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  1. Ace Your IELTS Writing Task 2: Sample Essay with Two Direct Questions

  2. IELTS Writing Task 2

  3. IELTS Writing: The 3 Essay Types

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  1. 100 IELTS Essay Questions

    There are 5 main types of essay questions in IELTS writing task 2 (opinion essays, discussion essay, advantage/disadvantage essays, solution essay and direct question essays). ... I am an experienced, qualified English teacher specialising in IELTS test preparation since 2008. Please enjoy the 300 plus pages of free lessons, tips, model answers ...

  2. IELTS Essay Topics with Model Answers

    IELTS Writing Task 2 (also known as IELTS Essay Writing) is the second task of your IELTS Writing test.Here, you will be presented with an essay topic and you will be scored based on your ability to respond to the topic. You need to write at least 250 words and justify your opinion with arguments, discussion, examples, problem outlining, proposing possible solutions and supporting your position.

  3. 50 Recent IELTS Essay Questions

    This means using either questions that come from the IELTS Cambridge 1 - 15 series or those that have been created by an exam writer like those in my 100 IELTS essay question blog post. However, many students like to practice recent IELTS essay questions i.e. topics that have been reported by recent test-takers.

  4. IELTS

    IELTS sample test questions Official practice and sample questions and answers. We have a range of materials to help you do well in your IELTS test. Every year millions more people succeed with IELTS. Free practice papers and resources to help you succeed. IELTS Academic - sample test questions ...

  5. 20 Common Essay Topics for IELTS Writing Task 2

    IELTS Recent Exam Topics. To get a list of recent essay questions as well as recent topics and question from all other sections of the IELTS test, follow this link: Recent IELTS Exam Questions & Topics. IELTS Writing Task 2. Get model essays, tips, free video lessons and practice exercises for IELTS writing task 2: IELTS Writing Task 2. 100 ...

  6. Free Online IELTS Writing Practice Tests

    Free online IELTS General Training Writing practice test - paper. Practise for your General Training IELTS Writing test. Familiarise yourself with the IELTS Writing exams with these free online IELTS Writing practice tests, each with answers to assess your ability.

  7. IELTS Essay Questions for 2022

    IELTS Essay Types in 2022. There are five types of essay questions in IELTS Writing Task 2. You will not know which type of essay you will be given. So, you must prepare for all types. When you read the 2022 Essay Topics list below, be ready for that topic to be phrased in different ways for different essay types. Be prepared to be flexible!!

  8. 100 IELTS Essay Topics for IELTS Writing

    100 IELTS Essay Topics for IELTS Writing. Let me start by saying that by far the best resource for authentic IELTS essay topics are the Cambridge 1 - 13 books. These are real past IELTS exam papers and, therefore, provide students with the highest quality questions for all parts of the test. However, what do you do if you have finished the ...

  9. IELTS Practice Academic Writing Test

    In the actual IELTS Academic Writing test, you will have one hour to complete the two questions or tasks: 20 minutes for the first task and 40 minutes for the second. So, you should expect to spend a little longer on practice Task 2 than you did on practice Task 1. While you shouldn't put yourself under too much pressure when practicing, it ...

  10. IELTS Essay Questions for 2022: Top IELTS Writing Topics ...

    IELTS Essay Questions for 2022 Set 2. Some people say that the main environmental problem of our time is the loss of particular species of plants and animals. Others say that there are more important environmental problems. Discuss both views and give your opinion. In some countries, more and more people are becoming interested in finding out ...

  11. More than 250+ IELTS Writing Task 2 Questions

    In this article, we outline over 250 recent IELTS Writing Task 2 topics and sample questions. The IELTS Writing Task 2 is an essay writing task that assesses your ability to express and develop an argument in response to a given prompt. As an essential part of the IELTS exam, a high score in writing task 2 can help you achieve your desired ...

  12. 100 Band 7, 8 + 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Samples

    In this blog post, we have compiled a list of 100 Band 7, 8, and 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 essay samples to help you improve your writing skills and boost your chances of achieving a high score on the exam. These sample essays cover a wide range of topics, from education and technology to health and environment, and are a valuable resource for ...

  13. 100 Real IELTS Essay Questions and Topics

    Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Sample Essay. Some think that climate change reforms will negatively affect business. Others feel they are an opportunity for businesses. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion. Sample Essay. Climate change is a phenomenon that affects countries all over the world.

  14. IELTS Sample Essays

    IELTS Sample Essays. Here you will find IELTS Sample Essays for a variety of common topics that appear in the writing exam.. The model answers all have tips and strategies for how you may approach the question and comments on the sample answer.. You can also view sample essays with band scores on this page.. Looking at IELTS essay topics with answers is a great way to help you to prepare for ...

  15. IELTS

    Academic Reading (60 minutes) Texts for the Academic Reading test are taken from books, journals, magazines and newspapers. A variety of tasks is used, including: multiple-choice questions, identifying information, identifying writer's views/claims, matching information, matching headings, matching features, matching sentence endings, sentence completion, summary completion, note completion ...

  16. Authentic IELTS Essay Questions

    Authentic IELTS essay questions are questions that you can find in practice materials and coursebooks from some of the top educational publishers, such as Cambridge, Macmillan, Collins, Longman and Pearson. These questions will have been carefully written and checked by trained test writers, so you can be sure they are reliable essay questions.

  17. Latest IELTS Writing Topics May & June 2024 with answers

    IELTS Writing Topics May & June 2024. Get a band score and detailed report instantly. Check your IELTS essays right now! The collection of writing topics that were reported by IELTS student in 2024. These questions could be repeated from previous months. Keep in mind that the provided questions are not predictions.

  18. 50 Recent IELTS Exam Essay Questions

    This means using either questions from the IELTS Cambridge series, Makkar Task 2 or questions that were created by the exam writer like the ones in my 100 IELTS essay question posts. However, many students love to practice the recent IELTS exam essay questions, that is, topics that have been reported by those recently passed the exams.

  19. IELTS Opinion Essay Sample Questions

    Below are some IELTS opinion essay sample questions which can come in writing task 2. Another name for these essays is argumentative essays. Opinion Essays Tips. spend at least 5 minutes analysing the words and ideas in the statement. make sure your answer is a complete answer which addresses all parts of the task. give a clear opinion.

  20. Recent IELTS Writing Topics and Questions 2024

    February 2024. Innovation is often driven by the pursuit of profit and economic growth. However, some argue that it should prioritize addressing social and environmental issues. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion. Read my essay here on Patreon. Reported on IELTS February 29th.

  21. Past IELTS Essay Questions: 2020

    Past IELTS Essay Questions 2020. These are past IELTS essay questions from 2020. To post an essay question from your test, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and the essay question will then be listed. You can also see questions from other years: Current Year; 2022; 2020; 2019; 2018

  22. Recent Writing Task 2 Essay Topics for IELTS 2024

    Two-Part Questions Essay; Direct Question Essay; The IELTS Writing module carries 25% of the total marks for the IELTS test, and each task (Task 1 and Task 2) is assessed independently by certified IELTS examiners. The marking for the writing tests will be done on factors including vocabulary, grammar, number of words used, and so on.

  23. Recent IELTS Test Questions + Topics Worldwide, 2023 and 2024

    IELTS Speaking questions with model answers: Friends, Road Trips, Drivers and Self-driving Cars. New IELTS test in Bangladesh - August 2023 (Academic Module) IELTS Speaking test in Bangladesh - August 2023. IELTS test in Nigeria - August 2023 (General Training) IELTS Speaking test in Ghana - August 2023.

  24. IELTS Exam Syllabus 2024: General & Academic (Section-Wise

    There are two tasks: Task 1 requires summarizing information from a diagram, table, or data in 150 words, while Task 2 involves writing a 250-word essay on a given topic, presenting factual information, solutions, opinions, or evaluations. Total questions: 2. Total time: 60 minutes. Writing- IELTS Academic.

  25. Latest IELTS Speaking test questions in Taiwan

    Latest IELTS Speaking questions from Taiwan - April 2024. 2 Comments. Recent IELTS exams. Our student A remembered the following questions from her recent IELTS test in Taiwan: Speaking test. Part 1 (Interview) - What is your name? - Where are you from? - Do you live in a house or an apartment?