’re rooting for you!

Create my free resume now

resume sample for human resources coordinator


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Home › HR Career Path › Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Resume Examples to Inspire You

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Resume Examples to Inspire You

Certified HR Professional


Want to impress HR managers with your HR coordinator resume?

Well, you better create a remarkable one. As a potential Human Resources Coordinator, you will be expected to master resume-building skills. And you will have experts evaluating your work.

Recruiters will be hiring an important piece of their own team. As an= HR Coordinator, you will be responsible for completing administrative duties on recruitment processes, complete payroll processing, update employee records, and provide administrative support to all employees. 

So, if you want to cause a great first impression and land an interview for an HR coordinator job, there are a few best practices you need to adopt when building your resume. 

How to Build a Remarkable HR Coordinator Resume

Before hiring managers start reading your resume, they will make their first judgment based on the way you structured your resume — the resume format. 

As an HR professional, you will be expected to know a few things about resume formatting, so here go a few reminders:

  • Strive to keep your resume to one page. Hiring managers have to go through hundreds of resumes on a daily basis — the last thing they want is a lengthy resume.
  • Keep the reverse-chronological order. List your most recent activities first to make sure they will be read.
  • Use a professional style. This includes making proper use of space between sections, making it visually clean, and using easy-to-read fonts. 
  • Include only relevant activities and skills. Work experience and abilities that won’t help you thrive in the role that you are applying for won’t add any value to your resume.
  • Send your resume as a PDF. Some companies use machines to screen resumes, being on a PDF format guarantees that your resume will be read.
  • Include between 4 to 7 sections. The most effective HR coordinator resumes are constituted of personal information, educational background, profile statement, skills, employment history, and special achievements. 

Human Resources Coordinator Resume Examples that Land Job Interview

To give you some inspiration, I will walk you through each section of a winning resume. These hints and examples will set you on the right path to land an interview — and a job.

Let’s explore:

Personal Information 

Every resume should start with the applicant’s personal information. 

Your name should appear on the top of the page, in evidence. You want recruiters to remember it. 

Below your name, you should add:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Physical address

On your resume, your personal information should look similar to this example:

resume sample for human resources coordinator

After your personal information, you can add a section that showcases your education if you have a good academic record. After that, comes a critical section for every HR coordinator resume: the profile statement.

Profile Statement

Hiring managers take on average less than 10 seconds to review each resume. If this is the first HR job you are trying to land, you might think that having recruiters dedicating less than 10 seconds to read your perfectly-written resume is absurd. But if you have been involved in recruiting before, you understand the struggle.

So, the goal is to facilitate recruiters’ jobs. The easier you make for them to catch your capabilities on the resume, the bigger your chances to get invited to an interview.

The profile statement section is an opportunity to tell your hiring manager in two or three sentences, why they should hire you. If you succeed in getting their seal of approval on this section, they might dedicate a few extra seconds to review your resume with more attention.

The formula to structure your profile statement effectively includes three parts:

A short summary of your human resources career + Concrete results backed by numbers + Proof that you understand what it takes to prosper in the position = Effective profile statement

Here is an example of how to apply this formula:

“Qualified Human Resources Coordinator with two years of experience devising and implementing HR procedures in a technology company. Improved Fiverr employee retention rates by 22% and decreased cost-per-hire within the first 4 months of employment. Bringing forth a proven track record of successfully managing Human Resource efforts and seeking to impact Slack’s human resources department by increasing employee satisfaction and decreasing employee turnover rates.”

And this is how you can format this section on your resume, right below your personal information:

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Significant Skills

This is the section of your HR coordinator resume where you showcase your best skills. In other words, you will use critical words from the job description to tell your hiring manager that you have the strengths necessary to excel on the job.

The key to succeeding in this section is adding many relevant words for the job you are trying to land.

The best way to do that is opening the job posting and highlighting words that the company used to describe the ideal person for the job, or qualifications necessary to perform the job successfully.

For example, if one of the job’s primary responsibilities is “Overseeing compliance with local, state, and federal regulations” you should include “tax compliance” as one of your skills. Don’t be afraid to even use the same words that you find on the job posting. The idea is to make it clear for the hiring manager that you are the perfect fit.

The best HR coordinators out there have the perfect balance between soft and hard skills. However, some positions require more technical skills than others. These are the most common skills between successful HR coordinators:

  • Conflict management
  • ATS and CRM software
  • HR Software (HRIS)
  • Salary administration
  • Organizational abilities
  • Employee relations
  • Employee development
  • Performance management
  • Online sourcing
  • Contract negotiations
  • Talent acquisition
  • Employment law knowledge
  • Time management
  • Exit Interviews
  • Microsoft Office programs
  • Background Checks
  • New employee orientation
  • Affirmative action
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee onboarding
  • Data analysis and data entry
  • Employee evaluations

Keep in mind that the HR Coordinator role is an entry-level position in most companies. This means that you don’t have to have not even half of these skills to land a job. Of course, the more you have, the bigger your chances to be a perfect fit for the jobs you want.

But even if you have multiple skills, don’t include more than six on this resume’s section. 

Also, try not to add broad skills such as “Communication Skills”. This doesn’t tell anything to HR managers who are screening your resume. Instead, you can say “Conflict Management”, for example, which is more specific for the HR coordinator job.

This is how the skills section should look like on your resume: 

resume sample for human resources coordinator

You can also include your expertise level for each skill you have — from skillful to expert — like this:

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Another option is to use bars to visually show your level of expertise on each of the capabilities you highlight, like this HR coordinator resume sample:

resume sample for human resources coordinator

If hiring managers find skills that match the job requirements, they will want to read your resume further to find evidence that you are qualified for the job. To do this, they will turn to your employment history section.

Employment History

Skills won’t convince the hiring manager alone, so this is where you can prove that you have what it takes to thrive on the job. 

Just like you did for the skills section, you must make this section relevant to the specific job that you are applying for. Every bullet point must contain information that you have experience performing HR functions that will help you to be a real asset in their HR team.  

In addition, you must include as many concrete results as you can. Recruiters see descriptions like “Assisted on new employee onboarding” all the time below the job titles. So, that won’t help you to stand out. To set yourself apart, your bullet points should sound like “Devised new employee onboarding strategies that increased new hires’ engagement by 36%.”

Including solid results tells your hiring managers that you are results-driven, which increases their confidence that you can be a high performer on their company.

This is an excellent example of this section on a HR coordinator resume:

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Special Achievements

The last section of your HR coordinator resume should highlight your HR certifications, courses, awards, or even a remarkable HR project that you worked on.

The purpose of this section is to show extra differentiation aspects. Holding credible human resource management credentials tells recruiters that you are on top of HR policies and administrative tasks necessary to succeed in the HR department.

If you’re interested in adding an HR Certification to your resume, then check out HR.University’s HR Certification Courses.

Human Resources Certifications

Besides a Human Resources or Business Administration Bachelor’s degree, some companies require HR coordinator candidates to have HR licenses. The most common certifications for HR specialists include the SFHRM – CP and the HRCI – PHR.

This is how you can structure this section of your resume:

resume sample for human resources coordinator

Ace Your HR Coordinator Resume 

The first step in building a successful career in the HR department is to become a master resume builder. 

If you decide to use a resume template, make sure to customize it as much as possible for the job you want. 

Creating a personalized resume for each application you make might take you some extra time, but it is the best way to optimize your job search. 

Use these resume writing hints and examples to build your perfect resume, and get ready to be called for an interview.

If you are new to Human Resources and are looking to break into a HR role, we recommend taking our HR Certification Courses, where you will learn how to build your skillset in human resources, build your human resources network, craft a great HR resume, and create a successful job search strategy.


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resume sample for human resources coordinator

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resume sample for human resources coordinator

Human Resources Coordinator Resume Sample

The resume builder.

Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Work Experience

  • Learn through the job in a hands on environment
  • Crocs is a growing company operating in 129 countries, delivering over 250 fresh styles of clogs, flip flops, sandals, toning shoes, boots, and colorful licensed products, selling 40 million pairs of shoes annually
  • Crocs offers a substantial benefits program. We are proud to offer our employees: healthcare, dental and vision; 401K company match and immediate vesting; FSA; Employee Assistance Program; complimentary shoes; and several discount programs to choose from
  • The Crocs Family is built on a foundation of Trust, Teamwork and Fun!
  • Support with internal and external audit responsibilities
  • An eagerness to learn new skills and advance your HR career
  • Love working with a team but can keep yourself busy and prioritize your own time and projects
  • A focus and passion for delivering great customer service to various levels of management and employees
  • A self-starter with a high level of attention to detail and strong analytical, problem solving, organization and multi-tasking skills
  • Provide timely assistance to employees regarding benefit and human resource questions and issues
  • Responsible to ensure that the Human Resources Department requirements for administrative support are undertaken efficiently and professionally, including word-processing, answer telephone, filing, maintain noticeboards, and collect/distribute department mail
  • Maintaining employee personnel files to ensure legal compliance
  • Review, screen, and maintaining applications and resumes
  • Provide new hire paperwork and process I-9s
  • Preparing offer packets, benefit packets, Leaves, and other employee related information
  • Assist coordinate employee benefit eligibility, enrollments, changes, and terminations
  • Provide written and verbal employment verifications
  • Coordinates employee recognition activities (service awards/anniversaries, employee events)

Professional Skills

  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal), strong interpersonal skills, time management skills, and attention to detail
  • Excellent proven record of organizational skills and communication skills; strong with attention to details
  • Demonstrated organization skills; detail-oriented and ability to multi-task; strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Strong organizational skills, excellent written and verbal communication abilities, and project management and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent organizational skills, critical thinking skills, and ability to address multiples priorities
  • Strong interpersonal skills including verbal and written communication, active listening, critical thinking, persuasiveness, advising and counseling skills
  • Have strong problem solving skills, administrative, computing and database management skills

How to write Human Resources Coordinator Resume

Human Resources Coordinator role is responsible for organizational, interpersonal, computer, microsoft, excel, customer, advanced, organization, intermediate, powerpoint. To write great resume for human resources coordinator job, your resume must include:

  • Your contact information
  • Work experience
  • Skill listing

Contact Information For Human Resources Coordinator Resume

The section contact information is important in your human resources coordinator resume. The recruiter has to be able to contact you ASAP if they like to offer you the job. This is why you need to provide your:

  • First and last name
  • Telephone number

Work Experience in Your Human Resources Coordinator Resume

The section work experience is an essential part of your human resources coordinator resume. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. This section, however, is not just a list of your previous human resources coordinator responsibilities. It's meant to present you as a wholesome candidate by showcasing your relevant accomplishments and should be tailored specifically to the particular human resources coordinator position you're applying to. The work experience section should be the detailed summary of your latest 3 or 4 positions.

Representative Human Resources Coordinator resume experience can include:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills in working with all levels of the company
  • Excellent customer service skills; effective oral and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail, accuracy, excellent interpersonal skills, strong written and communication skills
  • Well developed and effective interpersonal skills as well as verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and follow up skills
  • Excellent communication skills, pleasant and helpful telephone skills

Education on a Human Resources Coordinator Resume

Make sure to make education a priority on your human resources coordinator resume. If you’ve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your human resources coordinator experience. For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master's in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Besides the doctorate, Master’s degrees go next, followed by Bachelor’s and finally, Associate’s degree.

Additional details to include:

  • School you graduated from
  • Major/ minor
  • Year of graduation
  • Location of school

These are the four additional pieces of information you should mention when listing your education on your resume.

Professional Skills in Human Resources Coordinator Resume

When listing skills on your human resources coordinator resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical human resources coordinator skills:

  • Outstanding written/verbal communication skills, strong customer service skills; ablility to work independently and as an integral member of various teams
  • Possess excellent oral and written communication skills, and editing and math skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal, organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Strong computer skills with previous experience working with MS Office programs. Experience with ADP WorkforceNow is an asset
  • Strong interpersonal, teamwork and organizational skills, superior verbal and written communication skills, with an emphasis on tact and diplomacy
  • Strong time management skills; uses time effectively; consistently meets deadlines

List of Typical Experience For a Human Resources Coordinator Resume

Experience for human resources coordinator resume.

  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communications skills, with the ability to work effectively with a diverse audience
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, proven ability to communicate clearly and articulately when responding to inquiries and providing information
  • Computer skills, including typing and keyboard skills, windows, Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills and the ability to balance competing priorities
  • Excellent in multi-tasking, organizing, and prioritization skills
  • Good cooperate skills, binding person
  • Excellent organizational/time management skills and the ability to adjust to multiple demands and shifting priorities
  • Demonstrated strong verbal/written communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills
  • Strong customer service skills with a friendly and professional manner in dealing with others maintaining constructive working relationships
  • Demonstrated Analysis and Decision Making skills in circumstances requiring interpretation
  • Excellent computer skills including word processing and work with databases and spreadsheets
  • Strong Excel skills (formatting, filtering, pivot tables, formulas)
  • Demonstrated commitment to internal customer satisfaction through active listening and problem solving skills
  • Event coordination skills, being insightful to anticipate event needs drawing from past experiences
  • Strong computer skills, including but not limited to Microsoft Office products and HRIS, (preferably UltiPro), including report generation and data input
  • Strong customer service, problem-solving, analytical, and decision-making skills required
  • A high-level of Results Focus and the ability to effectively manage competing priorities
  • Excellent computer skills including proficiency in Microsoft Office programs
  • Proficient in working with computers (strong Excel skills needed)
  • Strong preference for prior experience with Taleo, People Soft and Kronos software
  • Planning and Organizing Computer Skills
  • Outstanding motivation skills and positive attitude required
  • Learning Interpersonal Skills
  • Working knowledge of recruitment strategies that encompass legal requirements and behavioral-based interviewing skills. Well versed in EEOC requirements
  • Conducting supervisory training and other leadership skills
  • Ensuring an excellent onboarding experience by partnering with the HR Director & HR Specialist, Talent Acquisition teams, HRIS, IT, and building management
  • Demonstrated success working in a fast-paced environment while maintaining a professional demeanor and exercising tact and good judgment
  • Demonstrated outstanding experience supporting a human resources team as a highly collaborative and well-integrated partner
  • Proven experience in human resources in a manufacturing setting
  • Experience in HRIS system implementations highly recognized; experience working with system implementation teams and project managers
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, with the professional savvy of communicating at all levels
  • Utilizes computer skills across various software, HR databases and query systems, including MS Office and Workday platforms
  • Communicate effectively both in writing and verbally with all employees
  • Proven experience in recruiting for Customer Service or Call Center Representatives
  • The ability to function effectively and in a busy setting and manage a large volume of data
  • Facilitate the skills training process for new employees
  • Progressive administrative experience and/or previous experience with HR or recruiting is highly desired
  • Communication, Oral:The ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word
  • Prior experience in human resources working for a LHCSA
  • Ability and maturity to deal effectively with all levels of management and staff within the corporate offices, regarding matters of a confidential nature
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office suite of products, including Word, PowerPoint, Visio and Excel
  • Previous reporting, analysis and presentation skills are an asset
  • Significant demonstrated experience coordinating human resources functions for a department or unit
  • Work effectively in a team-oriented organization
  • Maintaining good communication and a positive relationship with employees to promote employee satisfaction, and ensuring a positive working environment
  • Working knowledge of recruitment processes and effective interview techniques
  • Previous experience working in Human Resources, staffing, payroll, labor/bargaining, or related field
  • Experience maintaining an electronic filing system
  • Experience exporting data and creating MS Excel reports to include Pivot tables, charts & graphs.
  • Experience working with current technology associated with sourcing and talent identification is required
  • Experience working in a corporate HR setting
  • Experience working with and maintaining sensitive and confidential information
  • Experience using Application Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Experience using Microsoft Office Suite including Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Skilled at multitasking in a fast paced environment while meeting key deliverables and deadlines
  • Processes and maintains payroll records bi-weekly; including correcting missed punches prior to payroll
  • Continuous improvement and streamlining of existing processes to ensure industry best practice and maintain and improve on internal customer experience
  • Assist with HRIS testing, validation, reporting as needed
  • Experience conducting research and presenting to groups
  • Experience working in a manufacturing environment is highly desirable
  • A flexible team player with sound experience in motivating and supervising staff
  • Experience working in higher education or nonprofit setting
  • Previous experience in using an Applicant Tracking System and PeopleSoft
  • Experience in using and managing Google suite of products, and HRIS software
  • Demonstrated ability to create and maintain reporting in Excel using V-look-up and pivot tables, charts and graphs
  • Extremely professional, personable, and outstanding at communicating in a positive and effective manner
  • Work experience with detailed record keeping and document processing activities
  • Strong ability in using Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Experience in the selection, interviewing, and hiring process
  • A proven track record working with / managing sensitive and/or confidential information is required
  • Experience with planning and coordinating events
  • Experience working with Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS

List of Typical Skills For a Human Resources Coordinator Resume

Skills for human resources coordinator resume.

  • Excellent writing and presentation skills; can effectively communicate with individuals at all levels of the organization
  • Good organizational and time management skills, juggling conflicting priorities
  • Excellent multi-tasking, highly organized and excellent time-management skills
  • Solid sourcing, recruiting, and interviewing skills
  • Solid interviewing, reviewing and sourcing skills
  • Strong decision making and problem solving/analysis skills including the ability to research and resolve basic issues
  • Solid interviewing and researching skills
  • Exceptional reporting skills coupled with attention to detail and the ability to prioritise a demanding workload
  • Excellent computer literacy skills including Microsoft office, data entry applications, and an understanding of data management and organization
  • Strong skills in short-term planning, analysis, problem-solving, and customer service
  • Strong written communication skills including grammar and proofreading
  • Excellent analytical skills with outstanding attention to details
  • Able to demonstrate proficient word processing, skills
  • Capablility of taking direction from more than one supervisor and prioritize effectively
  • Demonstrated advanced PC skills including proficiency with the primary Microsoft Office applications (e.g., Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Demonstrated organizational skills, attention to detail, and multitasking abilities
  • Excellent skills in using the MS Office Suite and exposure to various software
  • Independent project management skills and ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously without getting overwhelmed
  • Advanced computer skills including a high to expert level proficiency in MS Excel (i.e. data consolidations, vlookups, pivot tables)
  • Excellent skills using Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point
  • Proven computer skills including Microsoft Office software
  • Excellent communication skills to include: verbal, written and making presentations
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with a dedicated mindset and commitment to providing quality customer service
  • ​Strong judgment and decision-making skills​
  • Strong computer skills with an outstanding knowledge of Word and Excel
  • Good people and organizational skills involving multiple responsibilities
  • Requires advanced computer skills including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Experience with HRIS System(s) desired (e.g. LAWSON)
  • Excellent mathematical, analytical, and spreadsheet skills, including the ability to manipulate data and create models
  • Excellent communication skills LI-HD#HR
  • Superior organization, prioritization and self motivation skills
  • Working knowledge of recruitment strategies that encompass legal requirements and interviewing skills. Well versed in EEOC requirements
  • An ability to develop strong working relationships with a diverse workforce across multiple levels, including being a strong team player
  • Effectively communicate with employees regarding all Human Resources items treating all employees in a friendly and courteous manner
  • Strongly desire experience with SharePoint, Taleo, Travel booking systems (Ex. Travelocity), Expense Processing systems (Ex. Concur, Wells Fargo, etc.)
  • Superb organization, planning, time management skills and ability to multi-task while receiving work direction from multiple sources
  • Thorough knowledge of MS-Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) including Intermediate Excel skills
  • Time management skills with the ability to balance multiple projects concurrently with floating deadlines
  • Ablility to communicate effectively in English and Spanish, both orally and in writing
  • Proven experience with handing confidential information
  • Demonstrated experience working in a fast paced, high volume, deadline oriented customer focused environment
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task and prioritise in a fast-changing environment
  • Assist in leadership and developmental skills training to front line supervisors and managers
  • Prior experience working in an HR Generalist, Administration or Coordination role
  • Display outstanding organizational skills and detail orientation
  • Prioritize job tasks in order of changing priority and in a deadline driven, fast paced work environment
  • Computer skills including expert competency in Excel and proficiency with Word, Outlook, Access, and PowerPoint
  • High technical aptitude required, including but not limited to, advanced skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
  • One year professional experience providing customer service and demonstrated ability to adapt to meet customer needs
  • Demonstrated ability to work autonomously while managing multiple priorities and deadlines
  • Successfully coordinate multiple projects, priorities and schedules simultaneously, meeting all deadlines with strong attention to detail
  • Proven knowledge and experience in Microsoft Office Products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Interact effectively and in a professional manner with all contacts including external and internal customers
  • Demonstrated experience supporting human resources functions preferably in an institution of higher education
  • Demonstrated experience working in a complex, fast paced, deadline-oriented customer focused environment with frequent interruptions
  • Prior experience using PeopleSoft, Kronos, Taleo, or related systems
  • Carry out assigned projects to their completion; ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  • Enthusiastic problem solver who can apply their skills and constantly improve processes and systems, providing support across various channels
  • Prior experience with Visio
  • Proficient in Microsoft Computer Skills (Word, Excel, PPT)
  • Effective prioritization within standardized procedures
  • Proficient in composition, communication (oral and written) and computer skills
  • Working Knowledge and experience with HRIS (Oracle)
  • Experience in full life cycle recruiting such as: role-sourcing, screening, interviewing, and assessing candidates
  • Attention to detail in composing and proofing materials, establishing priorities and meeting deadlines
  • Experience working in a union environment and basic understanding of collective bargaining relationships
  • Experience developing and delivering presentations, leading small groups, etc
  • Exercises good and consistently fair judgment, courtesy, and tact in dealing with the staff and public in giving and obtaining information

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Human Resources Coordinator Resume

Responsibilities for human resources coordinator resume.

  • Solid presentation skills and facilitation experience to effectively deliver a variety of HR-related programs
  • Good analytical skills and strong spreadsheet experience
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills as well as exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Strong computer and research skills with proficiency in MS Office programs. Expert skills in MS Excel and PowerPoint
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills with the ability to provide professional and friendly support to our fellow associates (our guests) and Leadership team
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills to be able to organize, prioritize and follow through on multiple-deadlines
  • Strong verbal/written communication abilities and effective interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organization skills and ability to prioritize multiple projects in a fast paced environment
  • Excellent project management, administration and organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Exceptional communication skills required; ability to communicate effectively and tactfully with individuals at all levels within the firm
  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to prioritize work and to work independently required
  • Demonstrate solid interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills with the ability to prioritise work and manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Effective interpersonal skills; strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrated experience with managing conflict and balancing advocacy for employees with understanding of business priorities required
  • Effective oral and written communication (including ability to present materials to large groups), problem-solving, and organizational skills.​
  • Work with and connect with all levels of management and individual contributors, including excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including a professional and diplomatic demeanor, and the ability to engage with staff at all levels
  • Good interpersonal skills and comfortable to deal internal/external parties
  • Intermediate to advanced MS Word and Excel skills, experience with an HRIS, preferably ADP
  • Be proactive, multi-task, prioritize and manage time effectively
  • Detail oriented and solid basic mathematical skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in both English and German
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks effectively, collaborate cross-functionally, and meet deadlines
  • Human Resources experience required, including prior recruiting experience
  • Effective oral/written communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and computer skills
  • Reliable with strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Demonstrated skills in Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel)
  • Proven customer service skills and ability to exhibit a positive attitude with staff and customers in all situations
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to lead by example
  • Excellent organizational skills; acute attention to detail
  • Strong customer service skills with a polite and professional manner
  • Demonstrated problem identification and analysis skills
  • Detail oriented, sound judgment and strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong computer skills. Knowledge of Microsoft office suite
  • Strong MS Word, Excel and Outlook skills
  • Excellent skills in English language, both written and verbal
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills and able to work in a team environment
  • Excellent communication, written, verbal and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to work efficiently within a corporate environment
  • Strong communication skills (oral, written, presentation) in both English and French
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills at a supervisory level
  • Intermediate experience and skills with MS Excel and Power Point
  • Excellent Windows-based computer skills (Gmail, Google Apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
  • Strong ability to grasp information quickly and probe effectively
  • Strong organizational skills with a high sense of urgency
  • Effective time management skills and detail-oriented
  • Excellent computer skills, to include but not limited to: Excel, Powerpoint, Word etc..
  • Strong communication skills, ability to work with employees at all levels of the organization
  • Effective customer service and organizational skills required
  • Demonstrated project management skills to plan and deliver on goals and objectives
  • Strong proficiency in MS Office products: Word, Excel, PPT; strong preference to intermediate skill level with Excel (pivot tables, v-look ups) and PowerPoint
  • Approachability, excellent communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills
  • Strong, clear and professional written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong guest service skills and attitude
  • Excellent initiative and exceptional communication skills
  • Strong to advanced skills with Microsoft Office
  • Demonstrates proficiency in verbal and written communication skills
  • Good communication skills, attention to detail and ability to multi task
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively make decisions and solve problems in a fast-paced work environment
  • Excellent judgment, follow-up skills and personal accountability
  • Highly organized with strong follow up skills, ability to multi-task
  • Strong MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Windows skills
  • Strong customer service skills and Internet search techniques
  • Interviewing skills and knowledge of standard hiring procedures and applicable state and federal employment laws
  • Human resources experience desired, or equivalent combination of education, training and experience
  • Prior experience in a supporting administrative capacity/role
  • Prior experience utilizing MicroSoft office
  • Prior use/experience with HRIS systems and reporting
  • High level of interpersonal skills to handle sensitive and confidential situations and
  • Proven experience as HR Coordinator or relevant human resources/administrative position
  • Computer proficient: MS Office skills with emphasis on Excel & Outlook
  • Effectively communicate and respond to employees in a timely manner regarding HR queries/process. Maintain local employee files
  • Superior communication skills (both oral and written) with all levels of employees
  • Previous experience in an Administrative position or similar role. Human Resources experience or course work in Human Resources

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Human Resources Coordinator Resume Samples

A Human Resources Coordinator works for a variety of organizations and undertakes the crucial task of recruiting, managing and training the employees. Some of the typical duties carried out on a day-to-day basis are mentioned on the Human Resources Coordinator Resume as follows – identifying the company’s staffing needs, overseeing the HR processes , recruiting and hiring employees , conducting audits, organizing interviews, administering payroll and benefits, identifying training needs, arranging employee training, and supporting in HR functions .

A Successful coordinator for this area should have excellent communication skills and be able to show the following abilities as well – knowledge of using HR and payroll software systems, solid understanding of current employment laws, human resources expertise, knowledge of identifying exact staff requirement needs and a thorough knowledge of using various online modes to recruit staff. A Degree in the field of Human Resource Management is common among job applicants.

Human Resources Coordinator Resume example

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  • Human Resources
  • Human Resources Coordinator

Human Resources Coordinator Resume

Summary : Engaged and motivated Human Resources Coordinator with 10+ years of experience. Recognized for collaborating and creating business solutions through the practical application of HR principles and/ or operational initiatives. Successful working in fast-paced and challenging environments bringing solid HR acumen to the business.To seek a position where I can utilize my skills with a well established organization in a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship.

Skills : Human Resources, Microsoft Office, Administrative, ADP, Kronos, Recruiting, Benefits Management

Human Resources Coordinator Resume Sample

Description :

  • Played a key role in the design/ launch/ maintenance of employee onboarding process featuring timed interviews with new hires and feedback to management team enhancing new employee experience impacting retention metrics.
  • Participated in a continuous improvement process to understand business needs and shortcoming of the existing process.
  • Provided regular feedback to managers and hr director informing team on the continuous improvement process.
  • Designed and managed the onboarding process focusing on new employee support and overall experience.
  • Coordinated set up of employee surveys improving corporate culture feedback process.
  • Consulted with the HR director developing questions for bi-annual employee survey and additional surveys per business need.
  • Collected and compiled survey results documenting information to share with the leadership team.
  • Processed information through Taleo applicant tracking system generating candidate background check and drug screen through the first advantage.
  • Entered new hire information into ADP/HRIS generating offer letter and new hire packets.
  • Developed and executed charitable giving and community service initiatives.
  • Managed an annual plan for committee events presenting to the director of HR for approval.

Associate Human Resources Coordinator Resume

Headline : Associate Human Resources Coordinator seeks opportunities where experience in staffing, internal program development and management, employee relations and project management will enhance a company's overall strategic plan and direction. A challenging position in Human Resources where my work ethic, enthusiasm, and creativity, paired with my education and experience will improve the productivity and efficiency of an organization.

Skills : HRIS Technologies: ADP, PeopleSoft CHR, Taleo, Proficient In MS Office, New Hire Orientations, Human Resource Information System

Associate Human Resources Coordinator Resume Example

  • Recruiting for drivers and coordinators through an internet search, using social media, keyword sourcing, and by conducting a presentation at local driving schools.
  • Supervising drivers and distribution office personnel, actively involved in planning daily operations of the department.
  • Preparing, delivering and managing reports, making recommendations or alternatives which address existing and future issues related to the recruitment processes.
  • Interviewing applicants in person and process all paperwork for background and drug testing.
  • Creating all new hire packets and new hire files, scanning to the hr drive; filing personal files.
  • Responsible for ensuring that review paperwork is received and that reviews take place with hiring managers.
  • Processing paperwork and liaise with relevant stakeholders for any changes.
  • Ensuring that employee's files are always accurate and up-to-date both physically and electronically.
  • Responding to routine employment development department communication regarding unemployment, disability insurance, and paid family leave claims and coordinates disability benefits with payroll, and with employees.
  • Assisting with administering the workers' compensation program and activities, including notification, claims processing, medical provider interface, management, and employee communications, and return to work facilitation as needed.

Sr. Human Resources Coordinator Resume

Summary : Sr. Human Resources Coordinator with experience of 8 years in benefit enrollment and new hire on-boarding. Process focused individual who is able to work on multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously with accuracy. Uses a customer-focused approach to communicate with employees at all levels of an organization. Detailed oriented with focuses on process improvement and accuracy by checking for errors in the data while completing tasks.

Skills : Management, Mentoring, Documentation, Filing, Employee Relations, Recruiting, Training, Inventory Management

Sr. Human Resources Coordinator Resume Model

  • Responsible for a wide range of tasks with human resources for a bank with over 1,000 employees including benefits, general administrative duties, and report generation.
  • Worked with multiple departments and levels of the organization to solve problems and improve processes.
  • Processed new hire benefit enrollment and qualifying event changes including collecting documentation for changes and new dependents as well as sending reminder emails.
  • Accurately processed tuition reimbursement by collecting and reviewing the required documents.
  • Created and maintained the wellness program tracking spreadsheet using the wellness provider data as well as excel.
  • Generated and distribute various weekly, monthly and quarterly reports using the applicant tracking system, HRIS, and excel as well as looking for errors in the data.
  • Provided ad hoc reporting for human resources and other corporate functions.
  • Assisted in affirmative action quarterly annual reporting by running reports from multiple sources and comparing data.

Controller & HR Coordinator Resume

Summary : A talented Controller And Human Resources Coordinator with comprehensive experience of 10 years in developing Human Resources strategies to meet and align with organizational objectives. Effectively manage staff and budgets. A career marked by steady and rapid progression through progressively increasing accountability for HR services with the State of California. Skilled in collaborating with senior management to develop Human Resources strategies to support and further corporate goals. Adept at implementing best-fit solutions and motivating employees to peak performance.

Skills : MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook. MS Publisher, Colleague/Datatel, Kronos Payroll, People Trak, Erecruiting, PDM, PeopleSoft, Lotus Notes

Controller & HR Coordinator Resume Format

  • Responsible for the recruitment and selection of employees based on applicant credentials and qualifications, including training and licensure.
  • Using a consistent and non-discriminating process to select employees.
  • Conducting personal interviews with all applicants at the time of recruitment and selection.
  • Obtaining two written or verbal employment references and job history.
  • Verifying education, experience, training, and license or certification, as appropriate to job responsibilities.
  • Selecting and employing qualified individuals without regard to gender, race, age, creed, handicap, sexual orientation, or national origin.
  • Coordinating an orientation program for all new employees, including an introduction to organization, staff, and employee rules and responsibilities
  • Ensuring that all employees meet their required amount of mandatory training and keeping the records of in-services.
  • Collaborating with supervisors to ensure that all employees are meeting the performance expectations stated in their job descriptions.

Human Resources Coordinator/Specialist Resume

Summary : Highly motivated Human Resources Coordinator/Specialist with demonstrated success in delivering effective HR solutions. Experienced in onboarding and off-boarding, employee engagement, excellent interpersonal skills, benefits administration, personnel records management, employee relations, employment verifications, and corporate communication. Looking for a position in the Human Resources department that will utilize my business experience and educational background.

Skills : Microsoft Office, Human Resources, Quickbooks, Outlook, SAP, SalesForce, ADP

Human Resources Coordinator/Specialist Resume Template

  • Coordinated, scheduled and provided support for special events (such as visits from 401(k) advisors, professional development workshops, annual on-site flu vaccine clinics, and more).
  • Created and edited spreadsheets, presentations, and other documents for various departmental needs.
  • Responded to requests for employment verification, research and follow up as needed to provide information and determine eligibility.
  • Assisted the HR team in the administration of benefits.
  • Prepared and sent onboarding paperwork to both domestic and international new hires, and reviewed returned documents.
  • Assisted with coordinating milestone recognition program
  • Processed all wage garnishments and support orders in compliance with dol and FLSA regulations.
  • Designed and setup all payroll and benefit codes to post to the general ledger.
  • Calculated bonuses and performance commissions for all hourly and salary employees each pay period, quarter, and year-end.

Human Resources Coordinator/Generalist Resume

Summary : Human Resources Coordinator/Generalist with 20 years of experience, strong work ethic and team-oriented attitude who effectively manages tasks with multiple key stakeholders. Seeking a position that will use my skills and experience in administrative support and management. Seeking a professional position within the area of human resources utilizing my dedication and commitment to excellent service, diplomacy, integrity, and professionalism.

Skills : Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Shiftboard, Smart Recruiters, Tableau, Outlook, Paychex Payroll, ADP Workforce Systems

Human Resources Coordinator/Generalist Resume Model

  • Providing expertise to management and staff on all aspects of employment, compensation, employee relations, benefits, and training serving as the primary contact for the staff as needed.
  • Coordinating the new hire process, job description development and revisions, compensation adjustments, benefits, leaves of absence, FMLA, work comp, performance management, and other actions ensuring compliance with the policy, state and federal requirements.
  • Providing guidance to management and staff with an emphasis on building trust and strong partnerships throughout the department and university community.
  • Primary point of contact on international recruitment procedures including processing sponsorships for work authorizations and labor based permanent residency petitions.
  • Serving as a resource to other departments on best practices for employing internationals and permanent residency processes.
  • Developing and implementing procedures, documentation, and programs to facilitate HR processes and enhance staff development.
  • Interpreting and applying HR policies working diligently to establish consensus on human resource issues across campuses and promote transparent departmental functionality across campuses.
  • Coordinating activities with appropriate personnel at university human resource services.

Regional Human Resources Coordinator Resume

Objective : Experienced Regional Human Resources Coordinator with a background in human resources and career services. Excellent communicator with experience in talent acquisition, payroll, reporting, benefits, new employee orientations, wellness and recognition programs, training, and building effective customer relationships.To work for a progressive company as a Human Resources Coordinator where my skills and adaptability will be enhanced.

Skills : Microsoft Office, HRIS, Interviewing, Training & Development, Data Entry, Data Analysis, Database Management, Performance Management

Regional Human Resources Coordinator Resume Sample

  • Worked with employment agencies, to staff concession stands in the ballpark.
  • Coordinated and administered various payroll & human resources programs.
  • Compiled and maintained all personnel & payroll records, provided assistance to the human resources manager.
  • Communicated with a third - party administrator for worker's compensation, family and medical leave act, and short term disability leaves.
  • Updated the database of open positions, assisted applicants with post-offer (pre-hire) paperwork.
  • Assisted employees with unemployment claims and concerns during periods of layoff.
  • Adhered to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action guidelines.
  • Ensured full labor law and wage & hour compliance is adhered to within all operations.
  • Processed and issue employee paychecks and statements of earnings and deductions.
  • Issued and recorded adjustments to pay related to previous errors or retroactive increases.
  • Remained informed about changes in tax and deduction laws that apply to the payroll process.

Human Resources Coordinator II Resume

Summary : Seasoned Human Resources Coordinator II with 25 plus years of experience in Recruitments and Generalist HR functions. Motivated, personable business professional with multiple college degrees and a successful track record in tactfully dealing with Hiring Managers, Project Managers, and Senior Stakeholders. Accustomed to handling sensitive, confidential HR, Recruiting processes. Seeking ahuman resources position in a fast-paced environment, that will utilize my ability to work well others with minimal supervision and excellent multi-tasking skills along with human resources knowledge.

Skills : Benefits And Payroll Administration, Policy Development, Performance Management, And Benefits Administration, Teamwork And Growth And Development

Human Resources Coordinator II Resume Model

  • Assisted with revising company's policies and procedures in accordance with local, state and federal laws.
  • Accountable for recruiting/retention, orientation, conducting job fairs, interviewing, performing background checks, preparing offer letters.
  • Involved in employee relations and compensation management, handled understaffing, disputes, terminating employees and administers disciplinary procedures.
  • Participated in fringe benefit studies and meetings to maintain and expand the benefits of hospitalization insurance, life insurance, salary schedule, and workers compensation insurance.
  • Assisted in the development of self-education courses and other continuing education programs.
  • Completed weekly reports on employment activity, exit interview on terminating employees, completion of unemployment claims and representation at unemployment hearings.
  • Assisted the DHRM with monitoring facilities for employee relations and training issues.
  • Processed leave and attendance records for agency employees in divisions of responsibility.
  • Handled all matters pertaining to providing assistance to employees benefits.

Summary : Sr. Human Resources Coordinator with versatile skills in payroll processing, organization, research, and reporting, problem-solving, and benefits administration. Detail-oriented with the ability to handle multiple tasks effectively and efficiently. Comfortable in both team and individual based work environments. Hard-working, detail-oriented professional seeking to obtain a position that allows me to utilize my strong organizational and people skills and challenges me to learn new things.

Skills : Human Resources, Office Management, OSHA Safety Compliance, Benefits Administration, Workers Compensation

Sr. Human Resources Coordinator Resume Sample

  • Facilitating new hire process including the production of offer letters, dissemination of new hire material to candidates, initiate pre-employment background checks to successful completion or resolution.
  • Fostering positive employee relations through proactive employee communications and the prompt resolution of employee inquiries and issues, fairly & equitably.
  • Coordinating the leave administration (FMLA, STD, etc.), ensuring timely notification to applicable parties (internal &/or external).
  • Coordinating the completion of the appropriate documentation and secure needed approvals.
  • Calculating leave pay and providing to payroll for accurate pay to an employee during the leave.
  • Ensuring consistent application of the company's leave of absence policies and procedures.
  • Interfacing with internal employee shared services organization to identify continuous learning opportunities and process improvements.
  • Supporting the HR business partners in driving business process consistencies across the organization.

Summary : Detail oriented Human Resource Coordinator with 10 plus years of HR Administrative Support, HR processing and Employee Relations. Accomplished professional with proven ability to multi task, enhanced with exceptional organizational skills. Excellent planning and prioritizing skills coupled with strong problem-solving skills and the ability to make independent decisions. A highly equipped self-motivated professional, great attention to details, reliable and energetic, with the ability to adapt in any environment.

Skills : Benefits And Payroll Coordination, Kronos, Detail-oriented, SAP, Time Management, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Background Checks

Human Resources Coordinator Resume Format

  • Monitoring, editing and approving high volume time records in Kronos for bargaining unit weekly payroll.
  • Initiating payroll forms for new hires, annual increases, step increases, transfers, and terminations.
  • Maintaining the detailed knowledge of bu hourly rates, proper application of premiums and other payroll policies and procedures for bu personnel.
  • Preparing personnel requisitions for submission to central human resources recruiters and compensation analysts.
  • Completing employment verifications and unemployment paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining accurate records, tracking, and reporting on FML, worker's comp, etc.
  • Monitoring and maintaining appropriate payroll and personnel documents and files.
  • Responsible for authorizing final time records, calculates vacation payout.
  • Answering questions relating to the final paycheck, etc. , for employees who resign or transfer.
  • Reviewing human resource paperwork for accuracy and completeness by verifying, collecting and correcting additional data.

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