At the outset, Yaanai might seem like a safe rehash of Hari's yesteryear films 

Vel and Ayya, where one man takes it all for the family and fights a common enemy. However 

what makes Yaanai better are its characters, who all seem to subscribe to Chanakya's quote, 

‘Edhu thevaiyo adhuve dharmam’. The situations, upbringing, and 

overall environment dictate the decisions of these characters and their arcs are well-etched to make conflicts and twists feel organic 

Perhaps the only aspect that sticks out is the uninventive comedy that relies on body-shaming Yogi Babu and 

He uses profanity, indulges in violence, and doesn't shy away from smoking and drinking. 

Yaanai Movie Review: A gripping anti-casteist film with good-old masala